Round 7 -- Beltway Bandits IV -- U. of Pittsburgh

Questions by Eric Steinhauser, Josh Sokoloski, Nick Repsher


1. The new Stealth model of these offered by Kurt Lammon(*) is available at $3.95 on-line and features a 3-3/4 inch white vinyl body with a precision heat-sealed clear plastic flap, making it practically invisible. Worn by such luminaries as Gilbert and Lewis in "Revenge of the Nerds," FTP, name this shirt accessory designed to prevent pen leakage.


2. Jim Stillwagon, Hugh Green, Cornelius Bennett(*), Chris Zorich, and Warren Sapp are all recipients of this award, which features a 40-pound block of granite. Offensive players have won it six times; Orlando Pace did twice. FTP, name this award given to the best college lineman, named for the legendary Packers coach.

Answer: _LOMBARDI_ Award (do not accept Lombardi "Trophy" that�s the Super Bowl trophy)

3. Originally called "The Eighth Day,"(*) the film is named for its setting of an aerospace corporation. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Art Direction, it emphasized an environment of sterility, and included a recurring motif of helices and DNA, particularly its code. FTP, name this 1997 Ethan Hawke-Uma Thurman film.

Answer: _GATTACA_

4. Voiced by Michael Rye, he gained his powers(*) from a medicine man so that he could save those in trouble. His archenemy Giganta stole the same power, causing their conflicts to be clashes of titans. Able to grow to 50 feet tall, he was added to the Justice League in 1977 as a multicultural influence. FTP, name this American Indian superhero and member of the "Superfriends" who shares his title with Geronimo.


5. Examples include the Tami, Nika(*), Amanda, Stephanie, and Mai. Prices start at $5249, while the Howard-Stern endorsed Celine one will run you over $6000. FTP, identify these large, non-inflatable sex toys by Abyss Creations which act as replacements for an actual partner.

Answer: _REAL_DOLLS_ (prompt on "blow-up dolls" or equivalents, then look shamefully at the respondee)

6. According to "The Onion," Congress held hearings(*) to determine exactly what IS with it. Only about a small amount of liquid soap is needed to make full use of this bath product, while its gentle cleaning action may explain its popularity. FTP, name this product, popularized by Bath and Body Works, Zest, and "Ironhead" Heyward

Answer: _LATHER BUILDER_ or _LOOFAH_ (prompt on "thingy")

7. This Eureka, California band was founded in 1985 and included members Theo Lengyel(*) and Trey Spruance. They released a self-titled debut album in 1991 but did not make another until 1995's "Disco Volante" due to Mike Patton's involvement with Faith No More. FTP, name this group named after a character in 50's hygiene films.

Answer: _MR. BUNGLE_

8. He lives in an airplane hangar with his impressive collection of(*) antique automobiles, a Messerschmidt-262 jet, a Pullman car, and other mementos. After his latest escapade, discovering the truth of Atlantis and foiling yet another attempt at world domination, both he and his partner Al Giordino ended their bachelorhood. FTP, name this man, the primary character of Clive Cussler�s novels.

Answer: Dirk _PITT_


9.Trained by Nicoli Koloff and his wife Ludmilla, he(*) weighed in at 261 pounds at the Las Vegas Grand Hotel, where, despite being the undefeated world amateur champion, he did not gain full American notoriety until fatally defeating Apollo Creed. FTP, name this Soviet boxer played by Dolph Lundgren in "Rocky IV."

Answer: Ivan _DRAGO_

10. Playing as the rebels in the on-line Star Wars version(*) of this game, your goal is to find Emperor Palpatine. Boushh can kill Darth Vader, but only if Boushh attacks first. The low-ranking Ewoks have rook-like movement, and only R2D2 pieces can defuse bombs. FTP, name this Dutch military strategy game of capture-the-flag.

Answer: _STRATEGO_

11. A white SUV is first(*), followed by a picnic, lawn dwarves, a portable toilet, and a burger. They all meet their demise in this $200-million Michael Harper blockbuster, which features an older Asian man as the villain, with a buxom platinum blonde as the intrepid hero, rescuing innocents from the mad bomber. FTP, name this TriMount Studios production as featured in an E(*)Trade Commercial.

Answer: _BLOW�D UP_

12. She co-wrote "The Tofu Tollbooth II"(*) and donated auction-memorabilia to the Snowden Environmental Trust. Active in the Boston folk circuit, she released "I Have No History" in 1991 and "All My Heroes Are Dead" in 1992. FTP, name this singer-songwriter known for the albums "The Honesty Room" and "Mortal City."

