1999 Cardinal Classic IX:

Packet by Berkeley 3 (Selene Koo, Casey Cook, Alex Fabrikant, Sam Lipson)


1] Q: He composed the longest piece ever: a page of music to be repeated 840

times, titled Vexations. A critic accused him of writing compositions with no

form, so he wrote "Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear." FTP, name this French

composer of �Gymnopedies� (pron. gym-no-pay-DEE)?

A: Alfred Erik Leslie Satie


2] Q: The first one of these was created by Musschenbroek, who would have

never realized what it was had it not nearly killed his assistant. While the

concept has since been extended to describe the any system when a potential is

applied, most people still associate, FTP, what term with a common circuit

element, whose strength is measured in farads.

A: Capacitor (accept �Leyden jar� during the first sentence)


3] Q: As a young politician, this man was known as "The JFK of the

Netherlands." He was head of the Dutch central bank for 15 years before gaining

his current position. FTP, name this man who, on Jan. 1, became as powerful as

Alan Greenspan, the head of the newly created European Central Bank.

A: Wim Duisenberg


4] Q: This artist painted a portrait of his mother that bears a striking resemblance

to Whistler's more famous portrait. He also painted �Resurrection of Lazarus,�

sold to the French government in 1897. FTP, name this painter of �The Banjo

Lesson,� regarded as the first important African-American painter.

A: Henry Ossawa Tanner


5] Q: He couldn�t explain the results of the Michelson-Morely experiment, but

his theory of the effect of magnetism on light did win him a Nobel Prize in 1902

along with his pupil, Pieter Zeeman. FTP, name this man, whose transformations

were vital to Einstein�s work on special relativity.

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz

6] Q: Founded in 183 B.C., it then stood along the Aemilian Way. During the

Renaissance it was ruled by the Farnese family. FTP, name this city in Emilia-

Romagna, which has given us Corregio, Arturo Toscanini and the man who

painted �Madonna of the Long Neck,� as well as an awful lot of hard cheese.

A: Parma


7] Q: Current members include Chris Ballew, Dave Dederer, and Jason Finn. It

began in the early 90s in Seattle and made it big in 1996 with a contract from

Columbia Records which released their debut self-titled album. FTP, name this

band whose original hits included "Kitty," "Lump," and "Peaches."

A: The Presidents of the United States of America


8] Q: This free-speech activist has been a cattle rancher in Wyoming and a

lyricist for the Grateful Dead. He is now at Harvard Berkman Center for Internet

and Society, and has become famous for authoring The Declaration of

Independence of Cyberspace. FTP, name this founder of EFF, Electronic Frontier


A: John Perry Barlow


9] Q: It took its name from the sound wind makes on the moor, and its

inhabitants included Joseph, a religious zealot; Nelly Dean, a very talkative

housekeeper; and a "dirty, ragged, black-haired child" brought home from

Liverpool by Mr. Earnshaw. FTP, name this mansion, home of the young

Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff.

A: Wuthering Heights


10] Q: Born in El Paso, Texas, this man briefly played for the San Diego Chargers

before becoming a basketball coach. He won a national junior college

championship with Western Texas Junior College and the NIT with Tulsa. FTP,

name this man who won the 1994 National Championship with the Arkansas


A: Nolan Richardson


11] Q: The United States promised to recognize Japanese dominance in Korea

and South Manchuria, Japan promised to recognize U.S. sovereignty over the

Philippines, and both agreed to the Open Door policy in China. FTP, these were

terms of what 1908 agreement named after the people who negotiated it.

A: Root-Takahira Agreement


12] Q: In addition to Hebrew, parts of it are written in Western Aramaic, and

some apocryphal parts only survived in Greek translation, such as the song of

the Three Holy Children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. FTP, identify this

book of the Bible, whose hero reads the writing on the wall of Belshazzar's

palace and escapes unharmed from the lions' den.

A: Daniel


13] Q: Independently developed in 1884 by two psychologists, by the

combination of whose name it's now known, this theory of emotion stipulates

that one's interpretation of a stimulus evokes autonomic physical changes

directly, and, FTP, that what is perceived as an emotion is one's perception of

these changes.

A: James-Lange Theory


14] Q: A year after his victory at Khotin in 1673, he was elected to succeed

Michael II as king. At first, his main military objective was East Prussia, but

events further south drove him into an alliance with Emperor Leopold I against

the Turks and Hungarians. FTP, name this Polish king who drove the Turks

away from Vienna in 1683.

