Cardinal Classic IX

Chicago A Questions (Mike, Andrew, Sarah, Ryan)


1. Born in Aberdeen, this man was elected to the US House by only 14 votes in 1978. He stayed in that position until he sucessfully ran for a Senate seat in 1986. As chair of the Democratic Policy Committee, he was the first man ever from his state to hold a Senate Leadership post. FTP, name this Agriculture Committee member and Senate Minority Leader who is from South Dakota.

Answer: Tom Daschle


2. The names sound the same: one, a sea captain in a Eugene O'Neill play,

condemns his daughter after learning that she has had a love affair, but

ultimately forgives her; the other, a country musician and actor, taught

English at West Point before becoming a member of the Highwaymen, with

Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. FTP, what is the name

shared by Anna Christie's father and the actor whose film credits include

"Lone Star," "Heaven's Gate", and �A Star is Born�?

Answer: Chris Christopherson/Kris Kristofferson


3. In the high frequency limit, the power spectrum of this type of radiation is

dependent upon the distribution of particles involved and it is generally

associated with supernovae remnants. FTP, name the radiation produced when

high energy charged particles are accelerated by a magnetic field, the

relativistic analogue of cyclotron radiation.

Answer: Synchotron radiation


4. He married Sophia Dorothea of Zall in 1682, but divorced her after

claiming she had committed adultery with a Swede, and kept her locked up

in the castle of Ahlden until her death. During his reign, the Jacobites rebelled in favor of the Stewart claimant to the throne. FTP, identify this

king of England, a great-grandson of James I under whom Robert Walpole became prime minister, who succeeded Queen Anne in 1714 to become the first Hanover king.

Answer: George I


5. In 1959, the year he died, he wrote and produced _The Cuban Rebel Girls_,

a documentary which praised Fidel Castro. Born in Tasmania, he became an

actor after failing to find gold in New Guinea, and made his debut in _In

the Wake of the Bounty_ as Fletcher Christian. FTP, name this actor, who

also appeared in _The Sea Hawk_, _The Charge of the Light Brigade_, and as

a dashing swashbuckler in _Captain Blood_ and _The Adventures of Robin Hood_.

Answer: Errol Flynn


6. In 1901, he founded the Phalanx group, which set out to introduce

avant-garde French art to Munich. His books include _Point and Line to

Plane_ and _On the Spiritual in Art_, but he is better known as the

painter of such distinctively titled works as _Composition IV_ and _Black

Lines_. FTP, name this Russian artist, who taught the foundation course

at the Bauhaus and, along with Franz Marc, edited _Der Blaue Reiter_.

Answer: Wassily Kandinsky


7. Magic Johnson once called him the best defender he ever played against, but

this man's best remembered moment may have come when he laid in a

pass Larry Bird stole from Isiah Thomas in the 1988 Eastern Conference

Championships. FTP, name this perennial member of NBA All-Defensive teams

and guard for the Seattle Supersonics and Boston Celtics.

Answer: Dennis Johnson


8. Born circa 155 CE, he was a Roman advocate before converting to Christianity

around 193. His writings, including _On the Soul_ and _To Martyrs_ outlined

his basic theology, emphasizing faith as a contradiction to reason. FTP,

name this severe ascetic and first theologian to advance the idea of the


Answer: Tertullian (also accept Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus)


9. "The Death Cookie", "Big Daddy", "Doom Town", "The Sissy", and "This Was

Your Life". These are all titles of this fringe cartoonist's fundamentalist

Christian mini-comics designed to both entertain and convert folks to hard

core Christianity. FTP, name this would-be scourge to Catholics, atheists,

Muslims, Jews and main-stream Protestants everywhere.

Answer: Jack Chick


10. These islands gained independence and joined the Commonwealth in 1978 after being colonized by Britain in 1893 and a two year occupation by the Japanese during World War II. FAQTP, name this nation located south of Nauru and west of Tuvalu with its capitol at Honiara and home to Guadalcanal.

Answer: Solomon Islands


11. Red Light, 40, Drowning Man, The Refugee, Like a Song, Surrender, Seconds,

Two Hearts Beat as One, New Year�s Day, and Sunday Bloody Sunday comprise,

FTP, what U2 album?

