1999 Cardinal Classic Packet by Caltech


1. The prosecution's star witness, Richard Douglas, said he

had been whipped into testifying by storm troopers working

for independent counsel Donald Smaltz, who spent four years

and 20 million dollars on the investigation. It took a jury

just nine hours to dismiss thirty counts against, for ten

points, what former agriculture secretary accused of

accepting bribes?

Answer: Mike Espy


2. It's when Andy Williams will "be blue 'cause you don't

want my love." According to C-block, it's "nothin' but me

and my crew havin' fun." For Gershwin, it's when "the

livin' is easy." For ten points, name this season, which

the Lovin' Spoonful feel "it's a pity the days can't be like

the nights."

Answer: Summer time


3. In order to buy it, Nemorino enlists in Belcore's

regiment, little knowing that his rich uncle has died and

left him a fortune with which to woo Adina, Belcore's

bride-to-be. The village girls, however, have heard the news

and flirt with the lucky catch, leading him to believe in

the effects of, for ten points, what bottle of Bordeaux wine

sold by Dulcamara in a Donizetti opera of the same name?

Answer: The Elixir Of Love or L'elisir D'amore


4. Ogden Nash writes, 'I test my bath before I sit, And I'm

always moved to wonderment, That what chills the finger not

a bit, Is so frigid upon the fundament.' Milton however

writes of a man who was "Eyeless, in Gaza, at the mill with

slaves, himself in bonds under Philistian yoke." FTP, give

the shared name of both works.

Answer: Samson Agonistes


5. At the age of 19, this noblewoman appeared at Vezelay

Cathedral dressed like an Amazon to offer Bernard of

Clairvaux her services in the Second Crusade. Although she

and her ladies wore armor and carried lances, they never did

fight because her husband, Louis VII, demanded she accompany

him to Jerusalem. For ten points name this eventual wife of

Henry II.

Answer: Eleanor of Aquitaine


6. Created on January 27, 1996, this eight-acre republic

near the British Virgin Islands petitioned the U.N. for a

seat in the General Assembly but was turned down despite the

efforts of its first U.S. Ambassador, MTV sports guy Dan

Cortese. For ten points, name this Nation of Untamed

Spirits dedicated to the 'most prized tequila for the public


Answer: the Republic of Cuervo Gold


7. When young, these saprophytes are white and homogeneous,

eventually maturing to a brown or black surface covered in

polygonal warts, and developing a pleasant odor. The most

valued is the Perigord, which is unearthed among oak trees

using trained pigs and dogs. For ten points, name this

edible, subterranean fungus.

Answer: Truffles


8. The year is 50 B.C. and except for one small village,

Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Life is not easy

for the Roman legionnaires who garrison the fortified camps

of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium. In a comic

created by Uderzo and Goscinny, so begins each adventure of

what tiny friend of Dogmatix and Obelix?

Answer: Asterix


9. A catcher's mitt and baseball bat, an umbrella, a book

of matches, a faucet, a flashlight, four badminton birdies

and a clothespin might not have much in common, except when

they range from 12 to 440 feet tall. For ten points, these

large objects are among the works of what Swedish-born pop

art sculptor?

Answer: Claes Thure Oldenburg


10. Chef Louis Diat created it for the 1917 opening of his

restaurant at New York's Ritz Carleton, naming it for a town

famous for cold alkaline springs. In 1941, patriotic chefs

angered by France's pro-Nazi government voted to rename it

"creme gauloise," but that name never stuck to, for ten

points, what cold, creamy, hard-to-spell leek and potato


Answer: Vichyssoise (pron. vee-shee-SWAZ)


11. Her new ideas on spore cultivation were deemed worthless

by the Royal Society, so she threw herself into painting and

prolific correspondence, unwittingly composing a

masterpiece. For ten points, who, in 1893, began a letter to

a sick child, 'I don't know what to write to you, so I shall

tell you a story about four little rabbits...'

