Round 5 � Georgetown Alums � Beltway IV


1. This search engine was created by Wired Digital, Inc., uses the NeoPlanet Web Browser (*) and is part of the Lycos Network. However, it is probably best known for its commercials, in which you are admonished to "search smarter". Their commercials made fun of other engines that returned 57,345 links for every subject, including one that "Downloaded compromising shots of Coolidge" under the heading political sandals. FTP, name this search engine, that warns you not to waste time with old links.


2. Before it was replaced this season, this was the oldest arena in use in the NBA, opening in 1959, and was the site of the 1968 NCAA Final Four. (*) People who have toiled in this arena include Harold Miner and Lisa Leslie while in college, as well as Michael Cage, Ken Norman, Loy Vaught, Danny Manning and Benoit Benjamin while professionals. FTP, name this arena, home to the Lakers before the Forum was built in 1967, and the home of the Clippers from 1985-1999.

Answer: _L.A._SPORTS_ arena

3. Two wacky roommates try to set up their other housemate, a bookworm, with the man of her dreams the night before graduation, played by Michael Ontkean of Slapshot (*)and Twin Peaks fame. Under the direction of the star's mother, hilarity ensues as they try to set the singer/actress up in this 1987 bomb. FTP, name this film, which stars Dedee Pfeiffer and Joan Cusack as the roomates of Bangles lead singer Susanna Hoffs, and was directed by her mother, Tamar Simon Hoffs.


4. Born in 1962 in Montreal, this man recorded with Paul Anka as a teenager,(*) and wrote two songs on Celine Dion's "Let's Talk About Love". He now lives in the Bahamas with his wife, singer Julie Masse and his daughters India, Dante and River. He had 3 gold albums from 1984 to 1990, First Offense, Fields of Fire, and Boy in the Box, the first Canadian album to be certified "Diamond". FTP, name this singer of Everything in my Heart, Sunglasses at Night, and Never Surrender.

Answer: Corey _HART_

5. A student of David Mamet's at Goddard College in Vermont,(*) he is set to star in Mamet's upcoming film State and Main with Alec Baldwin and Sarah Jessica Parker. He was US Attorney John McCormack on the pilot episode of Law and Order, and made his film debut in 1980 with Somewhere in Time. His films include Searching for Bobby Fischer, The Client, Mr. Holland's Opus, and Boogie Nights. FTP, name this actor, Dr. David Morgenstern on ER, and lunkhead car salesman Jerry Lundergaard in Fargo.

Answer William H. _MACY_

6. Born in 1920 in Pittsburgh, he got his start as a radio announcer, like most in his profession. He almost wasn't hired for the new medium of televison, for a childhood case of polio had left him with a limp.(*) He garnered just two Emmy nominations, despite hosting 24 gameshows from 1948 until his death in 1990. He is the only man to have hosted shows on 3 networks simultaneously, which he did in 1964 with Eye Guess, I've Got a Secret, and The Price is Right. FTP, name this panelist on shows such as Password and Cross Wits , and the host of Hot Potato, Child's Play, To Tell the Truth, Blockbusters, and Jack Barry's replacement on The Joker's Wild.

Answer: Bill _CULLEN_


7. This University has the fourth-largest arena in the NCAA,(*) the 22,700 seat Marriott Center, but the last time they finished the season in the top 20 was 1988, under Ladell Andersen and led by Boston Celtics 1st round dog Michael Smith. However, the football team has had much more success, posting the only 14-win season in Division 1-A in 1996, with a Cotton Bowl win over Kansas State, led by QB Steve Sarkisian. Other QBs who have played for this school include Marc Wilson and Robbie Bosco. FTP, name this school, alma mater of Danny Ainge, Jim McMahon, Shawn Bradley, and Steve Young.

