Round 10 � Beltway IV

By Michigan's Craig D. Barker and Northwestern's Lauren Arestie


1) "In eighteen hundred-one, the Revolution had been won,(*) and Uncle Sam's favorite son had a job he needed done." Thus opens the theme song of this series, which follows the travails of a special envoy, sent by Thomas Jefferson to the West Indies, where, working with a lovely and intelligent female British agent, he must prevent the Napoleonic French from making a real foothold in the New World. FTP, name this new syndicated Bruce Campbell series, about America's "first action hero!"

Answer: Jack-of-All-Trades

2) Born in Oxford, England on July 1, 1899, when he was nine years old, he accompanied his parents on a Medieval Studies(*) lecture tour around the world. At age 13, while living in Utah, he first found the Cross of Coronado, and acquired his now famous haberdashery. After attending high school in Princeton, he joined the Belgian Army during World War I, before returning to the States to study at the University of Chicago. Oh, and he found the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. FTP, name this archeologist played by Harrison Ford, who shares his preferred nickname with the family dog.

Answer: Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr.

3) The subject of Paul Ashworth's obsession in the film Fever Pitch,(*) they are the only football club in England to have an underground railway station named in their honor. Founded in 1886 as Dial Square, they dumped JVC as their sponsor this year for a higher paying deal with Sega. In 1997-98, led by David Seaman and Dennis Bergkamp, they won both the Premiership and FA Cup. FTP, name this London team, affectionately known as the Gunners.

Answer: Arsenal FC

4) During the encore of a February 4, 2000 show in Graz, he sang the Hammotzi,(*) a Jewish prayer for the breaking of the bread, in honor of those who are opposed to the new Austrian government. His father's family were Russian Jewish émigrés to England in the 1860s, but he stated that he doesn't want to focus on politics, but rather his group's new album, The Science of Things. FTP, name this man, best known for his relationship with No Doubt's Gwen Stefani or for being the front man of Bush.

Answer: Gavin Rossdale

5) This car's museum is in Bowling Green, Kentucky, very close to the plant where it is produced.(*) Its trademark logo, which was featured on Red Wing goalie Tim Cheveldae's mask, had to be changed from when General Motors found out is was illegal to use the American flag for logo purposes. The C2 generation appeared in 1963, the C3 in 1968, the C4 in 1984, and the C5 in 1997. FTP, name Chevrolet make, the only true American sports car, which has featured both Mako Shark and Stingray models.

Answer: Chevrolet Corvette

6) Her brother Kyle was an all-pro defensive lineman who was suspended by the NFL(*) for his involvement in a prescription drug ring. A member of the Anti-Handgun Coalition, she recently inherited a Revolutionary War musket used by Francis Marion. Her engagement to a federal prosecutor fell through after she discovered that he had slept with Sally Sasserman, the producer of West Coast Update. FTP, name this character, the producer of Continental Sports Channel's 11 PM Sports Night, played by Felicity Huffman.

Answer: Dana or Whitaker

7) This movie's words per minute rate is nearly two and a half times higher than the average, so the lines were designed to have their most important segments in the middle.(*) Based on the play The Front Page, Hildy Johnson tells her ex-husband and former boss Walter Burns that she's leaving the newspaper business to get married to an insurance salesman, but a last-minute breaking story pulls her back in. FTP, name this 1940 movie starring Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant which lends its name to the term for a woman who can perform any number of jobs.

Answer: His Girl Friday


8) Originally signed out of Auburn by Miami in 1984, he played for Green Bay and Phoenix(*) and was prepared to take a corporate position in Birmingham, Alabama in November of 1991, when his current team signed him. Still with that franchise, he holds 13 team records as well as being known as a scratch golfer, which has helped this 16-year veteran be named "Best Pro Athlete Golfer" by Golf Magazine. FTP, name this kicker, who recently played in his first Super Bowl with the Tennessee Titans.

Answer: Al Del Greco

9) She did some second stage gigs at Lilith Fair in 1998 to critical praise, nothing new to her, as she has always been lauded with critical praise. Her 1993 album, Whatever,(*) took down her record label Imago at the same time, leading it to be bought out by Geffen, which launched her 1996 album I'm with Stupid. She spent the next three years keeping busy, marrying Michael Penn, trying to buy back Bachelor #2 from Interscope and getting back in the spotlight as the featured artist on the Magnolia soundtrack. FTP, name this artist, perhaps best known as the lead singer of `Til Tuesday.

