Emergency Packet � Beltway IV

Code named SARA, design work for it began in 1978 under Dr. Wendell Sander. Including an 80 column card, a serial card, and a larger memory than its predecessor, it came with the most advance operating system available for a small computer: SOS. It was doomed, however. One flaw required owners to drop the machine 2 inches to reseat chip that would pop out after overheating, and it was not long before the IBM PC and rival machines from its own company did it in. FTP, name this computer killed off by Lisa and the Apple IIe.


Though very popular in the US, they are manufactured only in Austria, China, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. The product for which they were made, an Eduard Haas creation, appeared in 1927, but they were not first produced until around 1950, their design undergoing a change in 1952 to make them into their more familiar form. The Bicentennial, Merry Music Makers, and Pals categories have been discontinued, making them collectors items as are most of the rubber headed varieties. FTP, name these plastic devices used to carry and distribute small rectangular fruit flavored candies.

PEZ DISPENSER (prompt on just "Pez")

"Hey, Gramps, I'll have a choc malt, heavy on the choc, plenty of milk, four spoons of malt, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, one mixed with the rest and one floating." This immortal line was said by this actor to Charles Coburn in 1952's Has Anyone Seen My Gal?. Three years later, he received his first Oscar nomination in his first leading role. Born with the appropriate surname Byron, his movies included Sailor Beware, Fixed Bayonets, and his best known roles in East of Eden, Giant, and Rebel Without a Cause. FTP, name him.

James DEAN

The daughter of an immigrant from Belize, she became the first player in UNC women�s basketball to score 1000 points by her sophomore year. A foot injury kept her from playing on the 1996 US Olympic team, so she returned to the track and field events for which she was noted during high school. Having won a gold and a bronze medal at the World Track and Field Games this past August, she suffered a career-threatening back injury during the 200 meter semifinals, although she is planning to compete in the 2000 Olympics. FTP, name this runner, considered the fastest woman alive since the death of Florence Griffith Joyner.

Marion JONES

Graduating magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Barnard College and receiving an MFA in sculpture from Cornell, she taught Ancient architecture and art history at City College-NY and Staten Island College in the early 1970s. Today (Feb 27th), her musical work on Amelia Earhart commisioned by the American Composers Orchestra has its premiere at Carnegie Hall. Other recent works have included "Songs and Stories from Moby Dick" and the re-released CD-Rom work "Puppet Motel," while she is best know her for albums such as "Big Science" and "Mr. Heartbreak." FTP, name this performance artist and creator of such songs as "O Superman" and "Language Is A Virus."


Born over two hundred years ago on Galador, he was one of the first volunteers to undergo surgical conversion to become a cyborg in an effort to fight back the Dire Wraith invasion. After he and the other Spaceknights defeated the Wraiths, he tracked the remaining Dire Wraiths to Earth and landed in Clairton, West Virginia, making a few friends with the local population. After defeating the Wraiths on Earth, he returned to his home planet, defeated an evil generation of Spaceknights and eventually returned to humanoid form to marry the earth woman Brandy Clark. This, FTP, describes the life of what red-eyed silver cyborg whose name looks like a computer term.


It begins with the narrator on a two-week walking tour of Wisconsin. He runs into a circus performer and so begins the frame narrative which ends with him running down a moonlit road, fleeing for his life. This collection includes the stories "The Man," "The Fire Balloons" and "The Veldt," and it was later made into a film featuring Rod Steiger. FTP, name this 1951 Ray Bradbury collection about moving tattoos which tell stories.


She played for 3 years at Delta State in Mississippi, but her sport, women�s basketball, was dropped her senior year because it was deemed too strenuous. To protest the players burned their uniforms, but this changed nothing. She returned to Delta State in 1959 as director of Women�s physical education, finally getting the women�s basketball team reinstated in 1973. Her coaching prowess led Delta State to 3 consecutive AIAW titles (1975-77) and a 51 game winning streak. Her career record was 157-23 when she retired in 1979. FTP name this women�s basketball pioneer for whom the award annually given to the top collegiate women�s basketball player is named after.

