Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Cornell and Harvard (Jason Keller and David Farris)



1. It came to be synonymous with disheveled, untidy, ragged men, but N.G. Chernyshevsky looked at its positive aspects in 1863�s What is to be Done? Influenced by Feuerbach, Darwin, and Spencer, it holds that there is no body-soul duality in man, and that all evils come from ignorance, but can be overcome by science. First set forward in Turgenev�s Fathers and Sons, this doctrine was falsely associated with the assassination of Czar Alexander II. From the Latin for �nothing,� FTP, name this philosophy of skepticism which rejected all that was aesthetic.

ANSWER: Nihilism

2. This nation shares its name with a Bantu-speaking people of southern Zambia, but more than 90 percent of its people claim Polynesian ancestry. This member of the Commonwealth may be well known for the hugeness of its king, Taufa�ahau Tupou IV, who holds the Guinness World Record as the heaviest monarch, weighing a whopping 462 pounds, and the hospitality with which its natives greeted James Cook when he visited there in the 1770s. FTP, name this nation with its capital at Nuku�alofa.


3. Just before Richard II died in 1399, he knighted this future monarch. In 1403, he would assume command against rebels in Wales, and after spending five years at war, he demanded a voice in government opposite his father and Thomas Arundel, Archbishop of Canterbury. A Lollard uprising and a conspiracy to install Edmund Mortimer as king marred his accession to the throne, but he was never distracted from his chief concern: the conquest of France. FTP, name this English king, the victor at the battle of Agincourt.


4. The largest members of this phylum measured larger than 20 meters in diameter, but most measure about four inches. Noted for their calcium carbonate skeletons and water vascular systems, in almost all cases, extant members exhibit bilateral and pentamerous radial symmetry. Taking its name from the Latin for �spiny skin,� FTP, name this phylum of animals which includes the class Asteroidea, or starfish.

ANSWER: Echinodermata

5. The ballistic variety is designed to deflect its indicating mirror or needle such that it is moved a distance proportional to either a voltage pulse or the charge passing through its coil. A more conventional one consists of a coil suspended between the poles of a permanent magnet. When current passes through its coil, a magnetic field is produced, and the a torque is produced in, FTP, what device, whose most common type is the D�Arsonval?

ANSWER: galvanometer

6. Troops under Marshal Mac-Mahon were heading northeast toward Metz when they were greeted by troops led by Crown Prince Albert of Saxony. After three small engagements, the French were forced to retreat to this site, and while Mac-Mahon vacillated between returning to Paris and smashing his way toward Metz, Moltke�s Prussians encircled the French, compelling the surrender of Napoleon III. FTP, name this decisive battle which marked the end of France�s Second Empire.


7. Veerle Casteleyn plays Jemima in the video, making her the first person to reprise the role originally played by Sarah Brightman in London�s West End. Also in the West End premiere was Finola Hughes, who later went on to fame as part of the cast of Blossom, as Victoria, but the roles of Wayne Sleep, Brian Blessed, and Elaine Paige may be more familiar to audiences; they played Mr. Mistofelees, Old Deuteronomy, and Grizabella. FTP, name this musical that had its last performance on Broadway on October 10, 2000 in the Winter Garden Theater.


8. It uses the word "happy" conspicuously, "all" as an adverb, and a Dutch expression meaning �thunder and lightning.� This is noted in a recent analysis that suggests Henry Livingston submitted it to the Troy Sentinel in 1823, not Clement Clarke Moore. For 10

points -- the phrase "Dunder and Blixen" is used what Christmas poem detailing the arrival of Santa Claus?

ANSWER: The Night Before Christmas or An Account of a Visit from St.


9. During the first half of his reign, his empire enjoyed great success; he defended the northwestern borders from Persians and Turks. In 1680, with most Hindus subordinated, and the Marathas having formed their own state, he imposed a poll tax on all non-Muslims, which resulted in the Rajput revolts. From then on, the rest of his life was spent in meaningless sieges of towns in the Maratha country and his empire suffered economically. FTP, name this last of the great emperors of the Mughal Dynasty, the third son and successor of Shah Jahan.

ANSWER: Aurangzeb

10. "What? I can't hear you! Too noisy" and "Varoom! Varoom!" are the parenthetical remarks in the titles of two of the articles that made him famous, the other title words being �Las Vegas� and, in the Esquire article about California's custom car culture, �There Goes That Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby.� For 10 points--name the New Journalist also known for snappy dressing and writing the novel A Man in Full.