Answer: Aimee Mann

10) It purposely does not have an official name so that you always have to say the name of the company when referring to it.(*) A fan of Peter Cetera, he favors wristwatch collars, gets car sick easily, knows how to bribe doormen to make deliveries, takes a microphone everywhere he goes, and in early February, the spare one sold on's auction site for over $17,000. FTP, name this corporate mascot, whose reason for advocating his dot-com is because "pets can't drive."

Answer: The sock puppet (accept equivalents that show they know it�s a sock puppet and that it belongs to

11) It was launched as a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, ABC, and NBC, and debuted in February 1984. Now claiming more than 78 million subscribers, it used to be the night-time filler for(*) Nickelodeon before the creation of "Nick at Night." Wayne Campbell claimed in 1991 that they were the World War II network, while Dick Wolf credits its incessant reruns Law and Order helped make the show popular, while it has also become known for its Investigative Reports and Biography series. FTP, name this cable network, which also owns the History Channel.

Answer: Arts & Entertainment Channel

12) Dale McKussic, Max Rockatansky, Frank Dunne, Guy Hamilton, Rick Jarmin,(*) Gene Ryack, Justin McLeod, Tom Mullen, Jerry Fletcher, Benjamin Martin, Bret Maverick, all FTP, have been played by what Academy Award winning director, who has also portrayed William Wallace, and Detective Martin Riggs four times.

Answer: Mel Gibson

13) He missed his 1992 season because he was ineligible under Prop 48(*), and he missed 1993 season because of kidney problems caused by his summer job with a paint company. Granted two-hardship waivers by the NCAA, he left Eastern Michigan with every school passing record, before becoming the third quarterback taken in the 1998 NFL Draft, ahead of cross-county peer Brian Griese. FTP, name this now Detroit Lions quarterback, whose penchant for injuries has followed him to the NFL.

Answer: Charlie Batch

14) They have contributed to the soundtracks of I Shot Andy Warhol, Batman and Robin,(*) Tommy Boy, Coneheads, and Never Been Kissed. Compilations of their music videos include Pop Screen, Parallel, This Film is On, and Succumbs, while Road Movie and Tourfilm document their Aneurysm `95 and Green `89 world tours. FTP, name this band whose most recent soundtrack work would be their score for Man on the Moon.

Answer: R.E.M.


15) In what has to be one of the most depressing books for quiz bowl players in a long time, it shows that the average one of the possessor of the title object had a 2.92 GPA in college, and 1150 SAT average, and IQ of around 120,(*) mediocre students who just happened to be personable and determined to succeed and make a lot of money. It also argues that doctors and lawyers tend to be the smartest segment of American society, but the business sector are generally people who just found a way to make money at what they enjoyed doing. FTP, name this recently released book by Thomas Stanley that investigates what kind of mental capacity it takes to make seven figures.

Answer: The Millionaire Mind

16) Hoffman works in Bruce's dad's store, while Bruce has known Gort since he was six and got drunk and sick with him when he was in eight grade, while Jadiski is a swinging cat who delivers Bruce's paper on time every day, and Capisano, well, Bruce really doesn't know him at all. In addition, there's Foley, Bruce's fellow Kid in the Hall. FTP, name the title object of a song from the Kids in the Hall, about the people Bruce has come in contact with bearing a certain name.

Answer: Daves or "These are the Dave's I know, I know"

17) She played Megan Harper on a few early season episodes of Charles in Charge(*) as well Cally Oaks in the short-lived Western series Wildside. 1986 was a sort of breakout year, co-starring with her future husband in Innerspace and as Goose's wife in Top Gun. Four years later, she would begin her most productive screen partnership, playing three roles in Joe Versus the Volcano. FTP, name this Connecticut born actress, who's also paired with Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail.

Answer: Meg Ryan

18) Sitting on over 300 acres, it lies next to the city's police academy and the Elysian(*) Fields City Park. Its playing surface is comprised of Santa Ana Bermuda grass, and crushed red brick; it site was selected in a helicopter tour of the city by Walter O'Malley in 1957. A classic pitcher's park, it has the largest amount of foul territory in the majors and the shallowest center field. FTP, name this stadium, which is sometimes known as Chavez Ravine.