Margaret WADE

He was created from a character in a story by O. Henry, "The Caballero's Way" and was first played in the movies by Herbert Stanley Dunn in a 1923 film of the same name and in some 100 one reelers. He was played on the radio by Jackson Beck and Jack Mather and on TV by a Romanian who spent 8 months in prison as an illegal alien and was pardoned by FDR named Duncan Renaldo. His sidekick is Pancho, and his horse is Diablo. FTP, name this "Robin Hood of the Old West."


A 1995 theatrical fellowship to Indonesia inspired her to include her fascination with Balinese puppetry and ancient mask-making into such dramas and operas as Salome, The Tempest, The Taming of The Shrew, Oedipus Rex, and her own creation Juan Darien. For her first foray into the film world she decided to tackle Shakespeare�s first tragedy and most controversial play. With a cast that includes Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, and Alan Cummings, she creates her own very unusual take on this classic tale of revenge with costumes ranging from spacesuits to 1950's finery, and weapons including WWII tanks and machine guns,. FTP, name this first time film director, whose first effort at movie making was 1999's Titus.


In Asia they are the finger-food equivalent of peanuts and just as addictive. Salted, boiled, and served at room temperature, to eat them you suck the savory beans from their pods. Sunrich foods of Hope, Minnesota, sells about 2 million pounds per year and can barely keep up with the annual 25% increase in demand. Specialty stores such as Trader Joe�s and Fresh Fields began carrying them a year ago and some stores report they are selling better than frozen corn. FTP name this "Healthy Snack Food of the Future" whose name translates from the Japanese as soybean.

EDAMAME (ed-ah-mah-may)

Her devotion to her future profession began as a young child. She idolized The Beatles, Burt Bacharach, Stevie Wonder and other great songwriters. In 1982 her first big hit was recorded by Laura Branigan, but this success was followed by a bitter legal battle. In 1999 she set a record with having a song appear in seven different movies: Stuart Little, Message in a Bottle, Runaway Bride, Anywhere but Here, Detroit Rock City, Notting Hill, and the Grammy nominated theme from Music of the Heart. FTP, name this award winning song writer who two years ago won Trisha Yearwood a Grammy and helped Leanne Rimes go double platinum with the same song "How do I Live?"


He holds the all-time single-season record in a major offensive department with a stat higher than the amount he achieved in the same department in any other two seasons combined during his nine-year major league career. Learning that 27 was his total in this department in his next two best seasons combined and that its exactly three-quarters of what he got in 1908 makes your job only about one-quarter as hard. FTP, name this outfielder whose home in spacious Forbes Field made his 36 triples much easier.

Owen "Chief" WILSON


He was a member of the team known as the Will Mastin Trio and was known as a boy as Silent Sam, the Dancing Midget. He sang the theme song for the TV series, Baretta, and his autobiography, from the story of the little locomotive in the Andes, is titled Yes I Can. He was both Black and Jewish and may be best remembered, not for his role in Cannonball Run, but for his first #1 hit from the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, "The Candy Man." If you haven't done so already, tell me his name FTP.

Sammy DAVIS, Jr.


This 50 year old Canadian actor was raised in Toronto, where he attended the Ontario College of Art. 30 of his family members lived on his street. He is still very close to his family and even patterned his character on ER after his father. His daughter, Adrienne, will be appearing in one of his most recent films, Captive. A child prodigy, he read Moby Dick by the time he was seven and started his own novel at age 12. He's a well-known character actor who began to make his break in the mid '90's after 15 years of bit parts in science fiction and adventure television and B-grade movies. His roles in ER and Seaquest 2032 got him in front of a large audience. He was also the voice of Darkseid in the animated Superman series. Many of us may remember him as Jester in Top Gun or as Richter in Total Recall. More recently he was Lt. Rasczak in Starship Troopers. For 10 points, name this pock-marked thespian.



Tommy Harper at third. Gene Brabender, Marty Pattin, and Fred Talbot as their top starters. Don Mincher at first. An outfield of Steve Hovley, Wayne Comer, and Tommie Davis. Jerry McNertney behind the plate. And Lou Pinniela. Led by 12 saves from Diego Segui. Managed by Joe Schultz. They only managed 64 wins and about that many fans per game. So, in 1970 they packed their bags and moved to the glorious confines of County Stadium. FTP, name this one year franchise.

