Packet for 1999 Cardinal Classic IX

UC Irvine: "X-Men Fan Club"

Written by Willie Chen, Parshawn Tafreshi, Cindy Tran, and Mike Kiefer

1] Q: It causes more cases of allergic skin reaction than all other metals

put together. It is combined with iron in virtually every metallic meteorite, generally forming 10 to 20 percent of such visitors from outer space. FTP, name this element, which gives its name to what is in fact a 75-percent copper U.S. coin.

A: Nickel


2] Q: Seymour is dead. Buddy is a college writing professor who used to be a panelist on the radio quiz show "Wise Children." The female title character is seeking to learn how to pray incessantly, and her older brother, the male in the title, attacks her with a vicious cynicism. FTP, identify this 1961 bestseller about two members of the Glass family, written by J.D. Salinger.

A: Franny and Zooey


3] Q: He solved a special case involving the fifth problem of David Hilbert's compact groups. His Minimax theorem states that for a large class of two-person games, there is no point in playing, since the optimal strategy for each player is the one that minimizes maximum possible loss. FTP, name this leading figure in game theory, as well as quantum theory and the early history of computers.

A: John von Neumann


4] Q: On May 15, 1988, this Taney County resident waited behind a duck blind and shot his former partner in a methamphetimine operation, Lloyd Lawrence, along with his wife and grandson. FTP, name this man whose death sentence Gov. Mel Carnahan of Missouri recently commuted after prodding from the pope.

A: Darrell Mease


5] Q: In terms of area, it is dominated by the arid, almost unpopulated south, where the Tademait Plateau and Great Easter and Great Western Ergs are the dominant landforms. The more heavily populated north is fertile, and small rivers flow down out of the Saharan Atlases. FTP, name this nation, the only one to border both Tunisia and Mali.

A: Algeria


6] Q: Supposedly inspired by Elsinore castle, it was finally completed in 1973. Its construction had been plagued by the unexpected weight of the thousands of curved white tiles that cover its sail-like roofs. FTP, name this building, designed by Jorn Utzon, the most recognizable of the city which will host the 2000 Olympics.

A: The Sydney Opera House


7] Q: A Guercino landscape, a Sannazzaro poem, a Philip Sidney romance and a Tom Stoppard play all share their name with this bleak and mountainous area that also figures in the title of Poussin's most famous painting. FTP, name this rural district of central Greece, synonymous with an idealized world of pastoral beauty.

A: Arcadia


8] Q: It was nearly 20 feet long, but not much heavier than a Volkswagen Beetle. It could make a 180-degree turn in its own length, carry 12 passengers, and get 28 miles to the gallon, all unheard-of features in 1933. FTP, identify this first streamlined car, a three-wheeled omni-directional prototype designed and built by Buckminster Fuller.

A: The Dymaxion Car


9] Q: "The larger view, always and through all shams, all wickednesses, discovers the Truth that will, in the end, prevail, and all things surely, inevitably, resistlessly work together for good." So ends this 1901 novel about the struggle between farmers and a railroad company. FTP, name this novel, subtitled "A Story of California," the first volume of the unfinished "Epic of the Wheat," by Frank Norris.

A: The Octopus


10] Q: They are mentioned in Psalm 139, and according to legends, the most famous one belonged to Judah Loew ben Bezulel of Prague. FTP, if you watch "The X-Files," then you should be able to identify these robot-like servants who appear as protectors and sometimes avengers in Jewish folklore.

A: Golems


11] Q: Its opening passage announces that "Man is not yet a self," but rather a disunity, torn apart by a corruption that the Church calls Sin and the author calls Despair. Its title refers to the work's central analogy, which compares the despairing man to a suffering invalid who wishes to die but can't. FTP, name this philosophical inquiry into melancholy, written in 1849 by Soren Kierkegaard.

A: Sickness unto Death


12] Q: Based on Ferenc Molnar's "Liliom," this Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was a risky proposition because of the imperfections of its hero, Billy Bigelow. FTP, name this musical that features such songs as "This Was a Real Nice Clambake," "June Is Bustin' Out All Over" and "You'll Never Walk Alone."

A: Carousel


13] Charles Dickens was not impressed by this city when he saw it in 1842, and based the City of Eden in �Martin Chuzzlewitt� after it. Huckleberry Finn and Jim didn�t even get that far: they missed the city altogether in the dark, and thus continued south on the Mississippi. FTP, name this Illinois city at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

A: Cairo, Ill.


