1998 Cardinal Classic IX

Questions by Chicago B


1. The offspring of Fair Play and Mahubah, he was bred by August Belmont II. When his owner, Sam Riddle, was informed that this he would have to carry more than 138 pounds of weight in order to race, he was retired after a mere 2-year career. For ten points, who is this horse, whose only loss of his 21-race career came in the 1919 Sanford Stakes to a horse named Upset?

answer: _Man O'War_


2. He was elected mayor of Brooklyn Park in 1990, running not as James George Janos, but instead using a name taken from a combination of an outlaw and a map of California, where he had ridden with a motorcycle club called the Mongols. FTP, who is this World Heavyweight Tag Team Champ, elected governor of Minnesota in 1998?

answer: Jesse the Body _Ventura_

acceptable: _Jesse the Body_, _the Body_


3. In some ways, this process is simpler than its natural analog, because the DNA being used can be completely denatured by heat. Primers are prepared to target a specfic region of the genome, and loose nucleic acids bind to open nitrogen bases. The process can be freely repeated on those portions, until millions of copies exist. FTP, name this reaction used in cloning and DNA fingerprinting.

answer: _P_olymerase _C_hain _R_eaction


4. Son of a Lutheran minister, he was admitted to the theological

seminary at Tubingen at 15. Influenced by the French Revolution, he turned from theology to philosophy. At first he was a disciple of the idealism of Fichte, but Spinoza later became a major influence. FTP, who devised an idealist philosophy of nature and art in his 1800 treatise System of Transcendental Idealism?

answer: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph _Schelling_


5. At 9:35am on April 18th, 2 Mitsubishi Betty Bombers and 6 Zeke fighter planes were attacked by a flight of P-38s. Lt. Thomas G. Lanphier Jr. was credited with shooting down the bomber containing this man who had been headed to inspect the forces on Bougainville. FTP, this 1943 aerial combat action meant the death of what Japanese admiral, responsible for planning the attack on Pearl Harbor?

answer: Isoroku _Yamamoto_


6. He fears that the Y2K bug will destroy his career, because

microphones, mixers and studios won't work, forcing people to "rhyme in the streets, like some slave shit back in the day." He appeared in the films Strapped and Higher Learning and was the voice of Reptar Wagon in the Rugrats movie. After splitting from the Leaders of the New School, he released the albums The Coming and When Disaster Strikes. Born Trevor Smith, Jr., FTP, what rapper recently released the album Extinction Level Event.

answer: _Busta Rhymes_ (prompt on early "Smith")


7. His formal career began when he joined the staff of his uncle Asad ad-Din Shirkuh, an important military commander under the emir Nureddin. He was appointed commander of the Syrian troops in Egypt at the age of 31, and he won popular support when he abolished the Fatimid caliphate two years later. During the years between 1174 and 1186, he zealously pursued a goal of uniting the Muslim territories of Syria, northern Mesopotamia, Palestine,

and Egypt. FTP, name this Kurdish sultan, whose greatest victory came with the recapture of Jerusalem in 1187.

answer: _Saladin_


8. Based on a 1900 Arthur Schnitzler play, it features 10 characters, who occupy the stage in pairs, separated by blackouts representing romantic liasons. A hit in London, it opened on Broadway Dec. 13, 1998 at the Cort Theatre where tickets for its 111-show run have become among the hottest in New York. What is this David Hare adaptation of La Ronde, which critic Charles Spencer dubbed "pure theatrical Viagra" and, FTP, stars Nicole Kidman.

answer: The _Blue Room_


9. One of the oldest cities of central Asia, it was the capital of the

ancient region of Sogdiana and was captured by Alexander the Great in 329 BC. It was destroyed in 1220 by Genghis Khan but was rebuilt and expelled the Mongols in 1365. It then became the capital of the empire ruled by Tamerlane. FTP, name this second most populous city of Uzbekistan.

answer: _Samarkand_


10. It originated in Switzerland and originally resembled what we would now call an omelette, consisting of beaten eggs cooked with cheese and plenty of pepper. The modern version made with cheese is related to another Swiss dish, raclette, but is usually eaten with bread rather than sausage. It can also be made with boiling oil to cook cubes of meat, or chocolate, usually accompanied by pound cake, various types of fruit, and long, skinny forks. FTP, name this dish, usually consisting of melted cheese, whose name is French for "melted."

answer: _fondue_


11. Part I tells the story of the arrest of this book's narrator, whose

ordeal includes a series of allusions to John Bunyan's Pilgrim's

Progress: the mud through which he trudges to arrive at La Fert�-Mac� is the Slough of Despond, and his version of the Delectable Mountains are his friends Surplice and Jean Le N�gre. Based on the author's own incarceration during WWI, it first appeared in 1922. FTP, name this only novel of e.e. cummings.

