Cardinal Classic X

Questions by Caltech B

Round 10


1. Main characters include the wife of the titular character, two daughters, and four sons. Events include the abduction of Olivia by Squire Thornhill. (*) and two imprisonments. Then there is the unknown villain. Much general idealization of life in Georgian England is also present. FTP, the above describe what clerically titled novel, the 1766 work of Oliver Goldsmith?

answer: The _Vicar of Wakefield_


2. One of this self-educated man's many contributions to thermodynamics is the discovery that internal energy of an ideal gas is a function solely of temperature. During his most active research period, from 1837 through 1847, this experimentalist established the basis for the principle of conservation of (*) energy. FTP, name this British physicist, who established the mechanical equivalence of heat.

answer: James _Joule_


3. He became king at 15 and was supposed to have a regent, but the Rikstag ruled him competent to rule alone a few months after his father's death in (*) 1697. Many of his subsequent domestic reforms were carried out in his absence while he was in exile in the Turkish empire, a result of his 1709 defeat at Poltava. FTP, name this last great military ruler of Sweden, who lost the Great Northern War to Peter the Great.

answer: _Charles the Twelfth_


4. It was written as an extended proof of what one of its authors had published seven years earlier under a similar, but English, title. Twenty-one years later Kurt (*) Goedel would disprove its underlying thesis that mathematics could be entirely deduced from logical principles. FTP, name this 1910 book by Russel and Whitehead.

answer: _Principia Mathematica_ (prompt on _Principia_)


5. He made the Nile cover his eyes so as not to see the facade of Sant'Agnese, a masterpiece of his rival (*) Borromini. Around the center he placed personifications of the rivers Nile, Ganges, Danube and Platte, representing the four corners of the world. FTP, name the sculptor of the baroque Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome's Piazza Navona, who also famously sculpted Daphne and Apollo.

answer: Gian Lorenzo _Bernini_


6. This medievalist and fellow of Magdalen [MAWD-lin] College, Oxford, went over to Cambridge in 1954, by which time he was famous for his more than 30 books, including "The Abolition of Man," (*) "The Pilgrim's Regress," and "The Screwtape Letters." FTP, name this author, who is best known for his tales of Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Peter, Aslan and the enchanted land of Narnia.

answer: Clive Staples _Lewis_


7. As a minor-league pitcher, he fell on his shoulder and assumed his career was over until a manager moved him to left field. He always joked that he won his team the 1964 World Series by (*) retiring and being replaced by Lou Brock. Before that, however, he had spent many years as probably the best hitter in the National League and was three times MVP. FTP, name this legendary St. Louis Cardinal.

answer: Stan _Musial_


8. We have some his own words saved as diplomatic correspondence to the Younger Pliny, a senior civil servant of his who elsewhere praises him for relieving the tyranny of (*) Domitian. His real talent was soldiering, however, as he proved to the Parthians and Dacians. FTP, who is this emperor from 98 to 117, who commemorated his military exploits on a column in Rome?

answer: Marcus Ulpius _Trajan_us


9. Its premiere took place at Mr. Josias Priest's School for Girls in London in 1689, with a text by a future poet laureate, including "When I at Last Am Laid in Earth." Nahum Tate might share some credit with (*) Vergil for the words, but Henry Purcell can take all the musical credit for, FTP, what English opera set in Carthage?

answer: _Dido and Aeneas_


10.It consists of two bodies with perfectly conducting tops and different temperatures. A cylinder filled with a "working substance" is moved back and forth between the bodies and an insulating disk, allowing the substance to (*) expand and contract with the change in temperature. FTP, what is this engine, named after the French physicist who discovered it and the similarly named cycle?

answer: _Carnot engine_ (accept _Carnot cycle_)


11. He is orderly to the alcoholic Chaplain Katz, who loses him in a card game to Lieutenant Lukash. While in Lukash's service, he gets drunk, misses a train and goes on an "Anabasis" all over (*) Bohemia. He is apparently completely stupid but nevertheless survives the First World War while clever people die all around him. FTP, name this hero of a Czech anti-war novel by Jaroslav Hasek [pron. HAH-shek].

answer: Josef _Schweik_

(accept The _Brave Soldier Schweik_ or _Good Soldier Schweik_)