14] Q: He had a secret "diet" of sauerkraut and meat juices, which supposedly enabled him to hold the light-heavyweight title for nine years. He was the only boxer to have fought both Rocky Marciano and Mohammed Ali. FTP, name this boxer, dying at age 84 in December of 1998 with 141 knockouts to his credit

A: Archie Moore


15] Q: He appears as a mute part in Euripides' "Electra." He and his brother were credited by Livy with earning the Romans victory at the battle of Lake Regillius. His secondary role is odd, given that he was the immortal brother. FTP, name this son of Leda and Zeus, the immortal half of the Dioscuri.

A: Pollux (accept "Polydeuces")


16] Q: This opera, originally commissioned by Schikaneder, the librettist of "The Magic Flute," has four overtures, one of them named for the male alias of the heroine, the other three bearing her own name, Leonore. FTP, name this opera, the only one written by Beethoven?

A: Fidelio


17] Q: This nation's soccer team qualified for the 1998 World Cup by defeating Australia in the last game of the qualifiers. Pele is a former coach of this team, which rode goals by Hamid Estili and Mehdi Mahdavikia to embarrass the U.S., 2-1. FTP, name this country that also embarrassed the U.S. in 1980 by taking hostages.

A: Iran


18] Q: Only four out of 66 chapters in his only known work are in prose. Some of the prose deals with the sickness of Hezekiah and prophesies the Babylonian Captivity. His poetry includes the lines "He was despised and rejected of man," and "they shall beat their swords into ploughshares." FTP, name this first of the major prophets.

A: Isaiah


19] Q: Its 101 quatrains all follow an AABA rhyme scheme. The work was barely noticed in its first English publication, until Dante Gabriel Rossetti discovered it two years after its appearance. Figures such as Kaikobad and Rustum figure peripherally in, FTP, what translation by Edward FitzGerald of the work of a twelfth-century Persian.

A: The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


20] Q: His will was highly contested, given that it left more than 19,000 works of art to the nation at whose Royal Academy he had studied since age 14. "Calais Pier" and "Sun Rising through Vapor" are typical of the style he picked up by constant travel starting in 1802. FTP, name this English painter of watercolors and landscapes, including "Hannibal Crossing the Alps."

A: Joseph Mallord William Turner


21] A Gaulish invasion was stopped there in 279 BC, and the Romans crushed Antiochus III there 80 years later, but the most famous incident here was principally celebrated by the losers, who were immortalized in two lines of Simonides. FTP, name this Thessalian mountain pass, where Leonidas still lies, obeying the laws of Sparta with 300 of his men.

A: Thermopylae


22] Classical electromagnetic theory says that when light strikes metal, the released energy is proportional to the intensity of the light. But if Ek stands for particles emitted, w for a the work function of the metal's surface, v for frequency and h for Planck's constant, you can account for, FTP, what effect that negates that classical theory, Albert Einstein's Nobel-Prizewinning discovery.

A: Photoelectric Effect


23] In 1928, he was called from a post in Marburg to take the philosophy chair in Freiburg vacated by Husserl. His favorite poet was Friedrich Holderlin and he reported his thoughts in such works as "What is Thinking?" and "Questions Concerning Technology." FTP, identify this German philosopher whose "Sein und Zeit" (pron. Zyne unt Tzyte) is generally translated as "Being and Time."

A: Martin Heidegger


24] Q: A series of strikes in New York in 1909 and 1910 resulted in a �Protocol of Peace� between this union and management. By 1938, it was one of the founders of the CIO under the leadership of David Dubinsky. FTP, name this union that in 1995 merged with the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Workers.

A: The International Ladies� Garment Workers� Union


25] Q: Its marketing budget was roughly a tenth of its principal rival�s, which may have been why an observer counted 587 spectators at one of the last games played by league leader Columbus. FTP, name this former employer of Venus Lacy and Jennifer Azzi, which folded recently, leaving a monopoly to the WNBA.

A: The American Basketball League

26] Q: Its stringent definition outlawed, among other things, sauerkraut. Passed on Oct. 18, 1919, it made one-half-of-one-percent the minimum alcohol content for something to be called �intoxicating.� FTP, name this law, the enabling legislation for the 18th Amendment.

A: The Volstead Act (accept �National Prohibition Act,� do not prompt on �Prohibition Act.�)


27] Q: As a student at Wheaton College, he used to get up at 3 a.m. to deliver milk, and later went into his family�s restaurant business in Yorkville, Ill. He has recently placed HMO reform on the GOP agenda. Ronald Reagan�s birthplace lies in the district of, FTP, what new speaker of the House of Representatives?