Answer: _BYU_ or _BRIGHAM_YOUNG_ University

8. A locksmith. A cab ride. Non-fat Salad Dressing. An umbrella. (*) Fruit. A 4-piece orchestra. Teddy Grahams. Clothing. Beans and Franks. Franks and Beans. These are all items purchased by Jerry Seinfeld in commercials for what, which the Pope once warned people in Mad Magazine to not leave Rome without?

Answer: _AMERICAN_EXPRESS_ (Prompt on Jerry Seinfeld)

9. Advertised heavily on TV in 1998, this is a 2-CD compilation from Triage Records, even though some thought it was an Energizer Bunny set-up. The songs include Al-Di-La,(*) Speak Softy Love, Lazy Mary, Return to Me, and I Have But One Heart. The album cover featured a gold CD with 3 bullet holes in it, hence the name. FTP, name this collection, which features Rosemary Clooney's Mambo Italiano, Dean Martin's That's Amore, and of course, My Way; a tribute to songs from films of the genre.

Answer: _MOB_HITS_

10. This series' reruns were just picked up by the Family Channel, where they will air Fridays at 8.(*) The first debut of the 1994-95 season, it of course, was doomed to failure. Created by Winnie Holzman and produced by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick , its cast members have turned up in the past two years on shows such as Felicity, It's Like You Know, and Party of Five, and movies like Nixon, Prefontaine, Switchback, and How to Make an American Quilt. However, its star has gone on to bigger, but maybe not better roles. FTP name this show, about the trials and tribulations of Angela Chase, played by Claire Danes.


11. In the first version of this game, you would snoop around in Steve's pigeonhole, and find a stack of subpoenas. (*) You also would meet the alcoholic Art Serabian and homicidal Marvin Hoffman, and have a drink at the Blue Room. In version 2, you have a partner, Keith, who chain smokes, and you drive a Yugo as you search for Jesse Bains. At this point, you are married to your high school sweetheart, Sweet Cheeks Marie, who was previously a hooker. In version 3, you are now a sergeant, partnered with Pat Morales, looking for a Satanic serial killer, who has stabbed Marie. FTP, name this game created by Jim Walls for the Sierra network, where you are Officer Sonny Bonds of the Lytton, CA police department.



12. Last name's the same. One attended Tufts University, has the middle name of Marie and is the daughter of Lawrence(*) Tierney, Joe in "Reservoir Dogs". The other attended Evansville University, and has compiled a 123-116 record in 11 seasons with 4 clubs. The former has dated Judge Reinhold, Patrick Warburton and Matt McCoy, and the other was the #1 pick of the 1988 draft by the Padres, but has also pitched for the Mariners, Cardinals, and Diamondbacks. FTP, name the shared last name of Andy and Elaine.

Answer: BENES

13. A 1974 graduate of Greenwich High School, he designed the Whammy on Press Your Luck.(*) His directing credits include the TV series of Encyclopedia Brown and EeK! the Cat. He is known to frequently employ Curtis Armstrong, now on Felicity an employee of Dean and DeLuca. Also the creator of the 'Little Fuzzy Bunnies", cartoons play a prominent role in his films. FTP, name this director films such as How I Got Into College, One Crazy Summer, and Better Off Dead.

Answer: Savage Steve _HOLLAND_


14. During the credits of this 1998 film, scored by George Clinton, the scenes that occurred off-camera are shown to the viewer,(*) piecing together the mystery. Taking place in Blue Bay, FL, women that the main character has affairs with include Barbara Baxter and Sandra Van Ryan. Detective Ray Duquette determines that Suzie Toller, Kelly Van Ryan, and Sam Lombardo have hatched a scheme to force an 8 million dollar settlement from Sandra, and the various double crosses make up the rest of the plot twists. FTP, name this John McNaughton film, which features Theresa Russell, Bill Murray, Kevin�s "bacon," Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillon.

Answer: _WILD_THINGS_ (Note how tastefully-written this tossup is. Learn.)

