Finals � GW � Beltway IV

1. The singer died in 1985 in the crash of JAL flight 123.(*) Concerning the author�s unrequited love for Meiko Nakamura, its lyrics begin "I look up when I walk so the tears won�t fall." Despite being incomprehensible to most Americans, it replaced "It�s My Party" by Leslie Gore as #1 in 1963, thus becoming the sole song to go #1 in both the US and Japan. FTP name this Kyu Sakamoto hit.

Answer: _Sukiyaki_ or _Ue_O_Muite_Arukoo_ (accept "I Look Up When I Walk" before it is mentioned)

2. Her biography is marred by her time as mistress to Nazi(*)Hans Gunther von Dincklage, who allowed her to live in the Ritz hotel in Paris. She first made her name in 1920�s, then in the 1930�s almost married the Duke of Winchester, explaining her refusal with by saying that there was only one of her. A Katherine Hepburn role in 1969, she died in 1971, her company today in the hands of Karl Lagerfeld. FTP, name this designer, the first to give her name to a perfume with 1923�s eponymous "No. 5."

Answer: Coco _Chanel_

3. Captain Hook. A demon named Darkness. A rotten kidnapper named (*) Rooster Hannigan. Ebeneezer Scrooge. Cardinal Richelieu. Pennywise the Clown. Depending on your perspective, the real Mr. Boddy. For ten points, what actor has portrayed, on voice or on screen, all of these villains, but is best known for his major malevolent character, Dr. Frank N. Furter in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show?"

A: Tim _Curry_

4. His homepage included "Morally Instructive Games" such as "Punish the Deviant," and he�s been seen acting in the name of the Americans for (*) Disciplined Behavior as a one-man interdictor of shipping � despite his fictitiousness, being a creation of Wells BDDP. FTP, name this bespectacled anti-spokesman for Amstel beer.

A: Garrison _Boyd_

5. The Duke and Dutchess of Bournemouth leave a child behind, who ends up being raised by a Hindu Indian family. As an adult played by (*) Eric Idle, the boy later meets the man whom the parents found while searching for their baby long ago, played by Rick Moranis. John Cleese pops up, trying unsuccessfully to kill Moranis so that Idle can lay his claim to the dukeship. FTP, name this movie, whose name is something an ax can do, as well.

Answer: _Splitting_Heirs_

6. There may have been numerous other victims, but of the three we know about, one was a teacher, one a judge, and the first a woman who agreed to date him named (*) Joan. The title character, played in a 1977 film by Steve Martin, had a fan club that included Rose and Valerie and we don't know what became of him or the weapon he used, since mercifully, his creator, Paul McCartney, doesn't tell us. For ten points name this homicidal doctor or the Beatles song about him from the Abbey Road album.

Answer : Maxwell _Edison_ or "_Maxwell's Silver Hammer_" (prompt on Maxwell")

7. He stopped breathing briefly after a fall in a bathroom in Port St. Lucie, Florida.(*) This is just the latest bit of hard luck for this man, on Prozac for anxiety problems since his 1995 elbow injury. An off-season trade for scrub infielder Luis Lopez brought him back to the Big Apple from a stint in Milwaukee. FTP name this oft-injured, once promising lefty hurler, in his second tour of duty with the Mets.

A: Bill _Pulsipher_

8. Brothers Ken and Dave Dryden play goal for opposing teams for the first time;(*) Gilbert Perrault of Buffalo wins the Calder Cup; Bobby Orr wins his second Hart Trophy in a row; the Atlanta Flames and New York Islanders are awarded franshcises. All this occurred, FTP, in what year, in which Al McNeil�s Montreal Canadiens take the Stanley Cup, defeating the Chicago Blackhawks?

