Round 11 � Beltway IV

By Matt Bruce

1. This West Virginia native shares a strange connection with Matt Bruce, the author of this pack. While at Harvard in the mid-1990s, both of them edited alternative campus papers(*) on opposite sides of the hall and of the political spectrum. Unlike Matt, who now writes quiz questions and compares himself to Jason Alexander, this author wrote a book so strange that Jerry Seinfeld imitated him on Saturday Night Live. For 10 points, name the critic who attacks Seinfeld in For Common Things: Irony, Trust and Commitment in America Today.

Answer: Jedediah Purdy

2. Boy meets girl at the title location and offers to share a certain item with her. Girl accepts boy�s offer and misses her ride.(*) Boy and girl repeat the routine all summer, regardless of the weather. Girl belongs to boy by August. Every morning girl waits at the title location for boy. Girl sometimes shops and shows boy what she bought. The item that they shared leads to a wedding vow. For 10 points, name this song about an umbrella, a hit for the Hollies that shares its name with a play by William Inge.

Answer: Bus Stop

3. He had more carries in his first six games than any other player in NFL history.(*) He started his college career at Marshall but transferred to the University of Georgia. He was drafted in the fourth round by Denver in 1999 but did not play until Week 5. His most recent carry was a 24-yard touchdown run that gave the Broncos an overtime victory on Monday Night Football. For 10 points, name this rookie replacement for the injured Terrell Davis.

Answer: Olandis Gary [Terrell Davis averaged less than 15 carries a game his rookie season, started his college career at Long Beach State and was drafted in the sixth round in 1995.]

4. Roland is reliable. Garrett is arrogant but crippled. Eduardo wants to be a hippie.(*) Kylie is Goth. Slimer used to be a bad guy but now helps his friends. The only remaining member from the original crew is Egon Spengler. For 10 points, name this animated series about combating the supernatural that takes an old Bill Murray movie to new levels.

Answer: Extreme Ghostbusters (do not accept or prompt on "Ghostbusters")

5. She is not a collie but she does play a character nicknamed "Lassie,"(*) howling her lungs out during a sex scene in Porky�s. She is not inanimate but she does play the title role in the movie Mannequin. She was single in 1995 when she played an engaged woman whose best friend throws her a slumber party in Live Nude Girls. For 10 points, name this hottest actress on Earth, who also plays Samantha on Sex in the City.

Answer: Kim Cattrall

6. Thirty-eight-year-old Matthew Scott(*) is now able to open doors and tie his shoes, according to his doctors. Jewish Hospital issued a statement claiming that his "range of motion, grip and sensation have partially returned." Ten years ago he was involved in a fireworks accident but earlier this year he became part of a medical first. For 10 points, name the type of operation he had that gave him a new body part.

Answer: hand transplant

7. Their self-titled 1978 debut album featured songs like "Bounty Hunter," "Gator Country," "Big Apple"(*) and "The Creeper." Opening for such bands as Lynyrd Skynyrd, they began a descent into booze, drugs and women that, according to The Onion, really wasn�t all that nightmarish. For 10 points, name the band that was originally fronted by Danny Joe Brown and named for a woman who chopped people�s heads off.

Answer: Molly Hatchet

8. This shot is most effective on a Tornado table, where it is unraceable (*) and can go dead-man in either direction. To execute it, front-pin the ball with the middle man in the center of the table. Hold the handle of the rod on your inner wrist, rock the ball back and forth, roll it to the left or right, then pull up on your arm. For 10 points, name this alternative to the push or pull, a foosball shot with a reptilian moniker.

Answer: The Snake

9. Brian Livingston in Firstborn. Jeff in Secret Admirer. Jake Moriarty in Murphy�s Romance. (*) Sam Emerson in The Lost Boys. Travis in Watchers. Himself in Me, Myself and I. Dinger in Dream A Little Dream. Nelson Potter in Fast Getaway. For 10 points, what actor played all of these roles and also starred as Les in License to Drive, opposite Corey Feldman?

Answer: Corey Haim


10. They like to drink. They like to hate. Sometimes they sing. Usually they just beat the living daylights(*) out of stupid people. For 10 points, name these comic book characters created by Evan Dorkin and often referred to as "dairy products gone bad."

Answer: Milk and Cheese

11. THE NAME�S THE SAME. The album was released in 1988, a follow-up to Dream Fields. Hits like the title track and Shake For the Sheikh (*) failed to make dance-pop icons out of The Escape Club. The movie was a bomb that featured Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss Loveless, Kevin Cline as Artemis Gordon and Will Smith as a federal marshal. For 10 points, give the three-word shared title.