Answer: Beatrix Potter


12. In 1799, Ruffini's proof of the problem's insolubility

fell short. Hermite used elliptic functions to solve its

general case in 1850, since in 1824 Abel had correctly

proven that the solution could not be found by the

extraction of roots. For ten points, give the general term

for these equations of degree five.

Answer: Quintic equations (accept fifth-degree polynomial equations or equivalent on early buzz)


13. In great confusion due to a fog of smoke from the stacks

and guns of 250 ships as well as the sloppy work of the

scouting forces, German Admiral Reinhard Scheer battled it

out against British Admirals David Beatty and John Jellicoe

for control of the North Sea. For ten points, name this

1916 naval engagement which both sides claimed as a victory.

Answer: Battle of Jutland [pron. YUT-land] (or Battle of the Skagerrak)

14. When its beneficiary suffered financially due to a bad

legal judgment, his neighbors proved you can't hold good

love gravy down by organizing this October 7 benefit concert

featuring Prodigy, Primus, and Crystal Method. For ten

points name this music event of the decade at which Master P

performed 'Kenny's Dead' to help out the sultan of soul


Answer: Chef Aid


15. Three of them, each 54 inches high, were supposed to

guard a chapel on the estate of the maharajah of Indore, but

the building was never completed. One was white marble and

one black, and a 40% duty was placed on the bronze one by a

customs official who took it to be a machine part rather

than an artwork. For ten points, name this sculpture by

Constantin Brancusi.

Answer: Bird in Space or Maiastra


16. Only five feet, three inches tall due to a mysterious

childhood illness, he was blocked from the drug testing room

after the 1984 Winter Olympics because "he didn't have the

right credentials," despite the gold medal around his neck.

For ten points name this figure skater known for his recent

battle with testicular cancer and his trademark backflip.

Answer: Scott Hamilton


17. After receiving a degree in international relations from

the University of Toronto, he married Arsinee Khanjian, who

first appeared in his work 'Next of Kin.' Born in Cairo to

Armenian parents, he was named after Egypt's first nuclear

reactor. For ten points, name this Canadian director of 'The

Sweet Hereafter' and 'Exotica.'

Answer: Atom Egoyan


18."I have lived as a philosopher, and I want to die as a

philosopher," he said on his deathbed, seemingly

contradicting his earlier statement 'God has in grace

received me and allowed me to die.' For ten points, name

this former mathematician who built this sort of religious

conversion into his concepts of the life-world and


Answer: Edmund Husserl


19. He was always lugging home wild things: once a hawk with

a hurt wing, another time a full-grown bobcat with a broken

leg. But you can't give your heart to a wild thing, as this

horse doctor from Tulip, Texas, found out when he married

14-year-old orphan Lulamae Barnes, who ran off to New York

and changed her name to Holly. For 10 points, identify this

husband of the main character in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.'

Answer: Doc Golightly


20. If one particle of a newly created pair is moving

outwards from a black hole while the other moves inwards,

the black hole can capture the inward-moving particle while

missing the outward-moving one, making the black hole appear

to emit radiation. For ten points, give the term for this

radiation process, named for the author of 'A Brief History

of Time.'

Answer: Hawking radiation


21. On his deathbed in a dingy room at the Maison Vauquer,

he speaks lovingly to Rastignac and Bianchon of his abusive

daughters, who, although they received lavish dowries from

the sale of his vermicelli business, have driven him to

desperation with their selfish demands for money. For ten

points, name this Balzac title character.

Answer: Pere (Old, Father, equivalents) Goriot


22. Arising after the empire of Tamerlane, it preceded the

rise of the Mahr Attas. Before falling apart under the

reign of Aurangzeb, it was led by rulers such as Jahangir

and Baber, who began the empire in 1526. For ten points

name this Muslim-Tartar empire in India, also ruled by Akbar

and his grandson, Shah Jehan.

Answer: Moghul empire


23. Because exposure to infrared light causes it to emit

photons at the telecommunications wavelength of 1.5 microns,

it is an important dopant constituent of signal repeaters

and amplifiers in fiberoptic cables. For ten points, name

this element which, because of their similar properties, in

1860 accidentally had its name switched with ytterbium.

