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Questions by Amar Hatti, Ross Ritterman, Ray Luo, Devang Parekh, Matt Levine, and Seth Teitler

1. Many of the non-flashback sequences in this film take place in outlets of Bilgewater's Restaurants in cities which a rock sensation by the name of Tommy Gnosis plays.Through flashbacks, we find out that the protagonist had a love affair with Gnosis and wrote all of his songs.The protagonist met Gnosis while living in a trailer park, after being abandoned by her GI-husband.Based on an off-off-broadway musical, FTP, name this film that was written by, directed by, and stars John Cameron Mitchell as a German transsexual.

_Hedwig and the Angry Inch_


2. Line integrals are path-independent for force fields of this type. Equvalently, a force of this type must have zero curl, and can always be expressed as the gradient of a scalar potential. Examples include gravity and electric forces, while friction does not have this property. FTP, in what sort of field does an object lose no energy if it moves in a loop back to its starting position?

����������� Ans: conservative


3. He once noted that music is a "collection of solid, stationary masses." Born in Paris in 1883, this musical pioneer studied math and geology as a youth. After getting the basics down at the Schola Cantorum and the Paris Conservatoire, this man moved to Germany, and then America, while turning to the aesthetic of "futurism". His use of idiosyncratic instruments such as alarm sirens and taped music is reflected in the 1923 work Hyperprism. FTP, name this proponent of counterpoint via juxtaposition of machine-like sound masses, whose most famous work is a mixture of 35 percussion instruments called Ionisation.

����������� Answer: Edgard Varese


4. Thierry Devaux, age 41, was carrying a sign protesting the use of land mines when he was arrested by police this past Thursday.However, the reason he got arrested was not for his protest but his location.FTP, name the landmark at which he got arrested for getting snagged on its torch?



5. Legend declares that it was discovered by the Grosh brothers of Pennysylvania, after whose tragic deaths its possession devolved upon its namesake. Mackay, Flood, Fair, and O�Brien were the four transplanted Irishmen who eventually achieved the greatest control over it, and its exploitation through mining operations around Mount Davidson would finance the beginnings of many an American fortune of the Old West. FTP, name this largest known deposit of silver in the United States, the source of Virginia City�s wealth during the late 19th century.

Answer: the Comstock Lode


6. The daughter in the Earwicker family in Finnegans Wake is identified with this figure in Arthurian myth. There were actually two women of this name in Arthurian legend, and they both fell in love with the same hero. One was known for her white hands, while the other was known as "the Fair," and was intended to be the bride of King Mark of Cornwall but fell in love with his nephew. FTP, give the common name, usually paired with Tristan.

����������� Ans: Isolde or Iseult (accept Issy on an early buzz before "identified with")


7. The conservation of archaic traits, the belief in luck, percuniary emulation, percuniary canons of taste, dress as an expression of the percuniary culture, modern survivals of prowess, and conspicuous leisure are all chapters contained in this 1899 sociological text.FTP, name this text, which brought up the idea of conspicuous consumption and was written by Thorstein Veblen.

_Theory of the Leisure Class_


8. Inference for these data structures were first comprehensively discussed in Judea Pearl's foundational work, Probabilistic Reasoning in Intelligent Systems.Also refered to as knowledge maps, their applicability is based on conditional independence relationships among variables of interest.Random variables are represented as bubbles while influence among the variables are represented as arrows.FTP, name this important component in uncertain-reasoning systems developed in the late eighties and used extensively in the nineties in the A.I. community to compactly represent joint probability distributions.

����������� Answer: Belief Networks or Bayesian Networks


9. The first recorded instance of this game was by two monks in Paisley Abbey near Glasgow, Scotland in 1541.The first club for the sport appeared in 1668 in Kinross, Loch Leven.Today there are 20,000 registered players of this game in the United States. FTP, name this Canadian dominated sport played with rocks and brooms?



10. There is not much there now except 556 people, some caves, wineries and fish hatcheries, but this place, on South Bass Island off Marblehead Penninsula is famous for another reason.An event that took place here is commemorated by a 352 foot tall shaft topped by an open-air promenade which is then surrounded by a 25 acre national area. Completed in 1915, it is just outside the unguarded Canadian boundary line which also serves to commemorate the international peace between the US and Canada.The place seems to have gotten its name from a corruption of the South Bass Island's shape -- a pudding bag. FTP, name this harbor where, offshore on September 10th, 1813, in Lake Erie, the American Navy under Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British.