ANSWER: Tom Wolfe or Thomas Kenerelly Wolfe (prompt on �Thomas Wolfe,� which is technically his name but universally refers to another person)

11. Its major tributaries include the Klip, the Vet, the Wilge, and the Rial. Its flow is minimal, and is now regulated by a dam 23 miles upstream from Vereeniging. Beginning in the Mpumalanga province, it flows Southwest for about 750 miles, and just past the town of Douglas, its waters join those of the Orange River. FTP, name this South African river which forms part of the border of the Orange Free State and appears in the name one of the other four original provinces.

ANSWER: Vaal River

12. According to legend, she vowed her virginity to God as a child, and when she married the future Saint Valerian, she told him that the angel of God told her to remain a virgin. She then told him that if he were baptized, he would be able to see the angel, and upon returning from his baptism, he saw her talking with it. She gave her possessions to the poor and as a result, the prefect Almachius ordered her to be burned, but when the flames did not burn her, she was beheaded instead. FTP, name this Catholic saint, often depicted in art playing an organ, the patroness of music.

ANSWER: Saint Cecilia (Also accept: Cecily)

13. It was originally set at 6.5% in 1914 and it reached a low of 1% during and shortly after World War II. Although it played a key role in US monetary policy during World War I, it became far less important when the Fed discovered open market operations in the mid 1920s. On April 18th 2001, it was lowered to 4%, and in past years it has moved nearly in parallel with the far more important Fed Funds Rate. FTP, identify this mostly symbolic rate which is charged by the Fed for loans to member banks.

ANSWER: discount rate

14. In 1849, he published �Trigonometry and Double Algebra� in which he gave a geometric interpretations of complex numbers and set forth the idea of quaternions, and in 1838, he formally defined the proof by induction. Known primarily as a logician, FTP, name this man whose eponymous laws state that the negation of p and q is equivalent to not p or not q and that the negation of p or q is equivalent to not p and not q.

ANSWER: Augustus de Morgan

15. When a girl made of wax refused to answer this god, he struck her with his legs and became stuck, at which point humans came to beat him. He is the son of Asase Ya, the mother of the gods and the goddess of earth and fertility, and is credited with the creation of the sun, the moon, the stars, the succession of night and day, and the first human. Always looking to pull a fast one, he became the first king of human beings and married the daughter of his father Nyame. FTP, name this Ashanti trickster god also known as the spider.

ANSWER: Anansi

16. Danish linguist Holgar Pedersen proposed the hypothesis in 1903, but it was expanded to include Kartvelian and Dravidian by the Russian linguists Dolgopolsky and Illich-Svitych in the 1960s. Later researchers have attempted to link Kamchatkan, Elamite, and Sumerian to this construct. FTP, identify the hypothetical proto-language, allegedly the common ancestor of the Altaic, Afro-Asiatic, and Indo-European language families.

ANSWER: Nostratic

17. In May of 1999, London received a large number of phone calls from citizens requesting to buy a license plate with this name on it, but the name was disallowed. In the fall of 2000, a New York City resident brought an $85 million dollar lawsuit, claiming that it caused him to have a heart attack, and recently, it was revealed that this drug caused at least five cases of blindness. In November 2000, Pfizer lost its patent on it, and now pharmaceutical companies all have a chance to copy it because they can include its active ingredient, sildenafil citrate. FTP, name this drug, Bob Dole�s little blue friend.

ANSWER: Viagra

18. This author spent thirty years as an official, first in his nation�s Ministry of Finance, and later in its Ministry of Censorship. His experience as a secretary for a Russian admiral is recounted in �The Frigate Pallas,� but he is more noted for his three novels. He first came to national attention with A Common Story in 1847, and he would write Obryv in 1869. Although these novels both pit an easygoing quixotic main character against a rational man who is the epitome of efficiency, they are both considerd inferior to his masterpiece. FTP, name this writer of Oblomov.

ANSWER: Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov

19. When his father refused to let him study art, he ran away to Caracas with Danish painter Fritz Melbye. Later in Paris, he sought out Camille Corot, who allowed him to call himself Corot�s pupil for his debut at the Salon in 1864. He fled France with Monet in 1870 to escape fighting in the war against Prussia, but when he returned, he found his home and his paintings destroyed. Despite the hardship that he endured through his 60s, he continued to paint, and was the only artist to take part in all eight impressionist exhibitions. FTP, name this painter of �Bridge at Bruges� who would also support such struggling young artists as Renoir, Cezanne, and Gauguin.

