The Mark Discordia Singles Tournament

Playoff Round 6

Question Set 9: 20 tossups plus tiebreaker


Editing and non-science questions by Matt Weiner

Science by Anthony de Jesus, the Washington University Academic Team, and Matt Weiner


1. The youngest-ever art student at the Royal Academy Schools, he spent his later career illustrating several Anthony Trollope novels and painting popular works such as Bubbles and The Boyhood of Raleigh. Lorenzo and Isabella and Ophelia were in the style with which he�s most associated. FTP, name this husband of John Ruskin�s ex-wife Effie Gray and founder, with Dante Gabriel Rosetti and William Holman Hunt, of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

ANSWER: John Everett Millais


2. First published in the collection Spring and All, this eight-line poem alludes to several concepts from painting. It intentionally breaks compound words across lines in order to examine constituent parts. The title object is �beside the white chickens� and �glazed with rain water;� �so much depends upon� it. FTP, name this poem about a gardening implement, by William Carlos Williams

ANSWER: �The Red Wheelbarrow


3. He succeeded Christoph Gluck as conductor of the Paris Opera, where he debuted with his own work, Les Dana�des. Other operas include a 1798 Falstaff as well as Tarare, Palmira, and L'Europa Riconosciuta, the first opera performed at La Scala.

FTP, name this composer, who, despite implications to the contrary in a Pushkin poem and a Rimsky-Korsakov opera, did not poison his rival Mozart.

ANSWER: Antonio Salieri


4. Languages spoken chiefly on this island include Achinese, Lubu, Minangkabau, and Toba. The westernmost of the Sunda Islands, cities include Palembang and Padang, and the largest city is the residence of the sultan of Deli, Medan. It is separated by the Strait of Malacca from the Malay Peninsula on the northeast and by Sunda Strait from Java on the southeast. FTP, name this island, the sixth largest island in the world and largest in Indonesia.

ANSWER: Sumatra


5. For a liquid regarded as an imperfect solid, it is linearly dependent on temperature. At constant pressure, it is equal to the slop of the logarithm of viscosity plotted against the inverse of absolute temperature times the Boltzmann constant. It is found in the exponential when describing the rate of an elementary chemical reaction. FTP, give the name for this excess energy over the ground state required for a process such as a chemical reaction to occur.

ANSWER: activation energy


6. The phenomenon of weak coupling for hard ones and strong coupling for soft ones is known as �asymptotic freedom.� There are eight of these in the theory of QCD and they have the ability to change one color charge with another. FTP, name these elementary bosons which are theorized to bind quarks together, carrying the strong nuclear force.

ANSWER: gluons


7. Menetho claims that this man was killed by a hippopotamus; in any case, his tomb is in the necropolis of Saqqara. The son of Neithotepe, his major wife, Berenib, was not the mother of his successor Djer. The founder of Crocodopolis and Memphis, his most important accomplishment was planned from Thinis, where he made war on theLord of the Delta Land. FTP, name this king who founded the First Dynasty by unifying the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt.

ANSWER: Menes [accept Aha]


8. It ends by repeating a quote from the narrator: "I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?"

The third chapter, "Among Thieves",� condemns �the dream of the lost paradise.� The protagonist creates three paintings: one of a bird, another of Beatrice, and a third of the title character�s mother, Frau Eva. FTP, name this bildungsroman about Emil Sinclair byHerman Hesse.

ANSWER: Demian


9. In 1676, he wrote an attack on Quakerism, George Fox Digg'd Out of his Burrowes. His The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience led John Cotton to respond with The Bloudy Tenent, Washed and Made White; he fired back with The Bloody Tenent Yet More Bloody. FTP, name this opponent of the seizure of Native American land as well as the melding of church and state, who was banned from Massachusetts in 1635 and went on to found Providence, Rhode Island

ANSWER: Roger Williams


10. In 1998, researchers proposed that it functions in Brodmann's area of the frontal cortex. Alan Baddeley has argued for its functional as opposed to passive nature. Its capacity is expanded by chunking and repetition; generally, it can hold seven pieces of information. FTP, identify this kind of memory, temporally placed between the sensory buffer store and long term memory.