12. Their headquarters at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge contains a literal representation of the title of the literary mainstay of this denomination, whose special rites include baptism by immersion and an annual Lord's Meal ceremony. (*) FTP, name this denomination, founded in 1870 by Charles Taze Russell and well-known for its Watchtower magazine.

answer: _Jehovah's Witnesses_


13. The forces coming up from Corinth pressed the enemy's center, but the advance was held up for several hours at a place called the Hornet's Nest (*), by a division under Benjamin Prentiss. The next day, Don Carlos Buell's forces came in at Pittsburg Landing and helped Grant drive the Confederates back. FTP, name this 1862 bloodbath in Tennessee at which Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston died.

answer: _Shiloh_ (accept _Pittsburg Landing_ until mentioned)


14. He published one of his most famous songs under the name of minstrel E.P. Christie, to avoid the stigma of writing "Ethiopian" songs (*). When black musical styles became more popular, he put his name back on "Old Folks at Home," although he still often wrote in the more formal style of "I Dream of Jeannie with the Long Brown Hair." FTP, name this 19th Century American composer of "O Susanna."

answer: Stephen "Stinking" _Foster_


15. It was hashed out at 107 sessions of the Council of State, at 55 of which its namesake presided. It banned trade unions and strikes and legitimated the sale of confiscated (*) Church and aristocratic lands. It mostly replaced Roman law in the north and customary law in the South of France. FTP, name this basic legal framework of France created in 1804 and still current.

answer: the _Napoleonic Code_

(accept _Code Napoleon_, but only in a convincing French accent)


16. 87: You climb up on a shelf to reach some cookies. 24: You fall off the shelf, injuring yourself and the cookie jar. 36: You eat your healthy breakfast. 44: You grow taller. (*) 100:You win. FTP, these are all events from what Milton Bradley children's game that punishes bad deeds and rewards good ones via a series of descents and ascents?

answer: _Chutes and Ladders_

(accept _Snakes and Ladders_ from English-type people i.e. Rory Molinari)


17. During World War II, he did research in training pigeons how to guide missiles. As a civilian, he taught one how to (*) play ping-pong. When it came to humans, he invented a sound-proof, germ-free crib to aid his program of behavioral engineering. FTP, name this author of "Beyond Freedom and Dignity" and "Walden Two."

answer: Burrhus Frederic _Skinner_


18.The foamed variety result from the reaction of diisocyanates (DYE-eye-soh-SYE-an-ates) with organic compounds, mostly polyesters, that contain carboxyl groups. The carboxyls release CO2 bubbles that give a (*) foamy texture to mattresses and upholstery. If you use polyesters with hydroxyl groups instead, you tend to get fibrous elastomers. FTP, name this class of organic polymer, the main constituent of fabrics such as Spandex and Lycra.

answer: _polyurethanes_


19. Its fly-leaf contains an inscription in Greek that translates "God from afar looks graciously on a kindly master." Taplow buys it as a gift to butter up his Greek teacher, Arthur Crocker-Harris, whose problems include professional disillusionment and an openly adulterous wife. FTP, name this title object of a play by Terence Rattigan, a translation of Aeschylus' "Agamemnon" by the author of "My Last Duchess."

answer: The _Browning Version_

(accept "Browning's translation of Aeschylus' "Agamenon")

(or equivalents thereof)




20. It boasts one of the world's few museums of Visigothic art, legacy of the sixth-century Visigothic kingdom centered there. Situated on a bend of the (*) Tagus, it is famous for the Damascene artwork introduced by the Arabs, but its most famous artist was a Greek, Domenikos Theotokopoulos. FTP, name this central Spanish city, which is nowhere near Lake Erie, and where the Mud Hens do not play baseball.

answer: _Toledo_


21. His earliest surviving work was commissioned by the king of Thessaly in honor of an athlete named Hippocleas [pron. Hih-puh-KLAY-ass]. He is said to have written earlier works under the critical guidance of the Boeotian [pron. bee-OH-shun] (*) poetess Corinna. His surviving works are mostly odes on victors at either the Nemean, Pythian, Ithsmian or Olympic games. FTP, name this Theban, possibly the greatest writer of choral lyric poetry in ancient Greece.