15. Newly acquired Phillies knuckleballer Steve Sparks blew out his shoulder in 1996 while attempting to tear apart a phone book trying to imitate one,(*) and you might find someone moonlighting as one when not coaching Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy Jr, and Shane Battier. Or, you could find one in Little Rock, AR, at Results 2000. Also, you might find one in a basement eating no-doze for seven hours or living in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER. FTP, name this profession, shared by Tony Robbins, Mike Krzyzewski in the off-season, and Matt Foley.


16. He is one of two major leaguers to have 20 homers and 80 steals in the same season.(*) He hit a home run in his first World Series at-bat off Dave Stewart and owns three Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers, and has played in 2 All -Star games, but has never led the league in any offensive category, as injuries have dogged him throughout his career. After a renaissance year in 1998 with the Orioles, he signed with the Cardinals as a free agent, but hit only .257 in 191 at-bats as injuries limited him again. FTP, name this one-time superstar in waiting, who also has played for the Tigers, Dodgers, and Reds.

Answer: Eric _DAVIS_

17. They were formed in Melbourne in 1985 was in their heyday in the mid-80s as a trio,(*) but added the lead singer's brother, Tim, in 1991. Their biggest hit was played in the mini-series The Stand. The song "She Will Have Her Way" from the Felicity soundtrack was recorded by lead singer Neil Finn, who along with fellow Split Enz member Paul Hester, founded this group associated with New Zealand. FTP, name this band that had 2 top-10 hits in 1987 with "Something So Strong" and "Don't Dream It's Over".


18. In this book, important sequences are trips from Staten Island to Manhattan to Beekman's Department store to buy roller skates,(*) and to the Bronx Zoo to see Bobo, the baboon. Main characters John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen befriend an older man they meet while playing phone games, who says his wife is in California when she's really dead. Ultimately, the older man dies of a heart attack, and the kids are left to contemplate what role they played. FTP, name this Paul Zindel staple of Young Adult reading, where the title refers to the ceramic animals Angelo Pignati kept.

Answer: The _PIGMAN_

19. This author, whose name is taken from her children, set the first book in 2058 New York City,(*) where the main character is a detective. In this series, she romances mysterious Irish billionaire Rourke, while delving deep into underworld crimes as Detective Eve Dallas. Subsequent books in the author's series include Immortal in Death, Holiday in Death, Rapture in Death, as well as the first title, Naked in Death. FTP, name this author, the Richard Bachman of Nora Roberts.

Answer J.D. _ROBB_ (Prompt on Nora Roberts)

20. According to the Onion, Ronald DeGaetano,(*) the sole survivor of the Alaska Airlines crash, has this group's song "Sole Survivor" stuck in is head. Other hits for this band include "Don't Cry" and "Only Time Will Tell." Their albums include their self-titled 1982 debut, Astra, and Alpha. FTP, name this band, the first supergroup of the 80s, which featured Steve Howe and Geoffrey Downes from yes!, and Carl Palmer from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, whose only #1 was "Heat of the Moment" in 1982, and shares their name with a continent.

Answer: _ASIA_


21. She's the junior partner, has long flowing blonde hair, and is the best athlete and prettiest girl in the fifth grade.(*) The first time she saw head Tiger Bugs Meany bullying a Cub Scout, she jumped off her bike and dropped him with her first punch, and opened up a can of ass-whooping on him. For this reason, Bugs never beats the crap out of boy genius Encyclopedia Brown. FTP, give the name of this Donald J. Sobol creation.

Answer: Sally _KIMBALL_

22. He was the 11th overall selection of the Dallas Mavericks in the 1980 draft out of UCLA,(*) but never played for them. His given name is Ernest Maurice, and his father was an NBA player for the Knicks in the 50s. A 2-time all-star he averaged 19.7 in a 13-year career for four teams. Thriving in Doug Moe's wide-open offense, he finished second to Bernard King for the scoring title in 1984. FTP, name this Clipper, Knick, Trail Blazer, and Nugget, whose girlish first name was a subject of much ridicule.

