1999 Cardinal Classic

Tossups by Stanford University (Jesse Molesworth, Eugene Davydov, Kenny Easwaran)


1. Though he argued for the "philosophical mode of thinking," he was famously prone to playing

backgammon. He argues that cause and effect cannot be determined a priori [AH pree OR ee], citing an Oriental prince's mistrust of ice. FTP name the philosopher who wrote Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, A Treatise of Human Nature, and An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

Answer: David Hume


2. He discovered that the Earth's magnetic field decreased from the poles to the equator. His studies of American volcanoes demonstrated that they correspond to underlying faults. In meteorology, he introduced isobars and isotherms to maps. FTP name this man who from 1800-04 explored the Amazon region gathering 60,000 species of fauna.

Answer: Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander, Baron von Humboldt


3. An anonymous love letter found within the pages of a copy of Vico's New Science sets the plot

rolling. Interspersed with the poems like Ragnorak and Melusina, this novel explores the romance

between the Victorian literati Christabel La Motte and Randolph Ash. FTP name this Booker Prize

winning novel by A.S. Byatt.

Answer: Possession


4. He expanded his empire in a bloody battle with the kingdom of Kalinga. Feeling remorse, he

erected monuments for his new religion throughout the kingdom, including an iron pillar in his capital that still stands today, miraculously rust-free. For ten points, what Indian monarch converted to Buddhism after seeing the fruitlessness of his earlier violence?

Answer: Asoka


5. Its name is derived from the Latin term for the Wolf Spider. Founded in 1995, this Massachusetts-based company recently teamed up with a Norwegian company called Fast Search and Transfer to give its users easy access to thousands of MP3 music files available on the internet. For ten points, name this company that boasts the web's second-most-used search engine.

Answer: www.lycos.com


6. In 1494, he helped Spain and Portugal renegotiate the line of demarcation between their future

colonies in the Treaty of Tordesillas. However, his main political goals were in Italy, where he helped strengthen the defenses of Rome. For ten points, what pope used his power to help his illegitimate sons Jofre and Cesare become archbishops, and his illegitimate daughter Lucrezia marry several princes?

Answer: Pope Alexander VI (accept Rodrigo Borgia)


7. It happens to an infant in a Ghirlandaio fresco housed at San Trinita, Florence. Septimus Warren does it to himself in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway. On the ABC soap opera One Life to Live, Blair does it to Tea (TAY ah). FTP name this action best associated with an action on May 3, 1618 that took place in Prague.

Answer: Defenestration (accept equivalents such as "throwing something out of the window")


8. Like Leonardo, this man used the technique of frottage, or rubbings from relief surfaces. Like Jean Arp, he used the technique of collage, such as in his 1 Copper Plate 1 Zinc Plate 1 Rubber Cloth 2 Calipers 1 Drainpipe Telescope 1 Piping Man. His most famous painting Attirement of the Bride depicts a nude woman dressed in a bird costume attended by a green imp with four breasts. FTP name this German Dadaist.

Answer: Max Ernst


9. Before the cease-fire, troops loyal to President Bernardo Vieira launched an offensive against armed forces chief Ansumane Mane. Its capital was rocked by gunfire from Senegalese troops loyal to the president of this former Portugeuse colony. FTP what country recently ended fighting in its capital city, whose name is half of the name of the country?

Answer: Guinea-Bissau


10. This work was a public expression of passion for the Irish actress Harriet Smithson, whom the composer had seen portraying Ophelia in 1827. The composer's cantata Herminie furnished the idee fixe (ee DAY FIX), and the unperformed opera Les Francjuges (LAY Fran JEW jay) seems to have inspired "The March to the Scaffold." FTP name this 1830 symphony by Hector Berlioz.

Answer: Symphonie Fantastique


11. It is the most abundant enzyme on earth but also one of the most inefficient. Its normal substrate is carbon dioxide, but it readily accepts oxygen, especially at higher temperatures. For ten points, name this enzyme responsible for the fixation of carbon dioxide during the Calvin cycle that makes photosynthesis possible.