Answer: Wild Wild West


12. They lasted eight seasons and were coached by such luminaries as Dolph Schayes, Jack Ramsay and Cotton Fitzsimmons.(*) Stars included Elmore Smith, Walt Hazzard, Bob McAdoo and Adrian Dantley. Their last owner, John Y. Brown, traded franchises with Irv Levin, who immediately moved the team to San Diego. For 10 points, name this onetime NBA franchise from western New York.

Answer: Buffalo Braves (accept either part)

13. Garth Brooks, David Duchovny, Brendan Fraser, Cuba Gooding Jr.,(*) John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Dylan McDermott, and Ben Affleck have all had the Everything But the Girl song "Missing You" stuck in their heads. When they pursue their obsession, they are asked: "Can you know the mighty ocean? Can you lasso a star from the sky? Can you say to a rainbow, �hey, stop being a rainbow for a second�?" For 10 points, name the exotic dancer they�ve all fallen in love with, a character played by Chris Kattan.

Answer: The Mystery Known As Mango (prompt on "Saturday Night Live")

14. The top row includes Coconut, Fruit & Nut Caramel, Vermont Nut Cream, Roman Nougat,(*) Strawberry Cream, Butter Cream Caramel, Chocolate Butter Cream, Peanut Butter Crunch, Cashew Cluster and Vanilla Cream. To identify any of the pieces, just match size, shape, color and location to the map on the inside top cover of the box. For 10 points, name this Missouri company that supplies "Only the Finest" "Home Fashioned" assorted chocolates.

Answer: Russell Stover (By contrast, a Whitman�s Sampler provides only a set of codes rather than a map.)

15. Directed by Piet Kroon and Tom Sito(*) and slated for release next year, it will star David Hyde Pierce and Chris Rock. In this animated film, a white blood cell tries to save his host from dying of infection. For 10 points, name this movie whose title makes it sound like a blaxploitation flick.

Answer: Osmosis Jones

16. The protagonist wants to have lunch with a guy but they�re never both free. He invites her to go boating with him(*) but she has third-degree sunburn. He invites her to a Halloween party but stands her up when his car won�t start. After a wailing saxophone bridge, they both plan to spend Christmas Eve alone, then meet each other at the all-night store when they both forget cranberries. For 10 points, name this holiday song first released by the Waitresses and then covered by Save Ferris.

Answer: Christmas Wrapping (Prompt on "The Waitresses" or "Save Ferris.")

17. He batted .314 for the Braves in 1995, leading the league in RBI and hitting the home run that knocked the Giants out of playoff contention.(*) He then signed a $40 million free-agent contract and hit a grand slam on Opening Day 1996. Soon he went into a slump, which he broke out of shortly after the murder of teammate Juan Primo [PREE-moh]. One of his most fervent admirers is Gil, a knife salesman played by Robert De Niro. For 10 points, name this outfielder, played by Wesley Snipes in The Fan.

Answer: Bobby Rayburn

18. Ada is trying to keep her father�s farm alive, with the help of her new friend Ruby.(*) Inman is walking all the way to the title location after deserting from the army. The author got his inspiration for this book when was driving in the Smoky Mountains and saw a grave marker for a pair of Confederate soldiers. For 10 points, name this best-seller by Charles Frazier.

Answer: Cold Mountain

19. She played the title role in the 1993 TV movie Spunk: The Tonya Harding Story.(*) She guest-starred as herself on an episode of Married With Children and once hosted her own talk show, where she discussed teen issues with a live studio audience. She can now be seen jamming with her band Jaded. Not bad, but not quite the heights reached by Michael J. Fox or Justine Bateman. For 10 points, name the actress who played Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties.

Answer: Tina Yothers


20. "�Twas the night before Christmas and at the North Pole, Santa�s sleigh was packed tight, the reindeer ready to go.(*) When out in the snow there arose such a clatter, St. Nick sprang from the can to see what was the matter. �The elves are on strike,� cried Mrs. Claus with disdain. �What shall we do, Santa? Come on, rack your fat brain.� Santa�s face began to sparkle; he shouted, �Merry Christmas to all.� He dashed to the coat closet and grabbed his 16-pound ball." That poem introduces us to, for 10 points, what freeware game by NVision Design in which 10 of Santa�s little helpers are arranged in a pyramid?