Answer: Dodger Stadium

19) It features two versions of "The Swamp Song," as well as an opening track co-written by Gary Glitter.(*) It also features a re-write one of their own songs, "Digsy's Diner" on the track "She's Electric" and it also contains the stolen opening piano riff of John Lennon's "Imagine" in "Don't Look Back in Anger." FTP, name this 1995 album, the follow-up to Definitely Maybe and the sophomore effort of Oasis.

Answer: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

20) Its main sponsors are Telcordia Technologies/SAIC, Ford/Visteon, and Hewlett-Packard(*) while its syndicate is headed by Fritz Jewett. Designed by Bruce Nelson, it was built by Westerly Marine for the St. Francis Yacht Club of San Francisco and skipper Paul Cayard. FTP, name this boat, the American challenger vanquished by Italy's Prada in the 2000 America's Cup.
Answer: AmericaOne

21) Filmed on location at Allington Castle and Penshurst Place in Kent,(*) this show was about life in medieval England for Sir Thomas, a widower, and his four children. Richard and Armus are stalwart young knights, but the other two children wish they were. Cedric is in training to be a cleric as his late mother wished while Eleanor finds it difficult because of her gender, though she is as good a horseman and with a cross-bow as any man. FTP, name this 1992 ABC summer series, which starred Ione Skye and Nigel Terry.

Answer: Covington Cross



1) The authors' interest in CART leads us to this question. Given a track on the CART 2000 Schedule, tell what city it located in F5PE and a bonus five.

(5) Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Answer: Lexington, Ohio

(5) The Raceway on Belle Isle Answer: Detroit, Michigan

(5) Road America Answer: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

(5) Concord Pacific Place Answer: Vancouver, British Columbia

(5) Burke Lakefront Airport Answer: Cleveland, Ohio

2) 40-30-20-10-1, name the band

(40) It's not ABBA.

(30) The band is made up of Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang.

(20) Their albums include Short Bus and Title of Album

(10) They are perhaps best known for their songs "Hey Man, Nice Shot" and "Take a Picture"

(1) Their name comes from the various filters they used in their music.

Answer: Filter

3) FTPE, name these makes of cars from descriptions.

(10) In 1983, it became the first Ford car to feature the bubble design that would later become the hallmark of the Taurus and in 2001, it will return to its two-seated roots.

Answer: Ford Thunderbird

(10) Sometimes referred to as "Sweden's Mustang" and seen as the car that Val Kilmer drove in The Saint, this Volvo coupe is the car awarded to College Jeopardy champions since 1999.

Answer: Volvo C70

(10) This car with an animal namesake returned to the Chevy lineup in 1994 after a 25-year absence, but those 60s versions were popular as low-riders converts.

Answer: Chevrolet Impala

4) Bart, Milhouse, Martin, and Nelson may be the only people every to consider Tennessee to be the ultimate Spring Break destination. Answer the following about the episode "Bart on the Road," FTSNOP.

(10) While driving through Branson, Missouri, Nelson demands they stop to see this man's show, and "didn't think he was gonna do "Moon River," but then bam�second encore!"

Answer: Andy Williams

(5) Bart gets the gang home by having Homer ship a T-437 Safety Command Console to the Springfield Nuclear Plant from this nuclear facility near Knoxville.

Answer: Oak Ridge

(15) While playing Truth or Dare with Homer, Lisa reveals that she likes this boy, who is very quiet and enjoys puzzles.

Answer: Langdon Alger

5) Sick of all those James Bond questions that only ask about soundtracks? So was I. So here's a twist, FTPE, given the geographical track of a James Bond film, name it.

(10) Miami Beach to London to Scotland to Switzerland to Kentucky.

Answer: Goldfinger

(10) Mid-Atlantic to London to California to Venice to Brazil to a floating space city.

Answer: Moonraker

(10) Spain to London to Greenwich to Scotland to Azerbaijan to Turkey.

Answer: The World is Not Enough


6) This past Tuesday was the 20th Anniversary of, in the author's mind, the most important historical event in the last quarter century of the 20th Century, the Miracle on Ice. Answer the following about the U.S. upset, 5-5-10-10.

(5) This man, now the coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, guided the U.S. team after being the last player cut from the 1960 team.

Answer: Herb Brooks

(5) This man, the team captain whose name means "eruption" in Italian, scored the game-winning goal with ten minutes left to go in the third.

Answer: Mike Eruzione

(10) This netminder, a Boston University alum, made 36 saves against the Soviets that night.

