Round 1 -- Beltway IV -- Princeton

1. More master games use this opening than any other (*), partially because it has so many well known lines, but also because of its simplicity. After the first ten moves, everything in black's camp is defended and white is beginning to open up attack lines with either f4 or h4. . Variations include the Scheveningen, Dragon, and Najdorf. It begins e4, c5 although can be obtained through transpositions as well For ten points, name this very popular and safe defense.

Answer: _SICILIAN_ defense

2. This Tempe band, (*) whose name was taken for a slang term for the disease rosacea, gained prominence in the early 1990s with the album New Miserable Experience. The dark songs, written by guitarist Doug Hopkins, included the eventual hits "Found Out About You" and "Hey Jealousy". After Hopkins' suicide, the group released Congratulations.I'm Sorry but disbanded before there could be a third. FTP, name this group that contributed the song "Til I Hear It From You" to the Empire Records soundtrack.

Answer: The _GIN BLOSSOMS_

3. Luwak is an extremely high-priced variation of this beverage (*). It is made from substances that have passed through a Luwak weasel's digestive track. Dave Barry explained why he hates this beverage, citing the "people in line wanting to order mutant beverages like mocha-almond-honey-vinaigrette." However, this product has made many people very rich, including Dr. Evil. For ten points, name this product that comes in varieties from just about every island in Indonesia.

Answer: _COFFEE_ (accept coffee bean before "beverage" mentioned)

4. She believes that any conversation within hearing distance (*) is intended as an insult to her profession and her gender. When her boss decided she should be paid by the word, she begins to write hourly newsletters comparing her department to different types of wood. Originally introduced just to taunt the readers who get all lathered up about imagined insults in the strip, became so popular that she's a semi-regular now. FTP, identify this tech writer who works with Dilbert.

Answer: _TINA_ the (brittle) tech writer

5. At the Innsbruck Olympics in 1976 (*), he placed 7th in the 1500 meters, but by 1979, he was a three-time world champion. All of this set the stage for the greatest individual performance in Olympic history. He won 5 Gold Medals at Lake Placid, breaking the world record in the 10,000 meter by 6.2 seconds. For ten points, name the most decorated speed-skater of all time who graduated from Stanford medical hospital to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Answer: Eric _HEIDEN_

6. Its members possess drug glands and live lives of elegant (*) hedonism on a multitude of planets, orbital habitats and giant spacecraft. Although its general state is one of peaceful anarchy, its more highly organized Contact section, whose members serve aboard sentient, whimsically named ships such as the GSV What Are The Civilian Applications and the GCU A Series of Unlikely Explanations, directs interaction with other societies. FTP, name this civilization, featured in many of the novels of Iain M. Banks.

Answer: The _CULTURE_

7. He was born in Garden City, New York, and as a child studied (*) trumpet. In high school, he played the organ in a rock band. After studying communications at North Carolina State, he went on to work at New York's WCBS TV, where he was an Emmy winning investigative reporter. He was the executive producer of "Sax on the Beach," "Sax All Night" and "Sax by the Fire," and some of his highest grossing (or grossest if you will) albums include "Avalon" and "Live at Red Rocks." FTP, name this man, the former co-host of Entertainment Tonight who also claims to be a pianist.

Answer: John _TESH_


8. This website was created one Saturday when a (*) programmer for Sirius decided to learn how to make animated GIFs. The creator's inspiration came from the doodling he did throughout high school and college in the margins of his notebooks. The first three cartoons he created were "The Car," "The Gun," and "The Head," all depicting various ways for stick figures to die. FTP, name this fun site, located at that was created by Matt Calvert and contains links to hundreds of animated stick figures dying.


9. In this town, you can find Rendall, (*) Hatcher, and Frindon. Pepin will sell you potions with which to heal yourself. Griswald can help you with your weaponry, while Adria can give you staves and teach you spells. Farnham is a drunk, while Cain the Elder can tell you many interesting things. FTP, identify this town, the small village in the video game Diablo.

Answer: _TRISTRAM_

10. "Over the Rainbow," "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," (*) "Summertime," "Rainbow

Connection," "Tomorrow," and "What I Did for Love." These and other Broadway hits can be found on "Are A Drag," the second CD from a punk band that writes no original songs and covers everyone from Paul Simon to Neil Diamond and John Denver. In total they've produced nine albums, but seven of them are only available on vinyl records. FTP, name this band, made up of Dave, Fat Mike, Jackson, Spike, and Joey, all members of other popular punk bands as well.