Answer: Erbium


24. The shite (pron. shtay) often appears in the first half as a peasant,

departs, then appears in the second half in his true form as the

ghost of a long-dead famous person. The waki appears as a

travelling priest who questions the shite, and the kyoghen

actors supply humorous interludes between the acts of, for

ten points, what traditional Japanese theatrical form?

Answer: Noh theatre


25. One fourth century bishop of this name from Samosata was

a martyr who fought Arianism, while another, the bishop of

Constantinople, refused to condemn Arianism at Nicaea and

later led an eponymous group of Arians. Still another from

Caesarea urged Arius to renounce his heresy and wrote a landmark

Ecclesiastical History of the Christian church. For ten points give

this name, later adopted as a pseudonym of Robert Schumann.

Answer: Eusebius


26. Two months after his death, his friends David Herold,

Lewis Payne and George Atzerodt were convicted of conspiracy

and hanged. Payne had wounded Secretary of State William

Seward; Atzerodt had failed in an attempt to murder

vice-president Andrew Johnson. For ten points, name this

man who successfully assassinated President Abraham Lincoln?

Answer: John Wilkes Booth


27. One obviously cannot spread guns on toast, not can one

shoot butter. An economy producing both guns and butter

must make a tradeoff between producing less guns for more

butter, or vice versa. The list of all the possible

efficient production combinations makes up, for ten points,

what economic construct abbreviated PPF?

Answer: Production-Possibility(s) Frontier


28. In the sort-of sequel to this work, "A Monk Swimming,"

the author's brother Malachy tells of his job smuggling gold

bars to India and his life as an actor and bartender in New

York City -- never mind his poor, miserable, Irish Catholic

childhood. For ten points name this Pulitzer Prize-winning

memoir by Frank McCourt.

Answer: Angela�s Ashes


29. As a Parliamentary officer from 1909 to 1914, he

launched a successful drive to improve health and hygiene

among the Maori, later researching Polynesian ethnology for

Honolulu's Bishop Museum. For ten points name this Maori

anthropologist, author of Vikings of the Sunrise, who shares

his first and last names with the lead guitarist of R.E.M.

Answer: Sir Peter Henry Buck (original name Te Rangi Hiroa)


30. In Jose Saramago's "The Stone Raft," this landmass breaks

away from its position, moving toward the Azores at 750 meters

per hour. Named by the Greeks after its second longest river, for ten

points, name this peninsula separated from Europe by the

Pyrenees and occupied by the countries of Spain and Portugal.

Answer: Iberian peninsula


31. Retired schoolteacher William Auld wrote fifty-two books

in this language, making him the first nominee for the Nobel

Prize for Literature to use it, although over one hundred

periodicals are published in it. For ten points, name this

language spoken by about 100,000 persons worldwide, created

in 1905 by L.L. Zamenhof.

Answer: Esperanto




Caltech Cardinal Classic 1999 BONUSES

1. Name the following amino acids for ten points each.

A. (10) The simplest amino acid, it is an inhibitor released

by interneurons to suppress motoneuronal activity.

Answer: Glycine

B. (10) This sulfur-containing essential amino acid found in

egg albumin is important in the methylation of compounds.

Answer: Methionine

C. (10) Synthesized from glutamic acid, it contains a

secondary rather than primary amino group and is found in


Answer: Proline


2. Bonus 5-10-15.

A. (5) It focuses on an act's consequences, not its

intrinsic nature or the agent's motives. For five points,

name this ethical principle which promotes the greatest

happiness for the greatest good.

Answer: Utilitarianism

B. (10) In 1822, this philosopher established the

Utilitarian Society. His 1861 essay, 'Utilitarianism,'

incorporated democratic government into the utilitarian


Answer: John Stuart Mill

C. (15) Mill took the word 'utilitarian' from 'Annals of the

Parish,' a novel of Scottish country life by what author,

whose name shows up in a 1957 philosophical work promoting


Answer: John Galt


3. For ten points each, given a description of a TV

production closer, name the production company for ten

points each. Or, you'll get five points if you instead provide

the name of any current television show that ends with that closer.