A: Denny Hastert


28] Q: Her original name is Ororo. She became the first female �superhero of color� after she was brought out of her native Africa by Charles Xavier. FTP, identify this co-leader of the X-Men, whose special mutant power is the ability to control the weather.

A: Storm


29] Q: Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is reportedly one of its major fundraising locations. It barely existed until, after 85 people died in a massacre at Prakaz, numerous groups of armed peasants decided they were part of it. A recent massacre at Racak may have a similar effect. FTP, name this army, currently at war with that of Yugoslavia.

A: The Kosovo Liberation Army


30] Q: The anniversary of its end is still celebrated in the traditional anti-Catholic manner in Lewes (pron. Lewis). This end came about because Francis Tresham told his brother-in-law not to attend the state opening of Parliament on 5 Nov., 1605. FTP, name this Catholic plot to kill James I, one of whose main instigators was Guy Fawkes.

A: The Gunpowder Plot


31] Q: The name is the same: A suite of six guitar duets, including "Tenderly," later transcribed for four-hand piano by Gabriel Faure. It is also a mobile platform for a video camera and its operator, allowing forward and sideways movement of the point of view during the action of the scene. It can also be a Christmas present given to a little girl. FTP, name this word.

A: Dolly


32] Q: Written by an author who later committed suicide it features Rayona, a part-black girl who discovers her sexual and cultural identity. Her American Indian mother Christine is consumed by both tenderness and resentment toward the people she loves. And Ida is the mysterious and fierce grandmother who serves as a bridge between past and present. FTP, identify this novel, written by Michael Dorris.

A: A Yellow Raft in Blue Water






1] Q: Identify the composer of the following operas, FSNPE:

Q(5 points): "Cosi Fan Tutte"

A: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Q(10 points): "La Gazza Ladra," aka "The Thieving Magpie"

A: Gioacchino Rossini

Q(15 points): "Martha"

A: Friedrich von Flotow


2] Q: Many Greek tragedies deal with events in the mythic history of Thebes. Given five tragedies, place them in order of when their plots occur in that history, from earliest to latest, FFP and five for all five.

Q: Aeschylus' "Seven against Thebes," Sophocles' "Oedipus at Colonus" and "Oedipus the King," Euripides' "Bacchae" and "The Suppliant Women."

A: "Bacchae," "Oed. the King," "Oed. at Col.," "Seven," "Supp. Women."


3] Q: 30-20-10. Name the painter from clues:

Q(30 points): He painted "The Vision After the Sermon" in 1888 and "Flowers and a Bowl of Fruit" in 1894.

Q(20 points): His wrote his autobiography, "Noa Noa," in 1897.

Q(10 points): He is most famous for painting Tahiti and the South Pacific.

A: Paul Gauguin


4] Q: Identify World War II conferences from clues, FTPE

Q: This 1943 conference among Stalin, FDR and Churchill decided the allied invasion of France in coordination with a Russian offensive against Germany.

A: Tehran Conference

Q: Immediately before Tehran, Churchill and Roosevelt had met with Chiang Kai-Shek in this city and pledged to fight until Japan's unconditional surrender.

A: Cairo

Q: This January 1942 conference was called primarily to figure out how to implement the Final Solution.

A: The Wannsee (pron. VAHN-zay) Conference


5] Given a pair of almost-consecutive Roman emperors, say whose reign comes between theirs, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): Augustus, Caligula

A: Tiberius

Q(10 points): Domitian, Trajan

A: Nerva

Q(15 points): Commodus, Didius Julianus

A: Pertinax


6] Answer the following related questions about acids, FTPE:

Q: Bronsted and Lowry defined an acid as a donor of what?

A: protons

Q: More, by weight, of this acid is manufactured in the U.S. than any other commercial chemical. Seventy percent of that goes into fertilizer, 10 percent into metallurgy and 5 percent into petroleum refining. Name the acid.

A: sulphuric acid

Q: One of the major sulphuric acid producers in the country is headquartered in Wilmington, Del. Name the company.

A: E. I. du Pont de Nemours, Inc.


7] Q: Name the man, 30-20-10.

Q(30 points): After studying medicine in Basel and working in a clinic in Zurich, he met his future collaborator in 1907.

Q(20 points): I broke with that collaborator in 1912 by writing "The Psychology of the Unconscious."