11. He bowls for "The Stereotypes" (*), and shops at the Ogdenville outlet mall. He is the father of Tiffany, Heather, Cody, Dylan, Dermott, Jordan, Taylor, Brittany, Wesley, Rumer, Scout, Cassidy, Zoe, Chloe, Max, Hunter, Kendall, Katlin, Noah, Sasha, Morgan, Kira, Ian, Lauren, Q-Bert, and Phil, and is the husband of Brandine. FTP, name this Simpsons character, whose theme song begins: "Some folks'll never eat a skunk, but then again some folk'll".

Answer: _CLETUS_ the Slack-Jawed Yokel

12. In March 1994, an FDA inspection of their factory led (*) Whitehall-Robins Healthcare to stop manufacturing one of their products. This happened in the Hammonton, NJ plant after it was revealed that there was a bacterial contamination in the water used to make this and other products. The FDA did not force the company to stop making their product, but the company decided to discontinue it anyway much to the dismay of women everywhere. FTP, name this method of birth control which Elaine Benes had in alarmingly short supply.

Answer: The Today _SPONGE_

13. The fourth pick in the 1989 NFL draft, (*) he had an immediate impact on his franchise. They were one of only three teams to win 100 games in the 90's while he led the decade in sacks.. A nine time pro-bowler, he is 9th on the all-time sack list with 126.5. For ten points, name this great pass-rushing linebacker, who wore #58 who died earlier this month.

Answer: Derrick _THOMAS_

14. 5th level ones include Quest (*), Plane Shift, and Rainbow. Earthquake requires a pinch of dirt, a piece of rock, and a lump of clay, while Wind Walk requires both fire and holy water. Some of the simplest ones that can be learned include Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, and Bless. FTP, all of these fall into what category of spells available to a particular class in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?

Answer: _PRIEST_ spells

15. "I can no longer sit back and allow (*) Communist infiltration , Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids...". This was the reason Base Commander Ripper sent an attack wing armed with nuclear weapons to attack Russia. Of course, he wasn't aware of the Doomsday Machine that was already in place. FTP, this is the plot of what 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie starring Peter Sellers?

Answer: _DR. STRANGELOVE_, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

16. In the first song named after this woman, (*) she says that "she can't help but be mean" and that "she doesn't want a man who leans", but her cruelty does not prevent the singer from referring to her as his "Germanic Queen". In the second song, though, she is the drug-addicted victim of abuse, not afraid to die and nicknamed "Alaska" by her friends. FTP name this woman, the subject of two songs on Lou Reed's Berlin album.

Answer: _CAROLINE_ (The songs are Caroline Says I and Caroline Says II)

17. Run by Cybertech Communication NV (*), it has quite a few celebrities, including Madonna, Brett Michaels, and Jenny McCarthy. It even has Barbara Streisand, although I don't think you'd want to see her like this. FTP, identify this originator of the Dildo-cam, which, contrary to its name, has nothing to do with Nebuchadnezzar.

Answer: _BABYLON-X_

18. She has been in such films as "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid", (*) and the USA movie "Dead Man's Curve". She played Bud Bundy's love interest for one episode of "Married with Children" and was the female lead of the 1997 comedy "Eight Days A Week". However, she is best known as the confused co-ed who has to decide between Ben, Eli, and Noel. FTP, identify this former mouseketeer and current star of the WB show "Felicity".

Answer: Keri _RUSSELL_

19. Since its inception on November 17, 1997 (*), this comic strip, available both on the Internet and in Linux Journal, has built a strong fan base that recently propelled its first, eponymous collection into the top ten bestsellers' list on The strip chronicles the goings on at Columbia Internet, "the friendliest, hardest-working and most neurotic little Internet Service Provider in the world", as the staff fight Microsoft, AOL, and evil crud puppies. FTP, name this strip drawn by J.D. "Illiad" Fraser.


20. The greatest euphemism this question writer has ever seen (*) written in print for this is "discussing Uganda." Countless others include studying, putting the car in the garage, and getting a hole in one. Varieties include the Turkish, sit-down German, and D.V.D.A. Many times it results in prison sentences, angry mothers, and occasionally children. For ten points, name this most popular of all leisure activities.

Answer: _SEX_ (accept equivalents)

21. Born and raised in Florida, this writer's (*) dream is "to be banned forever from Disney World", a goal he came closer to achieving by the 1998 publication of his nonfiction book Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World. He might legitimately extend his grudge to all of Hollywood, however, after seeing the cinematic mess made out of his novel Strip Tease. FTP, name this author, whose most recent book is Sick Puppy.

