Round for 1999 Cardinal Classic IX:

Packet by Berkeley Masters: David Levinson, Fred Carpenter, R. Gupta, and Jeff Good


1] Q: An apprentice weaver was disciplined for having a crooked frame. In a fit of anger he beat his machine to pieces, and subsequently anyone who broke his frame was given a name derived from his. FTP, what major anti-industrial movement was begun in Northern England in the years 1811 and 1812?

A: Luddites (accept "Ned Ludd" or "Ludlow")


2] Q: It explains why the rotation of the sun shifts Mercury's orbit six meters a year. Its effect is that a spinning object twists the fabric of space-time around it. In 1918, two Austrian physicists posited, FTP, what outcome of Einstein's equations of General Relativity?

A: Joseph Lense -Hans Thirring effect


3] Q: Her FBI file noted that she was a sponsor of the League of Women Shoppers and that she was "extremely close to the Communist party." In 1941, her anti-Fascist drama "Watch on the Rhine", won the New York Drama Critics Circle award. FTP, name the playwright and lover of Dashiell Hammett who wrote "Another Part of the Forest" and "The Little Foxes."

A: Lillian Hellman


4] Q: After the Jameson Raid, he renounced British citizenship and moved to Transvaal. After negotiating at the Boer War peace conference, he served in Lloyd George's cabinet during World War I, in the aftermath he was an architect of the League of Nations. FTP, name this prime minister of South Africa from 1919 to 24 and during World War II.

A: Jan Christian Smuts


5] Q: Altaic languages are notable for their lack of it, while the Bantu languages are known for their extensive use of it. Along with case and number, it is a vital point of agreement between an adjective and its antecedent. FTP, name this characteristic of a word that in English can be masculine, feminine or neuter.

A: gender


6] Q: Ouzo, pastis and raki are all imitations of this drink, traditionally served by dripping through a sugar cube into water. It was banned in France in 1915 due to the toxic effect of wormwood, its principal ingredient. FTP, name this liqueur, which a man is drinking in a famous painting by Manet.

A: absinthe


7] Q: This discovery simplifies the mathematical description of the bonding between atoms that make up molecules. It is based on the average number of electrons at any point, rather than the motion of each electron in every atom in a molecule. FTP � for what discovery did Walter Kohn share the 1998 Nobel Prize in chemistry?

A: density-functional theory


8] Q: It opens with a debate between a herdsman and a clown over the changing nature of the English language. Its villains chiefly have French names, two of which loosely translate as "Meathead" and "Bad Neighbor." The good guys, on the other hand tend to be Saxons, including Wamba, Rowena and Cedric the Saxon. FTP, name this historical novel by Walter Scott.

A: Ivanhoe


9] Q: They themselves are divided into four sects: Hanafites, Hanbalites, Malikites, and Shaflites. Their theology derives from a tenth-century reaction to the teachings of Mutazilah. They split with their principal rivals by objecting to the succession of the fourth caliph, Ali. FTP, name this majority Islamic sect.

A: Sunni Muslims


10] Q: Its supporting cast includes Menenius Agrippa and Tullus Aufidius. Its hero encounters political difficulties by being too proud to display his battle-scars to the populace. Incensed by popular rejection, he betrays Rome but is brought back by the pleas of his family. FTP, name this tragedy by Shakespeare.

A: Coriolanus


11] Q: On his shelf he has a plaque saying "The buck starts here." For 30 years he led his own consulting firm, taking time out to serve as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors for Gerald Ford and chairman of the National Commission on Social Security Reform for Ronald Reagan. FTP, name this confidant of Ayn Rand who has lately been the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

A: Alan Greenspan


12] Q: By varying the amplitude of a steady high-frequency signal, on Christmas Eve 1906 he transmitted the first radio program of music and speech to ships at sea. FTP, name this inventor, holder of over 500 patents at his death in 1932, including the key patents for AM radio.