ANSWER: Camille Pisarro

20. This case involved a bill which returned money to land companies which had bribed legislators, and rescinded the bribery-influenced Yazoo Act. By the time the act was repealed, much of the Yazoo land had been sold to third parties who claimed that the land was rightfully theirs and refused to give it back to the Georgia government. In 1810, John

Marshall struck down the recission of the Yazoo Act in, FTP, what case which held that a state could not take land from an innocent party by annulling a grant after the fact?

ANSWER: Fletcher v. Peck

OT 1. Her earlier writing was often published under the pseudonym Alice Eliot. Among her works for children are Play Days, and Betty Leicester�s English Christmas and she first published �Jenny Garrow�s Lovers� in The Flag of our Union in 1868. �The Shipwrecked Buttons� and �Mr. Bruce� followed soon after. Her sketches of New England town life appeared first in The Atlantic Monthly and then in Deephaven, her first book. The Country of the Pointed Firs, her best novel, is similar in its assessment of the life of a diminishing Maine seaport. FTP, name this author of the short story �The White Heron.�

ANSWER: Sarah Orne Jewett

OT 2. This book includes a poem dedicated to the poet�s sister Conchita. It also includes the epic of Antoñito el Camborio, who is arrested for throwing lemons into a nearby river, and later tells the author to call the Guardia Civil, but dies at the hands of his cousins nevertheless. �La Casada Infiel� tells of an affair that an unsuspecting gypsy has with a woman who he later finds out is married, and �Romance de la luna, luna� tells of a gypsy child who is scared that the adult gypsies will take silver from the moon�s heart, but the moon reassures him that nothing will happen, and she takes his life. FTP, name this collection of poems by Federico García Lorca.

ANSWER: Romancero gitano (Accept: Gypsy Ballads)

OT 3. In 1940, just two months before the Germans planned to invade his homeland, this Dutch chemist traveled to Ithaca, New York to give a lecture at Cornell. He stayed there for 10 years, retiring as the chairman of the chemistry department in 1950. In 1923, he worked with electrolytic solutions and extended Arrhenius� theory by proving that ions of a dissolved salt dissociated completely. His earlier studies in dipole moments advanced the knowledge of how atoms were arranged in molecules, and the unit of dipole moment is named for him. FTP, name this chemist whose investigations in dipole moments and scattering of light in gases won his the 1936 Nobel Prize.

ANSWER: Peter Debye


1. Name these world leaders who are in rather precarious situations FTP each.

a. This president was most recently criticized for not returning early from a two-week retreat to deal with the ongoing conflicts in Kalimantan. There is also speculation that Megawati Sukharnoputri may abandon him.

ANSWER: Abdurrahman Wahid

b. This prime minister�s approval rating is in the single digits, and reports in Japan suggest that he may resign any day now. Members of his Liberal Democratic Party say that he will stay in office at least until budget bills are passed.

ANSWER: Yoshiro Mori

c. Rioters took to the streets of Kiev, demanding that this prime minister be removed for his role in the disappearance of journalist Georgiy Gongadze. Experts say that he will remain in office because he has control over his government and because there is no united opposition.

ANSWER: Leonid Kuchma

2. Name these laws of optics FTP each.

a. This law relates the angles at which a wave passes through a boundary between two media. Mathematically, it states that the product of the index of refraction and the sine of the angle of incidence through one medium is equal to the product of the index of refraction and the sine of the angle of incidence through another.

ANSWER: Snell�s Law

b. This principle states that each point on a wave front of light in a vacuum or a transparent medium emits wavelets that expand a rate that depends on their velocities.

ANSWER: Huygens� Principle

c. This law states that maximum polarization is achieved when refracted light makes a right angle with reflected light. In mathematical terms, the tangent of the angle of polarization is equal to the products of the indices of refraction as light passes between two media.

ANSWER: Brewster�s Law

3. Given a subtitle, name the work FTSNOP.

5 � �Or, the Modern Prometheus�

ANSWER: Frankenstein

10 � �A Study of Provincial Life�

ANSWER: Middlemarch

15 � �Drama de mujeres en los pueblos de España�

ANSWER: The House of Bernarda Alba or La Casa de Bernarda Alba

4. Answer these questions related to something familiar FTP each.

a. Issued by President Andrew Jackson, it required that payment for public lands be made in gold or silver rather than in paper money.