Answer: Dar _WILLIAMS_

13. One of the first bands to form in the Seattle(*) grunge scene was this quintet. They released "Shine" in 1989 and followed with their first LP "Apple" in 1990, but their hopes for stardom died along with their lead singer Andrew Wood, aka L'Andrew the Love Child. FTP, name this band of Stone Gossard's and Jeff Ament's, the predecessor of Pearl Jam.


14. His clutch hitting earned him the nickname "Superman"(*) in 1999, and like his teammates, he�ll be donning a new uniform and playing in new digs next season. Unlike his teammates, he�ll be doing it in Boston following a terribly unpopular trade in the offseason for a minor leaguer with the same last name. FTP, name this ex-Houston Astros center fielder, now with the Red Sox.

Answer: Carl _EVERETT_

15. The youngest person ever to grace the cover of "Mademoiselle,"(*) doing so at the age of 11 in 1987, she also released an album in 1994, "The Divine Comedy" using only her first name. Her breakout role was as Lilli in "Return to the Blue Lagoon" and she soon followed as Michelle in "Dazed and Confused." FTP, name this Ukranian actress, star of "The Fifth Element," and "The Messenger."

Answer: Milla _JOVOVICH_


16. A graduate of the University of Illinois(*), his hometown was Bloomington, where he lived with wife Lorraine and three children. Lingerie was his favorite decor, fly fishing his favorite pastime, and "abyssinia" his favorite phrase. FTP, name this surgeon played by McLean Stevenson, the deceased CO of the M*A*S*H 4077th.

Answer: Lieutenant Colonel Henry _BLAKE_

17. Appearing as "the Hat," he became one of the highest paid(*) magicians on the college circuit. His next stop was a series of Saturday Night Live appearances, followed by a recurring role on "Cheers." He played as Dave Barry in 1993, but FTP, this man�s greatest fame comes from his role as Judge Stone on "Night Court."

Answer: Harry _ANDERSON_

18. Author of the novelization of "Hook,"(*) he is better known as a writer of two long-running fantasy series, the lesser-known of which is "The Magical Kingdom of Landover." In 1997, he was tapped to write the novelization of "The Phantom Menace." FTP, name this fantasy author, creator of the "Shannara" series.

Answer: Terry _BROOKS_

19. In 1986 the geography of this land featured an ocean on its east, a graveyard(*) on its west, Spectacle Rock, the Lost Woods, and rivers small enough to be crossed using a ladder. Sequels altered this landscape, but its namesake castle remains in the N-64 game starring Gannon and Link. FTP, name this mythical kingdom of The Legend of Zelda series.

Answer: _HYRULE_

20. "That�s what I am. I�m into whatever I can. Be it early morning(*), late afternoon, or at midnight, it�s never too soon. To want to please you, to want to keep you. To want to do it all, all for you." FTP, turn me on and tell me what I am, a hit for KC and the Sunshine Band!

Answer: (I�m Your) _BOOGIE MAN_

21. A postseason savior, in a 1965 playoff series against Baltimore(*) he averaged a record 46.3 points in six playoff games, and in game three of the 1970 finals he swished a 60-foot buzzer-beater to send the game into overtime. FTP, name this standout at point guard nicknamed "Mr. Clutch," the all-time leading scorer for the Lakers.

Answer: Jerry _WEST_

22. Mentioned in the Starr Report as an item of conversation(*) between Bill and Monica, she wished to demonstrate their "curiously" positive effect on oral sex. Manufactured by Callard and Bowser-Suchard in England, they come in a distinctive red-and-white tin. FTP, name these consumables, the "curiously strong peppermints."

Answer: _ALTOIDS_

23. Variations include smaller portions of whipped cream, crushed ice, ice cream, and chocolate syrup. Equal parts vodka, Irish cream(*), and coffee liqueur are standard. Ingredients are blended together to give this drink its namesake effect, which is particularly enhanced with additional cream. Kahlua is the most popular variety, and they are now bottling this as a pre-mixed drink. FTP, name this mix, reminiscent of flowing dirt.

Answer: _MUDSLIDE_




1. F5PE with a bonus 5 for all correct answers, given an American military aircraft of the past or present, give its official or commonly accepted nickname. For example, if I said "F-15", you would say "Eagle."

