Princeton University Buzzerfest Resurrection: Episode IV, A New Hope

April 21, 2001

Packet by Case Western (Anthony DeJesus)



1. First stated in 1803, it was attacked by John Maynard Keynes, who pointed out that marginal propensity to consume is not necessarily unity, and that an extra dollar of income need not be entirely spent. It rests on the belief that total purchasing power is equal to total incomes and outputs, and holds that overproduction is impossible. For ten points, name this theory, which holds that supply creates its own demand.

ANSWER: Say's law of markets

2. The camel variety of naming these capitalizes the second and all subsequent words, although some find the use of underscores easier to read. The Hungarian variety prefixes each one with characters describing its type. For ten points, name these locations in computer memory in which you can store a value, types of which include "char" and "int" in C++.

ANSWER: variables

3. It includes the Abbe Museum of Stone Age Antiquities, the Somes Sound Fjord, part of the Schoodic Peninsula and Cadillac Mountain. Mostly consisting of land donated by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., it was originally named Lafayette National Park in 1919. For ten points, name this national park consisting mainly of Mount Desert Island, on the Atlantic coast of Maine.

ANSWER: Acadia National Park

4. The third one-- scored for three violins, three violas, three cellos, double bass, and harpsichord-- has two movements; the two chords where a slow section normally would be are believed by some to be the place for an improvisation by the harpsichord. These six works were commissioned by Christian Ludwig, the margrave for whom they are named. For ten points, name these concertos, finished in 1721 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

ANSWER: Brandenburg Concertos

5. The only birds who do it are oilbirds and cave swiftlets, while shrews also use a relatively crude version of it. First noticed by Lazzaro Spallanzani, it was explained by Donald Griffin using sensitive microphones in connection with members of the order Chiroptera. For ten points, name this method used by dolphins, whales, and bats to navigate through the use of sound.

ANSWER: echolocation

6. Among attack ads against this man were a video showing him and an aide apparently mocking Pope John Paul II in 1997, and another which showed him staggering and appearing intoxicated at a wreath-laying ceremony for victims of Soviet massacre during WWII, which he blames on a leg injury. First elected in 1995, the closest competitors to this former communist in 2000 were Andrzej (and-ZHEY) Olechowski (ol-e- HOV-ski) and Marian Krzaklewski. (kzha- KLEV- ski) For ten points, name this president of Poland.

ANSWER: Aleksander Kwasniewski (kvas- NIEV-ski)

7. She won a slander suit against the Foglers, a couple who claimed she had tried to poison them. They were fellow members of a cult known as the "Kingdom" run by Elijah Pierson and a man named Matthias in New York. Later, in Washington DC, she had her arm dislocated by a streetcar conductor who wouldn't let her ride. For ten points, identify this abolitionist who supported women�s rights, known for her �Ain�t I a Woman� speech.

ANSWER: Sojourner Truth or Isabella Baumfree

8. In 1807 he was arrested on suspicion of being a spy, and shortly thereafter his newspaper �Berliner Abendblätter� was shut down by the authorities. Despite the publication of Katherine of Heilbronn, Amphitryon, and Penthesilea, he committed suicide along with the terminally ill Henriette Vogel on November 21, 1811. FTP, identify the German author most famous for his novel about the sixteenth-century horse trader Michael Kohlhaas.

ANSWER: Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist

9. Art has become a vagrant and Romance is on the town. And the person who mourns this would prefer iron armor to the khaki suit, loathing the commonplace, and preferring the days of old, exemplified by Thebes, Camelot, and the Medici. For ten points, name this "child of scorn," who was "born too late," the title character of an Edward Arlington Robinson poem.

ANSWER: "Miniver Cheevy"

10. Now located in the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC, this 1843 American work caused an uproar at 1851�s Crystal Palace Exposition in London. Some saw it as a sexual object, while others viewed it as depicting a �being superior to suffering�; the locket and cross amid the drapery suggest a resigned patience relying upon the goodness of God. For ten points, name this sculpture of a young nude woman, her hands in chains, by Hiram Powers.