A. (10) The company name is projected in blurry black and

white. Over the sound of a projector running, a child's

voice says, "I made this!"

Answer: Ten Thirteen Productions (5 points for The

X-Files or Millennium)

B. (10) A granny in a rocking chair is watching TV. When she

clicks the remote, the company name whooshes out of her TV,

knocking her backward. As she falls over, she exclaims, "You


Answer: David E. Kelley Productions (5 points for The

Practice, Ally McBeal or Chicago Hope)

C. (10) The company name appears as an animated cut-out

zombie ambles across the screen saying, "Grrrr! Aaaargh!"

Answer: Mutant Enemy Productions (5 points for Buffy the

Vampire Slayer)


4. Name these famous Cyrenians for ten points each.

A. (10) When Jesus could no longer bear the burden of his

cross, this man was forced to carry it for him.

Answer: Simon

B. (10) By looking into wells at Syene and Alexandria, he

determined the circumference of the earth.

Answer: Eratosthenes

C. (10) The motto of this disciple of Socrates, who founded

the Cyrenaic school of hedonism, was 'I possess; I am not


Answer: Aristippus


5. Thanksgiving is less than ten months away! Answer the

following about the Pilgrims for ten points each.

A. (20) The settlers were known as the Old Comers or

Forefathers before the discovery of a manuscript referring

to the 'saints' who had left Holland as 'pilgrimes.' For ten

points each, name the book and its author, the first

governor of the colony.

Answer: A History Of Plymouth Plantation, William Bradford

B. (10) For another ten points, name the town in Holland to

which the settlers had originally fled to escape religious

persecution in England.

Answer: Leyden


6. Identify the following poetic references from 'A

Streetcar Named Desire' for fifteen points each:

A. (15) Mitch owns a silver cigarette case with the

inscription 'And if God choose, I shall but love thee better

after death." Blanche recalls that this quote comes from

what poet's Sonnet 43?

Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

B. (15) After asking Stella "What on earth are you doing in

a place like this?" Blanche compares it to "the

ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir," a reference to what poet's


Answer: Edgar Allan Poe


7. Quantum Mechanics Bonus, for ten points each:

A. (10) Samuel Goudsmit and George Uhlenbeck came up with

this concept to explain the magnetic moment measurements

made by Stern and Gerlach in 1922.

Answer: Electron Spin or Spin angular momentum

B. (10) With his advisor, Clinton Davisson, this Columbia

grad student bombarded a single crystal of nickel with an

electron beam to confirm the wave-particle duality of the


Answer: Lester Halbert Germer

C. (10) One day when he was riding the subway, this

M.I.T. student thought of a brilliant explanation for why

metals lose electrical resistance at low temperatures, thus

making him the S in the BCS theory.

Answer: John Robert Schrieffer


8. She writes, 'He is a poet capable of lyricism, an artist

full of spirit and talent.' He writes, 'I was twelve years

old and I had never [had sex with] anyone...I wanted to see what it

was like.' For fifteen points each, name the thirty-six year

old schoolteacher and her fifteen year old lover who told

their story in the 1998 book, 'Forbidden Love.'

Answers: Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau


9. 30-20-10, name the location of these historic events.

A. 30: In the Nibelungenlied [pron. NEE-beh-lun-gen-leed], the historical King Gunther led the Burgundians across the Rhine in the early 5th

century, establishing a kingdom here.

B. 20: Pope Calixtus II and Holy Roman Emperor Henry V

settled the investiture controversy here in 1122.

C. 10: It was here that Martin Luther appeared before the

Diet of the Holy Roman Empire in 1521 to defend his beliefs,

eventually being denounced as a heretic.

Answer: Worms, Germany


10. Identify the following Supreme Court cases relating to

an individual's right to privacy for ten points each.

A. (10) In this 1965 case, the court ruled that a statute

preventing the appellants from providing information about

and means of contraception to married persons was


Answer: Griswold v. Connecticut

B. (10) When the respondent in this 1986 case challenged a

Georgia law criminalizing sodomy, the court ruled that the

Constitution does not confer a fundamental right to sodomy;

thus the law was constitutional.