A: John III (accept "Jan Sobieski")


15] Q: It includes a reference to another play, "Mixing It Up," by its own author,

and a plot which consists entirely of the interactions between the characters of a

play, not the actors, with their manager. FTP, name this 1921 play, subtitled "A

Comedy in the Making," written by Luigi Pirandello.

A: "Six Characters in Search of an Author"


16] Q: The nickname is the same. One was a German born in 1891, the other an

American military operation. The German was a field marshal in Hitler's army

before being executed for plotting to assassinate him, the operation involved a

U.S. military strike in the Middle East. FTP, name this shared nickname of the

December 1998 American bombing of Iraq and Nazi general Erwin Rommel.

A: Desert Fox

17] Q: His "Apology" presents Socrates as a rather unexceptionable wise man

whom no-one would ever have bothered to kill. A better soldier than a

philosopher, this pro-Spartan Athenian led 10,000 mercenaries into Persia as part

of the failed revolt of Cyrus the Younger. FTP, name this man who wrote about

the difficulties of walking home again in his "Anabasis."

A: Xenophon


18] Q: The title character is described by the captain of the ship Rights of Man as

"my best man � the jewel of 'em." Handsome and innocent, his one flaw is that

when excited or angry, he becomes speechless. FTP, name this novella in which

a young man is hanged for killing the master-at-arms, John Claggart, written by

Herman Melville.

A: "Billy Budd, Foretopman"


19] Q: This city, founded by Yasovarman I in AD 880 and located north of Tonle

Sap, thrived for 450 year until 1225. Its most famous feature was the work of

Suryavarman II. It was rediscovered by the French in 1861. FTP, name this

capital of the Khmer empire, known for its temple or "Wat."

A: Angkor (do not accept "Angkor Wat")


20] Q: It is the subject of an ecstatic passage of "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" and

a less ecstatic poem by Rilke. D�rer used it as a guide to the ideal proportions of

the human male. A pupil of Michelangelo's restored the right forearm and left

hand of this Roman marble copy of a Hellenistic bronze. FTP, name this

representation of the god of light and youth, now in the Vatican Museum.

A: Apollo Belvedere (accept "Belvedere Torso")


21] Q: His wife Mary Powell left him after six weeks of marriage, leading this

writer to argue for the right of all Englishmen to get a divorce. Blind before the

age of 50 because of eyestrain, Housman judged him less efficacious than malt at

justifying the ways of God to man. FTP, name this author of "Comus," "Samson

"Agonistes," and "Paradise Lost."

A: John Milton


22] Q: Born in 1941, this man first broke into Major League Baseball in 1963

when he was Rookie of the Year. He went on to winning batting titles in 1968,

1969, and 1973 and in 1978 hit in an NL record 44 consecutive games. FTP, name

this all-time hits leader who was banned from baseball in 1989 for gambling.

A: Pete Rose


23] Q: Of her children, only Melibo�a and Amyclas survived, because they made

offerings to Leto. She herself was a sister of Pelops, who shared the pride that

caused her to boast inordinately of her children, thus causing Apollo and

Artemis to kill them. FTP, name the woman for whom element 41 is named, who

wept so much that she was turned into a statue.

A: Niobe


24] Q: This singer has won more Grammy awards than any other artist with

albums such as "He Will Come," "Stand Still," "Sailin' " and "Rejoice." She is also

the pastor of the Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church in Raleigh, N.C. FTP

name this gospel singer whose showbiz namesakes include Sid and Adolph.

A: Shirley Caesar


25] Q: The city was James II's last stronghold and is still called "The City of the

Broken Treaty" because of a little-observed 1691 guarantee of Catholic rights.

The name is better known however, thanks to Edward Lear's "Book of

Nonsense." FTP, give this name for an AABBA-rhymed, five line humourous


A: Limerick


26] Q: Its ores include smaltite, and it is commonly smelted using the aluminum-

based Goldschmidt process. Alloyed with nickel and aluminium, it is used for

high-quality magnets, and its chloride is useful as an invisible ink. FTP, name

this metal discovered by Georg Brandt, notable for its blue color.

A: Cobalt


27] Q: The original, used in Crusader times, was Italian-based but had heavy

additions of French, Spanish, Greek and Arabic, and got its name from the name

the Arabs gave to all Western Europeans. Other examples include "bazaar

Malayan" and "Swahili." FTP, give this name for a composite auxiliary language,

which literally means "Frankish Tongue."