(5) F-16 Answer: Fighting _FALCON_

(5) A-7 Answer: _CORSAIR_ II

(5) F-5 Answer: _TIGER_ II or _FREEDOM FIGHTER_

(5) F-104 Answer: _STARFIGHTER_

(5) B-2 Answer: _SPIRIT_

(5) AC-130 Answer: _SPECTRE_

2. Now for a question about the women of Genesis. Not the Bible, the Star Trek plot device! Identify these women associated with the Genesis Project FTPE.

(10) She led the Genesis project on Regula One. A previous affair with Jim Kirk had produced her son and scientific protégé David.

Answer: Dr. _CAROL_ _MARCUS_ (accept either)

(10) Played by Kirstie Alley in "The Wrath of Khan," this Vulcan officer assisted Dr. David Marcus in exploring and researching the Genesis Planet in "Star Trek III."

Answer: Lieutenant _SAAVIK_

(10) Finally, this actress played Lt. Saavik in "The Search for Spock" and "The Voyage Home" after Kirstie Alley declined to reprise the role.

Answer: Robin _CURTIS_

3. 30-20-10, name the consumer "product".

(30) Holding at least 35 grocery bags and weighing in at 65 tons, you too can purchase it should you cash in your 401K.

(20) The Federal Highway Commission has ruled it unsafe for highway or city driving. "She�ll blind everybody with her superhigh beams, she�s a squirrel-squishin�, deer-smackin� drivin� machine!"

(10) Featured on The Simpsons, "Name this country-fried truck endorsed by a clown?!"


4. Answer the following about the boogie-and-blues band of the 70s, Foghat, FTPE.

(10) Sadly, this founding member of the band passed away earlier this month following a bout with cancer and pneumonia.

Answer: "Lonesome" Dave _PEVERETT_

(10) After coming to the US, Foghat charted with this single, covering Willie Dixon�s blues hit.


(10) Perhaps Foghat�s greatest hit, this eight-plus minute track appears on the "Fool for the City" album, and exhorts us to "take it easy" as we enjoy the title journey.

Answer: _SLOW RIDE_

5. Identify the following award-winning, but nevertheless trashy playwrights FTPE.

(10) Better known as a comedian and star of the silver screen, even in such non-comedic roles as Jimmy Dell in David Mamet's "The Spanish Prisioner," his "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" won the 1996 New York Outer Critics' Circle Award for Best Playwright.

Answer: Steve _MARTIN_

(10) Appearing in such Steve Martin projects as "Housesitter" and "The Out of Towners," this playwright is better known for "Baby With the Bathwater," "The Actor's Nightmare," and 1998's Obie Award-winning "The Marriage of Bette and Boo."

Answer: Christopher _DURANG_

(10) His play "The Foreigner" won both the Outer Critics' Circle Award and the Obie and was still running in New York before he died in a plane crash in 1985. He is also known for the stage comedy "The Nerd."

Answer: Larry _SHUE_


6. Answer the following concerning the winner of the 1992 South African Masters FTSNOP.

(5) First name him, a South African native, winner of both the 1994 and 1997 U.S. Open tournaments and the 1999 Nissan Open.

Answer: Theodore Ernest (Ernie) _ELS_

(10) Els became the second non-American player in PGA history to win two U.S. Open titles. Name the first to have done so, having won U.S. Open tournaments in 1906 and 1910.

Answer: Alex _SMITH_

(15) With a victory at the 1999 Nissan Open, Els now has had a tour victory in six consecutive years. F5PE, name the three golfers who could have spoiled this streak: the winner of the 1997 PGA Championship, the winner of the 1999 FedEx St. Jude Classic, and the winner of the February 2000 Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

Answer: Davis Miller _LOVE_ III, Ted Nikolas _TRYBA_, Eldrich T. (Tiger) _WOODS_

7. Answer the following about that lawn classic, croquet, FTPE.

(10) How many wickets are there in the standard, double-diamond backyard game?

Answer: _9_

(10) There are two ways of earning bonus strokes. The first is to simply pass your ball through a wicket. The second is this term, which indicates that your ball has struck another of an opposing team, earning you both a croquet stroke and a normal stroke.

Answer: _ROQUET_

(10) A ball which has successfully passed through all wickets and has yet to touch the finishing stake is termed this. It may roquet any ball in play.

Answer: _ROVER_

8. Answer the following about the female condoms F15E.

(10) The female condom first hit US markets in the mid-1990s with this brand, manufactured by the Female Health Company.

Answer: _REALITY_

(10) This strong, heat-conductive material forms the structure of Reality.

A: _Polyurethane_

(10) Unfortunately, the Reality condom cannot be converted into this other protective device for women which protects during oral sex. Their website is apologetic about it.