A: Reginald Aubrey Fessenden


13] Q: The year is the same: "Begin the Beguine" is released, Omaha wins the Triple Crown. Alcoholics Anonymous is organized in New York, John L. Lewis founds the CIO, the Joliot-Curie team wins the Nobel Prize, T.S. Eliot writes "Murder in the Cathedral," Huey Long is assassinated and, FTP, the Wagner Labor Relations Act becomes law.

A: 1935


14] Q: Sherlock Holmes, in "The Sign of Four," chased a treasure found in this city. Akbar the Great made it the capital of the Mogul Empire in the 1560s. Shah Jahan, a descendent of his, built a famous tomb here for his wife Mumtaz. FTP, in what city is the Taj Mahal located?

A: Agra


15] Q: While little is known of his work and life, and only a half-dozen paintings are known to be his, this student of Bellini was considered, along with Titian, the dominant force in Venetian art in his time. FTP, name this artist, whose works include "Tempest," "Fete Champetre," "Castelfranco Madonna," and "Sleeping Venus?"

A: Il Giorgione (accept "Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco")


16] Q: As Naugahyde it covers many a Barcalounger, as Saran Wrap it covers many food products, and in a once-common form, it allowed for the purity of music to be produced on long-playing records. FTP, name this substance invented by B. F. Goodrich chemist Waldo Lonsbury Semon (SEH-mon), and often used to make water pipes.

A: polyvinyl chloride (prompt on "PVC" or "vinyl")


17] Q: His early, lyrical poetry focuses heavily on historical Argentine themes, as expressed in such collections as "Fervor de Buenos Aires." Beginning in 1955, he became director of the National Library and taught English at the University of Buenos Aires. FTP, name the author of "Dream Tigers," "The Book of Imaginary Beings,"and "Labyrinths."

A: Jorge Luis Borges


18] Q: He was dubbed "The Old One," as he became head of government at the age of 73 when the Allies combined their influence zones into a federal republic. FTP, name this man who served as mayor of Cologne until removed by the Nazis and later as a Christian Democrat chancellor of West Germany.

A: Konrad Adenauer


19] Q: After 18 years working principally to understand the compass, he concluded the earth was itself a magnet. He then went onto conclude that magnetism keeps us from falling off the earth. FTP, name this writer of "De Magnete," and namesake of the partner of Arthur Sullivan.

A: William Gilbert


20] Q: He shared the 1926 Nobel Peace Prize with Gustav Stresemann. Ten times premier of France from 1909 to 1921, he made his fame as foreign minister in the 1920s. FTP, name the architect of the Locarno Pact who attempted to outlaw war in a 1928 treaty named for him and Frank Kellogg.

A: Aristide Briand


21] Q: It was founded in 1935 by Leo Seltzer. Syndicated to 110 TV stations between 1959 and its 1973 demise, some of this sport's stars include Nick Scopas, Ann Cavello, and the Blonde Bomber, Joanne Weston. FTP, name this sport featured in the Raquel Welch movie "Kansas City Bomber."

A: Roller Derby


22] Q: Originally ants, they were turned into human beings by Zeus to populate the island of Oenone. This came at the request of Aeacus, who at that time had no subjects. FTP, name these people of Thessaly who in the Illiad followed Achilles to the seige of Troy and were distinguished for their savage brutality.

A: Myrmidons


23] Q: He was born in 1933 in Shantiniketan, India. Initially refused admission into Trinity College, Cambridge, he is now there as Master of the College. However, his claims to fame include the books �On Ethics and Economics� and �On Economic Inequality. FTP, name this recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize for economics.

A: Amartya Sen


24] Q: He wrote his books in Russian using the pseudonym Vladimir Sirin. The Police's "Don­t Stand So Close to Me" is loosely based on his work. FTP, name the author of "The Real Life of Sebastian Knight," "The Eye," "King, Queen, Knave" and "Lolita."

