Round 8 � Beltway IV

Questions by Hoops Malone

1. In 1995, two students at Rice University conducted a series of experiments upon these objects, including tests of resistivity, solubility, and gravitational response. Among the information they discovered and presented on a highly-publicized web site, in both pseduo-scientific jargon and haiku form, is that these items are not as sentient as humans, burn well when doused in alcohol, smell quite bad when microwaved, and are tasty when used as control subjects. FTP, name the focus of this project, Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations, a famous Hostess food product.

Answer: _Twinkies_

2. The name's the same. One was a baseball player who debuted with the 1978 Dodgers and saved 15 games over three seasons in the early 80s before moving on to stints with the Rangers and Phillies. He joined the Oakland A's, with whom he had his greatest success, in midseason in 1986, winning 116 games from 1986-92. The other has released the albums Spin, Greetings from the Gutter, and The Big Idea and has partnered on the albums Touch Dance, Savage, and Peace with Annie Lennox. FTP, what's the common name?

Answer: Dave _Stewart_

3. Earlier in the 1990s, he provided the voice for Bartok in the movie _Anastasia_, had a regular role on _Herman's Head_, and appeared in the movies _Quiz Show_ and _The Birdcage_. In 1999, he appeared in both _Mystery, Alaska_ and _Mystery Men_ and finally married Helen Hunt. FTP, name this actor probably best-known for providing the voices of Apu and Moe, among others, on _The Simpsons._

Answer: Hank _Azaria_

4. This group's more recent releases, such as _This Time_ and _Colossal Head_, were largely ignored by most of the commercial public. Prior to those albums, they did a children's album entitled _Papa's Dream_, and the two primary songwriters convened a side project called the Latin Playboys. Their eclectic blend of divergent styles, such as jazz, rockabilly, and ethnic folk music, is clearly present on their 1993 collection "Just Another Band from East L.A." FTP, name this band which first gained national attention in the 1980s with _ ... and a time to dance_ and _How Will the Wolf Survive?_, but is still almost exclusively associated with their cover of Richie Valens' "La Bamba."

Answer: _Los Lobos_

5. After a career in the U.S. Air Force, this individual studied traditional forms of his passion, but became frustrated and decided to develop easy-to-learn techniques, such as wet-on-wet, which he could teach to the masses. Despite his death, his show continues to be by far the most popular art program on public television. FTP, name this individual who once appeared on an MTV ad, who hosted the _Joy of Painting_ series, best-known for his landscapes with "happy little" everythings.

Answer: Bob _Ross_

6. Born February 9, 1971, he attended the University of Kansas prior to turning pro in 1994. He was a big success in the minor leagues, becoming the all-time leader in wins on golf's Nike Tour. He's still a rookie in the majors, with his first big success being a tie for 7th in the 2000 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Though he missed the cut in 2 of his other 3 PGA events, he tied for second at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. It could, of course, have been better. FTP, who is this rookie who led Tiger Woods by seven shots with seven holes to go?

Answer: Matt _Gogel_


7. A young boy, mesmerized by the movie theater in his small Italian town, pursues a friendship with its crusty but warm-hearted projectionist. They develop a special bond, with many highlights and tragedies, but the boy takes from the relationship a love for film. He leaves the Sicilian village and goes to Rome, where he becomes a famous film director. His return home for the first time in 30 years rekindles his memories of the projectionist Alfredo and of his first love, Elena. FTP, identify this winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of 1989.

Answer: _Cinema Paradiso_

8. He claims that he wants to fight evil in order to protect good things, like puppies and Christmas. There is precedent, since he did kill the Anointed One. Also known as William the Bloody and recently tagged as Hostile 17 by The Initiative, he is no longer able to bite people but his intentions remain unclear. FTP, name this vampire, who first came to Sunnydale with his girlfriend Drusilla but no longer poses much of a threat to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Answer: _Spike_

9. His real name is Needles Kane. His age and birthplace are unknown. His first home was the circus and his second was a state institute. He currently spends most of his time in an ice-cream truck with the license plate CRZYCLWN. FTP, name this psychotic circus clown who is featured in the Twisted Metal series of Playstation games.

Answer: _Sweet Tooth_

10. The setting is Trumble, a minimum security federal prison that has drug dealers, swindlers, bank robbers, one doctor, and at least four lawyers. It also has three former judges, one from Texas, one from California, and one from Mississippi. They meet each day at the prison law library where they dispense jailhouse justice and set up scams to make money. When one of their scams catches a man on the outside with dangerous friends, the fun really begins. FTP this is plot of what recent novel by John Grisham.