A: _1971_


9. This Swedish quartet, composed of two women, one blonde and one brunette,(*) and two men, had three songs from their first album in the US Top 10. However, they soon became one of the 90s many one hit wonders, with songs such as "It�s a Beautiful Life" and "Cruel Summer" FTP, name this band, most famous for "All That She Wants" and "The Sign"

Answer: _Ace_of_Base_

10. "Hot Channels," "Heavy Load," "Sexual Freedom in the Ozarks,"(*) and several Chuck Vincent-directed films were originally her claim to fame in the 1970s. All that changed, however, when she hooked up with producer Gregg Diamond in 1975 to record an album for Buddah Records that became an unexpected hit during the disco era. For ten points, name this porno starlet turned singer, whose singing career amounted to little more, more, more, than her one hit.

A : Andrea _True_

11. He entered Cal Tech in 1956 only to flunk out after a year and a half(*) when he found a bookstore filled with sci-fi magazines. He later graduated with a BA in math and a minor in psychology from Washburn University Kansas in 1962. After completing a year of graduate work he dropped out to write. His first published story was "The Coldest Place" yet he's perhaps more known for his characters Gil Hamilton and Beowulf Shaeffer. FTP identify this sci-fi author of the novel "Lucifer�s Hammer" and the "Ringworld" series.

A: Larry _Niven_

12. Her first career final was at Roland Garros in 1994, but her first and only Grand Slam win was the 1995 (*) Australian Openm after which she reached her peak WTA ranking at #3. For one year she was the record holder for youngest American pro tennis player until Jennifer Capriati came along, although she was not born in the US and doesn't live there now, either. For ten points, identify this woman, as of last week ranked 6th by the WTA, who helped her adopted country, France, win the Fed Cup in 1997.

Answer : Mary _Pierce_

13. Two men who for some reason remember song lengths as well as lyrics do battle with a rogue cell of CIA agents who have (*) candybars for nicknames, battling over a secret plan involving stealing Da Vinci works on behalf of a screwy couple bent on world domination. For ten points, name this now cult QB favorite of a film, written by its star and featuring David Caruso, Andie McDowell, Sandra Bernahard, Danny Aiello, James Coburn, and, in the title role, Bruce Willis.

Answer: _Hudson_Hawk_

14. "The Diamond Head Game." "Rhyme and Reason," "Trivia Trap" (*) "Dream House" From 1986 to 1989, Card Sharks." All these shows were hosted by, FTP, what Michigan-born man, best known for asking sensitive and touching questions about making "whoopee" on the "Newlywed Game?"

Answer: Bob _Eubanks_

15. Back of the book, impact, talking points, unresolved problems, viewer mail, and the most ridiculous item of the day(*) are among this show's segments. Its host, a native of Levittown, New York, is a former CBS News correspondent and recent Harvard graduate, who has also written the mystery novel "Those Who Trespass." FTP, name this talk show hosted by a former anchor of "Inside Edition," broadcast nightly on the Fox News Channel.

_The O'Reilly Factor_ or _The Factor_ (prompt on Bill O'Reilly)

16. They *are* girls. One of their lines(*) comes in "pretty," "lucky," "crazy," and "romantic" shades, while they can also boast seventy-six regular flavors of lip gloss, such as "Dreamy Creamy Pearl," "Starfruit," and "Dr. Pepper." Those lines are called Bottled Emotion and Lip Smackers, and this is, FTP, what makeup company?

Answer: __Bonne_Bell__


17. A small band of space pirates tricked Earth scientists into importing organisms designed as biological weapons. They wreak havoc on the Galactic Federation,(*) so it is up to our hero to go to the pirates� home planet and stop the pirates� scheme. At the conclusion of the game, which takes place on planet Zebes, after the monsters Kraid and Ridley have been eliminated and the Mother Brain destroyed, we find out that the heroic warrior Seamus Aran is actually a beautiful woman. For ten points, identify this Nintendo classic, named for the energy-sucking creatures that must be destroyed.