Answer: rubisco


12. Friedrich Nietzsche and Thomas Mann describe how this god came out of India riding a chariot pulled by tigers. Others say he used vines from the sea to bring down a pirate ship turn them into dolphins. FTP who was born out of Zeus' hip, where he had been kept ever since his mother died in flames from seeing Zeus in all his glory.

Answer: Dionysus


13. This concert pianist lost his right arm as a result of injuries in World War I. However, he did not allow this to stop his concert career, as he commissioned works for piano left hand from Maurice Ravel, Sergei Prokofiev, Franz Schmidt, and Erich Korngold. For ten points, name the only brother of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein that did not commit suicide.

Answer: Paul Wittgenstein (accept Wittgenstein before the name is mentioned in the question)


14. In 550 B.C. he overthrew his grandfather Astyages and seized control of the Median empire. He defeated Croesus, the king of Lydia, and captured Babylon and most of the Ionian Greek cities on the Aegean coast. For ten points, name this son of Cambyses, whose conquests established the Persian empire.

Answer: Cyrus II or Cyrus the Great


15. In 1916, he was dismissed from his post at Trinity College at Cambridge for anti-war protests. In 1940, he was dismissed from his post at City College in New York for public protest again. He destroyed Frege's set theory with his famous paradox, only to have his own system destroyed thirty years later by Kurt Godel. FTP name this co-author of the Principia Mathematica.

Answer: Bertrand Russell


16. Produced by the Fischer synthesis, they react with Grignard reagents to yield tertiary alcohols.

However, perhaps their most important reaction is dissolution under hot and basic conditions into an alcohol and an acid, in a process called saponification. For ten points, name this class of organic compounds with the general formula RCOOR.

Answer: esters


17. This man's host hunts a stag, a boar, and a fox on successive days. The rider of Gringolet, he visits the castle of Haut Desert and meets Lord Bercilak. FTP name this knight whose shield is inscribed with a pentagram, and must meet his fate agains the Green Knight.

Answer: Sir Gawain


18. Though he now works for the New York Times, he won a Dreyer fellowship at California

Univeristy, where he served as student body president as well as producer of the campus tv news

program. Hailing from Minneapolis, he remained in California after his parents moved to Hong Kong and his sister moved to London to study acting. FTP name this character played by Jason Priestley on Beverly Hills 90210.

Answer: Brandon Walsh (accept either name)


19. Their baryon number is one third, their mass ranges from 100 to 300 mega electron-volts, and they carry one third the charge of an electron. First observed in cosmic rays, they occur as components of K masons and other short-lived particles, but are not observed in ordinary matter. For ten points, name this type of quark.

Answer: strange quark (prompt on quark on an early buzz)


20. It initially flows south from its source near Kalene Hill, but then turns northeast and finally

southeast before emptying into the Indian Ocean near the Mozambique channel. For ten points, name this African river, approximately 2200 miles in length, whose widest point is Victoria Falls.

Answer: Zambezi


21. This first name titles the free-thinking young painter who falls in love with Stephen Hazard in a novel by Henry Adams. This woman's marriage to King Ahasuerus is the subject of a tragedy by Jean Racine. FTP name this Jew adopted by Mordecai, who is celebrated during the feast of Purim.

Answer: Esther


22. Soak in purple dye, treat with iodine, wash with alcohol, then treat with safranine. If the

peptidoglycan layer is thick enough, it will absorb and retain the purple dye; otherwise, the alcohol

will wash out the purple and the cell wall will absorb the red safranine dye. This describes, for ten

points, what microbiological technique used to distinguish bacteria, developed in 1884 by the Danish scientist after whom it is named?

Answer: Gram stain


23. Its four parts are called "The Longhair," "The Priest of the Sun," "The Night Chanter," and "The Dawn Runner." Set predominantly in Los Angeles and a Kiowa indian reservation, its protagonist is Abel. FTP name this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by N. Scott Momaday.

Answer: House Made of Dawn

24. He fought in the Russian army in the Seven Years' War, in the Polish campaigns of 1764, and in the Russo-Turkish war. He was arrested for desertion, but escaped in 1773. Claiming to be Catherine the Great's deceased husband Peter he proclaimed the abolition of serfdom and continued to gather popular support among Cossaks and peasants. For ten points, name this leader of the namesake uprising, executed in Moscow in 1775.

