1999 Cardinal Classic IX

Packet by Vanderbilt



1] Q: At one point in time, epileptic patients were treated by severing this structure, resulting in the infamous "split-brain" patients studied extensively by Roger Sperry. FTP, name this bundle of nerves that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.

A: corpus callosum


2] Q: In 1874, this composer of nationalist operas contracted syphilis and became completely deaf. Despite this, he wrote the symphonic poems "Ma Vlast" before his death in 1884. FTP, name this teacher of Dvorak and composer of the opera "The Bartered Bride."

A: Bedrich Smetana


3] Q: It begins in an infantile style, mimicking the intellect of the narrator. Later, as the narrator's mind expands, the writing becomes clearer and more grammatical. Finally, the writing degenerates into its original infantile state, reflecting the narrator's fall from temporary genius. FTP, name this Daniel Keyes novel, in which a retarded man receives a brain operation that briefly increases his intelligence.

A: Flowers for Algernon


4] Q: It contains the towns of Helford, Dozmary and Launceston (pron. LAWNSton), all made famous by the novels of Daphne Du Maurier. The local Celtic language died out in the 18th. Century. FTP, name the county that contains the Lizard and Land�s End, respectively the southernmost and westernmost points of the British mainland.

A: Cornwall


5] Q: Mohammed Nawab and the Aga Khan have recently been linked with this man who heads the organization known as "The Base," or al Qaeda. Officials allege to he plotted an attack in the West Bengal province of India, and U.S. officials want ABC News to reveal his location. FTP, name this millionaire Saudi terrorist.

A: Osama bin Laden


6] Q: Unlike bosons, these subatomic particles all have odd half-integral angular momentum spins and therefore obey the Pauli exclusion principle. They include leptons, baryons, and nuclei of odd mass number, to name a few. FTP, identify these particles, which are named after an Italian particle physics pioneer.

A: Fermions


7] Q: The son of nine mothers, he was supposedly born at the end of the world and raised by the forces of the earth. Among his distinguishing characteristics are his golden teeth, his horse Gulltop, and his horn Gjall, which he will sound before the battle of Ragnarok begins. FTP, name this god of light and watchman of Bifrost, who will slay his enemy Loki but die in the process.

A: Heimdall


8] Q: Born in 1844, this physicist realized the importance of Maxwell­s electromagnetic theory and proved that the average energy of motion in a molecule is the same for each direction. Many scientists of his time did not believe in his theories, which may have caused him to drown himself in 1904. FTP, name this physicist, whose constant is abbreviated with a small "k."

A: Ludwig Boltzmann


9] Q: On October 7, 1780, a group of about 2,000 frontiersmen hurried into the Carolinas to confront Patrick Ferguson's army of loyalists from New York and South Carolina. FTP, name the ensuing battle between the frontiersmen and the loyalists, which resulted in a decisive victory for the former.

A: Battle of King's Mountain


10] Q: In early 1999, this city filed a controversial lawsuit against gun manufacturers, and one of its counties is considering adding a 1-percent sales tax. The mayor is Bill Campbell, and the state Governor, Roy Barnes, will soon reside in the city. FTP, name the city experiencing football success with its "Dirty Birds."

A: Atlanta


11] Q: He is not a bit angry to find out that his son has been executed while disguised as a second trombone. After all, a more humane one of his type never did in Japan exist. Instead, his object all sublime is to make the punishment fit the crime. FTP, give the title of this Japanese ruler, also the title of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in which he figures.

A: The Mikado


12] Q: Ulrich von Hutten wrote a dialogue in which this man's military skills are favorably compared to Scipio's. This commander of the Cherusci actually made his mark against Varus. FTP, name the German general who in AD 9 destroyed three Roman legions at the Teutoberger forest.

A: Arminius (prompt on Hermann)


13] Q: Legend has it that the creator of this machine received inspiration by watching a glass of beer. Less limited than the similar device created by physicist C.T.R. Wilson, it uses superheated liquid to detect any charged particle that happens to pass through. FTP, name this device, which won Donald Glaser a Nobel Prize for Physics.