Answer: Carl _HIAASEN_

22. For over $250 a girl's dream can come true. She can meet a real American Girl from yesterday and see the books, dresses and other delights that bring their long-ago worlds alive!(*) For her money, each girl receives a school bench, a Saint Lucia Wreath, a Pioneer School Lunch, a School Dress with shawl, a slate bag and supplies, and of course a set of books and the 18 inch wonder-doll herself. FTP, name this doll, the first offering from the American Girl Company, a pioneer girl of strength and spirit growing up on the edge of the American frontier in 1854.

Answer: _KIRSTEN_ Larson (accept Felicity, Josephina, Addy, Samantha or Molly before "school bench")

23. 3:30 in the afternoon. (*) The woman was killed instantly. An affluent suburb. 64 Degrees and cloudy. That it could not happen in their town. The White House declined comment. Newspaper clippings flash in between with headlines like "4 Teenagers shot," "All walks of life," and "Girls in torture." So begins, for ten points, what video -- the only one ever made by Pearl Jam?

Answer: _JEREMY_


24. He was selected as Georgia's Mr. Basketball (*) twice in high school before being taken as the third pick in the 1996 NBA draft after spending just one year at Cal. Though snubbed from this year's all-star game to the dismay of many Canadians, he has put up huge numbers, averaging 20.9 points per game and 10 rebounds a contest. FTP, name this small forward for the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Answer: Shareef _ABDUR-RAHIM_

25. Kivrin is an Oxford history student who becomes (*) stranded in plague-era medieval England. Annie is a young woman who gradually identifies with Robert E. Lee. Ned Henry is an historian attempting to salvage sculpture from the aftermath of the Nazi bombardment of the Coventry cathedral. The Clearys are a family killed in a nuclear attack. FTP, these characters were all created by what multiple Hugo and Nebula award-winning author?

Answer: Connie _WILLIS_ (prompt on "Doomsday Book" before "Annie")

26. Poor Pete Garden has just lost (*) Berkeley. He's also lost his wife, but he'll get a new one as soon as he rolls a three. It's all part of the rules of Bluff, the game that's become a blinding obsession for the last inhabitants of planet Earth. And, of course, for the title extra-terrestrial gamblers as well. FTP, identify this 1963 novel by Philip K. Dick.



1. Let's see how much you know about the recent 2000 NHL All-Star Game and the super-skills competition. Answer the following questions for the stated number of points.

a. For 5 points each -- Where was it held and who was the MVP

Answer: _AIR CANADA CENTER_ or _TORONTO_, and Pavel _BURE_

b. For 10 points, what defenseman won the hardest shot competition for the 4th year in a row clocking in at 100.1 mph?

Answer: Al _MACINNIS_

c. For 10 points, name either of the two winners of the shooting accuracy competition - each hitting 4 out of 5 shots (one from North America and one from the World).

Answer: Ray _BOURQUE_ and Viktor _KOZLOV_

2. Identify these crappy sci-fi movies from descriptions.

a. For five points, in this Ed Wood deadwood, aliens reanimate the dead in an attempt to take over the world.


b. FTP, Kathy Ireland pretends to act in this film. While looking for her father, she ends up falling down a deep hole and finds a subterranean civilization.

Answer: _ALIEN FROM L.A._

c. For 15 points, in this aptly titled steaming pile of cow manure, incredibly strange salesman who do not consent to have sex with the fortune teller Carmelita become mixed-up zombies.


3. Identify these weird things from Bizarre News, FTPE.

a. Researches at this state university have discovered that you can distinguish lesbians from heterosexuals based on their inner ear.

Answer: University of _TEXAS_

b. This German statesman was almost forced to make a positive I.D. of a man who mooned him by perusing a line up of people with their pants down.

Answer: Helmut _KOHL_

c. An early draft of this new Canadians party's constitution erroneously tacked on "Party" to the end of the name, giving it its rather fecal acronym.


4. This year's Superbowl was a great game, but how much were you paying to everything else? Answer the following about football and non-football related events 5-10-15.

a. For 5, One of the ads featured a few guys talking on the phone screaming "Wassup!!" and responding with "Watchin' the game, havin' a Bud." But one of them is watching with a girl. What are they actually watching?


b. For 5 points each, who was the game's MVP and whose yardage record did he break?

Answer: Kurt _WARNER_ and Joe _MONTANA_

c. For 15 points, all or none, name the singer of the national anthem, the halftime sponsor, and the 19 year old halftime performer.

