Round 4 -- Homer�s Donuts (Rich Sanidad, Michael Starsinic, and Nick Low) � Beltway IV


1. Beethoven�s Fifth Symphony, Gershwin�s Rhapsody in Blue, Sir Edward Elgar�s Pomp and Circumstance, and Stravinsky�s Firebird Suite (*) are some of the classic pieces of music in scenes in this film. Unfortunately, the addition of these new scenes means that some beloved old favorites such as Schubert�s Ave Maria, Tchaikovsky�s Nutcracker Suite and Mussorgsky�s Night On Bald Mountain have been left out. Naturally, Paul Dukas� Sorcerer�s Apprentice was not omitted. FTP, name this new IMAX movie, a remake of a classic 1940 Disney masterpiece.

Answer: _Fantasia 2000_ (prompt on FANTASIA)

2. They originated from the feud between Columbia and RCA Victor. Initially, they were color-coded by format: black for pop (*), red for classical, green for country-western, and "cerise" for R&B. Their announcement in the April 2, 1949 "Billboard" concentrated primarily on RCA�s new changer, which allowed several to be played consecutively. A failure at its original purpose, to compete with Columbia�s LP records, it caught on among teenagers as a way for them to hear just their favorite songs. FTP, identify this format, the medium of choice for single releases for more than 30 years, and still popular among jukebox and vinyl enthusiasts.

Answer: _45_ RPM record

3. There's a highly effective birth control pill that can actually help clear up your skin too (*). In clinical tests, this is the only oral contraceptive that has been clinically proven to help reduce mild to moderate acne - nearly nine out of ten women saw significant improvements in their skin. It gets part of its name from the fact that it delivers three levels of hormones throughout the woman�s cycle. FTP, name this pill, distributed by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals.

Answer: Ortho _Tri-Cyclen_

4. Totaling a mediocre 77 goals and 95 assists over his first seven years in the NHL,(*) the spotlight often fell on his older brother, whose offensive prowess earned him the moniker the Russian Rocket. This talented right winger is currently in the middle of a breakout year for the Calgary Flames and he assisted on two of his brother�s goals during this year�s NHL All-Star Game. FTP, name this man currently married to former "Full House" actress Candace Cameron.

Answer: _V_aleri _Bure_

5. Her first story was published in Science Fiction Magazine and her first novel published by Ballantine Books in l967.(*) Her first novel, "Restoree," was written as a protest against the absurd and unrealistic portrayals of women in science-fiction novels in the 50s and early 60s. It is, however, in the handling of broader themes and the worlds of her imagination, particularly the two series, "The Ship Who Sang" and the fourteen novels about the Dragonriders Of Pern, that her talents as a storyteller are best displayed. FTP, name this author.

Answer: Anne _McCaffrey_

6. Played until one team reaches ten points,(*) this card game, popular in the Midwest, is begun by dealing each player five cards, then bidding for which suit will be trump. The highest trump card, known as the right bower, is the Jack for the suit that has been designated as trump. The second highest trump card is known as the left bower and is the Jack for the other suit of the same color as the one that was designated as trump. As a twist, a player may attempt to play without his/her partner to try to earn bonus points. FTP name this card game.

Answer: _euchre_


7. Born in 1936 in Vernon, TX, his local hit with The Teen Kings on the small Je-Wel label brought him to the attention of Sam Phillips of Sun Records, and "Ooby Dooby" (*) made the Billboard Hot 100. He made a comeback in the 1980�s, rerecording "In Dreams" for "Blue Velvet", and remaking "Crying" with k.d. lang for the "Hiding Out" soundtrack. His posthumous 1989 album "Mystery Girl" produced the two hits "I Drove All Night" and "You Got It". FTP, name this artist, also known as "Lefty" Wilbury, whose other hits include "Blue Angel", "Only the Lonely", and "Dream Baby".

Answer: Roy _Orbison_

8. Kaga Takeshi(*) challenges anyone to do battle with his champions, masters in the culinary fields of Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian cooking. Each week, Kaga will present a

theme ingredient and each competitor will then be charged with preparing a multi-course meal, within one hour, that utilizes the theme ingredient in each course. Then, Kaga and four judges taste the food and pronounce a winner. FTP, name this show.