Seattle PILOTS


The son of a businessman who took his family to Tibet to find the fabled city of K�un-Lun, he lost both of his parents when he was nine and was taken in by the residents of K�un-Lun who found him. Apprenticed under the martial arts master Lei Kung the Thunderer, he earned the title King of the Vipers. Later, in defeating the fire-breathing serpent Shou-Lao the Undying, he received a scar shaped like a winged serpent, and grabbing the molten heart of Shou-Lao from a brazier, received a quasi-mystical glow to his hands. FTP, name this fighter, born Daniel Rand, who teamed with Power Man in the 1970s comicbook Hero for Hire.

IRON FIST (accept Daniel Rand before final clue)


A failed attempt by Fox executives to buy the rights to this show and recast it with American actors led to the emergence of Beverly Hills 90210. Sharing its name with a street in Toronto, the show ran from 1986 to 1991, changing its title in 1989 to reflect the aging of the characters, with resolution for the series coming in the form of the tv-film "School�s Out." During the show�s run, the band Zit Remedy broke up and reformed at least twice, Wheels lost his parents in a car accident, Claude committed suicide, Snake found out his brother was gay, and Spike got pregnant . For ten points, name this show which followed a group of more than fifteen Canadian students, including Caitlyn Ryan and Joey Jeremiah, as they progressed from seventh to tenth grade.



The latest account of his adventures includes this somewhat misspelled note: "All animal cruelty was simulated. No actual girbles were forsed to listen to Cher." This, however, is little consolation for Mr. Krupp. Having been hypnotized by two fourth-graders, the principal of Jerome Horowitz Elementary School becomes this superhero at the snap of a finger, fighting such villains as Dr. Diaper, Turbo Toilet 2000, Professor Poopypants, and the alien trio Zorx, Klax, and Jennifer. For ten points, name this star of four Dav Pinkey novels who fights evil using Wedgie Power.



Originally titled, "The Burning Question" this film is narrated by Dr. Carroll played by Josef Forte. The plot is this: Ralph is attracted to Mary, and Blanche is interested in Bill. Unfortunately, Mary�s brother Jimmy kills a pedestrian while driving, Ralph tries to seduce Mary twice, Bill � thinking Mary is stripping for Ralph � fights him, Jack breaks up the fight by hitting Bill with a rifle which goes off and kills Mary. Ralph ends up in a mental hospital and Blanche commits suicide. And Dr. Carroll suspects Bill of drug use for playing bad tennis. FTP, name this Louis Gasnier film about the evils of marijuana.



The executive producer for the British thriller Love Potion and an uncredited advisor for Shock Treatment, he appeared as a schoolmaster in the Iron Maiden video Can I Play With Madness. While he studied medicine at Emmanuel College, Cambridge to follow in his brother�s footsteps, he soon turned to acting and comedy instead. This past January, more than ten years after his death, his longtime companion, David Sherlock, fulfilled his final wishes and had this man�s ashes shot into the sky over a Welsh mountain by the Dangerous Sports Club. FTP, name this former member of the comic troupe Monty Python.





The two main members of this group from Denmark met at a New Years Eve party in 1996 and collaborated musically shortly thereafter. Their debut album, "Fantastic" went to #1 in Holland as did the first single. Sales might have been helped by the screen saver, the pc game, the two videos, and the tattoos that came with the album. Or maybe it is the overuse of the word "funky" in their songs, as in the lines "I love your eyes, I love your smile, I love your funky hair" and "When I am dancing I feel funky." FTP, name this band, comprised of Anila and Amir, who have produced such dance hits as "The Sailor Song," "Best Friend," and "Tarzan and Jane."



"England no longer existed. He'd got that--somehow he'd got it. He tried again. America, he thought, has gone. He couldn't grasp it. He decided to start smaller again. New York has gone. No reaction. He'd never seriously believed it existed anyway. The dollar, he thought, has sunk forever. Slight tremor there. Every Bogart movie has been wiped, he said to himself, and that gave him a nasty knock. McDonald's, he thought. There is no longer any such thing as a McDonald's hamburger. He passed out. When he came round a second later he found he was sobbing for his mother." And so it came to pass on the Worst Thursday That Ever Happened to one Arthur Dent in FTP, what brilliant book by Douglas Adams?