Answer: Kiki _VANDEWEGHE_



1. Lesbian kisses. Always interesting to men. Given the actresses locked in Sapphic affection, name the show, 5-10-15

  1. Calista Flockhart and Lucy Liu �
  2. Answer: _ALLY_MCBEAL_

  3. Michele Greene and Amanda Donohoe
  4. Answer: _L.A._LAW_

  5. Sara Rue and Tammy Lynn Michaels (You have no idea how long it took me to find that!!)



2. Not to be unfair, here is a gay male-based movie question. 5-10-15.

a) This 1994 Elaine May effort was a remake of the 1978 French film "La Cage Aux Folles," and features Dan Futterman and Calista Flockhart in supporting roles.

Answer: The _BIRDCAGE_

b) This 1994 film stars Steven Weber, as the title character, an HIV-positive gay man who is convinced he can't find love. He meets Michael T. Weiss at the gym. Patrick Stewart and Nathan Lane appear in supporting roles.

Answer: _JEFFREY_

c) This 1982 stinkaroo stars Michael Ontkean of Twin Peaks fame, married for 8 years to beautiful Kate Jackson, before discovering he is latently homosexual. Harry Hamlin costars in this outing from Love Story director Arthur Hiller.


3. Given some characters from a Scott Turow novel, name the book on a 5-10-15 basis.

  1. Dan Lipranzer, Rusty Sabich, Raymond Horgan

  3. Sandy Stern, Dixon Hartnell, John Granum, Helen Dudak
  4. Answer: The _BURDEN_OF_PROOF_

  5. Sonia Klonsky, Seth Weissman, Michael Frain, Nile Eddgar


4. Baby, if you've ever wondered�well, I wonder who watched The New WKRP in Cincinnati. I didn't. Answer theses questions about the New WKRP FTSNOP.

  1. For 5 points each, name the characters that reprised their roles as regulars on the New WKRP

Answers: Arthur _CARLSON_ (Gordon Jump), Herb _TARLEK_ (Frank Bonner), and Les _NESSMAN_ (Richard Sanders)

b) For 15 - he played program director Donovan Aderhold

For 5 - he's better known for roles in Heat and Wildcats, as well as Bubba in Forrest Gump.

Answer: Mykelti _WILLIAMSON_


5. Music videos. Given a video and a part, name who plays it. 5-5-10-10.

a) Girl in bedroom in Melissa Etheridge's 'Come to my Window"

Answer: Juliette _LEWIS_

b) Dancer in Janet Jackson's "Love Will Do Without You"

Answer: Dijmon _HONJTSOU_

c) Eddie Rebel's agent in Tom Petty's "Into the Great Wide Open"

Answer: Faye _DUNAWAY_

d) This VJ was one of the party girls in the Beastie Boys's "You've Gotta Fight for your Right To Party"

Answer: Tabitha _SOREN_


6. Stolen bases. A lost art. Long gone are the days of 100-steal seasons and the Running Redbirds. Given a team, name who led it in SBs for the 1999 season. 5 points each and 5 for all correct.

a) Arizona Diamondbacks Answer: Tony _WOMACK_

b) Baltimore Orioles Answer: Brady _ANDERSON_

c) Los Angeles Dodgers Answer: _ERIC_YOUNG_

d) Atlanta Braves Answer: _CHIPPER_JONES_

e) Pittsburgh Pirates Answer: _KEVIN_YOUNG_

7. Identify these people from their roles on the 1984 series E/R, about a moonlighting doctor who needs the money to pay alimony. 10 pts. On the first clue, 5 if you need another role.

a) The star of the show, he played the moonlighter, Dr. Howard Sheinfeld

For 5 - Jack Geller on "Friends", Trapper John in the movie M(*)A(*)S(*)H

Answer: Elliott _GOULD_

b) Ace, the nephew of the head nurse, Joan Thor played by Conchata Ferrell

For 5 - Booker, Jackie and Roseanne's boss at Wellman Plastics on 'Roseanne"

Answer: George _CLOONEY_

c) Hospital administrator Harold Stickley

For 5 - Philip Stuckey, Richard Gere's lawyer in "Pretty Woman", The host of the Jerry Stiller celebrity roast.