Answer: _Iron Chef_

9. Born Randall Poffo (*), this entertainer is best known for his flamboyant wardrobe and attractive companions. Some of his more recent valets have included: Madusa, Miss Madness, and Gorgeous George. Unfortunately, the prime of his career is probably over and fans will

now have to turn to old Wrestlemania tapes to watch this superstar finish off an opponent with his trademark flying elbow from the top turnbuckle. FTP, name this spokesperson for Slim Jims.

Answer: Randy _Savage_ (accept the MACHO MAN)

10. Andi is a writer and a terrible cook. Roger is terrible at chess (*) and constantly kisses up to his boss. Peter loves sports and has a blind girlfriend; Paige loves to shop and is typically boy-crazy; Jason wants to install Linux on his mother�s iFruit; and Quincy the iguana is just plain cute. FTP, name this comic strip family or the comic strip they appear in, which is written by Bill Amend.

Answer: _Fox_ or _"Fox Trot"_

11. Located at 333 East 60th Street near First Avenue in Manhattan (*), you�ll need to be at least 21 and pay $15 just to walk through the door. Not surprising since the performers are topless and patrons are treated to a full bar with drinks costing up to $10 each! And if you want to partake of the more personal services, lap dances are $20 each. FTP, name this gentlemen�s club, a favorite of Howard Stern�s and whose name sounds like a sports statistic.

Answer: _Scores_

12. The first touchdown came on a 76-yard touchdown catch by Jimmy Cefalo (*). Later in the first half, Alvin Garrett caught a 4-yard touchdown to tie the game at 10, but Fulton Walker returned the ensuing kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown. But the turning point came on a fourth-and-one play in the fourth quarter, when Don McNeal failed to tackle MVP John Riggins, who ran 43 yards for the go-ahead score. FTP, identify this football game, played on January 30, 1983, in which the Washington Redskins defeated the Miami Dolphins.

Answer: _Super Bowl XVII_

13. His career began interestingly enough as he accompanied Bette Midler (*) as she toured gay bathhouses in New York in the early 1970s, and it was his work as the producer on her first two albums that earned him his own recording contract. His ensuing hits included: "Looks Like We Made It," "Weekend in New England," "Can't Smile Without You," "Mandy" and of course, "I Write the Songs." In 1979, he won a Grammy for best male pop performance. FTP, name this balladeer who sang of Lola in "Copacabana."

Answer: Barry _Manilow_ (footnote: GW's music department has a Barry Manilow Chair.)


14. Introduced in September 1986, it featured a 2.8 MHz Western Digital 16-bit 65C816 processor (*), and the first 10,000 units were a limited edition with a "Woz" autograph. It came with 256 KB of RAM, and could support a then-staggering 8 MB. However, it�s biggest improvements were its 640x200 dithered and 320x200 true 16 color graphic support, and its Ensoniq sound chip which had also used on the Mirage music synthesizer, and it were these improvements that gave the computer its name. FTP, name this last and most powerful computer of the Apple II line.

Answer: Apple II_GS_ ["GS" stood for Graphics and Sound]

15. Sea Hero wins the Kentucky Derby; Michigan defeats Washington in the Rose Bowl (*). the Barry Melrose led LA Kings lose to Montreal in the Stanley Cup finals. Nancy Kerrigan wins the U.S. Women�s Figure Skating Championship. John Olerud of Toronto wins the American League Batting Championship. Charlie Ward wins the Heisman Trophy. Super Bowl MVP Troy Aikman leads the Dallas Cowboys to its first of two consecutive Super Bowls, and Chris Webber becomes the number one draft pick despite his infamous timeout faux pas that gives the NCAA Men�s Basketball Championship to the Eric Montross led Tarheels of UNC. FTP, name the year that all of these events took place in.

Answer: _1993_

16. Left to their own devices, these four men could have ended up as an astronomer, a physicist/electronics expert, a dentist and a graphic artist (*), but they came together as a band in 1971 in England. They did not start seeing much success until the release of their second album which reached the top 5 on the British charts in 1974. Their first hit single was "Seven Seas of Rhye," but they are perhaps better known for songs that have appeared in the Highlander movie and TV soundtracks and the six minute mini-opera that appeared in the beginning of the first "Wayne�s World" movie. FTP name this "killer" group that also gave us "We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You."