Q(10 points): He developed the notion of a "collective unconscious."

A: Carl Gustav Jung


8] Q: A Middle Eastern monarch recently announced a change in succession. Answer the following questions about him FSNPE:

Q(5 points): First name this King, who has ruled since 1952.

A: King Hussein of Jordan

Q(10 points): Name the King�s eldest son, the new Crown Prince

A: Abdullah

Q(15 points): Hussein and Abdullah come from this royal line that dates back to 1201.

A: Hashemite


9] Q: Given a fictional character, say what musical instrument he plays, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): Schroeder in the "Peanuts" comic strips.

A: piano

Q(10 points): Sherlock Holmes

A: violin

Q(15 points): Starfleet Commander Will Riker

A: trombone


10] Q: Answer the following about the political travails of Benjamin Netanyahu, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): Name the defense minister whom Bibi recently dismissed on live television.

A: Yitzhak Mordechai

Q(10 points): Mordechai is now running for prime minister with a centrist party started by this former army chief of staff.

A: Amnon Lipkin-Shahak

Q(15 points): Bibi�s political mentor came out of retirement to lose to him in a primary election. Name this Likud politician.

A: Moshe Arens


11] Q: You got 'em, now use 'em. Identify these parts of the brain FTPE:

Q: This lobe of the brain is located in the back of your head and deals primarily with vision.

A: occipital lobe

Q: This lobe of the brain deals with hearing and balance.

A: temporal lobe

Q: This part of the brain controls body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat and metabolism.

A: hypothalamus


12] Identify the character from Shakespeare from lines, 30-20-10.

Q(30 points): "Now will I in, to take some privy order, to draw the brats of Clarence out of sight."

Q(20 points): "I am determin'd to prove a villain and hate the idle pleasures of these days."

Q(10 points): "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York."

A: Richard III (accept "The Duke of Gloucester")


13] Q: Identify the following disturbances of the peace, which share a theme, FTPE.

Q: It began in July 1794, when about 500 armed men attacked and burned the home of a tax inspector in western Pennsylvania.

A: The Whiskey Rebellion

Q: This military revolt broke out in Australia in 1808 after Governor William Bligh, formerly master of HMS Bounty, tried to end the use of liquor as currency.

A: The Rum Rebellion

Q: This battle of June 9th, 1863 was the largest cavalry engagement of the Civil War and the immediate precursor of Gettysburg.

A: Brandy Station


14] Q: There are three major nerves that run down the full length of each arm into the hand. Two are named for the major bones of the forearm, while the third is named for its position. FTP apiece, name all three nerves:

A: median, radial and ulnar nerves (do not accept "radius," "ulna" or "the one in the middle")


15] Q: Given a play from the 1990s, name its author FTPE.

Q: "Sling Blade"

A: Billy Bob Thornton

Q: "Three Tall Women"

A: Edward Albee

Q: "Corpus Christie"

A: Terrence McNally


16] Q: Given the name of a short story or collection of stories, give its author FTPE.

Q: "Plain Tales from the Hills"

A: Rudyard Kipling

Q: "The Black Monk" and "The Kiss"

A: Anton Chekhov

Q: "Shooting an Elephant"

A: George Orwell (grudgingly accept Eric Arthur Blair)


17] Q: The U.S. and Iraq have lately had a disagreement over two �no-fly zones� at either end of Iraq. First, FTPE, what are the two lines of latitude that mark off the northern and southern zones?

A: The 33rd and 36th parallels

Q: One major city in the southern zone is Iraq�s larges port. FTP, name this city that was devastated by the Iranians and may recently have been hit by a stray U.S. missile, possibly killing 11 civilians.

A: Basra


18] Q: One was a painter of the Hudson River school, a pupil of Thomas Cole, who also painted �The Andes of Ecuador.� The other represented Idaho in the U.S. Senate, and led committee hearings investigating the CIA. FTP, give their common surname and, for an additional 10 points each, give their first names.

A: Frederic Church and Frank Church


19] Q: 30-20-10. Name this American composer:

Q(30 points): He taught at the San Francisco Conservatory for many years and was the San Francisco Symphony�s composer in residence from 1979 to 1985.

Q(20 points):He worked with librettist Alice Goodman and director Peter Sellars was the 1991 opera, �The Death of Klinghoffer.� He has since written �I Was Looking at the Ceiling and then I Saw the Sky� with Sellars and another librettist.