Answer: Yemelyan Ivanovich Pugachov (or Pugachev)


25. The assassination of his brother in 1478 put him in power by himself until his untimely death in 1492. During his reign in Florence, he brought royal sponsorship of the arts to a new height,

sponsoring such great figures as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Ficino, and Pico della Mirandola. For ten points, what 15th century Italian ruler shared his name with his nephew, the dedicatee of Machiavelli's, The Prince?

Answer: Lorenzo the Magnificent (accept Lorenzo de Medici)


26. He was born in 1874, and studied music composition under Alexander Zemlinsky, who also taught Alma Schindler, Gustav Mahler's wife. His early music, such as Transfigured Night, was quite tonal, and very romantic in sound. For ten points, what composer, over the next several decades, founded the Second Viennese School of composition, based on his serialist style?

Answer: Arnold Schoenberg


27. In 1972 he created the "Science of Creative Intelligence." In 1975 he discovered the constitution of the universe in Rk Veda in the lively potential of Natural Law. To spread these teachings, he has established Vedic and Ayur-Veda Universities throughout the world. For ten points, who founded the Spiritual Regeneration Movement and the Transcendental Meditation program in 1957?

Answer: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


28. He proved Gauss's conjecture that an arithmetic sequence whose first term and common difference do not divine each other contains infinitely many primes. For ten points, name this mathematician who is sometimes credited with developing the modern concept of a function and most commonly associated with boundary value problems and the pigeonhole principle.

Answer: Peter Dirichlet


29. The only major invasions of Japan before the 20th century occurred in 1274 and 1281, when Kublai Khan tried to send his Mongol hordes across to attack. The first attack was repelled by Japanese forces, and the second was nearly destroyed by a typhoon, allowing the Japanese to defeat this powerful army. For ten points, what was the name of this typhoon, meaning "wind of the gods," which was later used to refer to a major segment of the Japanese forces warding off the next great attack on the islands, during World War II?

Answer: Kamikaze


30. She counsels her husband not to believe in oracles, as she thinks she has proof that they may be false, and she begs him not to pursue the mystery of his own birth. As it turns out, the prophesies are all confirmed, and when she learns the truth she tears her hair, curses her bed, and hangs herself--offstage, in Sophocles' drama. For 10 points--name this woman, wife and mother to Oedipus.

Answer: Jocasta (accept Iocaste or Epicaste)



1999 Cardinal Classic

Bonus Questions written by Stanford

A. F15P each identify these medieval bird fables.

1. Chaucer authored this poem in which the poet dreams that Scipio Africanus conducts him to the

Temple of Venus.

Answer: The Parliament of Fowles

B. Nicholas of Guildford is chosen to arbitrate a dispute between the title birds in this 12th century


Answer: The Owl and the Nightingale


2. Name the following eccentric concert violinists for the stated number of points:

5: The last foreigner to play in Hong Kong before reunification, this Singaporean prodigy is particularly

known for her electric violin playing.

Answer: Vanessa Mae

10: This British violinist recently changed his name, removing his first name, Nigel. He recently

performed a new concerto by Jimi Hendrix.

Answer: Kennedy (formerly Nigel Kennedy)

15: This fiddler has made some crossovers into more classical music, including recent CD with Yo-Yo

Ma and Emmanuel Ax.

Answer: Mark O'Connor


3. Identify the following saints, 5-10-15.

A. (5 points) This mediaeval doctor of the church is the patron saint of scholars

Answer: Thomas Aquinas

B. (10 points) The subject of T.S. Eliot's play Murder in the Cathedral, he was the Archbishop of

Canterbury and Chancellor of England under Henry II.

Answer: Thomas � Beckett

C. (15 points) The author of The Imitation of Christ, in which there are such famous quotes as "Of two

evils, the lesser is always to be chosen", and "out of sight, out of mind."