Answer: _Queen_

17. Warning: exact quote required. A dragonslayer in "Bliss" (*); a coal miner in "The Empath"; a bartender in "Twisted"; an escalator in "Friday's Child"; a doorstop in "First Contact"; an engineer in "Mirror, Mirror"; a battery in "Gravity"; a bricklayer in "Devil in the Dark". These items and occupations are mentioned by Robert Picardo and DeForrest Kelley in various Star Trek episodes after, FTP, what four-word phrase?

Answer: "_I'm a doctor, not_ a..."

18. Born on November 12th, 1929, her father was an Olympic champion in rowing in 1920. (*) While her brother, Jack, followed in thier father�s footsteps, she pursued acting instead. Her beauty and talent soon landed her work on such early TV shows as "Studio One" and "The Hallmark Hall

of Fame." She had three children, and her youngest daughter was in the car with her during the fateful car accident that took her life in September of 1982. Luckily, her daughter survived with no permanent damage. FTP, name this well-known actress, best known for her roles in

"High Society," "Dial �M� for Murder," "To Catch a Thief," and "Rear Window."

Answer: Grace _Kelly_

19. Originally known as Steven Kevin Dexter, he was born in July of 2189 (*). His parents were Fiona Davion and Matthew Dexter, both of whom were on the run from the Corps. After their death, he was raised by the Corps without knowing the identity of his parents. FTP, name this

character played by Walter Koenig in the sci-fi world of "Babylon5".

Answer: Alfred _Bester_

20. In 1978 he published his first book "By the Rivers of Babylon" (*). Since then, he has released a number of novels including "Cathedral", "The Talbot Odyssey", and "The Charm School". FTP, identify this author of "Plum Island" who also wrote the novel upon which last year movie hit "The General�s

Daughter" was taken.

Answer: Nelson _DeMille_


21. Their history traces back to Leslie Smith and Rodney Smith, who formed Lesney Products (*) in 1947 to make diecast machine parts. They dabbled in toy making, and went to producing toys full-time in 1953 with the introduction what what became the "1-75" series. The "Models of

Yesteryear" and "Super King" lines followed, and new "Superfast" wheels were added in 1969 to allow them to compete with Hot Wheels. FTP, identify this brand of diecast car now, ironically, also owned by Mattel.

Answer: _Matchbox_




1. March Madness is nearly upon us, but how well do you remember last year�s NCAA men�s basketball tournament? FFPE, identify any six of the 1999 Elite Eight.

Answer: _Michigan State_ University, University of _Kentucky_, _Duke_ University, _Temple_ University, The _Ohio State_ University, _St. John�s_ (NY) University, University of _Connecticut_, _Gonzaga_ University

2. Given the sport he or she used to play in college and the college they played for, name the ESPN personality or commentator for 10 points each. If you need more information, you will get only 5 points.

a. 10: Ice hockey, Oswego

5: Known for her versatility, _she_ has hosted ESPN's Baseball Tonight and National Hockey Night, as well as ESPN2's NHL 2Night and RPM 2Night

Answer: Linda _Cohn_

b. 10: Tennis, Stanford

5: Has also worked for CBS sports and his brother is the current US Davis Cup captain

Answer: _P_atrick _McEnroe_

c. 10: Football, Youngstown State University

5: Was quarterback for Dick Vermeil�s Philadelphia Eagles team that lost to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

Answer: Ron _Jaworski_

3. Identify the following extremely rare records FTPE.

a. This Prince record was pulled just before its planned release in 1987. However, a few promotional versions had been distributed before the yanking, and those went for large sums of money. Their value dropped in 1994 when the album was finally released on CD.

Answer: The _Black Album_

b. David Bowie�s "Diamond Dogs" album was yanked immediately after release because of objectionable material on the album�s cover, and all but the earliest versions had edited artwork. What was the objectionable material that was edited out?

Answer: _male dog genitalia_ (or equivalent)

c. This Beatles album was initially released with the Fab Four in butcher smocks with slabs of meat and dismembered dolls, hence the popular name of this release as "The Butcher Cover". Not surprisingly, the cover art was quickly changed. A still-sealed stereo copy sold for over $38,000 in 1999.