Answer: Elf Bowling (accept elfbowl.exe) (prompt on "An Internet Christmas Story" or "NStorm" or "NVision Design")

21. He was jailed twice for soliciting minors; because of his homosexuality, his portrait was removed from the walls of the Germantown Cricket Club.(*) He did, however, have actress Peggy Wood as a guest in his box in 1920, when he lost the first set on purpose before beating Gerald Patterson in the Wimbledon final. For 10 points, name this "perfect baseline player," who won six straight U.S. championships from 1920 to 1925.

Answer: Bill Tilden


1. The longest home winning streak in the history of professional indoor soccer was snapped on Sunday, November 11, when the Portland Pythons handed a certain player-coach the first home loss in his two-year coaching career.

1. For 10 points, name the losing team.

Answer: Dallas Sidekicks

2. For 5 points, name the coach of the Dallas Sidekicks, who also happens to be indoor soccer�s all-time leader in both goals and assists.

Answer: Tatu [or Antonio Carlos Pecorari]

3. For 5 points, name the current home venue of the Dallas Sidekicks.

Answer: Reunion Arena

4. For 10 points, in what league do the Dallas Sidekicks and Portland Stars play, along with the Sacramento Knights, Utah Freezz and Monterrey La Raza?

Answer: World Indoor Soccer League or WISL

[Pronounced "wizzle." By tradition, the author of this pack must take a bathroom break before keypunching any WISL games at work.]

2. "There was no father. I carried him, I gave birth to him, I raised him. I can�t explain what happened." For 10 points each:

1. Name the Swedish-born actress who spoke this line.

Answer: (Mia) Pernilla August (or Pernilla Wallgren or Pernilla Ostergren)

2. About what boy was Pernilla August speaking when she said this line in a 1999 movie?

Answer: Anakin Skywalker (accept either name)

3. We think the line would have been a lot funnier had August spoken it in her most recent work, in the title role of what NBC mini-series?

Answer: Mary, Mother of Jesus (answer must be complete)

3. Bah, bah-bah-bah, bah-bah-bah, baby! Don�t forget about Milli Vanilli. Name these songs from lyrics, for 10 points each:

1. "You said you didn�t need her. You told her good-bye.

You sacrificed a good love to satisfy your pride."

Answer: Blame It On The Rain

2. "I�m in love with you girl, �cause I have on my mind,

You�re the one I think about most every time."

Answer: Girl, You Know It�s True

3. "If it�s good for me, it�s good for you, you gotta never let your mood get dry.

Just keep it wet and my 740 jet is pushing right on high."

Answer: All Or Nothing

4. Name these San Francisco mayoral candidates, for 10 points each:

1. This gay comedian and anti-establishment activist got more than 20,000 write-in votes in the primary, vaulting him into a December 14 run-off.

Answer: Tom Ammiano

2. Jesse Jackson had urged Ammiano not to run, for fear that he would unseat this incumbent.

Answer: Willie Brown

3. Republicans were disappointed when this former mayor and police chief finished third in the primary balloting.

Answer: Frank Jordan

5. Name these Sunday morning talking heads, for 5 points each, 30 points for all correct:

1. This columnist for the Detriot News-Free Press, an occasional guest-host for Rush Limbaugh anchors Fox News Sunday.

Answer: Tony Snow

2. He has hosted "CBS News Sunday Morning" since 1994.

Answer: Charles Osgood

3. He has moderated "Meet the Press" since 1991.

Answer: Tim Russert

4. They co-host a show named for them that used to be named for David Brinkley.

Answer: Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts

6. When it comes to pain, humiliation, domination, mastery and sexual power games, the Marquis de Sade can�t hold a candle to the female authors of the 20th century. Not just Anais Nin, either. Name these other titles and authors, for 10 points each:

1. Pauline Reage wrote this story about a Parisian woman who wants only to be the slave of her boyfriend Rene.

Answer: The Story of O

2. She wrote The Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty, including The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty�s Punishment and Beauty�s Release. In that series, the title character is sold into sexual slavery and brought to Arabia.

Answer: A.N. Roquelaure (or Anne Rice)

3. According to, readers who liked The Erotic Adventures of Sleeping Beauty also liked the Marketplace trilogy. Name this author of The Slave, The Trainer and The Catalyst.

Answer: Sara Adamson (or Laura Antoniou or Laura Antoniov)

[And you thought those were all X-Rated John Grisham books!]