Answer: Thomas � Kempis


4. Identify the following terms from complex analysis:

A. A function differentiable in an open set.

Answer: analytic

B. A function analytic everywhere in the finite plane.

Answer: entire

C. At this type of singularity, the principal part of the function's Laurent series has finitely many

nonzero coefficients.

Answer: pole

5. Latrell Sprewell is now a Knick. FTP each name the three players dealt to Golden State in exchange

for Sprewell.

Answer: John Starks, Terry Cummings, Chris Mills


6. Name the figure from Russian history, 30-20-10.

30: In 1942, Stalin established a military order in the name of this prince of Novgorod and Kiev.

20: He lived from 1220 to 1263, and was canonized by the Russian Orthodox church in 1547. His son

Daniel founded the house of Moscow.

10: Famous for his decisive defeat of the Teutonic Knights in the 'Massacre on Ice', he gained his

nickname in another battle in which he defeated the Swedes.

Answer: Alexander Nevsky


7. FTP each name the three harpooners aboard the Pequod in Moby Dick-one Polynesian, one African,

and one native American.

Answers: Queequeg, Daggoo, Tashteego


8. Identify the composer from his compositions, 30-20-10.

30: Rapsodie Espagnole, La Valse

20: The ballet Daphnis et Chloe, and the orchestral version of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition

10: Bolero

Answer: Maurice Ravel


9. Identify these simple ciphers for the stated number of points.

A. For 10 points: a string of letters is encrypted by adding a number K to each letter in the string.

Answer: shift cipher

B. For 5 points: a special case of the shift cipher that occurs when K=3, it is named after the man who

used it in the 1st century B.C.

Answer: Caesar cipher

C. For 15 points: a simple polyalphabetic cipher, it encrypts by adding a string consisting of repetitions

of a single key-word to the message text.

Answer: Vigenere cipher


10. For five points each, identify the following associated with the wars following the death of

Alexander the Great:

A. The name of the generals who tried to seize power, as well as the wars that they

fought, from the Greek word for "successor."

Answer: Diadochi

B. The general who declared himself king of Persia, and eventually established diplomatic relations

with India.

Answer: Seleucus

C. The general who declared himself king of Egypt, ancestor of Cleopatra.

Answer: Ptolemy


11. Name these aromatic compounds for ten points each.

A. A benzene ring with a methyl group substituted for a hydrogen atom.

Answer: toluene

B. Two interlocking benzene rings, formula C10H8.

Answer: naphthalene

C. A benzene ring with a vinyl group substituted for a hydrogen atom.

Answer: styrene


12. Identify the following terms in linguistics for the stated number of points:

5: The branch of linguistics that studies sentence structure and grammar.

Answer: Syntax

10: The branch of linguistics that studies meanings of words in themselves.

Answer: Semantics

15: The branch of linguistics that studies meanings of words in context.

Answer: Pragmatics


13. FTP from what poem do the following two lines come:

1. "Or some frail china jar receive a flaw

Or stain her honour, or her new brocade."

Answer: The Rape of the Lock

2. F5P who wrote "The Rape of the Lock"?

Answer: Alexander Pope

3. F15P the last line contains what poetic device?

Answer: zeugma


14. Who could ever fill Sir Christopher Reeve's shoes?

1. FTP name the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola set to star in the next Superman epic, Superman


Answer: Nicolas Cage

2. FTP each name any two of the three leading candidates to direct the film, the directors of Elizabeth,

Con Air, and Blade.

Answer: Shekhar Kapur, Simon West, Steve Norrington


15. In 1076, the conflict between the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire reached a high point when

the pope excommunicated the emperor. For ten points each, name the pope, the Holy Roman emperor

who reputedly stood barefoot in the snow for three days seeking his forgiveness, and the castle where

this meeting took place.

Answer: Henry IV, Gregory VII, Canossa


16. For ten points each, identify the cells most directly responsible for excretion in each of the

following groups of animals:

A. Insects

Answer: Malpighian tubes

B. Flatworms

Answer: flame cells

C. Sponges

Answer: collar cells


17. What's the deal with supermodels in music videos?

A. FTP who played "Wicked Game"s on Chris Isaak by strutting around semi-nude in that video?

Answer: Helena Christensen

2. FTP name the Victoria's Secret model who dated Axl Rose and appeared in the video for "Don't Cry."

Answer: Stephanie Seymour

3. FTP name the video directed by George Michael, set at a fashion show and featuring Linda

Evangelista and Tyra Banks, among others.