A: bubble chamber


14] Q: He had a penchant for climbing mulberry trees in the nude. The son of a coal miner, he wrote a series of controversial books that included characters such as Clara Dawes and Ursula Brangwen. He wrote an infamous novel that became legal to print in the U.S. only in 1959, 34 years after it was written. FTP, name this author of "Kangaroo," "Sons and Lovers," and "Lady Chatterley's Lover."

A: David Herbert Lawrence


15] Q: Also known as gesturalism, it was one of the major approaches to Abstract Expressionism in the late 1940's. Some of the works that came out of this style of painting include Jackson Pollock's "Autumn Rhythm" and Willem De Kooning's "Woman 1." FTP, name this painting style, which is characterized by vigorous brush strokes and an occasional spilling of paint.

A: action painting


16] He was disqualified from the 1932 Olympics for violations of the amateur code. By that time, he had won nine Olympic gold medals. He might have won another in 1924, but officials from his home country thought he was already in too many events and kept him out of the 10,000 meters. FTP, name this "Flying Finn," who set 20 world records in long-distance running.

A: Paavo Nurmi


17] Q: Born in Kermanshah, Iran, she was an active communist in her early adult years. The author of "The Memoirs of a Fantasy" and "The Grass is Singing," she was also the creator of a character named Martha Quest, a woman who grew up in Africa and settled in England. FTP, name this author who spent 25 years in Rhodesia before moving to England.

A: Doris Lessing


18] Q: It and Missouri are the only states that are bordered by eight others, its motto is "Agriculture and Commerce." In 1796, it became the 16th state to enter the Union, and it was also the last state of the South to enter the Confederacy. FTP, name this home of Andrew Johnson and Vanderbilt University.

A: Tennessee


19] Q: The son of Ecglaf, he feels threatened when he meets someone who has achieved greater glory than himself. Later on, though, he nobly accepts the truth and lends his rival a sword named Hrunting. FTP, name this rival of Beowulf who, among other things, has apples thrown at him by Grendel.

A: Unferth


20] Q: She was supposed to be on Patsy Cline's last flight, but instead took a show in Memphis for $25 more. She was married at 13 and had four children before she was 18. "You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly" was one of her many famous duets with Conway Twitty. FTP, name the native of Butcher Hollow, Ky. portrayed by Sissy Spacek in the movie "Coal Miner's Daughter

A: Loretta Lynn


21] Q: Lionel is a famous English rabbi. "Fields" is Nicaragua's biggest Caribbean port. "Train" is the kind of train Johnny Cash is going to ride because that's the way that he feels. "Carbuncle" is a Sherlock Holmes story. "Dogs" is a name for right-wing Democrats. FTP, what word completes all of these phrases, as well as the name of the "Devils" that play basketball for Duke.

A: blue


22] Q: Walter was a Canadian-born actor who received an Academy Award for best supporting actor in "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre," directed by his son John, who also directed films such as "Moby Dick" and "The Maltese Falcon," and was the father of Angelica, who has played Calamity Jane and Morticia Addams. FTP, give their common surname.

A: Huston


23] Q: On 20 March, 1836, Col. James Fannin and 330 of his men surrendered to Mexican troops. He did so believing that they would be treated as prisoners of war, but Santa Anna apparently did not think this, as he ordered all of them to be shot. FTP, name this battle, whose name served as half of a rallying cry for the Texans.

A: Goliad


24] Q: Home to the world's eighth-largest economy, this nation had its own impeachment crisis in 1992, leading to the resignation of a president. Lately, nagging worries about income inequality and and excessive debt led to a January 1999 stock market crash. FTP, name the nation whose "real" [pron. RAY-al] recently plummeted in value.

A: Brazil


25] Q: Developed by a mother-and-daughter team, it generally consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. With questions such as "is it better to be a) just or b) merciful," it claims to be able to classify people into 16 different subgroups, each subgroup represented by letters. FTP, name this commonly administered personality test similar to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

A: Myers-Briggs personality test


26] Q: Born in 628 BC, this "camel handler"was a Persian religious teacher and prophet who wrote a book called the Ayvesta. In this book, he declares the existence of only one true God, an embodiment of Truth that remains "after all lies are stripped away." FTP, name this title character of works by Friedrich Nietzche and Richard Strauss.