A: Vladimir Nabokov


25] Q: It is derived from the Ojibwan word meaning "his brother-sister kin." Referring to an object, usually an animal or a plant, that serves as the emblem of an individual or kinship group, Freud linked them in the title of a major work with "Taboo." FTP, name this spiritual term which is often associated with poles made by the Indians of northwest North America.

Answer: totem


26] Q: After a stretch playing for the Minneapolis Millers in which he hit .477, he was brought up by the Giants and was praying in the on-deck circle when Bobby Thompson won them the pennant in 1951. He later broke Mel Ott's National League record for career home runs, eventually hitting 660. FTP, name this center fielder, otherwise known as the "Say Hey Kid."

A: Willie Mays


27] Q: Created by Dana Gould and Robert Cohen, this marionette soap opera features Dr. Benton Criswell and Buck Murdock. Plot lines include Criswell crossdressing in the hopes of catching his wife, Talia, sleeping with Murdock. FTP, name this show found on MTV which shares its initials with the test administered by ETS to high schoolers everywhere.

A: Super Adventure Team)


28] Q: This nation's capital isn't even on its mainland, but rather on a large island to the east. It was overrun by the Germans in a matter of hours in 1940, but the inhabitants distressed the Nazis by their uncooperativeness, right up through their king Christian X who, when Jews were required to wear yellow stars, wore one himeself. FTP, name this home of Hans Christian Andersen, the southernmost Scandinavian nation.

A: Denmark


29] Q: Its symbol contains two parallel horizontal lines representing stability and was inspired by the Greek letter epsilon. Luc Luycx and Robert Kalina were responsible for its designs which will be issued January 1, 2002. FTP, name this new addition to the world's currency market which was partially adopted at the beginning of this year.

A: Euro


30] Q: This French-born composer settled in the United States in 1915 and cultivated music involving extreme dissonance, unusual instrumentation and often "scientific" titles. He composed "Ionization," "Density 21.5," � referring to the specific gravity of platinum � and "Octandre." FTP, upon whose work did the rock band Chicago compose Variations?

A: Edgard Var�se


31] Q: The Peugeot-Citroen 106E is gaining acceptance in France, while Toyota's Prius has exceeded expectations in Japan. Their development has been accelerated by the shift from lead-acid to nickel-metal-hydride versions. FTP, name this kind of automobile, hitherto limited by its range of only 150 km per charging?

A: electric vehicle (accept equivalents, but not "hybrid electric vehicle")


32] Q: She was so sympathetic to Armenian independence that, even though she was Russian, in 1985 she was elected by Armenia to the Soviet Congress. An opponent of the Russian military, the communists and the nationalists, she was considered one of the most talented advocates for democratic reform in Russia. FTP, name this adviser of Boris Yeltsin who was assassinated in November 1998.

A: Galina Starovoitova








1] Q: Answer the following about Indian politics, FTPE.

Q: Name the current prime minister of India who is a member of the BJP party and who was responsible for India's detonation of five nuclear bombs last May.

A: Atal Behari Vajpayee

Q: In recent elections, voters turned on the BJP in Delhi and Rajhastan and voted in the Congress Party, headed by this woman who is the widow of Rajiv Gandhi.

A: Sonia Gandhi

Q: Part of the BJP�s platform involves building a Hindu temple in what city in Northern India, on the site of a mosque that was destroyed six years ago.

A: Ayodhya


2] Name the following compositions, all of whose titles are based on Alfred Hitchcock�s �The Man who Knew Too Much,� FSNP.

Q: (5 points) This 1997 movie stars Bill Murray in a spoof of a spy thriller.

A: The Man Who Knew Too Little

Q: (10 points) This book by Robert Kanigel deals with the life of the Indian

mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan.

A: The Man Who Knew Infinity

C. (15) This documentary was about the life and predictions of Nostradamus.

A: The Man Who Knew Tomorrow


3] Q:Almost all of us went to one, do you know its history? FTPE:

Q: John Amos Comenius, Elizabeth Harrison and Mrs. Carl Schurz, Susan Blow, and Clara Matsuno all founded this kind of education institution.