Answer: War (prompt on U2)


12. This process is the interconversion of a pair of heteroatom-containing

constitutional isomers whose structures differ in the placement of a

hydrogen and a double bond. If the heteroatom is oxygen, the equilibrium

point for this process generally lies towards the isomer containing a

carbon-oxygen double bond. FTP, what is this process, most familiar as a

way of converting between ketones and enols (pron. EEN-alls)?

Answer: tautomerism (accept tautomerization)


13. It cannot be used by animals whose extremities contain branching webs of

fine capillaries, but it is common among animals who live in the polar

regions. As blood flows, this system allows the blood in the veins, chilled

by its proximity to the outside air, to be warmed by the blood in the

arteries before returning to the heart. FTP, what is this adaptation, which

helps prevent the body's trunk from being chilled?

Answer: counter-current heat exchange


14. Bernard Arnault has recently been continuing his acquisitive group,

purchasing a 10% share of yet another luxury goods business to complement

his Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group holdings. Domenico De Sole may not

stay on as CEO, but analysts think that Tom Ford is likely to stay as chief

designer of, FTP, what Italian fashion house, famous for handbags, loafers,

and other leather goods?

Answer: Gucci


15. One branch of the family included Kings Ferdinand and Carol of Romania,

who ruled there from 1881 to 1947. The family name comes from a castle in

Swabia, where they originated in the ninth-century, six hundred years

before one of them was made Elector of Bradenburg in 1415, founding the

dynasty. FTP, identify this German dynasty, whose elector Frederick III

became the first king of Prussia in 1701, which also included the emperors

of Germany ending in Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Answer: Hohenzollern


16. When he was elected to an unconstitutional fourth term as president in

1871, revolts broke out that ended with his death a year later. From

exile in New Orleans, he backed the Ayutla Revolution, and by 1856 had

returned to his country as head of the Supreme Court, from which position

he instituted Liberal reform laws and did away with military and

ecclesiastical courts. FTP, name this Zapotec Indian, who rose from

humble origins to become governor of Oaxaco and president of Mexico.

Answer: Benito Juarez


17. A student of Ingegneri, he became a violinist in the Duke of Mantua's

court orchestra in 1589. After attending a performance of Peri's

"Euridice" with the Duke in Florence, he stopped writing madrigals and

turned to a new form, opera. FTP, name this Italian composer, Maestro di

Capella at St. Mark's Cathedral whose operas include "The Coronation of

Poppea" and "Orfeo."

Answer: Claudio Monteverdi


18. The brightest one observed so far was at a magnitude of -8 for about 10

seconds. They're not novae, but rather the brief reflections of sunlight

off of the highly polished Main Mission Antenna of these satellites. FTP,

name this group of low earth orbit satellites from Motorola which have

provided quite a show in addition to providing their intended communications


Answer: Iridium Flares


19. He moved to Florida from Texas in 1980, and started a small real estate

development company called the Codina Group. Today Codina is the largest

development company in Florida and he has moved on to better things. After

serving as Florida Secretary of Commerce under Bob Martinez, who FTP, lost a

1994 election to Lawton Chiles before winning the governorship in 1998?

Answer: Jeb Bush


20. Frank Robinson drew up a distinctive logo and Willis Venable put up the sign

at Jacob's Pharmacy advertising the new product, which averaged 9 drink

sales a day, for a year�s total sales of $50. Dr. Pemberton had spent $70 to

produce the product, though, so he took a loss that encouraged him to start

bottling his product. FTP, name this popular drink now headquartered in Atlanta.

Answer: Coca-Cola or Coke


21. Circulate, Type, Streamline, Dimensions, ImageStyler, CyberStudio,

GraphicStudio, PhotoDeluxe, After Effects, and PageMill are all products of,

FTP, what company better known for Premiere, PageMaker, Illustrator,

Photoshop and Acrobat?

Answer: Adobe Systems Inc.