Answer: _The Brethren_

11. The original starred Spencer Milligan, Wesley Eure, and Kathy Coleman,(*) but after two seasons Milligan wanted out and was replaced by Ron Harper who played Uncle Jack. An attempt was made to remake the series in 1991, starring Timothy Bottoms as the head of the Porter family, but that failed to attract the fan base of the original. Though the original suffered from cheesy special effects at times, the complexity of the first season�s writing was evident in the 200 word language of the Pakuni including a regular grammar. FTP, name this Saturday morning show about the misadventure of Rick Marshall and his kids Will and Holly

Answer : _Land of the Lost

12. Born April 15, 1969, this linebacker was a four-year letterman at Missouri. Not drafted by an NFL team, he signed as a free agent with the Raiders in 1991, and he also played with the Sacramento Surge of the World League. Moving to the Rams in 1997, he achieved continued success with his new team. In 1999, he equaled his previous career totals with two forced fumbles, one TD on a fumble, and four interceptions. FTP, name this man who broke the hearts of Titans fans everywhere by tackling Kevin Dyson inside the one on the last play of Super Bowl XXXIV (34).

Answer: _Mike Jones_

13. Although he has never married, he has a daughter named Random Frequent Flyer. He has killed the same creature, Agrajag, over 30 different times. He has flown naked over the skies of London with a woman named Fenchurch. He is one of the few people to ever hear Vogon poetry and live to tell about the experience. FTP, identify this essentially nondescript person from Islington, the antihero of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Answer: _Arthur Dent_


14. He was born in Victoria in 1962. For his 6th birthday he received a scrub python. He married his wife, Terry Raines of Oregon, in 1992. Prior to this he had spent years living on his own in the mosquito infested creeks, rivers, and mangroves of North Queensland as a volunteer in that state's reptile-relocation program. FTP, name this man, host of one of the most popular shows on Animal Planet.

Answer: _Steve Irwin_ (also accept _Crocodile Hunter_)

15. The title's the same; the 1980 American debut album from a still-extant British band, and a critically acclaimed, highly controversial independent film released in 1999. The band in question recently released the album _Bloodflowers_, and the film in question, based mostly in fact, was the feature-length debut for director Kimberly Pierce. FTP, name this early release by the Cure, whose title track appears via cover version in the film starring Golden Globe-winner Hilary Swank.

Answer: _Boys Don't Cry_

16. Raised in Anaheim, he began his TV career early. You might have seen him in The Wonder Years, where he sometimes appeared as a basketball player and glee club member. He also had bit parts in Big Top Pee Wee and the Tony Danza vehicle She's Out of Control. If you don't know him by now, it doesn't bode well for his future, as his career has basically been built on one character on a now-cancelled show. FTP, identify the actor whose character from Good Morning Miss Bliss moved along with Lisa, Zach, and Principal Belding to Saved by the Bell, becoming the one and only Samuel "Screech" Powers.

Answer: Dustin _Diamond_

17. Two answers required. The Florida Panthers recently held a charity auction and one of the prizes was a dinner for eight with a star player at his favorite restaurant in trendy South Beach. The bidding had reached $6500 when the hockey player's neighbor said she too would attend the dinner. The final price ended up being $12500. FTP name both the Panthers hockey player and his close friend and neighbor, a young Russian tennis star.

Answer: Pavel _Bure_ and Anna _Kournikova_

18. The ship, Moya, is operated by Pilot. The most recent addition to the crew is Chiana, a nonconformist who rebelled against the highly controlling nature of her Nabari homeworld. Other members of the crew include Rygel, Zhaan, D'Argo, and Officer Sun (soon) of the Peacekeepers. FTP identify this Sci-Fi channel program which depicts the adventures of astronaut John Crichton, whose one-man capsule accidentally ended up at the far end of the universe.

Answer: _Farscape_

19. Regular features on this man's show, which has been running regularly since 1985, include All the News That Isn't, Thanks for the Memos, and Town of the Week. A failed teacher, cab driver, and WGN broadcaster, the web site for his show is appropriately found at FTP, name this Wisconsin native who hosts the public radio staple "Whad'Ya Know?" and shares his last name with unrelated actors Marty and Corey.