Answer: "_Yesterday...and Today_"

4. For five points each, name each of six Op-Center novels written by

Steve Pieczenik and Tom Clancy:

Answer: _Op-Center_, _Mirror Image_, _Games of State_, _Acts of War_,

_Balance of Power_, _State of Siege_

5. Given several collegiate a cappella groups, identify the common school for the state number of points. For example, if I said generics, Treble Makers and PandemoniUM, you�d say the University of

Maryland-College Park.

a. FFP, Lady Blue, Rhythm & Blue, Pitchforks, Speak of the Devil

Answer: _Duke_ University

b. FFP, Muses, Chorallaries, Logarhythms

Answer: _M.I.T._

c. FTP, Alley Cats, Proof of the Pudding, Spizzwinks, Whiffenpoofs

Answer: _Yale_ Unviersity

d. FTP, Counterpoint, Mendicants, Harmonics, Fleet Street Singers

Answer: _Stanford_ University


6. Given a few movies, identify the Playboy Playmate of the Year who appeared in them, FTPE.

a. Skyscraper; Naked Gun 33 1/3

Answer: Anna Nicole _Smith_

b. Night Eyes III; Detroit Rock City; Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death

Answer: Shannon _Tweed_

c. Galaxina; They All Laughed

Answer: Dorothy _Stratten_

7. Given the Weird Al Yankovic parody, identify the song parodied for 5 points per part. For example if I�d say "Eat It", you�d say "Beat It" by Michael Jackson.

a. "The Saga Begins"

Answer: "_American Pie_" by Don McClean

b. "Spam"

Answer: "_Stand_" by R.E.M.

c. "Taco Grande"

Answer: "_Rico Suave_" by Gerardo

d. "King of Suede"

Answer: "_King of Pain_" by The Police

e. "Gump"

Answer: "_Lump_" by The Presidents of the United States of America

f. "Headline News"

A: "Mmm mmm mmm mmm" by the Crash Test Dummies

8. Given the song title, name the Mariah Carey album it first appeared on:

a. "Can�t Let Go":


b. "Dreamlover":


c. "Always Be My Baby":



9. 30-20-10, name the actor from a list of work:

30: "Dollar for the Dead," "Freejack"

20: "The Outsiders," "St. Elmo�s Fire"

10: "Young Guns," "The Mighty Ducks"

Answer: Emilio _Estevez_


10. Let�s see if you actually read those lingerie catalogs you�ve been hoarding underneath your bed. Given the Wonderbra imitation, name the company that produces it for the stated number of points.

5: Miracle bra


10: H2O bra/Water bra


15: Customize It



11. Given a description of a Sega Dreamcast video game, name it for the stated number of points.

5: This game takes its name from the famous phrase exclaimed by Michael Buffer before boxing matches, before professional wrestling matches and of course, during the video game.

Answer: _Ready To Rumble_ (Accept "Let�s get ready to rumble!")

10: Proclaimed by many critics as the best football game currently on the market, this game, that has Randy Moss on the cover of the CD, allows you to create you own team or your own players. Some of the team

names available to you are: the Barracudas, the Bullfrogs, the Commandos, the Rhinos and the Waterboys.

Answer: _NFL 2K_

15: Unlike other fighting games that require various complicated button combinations to perform kick-butt moves, this game lets you use one button to do such Power Fusion moves as the Dragon Dance, Secret Heaven, Earthquake, and Misery Rain. Name this game whose characters include Gypsy, Jack, Gunrock and Falcon.

Answer: _Power Stone_

12. Given the name of the Andy Sidaris or Christian Sidaris film he appeared in & his character, name the well-known actor for 15 points. If you need another clue, you will only get 5 points.

a. 15: Keneshiro in "Do or Die"

5: Taught Ralph Macchio about "wax on" and "wax off."

Answer: Pat _MORITA_

b. 15: Juan Degas in "Guns"

5: He is better known for his role as Ponch on "CHiPs"

Answer: Erik _ESTRADA_

13. FTP each, name the drink from a list of ingredients: a. Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice (Cointreau may be substituted for the Triple Sec):

Answer: _Kamikaze_

b. Vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, lemon juice, worcestershire

sauce, a lime:

Answer: _Bloody Mary_

c. Butterscotch schnapps, Bailey�s Irish Cream:

Answer: _Buttery Nipple_

14. Name the company from a description of their Super Bowl XXXIV commercial for 10 points each:

a. Christopher Reeve appears to walk via the power of computer technology to inspire us to work for a brighter future.