A: _Metroid_

18. An fictional asteroid orbiting the earth known as Texlahoma,(*) an imagined nuclear blast at a supermarket, a final declaration that the Sun is not in fact your enemy, the vandalism of car with the bumper sticker "I'm Spending My Kids' Inheritance," and a lexicon of neologisms such as Brazilifacation and McJob, all occur in this tale of three twentysomethings in exile from mainstream society in Palm Beach, California. For ten points, name this novel, in which Dag, Claire, and Andy hang around in the desert, which gave rise to a common term used to refer to those born in or near 1970, which put author Douglas Coupland on the map.

A: _Generation X_

19. It chronicled stories about heavily fictionalized autobiography entitled "Naked Came I,"(*) bizarre laments about the Osmonds� divorce, a TV-worshipping computer called the Banana Junior 6000, , the transplant of Donald Trump's brain into that of a cat, Steve's abduction and brain transversal, Rosebud the Basselope's lonely travails and the rise and fall of Deathtongue. FTP these are some of the many storylines of what famous comic strip, created by Berkley Breathed.

Answer: _Bloom_County_ (Do not accept "Outland."

20. Contrary to popular belief, their name does not derive from the amount of semen in the average male ejaculation.(*) Its four original members formed in England in the early 70's when they recorded the novelty song "Donna." Their biggest hit came in 1975, but two years later, band members Kevin Godley and Lol Creme left to form their own duo. FTP, name this band that achieved AM Gold immortality with their hit "I'm Not in Love."

Answer: _10cc_

21. This native of South Philly preferred soccer to basketball at first, but developed impressive enough moves to help coach Clarence Gaines win the NCAA Division II title in 1967 for (*) Winston-Salem State. Drafted by Baltimore, he and Wes Unseld brought unprecedented success to the Bullets before his 1971 trade to the archrival Knicks. Despite knee and leg problems, he played for 13 years and amassed 17,454 points in 926 games. For ten points, name this Hall of Fame guard, called by teammate Bill Bradley "the best playground player ever," whose nicknames included "Black Magic," and, of course, "The Pearl."

Answer: Earl _Monroe_






1. Identify these women known for their historical romance novels, FTP each.

This former zoologist is known for her trilogy "Outlanders" series of middlebrow romance novels set primarily in 18th century Scotland.

A: Diana _Gabaldon_

This prolific author, who died in 1975, wrote mysteries and some modern romances, but is best known for her "Regency romances" set in early 19th Century England such as "Arabella" and "The Reluctant Widow."

A: Georgette _Heyer_

Her novel "Runaway Bride" was _not_ made into a Julia Roberts film, but is one of her many works set in late 19th century Texas such as "Passion for Hire." She�s also known for a being in a leading figure in the developing genre of "time-travel" romance novels with "Love Storm" and "Time�s Image."

A: Rosalyn _Alsobrook_

2. Horror movie math! Given a math equation, solve it, according to the IMDB. Include all direct-to-video releases but do NOT include films that have not been released. For instance, if we said "Critters" minus "The English Patient," you would say [pause] 3, since there were four "Critters" movies.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" plus "Friday the 13th" A: _16_ (7+9)

"Halloween" minus "Silent Night, Deadly Night" A: _2_ (7-5)

"Phantasm" plus "Ghoulies" A: _8_ (4+4)

3. posted documents confirming that Fox's recently married multi-millionaire was charged with beating his former girlfriend. Answer the following about other documents posted on that site, FTPE:

a. A young Fidel Castro wrote a letter to this former President, asking him for 10 dollars.

Answer: _F_ranklin Delano _Roosevelt_

b. This creator of "Homeless Jeopardy" also created a charity for the homeless in his name, according to legal documents.

Answer: Howard _Stern_

c. Even more amusing is the Probable Cause Affidavit one can view involving a Florida man who offered a boy this prize if the boy would hold a lighted cigarette to his arm.

Answer: _Pokemon card_s

4. Regis! Regis! Regis! Test your knowledge of all things Regis, for the stated number of points:

(note to moderator: be a prick and constantly ask team if "that is their final answer")

5 - Regis Philbin calls this Catholic school his alma mater.

