Stanford 1999 Cardinal Classic IX Packet

Questions by Columbia



1] Q: This chemical messenger, when released into a muscle cell through the neuromuscular junction, will effect a release of calcium ions, which ultimately causes the cell to contract. FTP, name this neurotransmitter released by certain specialized neurons.

A: acetylcholine


2] Q: He directed "The Night of the Hunter," starring Robert Mitchum, but was better known for acting and saying such things as "They can't censor the gleam in my eye" and "I have a face like the behind of an elephant." FTP, name this ugly actor, portrayer of Henry VIII, Captain Bligh and Quasimodo.

A: Charles Laughton


3] Q: This influential writer started her career with short stories such as "The Husband I Bought" and "Good Copy." She then moved on to novels such as "Anthem," and eventually wrote philosophical works such as "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal." FTP, name the proponent of Objectivism and author of "Atlas Shrugged."

A: Ayn Rand


4] This native New Yorker started writing radio scripts and one of his early notable works, "Love Life," was set to music by Kurt Weill and he wrote the book for "American in Paris," but by then he was well into a string that went from "Brigadoon" through "Paint your Wagon," "My Fair Lady," "Gigi" and "Camelot." FTP, name this lyricist, collaborator of Frederick Loewe.

A: Alan Jay Lerner


5] Its capital city has been subject to campaigns known as �Operation Burn House� and �Operation No Living Thing,� carried out by rebels against Ahmed Kabbah. The rebels are in the pay of Charles Taylor, president of a neighboring country, and have a penchant for cutting off people�s hands. FTP, name this African nation whose capital is Freetown.

A: Sierra Leone


6] Q: It is now on its second major refit since opening. The first, in 1985, was by Gae Aulenti and the second will be by one of the original pair of architects, who was 34 when he got the commission in 1971. FTP, name this refinery-like structure, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers as Paris' premier modern art museum.

A: The Pompidou Center (prompt on "Beaubourg")


7] Q: One of the Scriblerians, he in his later years enjoyed the patronage of the Duke of Queensbury. His first published poem was 1708's "Wine." He then parodied Spenser in "The Shepherd's Week." FTP, name this writer whose best-known work, a 1728 satire of Robert Walpole, populated an opera with criminals and prostitutes and was the basis for the plot of Brecht's "Threepenny Opera."

A: John Gay


8] Q: It opens with a quotation from Thomas Kuhn that seeks to explain why a historian of China is turning his attention to Greece. Its thesis is that the true, �Afroasiatic� roots of Greek civilization have been obscured by historians for racial reasons. FTP, name this much-criticized work by Martin Bernal whose title speculates as to the color of a Greek goddess.

A: Black Athena


9] Q: His first major poem, "Heroic Stanzas," was an elegy to Cromwell, but his second, "Astraea Redux," celebrated the Restoration of Charles II. He converted to Catholicism with the rise of James II, but maintained that faith even after the Protestant resurgence under William and Mary. FTP, name this poet and critic perhaps best known for his "Absalom and Achitophel."

A: John Dryden


10] Q: This short-lived Italian was embraced by the "Queen's Corner" party in the "Querelle des Buffons" over opera in 18th-century Paris. He has become a pioneer of Opera Buffa by writing "La Serva Padrona," his only stage work that is still performed. FTP, name this composer whose most performed work is an unfinished Stabat Mater.

A: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi


11] Q: Jesse Helms has declared that this town is a zoo and that it should be fenced off from the rest of North Carolina. It was first settled in 1770, and obtained its name from a central geographic feature and the associated church. FTP, name the location of the flagship school of the University of North Carolina system.

A: Chapel Hill


12] Q: This equation, named for a father and son who shared a Nobel Prize, relates the wavelength of an x-ray fired at a crystal sample to certain aspects of the crystal's internal geometry such as the distance between the crystal planes. FTP, name this equation critical to the science of X-ray diffraction and crystallography.