answer: _Pindar_


22.He was the son of Jephunneh (jeh-foo-NEH), the Kenizzite (KEN-I-zight). Joshua blessed him and gave him Hebron as his inheritance. From Hebron, he drove out the three Anakites (AN-NA-kights). (*) FTP, name this man, who along with Joshua were the only two Israelites of the Exodus to enter the Promised Land.

answer: _Caleb_


23. Father of two artist sons nicknamed "Hell" and "Velvet," he started his career as a landscape painter of mountain scenes such as "Landscape with a Fall of Icarus." Handicapped by lack of topography in his native Flanders, he turned to scenes of peasant life.His works include "Triumph of Death" and "The Wedding Dance." FTP, name this mid 16th-century painter of "Hunters in the Snow"

answer: _Pieter Bruegel the Elder_


24. The overture to "Carousel"; the third movement of Tchaikovsky's fifth symphony; a "Triste" by Sibelius and a (*) "Brilliante" by Chopin; Musetta's second-act aria from "La Boheme"; the state song of Missouri and a more famous version from Tennessee and, of course, the national song of Australia. All these are versions of, FTP, what dance form in 3/4 time of which Johann Strauss sure wrote a heap?

answer: _waltz_


25. Led by Joseph Ettor, they had to ship the children of many workers to New York before winning their 1912 (*) strike against the American Woolen Company in Lawrence, Mass. Their constitution begins by affirming that "the working class and the employing class have nothing in common." The 1918 Red Scare broke the power of, FTP, what syndicalist union whose members included Joe Hill and Big Bill Haywood?

answer: _Industrial Workers of the World_ (accept _wobblies_)

(do not accept _International Workers of the World_)

(think about it for a minute)

26. TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED In their paper regarding their landmark discovery, these two men conceded that a part of their research had been proposed by Corey (*) and Pauling. Nevertheless, their (*) 1953 paper led to a revolution in biology. FTP, whose paper on biological structures led to their sharing the 1962 Nobel prize in Physiology with M.H.F. Wilkins for discovering the double helix.

answer: James _Watson_ and Francis _Crick_







1. Answer the following about Raymond Chandler, FSNPE:

A. Chandler's first stories were published in a pulp magazine that had also featured the early works of Dashiell Hammett. FTPE, name the magazine and its editor, a major proponent of hard-boiled detective writing.

answer: _Black Mask_ and Joseph T. _Shaw_

B. Chandler had a lucrative sideline as a screenwriter, including, FTP, what 1951 Hitchcock movie about two men who accidentally meet and almost exchange murders.

answer: _Strangers on a Train_


2. Given a description of a mental disorder from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, name it FTPE:

A. Some dude suffers from delusions and auditory hallucinations. His delusions are persecutory or grandiose, and are organized around a theme. He displays a superior and patronizing manner and an extreme intensity in interpersonal interactions. This disorder has lasted over 6 months, and does not display disorganized or catatonic speech or behavior.

answer: _Paranoid Schizophrenia _ (prompt on _Schizophrenia _)

B. Another dude suffers from a personality disorder typified by a grandiose sense of self- importance, fantasies of unlimited success, power, and beauty, and shows arrogant behaviors or attitudes. He takes advantage of others to achieve his own goals and lacks empathy. He is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him.

answer: _Narcissistic Personality Disorder _ (accept _Narcissism_)

C. And yet another dude has multiple motor ticks that include facial tics and deep knee bends. He also experiences vocal tics that include grunts, yells, and barks. The onset of this disorder occurred before the age of 18, and is not due to substance abuse or any general medical conditions.

answer: _Tourette's _ Syndrome


3.Name the composers of the following operas based on the tale of Orpheus FSNPE.