���������� Ans: Put-In-Bay


11. The chapter titles imitate a standard Dick-and-Jane reading primer. Set in Lorain, Ohio, the two primary narrators are an omniscient narrator and Claudia MacTeer, who talks about the fall of 1941, when no marigolds bloomed. Characters include Soaphead Church, the Maginot Line, and Cholly Breedlove. Cholly rapes his own daughter, who goes insane and believes Soaphead Church has transformed her according to her deepest wish. FTP, identify this first novel by Toni Morrison, in which Pecola Breedlove longs to be beautiful.

����������� Ans: The Bluest Eye


12. His most famous work shows him painting a landscape in the middle among many figures, including a nude woman, Baudelaire, Champfleury, Louis Napoleon, and perhaps the revolutionaries Garibaldi and Kosciuszko. Over the course of eight months in 1849 and 1850, he painted Peasants of Flagey Returning From the Fair, The Stonebreakers, and Burial at Ornans. FTP, identify this French spokesman of Realism and painter of The Painter's Studio: A Real Allegory of the Past Seven Years.

����������� Ans: Courbet


13. This Oxford graduate converted to Roman Catholicism in 1845 and was eventually made a Cardinal in 1879. Between then and his death in 1890, he philosophized in the empiricist tradition in dealing with the seemingly mystical subject of religion. He defined faith as belief in a revelation of God and defends faith by virtue of a antecedent probabilistic judgment. FTP, name this rational religious philosopher, a believer of conscience as the primary evidence for the existence of God, whose most famous work is The Grammar of Assent.

����������� Answer: John Henry Newman


14. It rises in the mountains of the Ja�n (Hye-en) province reaching a height of 5,250 feet above sea level and drains an area of about 22,160 square miles. The environment surrounding it is one of the richest and most varied areas of flora and fauna in Europe, its basin containing representatives half the continent's species of plant life and nearly all of that of North Africa, being very close to it. With 800 tributaries it passes by Cordoba and Seville before continuing through Andalucia and emptying into the Gulf of Cadiz. FTP, name this river, the second longest in Spain after the Ebro, whose name comes from the Arabic word for Great River: "Wadi Al-kabir."

Ans: Guadalquivir


15. Characters found in this novel that did not appear in the film version include Resch, Iran, J. R. Isidore, Al Jarry, and the notorious Buster Friendly.The most important character missing is Mercer, a modern religious leader who claims to be a fraud and tells the main character Rick that there is no salvation.Rick begins the novel by waking up in bed and adjusting his Penfield mood machine to suit his needs; he ends the novel by bringing home a frog he thought was organic, but it turns out to be artificial.FTP, name this novel featuring the man-machine romance of Rick Deckard and Rachael Rosen, written by Phillip K. Dick, turned into a classic cult movie by Ridley Scott, whose title asks about an animal counted by every artificial insomniac from Los Angeles to Orion.

����������� Answer: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?(Grudgingly prompt on Blade Runner before "classic cult movie ...")


16. Invented in 1857 and later sold for 25 pounds this puzzle was invented by the most famous Irish scientist ever to have lived.Consisitng of a dodecahedron with pegs at each vertex the point of this game is to connect the pegs, often referred to as cities, using string traveling only along the edges, visiting each peg only once, and arriving back to the same peg you started from.FTP, name this creation of William Rowan Hamilton also called "Traveler's Dodecahedron"or "A Voyage Round the World"?

Answer: the ICOSIAN GAME (Accept "Traveler's Dodecahedron"or "A Voyage Round the World" early)


17. The Founders of this company met as freshmen at Brown University in 1985.After graduation, they started Allserve, a floating convenience store serving boatmen who could not easily obtain newspapers, coffee, and the like.With the onset of a ferocious New England winter, the founders, Tom First and Tom Scott, found themselves forced to remain on the land.Once cold winter night, they decided to mix juice in a blender and the rest is history.FTP, name this bottled juice company, named after the island on which the juice guys first made their juice.

_Nantucket Nectars_


18. Some of his first lessons include those in book thievery from Padilla, a neighborhood operator, and from his cynical Grandmother Lausch. He later goes to work as the secretary of the clever Einhorn, but loses much of his wealth in the stock market crash. After falling in love with Esther Fenchel he runs away to Mexico with her sister Thea in the company of an iguana-hunting eagle named Caligula. FTP name this Chicago-born character whose search for a unique life all his own is the subject of a 1953 Saul Bellow novel.