ANSWER: specie circular

b. As a result of the demand for hard money from the specie circular, Western banks failed. When the failure spread to Eastern banks in 1837, the nation was sent into an economic panic just after this man was inaugurated.

ANSWER: Martin Van Buren

c. As a remedy, Van Buren proposed that government funds be removed from the state banks. Name the act of Congress, a subject of heated debate, which took the money out of the state banks and put them into a separate entity.

ANSWER: Independent Treasury Act of 1840

5. Name these classes of organic molecules FTP each.

a. They are considered derivatives of water in which an alkyl group replaces one of the hydrogen atoms. Structurally, they consist of a hydroxide ion bonded to an alkyl group.

ANSWER: alcohols

b. Like alcohols, they consist of a hydroxyl, but bonded to an aromatic ring. Many of them are found naturally in oils.

ANSWER: phenols

c. They are partially responsible for the odorous parts of skunks and onions. They are similar to alcohols, but with a sulfur atom in place of the oxygen.

ANSWER: thiols

6. Give the related figures in Greek mythology FTP each.

a. He was punished in Hades for revealing divine secrets to mortals, serving his son to the gods as a sacrifice, and stealing nectar and ambrosia from the gods.

ANSWER: Tantalus

b. This daughter of Tantalus who bragged of her ability to have children would later regret it as Apollo killed her sons and Artemis killed her daughters. She was turned into a rock on Mount Sipylus which continues to weep today.


Name the titan, who bore the only two twin deities mentioned, to whom Niobe boasted of her progenitive superiority


7. Give the terms associated with Carl Jung FTP each.

a. It is an image or a recurring pattern that happens consistently enough in one�s patterns of thought that it is considered a universal ideal or situation. It has also been applied to literary works.

ANSWER: archetype

b. This is a group of peculiar and illogical responses to a stimulus that are withheld from one�s consciousness because of their seemingly disagreeable or immoral nature.

ANSWER: complex

c. Composed of archetypes, this is a complex of mental activities that mankind is unaware of which Jung attributes to the inherited structure of the brain.

ANSWER: collective unconscious

8. Name these American lakes FTP each.

a. Most of its waters come from the Kissimmee valley watershed. It lies at the northern edge of the Everglades and its name comes from the Seminole word for �big water.�

ANSWER: Lake Okeechobee

b. Fed by the Bear, Weber, and Jordan rivers, this lake in northern Utah is the most saline body of water in the Western Hemisphere.

ANSWER: Great Salt Lake

c. The Glen Canyon dam near Page, Arizona, created this large lake on the Colorado River, named for one of the area�s first explorers.

ANSWER: Lake Powell

9. Name these Latin American works of literature from plot descriptions for fifteen points each.

In this García Márquez novel the title character goes to the port each day to find that his pension still has not arrived. He tries to rear a chicken to fight, putting all of his time and money into it. He and his wife become so poor that they are forced to eat their animal�s feed and in the end, his prized bird loses.

ANSWER: No One Writes to the Colonel or El coronel no tiene quien le escriba

This Isabel Allende novel is narrated by the title character, who was orphaned early only to advance into a position of status later. Along the way she encounters street trash who would later become a guerilla leader, a doctor who preaches euthanasia, and a Lebanese émigré.

ANSWER: Eva Luna (Do not accept: �Stories of Eva Luna�)

10. Name these characters from everyone�s favorite Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice FTP each.

a. She is a very plain and dull girl, who waxes philosophical on her sisters� errors in judgment. She is not married at the end of the novel; she is content to stay at home.

ANSWER: Mary Bennet

b. Fitzwilliam Darcy's cousin, he befriends Elizabeth and inadvertently gives her news about Jane and Bingley's breakup.

ANSWER: Colonel Fitzwilliam

c. Charles Bingley's sister, she is married to a man of fashion, not of fortune.

ANSWER: Louisa Bingley Hurst (accept either)

11. A new factory is set up near farmland. FTP each:

a. The pollution caused by the factory is considered to be a negative one of these, because it causes farmers to produce fewer crops as an unintended consequence.

ANSWER: externality

b. This early-20th-century British economist is known for proposing that governments should tax production of negative externalities, such as the factory's pollution, so as to internalize their cost.

ANSWER: Alfred Pigou

c. This theorem states that in the absence of transactions costs, the agreement between the factory and the farmers that will benefit both parties the most can be reached without legislation.