A: Zarathustra (accept "Zoroaster")


27] Q: Instrumental in launching the Pan-American movement in Latin countries, in 1868, he was elected speaker of the House, and later lost the Republican nomination to Rutherford Hayes as well as the 1884 election to Grover Cleveland. He is perhaps better known, however, for being the leader of the Half-Breeds. FTP, name this "monumental liar from the state of Maine."

A: James G. Blaine


28] Q: It is equal to 201,168 millimeters or 0.036 nautical miles, or just under one-twelfth the length of the Epsom Derby. In fact, the lengths of English horse races are still generally measured in this unit. FTP, what is this Imperial unit of length, defined as 220 yards, or 40 rods.

A: a furlong


29] Q: As a young man, he was invited by Anna Freud to enter psychoanalysis. In his "Young Man Luther," he combined psychoanalytic theory and history to determine how Martin Luther was able to break from the church. His his theory of human development breaks life down into a series of stages with names such as generativity versus stagnation. FTP, name this German-born psychologist.

Answer: Erik Erikson


30] Q: Its traditional author was an obscure figure who supposedly wrote down his ideas when the legendary guardian of Hsien-ku (pron. Shen koo) pass begged him to write a book. Divided into 81 chapters, it contains such memorable lines as "true perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself." FTP, name this book generally thought to have been written by Lao-tzu.

A: Tao te Ching (note: be lenient about pronunciation of consonants)


31] Q: Quest for the Crown, Romancing the Throne, To Heir is Human, and, most recently, The Mask of Eternity. FTP, the preceding items are the subtitles for what pioneering computer game series created by Roberta Williams?

A: King's Quest series


32] Q: "Tonight, I stand before you to report that America has created the longest peacetime economic expansion in our history." So begins a "roadmap" that also includes a $110-billion dollar proposal to modernize the armed forces and a proposal to transfer 62 percent of expected savings over the next 15 years into Social Security. FTP, name this January 1999 speech by President Clinton.

A: The State of the Union Address










1] Q: Answer the following about the history of the European Union FTPE.

Q: In 1985, this Frenchman was elected President of the European Comission. He later chaired the committee on European Monetary Union.

A: Jacques Delors

Q: At the June 1990 meeting in this city, delegates agreed to convene parallel intergovernmental conferences on economic and political union the next year.

A: Dublin

Q: The result was this conference in December 1991, at which members laid the ground for a European bank and common currency.

A: The Maastricht Conference


2] Q: Given a composer, give how many numbered symphonies he wrote FFPE, five for all five. Un-numbered symphonic works such as Tchaikovsky's "Manfred" do not count.

Q: Schumann

A: 4

Q: Rachmaninoff

A: 3

Q: Chopin

A: None

Q: Haydn

A: 104

Q: Sibelius

A: 7


3] Q: Given five of Robert E. Lee�s victories, repeat them in chronological order. earliest to latest, FFPE, and five for all five.

Q: Chancellorsville, Fredricksburg, Second Manassas, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Wilderness.

A: Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, Spotsylvania


4] Q: Name the author from works, 30-20-10.

Q(30 points): "Hey-Rub-a-Dub-Dub," "Tragic America"

Q(20 points): "The Stoic," "The Financier"

Q(10 points): "Sister Carrie"

A: Theodore Dreiser


5] Q: Given buildings, name the architect on a 15-5 basis

Q(15 points): The John F. Kennedy Library at Harvard, the East Building of the

National Gallery of Art.

Q (5 points): The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

A: I.M. Pei

Q(15 points): MIT's Baker House, The Municipal Library of Vyborg

Q(5 points): Finlandia Hall

A: Alvar Aalto


6] In the 1820s, a British botanist noticed that pollen grains were randomly moving about in continuous motion. FSNP, answer the following.

Q(5 points): What name was given to this phenomenon?

A: Brownian motion

Q(10 points): What seven-letter word designates any substance, such as pollen, that is made of particles larger than atoms but that cannot be seen with the naked eye ?