Answer: "Too Funky"


18. For ten points each, identify the following places related to Prince Henry the Navigator:

1. The Moroccan citadel he conquered in 1415 as his first victory in Africa.

Answer: Ceuta

2. The city in the southwestern area of Portugal where he established his school of

navigation and held his court.

Answer: Sagres

3. The cape in Africa which his sailors struggled to pass for over fifteen years until 1534, when Gil

Eannes managed to sail past it.

Answer: Cape Bojador


19. Identify the derived SI units given an equivalent expression in terms of base SI units for 15 points,

or given the quantity they measure for 5 points apiece.

1) a.(15) kilogram over meter second squared

b.(05) pressure

Answer: pascal

2) a.(15) kilogram meter squared over second cubed

b.(05) power

Answer: watt


20. For ten points each, name the following philosophers associated with existentialism:

A. One of the earliest existentialist thinkers, he wrote Either/Or and Fear and Trembling.

Answer: Soren Kierkegaard

B. He broke radically from Christianity with The Genealogy of Morals and Beyond

Good and Evil.

Answer: Friedrich Nietzsche

C. The author of Being and Time (Sein und Zeit), he was barred from teaching by the French military

government because of past Nazi involvement.

Answer: Martin Heidegger


21. Identify the capitals of these former Soviet republics, 5 for each and a 10 point bonus for all four.

A. Georgia

Answer: Tbilisi

B. Estonia

Answer: Tallinn

C. Turkmenistan

Answer: Ashkhabad or Ashgabat

D. Uzbekistan

Answer: Tashkent


22. Identify the following Gothic novels, for ten points each:

A. This Horace Walpole novel was the first Gothic novel published in


Answer: The Castle of Otranto

B. In this Charles Robert Maturin novel, a man who sells his soul to the Devil

attempts unsuccessfully to barter the pact onto someone else.

Answer: Melmoth the Wanderer

C. This Anne Radcliffe novel was also an early Gothic classic, dealing with

Emily de St. Aubert and her upbringing in a melancholy French castle.

Answer: The Mysteries of Udolpho


23. 1998's Nobel Peace Prize honored efforts to end sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. For 10

points each--

A. Name the two recipients, one the Catholic leader of the Social Democratic and Labor Party, and the

other the Protestant leader of the Ulster Unionist Party.

Answer: John Hume and David Trimble

B. In praising the awards in October, President Clinton said, "I believe there are others, too, who

deserve credit for their indispensable roles, beginning with" . . . what current leader of Sinn Fein?

Answer: Gerry Adams


24. For the stated number of points--identify the following concerning volcanoes elsewhere in our solar


A. For 5 points--name the largest volcano on Mars, probably the largest in the solar system.

Answer: Olympus Mons

B. For 10 points--this is the only one of the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter to have active volcanoes.

Answer: Io

C. For 15 points--this "ridge" names the principal area of Martian volcanic activity.

answer: Tharsis ridge


25. For 10 points each--identify the following people from Greek history:

A. This was the last king of Lydia, noted for his great wealth--and for his bad judgment in attacking


Answer: Croesus

B. This was the runner who ran the 20-some miles from Marathon to Athens to bring news of the great

Greek victory--then collapsed and died.

Answer: Pheidippides

C. This was the Spartan king who died defending the pass at Thermopylae against an overwhelming

army of Persians.

Answer: Leonidas


26. In ~Alice in Wonderland~, when the Mock Turtle describes his education, all of the courses

mentioned are puns. For instance, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division become

Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision. For 10 points each--give the Mock Turtle's versions

of the following:

A. Reading and Writing

Answer: Reeling and Writhing

B. Latin and Greek

Answer: Laughing and Grief

C. Drawing, Sketching, and Painting in Oils

Answer: Drawling, Stretching, and Fainting in Coils