A: Bragg Equation


13] Q: It was one of the four duchies into which Boleslaus III split his kingdom, and it became heavily Germanized under the Piasts. Its coal-rich region, the Karvinna basin, is in the Czech Republic, while the cities of Katowice and Bytom are now in Poland. FTP, name this central European whose upper portion Germany lost at Versailles.

A: Silesia


14] Even members of this sect know little about its doctrines, because only a small minority are uqal (knowers), as opposed to juhal (ignorant). One article of faith is that the sixth Fatimid Caliph, Hakim was correct when he said he was God. FTP, name this Lebanese religious sect that took Damascus from the French during a war in the 1920s.

A: Druze


15] Q: The traditional view that it was written during its author's exile in Sicily in now disputed. Some deny it is his work, thus reducing his surviving plays to six. It touched many nerves during the McCarthy era because of the title character's resistance to an authoritarian Zeus, whom the hero prevented from destroying man. FTP, name this perhaps Aeschylean tragedy, the necessary prequel to a poem by Shelley.

A: "Prometheus Bound"


16] Q: This name derives from the Hebrew verb meaning "to add." In the 30th chapter of Genesis, he was added to the children of Bilhah, Zilpah and Leah, as the first child of Rachel and Jacob. FTP, who is this interpreter of dreams and possesor of a multi-colored coat?

A: Joseph


17] Q: This neurologist used his experience at Montefiore Hospital's Headache Clinic to write his first book, "Migraine: The Natural History of a Common Disorder." However, he is known for case studies of less common disorders, such as sleeping sickness, and his own loss of use of his left leg in "A Leg to Stand On." FTP, name the author of the 1985 bestseller "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat."

A: Oliver Wolf Sacks


18] Q: �Miserly, parsimonious or stingy� is all the dictionary gives, and that was how David Howard meant it, but that�s not entirely how it got reported to Anthony Williams, mayor of Washington, DC. FTP, what is this word, that is centuries older than the racial slur it sounds like?

A: niggardly


19] Q: He studied philosophy under William James and George Santayana at Harvard before becoming a federal district court judge in 1909. By 1939, he was chief judge of the Second Court of Appeals, but never rose higher in his 52 years and more than 2000 decisions on the bench. FTP, name the most influential American judge never to sit on the Supreme Court.

A: Billings Learned Hand


20] He was known for throwing artichokes at waiters and once killed a man because of a disputed score in a tennis match. Other shocking behavior included portraying St. Matthew as a common laborer in Rome's Contarelli Chapel. FTP, name this baroque painter of "The Death of the Virgin," The Deposition of Christ" and "The Conversion of St. Paul.

A: Caravaggio (accept "Michaelangelo Merisi")


21] Q: He altered the inauguration ceremony somewhat, calling the constitution "moribund," and pledging "necessary democratic transformations." Seven years ago, he attempted a coup against President Carlos Andres Perez, and he has called for closer ties to Fidel Castro. FTP, name this new president of Venezuela.

A: Hugo Chavez Frias


22] Q: He visits a Palermitan courtesan named Mariannina, and takes Father Pirrone along for company. This avid amateur astronomer feels like he's swallowing a frog when he betrothes his nephew, Falconeri, to the daughter of the bourgeois Sedara. FTP, name this Sicilian prince, hero of a novel by Giuseppe di Lampedusa.

A: Fabrizio di Salina (prompt on "The Leopard," "Il Gattopardo," or "Salina")


23] Q: Talking about an agendat that came from �all of America�s houses, not just the White House,� and proposing a middle-class tax cut two days before Clinton did started a lot of talk about a repeat of an unsuccessful 1988 performance, but he insists he�s looking to replace a man from Illinois, not one from Arkansas. FTP, name this Missouri congressman.

A: Dick Gephardt


24] Q: He worked as a candle-maker in Staten Island after fleeing his country during a failed republican uprising during which his wife, Anita Robiero da Silva, died. He resisted republicans in 1860 and gave the kingdom he had just conquered to Victor Emmanuel II. FTP, name this Italian patriot, whose 1,000 redshirted volunteers captured Sicily.