A: Colloid

Q (15 points): What is the name of the effect by which colloids diffuse light?

A: Tyndall effect


7] Q: Name the states in which the following beauty spots are located, FTPE.

Q: Devil's Tower

A: Wyoming

Q: Isle Royale

A: Michigan

Q: Mackinac Island

A: Michigan


8] Q: Given the mathematical definition, name what is being described, FTPE.

Q: The limit as h approaches 0 of f (x+h) minus f (x), all divided by h.

A: Derivative

Q: If x equals the vector <a,b> and y equals the vector <c,d>, then this quantity equals ac+bd.

A: Dot product

Q: If f equals P I + Q j + R k , then this quantity equals the partial of P with respect to x plus the partial of Q with respect to y plus the partial of R with respect to z.

A: Divergence


9] Name the Chinese dynasty given a description, FTPE.

Q: China's first historical dynasty, it ruled from the 16th to the 11th century BC

A: Shang

Q: This dynasty was in power during the completion of the Great Wall of China. A: Chin (accept Qin)

Q: This last dynasty was in power up until the early 20th century.

A: Ching (accept Qing)


10] Name the following characters from "Casablanca" from descriptions FTPE.

Q: The obnoxious German whose death is attributed to "the usual suspects."

A: Major Strasser

Q: The French Prefect of Police, played by Claude Rains

A: Louis Renault

Q: Peter Lorre's character, who gives the letters of transit to Rick.

A: Ugarte


11] Q: Name the following people involved in the 1999 U.S. movement to create an anti-missile defense system, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): This Defense Secretary, detailed the political ramifications of the plan.

A: William Cohen

Q(10 points): This Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff detailed its military uses.

A: Hugh Shelton (accept �Henry Shelton�)

Q(15 points): This Mississippi senator introduced the legislation to create the system.

A: Thad Cochran


12] Name the following from Norse mythology FTPE.

Q: Thor�s wife

A: Sif

Q: The blind god who was tricked into killing his brother Balder.

A: H�d

Q: The mother of Balder, who was a promoter of marriage and fertility.

A: Frigg


13] Q: Answer the following questions about dating systems in use before the birth of Christ, FTPE.

Q: The Romans dated their years from the founding of Rome. In what year, by the Christian calendar, did that traditionally take place?

A: 753 BC

Q: The Greeks tended to say in what Olympiad things occurred. What was the date of the first Olympiad?

A: 776 BC

Q: According to the ancient system of four-year Olympiads beginning in 776 BC, in what Olympiad did the first modern games occur? You have 10 seconds.

A: The 668th Olympiad


14] Q: Expand the following musical terms given the abbreviation FSNP. [Moderators: Please spell these out]

Q(5 points): cresc

A: crescendo

Q(5 points): rit

A: ritardando

Q(10 points): sfz

A: sforzando

Q(10 points): fff

A: fortisissimo


15] Q: Given a character from the Bible, name the only book in which he or she figures, FSNP.

Q(5 points): Boaz

A: Ruth

Q(10 points): Shadrach

A: Daniel

Q(15 points): Jephthah

A: Judges


16] Q: Name the following pieces of 20th-century legislation FTPE.

Q: This 1914 act strengthened the Sherman Antitrust Act by eliminating loopholes and defining monopolies more precisely.

A: Clayton Antitrust Act

Q: Also known as the National Labor Relations Act, this 1935 law established the National Labor Relations Board.

A: Wagner Act

Q: This act limited the power of the unions by outlawing the closed shop, and it required union officers to deny any Communist affiliations.

A: Taft-Hartley Act


17] Q: Name the following 20th-century intellectuals FTPE.

Q: This Viennese author of "The Mass Psychology of Fascism" believed that the ability to achieve orgasms was essential to a healthy individual.

A: Wilhelm Reich

Q: She wrote "Origins of Totalitarianism" and covered the trial of Adolf Eichmann for the New Yorker.

A: Hannah Arendt

Q: She collaborated with Virgil Thompson on the opera "Four Saints in Three Acts."