His television debut was in the TV movie "To Dance With Olivia" starring Lou Gosset Jr. He was awarded the Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award as well as The Young Artist of Hollywood award for his performance in the CBS Television movie "What the Deaf Man Heard." His other tv credits include Spin City, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Silk Stalkings and Another World, while feature film roles have included small parts in Lost and Found, It Had To Be You, and Little Man. His first lead in a motion picture was the recently released "My Dog Skip" starring Kevin Bacon and Diane Lane. FTP Name this very talented teen actor who stars as a gifted eleven year old middle child surrounded by a family of idiots on Fox�s smash hit new sitcom Malcom in The Middle.

Frankie MUNIZ



With the upcoming "Lord of the Rings" trilogy in the works, some questions have been raised as to the appropriateness of Peter Jackson�s role as director. Considering some of his other work, this may well be worth the qualms. From a description name the Jackson film for ten points each.

1. Jackson writes, directs and plays two roles in this film described as Mars Attacks with a zero budget. The basic plot is aliens want to make mankind a delicacy on the intergalactic fast food menu.


2. In this 1992 film, Lionel�s mother gets bitten by a rat monkey, becomes a zombie, and starts turning others into zombies. Lionel tries to hide the growing number of zombies from his girlfriend Paquita.


3. If "South Park" can be considered the Peanuts gang gone bad, this film is what happens when Muppets do crack. The cast includes a hippo who discovers her walrus husband is sleeping with a cat, a frog addicted to heroin, a rat who makes porno films, a manic-depressed elephant gigolo, and a rabbit who thinks he has AIDS but really has small pox.



Given the founding members, name the Marvel superhero team, on a 30-25-20-15-10-5 basis. You stop when you get one right.

30: Gee, Lightspeed, Mass Master, Energizer


25: Charlie-27, Vance Astro, Martinex T�Naga, Yondu Udonta


20: Karma, Wolfsbane, Psyche, Sunspot, Cannonball


15: Hulk, Dr. Strange, and Submariner DEFENDERS

10: Thor, Iron Man, Antman, Wasp, Hulk. AVENGERS

5: Mister Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman FANTASTIC FOUR


If VH-1�s annoying show "The List" were not bad enough, TV Guide and MTV gave us another controversial list of the greatest something or another. This time it was the 100 Greatest Videos of All Time. For five points a piece, answer these questions about videos that were closer to the bottom of that list.

a. Sitting at #77 was this Radiohead video set in a supermarket with rows and rows of identical shelves.


b. While Michael Jackson and Madonna took the one and two spots, this Prodigy video, shot in a subway tunnel, was the band�s only entry into the top 100 at #67.. FIRESTARTER

c. This Replacements video consists of a focus on a set of speakers which slowly pulls back to show someone entering the room, though the focus remains of the speakers. Yep, that�s the extent of it until the still unrecognizable person destroys the speakers. BASTARDS OF YOUNG

d. Shot in Queens at the 1964 World�s Fair site, this black and white video by They Might Be Giants placed at #89.


e. Another black and white video, this Godley and Crème video looks like an early attempt at morphing as various faces turn into one another through superimposed images. CRY

f. Finally, the most represented director on the list was this one who was responsible for Straight Up, Freedom, Cradle of Love, Vogue, Janie�s Got A Gun, and Express Yourself. David FINCHER


You know by now that Tony Perez and Carlton Fisk headed what may have been the most mediocre Hall of Fame class in baseball history. There were also an unlucky 13 players who will now be dropped from the ballot after not receiving at least 25 votes. These 13 are led by Jeff Reardon with 24 votes and Bob Boone with 21. However, this question is about three of the bottom five players in this years balloting. You will receive 10 points for identifying each of the following pitchers.

A) The second player selected in the 1977 amateur draft, he set a rookie record with 18 strikeouts in a game and finished second in the Rookie of the Year voting behind (sniff, sniff) Steve Howe.


B) Won 11 games or more for 10 from 1983 to 1992. He was most recently the manager of the WesternLeague Zion Pioneerzz who also named their stadium after him. He allowed only two runs in two complete game wins in the 1986 World Series.