ANSWER: Greek Slave

11. These objects may make use of mode-locking, transverse electrical atmospheric discharge, or Q-switching techniques, and may be pulsed or continuous wave. They may make use of materials such as excimers, glasses, semiconductors, carbon dioxide, dye solvents, and rubies. For ten points, name these devices, whose applications include cloth cutting, cauterizing wounds, supermarket scanners and optical disc players.

ANSWER: lasers

12. Among the characters he created was Sir Roger de Coverley. First renowned for his poem The Campaign, concerning the Battle of Blenheim, he is better known for a couple of efforts with a schoolboy friend, intended �to enliven Morality with Wit, and to temper Wit with Morality.� For ten points, name the poet and essayist, who collaborated on The Tatler and The Spectator with Sir Richard Steele.

ANSWER: Joseph Addison

13. In 1819, Friedrich Schleiermacher tried to set forth a general theory of this, to be applicable to any text. More commonly, it has referred to a method involving exegesis, or commentary on the application of the meanings expressed in the text, and in the Christian tradition the four chief types are anagogical, moral, allegorical, and literal. For ten points, name this term referring to interpretation focusing specifically on the Bible.

ANSWER: hermeneutics

14. This concept was proposed to solve the puzzling existence of twice as many energy levels as were expected in the line spectra of many-electon atoms, as lines turned out to be closely spaced pairs. This intrinsic property is quantized, with possible values of plus or minus one half. For ten points, name this property in which a subatomic particle acts like a rotating sphere.

ANSWER: electron spin

15. They called themselves the �imiazen,� or �noble ones.� but their better known name derives from Greek. Descended from Stone Age cultures such as the Capsians, they destroyed aboriginal populations with their horses, and their cavalry was described by Aulus Gellius in the Bellum Africanum. For ten points, name these speakers of an Afro-Asiatic language, the indigenous people of coastal north Africa.

ANSWER: Berbers

16. From this concept, Leibniz and other 18th century thinkers deduced the three consequences of plenitude, continuity, and graduation-- that the universe if full of life in every possible variety, that each species differs only slightly from the next, and that all species exist in a hierarchy of status. For ten points, name this philosophical idea, in which man occupies the rung between animals and angel on a ladder, culminating in God Himself.

ANSWER: Great Chain of Being

17. Repeated failure of the monsoon rains has caused this nation�s residents to build irrigation works along the Chari and Logone rivers. Such diversion has rapidly accelerated the shrinkage of their lake, which has lost ninety-five percent of its water in the last three decades. FTP, name this African lake also bordered by Cameroon and Nigeria, which shares its name with one of its neighbors and the dimpled residue of Florida elections.

ANSWER: (Lake) Chad

18. Classified as having a volume greater than 100 cubic kilometers, examples include the Coast Ranges in western British Columbia, which is larger than the Sierra Nevada in California. Deep ones are usually concordant, and shallow ones discordant, and they do not show signs of a definite floor. For ten points, name these intrusive bodies formed from magma, which are larger than laccoliths and lopoliths.

ANSWER: batholiths

19. This band set off on a three city tour to Denver, Boston, and Washington D.C., their first since its guitarist was hit by a van. Byrds member Roger McGuinn and Matt Groening joined the most recent tour of this group, whose original works include the calypso tune "Proofreading Woman" by Dave Barry. For ten points, name this band whose members include Ridley Pearson, Kathi Goldmark, Mitch Albom, Scott Turow, Amy Tan, Dave Barry, and Stephen King.

ANSWER: Rock Bottom Remainders

20. From 1926 to 1939, its president was Saunders Lewis, who served a nine- month prison sentence for the burning of the Penyberth (pen- UH- berth) bombing school. It was formed in 1925 during the National Eisteddfod (ay- STETH- vode) in Pwllheli (pooth- HE- lih). FTP, what political party's platform include devolution, a Socialist democratic republic, the right to join the United Nations and safeguarding the language and culture of Wales?

ANSWER: Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru (PLIDE CUM-ree; anyone who�s crazy enough to give the long version knows how to pronounce it already.) (Prompt on variants of: �Welsh Nationalist Party.�)

OT 1. Otto V, count of Scheyern, moved to a castle near Aichach on the Paar and took its name. Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV was a descendant of this house, which was divided by the Compact of Pavia into two lines, both of which were electors after 1623. For ten points, name this German family which ruled the Palatinate of the Rhine as well as Bavaria.