A: Gertrude Stein


18] Q: Given a description of a World War II operation, name it FTPE.

Q: The U.S. planned invasion of North Africa.

A: Operation Torch

Q: The German planned invasion of Britain.

A: Operation Sea Lion

Q: The name for the unsuccessful attempt by Allied troops to take bridges over Dutch waterways.

A: Operation Market Garden


19] Q: Given a poem, name the author FTPE.

Q: "In Flanders Fields"

A: John McCrae

Q: "Dulce et Decorum Est"

A: Wilfred Owen

Q: "Anecdote of the Jar"

A: Wallace Stevens


20] Q: Name these major items in the early 1999 attempt to reform the British House of Lords, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): This leader of the Labor party is marshalling the reform through the House of Commons.

A: Tony Blair

Q(10 points): What is the longest delay the Lords can create by failing the bill?

A: one year

Q(15 points): In attempt to stymie Conservative opposition, Blair appointed this life peer, Thatcher�s former �minister for banana skins� to head the commission drafting the reform legislation.

A: John, Lord Wakeham


21] Q: Name the musical given songs, FTPE.

Q: "There Is Nothing Like a Dame," "Some Enchanted Evening"

A: South Pacific

Q: "They Call the Wind Maria," "I Was Born Under a Wandrin' Star"

A: Paint Your Wagon

Q: "I Will Always Love You"

A: The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas


22] Q: Name the Thomas Pynchon novel from a description, FTPE.

Q: A condemnation of modern industrialization, it describes a woman's quest to discover the Tristero System.

A: The Crying of Lot 49

Q: It centers on an American soldier who is looking for a secret rocket.

A: Gravity's Rainbow

Q: It tells the tale of an Englishman's search for the title character, an elusive adventuress who appears throughout European history.

A: V


23] Q: Name the laws from physics, FTPE.

Q: It states that the electrostatic force between two charged objects is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

A: Coulomb's Law

Q: It quantitatively relates a magnetic field to the electric current that produced it.

A: Ampere's Law

Q: It states the conditions by which maximum polarization of light can be achieved.

A: Brewster's Law


24] Q: Given a famous work, name the philosopher who wrote it FTPE.

Q: "Monadology"

A: Gottfried Leibniz

Q: "Phenomenology of Spirit"

A: George Hegel

Q: "The World as Will and Idea"

A: Arthur Schopenhauer


25] Q: Answer the following questions about the search for a new U.S. representative to the United Nations, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): First, name the current nominee for the position, a former special U.S. envoy to Bosnia.

A: Richard Holbrooke

Q(10 points): Holbrooke�s nomination is in trouble because of accusations that he improperly lobbied U.S. embassies in Hungary and what other country?

A: South Korea

Q(15 points): What investment bank was Holbrooke working for at the time of the alleged lobbying?

A: Credit Suisse First Boston


26] Q: F15PE, expand the following computer acronyms.


A: Point-to-point protocol


A: Small Computer System Interface


27] Given two brands of beer, name their country of origin FTPE.

Q: Orval, Duvel

A: Belgium

Q: Staropramen, Starobrno

A: Czech Republic

Q: Pelforth, Kronenbourg

A: France


28] Q: Name the following characters from Joseph Heller's "Catch-22" given a description, FTPE.

Q: The man who always moans, "It's so cold..."

A: Snowden

Q: The man who views the world in terms of "feathers in his cap" and "black eyes."

A: Colonel Cathcart

Q: The man obsessed with marches who rises all the way to general

A: Lieutenant Scheisskopf


29] Q: Answer the following about the split of Pangaea FSNP.

Q: Pangaea split into two great supercontinents. Name them FTPE, indicating which was the northern and which the southern.

A: Laurasia (northern), Gondwanaland (southern)

Q(10 points): Name the ocean that separated Gondwanaland from Laurasia.

A: Tethys


30] Q: Given the college football award, name what position it applies to and who won it this year FFPE.

Q: Outland Trophy

A: offensive lineman, Kris Norris

Q: Davey O'Brien Award

A: quarterback, Michael Bishop

Q: Doak Walker Award

A: running back, Ricky Williams