answer: _The Enormous Room_

12. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator used to determine someone's personality is largely based on his theory of personality type. This psychologist divided people into two basic groups: extraverts and introverts. FTP, who is this founder of analytic psychology, who also devised the theory of the collective unconscious?

answer: Karl _Jung_


13. Cultivated by a nineteenth century Australian widow, this variety has a tangy flavor and a crisp texture. Often used for baking, they are also excellent for eating out of your hand. Covered by freckled green skin, these are, FTP what variety of apple?

answer: _Granny Smith_


14. He is sentenced to be burned to death, but is saved by a sudden

rainstorm; he is then hanged, but the wet rope is ineffective and he

survives, eventually to be discovered rowing a boat as punishment for insulting the modesty of a young girl in a mosque. He also survives a shipwreck, an earthquake, and a bout with syphilis which develops after he is expelled from the castle of Thunder-ten-Tronck. FTP, identify this optimistic philosopher who counsels Candide that "all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds."

answer: Doctor _Pangloss_


15. The most recent incarnation of it on Broadway stars Mary Testa, Perry Laylon Ojeda, Lea DeLaria as a brassy taxi driver intent on getting a sailor into her bed, and Tai Jimenez as the elusive Miss Turnstiles. Although the score, by Leonard Bernstein, Betty Comden and Adolph Green, is the same, the stage versions still can't match the 1944 screen version of, FTP, what musical which starred Gene Kelley, Frank Sinatra, and Jules Munshin as three sailors on shore leave in New York City?

answer: _On the Town_


16. This character of Greek myth was a modified form of the Babylonian god Tammuz. Born of Smyrna and her father Theias, he was raised by Persephone, who wanted to keep him. Zeus eventually decreed that he spend half the year with her and the other half with his lover Aphrodite. FTP, name this beautiful youth.

answer: _Adonis_


17. A one-word answer is required. Last December, celebrities Mallard Stern, Moodonna, Jerry Stinger, and Dennis Rodmantis joined The Idea Factory's other creations, which include Peeping Tomcat and Splat the Road Kill Kat. They retail for about $7 each and each design is eventually marked "terminated" rather than retired. FTP, what are these plush items, the twisted response to Beanie Babies?

answer: _Meanies_


18. Stretching from the extreme limit of monsoonal Asia in the east to the edge of the Mediterranean zone in the west, the climate of this mountain range is extremely variable. Abutting the Pamir range in the east, control of its passes historically has been of great military importance, affording access to the plains of northern India. Its highest peak is Tirich Mir at 25,229 feet. FTP, name this mountain range which runs southwest from the Pakistan-China border in the east to Afghanistan in the west.

answer: _Hindu Kush_


19. It initially began when officers tried to arrest a suspect for failure to appear in court on gun-sale charges. Then sniper Lon Horiuchi missed Kevin Harris, killing the suspect's wife, Vicki, instead, escalating the conflict. FTP, what is this August 1992 standoff between the FBI and Randy Weaver?

answer: _Ruby Ridge_


20. Rumoured to have once been done by Abraham Lincoln at the behest of his son, Tad, it was officially begun as a tradition by Harry Truman in 1947. This annual event picks a representative individual to be the recipient of presidential attention on a Wednesday in November, because of the supreme sacrifice that millions of the individual's kind will make the following day. FTP, name this presidential tradition involving a staple item of Thanksgiving dinners.

answer: _pardoning of a turkey_

NOTE: accept equivalent phrasing


21. In 1959, a 10-by-10 orthogonal pair of these was constructed, disproving a conjecture of Euler, who had sparked their study with his 36 Officers Problem. They can generally be defined as n-by-n squares in which each of the numbers 1 through n appears once in each row or column. FTP name these combinatorial constructs, also used in constructing experiments.

answer: _Latin Square_s (moderator: also accept _Graeco-Roman Square_s)


22. When an electric field is placed across one, the polar molecules

comprising it align opposite the field, thus reducing the effective field inside. Thus when one is placed within a capacitor, the repulsive force felt by a plate decreases relative to charge. FTP name these insulating substances commonly used to increase capacitance.

answer: _dielectric_


23. Once he became famous, he averaged writing two books a year, but his success took its time in arriving: he spent two years writing his first novel, and his mother took two more years to find a publisher for his The Macdermots of Ballycloran. Some of his many other works include Orley Farm, The Duke's Children, and He Knew He Was Right. FTP, name this prolific English author whose success began with The Warden and Barchester Towers, the first of his Barsetshire novels.