Answer: _DENTAL DAM_

[Note: from the FHC webpage: "Can the penis be used to place Reality?"]

9. FTSNOP, given the name of a current band, identify the lead singer.

(5) Creed

Answer: Scott _STAPP_

(5) Godsmack

Answer: Sully _ERNA_

(10) Dropkick Murphys

Answer: Al _BARR_

(10) Oleander

Answer: Thomas _FLOWERS_


10. Arguably one of the most influential groups upon the music industry within the past two decades, their profound impact upon rap music in particular is not open to controversy. FTSNOP, answer the following about them.

(5) First name this gangsta-rap group, whose 1986 founding members included Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.

Answer: _N_iggaz _W_ith _A_ttitude

(5) Name NWA's 1989 platinum album that included the songs "Gangsta Gangsta" and "Fuck tha Police."


(5) Name the record label established by Eazy-E that produced "Straight Outta Compton" as well as Eazy-E's 1988 release "Eazy-Duz-It."

Answer: _RUTHLESS_ Records

(15) Name the N.W.A. founding member who produced J.J. Fad's single "Supersonic" and who mounted a comeback attempt in 1995 with the album "Where's My Bytches."


11. Identify the following from this season of "Dawson�s Creek" FTPE.

(10) Capeside High�s drama production of the year was this Neil Simon play, featuring a stage-frightened Pacey.


(10) In a well-received guest appearance, this veteran actress of "The Jeffersons" and "227" portrayed the secretary to a Dean of Admissions for an Ivy League university suspiciously like Harvard. She helps Andie calm her anxieties about college admissions.

Answer: Marla _GIBBS_

(10) Andie had an ethical crisis and ultimate lapse of judgement when she used an advance copy of this test to boost her scores.

Answer: _PSAT_ (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

12. Ahh Bill Shatner and song. What a lovely combination, as demonstrated recently by those deliciously awful commercials. So in deference to the "Velvet Rug," answer these questions about Captain Kirk�s crooning FTSNOP.

(5) First, F5P, give the name of Shatner�s 1968 album, including stirring renditions of both "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Mr. Tambourine Man."


(15) On "The Transformed Man," Shatner reads from three Shakespeare plays, accompanied by overly melodramatic background music. F5PE, name the three offended works of the Bard.


(10) Finally, Shatner�s commercials feature him "jamming" with a backup band in a VH1-Storytellers-like venue covering tunes from the 60s and 70s. Five spots have aired so far, with another five planned. F5PE, name any two of the five songs Bill has covered.


13. Answer the following questions about the SciFi Channel hit, "Farscape" FTSNOP.

(10) Farscape follows the adventures of this American astronaut, shot through a wormhole to a distant part of the galaxy. As far as we know, he isn�t related to the popular sci-fi author.

Answer: John _CRICHTON_

(5) John�s companions are a group of fugitives running from this military group, who don�t exactly perform the function their name implies.


(10) These companions include Aeryn Sun, a former Peacekeeper, Zhaan, a priestess, D�Argo, a Luxan warrior, the Pilot, and this deposed Dominar of the Hynerian Empire, not named for a star in Orion.

Answer: _RYGEL_ XVI

(5) Rygel and Pilot are both portrayed on screen by non-human entities. They are, in fact, products of this company�s renown Monster Shop, which co-produces the show.

Answer: Jim _HENSON_ Company


14. Most Millennium and End of the Century lists were boring, but certainly not Playboy's Top 100 Centerfolds. FTPE, given their centerfold date and a brief description from the editors of the list, name the top ten playmate.

(10) December 1968. She "starred in Russ Meyer's "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls". If you dial her measurements (39DD-24-35) you get the reservation desk at the Hilton in Ulan Bator, Mongolia."

Answer: Cynthia _MYERS_

(10) January 1979. The Silver Anniversary Playmate. She "has been for many years a steadfast and cogent spokeswoman for Playboy. She has been called, after Christie Hefner, the most valuable female asset the company has."

Answer: Candy _LOVING_

(10) February 1955. "If Marilyn was the brand-name blonde bombshell, this playmate was the generic stuff: cheaper, maybe, but still marvelously potent."

Answer: Jayne _MANSFIELD_ (note: She's from Pen Argyl, PA)

15. Identify these cooking terms that start with the letter "B" FTSNOP.

(5) It�s not really a cooking "term," but give your best Emeril Lagasse impression, recalling the bonus lead-in.

Answer: _BAM!_

(10) This term means to brown meat quickly in fat, then cook it in a covered stove-top pan. Liquid is often added.