Answer: Augie March


19. They are called Boolean if, for every member x, x squared equals x. A commutative one with no zero-divisors is called an integral domain. In general they can have proper nontrivial ideals, and they can have characteristic n, where n is any non-negative integer. FTP, what algebraic construct is a field if it is commutative and has division by nonzero elements?

����������� Ans: ring


20. He is generally given credit for the defeat of Sextus Pompeius in the naval battles at Mylae and Naulochus. Tiberius succeeded in AD 14, but this man had earlier been Augustus' official heir. His greatest moment came in 31 BC, and led to the deaths of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. FTP, name this victorious commander of the Roman navy at the Battle of Actium.

����������� Ans: Marcus Agrippa


21. Scorpion Army, Spider Army, Flame Army, Tide Army, Manticore Army, Asp Army, and Salamander Army are all teams in this book.The main character's older siblings were Hegemon and Demosthenes.FTP, name this book about the battle between Earth and the Formics by Orson Scott Card.



22. When the angle separating two images is greater than 1.22 times the wavelength of light used divided by the diameter of the circular opening, an image is resolvable.This describes a specific application of what resolution limit by a 19th century scientist?



23. A Medieval kingdom was begun here under Garcia I in the early 10th century when he sought to abandon the old capital of Asturias. Though the kingdom was often under seige by the Moors, Christian characteristics remained strong as it maintained many of the traditions left over from the Visigoths. As seen in the artwork, especially around such cities as Compostela, Valladolid (Veye-ya-doe-leed), Silos, and especially at the city's own Church of Saint Isidore, the idea of reconquest ran high� something finally acheived under Ferdinand and Isabella when Cordoba was finally captured. FTP, name this kingdom, now just a city and province which as of 1979 combined with Salamanca and Zamora to form an autonomous community along with Castile.

���������� Ans: Le�n

24. Its formulation resulted from distrust of direct scaling methods in which subjects are asked to assign values to sensation magnitudes. Instead, indirect scaling based on discrimination ability was used to investigate the relation between stimulus intensity and sensation intensity. By assuming that the just noticeable difference must always be the same regardless of physical magnitude and that the difference threshold increases as a fixed proportion of the stimulus magnitude, we arrive at the conclusion that a small physical change in a weak stimulus will produce the same change in the perceived intensity of a stimulus as a large physical change in a strong stimulus. FTP, what psychophysical law named after an early pioneer of perceptual psychology describes sensation intensity as a logarithmic function of intensity of the physical stimulus.

����������� Answer: Fechner's Law




1. 30-20-10 Novel from Quotes

30)"Sometimes God gits familiar wid us womenfolks too and talks His inside business. He told surprised y'all is goin' tuh be if you ever find out you don't know half as much 'bout us as you think yo do. It's so easy to make yo'self out God Almighty when you ain't got nothin' tuh strain against but women and chickens"

20)" ain't somethin' lak uh grindstone dat's de same thing everywhere and do de same thing tuh everything it touch. Love is lak de sea. It's uh movin' thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from de shore it meets, and it's different with every shore"

10)"It's uh known fact, Pheoby, you got tuh go there tuh know there....Two things everybody's got tuh do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go tuh God, and they got tuh find out about livin' fuh theyselves"



2. Answer the following questions about a southeast Asian empire, 5-5-10-10

5) Name the Hindu-influenced civilization that existed between the 9th and 15th centuries A.D. in the nation today known as Kampuchea or Cambodia.

Answer: Khmer or Angkor or Kambuja

5) This complex of temples devoted to Hindu gods was located north of the Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Cambodia, and was built by King Suryavarman II. Its name can be literally translated as �city of temples�, and it contains a four-mile long moat, with a pyramidal central temple complex and five great towers.

Answer: Angkor Wat

10) This first Khmer leader established the kingdom in A.D. 802 after being held as a royal hostage by the Javan kingdom of the Saliendras. He ruled for 50 years and set up the constitution and much of the other institutional framework of the Khmers.

Answer: Jayavarman II

10) A Sanskrit term meaning �god-king�, this was a concept applied to the monarch of the Khmer Empire, which allowed him absolute power over his subjects. Jayavarman II was the first to utilize this concept to strengthen his rule.

Answer: Deva-raja or Deva-raya


3. Over the years many 49ers have switched over to the Silver and Black. FTP, name them from clues.

5)This future Hall-of-Famer switched to the Raiders this past season and wears number 80.


10) This fullback switched teams in 1994 and wore the number 44.