A: lingua franca


28] Q: The only people ever to set up a self-sustaining community there were a

tribe of Shoshones called the Panamint, for whom the mountains to its west are

named. Its highest point is a mountain called Telescope Peak, but it's more

famous for the part that's 282 feet below sea lever. FTP, name this very, very hot

national monument.

A: Death Valley


29] Q: Most of his neighbours in Frauenburg, East Prussia, would have thought

of him as a cleric and a doctor. He had studied both canon law and medicine in

Italy, but he studied the subject that he would literally revolutionize at the

University of Cracow. FTP, name this man whose magnum opus, dedicated to

Pope Paul III, was titled "On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres."

A: Nicholas Copernicus


30] Q: It was recently ruled that this man may leave St. Elizabeth's Hospital in

Washington D.C. for short visits with family and friends. He has been confined

there for the last 18 years after being spared jail time through the insanity

defense. FTP, name this Jodie Foster fan who shot Ronald Reagan.

A: John Hinckley


31] Q: Born in Chicago in 1935, this man married actress Marlo Thomas. A

recipient of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Lifetime

Achievement Award, his last show was in 1996. For ten points, name this man

whose self-titled show which began in 1967 was the first daytime talk show.

A: Phil Donahue


32] Q: Born in 1943, this man was a lawyer, congressman, and state attorney

general before accidentally gaining his highest position. He was rumored to be

near resignation anyway because of problems with his liver before he was forced

to resign. FTP, name this Whitewater defendant, a former governor of Arkansas.

A: Jim Guy Tucker





1] Q: Name the Greek Muse, F15P given the object she traditionally holds, for

five if you need her specific area of patronage.

Q(15 points): a scroll, tablets, and stylus

Q(5 points): epic poetry and eloquence

A: Calliope

Q(15 points): the lyre

Q(5 points): choral lyric and dance

A: Terpsichore


2] Q: Give the full names of the following Smiths FSNPE.

Q(5 points): The writer of "Wealth of Nations"

A: Adam Smith

Q(10 points): The colonist whom Pocohontas saved from execution.

A: John Smith

Q(15 points): The mountain man who was discovered the South Pass to

California, was the first white man to cross the Sierra Nevada from the east and

pioneered a trail from California to the Columbia River.

A: Jedediah Strong Smith


3] Q: Give the order of the following members of class Mammalia FTPE:

Q: Lion

A: Carnivora

Q: Echidna

A: Monotremata

Q: Elephant

A: Proboscidea


4] Q: Name the author from works, 30-20-10.

Q(30 points): �Some Can Whistle,� �Cadillac Jack�

Q(20 points): �Dead Man�s Walk,� �The Last Picture Show�

Q(10 points): �Lonesome Dove,� �Terms of Endearment�

A: Larry McMurtry


5] Q: Given a religious figure, give the earthly location from which he ascended

to heaven FFPE.

Q: Jesus according to Luke's Gospel (Authorized Version)

A: Bethany

Q: Mohammed

A: Jerusalem (accept "Dome of the Rock")

Q: Elijah

A: Jericho

Q: Elijah got free transportation on his trip. F15P, by what means was Elijah

taken up to heaven?

A: chariot of fire (accept "whirlwind")


6] Q: Given a point's latitude and longitude, name the body of water (an ocean is

insufficient) in which it is located, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): 5 degrees north latitude, 5 degrees east longitude

A: Gulf of Guinea

Q(10 points) 60 degrees north, 80 degrees west

A: Hudson Bay

Q(15 points) 46 degrees north, 60 degrees east

A: Aral Sea


7] Q: Identify these literary works about the life of a sailor, FTPE.

Q: Joseph Conrad's novel of a man who lives with the shame of having deserted

his ship when he thought it would sink, only to have the ship survive.

A: "Lord Jim"

Q: Herman Melville deserted his ship and was captured by a tribe of

cannibalistic Polynesians, an experience he describes in this first novel.

A: "Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life"

Q: Richard Henry Dana describes his time on the ship Pilgrim as a sailor in this

work based on the journal he kept.

A: "Two Years before the Mast"


8] Q: Answer the following about candidates for 1998 College Football Coach of

the Year FSNPE.

Q(5 points): This man led the Tennessee Volunteers to the National


A: Philip Fullmer

Q(10 points): This man led Ohio State to an 11-1 record and a win in the Sugar


A: Jon Cooper

Q(15 points): This man led Arkansas to a 9-3 season in his first year as coach.