University of _Notre Dame_

5 � Regis� first major gig was as an announcer on this short lived ABC competitor to the "Tonight Show."

The _Joey Bishop Show_

10 - Regis also calls this woman his second wife.

_Joy_ Senese

10 - After hosting an early 80's exercise show, and before Kathie Lee Epstein came along, this ex-wife of a former Dodgers first baseman was Regis' sidekick.

Cyndy _Garvey_

5. So ya think we only play hockey, eh? Well, ya know, we got other famous sports people. Name them, FTSNP.

For 5, he wasn't the MVP, but in the 1991 World Series, he hit the homerun that kept the Twins from losing Game 6. He retired after losing sight in one eye to glaucoma.

ANSWER: Kirby _Puckett_

For 15 points, this 7 foot 1 U. of Minn. center recently declared his intention to enter the draft after being suspended by coach Dan Monson over his not attending classes.

ANSWER: Joel _Pryzbilla_

For 10 points, this man WAS the MVP of the 1991 ALCS and the World Series after coming over from the Tigers. He pitching was never the same after the series, but he did land a big contract from the Blue Jays.

ANSWER: Jack _Morris_


6. Given a Van Halen song, name the lead singer on that specific song. Five for two correct, and five for each more correct.

a. Running With The Devil A: David Lee _Roth_

b. Fire In The Hole A: Gary _Cherone_

c. Top Of The World A: Sammy _Hagar_

d. Me Wise Magic A: David Lee _Roth_

e. Eruption A: _None_ (The song is instrumental ; accept equivalents.)

f. How Many Say I A: Eddie _Van Halen_

g. Summer Nights A: Sammy _Hagar_

7. Answer these questions about things you might have picked up from oldies radio, on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

This Carole King and Gerry Goffin-written song was a #1 hit in 1962 for Little Eva, and in 1974 for Grand Funk Railroad.

A: "The _Loco-motion_"

King and Goffin also wrote this Monkees hit.

A: "_Pleasant Valley Sunday_"

Mike Nesmith was himself a songwriter ; in addition to several Monkees songs, none of which were major hits, he did write this hit song in 1969 Linda Ronstadt�s group the Stone Poneys.

A: _"Different Drum_"

Ronstadt became a household name when her versions of "You�re No Good" and "When Will I Be Loved" made this 1974 album hit platinum.

A: _Heart Like A Wheel_

8. Given clues, name the NFL coach whose name has been virtually synonymous with futility over the years, for the stated number of points.

a. 10 : He coached the Colts for 11 games in 1991, losing 10 of them. The he coached the Saints for 8 games in 1996, losing 7 of them.

Answer: Rick _Venturi_

b. 10 : He was finally fired by the Jets after a combined 4-28 in two seasons in 1995 and 1996 ; he did, however, have a 37-29 record coaching the Eagles, though with a habit of choking in playoff games.

Answer: Rich _Kotite_

c. 5/5 For five points each, name the two men who coached the Patsies - I mean Patriots - between Raymond Berry and Bill Parcells, three years in the which the feeble Pats won a combined 9 games.

Answer: Rod _Rust_, Dick _Macpherson_

9. The author of this packet just got this group's autographs, so he decided to write a question about them so he can brag.

For 5 points: This Canadian comedy group is in the midst of a reunion tour, and reached its greatest heights when Lorne Michaels got the group a show on HBO. Reruns can be seen on Comedy Central at 1:30 am Eastern Time.

ANSWER: The _Kids in the Hall_

For 10 points: This less famous cast member, well known for his "Sandwich People" monologue, directed "Superstar" and "Dogpark." He is also a really nice guy.

ANSWER: Bruce _McCollough_

For 15 points: This man sporadically appeared in KITH sketches, and is famous for only wearing a towel when appearing on the show.