Answer: _BRAISE_

(5) Simply cooking food on a rack over high direct heat without grease is called this term. It is particularly good when done to chicken or shrimp.

Answer: _BROIL_

(10) Precooking food briefly in boiling water to loosen skin is called this. It is particularly useful for vegetables.

Answer: _BLANCH_

16. Given the winner of a 1999 NHL award, name the award won F5PE, and a bonus 5 points for all correct.

(5) Jere Lehtinen

Answer: Frank J. _SELKE_ Trophy

(5) Jaques Martin

Answer: Jack _ADAMS_ Award

(5) Chris Drury

Answer: _CALDER_ Memorial Trophy

(5) Teemu Selanne

Answer: Maurice _RICHARD_ Trophy

(5) Jaromir Jagr

Answer: _HART_ Memorial Trophy

17. Given a villain from a James Bond film, identify just how he died F5PE, and a bonus 5 for all correct. (Moderator�s note: accept equivalents for all answers)

(5) Auric Goldfinger

Answer: _BLOWN OUT_ of airplane

(5) Karl Stromberg

Answer: _SHOT_ by Bond

(5) Max Zorin

Answer: _BLOWN UP_ in blimp

(5) Ernst Stavros Blofeld

Answer: _DROPPED_ down smokestack

(5) Renard

Answer: _IMPALED_ by nuclear control rod


18. Answer the following about Michael Crichton�s latest offering FTPE.

(10) First, what is this new novel which features time travelling, knights in shining armor, and a castle feud?

Answer: _TIMELINE_

(10) The time travellers are mostly history and archaeology students from this university who are performing research at a site in France.

Answer: _YALE_

(10) Crichton once again pits business against pure science in "Timeline." What is the name of the corporation funding the time travel with its quantum technology?

Answer: _ITC_ Research

19. Identify the following Metallica albums on a 10-5 basis: 10 points given a pair of songs, or 5 points if you need a description of the album's cover art and the year in which it was released.

(10) Dyers Eve, The Frayed Ends of Sanity

(5) A blindfolded woman holding a sword and scales against a marble background - released 1988.


(10) Fight Fire With Fire, Trapped Under Ice

(5) An electric chair against a stormy background - released 1984


(10) The Thing That Should Not Be, Damage Inc.

(5) A graveyard whose stones are attached to strings manipulated by a set of demonic red hands - released 1986.


20. Identify the following allies of Sailor Moon FTPE.

(10) The eventual husband of Sailor Moon and an aspiring geneticist, he can attack enemies by either throwing a rose or extending his cane. His real name in the English version is Darien Shields.


(10) Actually created before Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi, she was later added to the Sailor Moon comic strips and the cartoon series. Her English name is Mina and her Crescent Beam Smash is her preferred method of destruction.

Answer: Sailor _VENUS_

(10) Named Amy in the English cartoons, this Virgo packs a mean Bubble Blast. In the Sailor Moon R series, she utilizes the Ice Bubble and the Ice Storm Blast.

Answer: Sailor _MERCURY_

21. The season: Spring. The year: 1942. You are in command. Answer the following questions about the classic game Axis & Allies FTSNOP.

(10) This man created Axis & Allies as "1942" while on assignment in France.

Answer: Larry _HARRIS_

(10) At the start of the game, how many IPC credits does the United Kingdom collect?

Answer: _30_

(10) Larry Harris has been quoted as saying that if Germany does not capture this crucial territory by turn 3, "the game is over." At the start of the game, Russia controls it, and it has a factory. Geographically, it represents the area around Leningrad.

Answer: _KARELIA_


22. Answer the following about the "Wing Commander" series and movie FTPE.

(10) The protagonist of the series and movie, he is the son of a "Pilgrim" mother and quite a starpilot. In the movie, he was played by Freddy Prinze Jr.

Answer: Christopher "Maverick" _BLAIR_

(10) The original Christopher Blair, in the computer games he again played an aspiring starpilot with a destiny. Ironically, when Blair "retires" he becomes a farmer on a desert planet. Can we say "typecasting?"

Answer: Mark _HAMILL_

(10) Played by Matthew Lillard in the 1999 movie, this is the callsign for Blair�s wingman. His wild reputation and propensity for trouble gave him the nickname.

Answer: _MANIAC_

23. 30 - 20 - 10, name the actor from movies.

(30) "Cocaine: One Man�s Seduction" and "Mannequin"

(20) "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" and "Supernova"

(10) "Crash" and "Stargate"

Answer: James _SPADER_