Answer: Jim Craig

(10) The U.S. did not clinch the gold medal with their win over the Soviets. What nation did the U.S. beat two days later to clinch the gold?

Answer: Finland

7)Given opening lyrics, name the 1980s tune: five for the song, five for the British artist.

(5/5) "Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick

The one that makes me scream she said"

Answer: "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure

(5/5) "I am the son, and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

I am the summoner of nothing in particular "

Answer: "How Soon is Now?" by The Smiths

(5/5) "Oh I tried before to tell her

Of the feelings I have for her in my heart"

Answer: "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police

8)Given a celebrity, F5PE and a bonus five for all, name the website they are shilling for:

(5) David Ruprecht Answer:

(5) Pamela Anderson Lee Answer:

(5) Whoopi Goldberg Answer:

(5) Minnesota Viking Cris Carter Answer:

(5) George Takei Answer: E*

9)You'd think it's rare for a character to move from one series to another, but truth be told, it happens a lot. Answer the following about this phenomenon, FTSNOP.

(5) Detective John Munch moved north from Baltimore's Homicide to this Law & Order spin-off

Answer: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

(10) Once Stephen Bochco's Civil Wars was cancelled, Denise Ianello and Eli Rosenberg moved over to this Bochco show's firm.

Answer: L.A. Law

(15) Bill Brochtrup's character John Irvin transferred out of NYPD Blue's 15th Precinct to this other, short-lived Bochco creation for CBS.

Answer: Public Morals

10)Given a stadium, name the Big Ten school that plays its home football games there, F5PE and a bonus 5 for all of them.

(5) Ryan Field Answer: Northwestern Wildcats

(5) Ross-Ade Stadium Answer: Purdue Boilermakers

(5) Camp Randall Stadium Answer: Wisconsin Badgers

(5) Beaver Stadium Answer: Penn State Nittany Lions

(5) Kinnick Stadium Answer: Iowa Hawkeyes

(Author's Note: You didn't actually think we were going to ask Michigan Stadium?)


11) Name these winners of Best New Artist Grammies from descriptions, FTPE:

(10) It's not unusual that this Welshman won the Best New Artist award for 1965.

Answer: Tom Jones

(10) Homer Simpson has a tattoo that bears the name of this "Afternoon Delight" crooning Best New Artist of 1976.

Answer: Starland Vocal Band

(10) This man's characteristically melodic right-hand piano runs helped propel "The Way it is" to Number One and this man and his band to the 1986 Best New Artist Grammy.

Answer: Bruce Hornsby and the Range

12) 5-10-15, name these film works by "documentary maker" Michael Moore.

(5) Moore first gained national attention with this film, where he figures that talking to GM Chairman Smith is the best way to explain what is going on in Flint in this 1989 film.

Answer: Roger and Me

(10) Moore's only foray into intended fiction, President Alan Alda needs to bolster sagging popularity

so he decides to start a war with an American neighbor, making a hero out of a Niagara Falls sheriff in this 1994 work.

Answer: Canadian Bacon

(15) Book tours were never so much fun, especially when you start giving out the "Downsizer of the Year" award and find out that Border's employees are banned from talking to you, as Moore discovered in this 1997 film.

Answer: The Big One

13) 40-30-20-10-1, name the television personality.

(40) He's on TV!

(30) A graduate of SUNY-Buffalo, in 1999, he was honored with the Lowell Thomas Broadcast Journalism Award for outstanding contributions to broadcast journalism.

(20) He took his current job in 1990 as his network's Pentagon reporter.

(10) That led to his first major TV exposure, as he was at the heart of CNN's coverage of the Gulf War as Pentagon reporter, before moving to the White House in 1993 to cover Clinton.

(1) Captions under his reports read "Wolf Blitzer"

Answer: Wolf Blitzer

14) Name these recurring characters on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, FTPE.

(10) This Canadian-born Starfleet security officer, played by Kenneth Marshall, defected to the Maquis, becoming one of their most effective operatives.

Answer: Michael Eddington

(10) Played by Jeffery Combs, this Vorta was the key liaison to the Founders, and was one of nine clones of himself.

Answer: Weyoun (way-oon)

(10) Played by Philip Anglim, this Bajoran Vedek became romantically involved with Major Kira as well as conducting the last legs of the negotiations with the Cardassians before his death.

Answer: Vedek Bareil Antos

15) Name the directorial efforts of Doug Liman, 5-10-15.