Q(10 points): This minimalist�s most famous opera is �Nixon in China.�

A: John Adams


20] Q: Give episode names from the original series of Star Trek from plot descriptions, FTPE.

Q: The crew of the Enterprise finds a planet that has modeled its entire civilization around Prohibition-era organized crime.

A: A Piece of the Action

Q: A diplomatic battle with the Klingons over a remote colony is complicated by the incredible reproductive capabilities of a species of little fuzzballs.

A: The Trouble with Tribbles

Q: In this episode, Kirk and Spock meet the Guardian of Forever, and go back to 1930s Earth and meet a character played by Joan Collins.

A: The City on the Edge of Forever


21] Q: Complete the following Oscar predictions FTPE.

Q: This actor, playing Christof, will be nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in �The Truman Show.�

A: Ed Harris

Q: This Brazilian actress, playing a retired schoolteacher, will be nominated for Best Actress for her performance in �Central Station.�

A: Fernanda Montenegro

Q: A surprise Best Picture nomination would be this film about an old director who made �Frankenstein,� tried to seduce a guy played by Brendan Fraser, and committed suicide.

A: �Gods and Monsters�


22] Q: Answer the following questions about the most recent octopulets, FTPE:

Q: Identify the mother of the octopulets.

A: Nkem Chukwu

Q: Nkem Chukwu and her husband Iyke Louis Udobi are both natives of this African country.

A: Nigeria

Q: Name the woman who made news in 1997 by having septuplets.

A: Bobbi McCaughey


23] Q: Name the following women�s figure skaters FTPE.

Q: In 1998, she won the U.S. Figure Skating Championship and went on to win the World Figure Skating Championship.

A: Michelle Kwan

Q: This Ukrainian figure skater was the last woman from Europe to win the World Figure Skating Championship. She did so in 1993.

A: Okasana Baiul

Q: This mature Chinese figure skater won the 1995 Women's World Figure Skating Championship, beating out the U.S. champion, Nicole Bobek.

A: Lu Chen (accept �Chen Lu�)


24] Q: Answer the following questions about European dynasties, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): This French dynasty was interrupted by the French Revolution and was restored after Napoleon. It began with Henri IV.

A: Bourbon

Q(10 points): This Italian dynasty or house fell with the end of World War II. It included such rulers as Victor Emmanuel II and Umberto I.

A: Savoy-Carignano

Q(15 points): This dynasty of Holy Roman Emperors fought the pope, and the pope won, specifcally over the Investiture Controversy. It was founded in 1024 by Conrad III.

A: Fraconian (accept �Salian�)


25] Q: Given groups of German cities, identify the state of the Federal Republic in which they are all located, FSNP

Q(5 points): Nuremberg, Passau [pron. PASSow], Bayreuth [BUYroit]

A: Bavaria (Accept "Bayern")

Q: (10 points): Dresden, Leipzig, Zwickau

A: Saxony (Accept "Sachsen." Do not accept "Lower Saxony," "Neidersachsen" or "Sachsen-Anhalt")

Q: (15 points): Erfurt, Weimar, Jena [YAYna]

A: Thuringia (Accept "Th�ringen")


26] Q: Identify the book of the Bible given a line, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

A: The Gospel According to John

Q(10 points): �The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.�

A: Job

Q(15 points): "He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver, nor he that loveth abundance with increase. This is also vanity."

A: Ecclesiastes


27] Name the largest city by population, other than the capital, in each of the following coutries, FTPE.

Q: Belgium

A: Antwerp

Q: Kenya

A: Mombasa

Q: Afghanistan

A: Kandahar


28] Q: Given definitions, give the following words, the theme of which will become obvious, FSNPE.

Q(5 points) It is the cell formed by the union of two gametes.

A: zygote

Q(15 points) It is an ion carrying both a positive and a negative charge, thus forming an electrically neutral molecule.

A: zwitterion

Q(10 points) It is a popular music of southern Louisiana that combines French dance melodies, elements of Caribbean music, and the blues

A: zydeco


29] Name the following Roman gods FTPE:

Q: This goddess of fruit-trees is often linked in art with Flora

A: Pomona

Q: Roman expansionism was linked with the cult of this god, originally associated with boundary stones between fields.

A: Terminus

Q: One of the hills of Rome was named after this Sabine god, later identified with Romulus, the first king of Rome.

A: Quirinus


30] Q: This question will separate the men from the biologists. FFPE, identify the five phases of mitosis, excluding interphase and cytokinesis. Five extra points for correct order, earliest to latest.

A: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase