Round 6 --Brandeis -- Beltway Bandits IV



As a senior at the University of Alabama, he won the 1988 Butkus Award. He was the fourth selection in the 1989 NFL draft, and made an immediate impact for his team, finishing his rookie campaign with 10 sacks. Over the next ten years, he went to nine Pro Bowls and recorded 649 career tackles, arguably becoming the best linebacker in the AFC West during this time. FTP, name this Kansas City Chief, who was paralyzed in a car accident in January, and who died from a blood clot on February 8th.

ANSWER: Derrick Thomas


The deception with tact, just what are you trying to say/You've got a blank face, which irritates/Communicate, pull out your party piece/You see dimensions in two/State your case with black or white/But when one little cross leads to shots, grit your teeth/You run for cover so discreet, why don't they/Do what they say, say what you mean. FTP, give the next line, which is also the title of this 1983 song by The Fixx.

ANSWER: One Thing Leads to Another


She is currently working on the fifth book in her series. Born with the surname Untinen, she has become the topic of hundreds of Internet message boards, as well as the creator of a Cro-Magnon girl named Ayla. FTP, name this author and Mensa member, whose other books include The Plains of Passage, and The Mammoth Hunters as well as her famous 1980 work 1980ís The Clan of the Cave Bear

A. Jean Auel


He was the second youngest of five kids and was raised in the town of Franklin, Michigan. A self-proclaimed Shock-Schlock auteur, he secured cult immortality with the 1983 low-budget film Evil Dead and its 1987 sequel, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. He then made his major-studio debut in 1990 with Darkman. His latest creations are two shows set in two different centuries: Cleopatra 2525 and Jack-Of-All-Trades. FTP, name the man also known for creating Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules.

ANSWER: Sam Raimi


Brandy and Courtney Love; Christopher Walken and Gary Oldman; David Hasselhoff and John Tesh; Fiona Apple and John Popper; Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra; Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio. These are among the many fights that, FTP, have taken place on what MTV show that pits Claymation celebrities against each other in the ring?

ANSWER: Celebrity Deathmatch


Though this song was released on the 1997 album, Exile on Coldharbour Lane, it has only begun to receive massive radio airplay in recent weeks. Described by critic Martin Aston as being influenced by reggae and preacher rap, the song can be heard on television every Sunday night at 9 PM. FTP, name this song by A3 which serves as the theme song for The Sopranos.

ANSWER: Woke Up This Morning



This short-lived 80�s sitcom focused on the "freshman class struggle" at Weemawee High School. Among the main characters were Lauren Hutchinson and Patty Green, best friends who wanted nothing more than to fit in with the "in" crowd; and Muffy Tepperman, who spent her time raising money for the school's Guatemalan student, Rosarita. FTP, name this show, which helped launch the careers of Tracy Nelson, Jami Gertz, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

ANSWER: Square Pegs


Born on May 14, 1965, as a teenager hitchiked his way to see wrestling matches at Madison Square Garden. Under the nickname, Dude Love, his alter ego was a ladies� man; under his more well-known persona, however, he was best known for talking to a sock puppet. FTP, name the recently retired professional wrestler better known as Mankind.

ANSWER: Mick Foley (Prompt on Mankind)


Each team consists of 15 players: 1 goalkeeper, 6 backs, 2 midfielders and 6 forwards. Three points are scored if the ball passes between the posts and under the crossbar of the H-shaped goal. A point is scored if the ball passes between the posts and over the crossbar. This is the basic setup, FTP, of what popular Irish sport?

ANSWER: Hurling


Most of her talent, she says, comes from her grandmother, a dancer in the theater district of London. While living in Orlando, this New Hampshire native acquired the nickname, "National Anthem Girl" after singing for all the major sports teams and for Chris Evert's Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament. FTP, who is this new pop sensation who topped the charts with the song "Candy"?

ANSWER: Mandy Moore


One was glamorous and contemporary, while the other was more old-fashioned. Both were divorced and between the two of them, they had three kids to raise. The show could have been called McArdle and Lowell, but less people would have watched. FTP, name these two friends since high school who lived together in a Greenwich Village apartment, played by Susan Saint James and Jane Curtin, respectively.

ANSWER: Kate and Allie


They have been labeled thieves since their creation by the Grey Gem, the magical stone that embodied the spirit of Chaos ,and altered gnomes and elves into a new and different creature than any other race on the face of Krynn. They are known for their immunity to fear, a strong curiosity, and an ability to become magicians. Wanderlust caused other races to form a misunderstood annoyance with, FTP, what relatively friendly race, unique to the Dragonlance editions of Dungeons and Dragons?

ANSWER: Kender


When she walks, she's like a samba/That swings so cool and sways so gentle

That when she passes, each one she passes goes - ooh/But I watch her so sadly

How can I tell her I love her/Yes I would give my heart gladly/But each day, when she walks to the sea/She looks straight ahead, not at me/Tall, and tan, and young, and lovely

She goes walking, And when she passes, I smile - but she doesn't see. FTP, who is this subject of a hit by Astrid Gilberto and Stan Getz?

ANSWER: Girl from Ipanema




Though its 1987 sequel, Speaker for the Dead, also won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, it is nowhere near as popular as the authorís first book. The latest release is once again named after the famous character, but it is not a sequel. It deals with the events of the first book, but from the perspective of a new character, a street urchin named Bean. FTP, name either the original 1986 book or the 1999 new release by Orson Scott Card.

A. Enderís Game or Enderís Shadow (Accept either answer)


All ingredients are mixed with cracked ice and poured into a chilled highball glass. One serving consists of two ounces vodka, three ounces cranberry juice, and three ounces grapefruit juice. Though its name would suggest it is somewhat exotic, it is actually the favorite of many housewives. FTP, name this drink which is a favorite of Dennis Finch.

ANSWER: Sea Breeze


His rural Texas classmates are initially scared by his odd appearance. But when he shares data gained by reading their minds, several bullies canít take the psychoanalysis, and they attempt to beat him up. The school board accuses him of cheating because of his record-setting IQ. Most shocking is his ability to conduct electricity, as his science teacher accidentally discovers during an outrageous experiment-gone-wrong scene. FTP, name this film starring Sean Patrick Flannery as a guy whiter than an albino.

ANSWER: Powder


While there are over 3 million participants each year, there are fewer than 100 paid employees who run the organization. The group, which was founded by Howard J. Lamade, is open to all children between the ages of 5 and 18, though after age 12, the division takes on a new name. FTP, name this sporting league who annually hosts a world youth baseball tournament in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

ANSWER: Little League



Rated by the February 2000 Maxim magazine as the number one B-movie

of all time, this 1975 flick has all of the essentials: fast cars, loose women, and pointless violence. The "money shot" involves a driver doging wheelchair-bound fogies on ìeuthansia dayî at a local hospital in order to mow down a row of nurses. FTP, name this absurd movie that put Sylvester Stallone on the Hollywood map.

ANSWER: Death Race 2000


Jeff Crandall, Mike Stand, Ric Alba, and Steve Pannier rebel for Jesus. The band that they comprise had six albums between 1984 and 1991, including When Youíre a Rebel and Against the Grain. But music is only the second love of these born-again Christians. FTP, what is the name of this band of pious rockers, that is probably more appropriate for gospel than ska?

ANSWER: Altar Boys


Yendor, Bubbles and Doofy have been around longer than you might think. Their adventures include meeting the Curious Bear Cub, going to Tinkly-Winkly Town, and meeting Fuzzy Snuggleduck. Rather than see their return flick, Bart decides to take his sister to see Revenge of the Space Mutants. FTP, name these cheerful-sounding stars of Lisa Simpsonís favorite films.

ANSWER: The Happy Little Elves



Its April 1977 premiere issue sold out at newsstands across the country, striking a chord with hundreds of thousands of older fans. The publication was founded under the premise that comics arenít just for kids anymore. Recently, in association with Columbia TriStar, it released its first film production, subtitled F.A.K.K.. Featuring all the top writers and artists of science fiction, including Richard Corben, Mobius, Liberatore, Angus McKie, and Bernie Wrightson, what monthly magazine, FTP, took its name from the French magazine, Metal Hurlant.

ANSWER: Heavy Metal


Jennifer Love Hewittís mouth is not big enough. But when the guy working the Big Balls Booth substitutes a smaller ball, the outcry is considered a lie. After the booth worker is discovered to be a true fraud when both action figures turn out to be Phillip dolls, and neither one is official T&P merchandise, the entire rodeo gets a ìbeat downî from Officer Barbrady. FTP, what one-word phrase did South Parkís Kyle say to start this mess?

ANSWER: Shenanigans


This collection of trading cards was released in fifteen series during the late 1980's. All 607 cards in the set were designed by Art Spiegelman, Mark Newgarden, and John Pound, and featured such characters as Leaky Lindsay, Jolted Joel, Messy Tessy, and Oliver Twisted. FTP, name these cards which parodied the Cabbage Patch Kids.

ANSWER: Garbage Pail Kids


Herbert West is a mad scientist with an extreme messiah complex focused on cheating the gods of death. He has discovered a serum, which when injected in the brain of the recently deceased makes the dead stand up and walk. Unfortunately, these zombies are adrenaline-driven and super-killing. The most famous scene is only available in the unrated version, and features Barbara Crampton receiving cunnilingus from Dr. Hill's severed cranium. FTP, name this film that gave new meaning to getting head.

ANSWER: Re-Animator


Outback Steakhouse had it before anyone else. But due to its recent popularity and because it is so cheap to produce, variations have been popping up all over the place, including restaurants like Chili's and Pizzeria Uno. The idea came from onion rings, but this was a lot easier to make. FTP, name this deep-fried appetizer that Outback cooked up.

ANSWER: Bloominí Onion


The Martians, Funny Money, Once Hush, Laughing Colors, Never Never, and Rebel Amish Radio are among the most popular bands on this cityís local music scene. It is both the hometown and the on-camera location for the films of John Waters and Barry Levinson. FTP, name this Mid-Atlantic city where Homicide: Life on the Streets was shot.

A. Baltimore, Maryland




BONUS 1: Name the band from its albums or EPs, 30-20-10

30: Miscellaneous Debris, Frizzle Fry

20: Sailing the Seas of Cheese, Tales From The Punch Bowl

10: Pork Soda, The Brown Album

ANSWER: Primus

BONUS 2: You all remember the most famous name in video game history, Super Mario Brothers. But how many of you remember the power-ups from Super Mario Brothers 3? Not counting coins and the hidden wings, name any six of the eight items you can collect, for five points each.

ANSWER: Super mushroom, Raccoon leaf, Fire flower, Tonooki suit, Frog suit, Hammer Brothers Suit, Starman, Kuriboís Shoe

BONUS 3: Time for the obligatory one-hit wonder bonus. For ten points each, give the artists of these 1990 hit songs who then faded into obscurity.

A. Black Velvet

ANSWER: Alannah Myles

B. Donít Wanna Fall in Love

ANSWER: Jane Child

C. I Wanna Be Rich

ANSWER: Calloway

BONUS 4: For ten points each, identify these comedians who have appeared on HBO comedy specials from one of their characteristic jokes:

A. Sigmund Freud says sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes it is a big brown dick.

ANSWER: George Carlin

B. You know what channel I hate? The USA Network. They take shows that exist for no other reason than whacking off, and cut out the nudity.

ANSWER: David Spade

C. I got into a cab. The driverís name was Ahmad, and the symbol for boron.

ANSWER: Jerry Seinfeld

BONUS 5: Donna Pescow played Donna Garland, the mom on the show. Dadís name was Troy, but he looked more like a jeweled cube than voice Burt Reynolds. For ten points each:

A. First, name this 1987 show about half-alien teenager Evie Garland.

ANSWER: Out of This World

B. Name the actress who played Evie.

ANSWER: Maureen Flanagan

C. Finally, what name was given to Evieís power to conjure objects out of thin air.

ANSWER: Gleeping

BONUS 6 : Given a pari of bench-warmers on the same NBA team, identify that team for 5 points each, with a 5 point bonus for all correct.

Pervis Ellison and Doug Overton Boston or Celtics

Greg Buckner and Rick Hughes Dallas or Mavericks

Chris Whitney and Reggie Jordan Washington or Wizards

Robert Traylor and J.R. Reid Milwaukee or Bucks

Lawrence Funderburke and Tyrone Corbin Sacramento or Kings



BONUS 7: Name the song from the bands that have a song name in common on a 5-10-15 basis.

5: Kriss-Kross and Van Halen


10: Veruca Salt and Sugar Ray


15: Buffalo Tom and Asia

ANSWER: Summer

BONUS 8: Do you think youíre a Saved By The Bell whiz? See if you can answer these tough questions about the show for 10 points each.

A. Give the call letters for Bayside's radio station.


B. What was the name of the college admissions representative from Stansbury University?

ANSWER: Mrs. Helen Billingham

C. What jukebox selection at The Max was Zack's and Kelly's song?


BONUS 9 : The editor was in a nasty mood on editing day, so he junked that easy game show bonus about "Twenty One" and instead is going to make you identify these pricing games from "The Price Is Right," for ten points each.

Unlike the still-popular Hole In One, this skill-based pricing game, which required contestants to throw a football, baseball, or basketball, introduced in the 1980�s has been retired.

ANSWER : On the Nose

The contestant tries to price three inexpensive products (such as a blender or hair dryer) as closely as possible, so he or she can prevent the yodeling mountain climber from taking too many steps up the mountain.

ANSWER : Cliff Hangers

Among the simplest pricing games to have an official name, the contestant must simply choose the three highest priced products in a group of six.


BONUS 10: Hope youíve been watching MTVís Real World/Road Rules Challenge 2000. For five points per answer, give the six members of the Road Rules squad.

ANSWER: Yes (Road Rules Semester at Sea), Veronica (Road Rules Semester at Sea), Piggy (Road Rules Australia), Dan (Road Rules Northern Trail), Carlos (Road Rules Season 1), and Holly (Road Rules Latin America)

BONUS 11: Given the superhero, name the secret identity for 10 points each.

A. Incredible Hulk

ANSWER: Dr. Bruce Banner

B. Wonder Woman

ANSWER: Diana Prince

C. Green Lantern

ANSWER: Kyle Rayner


BONUS 12: Identify these lesser-known Muppets from their descriptions for 10 points each.

A. He doesnít say much, but he plays a mean saxophone. Youíll find him with the band whenever he is onstage, but if you single him out, the only thing heíll say is ìHuh?î


B. Mostly all he does is admire his reflection in the mirror. Though technically his job is captaining the Swinetrek, he is the first one to go into a total panic whenever anything goes wrong in outerspace.

ANSWER: Link Hogthrob

C. His hobbies include Frog Scouting, Singing, and Fly Fishing. But if you ever want to find this tadpole, just look for the kid whoís following around Uncle Kermit.

ANSWER: Robin the Frog

BONUS 13: Nerds need news too. Thatís why Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda created this website that mostly pans to Linux users. The articles are written by fans who send them to Jeff Hemosi Bates in the hopes of being famous for a day on this webpage. For fifteen points each:

A. Name the webpage.


B. Name the dot-com company that now owns


BONUS 14: Given the names of these departments, name the store for 10 points apiece.

A. Sleepwear And Robes; Swim Collection; Lingerie for Legs

ANSWER: Victoriaís Secret

B. Classic Suit Collections; Intimates; Trousers and Jackets


C. Intimates and Sleepwear; Wraps, Bags and Belts; Shirts for Work

ANSWER: Banana Republic

BONUS 15: For ten points each, name the Magic: The Gathering creature card from the powers it possesses when tapped.

A. Destroy the target tapped creature.

ANSWER: Royal Assassin

B.Prevent up to one damage to any creature or player.

ANSWER: Samite Healer

C. Target creature loses flying until end of turn

ANSWER: Radjan Spirit

BONUS 16: Letís see how much you know about the man who knows nothing, Chris Elliot. For 5 for one, 10 for two, 20 for three, and a scary 30 for all four, answer these questions about Elliott�s career :

A. Television was not Elliotís strongpoint, as proven by this lowbrow comedy, starring him as a 35 year-old paperboy.

ANSWER: Get A Life

B. "Get a Life" was actually his second sitcom. His first was in a minor role on this short lived 1989 sitcom where Stephen Collins played the main character, a New York restaurantuer.

ANSWER : Tattingers

C. Writing was not this manís strong point either. Name the flopped film he wrote and starred in as a spoiled rich kid, whose plans for a ritzy Hawaiian cruise backfired, finding him lost at sea with a gang of salty old sailors.

ANSWER: Cabin Boy

D. Hmm. Or maybe he has found his calling, a role that does not require him to be seen, only heard. What voice-only role is Elliot now playing?

ANSWER: Dogbert


BONUS 17: Answer these questions about Styx, 5-10-15

5: This song gets stuck in Eric Cartman's head whenever he hears the

first verse.

ANSWER: Come Sail Away

10: In 1984 both Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw decide to pursue solo

projects. Name either of those solo albums.

ANSWER: Desert Moon or Girls with Guns

15: When the founding members of the band were at Chicago State University, this

was the name of their band.