Answer: Michael _Feldman_ (prompt for a name on an early "Whad'Ya Know?"


20. There's no "I" in team but there's definitely a "you." Thus concludes the theme song for one of this season's most unwatchable new television shows. The title character's spunky daughter Cassie is played by Sarah Dammann and his long suffering wife is portrayed by Deborah Quayle. Sage advise is provided by their neighbor, "The Iceman". Throw in a space alien with an Irish accent and wacky hyjinks ensue. FTP name his nonexistent TV show, featured on ESPN and ESPN2, starring Dick Vitale.

Answer: _Hoops Malone_

21. Name the number. It was Raquel Welch's roller derby number in Kansas City Bomber. It was the number of lawsuits brought against Carl Denham for the damage caused by King Kong in the 1933 movie Son of Kong. It was the number of shots fired from Lucas McCain's Winchester in the opening of "The Rifleman." And, FTP, it is the number of players on a cricket, soccer, or football team.

Answer : _Eleven_



1. 30-20-10. Name the actor from roles he has portrayed.

30 point clue: Hemophilus influenza

20 point clue: Dennis Nedry

10 point clue: Newman the Mailman

Answer: Wayne _KNIGHT _

2. No offense to you fans of Mr. Presley, but some of us think that Declan McManus is the true king of rock'n'roll. Answer the following questions about Elvis Costello for the stated number of points.

a) For five points each, name the two 1999 films in which he physically



b) For five points each, name his highest charting single in America

and the even more famous rock'n'roll musician who co-wrote that tune.

Answer: _VERONICA _ and Paul _MCCARTNEY_

c) For five points each, name the first and most recent albums on

which he appears with his frequent backing-band, the Attractions.


3. What would a tournament with a bunch of wrestling questions be without a question about the only REAL sport--NASCAR! You'll earn five points apiece for identifying the city in which each of the following races is run.

a. DieHard 500 Answer: _Talladega_

b. Coca Cola 600 Answer: _Charlotte_

c. NAPA 500 Answer: _Atlanta_

d. Food City 500 Answer: _Bristol_

e. Goody's Body Pain 500 Answer: _Martinsville_

f. Checker Auto Parts/Dura Lube 500k Answer: _Phoenix_

4. Answer these four seemingly unrelated questions FTSNP

a. Originating in Japan, they first came to America in 1984, marketed by Hasbro, and continued on a seven-year run. They included the Micro Change and Diaclone lines. (5 pts)

Answer: _Transformers_

b. Her motion picture career spanned eight decades, from 1917's "The Weavers of Life" to "The Ten Year Lunch" in 1987. She appeared at least twice as Miss Marple late in her career after earlier roles as the Dowager Empress in "Anastasia" and Ada Quonsett in "Airport." (10 pts)

Answer: _Helen Hayes_

c. Among the best known and last of the great silent films, this 1927 movie has been appropriated many times for its stunning visual images. It centers around a dystopian future, in which humans are divided into two groups: the thinkers, who make plans, and the workers, who achieve goals. (5 pts)

Answer: _Metropolis_

d. A short-lived NBC series from the 1983-1984, it featured Dabney Coleman in the lead role, along with Joanna Cassidy, a young Geena Davis, and Charles Robinson, who later appeared on Night Court and Home Improvement. (10 pts)

Answer: _Buffalo Bill_

(Note: These were four incorrect interrupts by the author in the December Trash Masters, and he thought they deserved their moment in the sun.)


5. For five points apiece, given the title character on a currently-running television show, provide the name of the actor or actress who portrays that character.

a) Grace on NBC's _Will and Grace_ Answer: Debra _Messing_

b) _Nash Bridges_ on CBS Answer: Don _Johnson_

c) _Sabrina, the Teenage Witch_ on ABC Answer: Melissa Joan _Hart_

d) Zoe on the WB's _Zoe, Duncan, Jack, and Jane_ Answer: Selma _Blair_

e) Malcolm on FOX's _Malcolm In the Middle_ Answer: Frankie _Muniz_

f) Malcolm on UPN's _Malcolm and Eddie_ Answer: Malcolm Jamal _Warner_

6. In spite of their name, they are, in fact, five strapping lads from Scarborough, near Toronto, Canada. They are the Barenaked Ladies. Answer these questions about 'em for a total of Triple X, uh, make that 30 points. (10 pts. Each)

a. First, name the band's recent contribution to the soundtrack for King

of the Hill.