A: Kindergarten (accept equivalents)

Q: A year before this man�s death in 1852, Prussia banned his kindergarten for �revolutionary tendencies.�

A: Friedrich Froebel

C. This first female medical school graduate in Italy opened a school for neglected children age 3 to 6 in the slums of Rome in 1907. She is famous for allowing for free expression in her schools?

A: Maria Montessori


4] Q: The oil industry has recently seen a spate of mergers, answer these questions about them for the stated number of points.

Q (5 points): Which two former Standard Oil sisters are now negotiating what would be the biggest industrial merger of all time?

A: Exxon and Mobil

Q (10 points): The Exxon-Mobil merger follows the August announcement of a $48-billion deal involving which two companies, based in London and Chicago?

A: British Petroleum and Amoco

Q (15 points): These two formerly nationalized European oil firms, based in France and Belgium, have announced another cross-border merger valued at $13 billion.

A: Total and Petrofina


5] Q: Identify these men, all of whom earned the nickname �Liberator,� from clues FSNP.

Q (5 points): He led a successful slave revolt in Haiti in the 1790s.

A: Toussaint L�Ouverture

Q: (10 points) This czar liberated all of Russia�s serfs in 1861.

A: Alexander II

Q: (15 points) In 1829, this liberator of Ireland succeeded in pushing emancipation for Irish Catholics through the British parliament and spent the rest of his life lobbying unsuccessfully for repeal of the Act of Union.

A: Daniel O�Connell


6] Q: Name these obliquely related biology terms FSNP.

Q (5 Points): One of the four classic type of tastes sensed by the taste bud. It is the taste of alkaloids such as quinine, caffeine, and strychnine.

A: bitter

Q (10 Points): Part of the Rocky Mountains is named for this plant, Lewisia rediviva, a starchy root that resembles a forked radish and is edible in the spring but acquires its namesake taste in the summer.

A: bitterroot

Q: (15 Points): Any of 12 species of marsh birds of the subfamily Botaurinae. The American variety is locally known as "stake driver" or "thunder pumper."

A: bittern


7] Q: Identify this place 30-20-10.

Q: (30 points) A treaty signed there ended the Russo-Turkish war of 1828-29, giving Russia the mouth of the Danube and the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

Q: (20 points) It was rebuilt in AD 125 by a Roman emperor who named it after himself. Its modern name is Edirne.

Q: (10 points) A battle fought there in AD 378 saw the Goths completely destroy a Roman army under the emperor Valens.

A: Adrianople (accept Edirne on 30-point-clue)


8] Q: The Environmental Protection Agency has recently imposed air pollutions standards for particulate matter 2.5 microns in size. These follow the older standards for other so-called �criteria pollutants.� FFP and five for all five, name the other five criteria pollutants:

A: particulate matter 10 microns in size (accept PM-10)

sulphur oxides (accept SOx. do not accept sulphur dioxide)

nitrogen oxides (accept NOx. do not accept nitric oxide or nitrous oxide)

carbon monoxide (accept CO)

hydrocarbons (accept volatile organic compounds, reactive organic gases or acronyms thereof)


9] Q: Name these people and places from Arthurian legend FTPE:

Q: The son of King Ban de Benoic [pron. BAHN-duh-benWAHK], he was raised by Vivian, the Lady of the Lake.

A: Lancelot du Lac

Q: Chretien de Troyes� poem describes how this knight of the Round Table came to the castle of the Fisher King and saw the Grail.

A: Perceval (prompt on Parzifal or Parsifal)

Q: At his death, King Arthur went to this legendary island.

A: Avalon


10] Given the name of a notable computer or information technology company, name the current CEO, FTPE.

Q: America Online

A: Steve Case

Q: Cisco Systems

A: John Chambers

Q: Intel

A: Craig Barrett


11] Q: Identify these architecturally notable capitals FTPE.