answer: Anthony _Trollope_


24. This sculpture, placed in New York Citys Federal Plaza in 1981, had to be removed eight years later due to vandalism and complaints about its obstruction of the walkways. Made of Cor-Ten hot-rolled steel, it measures 36 meters long. For ten points, what is this sculpture by Richard Serra?

answer: _Tilted Arc_


25. He lead the league in assists for 5 straight years, and earned 12

straight Gold Gloves playing right field. He was initially signed by the

Brooklyn Dodgers, but was picked up by the Pirates in a minor league draft in 1954. He hit a double off of New York Mets left-hander Jon Matlack for his 3000 career hit Sept. 30,1972. However, in that off-season, for ten points, what first Hispanic Hall of Famer was killed in a plane crash bringing relief supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua?

answer: Roberto _Clemente_


26. Used in a non-Newtonian formulation of classical mechanics, this

quantity is a function of the generalized coordinates of a system and the corresponding generalized velocities. Hamilton's Principle states that its time integral is minimized over any motion. FTP name this quantity, equal to the difference between kinetic and potential energy, named after the mathematician who invented the method of undetermined multipliers.

answer: _Lagrangian_


27. This religious observance begins with the sighting of a new moon, and thus can be delayed if the sky is cloudy. Once it begins, adherents may not tell a lie, slander, denounce someone behind his back, swear a false oath, or covet. FTP, what is this important time, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar?

answer: _Ramadan_


28. While an F-86 pilot, this "MiG Mad Marine" shot down three planes in the last nine days of the Korean War. After his most important mission however, the destroyer Noah had to fish him out of the Atlantic Ocean in 1962. Making his second trip into space in 1998, FTP, who is this astronaut who three decades earlier became the first American to orbit the earth?

answer: John _Glenn_


1. Name these Flannery O'Connor short stories from a brief summary FTPE.

A. Joy Hopewell, a bitter and overeducated spinster, thinks she has found understanding in a travelling Bible salesman, but finds out that he only loves her wooden leg.

answer: _Good Country People_

B. Harry Ashfield, a neglected little boy, changes his name to Bevel and searches for salvation in the titular body of water, but drowns instead.

answer: _The River_

C. A thoroughly unpleasant family on vacation in Florida gets murdered by the criminal Misfit and his gang.

answer: _A Good Man is Hard to Find_


2. Given a work, name the Nobel Laureate in economics who wrote it.

A. A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960

answer: Milton _Friedman_

B. The Economics of Discrimination

answer: Gary _Becker_

C. The Problem of Social Cost

answer: Ronald _Coase_


3. Answer the following questions about Noah's Ark for the stated number of points:

A. For 5 points, how long did it rain?

answer: _40_ days and nights

B. For 10 points, how many people were on Noahs Ark?

answer: _8_

C. For 5 points each, who were Noahs three sons?

answer: _Ham_, _Shem_, _Japheth_


4. Identify the island 30-20-10.

30: The Mulini Palace lies near the chief town of Portoferraio.

20: Called Aethalia or Smoky Place by the ancient Greeks, it is the largest

island in the Tuscan archipelago.

10: It is chiefly remembered for its fleeting status as an independent

principality from May 1814 to February 1815.

answer: _Elba_


5. Answer the following about Hunter 'Patch' Adams FTPE.

A. Who played Patch Adams in the title role of a Dec. 1998 film release?

answer: Robin _Williams_

B. Where did the real life Patch Adams attend medical school?

answer: _Medical College of Virginia_

C. The success of the movie is proving a financial windfall for Patch Adams' dream to build this hospital, where free health care will be provided to 40 patients, by doctors all wearing clown noses.

answer: _Gesundheit Institute_


6. Cells use a variety of methods to transport materials across their cell membranes. Identify them from clues FTPE.

A. Proteins having a hydrophobic outer shell and hydrophilic inner layer are embedded in the cellular membrane, thus allowing large hydrophilic molecules like glucose to pass through unhindered. What are these proteins called?

answer: _Ion Channels_

B. The simplest method of transport; non-polar, gaseous, and small polar molecules like water can pass through the membrane freely, following gradients.

answer: _Diffusion_

C. One example being the sodium-potassium pump, this form of transport uses ATP energy to carry specific molecules against concentration gradients.

answer: _Active Transport_


7. Identify the following battles from the Wars of the Roses FTPE.

A. Usually taken to be the first battle of the Wars, this 1455 battle was a victory for the Yorkists and led to Richard's reinstallation as protector.