22. Like Babe Ruth, he was a converted pitcher with a prodigious bat, winning

seven batting titles, three MVPs (1942, 1946 and 1948) and appearing in four

World Series. After retiring, his team repaid his efforts with a front

office job and a statue outside of Busch stadium. FTP, name this

twenty-four time All-Star who's still The Man for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Answer: Stan Musial


23. In 1878, this pioneer of psychology earned the first Ph.D. awarded in

America. Influenced chiefly by Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm

Wundt, and Hermann von Helmholtz, in his treatise "Adolescence," he held

that maturation proceeded by evolutionary stages; other works include

"Senescence, the Last Half of Life" and "Jesus, the Christ, in Light of

Psychology." FTP, name this psychologist, the founder of the American

Journal of Psychology.

Answer: Granville Stanley Hall


24. Like most of the protagonists in their writings, these men were born into

the working class and wanted to move upwards into the higher echelons of

society; like their protagonists, they were scornful of the social

institutions that prevented their entrance into the upper circles. Their

literary movement, which included the works of Bernard Kops, Arnold Wesker,

and Alan Sillitoe, began to take shape with the novels "Hurry on Down" and

"Lucky Jim" in the early 1950s. FTP, name this group, who got their name

from a reporter reviewing John Osborne's "Look Back in Anger."

Answer: Angry Young Men


25. If you murder someone, then you ought to murder him gently; if you ought to murder him gently, then you ought to murder him; so if you murder someone, you are only doing what you ought to do. For a quick ten points, name this paradox, whose solution depends on the shifts of connotation in our use of


Answer: Forrester's paradox (prompt on the �gentle murder� paradox)


26. They included Iemitsu, under whom the three Expulsion Decrees were passed

banning Christianity, and Yoshimune, whose rule featured the Code of One

Hundred Articles. The last of them was the fifteenth, Hitotsubaki Keiki,

while the first was the son of Matsudaira who died in 1616. FTP, give the

family name of this line of shoguns, who ruled Japan until the Meiji


Answer: Tokugawa


27. In 1946, he pitched 64 consecutive scoreless innings for Kansas City, and

struck out 16 Cleveland Indians in an exhibition game. Born in Mobile

around 1904, Joe DiMaggio claimed that he was the best pitcher he had ever

faced. FTP, identify this pitcher, who won 6 of 7 decisions for the

Indians two years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, and who,

when he retired with the St. Louis Browns in 1953, was the oldest active

pitcher in major league history.

Answer: Satchel Paige


28. He was elected president last December 5, defeating Tom Leedham of Portland, Oregon in a mail-in election. He will serve the three years remaining in the five year term for which he had run in 1996, when he was defeated by his now-expelled predecessor, Ron Carey. For 10 points--name this new president of the Teamsters union, whose father had held the same post from 1957 to 1971, before vanishing in 1975.

Answer: James P. Hoffa Jr.


29. It is a town on the Tallapoosa River, near Dadeville in east central Alabama. On March 27, 1814 it was the site of a battle in which 21 year old Sam Houston served with militia that crushed an opposing force led by chief William Weatherford. For 10 points--name this location of a victory over Creek warriors won by Major General Andrew Jackson.

Answer: Horseshoe Bend


30. The central character of these eponymous penny-books was probably originally named Georg [pron. GAY-org], but tradition has remembered him as Johann. Little else is known for certain about the character whose story these books relate, although he is believed to have had some standing in both ecclesiastical and royal courts of the early sixteenth century. The first of these books appeared in 1587, printed by Johann Spies (pron. SHPEES), but the version Goethe probably used as a source was not printed until 1674. FTP, name

these books, cautionary tales about a doctor's dealings with the devil.

Answer: Faustbuchs (prompt on �Faust�)










Chicago A Boni (Mike, Andrew, Ryan, Sarah)


1. Given the name of an airport which is nearby, name the city FTPE:

A. Narita

Answer: Tokyo

B. Schiphol

Answer: Amsterdam

C. Murtala Muhammad Int'l

Answer: Lagos, Nigeria


2. Pin the doctrine on the Presocratic, FTPE.

A. According to Aristotle, he stated that "the indefinite was the first

principle and element of things that are."