Answer: Faith _HILL_, _E-TRADE_, Christina _AGUILERA_

5. FTPE, identify these characters from Isaac Asimov's classic book, Foundation.

a. This man, whose journey to Trantor begins the novel, was also the author of a biography of Hari Seldon considered to be the best reference concerning that psychohistorian's life.

Answer: Gaal _DORNICK_

b. This mayor leads the Foundation through its first Seldon crisis.

Answer: Salvor _HARDIN_

c. This man was the first of the Merchant Princes.

Answer: Hober _MALLOW_

6. Name the Animaniacs song from lyrics for 10 points each. You'll get 5 points if you need the names of the characters who sang it.

a. 10: "Ist das nicht ein piece of chalk? Ya das ist ein piece of chalk. Ist das nicht ein key and lock? Ya das ist ein key and lock."

5: Yakko, Wacko and Dot and Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer


b. 10: "When you walk into a party/It's a formal universe/Ja!/So you jump up on your host/And with a kiss say "Hello, Nurse!/No!/Remember that good diction/Reflects so well on you/Ja!/So practice all your vowel sounds/By saying "AEIOUUUUU"/No!"

5: Yakko, Wacko and Dot and Dr. Scratch-n-Sniff


c. 10: "Everybody lives on a street in a city or a village or a town, for what it's worth. And they're all inside a country, which is part of a continent that sits upon this planet known as Earth."

5: Yakko


7. Name the rapper or group of rappers, 15 points each.

a. This rap group was formed in London in 1991. Its members are Geoff Wilkinson, Mel Simpson, Kobie Powell, Rahsann Kelly and Tukka Yoot. Their biggest hit was 1994's "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)"

Answer: _US3_

b. Born Claude M'Barali, this man, the best and most popular French rapper, found success in America among fans of acid jazz and jazz-rap throughout the nineties. He was born in Senegal and moved to France where he released his first single "Bouge de La," in 1990.

Answer: _MC SOLAAR_

8. Identify these Super Nintendo RPGs from their final boss, FTPE.

a. Lavos


b. Guard Daos, which forms from the combination of the 4 Sinistrals

Answer: _LUFIA_ and the Fortress of Doom (do not accept Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals)

c. Tyr, against whom you must use Agni magic


9. 30-20-10, Name the artist.

30 - Born in 1953, when he turned 18, he moved to France with his brother Richard and joined a theater group. It was there that he learned about orchestral instruments.

20 - After France, he moved to Africa where he stayed until he contracted malaria. In 1980, back in the U.S., he collaborated on the movie "Forbidden Zone" with his brother. He and his brother then formed a group that remained together through 1995.

10 - Besides playing in Oingo Boingo, this artist made money writing more movie scores. He's also well known for his work with TV's The Simpsons, Tales From the Crypt and the Beetlejuice Cartoon.

Answer: Danny _ELFMAN_

10. Name the board game for chicks from description, FTPE.

a. "Girls rule! Way cool! Get a dose of female spirit, loyalty and self-assurance" from this, "the board game with an attitude." Move around the board collecting spirit, loyalty and pride and exchange it for this, the title of the game. "At every turn you determine your own destiny."

Answer: _GIRL POWER!_ The Board Game

b. Compete against your friends and family in a mad dash to save bucks and get tons of cool stuff! "Get hyped for an all-out electronic shopping spree - that talks!"

Answer: Electronic _MALL MADNESS_

c. This game, now on CD, "features stunts and dares that prompt girls to make choices and complete on-screen challenges in each of eight exciting worlds. In the original board game version, if a girl wouldn't take a dare, she had to stick a red zit sticker on her face.

Answer: _GIRL TALK_

11. Name the golfer from clues 30-20-10

30 - He roomed with Michael Jordan when they were in college together at North Carolina.

20 - He won 3 Heritage Classic tournaments as well as the 1997 PGA Championship and the 1992 Players Championship.

10 - He recently replaced Greg Norman as the all time leading money winner on the PGA Tour, before Tiger Woods beat him at this year's Buick Invitational, dropping him to number 2.

Answer: Davis _LOVE III_

12. The baseball off-season is trade time. Identify the following about this year's exchanges for the stated number of points.

a. For five points, all or none. In a blockbuster deal between the Blue Jays and Dodgers, these two marquee players were swapped.

Answer: Raul _MONDESI_ and Shawn _GREEN_

b. For five points each, name the two Reds traded for Ken Griffey Jr.