A. (5) The French composer whose version introduced a popular cabaret dance.

answer: Jacques _Offenbach_

B. (10) The 1607 Italian version that is the earliest opera still in the repertory.

answer: Claudio _Monteverdi_

C. (15) The Austrian American composer of an atonal version of the opera in 1923

answer: Ernst _Krenek_





4. Nobody seems to want the English on their part of Britain. Name the leaders of the following anti-English rebellions FSNPE each:

A. (5) The Scotsman who learned patience from a spider and gained Scots independence at Bannock Burn.

answer: _Robert the Bruce_ (accept _Robert the First_)

B. (10) The ruler of an independent Wales, who rebelled against Henry IV in the first years of the 15th Century.

answer: Owen _Glendower_

C. (15) The Protestant Irish civil servant who tried to get the Germans to send soldiers to support the Easter 1916 revolt but was executed and vilified for his homosexuality by the English.

answer: Roger _Casement_


5. Name the composer from works 30-20-10

30: Jota Aragonesa, Festival Polonaise

20: Memory of a Summer Night in Madrid, Symphony for Orchestra on Two Russian Motifs

10: A Life for the Tsar, Ruslan and Lyudmila

answer: Mikhail Ivanovich _ Glinka_



6. Name the following literary sidekicks FSNPE.

A. (5) The indefatigable French butler who follows Phileas Fogg around the world in 80 days.

answer: Jean _Passepartout_

B. (10) Orestes' best friend, who has no lines in Sophocles' "Electra" and only one in Aeschylus' "Libation Bearers."

answer: _Pylades_

C. (15) This clergyman would probably consider Joseph Andrews his sidekick rather than the other way round, but when Henry Fielding wrote a novel about their misadventures traveling home from London together, he named it after Andrews.

answer: Parson Abraham _Adams_


8. Answer the following questions about Fluid Dynamics, FTPE

A. A measure of the rotation of a fluid, it is defined as the curl of the velocity field.

Answer: _vorticity_

B. This quantity is defined as the line integral of the velocity about a closed curve.

Answer: _circulation_

C. This mathematical theorem sets the circulation equal to the area integral of the vorticity over the

surface defined by the closed curve.

Answer: _Stokes´┐Ż_ theorem


9. Answer the following about the history and physics of the Thermos bottle, FTPE.

A. First, name the Scots physicist who invented the thing.

answer: Sir James _Dewar_

B. The silvered surfaces of a dewar flask minimize heat loss by what thermal energy transfer process?

answer: _radiation_

C. A double Dewar system is often used to confine liquid helium. What substance is usually used to fill the space between the two Dewar flasks in this system?

answer: _liquid nitrogen_


10. Given a major American river, name the largest city situated on its banks, FSNPE.

A. (5) Monongahela

answer: _Pittsburgh_

B. (10) Cumberland

answer: _Nashville_

C. (15) Trinity

answer: _Dallas_




11. Identify the following Old Testament kings, F15PE

A. Three books give an account of this king of Judah's heroic defense of Jerusalem against the Assyrian Sennacherib, and his subsequent appreciation for the prophet Isaiah.

answer: _Hezekiah_

Q: This grandson of Hezekiah abolished the idolatry that had become prevalent during the reign of Manasseh, and was rewarded for his zeal when the text of Deuteronomy was discovered in the Temple during his reign.

answer: _Josiah_


12. Place the following events of English history during the Stuart period in order, earliest to latest, FFP and five for the lot.

The Great Remonstrance

The Gunpowder Plot

The Duke of Monmouth's Rebellion

The Treaty of Utrecht

The Battle of Edgehill

answer: Gunpowder (1605)

Remonstrance (1641)

Edgehill (1642)

Monmouth (1685)

Utrecht (1713)


13. Name the author from works 30-20-10.

A. "The Jailer Jailed," "A Cure for Drinking," "The Kiss"

B. "Gooseberries," "The Black Monk," "Ivanov"

C. "Uncle Vanya"

answer: Anton _Chekhov_


14.Given a number one NFL draft choice, name the college that he played for.


A. (5) Keyshawn Johnson

answer: _U_niversity of _S_outhern _C_alifornia

B. (10) Bruce Smith

answer: _Virginia Tech_ (do not, for God's sake, prompt on _Virginia_)

C. (15) Chuck Bednarik

answer: The University of _Penn_sylvania


15. Given a group of four countries, name the only one that borders all three of the others, FTPE.

A. Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin

answer: _Burkina Faso_

B. China, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan

answer: _Afghanistan_

C. Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Hungary

answer: _Hungary_


16. Identify the following rulers who were in power 1000 years ago. FTPE.

A. Name this Holy Roman Emperor who secured the election of his cousin, Gregory V as the 1st German pope..

answer: _Otto III_

Q: What dynasty's northern phase was in full swing in China?

answer: _Sung_

Q: Name the people who are in charge of central Mexico, having sacked Teotihuacan [pron. TAY-oh-tee-WAH-kan] and introduced the worship of Quetzalcoatl [pron. KET-zal-koh-AH-tul, or something like that].

answer: The _Toltecs_


17 What would radio play lists be without teenage pop stars! Don't answer that. Instead, name the following examples FSNPE.