Answer: Anaximander

B. He argued that all matter was made out of seeds, and that all kinds of

seeds were present in all anhomoiomerous (pron. ANN-homo-eye-AWE-merr-us)


Answer: Anaxagoras

C. He spoke of "the one, that it is and that it is not possible for it not

to be" and "the other, that it is not and that it is necessary for it not to


Answer: Parmenides


3. Answer the following questions about the early classical physicists, FTPE.

A. Born in 1667, he explained calculus to l'Hopital and was the actual

discoverer of l'Hopital's Rule for limits. His solution to the

brachristochrone problem formed the foundation for the calculus of


Answer: Johann Bernoulli

B. A student of Johann Bernoulli, he became the most prolific mathematician

of his time, introducing the beta and gamma functions, laying the foundation of

analytical mechanics and introducing Newton's method of fluxions into

mathematical analysis.

Answer: Leonhard Euler [pron. OY-ler]

C. Born in 1736 in Turin, he was a correspondent of Euler and the system of

particle-based coordinates that bears his name was actually developed by

Euler. His own function describing the kinetic and potential energy of a

particle, however, forms the basis for classical mechanics today.

Answer: Joseph-Louis Lagrange


4. Name the following Iraqis, 15 each.

This man, formerly foreign minister and now deputy Prime Minister, has been

the Iraqi regime�s prime spokesperson to the west.

Answer: Tariq Aziz

This man is Iraq�s ambassador to the UN and is a regular guest on television

news and talk shows.

Ans: Nizar Hamdoon


5. Identify these American artists, for the stated number of points.

First, for 5 points: He painted portraits of Mrs. Richard Yates and Thomas

Jefferson, but is best known for one he did in 1793.

Answer: Gilbert Stuart

Second, for 10 points: This English-born painter of _The Architect's Dream_ is

best known for a series of four allegorical paintings.

Answer: Thomas Cole

Third, for 15 points: His works include "Elijah Fed by the Ravens," "Belshazzar's

Feast," and "The Flight of Florimel."

Answer: Washington Allston


6. You heard all about it in the pre-Super Bowl hype, now answer these

questions about the Elway-Reeves Feud for the stated number of points.

For 5 points: He was the quarterbacks coach during a year before the firing of

Dan Reeves by owner Pat Bowlen and was accused by Reeves of scripting plays

with Elway behind Reeves' back.

Answer: Mike Shanahan

For 10 points: In the interim between Reeves and Shanahan, the Broncos elevated their then defensive coordinator to the position of head coach. After being replaced by Shanahan, he's since been named defensive coordinator and then head coach of an AFC East team. Name him.

Answer: Wade Phillips

For 15 points: Other than Elway, four Broncos remain from Reeves' tenure as

Denver's head coach and all are still starters with the team, one on offense

and three on defense. FFPE, name any three.

Answers: Tyrone Braxton, Steve Atwater, Shannon Sharpe, Keith



7. Identify these Muslim empires FTP each.

A. This dynasty began in 750 when the last of the Ummayads was defeated

at the battle of Zab, and the capital was moved from Damascus to


Answer: the Abbasid dynasty

B. They conquered Egypt in the tenth century and ruled from Cairo until

being overthrown by the Ayyubids.

Answer: the Fatimid dynasty

C. They took Baghdad around 950, overthrowing the Abbasids, but were

themselves overrun a century later by Seljuk Turks who displaced them and

founded a Sunni sultanate.

Answer: the Buyid dynasty


8. Answer these questions about a French title, FTP each.

A. This word designated the heir to the French throne during the Valois

and Bourbon dynasties.

Answer: Dauphin

B. The first dauphin was this count of Vienne.

Answer: Guy VIII

C. The last dauphin renounced his title in 1830. He was a duke of

Angouleme and the son of this king.

Answer: Charles X


9. Answer these questions about a class of biomolecules FTPE.

A. Name these molecules, which contain extensive conjugated pi-bond ring

systems and whose metal-containing derivatives include chlorophyll and


Answer: porphyrins

B. Which simple aliphatic amino acid is the major precursor of porphyrins?

Answer: glycine

C. In porphyrin biosynthesis, glycine is eventually built into a

monopyrrole ring, four of which come together to form the porphyrin. What

is this monopyrrole intermediate?

Answer: phophobilinogen



10. Identify the composers of these twentieth-century operas, for the stated

number of points.