Answer: Brett _TOMKO_ and Mike _CAMERON_

c. For 15 points, St. Louis acquired two solid starting pitchers. Name them both.

Answer: Andy _BENES_ and Pat _HENTGEN_

13. Identify the work from its Book-A-Minute description, FTSNOP.

a. For 5 points - "Some pigs lead a revolt against people, act like jerks, and play poker. THE END"


b. For 10 points - "Kurt Vonnegut: I think that air and human skin have no moisture, and that ants are warm-blooded. I like to repeat things repeat things for "effect", and I write with shallow, painfully obvious symbolism and metaphors. THE END"

Answer: _CAT'S CRADLE_

c. For 15 points - "The RAMAN VESSEL enters the SOLAR SYSTEM. The explorers explore it, and it is COOL. Then they LEAVE. Then the Raman Vessel LEAVES." All: Wow, that was totally incomprehensible. THE END.


14. Identify the following women who appear in Bruce Springsteen songs, 5-10-15

5 - In "Thunder Road", this woman ain't a beauty, but, hey, she's all right.

Answer: _MARY_

10 - The main character in "The River" gets this girlfriend pregnant, forcing him to marry her. And mister, that was all she wrote.

Answer: _MARY_

15 - The blood rushes to his veins when he kisses her lips. She has men who can give her anything she wants, but all she wants is the song's narrator.

Answer: _CANDY_

15. Identify the recent movie from reviews, 30-20-10.

30 pts. - It "has some jokes, but no comedy; it's a little sad sometimes but has no drama. There isn't a climax. A goal is set and eventually achieved, without opposition. There are no characters who are alive at both the beginning and the end of the movie."

20 pts. - "Hallie Kate Eisenberg is only on hand to ratchet up the cuteness factor, and Kiersten Warren, who portrays a "female" robot, is annoying."

10 pts. - "After two decades of box office success and an Academy Award, Robin Williams is playing Mork again."



16. Answer these questions about the history of science fiction FTPE.

a. This American immigrant from Luxembourg, who wrote under the pen name Ralph 124C41, founded the magazine Amazing Stories, beginning the sci-fi pulp tradition in the U.S. The major reader-chosen award in science fiction is named after him.

Answer: Hugo _GERNSBACK_

b. He wrote the classic short story "Who Goes There?", but is best known as the editor of Astounding Science Fiction (now Analog) from 1938 to 1971. During his tenure, he insisted on new standards of scientific rigor and plausibility, but eventually fell under the influence of Dianetics.

Answer: John Wood _CAMPBELL_, Jr.

c. Although this man is famous for short stories such as "'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman", he also edited the highly influential New Wave anthologies Dangerous Visions and Again, Dangerous Visions.

Answer: Harlan _ELLISON_

17. Answer these questions about everyone's favorite embittered revenge song, "You Oughta Know", FTSNOP.

a. After referring scornfully to her ex's new girlfriend as "An older version of me", Alanis asks four questions about her replacement. Give any three for five points apiece.


b. For 15 points, with what Canadian producer did Alanis Morrissette collaborate in writing "You Oughta Know?"

Answer: Glen _BALLARD_

18. Given the name of a fictional detective, identify the author who created him FTPE.

a. Joe Leaphorn Answer: Tony _HILLERMAN_

b. Kinsey Millhone Answer: Sue _GRAFTON_

c. Brother Cadfael Answer: Ellis _PETERS_

19. George Michael doesn't even appear in his video "Freedom '90". However, 5 professional models do. For 5 points each, and a bonus 5 for all correct, identify these beautiful women.

Answer: Cindy _CRAWFORD_, Linda _EVANGELISTA_, Naomi _CAMPBELL_, Christy _TURLINGTON_, and Tatjana _PATITZ_

20. Answer the following questions about fat, 15 points each:

a. What city was recently voted America's fattest?


b. What is the most fattening natural food - at 99 grams per cup?

Answer: _MACADAMIA_ Nuts

22. Her name comes from the Hindi for "beloved:"

a. FTP, who is this artificial life-form?

Answer: _LAL_

b. FFP, Lal is the "daughter" of what other sentient android?

Answer: _DATA_

c. F15P, This admiral comes to take Lal away from Data, but he and Data are unable to keep her system from collapsing.

Answer: Admiral _HAFTEL_

23. Dawson's Creek certainly has a lot of attractive girls. Joey, Jen and Andy are the obvious examples.

a. For five points each, identify the actresses who play those three hotties.

Answer: Katie _HOLMES_, Michelle _WILLIAMS_, and Meredith _MONROE_