Answer: _Nuveen_

b. A monkey dances to "La Cucaracha."

Answer: _E-Trade_

Cowboys herd cats instead of cattle.

Answer: _E.D.S._

15. Answer these questions about "Thriller" for the stated number of points.

a. First, five points for three, ten points for four, fifteen for five or twenty for all six, name the six songs other than the title track to make the Billboard Top 10.

Answer: _Wanna_Be_Startin'_Somethin'_, The _Girl_Is Mine_, _Beat_It_, _Billie_Jean_, _Human_Nature_, _P.Y.T._

b. For an additional ten points, name either song from "Thriller" which was not released as a single.

Answer: _Baby_Be_Mine_, The _Lady_In_My_Life_


16. Given the constituent parts of a Stephen King short story/novella collection, name the collection FTPE.

a. "The Langoliers"; "Secret Window, Secret Garden"; "The Library Policeman"; "The Sun Dog"

Answer: _Four Past Midnight_

b. "Rage"; "The Long Walk"; "Roadwork"; "The Running Man"

Answer: The _Bachman Books_

c. "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption"; "Apt Pupil"; "The Body"; "Breathing Lessons"

Answer: _Different Seasons_

17. FTP each, name the country that won the Davis Cup in the given year:

a. 1998

Answer: _Sweden_

b. 1997

Answer: _Sweden_

c. 1996

Answer: _France_

18. Given the soap opera and a central female character, identify the actress currently portraying her FFPE & a 5 point bonus for all 5.

a. All My Children, Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Courtlandt Montgomery Courtlandt Marrick Marrick

Answer: Susan _Lucci_

b. One Life to Live, Victoria Lord Riley Buchanan Carpenter

Answer: Erika _Slezak_

c. The Young & the Restless, Nikki Reed Newman Abbott Landers Newman

Answer: Melody Thomas _Scott_

d. Days of Our Lives, Dr. Marlena Evans

Answer: Deidre _Hall_

e. As the World Turns, Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Santana Snyder

Answer: Martha _Byrne_

19. For 5 points each and a bonus 5 points for getting them all correct, put the following James Bond books by Ian Fleming in chronological order from earliest to latest by publication date: "Casino Royale,"

"Goldfinger," "Moonraker," "Dr. No," "Thunderball."

Answer: CASINO ROYALE (1953), MOONRAKER (1955), DR. NO (1958), GOLDFINGER (1959), THUNDERBALL (1961)

20. Buffy rules! Identify the following female characters from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" FTPE.

a. She was called to be the "new" Slayer when Buffy briefly died at the end of season one. She was killed by Drusilla in "Becoming, Part II", the second season finale.

Answer: _Kendra_

b. Introduced early in season one, her mother had switched bodies with her to relive her high school successes. A witch herself, she accidentally made almost every female in Sunnydale fall madly in love with Xander, and later turned herself into a rat to avoid being burned at the stake; Willow has been more-or-less unsuccessful in changing her back.

Answer: _Amy_ Madison

c. Introduced in the season one episode "I Robot, You Jane" as a "techno-pagan" computer science teacher, she became Giles love interest. Revealed to be a gypsy sent to monitor Angel, she was killed by him

while readying a spell to restore his soul.

Answer: Jenny _Calendar_

21. For 5 points each and a bonus 5 for getting all 5 correct, put these Looney Tunes characters in chronological order from earliest to latest, by date of first appearance: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian, and Michigan J. Frog.

Answer: _Porky Pig_ (1937), _Daffy Duck_ (1938), _Bugs Bunny_ (1940),

_Marvin the Martian_ (1948), _Michigan J. Frog_ (1955)

22. FFP each and a bonus 5 for getting them all correct, put the following non-traditional poker hands in order from highest to lowest according to "Hoyle�s Rules of Games": Big Dog, Little Dog, Four to a

Flush, Big Tiger, Little Tiger.

Answer: _Four to a Flush_, _Big Tiger_, _Little Tiger_, _Big Dog_, _Little Dog_