ANSWER: Paul _Bellini_


10. Identify these black NCAA coaches, 5 for one, 10 for two, 20 for three, 30 for all four.

Recently, this coach at Arizona State began a project to get the autographs of other black NCAA Division I coaches, and was surprised to find that there were 54 of them, a far cry from the small number of them there were when he played for New Mexico State in the 1960's.

Answer: Rob _Evans_

This man currently coaches the #12 ranked school in the nation, Temple, as he may have his best chance at his first Final Four team ever.

A: John _Chaney_

Another man considered a pioneer among African-American coaches in college basketball is this current radio talk-show host and former Georgetown coach, who managed to win the NCAA championship in 1984 and nearly repeated next year.

A: John _Thompson_

A pioneer, he coached Texas Western, with an all-black starting lineup, to an NCAA Finals Win over Avowed white supremacist Adolph Rupp and his Kentucky team in 1966.

A: Don _Haskins_

11. Punk rock music. It sucks now, but it used to be good. Well, some of it, anyway. Really.

5 : They gained credibility with London Calling, but gained success with songs such as "Rock the Casbah" and " Should I Stay or Should I Go?".

ANSWER: The _Clash_

10 : So untalented that Mick Jones of the Clash had to tune their guitars on tour, this all female outfit is best known for their provocative name and their equally provocative cover for their album "Cut," in which they appeared half naked and covered in mud.

ANSWER : The _Slits_

5 : He first gained success in the punk world, got really famous with "White Wedding", but later became a remnant of the 80s as he hasn�t had a major radio hit since his medicore cover of the Doors� "L.A. Woman" from his "Charmed Life" album.

ANSWER: Billy _Idol_

10: They weren't as much punk as silly, but they were well known in the punk world for fun songs such as "Punk Rock Girl" and "Bitchin' Camaro"

ANSWER: The _Dead Milkmen_

12. Given the game you may have played on the Atari 2600 video game system, name the company responsible for its first release, for 5 points each.

Deadly Duck 20th Century _Fox_

Jawbreaker _Tigervision_

Adventure _Atari_

Dragonfire _Imagic_

River Raid _Activision_

Air Lock _Data_Age_

13. A recent unauthorized biography of George W. Bush caused headlines not only for hurling controversial accusations about the governor's storied past.

a. FTPE, name the book's title and author, who came under intense scrutiny after it was discovered that he once hired a hit man to murder his former boss.

Answer: _Fortunate Son_: George W. Bush And The Making Of An American President and J.H. _Hatfield_

b. Name the book's original publisher, who quickly recalled copies of the book after Hatfield's past was discovered.

Answer: _St. Martins Press_


14. This beauty will be remembered primarily for two things : being the wife of David Coverdale and therefore the sexpot on the car in the Whitesnake "Here I Go Again" video, and as the female lead in "Bachelor Party."

A: Tawny _Kitaen_

She�ll be remembered mostly for two things. OK, four things. One of them is being the ex-wife of Gene Simmons of KISS; the other is being in such films as "Night Eyes" and the "Body Chemistry" series.

A: Shannon _Tweed_ (She says he�s really good with that tongue, by the way)

A really nonconvincing turn as a geologist Bond girl may or may not be more famous then her soft-core star turns in such films as "Night Eyes" and "Sins of Desire" or her role as Kiri in "The Beastmaster." Unfortunately, she�s never been married to a rock star as far as we know.

A: Tanya _Roberts_

15. Answer the following about Cabbage Patch Kids, FTP each.

Who was the original creator of the Cabbage Patch Kids?

Answer: Xavier _Roberts_

Their pets were marketed under what name?

Answer: _Koosa_ Play Mates

According to Cabbage Patch legend, babies are delivered from the Cabbage Patch by what mystical hybrid creatures?

Answer: _Bunnybee_

16. Answer these questions about sitcom characters of the �80s.

5: Theo Huxtable graduated with a psychology degree from this hometown school.

Answer: _N_ew _Y_ork _U_niversity

10: What university�s football team was coached by Hayden Fox on the ABC sitcom "Coach?"