A: Giuseppe Garibaldi


25] In 1886, this New York mayoral candidate lost but ran ahead of Theodore Roosevelt. However, he is famed for his seminal work on economics, founding the single-tax movement and protesting what he saw as the denial of opportunity fostered by the idle landowning class' unearned income. FTP, name this man, who in 1879 published "Progess and Poverty."

A: Henry George


26] Q: Harewood House and Nostell Priory contain notable certified examples of work by the man who gave his name to this whole style. His influence increased thanks to a catalogue he started in 1754 titled "Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Directory." FTP, name this style of interior decoration that shares its name with a group of male strippers.

A: Chippendale


27] Q: Walter Chrysler in Wamego, Amelia Earhart in Atchison, William Allen White in Emporia, 44,000 people in Salinas and 72,000 in Lawrence. All of these are or once were residents of, FTP, what Jayhawker State that was briefly left by Dorothy and Toto.

A: Kansas


28] Q: Sunday Silence won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes but not the Belmont. Similarly, Steffi Graf's loss in the French Open was all that prevented her from back-to-back grand slams. Barry Sanders was the NFL's Rookie of the Year. All of these happened in, FTP, what year in which Game 3 of the World Series was interrupted by an earthquake.

A: 1989


29] Q: By Sept. 15, U.N. forces were clustered in a small enclave around Pusan. A few weeks later, they had more than 125,000 prisoners and were advancing fast toward the 38th Parallel and almost made it to the Yalu before being stopped by massive Chinese support. FTP, name Douglas MacArthur�s last military triumph, an amphibious landing on the coast of Korea.

A: The Inchon Landing


30] Q: His tennis achievements are only marred by the fact that he never won a clay-court event, although he did capture a gold medal on clay at the 1992 Olympics playing doubles with Michael Stich. FTP name this tennis great, who, as a 17-year-old in 1985, became the youngest player, the first unseeded player, and the first German, to win the Men's Singles title at Wimbledon.

A: Boris Becker


31] Q: In 1966 he began work in a tractor factory, which would seem an odd career choice for a 62 year old former deputy premier, but it wasn't a choice � he had been purged, after being attacked as the "Number Two Capitalist Roader" in China. Rehabilitated in 1973, then purged again in 1976, he returned as deputy premier and secretary general in 1977. FTP name this former leader of China.

A: Deng Xiaoping


32] Q: It was developed by a consortium of companies including Toshiba, Phillips and Matsushita. In its two-sided form, it will have a capacity of 7.4 gigabytes. It has been plagued by fractious standards, including a new one which requires the owner pay to get a code each time he uses it, called DivX. FTP, name this product, whose players also play standard audio CDs and which is now invading the home video market.

A: Digital Versatile Disc






1] Q: Scandal is nothing new to the White House. Name the following presidents FTPE.

Q: His refusal to grant a political favor prompted James Thomson Callender to publish articles in The Richmond Recorder accusing him of sexual impropriety.

A: Thomas Jefferson

Q: The Credit Mobilier scandal marred his tenure in office.

A: Ulysses S. Grant

Q: He forced civilian anti-war demonstrators in Indiana to be tried in an unsympathetic military court.

A: Abraham Lincoln


2] Q: Given a line from Shakespeare, give the play in which it occurs FFP and the character who says it FTP.

Q: "You must forsake this room and go with us. Your power and your command is taken off, and Cassio rules in Cyprus."

A: "Othello," Lodovico

Q: "Why, if thou never wast at court, thou never saw'st good manners; if thou never saw'st good manners, then thy manners must be wicked, and wickedness is sin, and sin is damnation. Thou art in a parlous state, shepherd."

A: "As You Like It," Touchstone


3] Q: Given a pair of detective stories, name the detective they feature FTP, or FFP if you need their author.

Q (10 points):"The Mysterious Affair at Styles," �The Clocks�

Q (5 points): Agatha Christie

A: Hercule Poirot

Q (10 points): �The Big Knockover,� �Dead Yellow Women�

Q (5 points): Dashiell Hammett

A: The Continental Op

Q: (10 points): �My Gun Is Quick,� �Murder Is My Business�

Q: (5 points): Mickey Spillane

A: Mike Hammer


4] Q: Identify the following "Friends of Bill," Clinton, that is, FTPE.