Answer: _Get in Line_

b. Their first hit was actually originally on a five song independent EP

known widely as The Yellow Tape. Identify the pop icon referred to when

the band asks a young lady to "be my (blank)"

Answer: _Yoko Ono_

c. Identify their 1992 debut album, which sold upward of a half million

copies in Canada, but which does not appear to be a tribute to a certain

Canadian singer-songwriter and author of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Answer: _Gordon

7. With the NCAA tournament only weeks away, our thoughts must surely turn to those teams which are currently teetering between a bid to the "Big Dance" or a trip to the NIT. For 10 points each, identify the coaches of the following teams, all of which are on the tournament bubble.

a) Vanderbilt Answer: Kevin _Stallings_

b) Notre Dame Answer: Matt _Doherty_

c) Virginia Answer: Pete _Gillen_

8. Many actors have portrayed politicians on television. For five pts each given the TV show political office held and the year or years the character was on the show name the actor.

A)The West Wing-President(1999-current) Martin SHEEN

B)Spin City-Mayor(1996-current) Barry BOSTWICK

C)Picket Fences-Mayor(1995) Marlee MATLIN

D)The Simpsons-Mayor(1989-current) Dan CASTELLANETA

E)Twin Peaks-Mayor(1990) John BOYLAN

F)Here�s the Mayor(1986) Kevin HOOKS


9. When was the last time you played Monopoly? If it was recently, then you may do better on this question. As you know, there are 40 spaces on the board, however, we're not going to go all the way around the board. You're going to roll 6 consecutive sixes. You'll get five points each for naming the six spaces you will land on if you start from Go. You don't have to name them in order, so you might get some points just by guessing.

Oriental Avenue

Electric Company

Tennessee Avenue

Illinois Avenue

Go To Jail




10. Even really horrible major league baseball teams typically have at least a few quality players. Given a team which finished last in its division in 1999 and the category in which he led that team, name the following players for five points apiece.

a) He led the Minnesota Twins with 12 wins.

Answer: Brad _Radke_

b) He led the Florida Marlins with a .303 batting average.

Answer: Cliff _Floyd_

c) He led the Tampa Bay Devil Rays with 43 saves.

Answer: Roberto _Hernandez_

d) He led the Chicago Cubs with a .309 batting average.

Answer: Mark _Grace_

e) He led the Colorado Rockies with 17 wins.

Answer: Pedro _Astacio_

f) He led the Anaheim Angels with 33 home runs.

Answer: Mo _Vaughn_

11. Ah, to be young and beautiful! These two attributes are certainly useful in pursuing a career as an actress, but acting talent doesn't hurt either. Correctly identify the following three actresses who might actually posses all of these qualities, for ten points each.

a) This Canadian, who is physically compared to Uma Thurman, gained

critical acclaim for her portrayal of a bus accident survivor in _The

Sweet Hereafter_ and was prominently featured in last year's _Go_.

Answer: Sarah _Polley_

b) She had the good fortune to have good roles in both _American Beauty_

and _American Pie_ last year.

Answer: Mena _Suvari_

c) She portrayed a beauty contestant in last year's _Drop Dead Gorgeous_

and appeared in Sofia Coppola's debut directorial feature at Sundance 2000,

_The Virgin Suicides_.

Answer: Kirsten _Dunst_

12. We just had the hot actresses bonus so it's time to give the guys their due. Every actor's gotta start somewhere and some starts are less memorable than others. Identify these actors in film from their motion picture debut for 10 points, or from a more recent role for 5 points.

a) 10 point clue: Josh in Critters 3

5 point clue: Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries

Answer: Leonardo _DiCaprio_ (Note: If anyone just answers "Leo" with a

dreamy look in their eye, shoot them).

b) 10 point clue: Brad's Bud in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

5 point clue: H. I. McDonnough in Raising Arizona

Answer: Nicholas _Cage_

c) 10 point clue: Chip Diller in Animal House

5 point clue: Valentine McKee in Tremors

Answer: Kevin _Bacon_

13. The 2000 ESPY awards were just given out to numerous well-known athletes. Identify the following lesser known recepients for 10 points each.

A) This bowler won over $300,000 in prize money in 1999.

Answer: Parker _Bohn_ III

B) This jockey rode Charismatic to wins in both the Preakness and

Kentucky Derby.