Q: Planned by Lucio Costa in the shape of an airplane, Oscar Niemeyer designed most of the buildings.

A: Brasilia

Q: It was planned in 1912 by Edwin Lutyens and a planning commission as a British colonial capital.

A: New Dehli

Q: Walter Burley Griffen submitted the winning design in the 1911 competition to design this city for a newly independent country

A: Canberra


12] Q: Identify the following ladies from clues F15PE:

Q: In 1923 she recorded "Down Hearted Blues." She was injured in an auto accident near Clarksdale, Miss. and bled to death because she was black and wouldn't be admitted to a hospital.

A: Bessie Smith

Q: Born in Baltimore as Eleanora Fagan, she listened to Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. In 1933 in New York she recorded with Benny Goodman. She was "Lady Day" and author of "Lady Sings the Blues."

A: Billie Holliday


13] Q: Given a description of a late romantic orchestral piece, name it FSNPE.

Q(5 points): Mahler was terrified of writing a Ninth Symphony, so he gave this name to his ninth symphonic work.

A: Das Lied von der Erde (accept �Song of the Earth�)

Q(10 points): Richard Strauss said this tone poem�s heroic title referred to himself, and why not?

A: Ein Heldenleben (accept �A Hero�s Life�)

Q(15 points): Ravel insisted that the elegiac five-word title of this piece had no programmatic meaning, he just liked the way the words sounded.

A: Pavane pour une Infante D�funte (accept �Pavane for a Dead Princess,� do not accept �Pavane for a Dead Child�)


14] Q: This past season saw a Minnesota Vikings team that has broken several NFL records. Answer the following questions about this winning team, FTPE:

Q: They broke which team�s record of the highest number of points scored during the regular season? Team only, year not necessary.

A: Washington Redskins (1983)

Q: Name their placekicker, who set the record for the highest number of points scored by a kicker as well as kicking a perfect season.

A: Gary Anderson

Q: The Vikings share their 15-1 record with two other teams. FFPE, name them. Team only, year not necessary.

A: 1985 Chicago Bears and 1984 San Francisco 49ers.


15] Q: Name the Filipino leader from clues FTPE:

Q: Born in 1869, he led rebellions at the turn of the century against Spain and then the United States.

A: Emilio Aguinaldo

Q: Killed in 1983 by the Marcos Government, his death ultimately led to their downfall

A: Benigno Aquino (accept Ninoy Aquino)

Q: This 1953 graduate of Mount St. Vincent College succeeded Marcos.

A: Corazon Aquino (accept Cory Aquino)


16] Q: Given the cutesy personification of a federal finance corporation, give the full name FPTE.

Q: Sallie Mae

A: Student Loan Marketing Association

Q: Freddie Mac

A: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

C. Farmer Mac

A: Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation


17] Q: Given a historic work of history and its year, name the author FTPE.

Q: 1890. �The Influence of Sea Power upon History 1660-1783�

A: Alfred Thayer Mahan

Q: 1860. �The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy�

A: Jakob Burckhardt

Q: 1963. �The Making of the English Working Class�

A: Edward Palmer Thompson


18] Q: Name the Russian 30-20-10:

Q: (30 points) Born Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov , his 1898 collection �Sketches and Stories� made him famous throughout Russia.

Q: (20 points) Though he supported the Russian Revolution, he was compelled by illness to leave the country in 1922, for Sorrento, Italy.

Q: (10 points) This founder of socialist realism best-known play was 1902�s �The Lower Depths.�

A: Maxim Gorky


19] Q: Identify these seas that are part of the Mediterranean from the countries and islands that border them, FTPE.

Q: Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, and Italy

A: Tyrrhenian Sea

Q: Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Albania

A: Adriatic Sea

C. Greece, Albania and Italy

A: Ionian Sea


20] Given a saint who is the patron of a profession, name the profession, FTPE. [Moderators: Accept equivalents in all cases]

Q: Luke the Apostle

A: doctors

Q: Thomas More

A: lawyers

Q: Francis de Sales

A: journalists


21] Name the author from works, 30-20-10.