Q: This Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman died in an aircraft accident. He had agreed to make deals with the prosecutors investigating him.

A: Ron Brown

Q: This Clinton fund-raiser was found dead in the Virginia woods, the victim of a gunshot to the head.

A: Ed Willey

Q: This former White House counselor and colleague of Hillary Clinton at their Arkansas law firm was found dead at Fort Marcy Park, apparently a suicide.

A: Vince Foster


5] Give the names of the following bones, FFPE

Q: The two long bones in your forearm

A: radius and ulna

Q: Your lower jaw

A: mandible

Q: The Latin names for the three bones in your ear. In English, they're the hammer, anvil and stirrup. Please indicate which is which.

A: malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), stapes (stirrup)


6] Q: Identify the 19th-Century novel from characters, FTPE

Q: Oke, Bathsheba Everdean

A: "Far From the Madding Crowd"

Q: Blanche Ingram, Grace Poole

A: "Jane Eyre"

Q: Mr. Wemmick, Mr. Wopsle

A: "Great Expectations"


8] Q: Name the Greek, 30-20-10

Q(30 points): In 535 BC, he began a "Hellespontine" strategy in order to gain access to the Black Sea by colonizing the Dardanelles

Q(20 points): As leader of the Diacrii, the Highlands party, he usurped

power in Athens from the rival Plains party in 560 BC

Q(10 points): This tyrant's son, Hipparchus, was assassinated by Harmodius and Aristogeiton in 514.

A: Pisistratus


9] Q: Answer the following about third-party presidential candidates FSNPE.

Q: Three third-party men in the 20th. Century have won more than 20 votes in the electoral college. Name them FFPE.

A: Theodore Roosevelt, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace

Q: Name the man who got one electoral vote in 1976 from an elector in Washington State.

A: Ronald Reagan


10] Q: Answer the following about the Seven Years' War, FSNPE.

Q: Name France's four original allies FFPE, and five for all four.

A: Austria, Sweden, Saxony, Russia

Q: The effort against the alliance got a boost in 1757 when a new prime minister took office in Britain. Name him FFP.

A: William Pitt the Elder


11] Q: Given the nickname of a composer's third symphony, name the composer FSNPE.

Q(5 points): "Eroica"

A: Ludwig van Beethoven

Q(10 points): "Polish"

A: Pytor Illyich Tchaikovsky

Q(15 points): "Wagner"

A: Anton Bruckner


12] Q: Name the state 30-20-10:

Q(30 points): It is the only state with a state neckwear, and it contains the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the U.S.

Q(20 points): Four of the five biggest Indian reservations, by population, are at least partially within this state.

Q(10 points): It is represented in the Pac 10 by the Wildcats and the Sun Devils.

A: Arizona


13] Q: A federal jury recently awarded massive damages to Planned Parenthood in a suit against an anti-abortion Web site. First, F15P, name the site.

A: The Nuremburg Files

Q: The operators of the site were sued under racketeering laws and one other law passed in 1994 specifically to deal with abortion protesters. F15P, name the law

A: The Access to Clinic Entrances Act


15] Q: A recently deceased congressman was legendary for never missing a vote in his 30-year career, casting his last one from a hospital gurney. First, FFP, name him.

A: William Natcher

Q: Name the state he represented FTP.

A: Kentucky

Q: Name the congressman who won a special election to replace Natcher.

A: Ron Lewis


16] Q: Given a U.S. city, name its highest-circulation daily newspaper FTPE.

Q: Pittsburgh, Penn.

A: Post-Gazette

Q: Milwaukee, Wis.

A: Journal-Sentinel

Q: Cleveland, Ohio

A: Plain Dealer


17] Q: Name the following holy books of Judaism FSNPE:

Q(5 points): The books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Numbers.

A: The Torah

Q(10 points): The collected rabbinical debates on the meaning of the Torah that are part of the Talmud.

A: The Mishnah

Q(15 points): The commentary on the Mishnah that is the other part of the Talmud.