ANSWER: Wittelsbach

OT 2. He became a hero when he got into trouble with the government over the rebellious message in his poems �The Song of the Falcon� and �The Stormy Petrel.� Noted for his realistic treatment of the working classes, his works include the short story �Twenty-Six Men and a Girl,� about sweatshop conditions in a bakery. For ten points, name this Soviet author, who took a pseudonym meaning �the Bitter One,� and whose best-known play is The Lower Depths.

ANSWER: Maxim Gorky or Alexy Maximovich Peshkov

OT 3. According to legend, Croesus sent him to Delphi with a gift of money for the city, but in a dispute with the people, he was thrown from a cliff. Other legendary entanglements with rulers include his support for the tyrant Pisistratus in Athens against citizens desiring revolt, through his story about �The Frogs Asking for a King.� For ten points, name this author, a former slave according to apocryphal accounts, known for his simple, moralizing fables.



1. Answer these questions about the voyages of Christopher Columbus, for ten points each.

The Santa Maria was wrecked off the northern coast of what Columbus called Santo Domingo. Give the current name of this island, which now has a city named Santo Domingo.

ANSWER: Hispaniola

On Hispaniola, Columbus founded what colony on his first voyage?

ANSWER: La Navidad

On his second voyage, Columbus found La Navidad destroyed and planted what second colony on Hispaniola, naming it after a female monarch?

ANSWER: Isabela

2. Identify the following with whom Loki coupled to produce offspring, for ten points each.

This giantess was the mother of Hel, the Midgard Serpent, and the wolf Fenrir.

ANSWER: Angrboda (Accept: Angerboda or Angurboda)

This loyal wife of Loki stayed with him to prevent serpent�s venom from dropping on his head.


Loki turned into a mare, and mothered Sleipnir with this horse, which belonged to the giant who built Asgard.

ANSWER: Svadilfari

3. Answer the following about cycloalkane conformations, for ten points each.

More stable than the boat conformation, this conformation is the form of nearly every derivative of cyclohexane.

ANSWER: chair conformation

The boat conformation involves this type of strain, in which non-bonded atoms or groups begin to repel each other if brought too close together.

ANSWER: van der Waals strain or steric strain

This is the general term for the strain on a cyclical molecule which accompanies any deviation from the staggered arrangement which allows for tetrahedral bond angles.

ANSWER: torsional strain

4. Answer the following about works by Charles Gounod, for ten points each.

This work was originally a movement from a never completed piano work entitled Suite burlesque. It describes a solemn procession after the title character has died in a duel. The middle contains a more lively section in describing the mourners stopping at an inn.

ANSWER: Funeral March of a Marionette or Marche Funèbre d�une Marionette

This opera was based on a Provençal poem by Frédéric Mistral. Gounod prepared a rarely performed alternate version, in which the title heroine recovers and marries Vincent.

ANSWER: Mireille

Gounod first gained fame with this opera, which was chosen to open the Metropolitan Opera�s new opera house in 188. It is based on a drama by Goethe.


5. Identify these Crusader leaders, for ten points each.

In 1228, this Holy Roman Emperor embarked on an unconventional Crusade, and was ridiculed for not using his army. Still, he negotiated a treaty with the Egyptian sultan which returned Jerusalem to Christian hands and guaranteed a ten-year peace.

ANSWER: Frederick II (Do not accept: �Frederick Barbarossa�)

In 1249, this French king landed in Egypt and conquered Damietta. However, he was forced to surrender and pay a ransom the next year, when his army was trapped by flood created when the Egyptians opened the sluice gates to the Nile reservoirs.

ANSWER: Louis IX or St. Louis

This Holy Roman Emperor found his army destroyed at Dorylaeum when he made the tactical error of trying to reach Jerusalem via Constantinople during the Second Crusade.


6. Identify these Spanish-language poets, for ten points each.

This Argentinian gaucho poet is known for El gaucho Martin Fierro and La vuelta de Martin Fierro.

ANSWER: José Hernández

Once serving as Nicaragua�s minister to Spain, he first came to notice with the poetry collection Blue. He is associated with the literary movement modernismo, and his well-known works include The Wandering Song and Poem of Autumn.