Answer: Bowers v. Hardwick

C. (10) Four Washington physicians challenged their state's

law against assisted suicide in this 1997 case, but the

Court ruled that the law did not violate the Due Process


Answer: Washington v. Glucksberg


11. Perhaps the most famous of all love triangles is the one

in the movie "Casablanca." Given an actor who played part

of that triangle, you'll get five points for giving the

character's full name and another five points for giving

that character's birth nationality.

A. (10) Humphrey Bogart

Answer: Richard Blaine (also accept: Rick Blaine)

American (also accept: Drunkard)

B. (10) Ingrid Bergman

Answer: Ilsa Lund (also accept: Ilsa Lazlo); Norwegian

C. (10) Paul Henreid

Answer: Victor Lazlo; Czech


12. Name these special determinants for fifteen points each.

A. (15) Given a set of n equations in n variables, this is

the determinant of the matrix whose elements correspond to

the derivative of each of the n equations with respect to

each of the n variables.

Answer: Jacobian determinant

B. (15) This determinant of the matrix formed by n solutions

to a linear differential equation and their first n-1

derivatives must be nonzero for the solutions to be linearly


Answer: Wronskian


13. (30) They have a son named Junior, an obnoxious terrier

named Asta and a common passion for sleuthing. For ten

points each, name this hard-drinking literary couple played

by William Powell and Myrna Loy on screen, the novelist who

created them, and the book in which they first appeared.

Answers: Nick and Nora Charles (accept either underlined

part), Dashiell Hammitt, The Thin Man


14. Identify the following characters from 'Othello' for ten

points each.

A. (10) Othello's chief lieutenant who is accused of an

affair with Desdemona.

Answer: Cassio

B. (10) Iago's wife, whose loyalty to Desdemona surfaces in

the end.

Answer: Emilia

C. (10) Desdemona's former suitor who conspires with Iago.

Answer: Roderigo


15. Answer the following about the earth's rotation,


A. (5) The oblate shape of the earth and the gravitational

forces exerted on Earth by the sun and moon cause this

cyclic movement of the earth's axis.

Answer: Precession (of the equinoxes)

B. (10) This small irregularity in the precession of the

equinoxes is caused by the tilt of the moon's orbit with

respect to the Earth's orbit around the sun.

Answer: Nutation

C. (15) Named for an American astronomer, this movement of

the earth's axis of rotation around the pole causes latitude

to vary with a period of 14 months.

Answer: Chandler Wobble


16. In 1998 Miramax brought us two movies featuring Queen

Elizabeth I: the movie �Elizabeth�, and the movie

�Shakespeare in Love.�

A. (10) For 5 points each--name the two actresses who play

Queen Elizabeth I in the two movies.

Answer: Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench

B. (10) For another 5 points each--name the two actors who

appear in both movies.

Answer: Geoffrey Rush and Joseph Fiennes

C. (10) For a final 10 points--in 1997 Judi Dench appeared

as a British monarch in what other Miramax movie.

Answer: Mrs. Brown (also accept: Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown)


17. Given the name of a sword, identify its owner for ten

points each.

A. (10) Crocea Mors, meaning "Yellow Death"

Answer: Julius Caesar

B. (10) Joyeuse

Answer: Charlemagne (also owned a sword called Flamberge)

C. (10) Balmung, or Gram

Answer: Siegfried (also accept: _SIGURD_)


18. 30-20-10 name the place Maribeth visited on spring break

two years ago.

A. 30: Maribeth chose not to visit this town's Private John

Allen National Fish Hatchery or the Oren Dunn Museum, which

houses one of only two stamped envelopes to be canceled on

the moon.

B. 20: She did, however, notice a statue commemmorating an

engagement there on July 14-15, 1864, in which General

A.J. Smith prevented Nathan Bedford Forrest from interfering

with Sherman's supply lines.