C) Had a 211-146 record with a 3.47 ERA in 17 years. He pitched for five pennant winners and two world champions including the 1981 Dodgers. He had six seasons with 15 or more wins including one season with the most wins since Denny McClain.



Despite the stranglehold that DC and Marvel once had on the comic world, independents produced some mighty fine comics, and eventually became fairly well known themselves. FTP, name the indie publisher of these comics FFPE.



3. Elfquest (the non-Marvel series) WaRP GRAPHICS

4. Concrete DARKHORSE

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MIRAGE STUDIOS

6. Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters ECLIPSE


Right near the end of 1999 (okay, the month of December) a number of celebrities passed away, thereby helping a few people to win internet dead pools. Identify them from clues on a 10-5 basis.

a) 10: He played the father of a kidnapped boy in the film Man Outside and was arrested in Japan in 1997

for trying to smuggle heroin into the country.

5: He played bass for "The Band."


b) 10: A graduate of Martin Van Buren High in 1960, she debuted on-screen in the short film, "The Dove"

and later appeared in Paper Moon and What�s Up Doc?

5: She is better remembered for roles in Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles

Madeline KAHN

c) 10: A native of Asheville, NC, she played 976-Sexy in the "rockumentary" CB-4 and briefly appeared

in the sitcom flop One in a Million.

5: She is better remembered as the waitress on What�s Happening




You're all familiar with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and the varieties thereof. In this question, you will get five points for naming the movie that both of these "actors" appeared in. Call it "One Degree of Separation"

a. Herve Villechaize and Sherilynn Fenn TWO MOON JUNCTION

b. Joe Theismann and Catherine Bach CANNONBALL RUN II

c. John McEnroe and Maximilian Schell PLAYERS

d. Kenny Mayne and Ernest Borgnine BASEKETBALL

e. Omar Sharif and Val Kilmer TOP SECRET!

f. Traci Lords and Wesley Snipes BLADE


It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. Do-rap, Do-rap, Do-rap, etc. Even Charlie isn't old enough to have heard most of the Big Band Era bands play. However, if you are a fan of the Big Bands, you will get five points each for identifying the bands that were known for the following theme songs. For example, if I say Minnie the Moocher, you say Cab Calloway.

a. Woodchopper's Ball Woody HERMAN

b. Satin Doll Duke ELLINGTON

c. My Shawl Xavier CUGAT

d. One O'Clock Jump Count BASIE

e. When It's Sleepy Time Down South Louis ARMSTRONG

f. I May Be Wrong Chick WEBB


Poor Steve Sanders. It took him ten seasons on Beverly Hills 90210 to have a relationship with someone who didn�t bail on him. Test your knowledge of Steve�s unsuccessful love life by identifying these characters on a 5-10-20-30 basis. First or last names are acceptable.

a) Played by Laura Leighton, this con artist befriended Steve, convincing him she was a college student, but ended up breaking his heart by sleeping with David and running off to Paris after her self-promoting billboard caught the eye of an agent.


b) This single mom, played by Hilary Swank, disliked Steve at first but grew fond of him after he got her a job at the Peach Pit. She moved to Montana when her father had a heart attack.

CARLY Reynolds

c) The daughter of the Chancellor, this Kathleen Robertson character first pursued Brandon, got involved with David, and ended up with Steve by season six before she moved to Paris with her father.

CLARE Arnold

d) Jessica Collins appeared a few times on the show as this former fling of Steve�s who appeared on his doorstep claiming he was the father of her child.

JODI Carlisle

Given a truly hideous piece of K-Tel Easy Listening Hell, name the "artist" responsible for it, for 5 each.