7. Name these feminine toys - no, not that kind of toy! - for 5 points each, 30 for all correct:

1. Custard cat was her pet, and her friends included Orange Blossom, Lemon Merangue and Huckleberry Pie.

Answer: Strawberry Shortcake

2. Created years before anyone had heard of Pokemon, this Sanrio character always wears a red bow on her left ear. She has a stuffed bunny but doesn�t have a mouth.

Answer: Hello Kitty

3. Previously known as Wisp, her friends include Red Butler, La La Orange, Canary Yellow, Patty O�Green, Buddy Blue, Indigo and Shy Violet.

Answer: Rainbow Brite

4. As seen in a fake ad on Saturday Night Live, this game has pieces with braidable hair and comes with bubbles. "Shh! Don�t wake the baby!"

Answer: Chess For Girls

8. For 10 points each, name these movies with Van Halen tunes on their soundtracks:

1. "Humans Being" and "Respect the Wind" were songs from this 1996 meteorological flick.

Answer: Twister

2. Eddie Van Halen wrote three synthesizer songs for this made-for-TV movie, which stars Valerie Bertinelli as a compulsive gambler who cheats on her husband.

Answer: The Seduction of Gina

3. "Hot For Teacher" accompanies a scene from a strip club in this 1999 Jon Voight film.

Answer: Varsity Blues

9. For 5 points per person, name these pairs of players involved in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series:

1. One delivered a pinch-hit, three-run homer to tie the game in the bottom of the eighth inning; the other won the game with a solo shot off the foul pole in the 12th.

Answer: Bernie Carbo and Carlton Fisk

2. One outfielder caught a shallow fly in the bottom of the ninth, then nailed the potential winning run at the plate to complete a 7-2 double play; the other made a circus catch in the top of the 10th to begin a 9-3-4 double play.

Answer: George Foster and Dwight Evans

3. One starting pitcher worked into the eighth inning with his dad in the stands; the other was lifted by Sparky Anderson in the bottom of the third.

Answer: Luis Tiant and Gary Nolan

10. For 10 points each, given an actress and a soap opera, name the character she plays:

1. Lauralee Bell, The Young and the Restless.

Answer: Christine "Cricket" Blair Romalotti Williams

(accept any clear-knowledge answer, prompt on "Romalotti")

2. Susan Lucci, All My Children.

Answer: Erica Kane (prompt on "Kane")

3. Beth Ehlers, Guiding Light.

Answer: Harley Davidson Cooper Spaulding (prompt on partial answer)


11. Name these blues musicians, for 10 points each:

1. "Built for comfort and not for speed," this 300-pound man got his legal name from the 21st President of the United States and his nickname from misbehaving as a kid.

Answer: Howlin� Wolf (or Chester Arthur Burnett)

2. Raised by his grandmother at Stovall�s plantation, he got his nickname as a child because he loved to play near a creek.

Answer: Muddy Waters (or McKinley Morganfield)

3. He was performing in West Virginia in 1950 when he saw a fat lady at the bar. In his own words, "She made the average elephant look like a pencil, that�s how fat she was. And she was so happy. She was downing Black & White scotch and Jack Daniels at the same time, and whenever she looked up at me she shouted Scream, baby, scream! "

Answer: Screamin� Jay Hawkins

12. Here�s looking at you, kid! Name these people associated with the Humphrey Bogart movie Key Largo:

1. For 5 points each, the director of the movie, and the playwright on whose work it was based.

Answer: John Huston and Maxwell Anderson

2. For 5 points each, the actor who played gangster Johnny Rocco and the actress who played Nora Temple.

Answer: Edward G. Robinson and Lauren Bacall

3. For 10 points, the singer whose recorded "Key Largo" on the album Another Day In Paradise.

Answer: Bertie Higgins

13. Name these cutting-edge comic strips, for 10 points each:

1. A man named Biff and a penguin named Sparky are the main characters of this weekly strip by Tom Tomorrow.

Answer: This Modern World

2. The title characters in this bi-weekly, so to speak, Alice Bechdel strip include Lois, who is on Prozac; Ginger, who is about to complete a doctorate; and Clarice and Toni, who are raising a boy named Rafael.

Answer: Dykes To Watch Out For

3. Aaron McGruder draws this daily strip featuring Huey, a kid who lives with his grandfather, apparently in the middle of nowhere, and is proud of his black heritage.

Answer: The Boondocks

14. As of the 1999-2000 season, just five of the 32 teams in the International Hockey League and American Hockey League play their home games in Canada.