answer: _St. Albans_

B. After Richard was declared King in 1460, the disinherited Queen Margaret raised an army and defeated the Yorkists at this battle, in which the Duke of York was killed.

answer: _Wakefield_

C. The Wars finally ended in 1485 when Henry Tudor landed from France and killed Richard III at this battle.

answer: _Bosworth Field_


8. Given an Australian state, identify its capital FTPE.

A. Queensland

answer: _Brisbane_

B. South Australia

answer: _Adelaide_

C. Northern Territory

answer: _Alice Springs_


9. Identify the painting from a brief description for 15 points, or for 5 points if you need the artist:

A. 15) At the center stand three strong young men standing with arms outstretched towards their father as they prepare for battle. The women and children of the household are crumpled in the bottom right corner of the painting.

5) Jacques-Louis David

answer: _Oath of the Horatii_

B. 15) A man stands alone amongst a seated audience wearing a blue flannel shirt and carrying a folded piece of paper in his jacket pocket.

5) Norman Rockwell

answer: _Freedom of Speech_

10. Identify the following related to a speech made on September, 23, 1952 FTPE.

A. The speech is known for its reference to this cocker spaniel given to the politician's children.

answer: _Checkers_

B. Checkers was named by this daughter of then-Vice Presidential candidate Nixon.

answer: _Patricia_

C. In his speech, Nixon defended himself against charges of excess with a political slush fund, explaining that his wife didn't own a mink coat, but wore one of this kind instead.

answer: "a respectable _Republican cloth_ coat"


11. Identify the following related to the millennium FTPE.

A. In the fall of 1998, President Teburoro Tito announced that his country had moved all their islands west of the International Date line, so that this country could become the first inhabited place to see the millennium.

answer: _Kiribati_

B. Kiribati's artificial redrawing of the Date Line has outraged Semisi

Taumoepeau, head of this country's millennium celebration committee, because this nation had previously been going to be the first to see the calendar change.

answer: _Tonga_

C. In all of this rush to be the first to see the new era, lost in the

shuffle is this Aleutian Island which will be the last place on earth to get to the new millennium.

answer: _Adak_


12. Given a phobia, identify the object of fear FTPE:

A. dipsophobia

answer: fear of _drinking_

B. agoraphobia

answer: fear of _open spaces_

C. arachibutyrophobia

answer: fear of _peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth_ (or equivalent answers)


13. Name this legendary figure 30-20-10.

30: In Germany he has the name Ahasverus, where he was supposedly seen by Paulus von Eilzen in 1547. In his 1836 unfinished epic poem about him, Goethe was inspired by the character of Hans Sachs in Wagner's Meistersinger von Nurnberg.

20: One story says that he was Pontius Pilate's gatekeeper, punished for punching Jesus in the face, another that he was a shoemaker who refused to let Christ rest on his doorstep while he was climbing Golgotha.

10: Because he forced Jesus Christ to keep walking, he himself was condemned to keep walking the earth eternally in penitence. Since he converted to Christianity, his epithet is not entirely accurate.

answer: the _Wandering Jew_


14. Entertainment Weekly recently listed its 5 worst movies of 1998.

Identify these three from rank and a quote for 10 points, or for 5 if you need a second clue.

A. 10) Ranked #1 worst. As for its title character, "this dewy-eyed

homuncular Christ is really just there to make us feel superior."

5) Based on a John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany, it was so bad that Irving requested they change the name.

answer: _Simon Birch_

B. 10) Ranked 3rd worst, it raises the fear that "Nicolas Cage, clad in a party-on jacket the color of dog puke, has come to think that really bad acting is good acting."

5) This Brian De Palma movie is set in Las Vegas and is about the

assassination of the U.S. secretary of defense during a boxing match.

answer: _Snake Eyes_

C. 10) It came in 5th; this film about a "hyperactive road trip" is "like dropping acid in a garbage can."

5 ) "The result? A movie that makes you wish Hunter S. Thompson had never picked up a typewriter."

answer: _Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas_


15. Answer these questions about the polarization of light FTPE.

A. In this form of polarization, the horizontal and vertical components of the electric field are 90 degrees out of phase. If put through a linear filter, the intensity diminishes by half.

answer: _circularly_ polarized

B. Say you have a beam of linearly polarized light, and say you have a crystal that will transmit light along two different perpendicular axes, but will retard the light along one axis. If you want to produce circularly polarized light, then you must use a certain angle and thickness.

First, in order to produce a 90 degree phase difference, the plane should cause a delay of what fraction of the wavelength?

answer: _one-quarter_ wavelength (plates are measured in those units)

Second, what should the angle be between the polarixation of the light and the axis of the crystal so that the resulting light is circularly polarized?

answer: _45_ degrees


16. Identify the work from quotes, 30-20-10:

30:"The universe is corporeal; all that is real is material, and what is

not material is not real."