BONUS 18: For those of you who canít afford real pornography, you will have to settle for the soft-core stuff they show on late-night premium channels. For 15 points apiece, identify these Spanktravision series:

A. On this Showtime series, Kat and Randy are brother and sister. An aunt they never knew they had left her hotel resort to them in her will. Hilarity ensues as they try to run the place together with their two friends, Lacey and Theo.

ANSWER: Hot Springs Hotel

B. On this show, HBO shows commercials and television programs from around the world, where television content standards are much more liberal.

ANSWER: Shock Video

BONUS 19: Hereís a bonus about everyoneís favorite movie, Titanic. The James Cameron film was nominated for 14 Academy Awards, and snagged 11 trophies. For 10 points per answer, in which 3 nominated categories did Titanic lose?

ANSWER: Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Makeup

BONUS 20: Identify the ESPN personality from his or her well-known catch-phrase for the stated number of points.

5: He could go all the way!

ANSWER: Chris Berman

10: Dare I sayÖen fuego.

ANSWER: Dan Patrick

15: And aloha means goodbye!

ANSWER: Larry Beil

BONUS 21: Answer these questions about eBAY for 10 points each.

A. Pierre Omidyar decided to create eBAY, after a conversation with his girlfriend who had a strange yearning to trade these items she collected.

ANSWER: Pez Dispenser

B. This item was yanked of eBAY, despite an offer of $250,000.

ANSWER: Kidney

C. eBAY helped the Marine's Toys for Tots during the 1998 Christmas holidays by auctioning off items donated by celebrities. What 1997 television pilot episode script sold for $760?

ANSWER: Ally McBeal

BONUS 22: Answer the following questions about Don McLeanís classic tune ìAmerican Pieî for the stated number of points.

A. For 5 points, what three men did the narrator ìadmire most?î

ANSWER The Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost

B. For 10 points, what items did the ìlonely teenage bronciní backî have in his possession?

ANSWER: A pink carnation and a pickup truck (Prompt on ìcarnationî and ìtruckî)

C. For 15 points, in the last stanza, what three things happened ìin the streets?î

ANSWER: The children screamed, the lovers cried and the poets dreamed


BONUS 23: Name the hobby, 30-20-10.

30: You will need some items that you probably already own such as a stove and a can opener, as well as some items that you will need to purchase, such as an air lock and a thermometer.

20: Since water makes up 90% of your product, it is worthwhile to learn a little about H2O. For example, if you use water that has been distilled, you are likely to get a lousy product.

10:Rapid wort cooling is important after boiling in order to avoid formation of off-flavor compounds.

ANSWER: Homebrewery (Accept equivalents)

BONUS 24: Give the name of the drug from its street names for the stated number of points:

5: Ice, Crank, Crystal

ANSWER: Methamphetamine

10: Angel Dust, Loveboat


15: Green Dragon


BONUS 25: Name the cartoonist from the characters that regularly appear in his or her comic strip for 15 points. If you need the name of the title character, you get five points.

10: Andrea, Electra, Irving

5: Cathy

ANSWER: Cathy Guisewite

10: B.D., Zeke, and Zonker

5: Michael Doonesbury

ANSWER: Gary Trudeau

BONUS 26: Name the original song from parodied Weird Al lyrics for ten points apiece.

A. Wanna be hackers? Code Crackers? Slackers? Wasting time with all the chat room yackers?

ANSWER: All About the Benjamins

B. Our temple had a fair share of rabbis in the past, but most of them nudniks. None of them would last.

ANSWER: Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)

C. If you can name the object in that baggie over there, then mister you're a better man than I.

ANSWER: Liviní on the Edge

BONUS 27 : With the recent outbreak of quiz shows, we should reflect on the quiz shows of yesteryear. Sure, the questions were tougher back then, but then again, they were rigged. Answer these questions about the old Twenty-One on a 5-10-15 basis:

A. For five points, name the English professor at Cornell who admitted to cheating at Twenty-One.

ANSWER: Charles Van Doren

B. The movie Quiz Show documented the rise and fall of Herb Stempel, who was forced to take a fall on a relatively easy 5-point question. What was the question he was supposed to answer with the incorrect response, ìOn The Waterfront?î

ANSWER: What was the 1955 Academy Award winner for Best Picture? (accept equivalents)

C. What movie did win for Best Picture in 1955?