Answer: Chris _Antley_

C) This skateboarder won the Alternative Athlete award for his

900-degree turn at the X-games.

Answer: Tony _Hawk_


14. 40-30-20-10-5-1. Identify the album from songs.

40 point clue: The album featured songs performed by artists.

30 point clue: Take It As It Comes

20 point clue: Dreams to Remember

10 point clue: Baby Don't Forget My Number

5 point clue: Blame it on the Rain

1 point clue: Girl You Know It's True

Answer: _Girl You Know It's True_ by Milli Vanilli

15. Players change teams in many sports and the same is true for wrestlers. For the stated number of points, identify these recent defectors who have jumped ship to join the WWF.

A) This master of the suplex gave up his title as ECW Champion and is

now on WWF where he (mercifully) ended Kurt Angle's undefeated streak. (10 pts)

Answer: _Taz_

B) 5 points for any two or 10 points for all four, name the 4 men who

jumped ship from WCW and were initially helping Cactus Jack but then

betrayed him to team up with Triple H.

Answer: _Perry Saturn_, _Chris Benoit_, _Eddie Guerrero_, and _Dean Malenko_

C) Upon joining WWF, he declared the upcoming millenium to be Y2J.

Answer: Chris _Jericho_

16. One can only hope, for the sakes of those of us either too cheap or broke to pay for HBO, that the cable network will eventually present episodes of _The Sopranos_ in an affordable and rentable format! Answer the following questions about the critically-acclaimed Mafia series for five points each.

a) Give the first name of the character, an anxiety-ridden crime boss and head of the Soprano clan, portrayed by actor James Gandolfini.

Answer: _Tony_

b) Name the Emmy-winning actress who plays his frustrated wife, Carmela.

Answer: Edie _Falco_

c) Provide the profession of the character portrayed by Lorraine Bracco, who received an Oscar nomination for her role in the mob movie _Goodfellas_.

Answer: _psychiatrist_ (prompt on doctor, but accept equivalents, if that

makes sense)

d) Name the actress who joined the cast this year as Tony's scam-artist sister Janice; she's not quite as famous as her actor cousins Nicholas and John.

Answer: Aida _Turturro_

e) Name the member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band who plays Silvio Dante, one of Tony's foils.

Answer: Steven _Van Zandt_.

f) Finally, name the show's creator, who has also written and produced for "Northern Exposure," "I'll Fly Away," and "The Rockford Files."

Answer: David _Chase_


17. In an effort to counter any high-falootin' questions from our teammate taking film studies classes, the author felt it necessary to include this bonus about Really Bad Movies. For ten points apiece, five points if you need the year and its star, identify these gems from the IMDB's 100 All-Time Worst list from facts in the IMDB description and the year of release.

a. 10 pts. - The CIA asks for the title ex-spy's help in stopping an evil force that is brainwashing small animals into killing people. The title character, however, has his own problems to deal with: winning back his ex-wife.

5 pts - Bill Cosby, 1987

Answer: _Leonard Part 6_

b. 10 pts. - Dr. Elena Kinder and Dr. Heap work for the world's leading manufacturer in baby products. What the public doesn't know, however, is that Dr. Kinder and Dr. Heap are secretly working on cracking the code to "baby talk."

5 pts. - Kathleen Turner, 1999

Answer: _Baby Geniuses_

c. 10 pts. - The long suffering wife of Chief Brody decides she's had enough of Amity and heads off to the Caribbean to join her son, daughter-in-law and grandchild.

5 pts. - Lorraine Gary, 1987

Answer: _Jaws: The Revenge_

18. At the start of the new decade, we have all heard numerous reflections on the 90s and all the changes they have brought about. For 10 points apiece, identify the following baseball players who have provided a refreshing level of stability by spending the entire decade of the 90s with the same team.

a. An elder statesman for the Atlanta Braves, this pitcher has been with the team since 1987. In between his participation in baseball labor disputes, he has put together 187 wins with his only major league team.

Answer: Tom _Glavine_

b. This light-hitting infielder debuted with the Angels in late 1989. It wasn't until 1992 that he hit his first home run, and in fact he went deep only 27 times in the 1990s. He missed much of the 1999 season, and put together an uncharacteristically low .229 average over 81 games.