15) This quarterback switched teams in 1979 and wore the number 16 as a Niner.



4. Name these manners of articulation in phonetics given the description FTPE, or five if you need English examples.

(10)Complete and momentary closure of airflow through the vocal tract found most notably at bilabial, alveolar, and velar points of articulation in English.

(5)Examples: the voiceless p in span, the voiced g in gap.

����������� Answer: stops

(10)A class of continuants in which continuous airflow through the mouth is accompanied by audible noise produced by air passing through a very narrow opening.

(5)Examples: the voiceless h in hat, the voiced v in van.

����������� Answer: fricatives

(10)A very rapidly articulated nonsyllabic segment.

(5)Examples: the palatal y in yes, the labio-velar w in now.

����������� Answer: glides


5. Answer the following questions on the science of recent films FTPE. Pencil and paper may help.

10) In a heart-warming scene from Freddy Got Fingered, Tom Green jacks off an elephant and sprays the elephant ejaculate at his father, knocking him off his balance. Assuming the elephant sprays ejaculate in a column of radius 10 centimeters, with velocity 2 meters per second, and that elephant semen has density 1200 kilograms per cubic meter, what is the momentum acquired by the father after 1 second of spraying? You have 10 seconds.

����������� Ans: 48 * pi meters per second or approximately 150 meters per second (accept anything between 150 and 151 meters per second)

10) In Planet of the Apes, due to a shameful oversight, some non-apes, specifically Mexican spider monkeys, snuck into a few scenes. Mexican spider monkeys are of course New World monkeys, so the most specific classification to include both Mexican spider monkeys and apes is what suborder of "man-resembling" primates?

����������� Ans: Anthropoidea or anthropoids

10) Evolution was clearly the most scientific movie of the summer. Among the many revelations was the fact that Head & Shoulders shampoo makes a great alien enema, because it contains this element, number 34. Since it occupies the same place in the periodic table relative to nitrogen that arsenic has relative to carbon, it must be deadly to nitrogen-based life forms. Sheah, right, and Mexican spider monkeys might spray out of an elephant.

Ans: selenium


6. On a 10-5 basis, given songs off of a Pearl Jam album, name the album

10) Red Mosquito, Habit

5) Hail, Hail, Who You Are

No Code

10) Rats, Indifference

5) Animal, Daughter

Vs. (Versus)

10) Pilate, All Those Yesterdays

5) Do the Evolution, Given to Fly



7. Answer the following questions about an autobiography written in the third person, for the stated number of points.

(5)Who was the subject of this autobiography whose grandfather and great grand father were both presidents of the United States?

����������� Answer: Henry Adams

(5)Give the title of this essay, Chapter 25 in The Education of Henry Adams, which conpares the mechanical power of the modern age with the religious and sexual forces of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

����������� Answer: The Dynamo and the Virgin

(10)Which as-yet-unknown poet did Henry Adams meet at the house of Monckton Milnes reciting from his unpublished ballads "Faustine," "Four Boards of the Coffin Lid," and "Ballad of Burdens"?

����������� Answer: Algernon Swinburne

(10)Name this foreign secretary of Great Britain during the Civil War who was quick to side with the Confederates in secret while keeping a straight face infront of Henry's father, ambassador Charles Francis Adams, giving Henry his most important political education.

����������� Answer: Lord John Russell


8. Name these monumental Anton Bruckner symphonies, FTPE.

(10)Bruckner's student Gustav Mahler arranged the piano version of this 1877 symphony dedicated to Richard Wagner.Hans Richter premiered an extensively revised version of this work that gave Bruckner the (short-lived) nickname "the Trumpet."

����������� Answer: Symphony No. 3 in D Minor

(10)Bruckner's greatest success came with this symphony dedicated to the infamous King Ludwig II of Bavaria (Wagner just past away).Cymbal clashes were added to the adagio of this symphony at the suggestions of students Franz and Joseph Schalk so as to make the movement into a Wagnerian overture.

����������� Answer: Symphony No. 7 in E Major

(10)Although Bruckner began two other symphonies that are sometimes labeled No. 0 and No. 00, it is this symphony, with a missing 4th movement, that is generally regarded as his last.In 1903, Ferdinand Lowe completed this symphony dedicated to the King of Kings from the sketches left by Bruckner.