Arkansas had gone 4-7 the year before.

A: Houston Nutt


9] Q: Given a pair of arias, name the opera from which they come, FTPE.

Q: "Questa o Quella," "La Donna e Mobile"

A: "Rigoletto"

Q: "Porgi Amor," "No So Pi� Cosa Son, Cosa Faccio"

A: "Le Nozze di Figaro" (accept "The Marriage of Figaro")

Q: "Come un Bel Di di Maggio," "Un Di, all'Azzuro Spazio"

A: "Andrea Chenier"


10] Q: Identify these functional groups from organic chemistry FSNPE:

Q(5 points): Single bond to a carbon, which is connected to a hydrogen and, with

a double bond, to an oxygen

A: aldehyde

Q(5 points): An oxygen linked to two carbons

A: ether

Q(10 points): Double bond to a nitrogen which is connected to a hydrogen

A: imine

Q(10 points): A single bond to a sulfur which is connected to a hydrogen

A: sulfhydryl


11] Q: Name the subgroups of the Indo-European language family to which the

following languages belong, FSNPE:

Q(5 points): Czech, Bulgarian

A: Slavic (accept "Slavonic")

Q(10 points): Latvian, Old Prussian

A: Baltic

Q(15 points): Albanian and no other living language

A: Illyrian


12] Q: Answer the following about The Simpsons, FTPE.

Q: What is Grandpa Simpson's first name?

A: Abraham

Q: Chief Wiggum's first name?

A: Clancey

Q: The age of Ned Flanders.

A: 60


13] Q: Name the artist from works, 30-20-10.

Q(30 points): "Pope Leo X with Giulio de Medici and Luigi de Rossi," "Galatea"

Q(20 points): "Madonna del Granduca," "The Judgement of Paris"

Q(10 points): "Disputation over the Sacrament," "The School of Athens"

A: Raphael (accept "Raffaelo Sanzio" or "Raffaelo Santi")


14] Q: How well have you been paying attention to the impeachment

proceedings? FFPE, name any six of the 13 members of the House appointed as

managers of Clinton's Senate trial.

A: Henry Hyde,

Bob Barr,

Charles Canady,

Lindsey Graham,

Asa Hutchinson,

James Sensenbrenner,

Steven Buyer,

George Gekas,

Ed Bryant,

Bill McCollum,

Steve Chabot,

Christopher Cannon,

James Rogan


15] Q: Name these plays by Tom Stoppard, given brief descriptions, FSNPE.

Q(5 points): This play focuses on the musings and confusion of two minor

Shakespearean characters.

A:"Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead"

Q(10 points): This mystery, a send-up of Agatha Christie's "Mousetrap." features

the critics Birdboot and Moon.

A:"The Real Inspector Hound"

Q(15 points): This play consists of the recollections of Henry Carr, including

encounters with James Joyce, Tristan Tzara, and Lenin.

A: "Travesties"


16] Q: Given the year or years of a Chinese rebellion, name it FTPE.

Q: 1850-1864

A: Taiping Rebellion

Q: 1900

A: Boxer Rebellion

Q: 1796-1804

A: White Lotus Rebellion


17] Q: Identify the following features of the Microsoft anti-trust suit FSNPE.

Q(5 points): This company, maker of Java, is the leader of the companies

accusing Microsoft of unfair business practices.

A: Sun Microsystems

Q(10 points): This chairman and CEO of Sun was one of the government's star

witnesses against Microsoft.

A: James Gosling

Q(15 points): This MIT economis is the government's other star witness.

A: Franklin Fischer


18] Name the characters from "Hamlet" from clues FSNPE:

Q(5 points): The friend to whom Hamlet reminisces about the jester Yorick

A: Horatio

Q(10 points): The Prince of Norway who becomes King of Denmark after the

deaths of Claudius and Hamlet.

A: Fortinbras

Q(15 points): Either one of the messengers whom Claudius sends to the old King

of Norway in the second scene of the play.

A: Cornelius or Voltimand


19] Q: Identify the following henchmen of Franklin Roosevelt in the New Deal

years FTPE.

Q: This Columbia economics professor went from the Brain Trust to become

Undersecretary of Agriculture, helping write the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

A: Rexford Tugwell

Q: He became head of the WPA in 1935, Secretary of Commerce in 1938 and

directed the lend-lease program during the war.