Answer: Gary _DiSarcina_

c. This Mariner joined the team in 1987, and except for the injury plagued season of 1993 and the strike season of 1994, he hit .300 and played regularly every year of the decade. He collected 196 homers in the decade, most of which he spent as a DH.

Answer: _Edgar Martinez_

19. Identify the artists of these current top selling CD albums (according to for 5 points apiece.

A) Supernatural Answer: _Santana_

B) Two Against Nature Answer: _Steely Dan_

C) On How Life Is Answer: _Macy Gray_

D) Telling Stories Answer: Tracy _Chapman_

E) Bloodflowers Answer: The _Cure_

F) When I Look In Your Eyes Answer: Diana _Krall_

20. This year's Oscar nominations, as usual, contain pleasant surprises and unfortunate omissions. Answer the following questions about this topic, about which literally an entire round could be written, for ten points each.

a) _The Cider House Rules_ clearly provided one of the largest surprises with its nomination for best picture; name its director, who himself was also nominated this year and was previously nominated in 1987 for directing the Swedish film _My Life as a Dog_.

Answer: Lasse _Hallstrom_

b) Name the actress, best-known for her appearances in Australian movies such as _Muriel's Wedding_, who received a supporting nod for her portrayal of a concerned and confused mother in _The Sixth Sense_.

Answer: Toni _Collette_

c) Name the largely unheralded Best Actor nominee who received a supporting nomination back in 1978 for his role in _Comes a Horseman_.

Answer: Richard _Farnsworth_


21. Name the band 30-20-10-5-1

30: Formed by Michael Giles on January 13, 1969, this band drew its name from lyricist Peter Sinfield�s synonym for Beelzebub.

20: One time members of the band included Gordon Haskell, Mel Collins, Andy McCullough, Keith Trippett, Marc Charig, Ian Wallace, Boz Burrell, David Cross, Greg Lake, and Jamie Muir.

10: The band�s albums include In the Wake of Poseidon, Islands, Lizard, Larks Tongues in Aspic, USA, Red, and more recently Thrak.

5: Their best known and longest lasting line-up included Tony Levin, Bill Bruford, Adrian Belew, and co-founder Robert Fripp, the quartet responsible for the albums Discipline, Beat, and Three of a Perfect Pair.

1: One recent album was entitled A Young Listener�s Guide to King Crimson.


22. Name the game show from description, FTPE.

a. These green spaces border the 1.00 space and mean $5,000 on the bonus spin on the Showcase Showdown wheel.

Answer : _5_ and _15_

b. For 5 points each, name the man who currently gets to say "Come on down!" six times per episode as the announcer, and the man he replaced, who died in 1985.

Answer : Johnny _Olsen_ and Rod _Roddy_

c. This man hosted an afternoon version of the show during the mid-1980's that was short lived.

Answer : Tom _Kennedy_

23. If memory serves me right, there is a television show in Japan which pits chefs from around the world in culinary combat against pre-chosen masters in an arena called Kitchen Stadium. Answer the following questions about the show Iron Chef, for the stated number of points.

A) For 5 points, name the show's Chairman who reveals the theme

ingredient at the beginning of each show.

Answer: _Kaga_ Takeshi

B) For 10 points, name any one of the three main iron chefs (Japanese,

French, or Chinese).

Answer: Masaharu _Morimoto_ (Japanese), _Chen Kenichi_ (Chinese),

Hiroyuki _Sakai_ (French)

C) For 15 points, name the little used Iron Chef Italian

Answer: Masahiko _Kobe_

24. Are they teaching Satanic rites to innocent middle-American children or are they just harmless kids books. Whatever the case, they're worth 30 points here. Answer the following questions about the Harry Potter series of children's books for 5 points each.

A) Name the School for Wizard's that Harry Potter attends.

Answer: _Hogwarts_

B) Name the headmaster of Hogwarts, arguably the world's greatest magician.

Answer: Ambus _Dumbledore_

C) Name the caretaker/groundskeeper of Hogwarts who becomes promoted to

teach the class: Care of Magical Creatures.

Answer: Rubeus _Hagrid_

D) Name Harry's rival at Hogwarts who plays quidditch for Slatheryn

House and whose father may have ties to the evild Lord Voldemort.

Answer: _Draco Malfoy_

E) Harry is part of Griffyndor House and their rivals are Slatheryn

House. There are two other houses at Hogwarts. Name them for 5 points each.

Answer: _Hufflepuff_ and _Ravenclaw_