ANSWER: Coase Theorem

12. 30-20-10, name the year.

30 � The Great Insurrection occurs in Bulgaria and is swiftly and severely put down by the Turks. Midhat Pasha introduces a Constitution to the Ottoman Empire, providing for a Parliament, individual freedoms, and equal taxation.

20 � Hilarión Daza leads a coup and comes to power in Bolivia. Porfirio Diaz overthrows Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada in Mexico.

10 � Johns Hopkins is established as America�s first real graduate school. Colorado becomes a state.

ANSWER: 1876

13. Answer these questions about a certain type of data structure FTP each.

In one of these trees, no parent node has more than two child nodes.

ANSWER: binary tree

b. In a binary tree, this is the process of analyzing the left subtree, followed by the root node, and then the right subtree.

ANSWER: inorder traversal

c. This is a local operation done on a tree that shifts the position of some nodes, but preserves the order in which nodes are visited during an inorder traversal. It is used to balance red-black trees.

ANSWER: rotation

14. Name these cities in Brazil FTP each.

a. This city lying in the Distrito Federal lies at the headwaters of the Paraná. Around the Square of Three Powers lie the national executive, judicial, and legislative buildings, which were designed by Oscar Niemayer.

ANSWER: Brasilia

The largest city in Brazil, it surpassed Rio de Janeiro in population around 1950.

ANSWER: Sao Paulo

c. The capital of the state of Amazonas lies at the junction of the Rio Negro and the Amazon. It is noted for its ornate opera house, the Teatro Amazonas.

ANSWER: Manaus

15. Before Rosh Hashanah, this holiday in the month of Nisan marked the Jewish New Year.

For five points, name it.

ANSWER: Pesach (Accept: Passover)

For five points each, name the long meal traditionally held on the first and second nights of Passover and the book used during it, which retells the story of Exodus.

ANSWERS: seder and haggadah

c. F15P, translated as �weekdays of the festival,� name this term given to the days in between the first day and the final day of Passover.

ANSWER: Chol Hamo�ed

16. Name the artistic movement given members FTSNOP.

5 - Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet

ANSWER: Impressionism

10 � Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Jacques-Louis David, James Barry

ANSWER: Neoclassicism

15 � Umberto Boccioni, Antonio Sant�Elia, Gino Severini

ANSWER: Futurism

17. 30-20-10, name the author given works.

30 � Toward the Mountain and Journey Continued, which comprise his autobiography

20 � Too Late the Phalarope, Hofmeyr

10 � Cry, the Beloved Country

ANSWER: Alan Paton

18. It was recently pressured into removing soft drinks from school vending machines and replacing them with more nutritious drinks.

F5P, name this Atlanta-based soda giant.

ANSWER: Coca-cola (Accept reasonable equivalents.)

b. F15P, Coca-cola also announced the formation of this new unit of Minute Maid, which is dedicated to producing orange juice.

ANSWER: Simply Orange Juice Company

c. FTP, Simply Orange will be in direct competition with this not-from-concentrate subsidiary of PepsiCo, which is currently the #3 brand of orange juice in the U.S.

ANSWER: Tropicana Pure Premium

19. Give the Chinese dynasty in which each of the following occurred FTP each.

a. Iron, horseback riding, and crossbows were introduced, large-scale irrigation systems were implemented, and a capital was built at Lo-yang.

ANSWER: Chou or Zhou

b. Movable type was first used, cities grew to populations of over 1 million, trade guilds were organized, and paper currency came into frequent use.


c. The Great Wall was built, the writing system and length, width, and height measurements were standardized, and feudal privileges were abolished.

ANSWER: Ch�in or Qin

20. Name these Aztec deities FTP each.

a. He presided over the third of the five Aztec ages. He is the god of fire and the south, but is more known as a god of rain and agriculture.

ANSWER: Tlaloc

b. A son of Coatlicue, his name means hummingbird of the south. He was the chief god of Tenochtitlan as well as the god of the sun and war.

ANSWER: Huitzilopochtli

c. This incarnation of Quetzalcoatl is responsible for clearing the rains from the roads and beginning the movement of the sun each day.

ANSWER: Ehecatl

OT 1. 30-20-10, name the composer given works.

30 � The tone poems Night Ride and Sunrise and The Bard

20 � The Swan of Tuonela, which would later become a movement in his Lemminkäinen suite

10 � Finlandia

ANSWER: Jean Sibelius