"Alone Again (Naturally)" Gilbert O'Sullivan

"Sad Eyes" Robert John

"Make It With You" Bread

"I'd Really Love To See You Tonight" England Dan and John Ford Coley

"Loving You" Minnie Riperton

"It Never Rains In Southern California" Albert Hammond


Yes, it's the dreaded math bonus. I will give you two items which have a corresponding number. Simply do the math to get five points each.

a. Delta Dawn's age plus the number of Willie Wonka's golden tickets 45 (40+5)

b. The number of laws of robotics in I, Robot times the number of dwarves in Bilbo Baggins escort in The Hobbit 39 (3x13)

c. Consecutive games played by Lou Gehrig minus the number of regular season home runs hit by Babe Ruth. 1416 (2130-714)

d. Length, in yards, of Tom Dempsey's longest field goal plus the members of a lacrosse team

73 (63+10)

e. Victories credited to The Red Baron minus the minimum number of victories over enemy aircraft required to become a US ace 75 (80-5)

f. The number of lines about 44 women in the titular song by the Nails divided by the number of Non-Blondes who asked "What�s Up?" 22 (88�4)



Going for over a year now, the Oprah Book Club has introduced numbers of viewers to the world of literary discussion and has brought author, many of them virtual unknowns, to the forefront. FFPE, name the authors from books which have appeared on Oprah's Book List.

1. Gap Creek Robert MORGAN

2. Vinegar Hill A. Manette ANSAY

3. River, Cross My Heart Breena CLARKE

4. A Map of The World Jane HAMILTON

5. The Pilot�s Wife Anita SHREVE

6. She's Come Undone Wally LAMB


Given three RPGs, name the company which produces them, FTPE

1. Bloodshadows, TORG, Paranoia. WEST END Games

2. Call Of Cthulhu, Nephilium, Elric CHAOSIUM

3. Toon, Illuminati, Car Wars STEVE JACSON Games



The 1990's have been a time of huge offensive numbers in baseball. However, there have been some pretty decent pitching performances as well. I'll describe a pitching performance from the 1999 season, and you tell me who did it, FFPE.

a. Led the American League with 3 shutouts in spite of his 4.88 ERA.


b. Finished second in the National League to Randy Johnson's 364 strikeouts


c. His 21 wins were second only to Mike Hampton in the National League Jose LIMA

d. Had 124 strikeouts to only 23 walks while saving 39 games


e. Pitched a no-hitter with only two walks against Anaheim on September 11


f. Pitched a one-hitter with no walks and 17 K's against the Yankees but couldn't manage the shutout



Name the film 30-20-10-5-1

30: Food and drink mentioned in this film include soup, pb&j with the crust cut off, sushi, vodka, and turkey pot pie.

20: Food seen but not mentioned include a bag of chips, an apple, a banana, a bag of cookies, pixie stix, and Cap�n Crunch cereal.

10: Lines from this film include "You won�t accept a guy�s tongue in your mouth and you�re going to eat that?" and "My cousin Kent..uh Kendall from�uh Indiana, he got high once and you know, he started eating like really weird foods."

5: A more memorable line begins, "A naked blond walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a two foot salami under the other�"

1: The movie�s title comes not from these references to food, but from the essay which Brian signs "The Breakfast Club."


Since 1970 only six rookie quarterbacks have started an NFL playoff game. Given the year name and team name the rookie QB for five points each.

A) 1976 LA Rams Pat HADEN

B) 1983 Miami Dolphins Dan MARINO

C) 1985 Cleveland Browns Bernie KOSAR

D) 1986 LA Rams Jim EVERETT

E) 1991 LA Raiders Todd MARINOVICH

F) 1999 Tampa Bay Bucs Shaun KING


Fluctuating in and out of Amazon.Com�s top 100 bestsellers is the first book in Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins� Left Behind series, a work appropriately called Left Behind. For five points each name the other six books in the series, the last one expected to be released in May 2000.







Beginning with four members and going through a few major line-up changes, Genesis stuck around for nearly thirty years, long enough to produce a box set and have a VH-1 Behind The Music special. FFPE, name the album (excluding live albums) from the description of who is or is not in the band.

a. The first album, it featured Peter Garbiel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Phillips.


b. The first album with Phil Collins in the group. NURSERY CRYME

c. The last album with Peter Gabriel in the group. THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY

d. The first album as a trio, after Steve Hackett left. AND THEN THERE WERE THREE

e. The last album with Phil Collins. WE CAN�T DANCE

f. The only album with Ray Wilson as lead singer. CALLING ALL STATIONS


Given the title and year of release for a recent Hollywood Film name the movie it was a remake of or was its primary source of inspiration.