Answer: Jason _ALEXANDER_

8. Given a clue, name the musician for 5 points each.

a) Half Jewish, and if put together with Lenny Kravitz, would make a 'Funky Badass Jew", according to Adam Sandler

Answer: Courtney _LOVE_

b) They fought with the Spice Girls in the Superbowl verison of Celebrity Deathmatch

Answer: Zachary, Taylor and Isaac _HANSON_

c) He cut down the light rigging to kill both The Spice Girls and Hanson, he's not Josh Saviano or Brice Beckham, as was rumored.


d) His was the first video to appear on Say What? , and the refrain begins 'Soy un perdeor", not "soiled from head to toe", as some thought.

Answer: _BECK_ (Tim Young thought it went "I�m a lizard, baby.")

e)Finally, for 5 points each, these are all mentioned in what song by what band?


9. 30-20-10, name the current NHL Coach

30 - In 1977, while with Phoenix Roadrunners in the WHA, he was named 1st team Center

20 - From 1987-1989, he coached the LA Kings to a 65-56-11 record, but was replaced by Tom Webster

10 - He was recently suspended one game for throwing a bench onto the ice to protest a non-call in Detroit

Answer Robbie _FTOREK_

10. Given a plot summary, name the Cynthia Voigt novel about the Tillerman family, 10 points each

a) 4 children, Dicey, James, Sammy and Maybeth are abandoned by their mentally ill mother Liza Tillerman in a Massachusetts parking lot. They make their way to their grandmother's house in Crisfield, Maryland, where she agrees to take them in.


b) The sequel to Homecoming, it won the Newberry Medal in 1983. The children are settling in to life in Maryland, as Maybeth takes piano lessons. In the end, the grandmother and the eldest granddaughter travel to Boston when Liza dies, and they bring her ashes back to be buried.

Answer: _DICEY'S_SONG_

c) The youngest son, Samuel, is an enigmatic cross-country ace everyone calls Bullet. Constantly at odds with his controlling father, he eventually enlists for the Vietnam War, where he is killed in action.

Answer: The _RUNNER_


11. OK. Start groaning. This is what happens when Phil has to write geek questions. Given a recently re-released dual land from Magic: The Gathering, name the two colors of mana it may be used for. To refresh your memory, your choices are white, blue, red, green, and black. Five points for each color directly identified.

  1. Taiga
  2. Answer: _RED_ and _GREEN_

  3. Tundra
  4. Answer: _BLUE_ and _WHITE_

  5. Badlands

Answer: _BLACK_ and _RED_

12. Name the 80s music queen, 30-20-10.

30- She sang backup to Don Henley on "Man With a Mission" on his 1985 album "Building the Perfect Beast"

20- Born in 1958 in Hollywood; married to Morgan Mason, Diane Keaton directed a video for her, and her solo albums include Live Your Life Be Free, and the hit "Circle in the Sand"

10 - Better known albums include Heaven on Earth and the songs I Get Weak and Mad About You.

Answer Belinda _CARLISLE_

13. Answer the following questions about wrongly attributed e-mails. 10 points each.

a) Something called "The Paradoxes of Our Time", featuring stuff like "We spend more but have less"; "We've conquered outer space, but not inner space" has been wrongly attributed to this comedian, who has always said that "The planet is fine: The PEOPLE are fucked!".

Answer: George _CARLIN_

b) Who ran this in their nationally syndicated column; although they listed the author as anonymous?

Answer: Ann _LANDERS_

c) In 1997, the Sunscreen tome was circulated, supposedly the graduation speech of what author? (It was not.)

Answer: Kurt _VONNEGUT_

14. NBA Slam Dunk contest. Provide answers. 5-5-10-10.

a) This Celtic won with a supposed no-look dunk where he placed his arm over his eyes. He now toils for the Toronto Raptors.

