UC Irvine Open - May 1999

Round 9 Tossups - Palos Verdes Peninsula A


1. This author, Los Angeles' most provocative social critic, has been attacked for his sometimes hyperbolic statements, such as "There are more mountain lions in southern California than there are in Yellowstone National Park." Nevertheless, he has gained a certain level of distinction as a seer of Los Angeles and his first book was cited among the 100 best works of 20th century American journalism by New York University. FTP name this former trucker-tumed-acclaimed-author who was recently the recipient of a $315,000 MacArthur Grant and who authored City of Quartz and Ecology of Fear.

Mike Davis


2. "I have a most marvelous proof for this theorem. Unfortunately, it is too large for the margin of this book." Though no one knows what the proof was, it was probably incorrect due to an assump™tion about unique factorization in certain polynomial rings. The author certainly couldn't have discovered the modern proof, which uses modular elliptic curves and is several hundred pages long. FTP name this problem, which was mathematic's most famous open question until Andrew Wiles solved it in the early 90's.

Fermat's Last Theorem (prompt on partial answer)


3. Constructed for the International Exposition of 1929 in Bareciona, this structure predicted the onset of modernism in architecture. It was even more simple in appearance than Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House, out of which it clearly developed. Elevated on a marble base, this building consisted of two parallel platforms which made up the floor and the ceiling. Inside, free-standing walls of marble held the ceiling aloft as the interior was flooded with light from the great expanse of windows. FTP name this building, one of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe's earlie*r works.

The German Pavillion


4. In the Roman Republic, they were appointed only times of extreme emergency. The office-holder would immediately appoint a magister equitum as his second in command. Roman tradition states that the term of office should be no longer than six months, and should end as soon as the crisis has ended. Most famously, Cincinnatus held the office twice, and returned to his plow immediately when his job was done each time. Julius Caesar, however, broke this tradition, having himself named to the position for life. FTP name this rank, now a term used to describe any leader who has absolute power over his country.



5. It first gained international notoriety on when an episode of this animated series caused epileptic symptoms across Japan. More recently it has become a collectible card, some players are comparing to Magic: The Gathering. In the series, the main character Satoshi competes against Team Rocket. FTP identify this cartoon now appearing on the WB; based on a Nintendo game, its title means "Pocket Monster".



6. In the prime of his youth, an English nobleman has his portrait painted. When he sees it, the painting is so beautiful that he wishes that the portrait would age with time, not he. Over time, stories of the nobleman's lecherous deeds have become a mainstay of London gossip. Despite all the accusations surrounding him, he appears not to have aged at all since the portrait was painted. As the protagonist continues his moral degradation, the portrait becomes more and more hideously disfigured. The portrait is returned to its original state only after he kills himself, leaving only a withered, aged corpse. FTP what is the name of this only novel written by Irish wit Oscar Wilde?

Picture of Dorian Gray (prompt on partial answer)


7. He invented 100 octane gasoline, developed instrument flying, and received one of the first doctorates from MIT for aeronautical engineering. He piloted the Gee Bee to a then world record 297 mph. He was the commander of the 12th and 15th Air Corps in North Africa and Italy, respectively. His biggest command was of the B-17s and B-24s of 8th Army Air Corps that pounded Germany. FTP name this aviator who used B-25s to launch an attack from aircraft carriers against Japan.

James Doolittle


8. As a young boy he kills another boy by kicking him to death. Instead of receiving psychological help, he is sent to an elite academy in space to train him to be a soldier. Constantly isolated from the rest of the students, he nonetheless surpasses all the other boys quickly, which is a good thing because he is needed to command earth's forces in an attack against a species of insects. Name ùthis boy who commits xenocide while under the impression he is only running a simulation, the protagonist of a novel by Orson Scott Card.

Ender or Andrew Wiggun


9. Described as being "the Bach in an era of new music," he is one of the most influential musicians and composers of the 20th century. This composer is also known as one of the major influences in techno, rave, and ambient music. Last year, he premiered his new opera Monsters of Grace, described as a "digital opera in 3 dimensions." FTP name this minimalist composer who was lampooned in a South Park Christmas episode last year.

Phillip Glass


10. Raised by the wise centaur Chiron, he set out to reclaim his father's throne in Iolcus. To test him, Hera turned herself into an old crone and he politely offered to carry her across a stream. As he crossed the stream, the "crone" became heavier and heavier. Finally, she revealed herself to be Hera*, and promised to help him win his throne back from Pelias. FTP identify this Greek mythological figure, whose name is commonly attached with the Golden Fleece and the Argonauts?



11. A critic claimed this composer had no sense of form, so he responded by writing Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear. Born in France in 1866, his works were much more simplistic than those of his contemporaries. Some of his other works have even more interesting names such as Dehydrated Embryos and Limp Preludes for a Dog. The name of perhaps his most famous work refers to a Greek festival in which naked youths would danced feverishly. FTP name this composer of Gymnopedies.

Erik Satie


12. Currently his agency is evaluating the Volvo S70 for patrol use. Its 5,000 officers are led by Commisioner Dwight "Spike" Helmick. Established in 1929 its duties have expanded with a recent merger with another agency in 1993 to include bailiff dutyÁ and full time protection of state officials. Its motto is "Safety and Service". Depicted on its badge are Minerva, a clipper ship, a Grizzly bear and the word "Eureka". FTP name this agency, whose most famous officers are two ficticious ones named John and Ponch.