ANSWER: Rubén Darío or Félix Rubén García Sarmiento

Considered a precursor to modernismo, he was killed by Spanish troops at Dos Ríos. While he was the editor of the journal La patria libre and the volume Ismaelillo, he is best known as a martyr in the fight for Cuban independence.

ANSWER: José Julian Martí

7. The Theravada school considers it to be the complete scriptural canon of the Buddha�s works. For ten points each:

Name this set of three texts, whose name is Sanskrit for �Three Baskets.�

ANSWER: Tripitakas

While the followers of Buddha later translated the Tripitakas into Sanskrit, it was originally written in this vernacular dialect.


The compilation of the Tripitakas began with the first Buddhist council, held here, where a council of 500 decided upon its contents.

ANSWER: Rajagaha or Rajgir

8. Identify these Kuomintang leaders, for ten points each.

From 1923 until his death, this man was the leader of the Kuomintang government. He was succeed by Chiang Kai-Shek.

ANSWER: Sun Yat-sen

Sun Yat-sen and this man were leaders of the Nationalist Party which merged with other groups to form the Kuomintang. President Yuan Shikai had him assassinated in 1914 and expelled the Kuomintang from the government.

ANSWER: Sung Chiao-ren or Song Jiaoren

After Chiang Ching-kuo, son of Chiang Kai-shek, died in 1988, this man became the first native Taiwanese leader of the Kuomintang.

ANSWER: Lee Teng-hui

9. Identify these American ships from the War of 1812, for ten points each.

As commanded by Stephen Decatur, this frigate captured the Macedonian off the Madeira islands.

ANSWER: United States

Jacob Jones commanded this 18-gun sloop-of-war in defeating the Frolic 600 miles off the coast of Virginia.


Isaac Hull commanded this ship in blowing up the Guerrière, and William Bainbridge commanded its defeat of the Java.

ANSWER: Constitution

10. Identify the following movements related to abstract art, for ten points each.

Guillaume Apollinaire was the first to name this movement associated with Robert Delauney (duh loh NAY). It is associated with circular forms and bright colors and is named for a mythological figure.

ANSWER: Orphism or orphic cubism

Created by Kasimir Malevich in 1913, this Russian movement used pure geometric shapes.

ANSWER: Suprematism

Its ideas come from a similarly named magazine edited by Theo van Doesburg. Its most well-known exponent is Piet Mondrian.

ANSWER: de Stijl

11. Identify these works of Ernest Hemingway, for ten points apiece.

The first novel by Hemingway, it was written as a vicious parody of Sherwood Anderson, in response to critic�s remarks that Hemingway owed an artistic debt to Anderson.

ANSWER: The Torrents of Spring

The only Hemingway novel set in America, it concerns Harry Morgan, the captain of a fishing boat, who smuggles rum from Cuba to Key West.

ANSWER: To Have and Have Not

The main characters of this novel are the English nurse, Catherine Barkley, and the American ambulance driver, Frederic Henry.

ANSWER: A Farewell to Arms

12. Identify the following works by Henry Purcell, for ten points each.

Purcell�s best known work, it is his only true opera, and uses a text by Nahum Tate which is based on the work of Virgil.

ANSWER: Dido and Aeneas

Among Purcell�s sacred music is this anthem, written in 1685 for the coronation of James II. It is perhaps his second-most known work.

ANSWER: �My Heart Is Inditing

Purcell wrote several of these works, which were instrumental exercises in polyphony, but he didn�t write any after 1680, as they fell out of fashion. The one written in F major in five parts is known for sustaining the note of C in one of the viols throughout the composition.

ANSWER: Fantasias

13. Answer the following about romanizations of Chinese, for ten points each.

Literally meaning "Chinese spelling," the People's Republic adopted it in 1958 to replace the Zhuyin Zimu, and it is the system found in most current materials, especially those originating in mainland China.

ANSWER: Hanyu pinyin

After the Chinese government officially abolished it in 1979, it was still used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other places, and is still found in many older written works on China in English.

ANSWER: Wade-Giles system

The first attempt by a Westerner to transcribe Chinese was by this Italian Jesuit, who entered China in 1583 with Pompilo Michele Ruggieri, and who used accommodation to adapt Catholic rites for the Chinese.