A) The Talented Mr. Ripley Purple Noon

B) Payback Point Black

C) Meet Joe Black Death Takes A Holiday

D) The Bachelor Seven Chances

E) City of Angels Wings of Desire

F) You�ve Got Mail The Shop Around the Corner


Consider the past decade of professional basketball and answer these questions about the 1990's NBA, FPE

A) Which team had the most head coaches with eight? DENVER NUGGETS

B) Which team had the fewest head coaches with one? UTAH JAZZ

C) Besides the Chicago Bulls which team won multiple championships with two?


D) Besides the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets name two of the three teams who made more than one appearance in the NBA finals FFPE.


E) Only two teams never made the playoffs during the 1990's. Name either FFP.



Many of us loved the Dr. Dolittle books as children and equally so the 1967 film starring Rex Harrison. However, the real stars of the show were the animals. For five points each, I'll name one of Dr. Dolittle's animals and you tell me what kind of animal it was.

a. Dab Dab Duck

b. Gub Gub Pig

c. Jip Dog

d. Too Too Owl

e. Polynesia Parrot

f. Chee Chee Monkey

TV/Movies - I'll name a character from a movie or TV series who is known mainly by his or her last name. For five points each, you tell me their first name.

Banacek - Thomas

Baretta - Tony

Bullitt - Frank

Mannix - Joe

McCloud - Sam

Hogan - Robert

Monopoly has been such a big seller in the United States that it has been converted into versions for nations world-wide. Given the names of properties on the board for the English-speaking version, name the country where that board is sold, for five points each.

a) 1961 edition: Old Kent Road, Fleet Street, Mayfair, Pall Mall, Park Lane, and Marylebone Station.

England (accept UK or Great Britain)

b) Musgrave Road, President Brand Street, Voortrekker Road, Jan Smuts Avenue, Durban Station, and Eloff Street

South Africa

c) 1985 edition: Todd Street, Victoria Square, Flinders Street Station, Salamanca Place, Rundle Mall, and Macquerie Street


d) 1961 edition: Monterosa Ave, Park of Victory, Constantine Ave., Narrow St., Marco Polo Road, and Traianus Ave.


e) Serangoon Road, Queen Astrid Park, Bedok Station, Chang Prison, Nassim Road, and Raffles City


For a final five points, two 1991 editions exist for this city, one from Hasbro and one from Waddingtons. Both contain Mongkok, The Peak, Blue Pool Road, Queens Road, Stanley Jail, and Kowloon Tong.

Hong Kong

Name the Philip K Dick book from a brief description for five points each.

1. Bruno Bluthgeld, a megalomaniac bent on ruling a world of post-nuclear biological freaks, is challenged by a telekinetic, armless, legless guy named Hoppy.. DR. BLOODMONEY

2. Mary Rittendorf tries to re-hospitalize the inhabitants of an abandoned off-world insane asylum who have divided themselves according to their psychoses. CLANS OF THE ALPHANE MOON

3. The Axis Powers have won WWII and now jointly control the US where the I Ching is as common as the yellow pages. MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE

4. Television star Jason Taverner wakes to find that he is not only a has-been but a never-was, losing all proof of his existence. FLOW MY TEARS, THE POLICEMAN SAID

5. Bob Arctor leads a double life, as drug dealer Bob and as narcotics agent "Fred," gradually becoming more addicted to Substance D until he doesn�t realize he is spying on himself. SCANNER DARKLY


6. Ragle Gumm is happy living with relatives and doing crossword puzzles until a drink stand disappears in front of his eyes, replaced by a slip of paper saying "Soft Drink Stand." TIME OUT OF JOINT

Given the name of a cast member of the HBO Dramedy The Sopranos give the character he or she portrays for 5 points each.(Just the last name Soprano is not acceptable for any character who actually has the last name Soprano)

A)Michael Imperoli CHRISTOPHER Moltisanti

B) Nancy Marchand LIVIA Soprano

C) Drea de Matteo ADRIANA (Christopher�s Girlfriend)

D) Jamie Lynn Sigler MEADOW Soprano

E) Tony Sirico PAULIE Walnuts

F) James Gandolfini TONY Soprano