(5) Liman teamed up with writer Jon Favreau to tell this 1996 tale of "cocktails first, questions later" as seen by Mike and Trent.

Answer: Swingers

(10) His 1999 effort was this multiple points of view tale of how "life begins at 3 AM" about a Christmas Eve drug deal gone very wrong.

Answer: Go

(15) Liman's first movie was this 1994 movie about Gabriel Higgs need to attend Johns Hopkins medical school, and the lengths that someone will go to shorten up the waiting list ahead of him.

Answer: Getting In


16) 40-30-20-10-1, name the college basketball program

(30) In the 1981-82 season, they battled Bradley through seven overtimes, the longest game in NCAA men's hoops history.

(20) Their current head coach debuted in 1989-90 season and despite having a 0 percent graduation rate at various points during the 1990s, he's still coaching there.

(10) The glory days of this school are either Oscar Robertson era of 1957-60 or their back-to-back NCAA titles over Ohio State in 1961 and 1962.

(1) Their home games are played at or near the University of Cincinnati.

Answer: The University of Cincinnati Bearcats


17) Given a 1999 album, name the artist that released it, F5PE.

(5) There is Nothing Left to Lose Answer: Foo Fighters

(5) 13 Answer: Blur

(5) to venus and back� Answer: Tori Amos

(5) This Desert Life Answer: Counting Crows

(5) Mirrorball Answer: Sarah McLachlan

(5) Surrender Answer: The Chemical Brothers


FTPE, name these characters from Tom Clancy novels, none of whom are a member of the Ryan clan. You will get five if you need the actor whom portrayed them in the movies.

(10) One of the original Navy SEALs as well as an underwater demolitions expert, he is one of the primary characters in the novels Without Remorse and Rainbow Six

(5) Willem DeFoe

Answer: John Clark (accept John Kelley)

(10) One of Jack Ryan's closest friends while he was teaching at the Academy, this pilot became the CAG of an air group on the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt.

(5) Samuel L. Jackson

Answer: Captain Robert Jefferson "Robby" Jackson

(10) A senior CIA official, he authorizes the covert operation Reciprocity, but his end role in that operation varies whether you believe the film or the novel.

(5) Henry Czerny

Answer: Robert Ritter

19)5-5-10-10, name these comedians, all of whom were on the British version of Whose Line in it Anyway?

(5) This tall guy was best known for his work on Whose Line before he started playing Lewis on The Drew Carey Show.

Answer: Ryan Stiles

(5) This bespectacled host of Comedy Central's Vs., he was also the voice of Fode, the two-headed pod-race announcer in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Answer: Greg Proops

(10) Friar Tuck in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the late hypnotist in Office Space, and Kramer's friend FDR on Seinfeld are some other roles for this comic actor.

Answer: Michael McShane

(10) Now the rector of Dundee University, he was Drew Carey's first choice to play Mr. Wick, but the British actor turned him down, citing his unwillingness to relocate.

Answer: Tony Slattery


20) Actor from Roles, 40-30-20-10-5-1

(40) He's an actor

(30) Tony Ciccone, Madonna's father in a TV movie, Bob Jenkins in The Langoliers

(20) The title character in 1948's The Boy with Green Hair, Ben in Blue Velvet

(10) Tony "The Tiger" Russo in Married to the Mob,

(5) Rear Admiral Al Calavicci on Quantum Leap

(1) His SAG Card claims his name is Dean Stockwell

Answer: Dean Stockwell

21) Andre Agassi became only the fifth man to win a career Grand Slam, but some of the greatest players of all time have had one fatal flaw that prevented them from pulling that feat off. Given a player, name the major he never won, or as of 1-1-00, had yet to win, F5PE, and a bonus five for all of them.

(5) Jimmy Connors Answer: French Open

(5) Bjorn Borg Answer: U.S. Open

(5) Pete Sampras Answer: French Open

(5) Ivan Lendl Answer: Wimbledon

(5) John McEnroe Answer: French Open

22) 40-30-20-10-1, name the maker of potent potables.

(40) They make a form of alcohol.

(30) In 1759, the founder took over a failing brewery located near the River Liffey.

(20) Located at St. James Gate, they have a 1,000-year lease on the property, and were the first brewery to go public.

(10) Located in Dublin, they also brew Harp at a separate facility in Dundalk in County Louth.

(1) When ordering one, people often ask for a Guinness.

Answer: Guinness