1. For 10 points, give either the geographic name or the team nickname of the only Canadian franchise in the IHL.

Answer: Manitoba Moose (accept either part)

2. For 5 points each, name the four Canadian teams in the AHL by either city or nickname.

Answer: (accept either part for each)

Hamilton Bulldogs

Quebec Citadelles

St. John Flames (St. John, New Brunswick)

St. John�s Maple Leafs (St. John�s, Newfoundland)

15. Name these frequently visited features of the World Wide Web, for 10 points each:

1. Found at, recent topics include "Fun things to tell your co-workers before a long holiday weekend" and "Signs that your boss is unaware of your job description."

Answer: List of the Day or LOTD

2. Mary Elizabeth Williams hosts this conversation area on

Answer: Table Talk

3. This section of, found next to "Multimedia Showcase," is a good source of trashy news stories.

Answer: Fringe

16. For 10 points each, name these actors who all appeared in the first season of The Twilight Zone:

1. He played a nearsighted bank teller in "Time Enough At Last," his first of many Twilight Zone roles.

Answer: Burgess Meredith

2. He played a soldier in "The Purple Testament" before moving on to Bewitched.

Answer: Dick York

3. She was spooked by her own double in "Mirror Image" and later appeared in the movie Psycho.

Answer: Vera Miles


17. Bright shiny lyrics quiz! For 5 points per answer, given song lyrics involving chrome, name both the song and the artist or band that took it furthest on the charts.

1. Sprung from cages out on highway 9,

Chrome wheeled, fuel injected

and stepping out over the line.

Answer: Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

2. Hearts of fire, streets of stone.

Modern warriors saddled on horses of chrome.

Answer: Ride the Wind by Poison

[This was the third single released from the album Flesh and Blood, right after "Unskinny Bop" and "Something To Believe In."]

3. You used to ride your chrome horse with your diplomat.

Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat.

Answer: Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan [or Robert Zimmerman]

18. For 5 points per team, given a year and the two schools that made it to the NCAA Men�s Basketball championship, name the other two schools in the Final Four.

1. 1999: U Conn and Duke.

Answer: Ohio State and Michigan State

2. 1987: Indiana and Syracuse.

Answer: UNLV and Providence

3. 1979: Indiana State and Michigan State.

Answer: DePaul and Penn

19. Name these Dustin Hoffman movies from Hoffman�s best lines, for 10 points each:

1. "I was a stand-up tomato, George: A juicy, sexy, beefsteak tomato! Nobody does vegetables like me! I did a whole evening of vegetables off-Broadway!"

Answer: Tootsie

2. "K-Mart sucks."

Answer: Rain Man

3. "I�m walking here!"

Answer: Midnight Cowboy

20. Name these pinball games from features, for 10 points each:

1. Characters include Lord Howard Hurtz, Sir Psycho, the Earl of Ego, the Duke of Bourbon and Francois du Grimm. Your goal is to destroy each of their castles without getting eaten by the trolls.

Answer: Medieval Madness

2. Modes include Tiger Saw, Levitating Woman, Escape the Trunk, Spirit Cards, Escape a Safe, Metamorphosis, Strait Jacket and Hat Trick. Your goal is to complete all the Illusions to get to the Grand Finale.

Answer: Theatre of Magic

3. Locations include Bigfoot Bluff, Whirlpool, Insanity Falls, Disaster Drop, No Way Out, Boulder Garden and Spine Chiller. Your goal is to advance your raft until you get to the Vacation Bonus.

Answer: Whitewater

21. For 5 points per person, name these pairs of actors from their characters in various Kevin Smith movies:

1. Holden and Banky, from Chasing Amy.

Answer: Ben Affleck and Jason Lee

2. Dante and Randal, from Clerks.

Answer: Brian O�Halloran and Jeff Anderson

3. Jay and Silent Bob, from practically all of them.

Answer: Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith

22. Name these fictional teams, for 10 points each:

1. In 1941, the New York Times printed lopsided scores from this school�s football team, which featured a sophomore running back named John Chung who ate rice between quarters. The whole story was a hoax created by stock broker Morris Newburger.

Answer: Plainfield Teacher�s College

2. Managed by Pop Fisher, this baseball team clinched a tie for first place but lost its last three games when its star slugger was hospitalized with stomach problems. It had to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in a playoff for the National League pennant.

Answer: New York Knights (prompt on "New York") [From The Natural.]

3. Ray Griffen is the starting tailback for this school, but is ultimately supplanted by Darnell Jefferson in The Program.

Answer: Eastern State University or ESU