Answer: Dee _BROWN_

b) This then-Sun was supposedly blindfolded and still managed to dunk the ball. After a stop in LA, he is now with the Mavericks.

Answer: Cedric _CEBALLOS_

c) Last time before this year, a white guy won, leading to its demise. Name this then-Clipper, now a Sonic, a former Oregon State star.


d) This New York Knicks forward, who was overhyped in college at Kentucky and the pros, it was his most noteworthy achievement when he won with a basic 360. Name him, nicknamed "Sky"

Answer: Kenny _WALKER_

15. In honor of Charlie Brown, given a character, name the position they play on Charlie Brown's baseball team. Five each and five for all correct.

  1. Charlie Brown
  2. Answer: _PITCHER_

  3. Schroeder
  4. Answer: _CATCHER_

  5. Snoopy
  6. Answer: _SHORTSTOP_

  7. Lucy Van Pelt
  8. Answer: _CENTER_FIELD_

  9. Linus Van Pelt



16. OK. No real choice when I have to write the girl questions as well. Given a Care Bear, name what was on her/his tummy. TPE.

  1. Cheer Bear
  2. Answer: _RAINBOW_

  3. Grumpy Bear
  4. Answer: _STORM CLOUD_ or equivalents

  5. Secret Bear

Answer: _LOCK_

17. Answer these in-all-probability related questions. FTSNOP.

a) 5 - What British Author is known for a series of books about Arthur Dent called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Answer: Douglas ADAMS

b) 15 - Adams designed this computer game, where the largest intergalactic ship ever built crashes on its maiden voyage, and you must save it. The title is a combination of a 1997 Paul Verhoeven film and a 1997 James Cameron film.


c) 10 - Who wrote the book "Starship Titanic", a member of the Monty Python comedy troupe?

Terry _JONES _

18. Given ingredients, name these girly-type drinks. 10 points each.

  1. Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice
  2. Answer: _WOO-WOO_

  3. All of a Woo Woo and grapefruit juice
  4. Answer: _SEX_ON_THE_BEACH_

  5. Vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice

Answer: _SEA_BREEZE_

19. Several major schools have new basketball coaches this year. Given a coach and team, name what school he was an assistant last year. If you need his former boss, you'll get five points.

a) 10 - Quin Snyder - Missouri

5- Mike Krzyzewski

Answer: _DUKE_

b) 10 - Matt Doherty - Notre Dame

5 - Roy Williams

Answer: _KANSAS_

c) 10 - Paul Graham - Washington State

5- Eddie Sutton


20. Answer these related music questions FTSNOP.

5 - It's the title of Faith Hill's latest single

Answer: _BREATHE_

10- It's the title of Madonna's 1991 album featuring songs from Dick Tracy, and Vogue


15 - It's the only hit of the soft-rock group Breathe



21. Name these discontinued pricing games from "The Price is Right". TPE.

a) There were four double-decker buses with prices on them. A player could choose to push the buses over to line up the correct prices of the two prizes bring offered.

Answer: _BUMP_

b) The studio player would attempt to match prices of products with a viewer who was calling in.


c) A player would try to choose two prizes out of four whose prices would add up to a number. 2 chances were given

Answer: _TAKE_TWO_

22. Ah. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. How quickly we forget. Answer the following related questions FTSNOP.

a) 5 - What was the name of Tonya's husband who helped plan the attack? He pled guilty in a plea bargain.

Answer: Jeff _GILLOOLY_

b) 5 - She was bumped from the Olympics when Nancy Kerrigan was given a spot. She has won 4 US Championships, including this year's, and the Silver Medal in Nagano.

Answer: Michelle _KWAN_

c) 10 - The attack took place in the back halls of what arena?

Answer: _COBO_ Arena

d) 10 - What actress, also known for Just the Ten of Us, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, played Nancy Kerrigan in the TV Movie?

Answer: Heather _LAGENKAMP_