For 5 points: Der Rosenkavalier

Answer: Richard Strauss

For 10 points: Vanessa

Answer: Samuel Barber

For 15 points: Angel of Fire

Answer: Sergei Prokofiev


11. Given the lead singer of a band, name it for 10, or for 5 from a single:

10: James Hetfield

5: Enter Sandman

Answer: Metallica

10: M. Doughty

5: Super Bon Bon

Answer: Soul Coughing

10: Mark McGrath

5: Fly

Answer: Sugar Ray


12. Answer these questions about a George Bernard Shaw play for the stated

number of points.

A. (10) What is the name of this 1894 Shaw play, set in Bulgaria, which

takes on the popular and romanticized idea of war.

Answer: Arms and the Man

B. (5) From which classical work does Shaw's play take its name?

Answer: the Aeneid

C. (15) Name the 1909 comic opera whose libretto, by Oskar Straus, was

based on Shaw's play.

Answer: The Chocolate Soldier


13. Give the term from meteorology related to geographic features after a brief

description, FTPE.

A. This term describes the ratio of solar radiation reflected from an

object's surface to the total amount that strikes it. It is very high for sand and

snow and low for forests and cities.

Answer: Albedo

B. This is the term for the precipitation that results when moist air is

forced to higher altitudes in order to pass over highlands or mountains.

Answer: Orographic Effect

C. This is the general term for winds created by air flowing downhill. Warm

winds are called foehn winds, like the Chinook or Santa Ana, and cool winds

are known as drainage or glacier winds.

Answer: Katabatic wind


14. Identify the explorer, 30-20-10.

30: He was working as a contractor in Seville in the 1490's, and

provisioned one of Columbus's expeditions. In 1499, he went to the New

World in connection with an expedition of Alonso de Hojeda.

20: Appointed pilot-major of Spain in 1508, his fame arose from _Four

Voyages_, a largely inaccurate account of his travels based on forged


10: He is best remembered today for having given his name to the American


Answer: Amerigo Vespucci


15. Given a list of winners, name the literary prize all have won, 5-10-15.

A. Roddy Doyle, for "Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha"; Salman Rushdie, for

"Midnight's Children"

Answer: Booker Prize

B. Beryl Bainbridge, "Every Man for Himself"; Kazuo Ishiguro, for "An

Artist of the Floating World"

Answer: Whitbread Book of the Year

C. Simone de Beauvoir, "Les Mandarins"; Andrei Makine, "Le Testament


Answer: Prix Goncourt


16. Given a military plane, name the company that produces it, TPE.

Rafale [pron. Rafael]

Answer: Dassault


Ans: Boeing


Ans: Lockheed-Martin


17. Answer these questions about the Presidential election of 1924, for the

stated number of points.

A. 10 points: This West Virginian received the Democratic nomination on

the 103rd ballot, after McAdoo and Smith both failed to receive it.

Answer: John W. Davis

B. 5 points: The Progressives nominated this Wisconsin Senator for


Answer: Robert La Follette

C. 15 points: This party nominated Miss Marie Brehm for Vice-President,

and its Presidential candidate, Herman Faris, finished fourth in the

popular vote.

Answer: the Prohibition party


18. FTPE, name these similarly-titled pieces of literature.

A. This Joyce novel describes the early years of Stephen Dedalus, including

his rejection of nationalism and Catholicism.

Answer: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

B. This 1917 T.S. Eliot poem describes the isolation felt two people unable

to escape the rituals of society to find each other.

Ans: Portrait of a Lady

C. This romance by Hugh Walpole follows the story of two men, a girl, and

the title character, a sadist.

Ans: Portrait of a Man with Red Hair


19. Answer the following questions about formulations of quantum mechanics,


A. This standard formulation involves the time evolution of the wavefunction

and time independent operators. It shares its name with the equation

governing the behavior of the wavefunction.

Answer: Schroedinger formulation

B. The opposite view is given by this representation, with a constant

wavefunction and time varying operators.

Answer: Heisenberg formulation

C. This alternative to the standard picture posits a universal wavefunction

in which the only true observable is the position of a particle. Its

general acceptance is hampered by the difficulties in translating it to a

relativistic form.

Answer: Bohmian Mechanics


20. The short NBA pre-season has resulted in a flurry of players changing teams.

For the stated number of points, given a player, name the NBA team that he

will be playing for this year.