20: "Of the voluntary acts of every man, the object is some good to


10: "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short"

answer: _Leviathan_


17. Given a list of songs, name the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta for the stated number of points:

A. For five points: Poor Wandering One, I am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General

answer: The _Pirates of Penzance_

B. For ten points: Never Mind the Why and Wherefore, I�m Called Little Buttercup

answer: _H. M. S. Pinafore_

C. For fifteen points: Loudly Let the Trumpet Bray, If You Go In Youre Sure to Win

answer: _Iolanthe_


18. Given the name of a model of mid-sized sedan, name the manufacturer for 5 points each and a bonus 5 for all correct.

A. Contour

answer: _Ford_

B. Malibu

answer: _Chevrolet_

C. Alero

answer: _Oldsmobile_

D. Altima

answer: _Nissan_

E. Leganza

answer: _Daewoo_


19. Answer these questions about the works of Daniel Defoe for the stated number of points.

A. For 5 points, this novel tells the checkered history of a adventurous lady born in a jail who, among other escapades, marries her brother and becomes an accomplished thief.

answer: _Moll Flanders_

B. For 10 points, this novel is narrated by "H.F.," a saddler in

Whitechapel, who remains in London throughout a public disaster.

answer: _A Journal of the Plague Year_

C. For 15 points, name the periodical founded by Defoe with the help of Robert Hartley, Earl of Oxford, which went defunct in 1713, when Defoe was put in prison for the second time.

answer: _The Review or A Weekly Review of the Affairs of France, Purged from the Errors and Partiality of News-Writers and Petty-Statesmen, of All Sides_


20. Answer the following about Sildenafil citrate FTPE:

A. By what commercial name is this substance better known?

answer: _Viagra_

B. Viagra is made by this company, also known for Zyrtec, Ben-Gay, and Unisom.

answer: _Pfizer_

C. Sildenafil improves erectile function by enhancing the effect of this

substance, which was studied by the winners of a 1998 Nobel Prize, and that in the body raises levels of cGMP, which causes the smooth muscle relaxation that lead to erection.

answer: _Nitric Oxide_ (NO)


21. Answer the following about Operation Vittles for the stated number of points:

A. For 5 points, what 1948-49 U.S. activity was this the codename for?

answer: _Berlin Airlift_

B. For 5 points, what was the code-name for the equivalent British operation during the Berlin Airlift that was conducted simultaneously with the Americans?

A: Operation _Plainfare_ (Acceptable: Operation _Knicker_, Operation _Carter Patterson_ )

C. For 10 points, what Major General was brought in to head the American Airlift effort on July 28,1948, a man who had previously distinguished himself in organizing the flying operations over 'the Hump' in China during World War II?

A: William H. _Tunner_

D. For 10 points, this man, the US Military Governor for post-war Germany, had believed the Airlift would fail to support West Berlin, and initially favored forcing a supply convoy through on the ground instead.

A: General Lucius D. _Clay_


22. Name the type of organic compound produced by the following FTPE.

A. The Williamson synthesis process

answer: _ether_

B. Reaction of an ankyl halide with magnesium in ether solvent

answer: _Grignard_ reagent (moderator: accept organomagnesium_ reagent_)

C. Reaction of an alkene with a peroxyacid

answer: _epoxide_ (moderator: accept _oxirane_)


23. The Cenozoic Era is divided into the Quaternary and Tertiary periods. The Tertiary period is further divided into 5 epochs. FTPE and a 5 point bonus for putting them in chronological order from earliest to most recent, give the 5 epochs of the Tertiary period.

answer: _Paleocene_, _Eocene_, _Oligocene_, _Miocene_, _Pliocene_


24. Answer these questions about the great novel Madame Bovary for the stated number of points.

A. For 5 points, who wrote it?

answer: Gustave _Flaubert_

B. For 10 points, what is Monsieur Bovary's first name?

answer: _Charles_

C. For 15 points, name Charles' and Emma's unlucky daughter, who dies orphaned in a poorhouse.

answer: _Berthe_ or _Bertha_


25. Identify these monarchs involved in the Great Northern War for 15 points apiece.

A. The Swedish king whose early successes were undone by the disaster at Poltava.

answer: _Charles XII_

B. The Polish king who was forced to relinquish his crown in 1706 in favor of the candidate supported by Sweden, but who was restored in 1710 following the Swedish defeat at Poltava.

answer: _Augustus II_ or _Augustus the Strong_