Answer: _Minnesota State_

For ten, name the local school Alex P. Keaton on "Family Ties" attended, and for five, the Ivy League school he had an admissions interview for ruined by Mallory hysterical over seeing her boyfriend kiss another girl.

Answer: 10 � _Leland_ College 5 - _Princeton_ University

17. Name these disciplinarians of pro athletes, FTPE:

a. Recently named Major League Baseball's dean of discipline, this hall of famer is the only player to have won MVP awards in both leagues.

Answer: Frank _Robinson_

b. He knows Dennis Rodman very well by now. A veteran of 8 NBA seasons, the league's Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations also was the general manager of the Chicago Bulls from 1978-1984.

Answer: Rod _Thorn_

c. This NHL administrator recently dished out Marty McSorley's record-breaking suspension. In 1994, he replaced Mike Keenan as coach of the Rangers.

Answer: Colin _Campbell_

18. Answer the following about the various works of Robert Heinlein, stated number of points.

5 : The first Heinlein novel made into a film as far as we at GW know, narrator Lloyd James tells of Sam Cavanaugh�s efforts to battle insidous invasion of aliens that control peoples� minds and bodies. Donald Sutherland stars in the film version.

A: The _Puppet_Masters_

5: The second known Heinlein film of course, was Starship Troopers, but that�s a bit too easy for a finals round even for five. We will give you five points, however, if you can tell us world city, destroyed by the space bugs, Juan or Johnny Rico hails from.

A: _Buenos_Aires,_ Argentina

10 : After a betrayal by his girlfriend causes Dan Davis to be trapped in thirty years of suspended animation, he wakes up and uses modern technology to travel back in time and seek revenge on his unfaithful lover and his treacherous business partner in this 1957 Heinlein novel.

Answer: "The _Door_Into_Summer_"

10 : Heinlein also wrote a non-fiction book, about political campaigning, in 1946, sharing his experiences as a Democratic Party campaigner in California in the 1930�s.

Answer: "_Take_Back_Your_Government!_ ( or How To Be A Politician) : A Practical Handbook for the Private Citizen Who Wants Democracy to Work"


19. While you were watching the Super Bowl, this question writer was watching the "Brady Bowl" on the Fox Family Channel. Answer the following about the short-lived 1990 dramedy "The Brady's" FTSNOP:

5 - Oh the humanity! This actress belted out the theme song to "The Bradys"

Florence _Henderson_

For 5 pts each and a 5 pt bonus for all 4, given the occupation, match the Brady family member (moderator: withhold correct answers until the end):

Gynecologist _Greg_

Disc Jockey _Cindy_

City Councilman _Mike_

Left-wing nut activist _Peter_

20. 30-20-10 Name the actress from roles.

30 : "Demon Seed", "Heat and Dust", "Power"

20 : "Dragonheart", "Heaven Can Wait," "Farenheit 451", "Hamlet" (1996)

10 : Afterglow, Doctor Zhivago, Nashville

Answer : Julie _Christie_

21. Given an allegedly non-fiction book by a famous right-winger, name that right-winger, for 5 points each.

"Our Character ; Our Future � Reclaiming America�s Moral Destiny"

A: Alan L. _Keyes_

"The Way Things Ought To Be"

A: Rush H. _Limbaugh_ III

"Standing Firm"

A: Dan _Quayle_

"A Republic, Not An Empire"

A: Pat _Buchanan_

"A Charge To Keep"

A: _George W. Bush_

"The New Birth of Freedom � Vision For America"

A: Steve _Forbes_

22. Given a hip-hop hit of the early �90s not heard from since, name the artist or group responsible FTSNOP.

a. 10: "Slam" A: _Onyx_

b. 10: "The Choice Is Yours" A: _Black Sheep_

c. 5: "Baby Got Back" A: _Sir Mix-a-Lot_

d. 5: "Jump Around" A: _House of Pain_