����������� Answer: Symphony No. 9 in D Minor


9. Name these islands of Canada�s far north from towns located on them, FTPE.

10) Pangnirtung, Nanisivik, Pond Inlet, Iqaluit

Answer: Baffin Island

10) Grise Fiord, Fort Conger, Alert

Answer: Ellesmere Island

10) Holman, Cambridge Bay

Answer: Victoria Island


10. Identify the following scientists associated with the development of modern cosmology FTPE.

10) This Russian mathematician was the first to work out a mathematical analysis of an expanding universe consistent with general relativity, getting rid of Einstein�s cosmological constant.

����������� Ans: Alexander Alexandrovich Friedmann

10) He interpreted Einstein�s general relativity as showing that the curved unvierse was constantly expanding. He and Einstein discovered the flat conventional cosmological model.

����������� Ans: Willem de Sitter

10) He took the idea of the expanding universe and suggested that if one extrapolated backward in time, the galaxies would draw closer together until they formed a kind of �cosmic egg� that exploded in a �big bang.� He and Friedmann discovered the open and closed conventional cosmological models.

����������� Ans: Abb� Georges Lema�tre


11. The opening of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back this weekend should allow your memories of the movie Clerks to strike back.Answer these questions about Clerks, FTSNOP

F5P, name the Clerk who worked in the Quik Stop


For another 5 points, name the Clerk who worked in the video store next door


For five points each, name the actors who played Dante and Randal respectively

Brian _O'Halloran_ and Jeff _Anderson_

For Ten points, name Dante's ex-girlfriend, whose engagement to an Asian Design major named Sung ticks Dante off throughout the film

Caitlin Bree


12. Identify the artist 30-20-10.

30) The son of a goldsmith and a minor noblewoman, he depicted his lover, the Duchess of Alba, in the dress of a maja.

20) His work in tapestry led to a serious illness in 1792-3 that left him permanently deaf and shook his mental stability. Late in life he painted a series known as the Black Paintings for his own home, which included Witches' Sabbath and Saturn Devouring His Children. 10) He painted Courtyard With Lunatics, and Executions of the Third of May, 1808. This Spanish painter is best known for his series The Disasters of War.

����������� Ans: Francisco Goya


13. Answer the following questions about an as-yet unadopted constitutional amendment, FTPE.

10) This piece of legislation was written by Alice Paul in 1921 and introduced to Congress in 1923, then given to the states for ratification in 1972. Thirty-five states had ratified it up to 1977, but it fell three states short of the thirty-eight necessary by the July 1982 extended deadline.

Answer: the Equal Rights Amendment or ERA

10) This political activist played a crucial role in the resistance to ERA passage throught her lobbying organizations STOP ERA and the Eagle Forum

Answer: Phyllis Schlafly

10) Had it been passed in 1982, the ERA would have been this numbered amendment to the Constitution.

Answer: the 27th or 27


14. You all know everything there is to know about Charles Foster Kane.But how well do you know Orson Welles after Citizen Kane?Name these Welles films none of which features "News on the March"5-10-15.

(5)Adopted from a novel by Booth Tarkington, it features Welles as a narrator describing the "come-upance" of the young George Minafer.

����������� Answer: The Magnificent Ambersons

(10)An Irish Welles leaves girl friend Rita Hayworth dying in the mirror room (and in turn destroys her career) after rambling through the wackiest fun-house scene in cinema history.

����������� Answer: The Lady From Shanghai

(15)Hardly anyone has seen this late Welles collaboration with Tony Perkins and Jeanne Moreau based on a famous German novel.

����������� Answer: The Trial


15. Answer the following questions about the commerce of the Dutch Republic, FTPE.

10) Name the company that was granted a charter to trade with the East in 1602, and extended Dutch control over Indonesia as well as establishing trading posts such as Surat in India and Deshima in Japan.

Answer: the United Dutch East India Company or Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC��������

10) In 1609 the first stock exchange was set up in this city to facilitate money and share exchanges through the agency of private parties.

Answer: Amsterdam

10) A cornerstone of Dutch economic prosperity was the harvesting of herring, which were caught and processed aboard these types of ships, considered to be the first modern-style factory ships. The salted herring was later sold overseas, usually in the holds of other types of Dutch shipping.���������������

Answer: the bus or buss or buis


16. Identify the author 30-20-10.

30) This asthmatic spent most of his later years in a cork-lined room. From 1895 to 1899 he worked on the posthumously published long novel Jean Santeuil.

20) He was very interested in philosophy, and was much influenced by the lectures of Paul Desjardins and Henri Bergson. His memories of visits to relatives in Auteuil and in Illiers were the material for the imaginary village of Combray.

10) His most famous work is Remembrance of Things Past.