ANSWER: short term memory


11. After graduating from Tamagawa University, he completed an apprenticeship in the Shisen Hanten chain, which he now runs. His trademarks include a shrimp in chili dish, a chili bean sauce, and a type of fried rice which takes less than five minutes to prepare. Although he famously lost to a series of female challengers in the early run of the show, he remained aboard, becoming the only person to accept challenges on every season of Iron Chef. FTP, identify this yellow-clad culinary master, trained in the Szechwan style.

ANSWER: Iron Chef Chinese [or Chen Kenichi]


12. This author wrote a parody with a title literally meaning �painted little mouths� which was translated as Heartbreak Tango. The protagonist of his first novel, Betrayed by Rita Hayworth, has several of the author�s autobiographical traits, including a reliance on American films to learn English and an Argentine birth. His most notable work takes place in a jail cell, where a homosexual and a revolutionary discuss their respective oppresions. FTP, name this author of Kiss of the Spider Woman.

ANSWER: Manuel Puig


13. His actions are now celebrated on a September 9 holiday. Segestes warned this man�s opponents of his battle plan, to no avail. At Idisiaviso, he lost a battle to the revenge-minded Germanicus, who never succeeded in killing him or his lieutenant Caecina. The son of Segimer and chief of the Cherusci, his actions led to the suicide of Quintilius Varus. FTP, name this German leader who destroyed three Roman legions at the 9 CE Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

ANSWER: Arminius [accept Herman the German]


14. When it was first used in Tripoli, the unfamiliar wording of the Book of Jonah caused riots. It only included the Old Testament; New Testament additions were made later, and eventually the Council of Trent declared it the authentic Scripture. Its author began it while working as secretary to Pope Damasus I in 382. FTP, identify this first Latin translation of the Bible, named for its language and composed by St. Jerome.

ANSWER: the vulgate of St. Jerome [prompt on Latin translation of the Bible; prompt on St. Jerome�s Bible before Jerome is mentioned]


15. Unlike other plant cells, this tissue�s cells have secondary cell walls in addition to the primary cell wall. However, there are pits where the secondary cell walls are absent.Most of these cells are dead at maturity, containing only the materials being transported.They come in two general subclasses, tracheids and vessel members. FTP, identify this class of plant vascular tissue which carries material upward.

ANSWER: xylem


16. Synesius was the last important member of this group, which had its second revival under Emperor Julian. Its first rennaissance involved Philostratus the Elder and Herodes Atticus. Compared to cosmeticians and cooks by Socrates and Plato, members of this group�s original incarnation included Hippias of Elis, Prodicus of Ceo, Gorgias, and Protagoras. FTP, name this group of Greek quasi-philosophers which taught argument for a fee.

ANSWER: Sophists [or Sophism; or Sophistry]


17. The speech in which it was introduced declared that �There must be no effort made to remove the mote from our brother�s eye if we refuse to remove the beam from our own.� Touching on the Kishenef massacre, oppression of Armenians, and �intolerable conditions in Cuba,� the President attempted to prepare for the consequences of the Dominican Republic�s bankruptcy by asserting the right of the United States to intervene in the Western Hemisphere. FTP, identify this 1904 addendum to the Monroe Doctrine.

ANSWER: Roosevelt Corollary


18. Using small angles of incidence can reduce this phenomenon, which occurs because the refraction length, and thus the focal length, vary with wavelength in optical instruments using lenses. Newton invented the reflecting telescope because he wrongly though that this was an inherent property of refracting telescopes. FTP, name this type of distortion, in which fuzzy images are formed, displaying unnatural colors.

ANSWER: chromatic aberration


19. Diagoras the Atheist of Melos was sentenced to death for mocking them, and Emperor Julian participated in them. Led by a hierophant, their participants were often students of the Zagreus cult or Orphism, and they were outwardly dedicated to Persephone and Demeter. FTP, identify these extremely secret rituals, which included a cleansing in the sea and various addresses, sacrifices, and re-enactments.

ANSWER: Eleusinian Mysteries


20. It adapted Jeann-Baptiste Cl�ment�s �Cherry-Blossom Time� as its anthem, and its legislation including a directive requiring pawnshop owners to return craft tools. Its reign began with the killings of Claude Martin Lecomte and Jacques Leonard Clement Thomas. It was soon ended in �Bloody Week� by future president MacMahon. FTP, identify this anarchistic group which controlled a major city for a brief period after the Franco-Prussian War.

ANSWER: Paris Commune [accept Commune of Paris or other equivalents]