A. (5) This group of brothers had a huge success in 1997-98 with their album "Middle of Nowhere," featuring everybody's favorite single MMMBop.

answer: _Hanson_

B. (10) Hailing from Ireland, this female quartet received major airplay for their single "C'est la vie" and just released an album titled "Awake and Breathe"

answer: _B*witched_

(I guess that's pronounced "Bewitched," but what do I know?)

C. (15) This duo debuted on a soundtrack to "Pokemon: The First Movie." with the song "Don't Say you love me."

answer: _M2M_


18. It's time once again for wars nobody cares about. Identify the following about the Falklands War F15PE.

A. The major naval news of the war was this Argentinian ship being sunk by the HMS Conqueror.

answer: The _General Belgrano

B. The war was precipitated by this Argentinian president who took office in 1981 when his predecessor resigned after only one day.

answer: Leopoldo _Galtieri_


19. When a mortal man got involved with a Greek goddess, it generally finished badly for the man. Identify the following examples FTPE.

A. The prince who was loved by Eos, goddess of the dawn. She asked Zeus to grant him immortality, and in extreme old age he turned into an insect.

answer: _Tithonus_

B. The King of the Lapiths who tried to rape Hera and was tied to a whirling wheel of fire in Hades for his trouble.

answer: _Ixion_

C. The huntsman who glimpsed Artemis bathing and was turned into a deer and killed by his own hounds.

answer: _Acteon_


20. Answer the following about Thermopylae FSNPE.

A. (10) At the first battle there, in 480 BC, what Spartan king was killed along with 300 of his men to give the Persians a speed bump.

answer: _Leonidas_

B. Almost 300 years later, another Asian king, this one from Syria, was prevented from dominating Greece, this time by the Romans. FTPE, name that Syrian king and the Roman general whose flanking maneuver won the battle, and who also talked a lot about destroying Carthage.

answer: _Antiochus III_ (accept _Antiochus the Great_)

Marcus Porcius _Cato Senior_


21. Identify the following characters from the Arabian Nights, FTPE.

A. The king to whom Scheherezade tells stories for the better part of three years, the brother of Shah Zaman.

answer: _Shahryar_

B. The brother of Ali Baba, who gets trapped inside the bandits' cave and cut to pieces.

answer: _Kasim_ Baba

C. The sultan's daughter whom Aladdin glimpses on her way to the baths and falls in love with.

answer: _Badr al-Budr_ (prompt on either name)


22. Identify the following Southern populist governors FTPE:

A. He governed South Carolina from 1890 to 1894, and was the founder of Clemson University. He was a notorious race-baiter with an agrarian-sounding nickname.

answer: "Pitchfork" Ben _Tillman_

B. Governor of Mississippi from 1916 to 1920 and again from 1928 to 1934, he was a sometime ally of Huey Long, but subsequently bankrupted his state and was nearly expelled from the U.S. Senate for corruption.

answer: Theodore _Bilbo_

Q: This New-Deal-era Georgia governor assailed Roosevelt's "borrowcrats." He was nicknamed "The Wild Man of Sugar Creek" and was fond of wearing red suspenders.

answer: Eugene _Talmadge_


23. Given a movie that didn't win a Best Picture Oscar, name the movie that did in the year the first movie was eligible, FTP or FFP if you need the year.

A. (10) "Cabaret"

(5) 1972

answer: The _Godfather_

B. (10) "Goodfellas"

(5) 1990

answer: _Dances with Wolves_

C. (10) "Quiz Show"

(5) 1994

answer: _Forrest Gump_


24. The 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature was won by Gunter Grass in part for his work on a trilogy of books named for a formerly German city.

A. First, FTP, name the city.

answer: Danzig (accept _Gdansk_)

B. Name the books of the Danzig Trilogy, FFPE and five for all five.

answer: _Dog Years_, _Cat and Mouse_, The _Tin Drum_