����������� Ans: Marcel Proust


17. Given the name of a common cooking term, identify what it means FTPE

10) Blanching

_Dipping vegetables into boiling water_ (or equivalent for a short amount of time to remove excess salt and inactivate enzymes.

10) Dredging

to Coat with sugar, bread crumbs, or other dry powders (accept answers in this general direction)

10) Rendering

to Melt animal fat


18. Name these central figures in the history of statistics, all members of a tightly knit British club, for 5 points each.

(5)This cousin of Charles Darwin invented correlation while counting geniuses, criminals and other types of people in British families.

����������� Answer: Francis Galton

(5)A pupil of Galton, this founder of chi-squared and proponent of contingency over causation founded the journal Biometrika and wrote the much quoted The Grammar of Science.

����������� Answer: Karl Pearson

(5)Friend of Pearson, this beer brewer wrote under the pen name "Student" and invented the t-distribution.

����������� Answer: William S. Gosset

(5)Pearson's bitter enemy, this developer of hypothesis testing, significance levels, analysis of variance, and experimental design became the Galton Professor of Eugenics after Pearson's departure, much to Pearson's dismay.

����������� Answer: Sir Ronald Fisher

(5) This French mathematician came to England to escape religious persecution and ended up helping out gamblers in Slaughter's Coffee House in Long Acre.Pearson believed that this man was the true inventor of the normal curve.

����������� Answer: Abraham De Moivre

(5)For a final 5, name this young collaborator of Pearson's son who, together with Egon Pearson, formulated the famous likelihood ratio, the notion of type I vs. type II errors, and effect size.

����������� Answer: Jerzy Neyman


19. Name these authors and thinkers associated with the Storm Und Drang movement in German literature from roughly translated work titles FTSNPE:

5) The Apprenticeship of Wilhelm Meister, The Sorrows of Young Werther, �Faust�

Answer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

10) �Mary Stuart�, �Wallenstein�, �Ode to Joy�

Answer: Friedrich von Schiller

15) On the Origin of Language, Outlines of the Philosophy of Man

Answer: Johann Gottfried von Herder


20. Name the spectral line groups of alkali metals from letter

10) s

Answer: SHARP

10) p


10) d



21. 30-20-10 Name from clues

30:The Rockwater 2 will be used to raise to raise two plates of this.

20:It will cost $40 million to raise this 830 ton vessel from 2000 feet of water.

10:This japanese fishing vessel was struck by the USS Greenville killing all nine people on board.



22. Answer these questions about history's last philosopher for the stated number of points.

(5)Name his first masterpiece written in 1918 while a prisoner of war at Monte Cassino.This work boasts of a picture theory of language and meaning, an introduction by Bertrand Russell, and a famous last line: "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent."

����������� Answer: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus or Treatise on Logical Philosophy

(10)What term does he use to describe the unique system by which each individual correlates the atomic objects of the world with the symbols in propositions formed by thoughts, subject of a classic critical study by Saul Kripke.He later attacks his own liberal use of this term.

����������� Answer: private language

(5)Contrary to the spirit of Quiz Bowl, I'm not going to ask you for his second masterpiece (You already know).Instead, I'll ask you to give the term he used in Philosophical Investigations to describe interpersonal communication using words that depend on the context in which they are used.

����������� Answer: the language game

(10)In this his last work, published posthumously, he proposes that to imagine a language is to imagine a form of life, and that we learn to believe whole systems, not sets of axioms.In discussing the propositions that make up the world-picture, he investigates the possibility of complete assurance which is not based on evidence.

����������� Answer: On Certainty


23. Given the name of a province or state, name its capital, FTPE

10) Prince Edward Island


10) Amazonas


10) Sinaloa



24. Identify these ancient queens FTPE.

10) The daughter of Thutmose I, she was queen of ancient Egypt in the Eighteenth Dynasty. She reigned peacefully from 1486 BC to 1468 BC, relegating her husband to the background.

����������� Ans: Hatshepsut

10) This mythical Assyrian queen was reputed to have conquered many lands and founded the city of Babylon. She vanished from earth in the shape of a dove and was thereafter worshiped as a deity, acquiring many of the characteristics of the goddess Ishtar.

����������� Ans: Semiramis

10) This queen of ancient Egypt was the wife of Akhenaton and aunt of Tutankhamen. An exquisite limestone bust of her has given rise to the tradition that she was one of the most beautiful women of antiquity.

����������� Ans: Nefertiti