A: The Gemarah


18] Q: Identify the terms for the following from genetics, FTPE.

Q: The inactivated X chromosomes of female mammals.

A: Barr bodies

Q: The chromosomal characteristics of a cell; or, a representation of the chromosomes aligned in pairs.

A: karotype

Q: Any trait that is dependent on one or more genes without allele counterparts; in human beings it usually refers to the genes of the male's X chromosome.

A: hemizygous


20] Q: Given the Italian opera, name the author of the literary work on which it is based, FTPE.

Q: "Tosca"

A: Victoien Sardou

Q: "La Traviata"

A: Alexandre Dumas fils

Q: Lucia di Lammermoor

A: Walter Scott


22] Identify the poets from lines FTPE,

Q: "There is no frigate like a book / To take us lands away / Nor any coursers like a page / Of prancing poetry."

A: Emily Dickinson

Q: "So many worlds, so much to do / So little done, so much to be."

A: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Q: "Generations have trod, have trod, have trod / And all is seared with trade, bleared, smeared with toil.

A: Gerard Manley Hopkins


Q: Answer these questions about the West Indies FTPE:

Q: Such islands as St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, and the Virgin Islands are conventionally part of what northern group within the Lesser Antilles?

A: Leeward Islands

Q: Which French overseas department with capital at Fort-de-France is part of the Windward Islands?

A: Martinique

Q: Which largest island of the Netherlands Antilles might you also associate with an orange peel liqueur?

A: Cura�ao


Q: Answer the following related questions concerning physical particles, for 10 points per answer:

Q: What generic class of particles consists of all those subject to the strong nuclear force?

A: hadrons

Q: Which class of hadrons, also known as bosons, have zero or integral spin?

A: mesons

Q: Meson particles were first envisaged in 1935 by what Japanese physicist?

A: Hideki Yukawa


25] Q: Name the authors of the following books that got made into epic movies, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): "Ben Hur"

A: Lew Wallace

Q(10 points): "Exodus"

A: Leon Uris

Q(15 points): "Quo Vadis"

A: Henryk Sienkiewicz (pron. SHEN-kye-vich, or something like it)


28] Q: Although many later theologians have been recognized as Doctors of the Church, the title originally applied to four fathers of the Latin Church and four fathers of the Greek Church. First, FFPE, name the original four Doctors of the Latin Church

A: Ambrose, Augustine, Gregory the Great (accept "Gregory I"), Jerome

Q: Now name any two of the four Doctors of the Greek Church FFPE.

A: Athanasius, Basil, Gregory of Nazianzus, John Chrysostom


Q: Given an ore or ores, name the metal commonly extracted from it FTPE:

Q: Bauxite

A: Aluminium

Q: Galena, Cerussite

A: Lead

Q: Cassiterite

A: Tin


29] Q: After the No. 1 Walt Disney Show, the three longest-running prime-time shows in American TV history are a news show, a variety show and a western. Name them FFPE.

A: "The Ed Sullivan Show," "60 Minutes," "Gunsmoke"

Q: Now name the three cable networks with the most subscribers, all tied at 73 million.

A: TBS, The Discovery Channel, ESPN


Q: Name the czars from clues, FTPE

Q: The second Romanov czar, his reign was dominated by the church reforms of Nikon, which caused a schism.

A: Alexis

Q: He was the Czar at the end of the Napoleonic Wars. He was a religious mystic and a major proponent of the Holy Alliance of conservative powers.

A: Alexander I

Q: She staged a coup in 1741, throwing the infant Czar Ivan VI and ruling for the next 20 years.

A: Elizabeth


A: Given a state that has a new senator in the 106th Congress, say whether the seat passed from the Democrats to the Republicans, from the Republicans to the Democrats, stayed Democrat or stayed Republican, FFPE and five for all five.

Q: Arkansas

A: Dem-Dem

Q: Illinois

A: Dem-Rep

Q: North Carolina

A: Rep-Dem

Q: Ohio

A: Dem-Rep

Q: New York

A: Rep-Dem