A: Harry Hopkins

Q: This Texan was FDR's first vice president and didn't think much of the New


A: John Nance Garner


20] Q: Identify these important religious figures FTPE:

Q: The father of Abdul Baha and prophet of the Baha'i faith.

A: Baha Ullah (accept "Baha Allah," accept "Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri")

Q: Belief in this man's divinity is a critical doctrine of Rastafarianism.

A: Haile Selassie

Q: The 24th tirthankara, the founder of Jainism

A: Mahavira (accept "Vardhamana")


21] Q: Answer the following questions about the Thirty Years' War FTPE:

Q: This nobleman from Brabant was the Catholic League's general at the

beginning of the war.

A: The Count of Tilly (accept "Johannes Tserklaes")

Q: Tilly effectively knocked Bohemian Protestant forces out of the war in this

1620 battle.

A: The Battle of White Mountain

Q: After a prolonged siege, Tilly's army killed 85 percent of the population of

this city on the Elbe on 20 May, 1631.

A: Magdeburg


22] Q: Identify the Greatful Dead song given lyrics FSNPE.

Q(5 points): "Drivin' that train, high on cocaine"

A: "Casey Jones"

Q(10 points) Q: "Sweet blossom come on under the willow, we can have high

times if you'll abide"

A: "Sugar Magnolia"

Q(15 points):"I lit out from Reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds, didn't get to

sleep that night till the morning came around"

A: "Friend of the Devil"


23] Q: Name these royal residences from clues FSPE

Q(5 points): A combination monastery, palace and mausoleum, it was completed

by Philip II of Spain in 1584.

A: El Escorial

Q(10 points): Frederick the Great�s rococo palace, completed in 1747 at Potsdam,

its name evokes leisure.

A: Sans Souci

Q(15 points): Along with Balmoral, this palace on the Isle of Wight was one of

Queen Victoria�s favorite relaxation spots.

A: Osborne House


24] Q: Name this physicist, 30-20-10:

Q(30 points): He received a Ph.D. in 1955 from the Coll�ge de France, Paris,

where he worked in the laboratory of Fr�d�ric Joliot-Curie.

Q(20 points): The J/psi meson and W and Z particles were discovered using the

device he invented.

Q(10 points): He built the first multiwire proportional chamber in 1968, for

which he received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Physics

A: George Charpak


25] Q: Given an African capital, identify the country FTPE:

Q: Bangui

A: Central African Republic

Q: Lom�

A: Togo

Q: Windhoek

A: Namibia


26] Q: Identify the following strange mathematical terms starting with the letter


Q(5 points): the British name of the number equal to 10 to the 30th power.

A: quadrillion

Q(10 points): A member of a certain well known noncommutative division

algebra, also known as a hypercomplex number

A: quaternion

Q(15 points): A groupoid whose multiplication table is a Latin square.

A: quasigroup


27] Q: Name the following Internet stocks that have made some people very rich


Q(5 points): This company's stock price has increased 754 percent in six months,

it beams TV and radio signals all over the world by means of the Internet.

A: Broadcast.com

Q(10 points): This company's stock price has soared 1,151 percent in four

months, it is the leader in online, low-commission investment.

A: Ebay.com

Q(15 points): This company's stock price has grown 780 percent in seven months,

and it is the parent of the search engine HotBot.

A: Inktomi


28] Q: In his "Parallel Lives," Plutarch took figures from Greek history and

compared them individually to the Romans he thought most similar to them, for

example Alexander with Julius Caesar. Given a Greek subject of Plutarch's, name

the corresponding Roman, FTPE.

Q: Demosthenes

A: Marcus Tullius Cicero

Q: Theseus

A: Romulus

Q: Nicias

A: Marcus Licinius Crassus


29] Q: Two martial arts have been recognized as Olympic events. Name them


A: judo, tae kwon do

Q: Name, FFP, the country in which tae kwon do orginated and, F15P give the

name of its oldest form.

A: korea, tae geuk il jang


30] Q: Identify the following standard psychological tests FTPE:

Q: This personality test, consisting of over 500 true-false questions, was devised

by trial and error in the 1940s as the authors weeded out questions that did not

appear to correlate with personality traits.

A: Minnestoa Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Q: This test parametrizes personality into 16 distinct scales, and is often used to

detect schizophrenia, depression, and alcoholism.

A: 16-PF

Q: Devised as a test of a person's needs, this subjective test involves the subject

telling a story based on an arbitrary picture.

A: Thematic Apperception Test