ANSWER: Matteo Ricci

14. Identify these works by Erik Erikson, for ten points each.

This 1950 work, edited by his wife, Joan, Erikson unveiled his eight stages of development.

ANSWER: Childhood and Society

This 1958 psychohistorical work examined the ability of a certain historical figure's ability to break with the religious establishment.

ANSWER: Young Man Luther

This 1969 psychological biography concerns an Indian leader.

ANSWER: Gandhi's Truth on the Origins of Militant Nonviolence

15. Identify these French novels, for ten points each.

In this 1914 work by Anatole France, a non-human entity denounces the God of the theologians and organizes the title event in Paris.

ANSWER: The Revolt of the Angels or La revolte des anges

The title of this work refers to the life of the military and the priesthood. This 1830 work was set in post-Napoleonic France by Stendhal, and includes the character Julien Sorel.

ANSWER: The Red and the Black or Le rouge et le noir

The main character is Frédéric Moreau, who has a love for Madame Arnoux, in this 1869 work by Gustave Flaubert.

ANSWER: Sentimental Education or L�education sentimentale

16. Answer the following about the death penalty in recent years, for ten points each.

Of the six states that approved death-penalty studies, this was the only one to actually halt executions during such a study, under the direction of Governor George Ryan.

ANSWER: Illinois

In February 2001, this state's legislature came within two votes of abolishing the death penalty.

ANSWER: New Mexico

This state is considering a change in a rule barring the admission of new evidence 21 days after a verdict, by allowing DNA testing for recently discovered evidence. Since 1976, it has executed 81 human beings, the second-most total.

ANSWER: Virginia

17. Identify the following legal codes, for ten points each.

The first version of it went into effect in 1918, governing the Roman Catholic Church.

ANSWER: Code of Canon Law or Codex Juris Canonici

This law code influenced such diverse locations as Quebec, Louisiana, Haiti, Romania, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Italy. First promulgated in 1804, it is still in force in France.

ANSWER: Code Napoléon or Code Civil des Français

Divided into 12 sections such as "Imperial Guards and Prohibitions" and "Stables and Treasures,", its final form was promulgated in 737. It is considered the high point of Chinese legal draftsmanship, and was promulgated by the dynasty with which it shares its name.

ANSWER: Tang Code

18. Identify these Noel Coward works, for ten points each.

Taking its name from the words of Neville Chamberlain, this 1947 play depicts what England would be like had it been conquered by Hitler.

ANSWER: Peace In Our Time

In this 1941 work, a widower remarries, but is haunted by the ghost of his former wife.

ANSWER: Blithe Spirit

Elyot Chase and Amanda Prynne were formerly married, and find themselves each honeymooning with new spouses in the same hotel.

ANSWER: Private Lives

19. Answer the following about Crohn's disease, for ten points each.

Crohn's disease is also known as regional enteritis, and is the chronic inflammation of what body parts?

ANSWER: the small and large intestines

Crohn's disease may involve the inflammation making a hole in the intestine walls. Name these abnormal passages, which allow partly digested food or fecal matter to pass into other parts of the body.

ANSWER: fistulae

One technique used in diagnosing Crohn's disease, it is the examination of part of the lower intestine with a lighted device.

ANSWER: sigmoidoscopy

20. 30-20-10 Name the movie

30) It was the directorial debut of Chris Columbus and featured blues legend Albert Collins as himself.

20) Penelope Ann Miller played the stranded Brenda, Maia Brewton was young Sara, and Keith Coogan was the awkward youth Brad.

10) Elisabeth Shue played the main character, Chris Parker, a high school senior who did not pose for Playboy, contrary to the belief of one character.

ANSWER: Adventures in Babysitting

OT 1. Answer the following about Hong Kong, for ten points each.

This administrative area of Hong Kong forms a peninsula on the Chinese mainland which lies across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island.

ANSWER: Kowloon

The Sham Chun river forms Hong Kong's northern border with this province, whose capital is Guanzhou, or Canton.

ANSWER: Guangdong or Kwangtung or Kuang-tung

Hong Kong is located in this arm of the Pacific, which ends in the north at the Taiwan Strait, and in the west at the island of Hainan and the Gulf of Tonkin.

ANSWER: South China Sea