For 5 points: Tom Gugliotta

Answer: Phoenix Suns (accept either team or city)

For 10 points: Ike Austin

Answer: Orlando Magic

For 15 points: Malik Sealy

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves


21. Given a country, tell whether it borders Niger, Sudan, both or neither,


A. Libya

Answer: both

B. Cameroon

Answer: neither

C. Central African Republic

Answer: The Sudan



22. The world�s largest music conglomerate was recently bought by a Canadian

conglomerate. FTPE, name these two companies, one which was formerly a

subsidiary of Philips and the other which owns Universal Studios

Answer: Polygram Entertainment, and Seagram�s

Upon hearing this news, the founder of Island Records, the label for artists

such as U2 and Bob Marley, decided to leave the company & start a new

production company. FTP, name him.

Ans: Chris Blackwell


23. Name the following drinks from their ingredients as listed in Mr. Boston�s

Bartending Guide 5-10-15.

A. Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Lemon Juice and Cola

Answer: Long Island Iced Tea

B. Vodka, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice

Answer: Madras

C. Gin, Rox�s Lime Juice

Answer: Gimlet


24. Identify these figures from Texan history F15P each.

A. In 1821, he obtained a charter from New Spain which gave land for

colonization to 200 American families. After he died six months later,

his son got Emperor Iturbide to confirm the grant.

Answer: Moses Austin

B. He led a group which seized the garrison of Anahuac in 1835, but

proved less successful the next year as the commander of the Alamo.

Answer: William Travis


25. Identify these anthropologists FTPE.

A. A physical anthropologist, he made the first reconstruction of a

Neanderthal skeleton, published the book "Fossil Men," and edited the

journal "Anthropology."

Answer: Pierre-Marcellin Boule

B. This nineteenth-century French anthropologist explored northern Africa,

studying the Tuareg people of the Sahara and the Sanusi Muslims. His work

was later used to help shape the French plans for colonial expansion.

Answer: Henri Duveyrier

C. A soldier in the Civil War, he explored the Grand Canyon, was the first

to classify the Native American languages, and served as the first director

of the Smithsonian Institution's U.S. Bureau of Ethnology.

Answer: John Wesley Powell


26. The Euro is known as the EU currency, but it�s not the currency of every EU

nation. First, FTP, name the one country that wanted to be a member of the

Euro group but could not due to its financial problems.

Answer: Greece

Three other countries "opted out" of the EU. 10 for 2 or 20 for all 3, name


Answer: (any two of: ) Great Britain (or UK), Sweden, Denmark

(prompt on "England")


27. Identify the hybridization of the central atom in each of the following

compounds, 5-10-15.

A. Carbon dioxide, CO2

Answer: sp

B. Ammonia, NH3

Answer: sp3

C. Tellurium hexafluoride, TeF6

Answer: d2sp3


28. Name the novelist and playwright from works, 30-20-10.

30: "Road to the Ocean," "Russian Forest"

20: "The Orchards of Polovchansk," "The Taking of Velikoshumsk"

10: "Invasion," "The Thief"

Answer: Leonid Maksimovich Leonov


29. Everyone knows there are five pillars of Islam, but not nearly as many know

the proper Arabic terms for them. Given a list of the five names, name the

pillar of Islam after a brief description, FTPE. The pillars are: Siyam,

Salah, Shahadah, Hajj and Zakat.

A. The first pillar of Islam, this is the profession of faith by bearing

witness to the oneness of Allah.

Answer: Shahadah

B. The fourth pillar, this is the ritual fasting during the daylight hours

of Ramadan.

Answer: Siyam

C. The third pillar, this is the obligation to pay 2.5 percent of one's

income to the needy of the community.

Answer: Zakat


30. 30-20-10: Name the athlete.

30: Making his major league debut at age 28, he hit .297, led his team to

the pennant and named the second most popular man in America, after

Bing Crosby, in a nation-wide poll.

20: A four sport letterman at UCLA, he served a brief stint in the

Army before being court-martialed and turning to baseball, playing with the

Montreal Royals and Kansas City Monarchs.

10: A five time All-Star and MVP in 1949, he led the Dodgers to 6

pennants and was the first black man inducted into the Baseball Hall of


Answer: Jackie Robinson