C. 10: The highlight of her trip was a visit to the two-room house

in which, on January 8, 1935, the King was born.

Answer: Tupelo, Mississippi


19. The McGwire-Sosa home run battle eclipsed some other

interesting 1998 records. For ten points each, name:

A. (10) The Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher who was the first

in fifty-four years to intentionally walk a batter with the

bases loaded.

Answer: Gregg Olson

B. (10) The Tiger outfielder who went 0 for 13 in a

doubleheader, setting a record for the most at-bats without

a hit in a single day.

Answer: Brian Hunter

C. (10) The shortstop for the Blue Jays who struck out six

times in one day, tying the major league record.

Answer: Alex Gonzalez


20. For ten points each, identify the following people with

Scottish-sounding names.

A. (10) The British actor featured in this year's ~Apt

Pupil~ and ~Gods and Monsters~, who also played Richard III

in 1995.

Answer: Sir Ian Murray McKellen

B. (10) The author of �Breakfast on Pluto� who won the 1998

Booker Prize for Amsterdam.

Answer: Ian McEwan

C. (10) This actor has signed on as the young Ben Kenobi for

all three Star Wars prequels.

Answer: Ewan McGregor


21. Answer the following about St. Paul for ten points each:

A. (10) Who was the Hellenist Christian who was stoned to

death while Paul held the murderers' coats?

Answer: Stephen

B. Over the wall of what city did Paul famously escape in a


Answer: Damascus

C. Paul supported himself by a manual trade, which in his

case was what profession, also that of the father of Omar


Answer: Tent-Making (accept equivalents)


22. Identify the following reactions named after pairs of

chemists for 15 points each.

A. (15) Alkylation and acylation reactions of aromatic

compounds that are catalyzed by aluminum chloride, they were

discovered at the Sorbonne in 1877 by a Frenchman and an


Answer: Friedel-Crafts reactions

B. (15) The 1950 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded for

this discovery of a diene synthesis of cyclic organic

substances for use in synthetic rubber and plastics by two


Answer: Diels-Alder reactions


23. Name the following treaties associated with the

Napoleonic Wars, 5-10-15.

A. (5) This 1815 treaty, which ended the Napoleonic Wars,

took the Saar and Savoy away from France and exacted great

monetary indemnities.

Answer: Treaty of Paris

B. (10) This 1807 treaty signed by Napoleon and Alexander I

divided Europe between France and Russia, making Austria and

Prussia helpless.

Answer: Treaty of Tilsit

C. (15) This 1814 treaty forced Denmark to give up all its

rights to Norway, except for Greenland, Iceland and the

Faroe Islands.

Answer: Treaty of Kiel


24. A. (10) For ten points, name the designer of Madison

Square Garden and the New York Herald Building who was shot

to death in 1906 by his former lover's jealous husband.

Answer: Stanford White

B. (20) Now, for ten points each, name the eccentric playboy

who shot White 'to avenge the rape of his wife,' and the

showgirl who started all the trouble.

Answers: Henry Kendall (Harry) Thaw and Evelyn Nesbit


25. A. (20) Shania Twain, James Taylor, Boyz II Men, and the

Spice Girls are featured on the soundtrack to the latest

Disney musical, which is based on an opera about an enslaved

Nubian princess. For ten points each, name the musical and

the 1871 opera.

Answers: Elaborate Lives: The Legend of Aida and Aida

B. (10) For five points each, name the composer and lyricist

responsible for the update, who also brought us the 'The

Lion King.'

Answer: Elton John and Tim Rice


26. Identify the following contributors to Diderot's

Encyclopedie for ten points each.

A. (10) The music articles were written by this opera

composer, known better today as a naturalistic philosopher.

Answer: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

B. (10) This political theorist refused to write on

democracy and despotism, as he had already had his say on

those themes, but did provide an Essay on Taste.

Answer: Baron de Montesquieu (Charles-Louis de Secondat)

C. (10) The mathematics came from this man, who stated that

Newton's Third Law is true for moving bodies as well as

fixed ones.

Answer: Jean le Rond D'Alembert