Q (30 points): �Bound East for Cardiff,� �The Hairy Ape�

Q (20 points): �Anna Christie,� �Strange Interlude�

Q (10 points): �Long Day�s Journey into Night,� �The Emperor Jones�

A: Eugene O�Neill


22] Q: Name these British cities from clues, FSNPE.

Q (5 points) This city on the Severn will host the 1999 World Cup final in rugby. Since 1955 it has been the capital of Wales

A: Cardiff

Q (10 points): An economic school named for this northern industrial center promoted free-trade liberalism. It is now known for musical exports Oasis, the Stone Roses, and Simply Red.

A: Manchester

Q (15 points): Architects John Wood the Elder and Younger gave this city on the Avon its elegant Palladian town houses and picture-postcard crescent.

A: Bath


23] Q: In what American Cities were the following famous Expositions, FTPE.

Q: 1901 Pan American

A: Buffalo, N.Y.

Q: 1876 Centennial

A: Philadelphia, Penn.

Q: 1904 Louisiana Purchase

A: St. Louis


24] Q: Name these related mythological figures FTPE.

Q: He was killed by his brother Set. After being brought back from the dead he became a judge of the underworld.

A: Osiris

Q: This sister of Osiris reanimated has severed parts. Name this goddess of magic

A: Isis

Q: The son of Isis and Osiris, he is the falcon-headed divine protector of Egyptian royal houses

A: Horus


25] Q: Identify these related authors FTPE.

Q: He wrote two novels about extrordinary voyages. "Comic History of the States and Empires of the Moon" and "Comic History of the States and Empires of the Sun."

A: Cyrano de Bergerac

Q: He wrote the play "Cyrano de Bergerac"?

A: Edmond Rostand

Q: He wrote "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" and starred in the film "Roxanne."

A: Steve Martin


26] Q: Name the structure, 30-20-10.

Q(30 points): Funded by British lottery money and located on 330 acres of Greenwich, it is twice the size of Wembley stadium.

Q(20 points): Designed by Richard Rogers, it will feature Britannia: a mother and child figure 170 feet high made of glass fiber and steel. It will also have a ride through British history and virtual reality time travel.

Q(10 points): As its name indicates, it's supposed to be Britain's architectural celebration of the 21st Century.

A: The Millennium Dome


27] Identify these similar-sounding sub-disciplines of history and social science from definitions F15PE.

Q: The study and deciphering of ancient forms of writing.

A: Paleography

Q: The study of careers, especially of individuals linked by linked by family, economic, political or social relationships.

A: Prosopography


28] Q: Answer the following about the 1998 Asian Games which took place in December, FTPE.

Q: What number was assigned to the games?

A: 13th

Q: In what city, which has hosted three previous Asian Games, were this year�s held?

A: Bangkok

Q: It�s an easy guess to say that China topped the medals tally, but FFPE, name the countries that finished second and third in total medals, and say which was which.

A: South Korea (2nd.) and Japan (3rd.)


29] Q: These three men discovered that ordinary electrons acting together in strong magnetic fields and very low temperatures can condense into new types of composite subatomic particles, quasiparticles, that function as a fluid. The three also discovered a new form of �quantum fluid� � fluids such as liquid helium that have certain properties in common, such as superfluidity, or the absence of energy resistance at ultra-low temperatures. FTPE, name these three physicists.

A: Robert B. Laughlin, Horst L. St�rmer, Daniel C. Tsui


30] Q: Name these alloys from a description FTPE.

Q: An alloy of copper and zinc.

A: brass

Q: An alloy of mainly copper and tin, it is harder than any other common alloy except steel and corrodes less easily.

A: bronze

Q: Traditionally an alloy of tin and lead, it can include antimony, copper or bismuth and is often used in eating and drinking vessels.

A: pewter