California Highway Patrol (prompt on "chips")


13. All traits are selectively neutral. Mutations do not occur. The population must be isolated from other populations. The population is large. Mating is random. If these conditions take place, the allele frequencies in a population will remain constant from generation to generation. FTP identify the name for this situation in which no evolution occurs?

Genetic Equilibrium or Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium


14. The first has been translated as "you can't win," and the second as "you can't even break even." Besides those two there are two others. One of them is essentially a definition of temperature, whereas the other says that the least chaotic form of matter� is a perfect crystal at a temperature absolute zero. FTP identify these laws, numbered zero through three, that explain why a perpetual motion machine cannot be created and why some energy is converted to heat in every reaction.

The Laws of Thermodynamics


15. He's played for Cleveland, Boston, the Chicago Cubs, Oakland, St. Louis, and now plays again for the Boston Redsox. Though he started out his career as a starter, he is best known for his relief pitching. In 1992, he won both the AL Cy Young and MVP awards. Though normally flawless in the postseason, the most famous moment of his career lost his team Game One of the 1988 World Series. FTP name this pitcher who gave up a home run to an injured Kirk Gibson.

Dennis Eckersley


16. Reality, in the external world, exists independent of man's consciousness, but man's reason is fully capable of understanding the nature of reality. Self-interest is the only valid motive, thus, capitalism is the onlÅy logical form of economic system. The individual is the only unit that can achieve anything meaningful. FTP these are the main tenets of what philosophical school whose founder is Ayn Rand.



17. The group is currently in its 80th season and plans on moving to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in a few years. Two weeks ago it performed in a concert entitled Night Out accompanied by a high school honor orchestra from the same city. Its current concertmaster is Martin Chalifour. Until the Disney Hall is completed, they will remain in their current home at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. FTP name this orchestra of Esa-Pekka Solonen.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic


18. They are classified into 5 groups, The World of Well-Being, The World of People, The World of Today and Tomorrow, The World of the Arts, and The World of the Out-of-Doors. First Aid, Health and Fitness, Activje Citizen, World Neighbors, Geology, Math Whiz, Books, Music Lover, Toymaker, Horseback Rider, and Wildlife are examples of them. They are usually worn on either a sash or vest and earned by the wearer through the completion of various projects. Also each troop and council has its own unique one of these. FTP name these tokens of achievement wom by members of a youth group founded by Juliette Gordon Low.

Girl Scout Badges


19. Born Isabella Baumfree, she was a 19th century abolitionist and women's rights activist, who escaped from slavery and is one of the subjects of John F. Kennedy's Profiles of Courage Series. FTP give her first name or the name of the 6-wheeled JPL-built robot named after her which is about 24.5 inches long, 18.7 inches wide, 10.9 inches tall, weighs about 11.5 kg, and landed July 4th, 1997 on the surface of the Mars.

Sojourner Truth


20. In 1753 he constructed the first clock built in America, made of wood and gears carved with his pocketknife. Born in 1731, he spent this entire life on his father's farm in Baltimore County, Maryland, where, lacking a formal education, he taught himself literature, astronomy, history, and mathematics from books he borrowed from his friend George Ellicott as well as how to play the flute and violin. Naturally gifted in mathematics, he compiled his first ephemeris in 1791, which gave the positions of the sun, moon and planets for each day of the year, solar and lunar eclipses, daily risings and settings of the sun and other stars, changing lengths of the days, daily weather forecasts, and tide tables. FTP name this man who is more well known for his work in 1791 when he was recruited by surveyor Andrew Ellicott to assist2 in the survey of the federal land for a new national capital city, Washington D.C.

Benjamin Banneker


21. They are powered by a spontaneous redox reaction. They consist of an anode, cathode, salt bridge and free floating ions in separate chambers. FTP give name of these electrical cells which are not electrolytic.

Galvanic cells or Voltaic cells


22. She is known for singing Summertime; Night and Day; Oh Lady Be Good; and A-Tisket A-Tasket; among many other classic songs of yesteryear. Born in Newport News, Virginia, on April 25, 1917, she moved to Yonkers with her stepfather and mother, as an infant. Her first singing performance was at Apollo at a contest where she had originally intended to dance. She later won another singing contest which got her a job at the Harlem Opera House. In her earlyø years she sang for Chick Webb's band. Aside from her numerous Songbook recordings including The Harold Arlen Songbook; The Irving Berlin Songbook; and The George and Ira Gershwin Songbook; she also made albums like These Are the Blues and At the Opera House. FTP name this "First Lady of Song".

Ella Fitzgerald



23. Their name comes from the Arabian word that means "the one who walks very fast." Many people believe they are mute and zoologists suggest they use ultrasonic sounds. However, the adult males and sometimes females make a husky grunt or cough sound. The young make a sound like "wa-ray". A description by Zakariya al-Qaswini described one in Marvels of Creation as "produced by a camel mare, the male hyena, and a wild cow". FTP identify this closest relative of this animal is the okapi, whose main food is the leaves of the acacia tree, which they pick with a long tongue and reach with their really long necks.



24. In 1855 Henri Sainte Claire Deville entered a shiny piece of this metal in the Paris Expo. Napoleon III was so impressed he asked Deville to develop a way to produce the metal cheaply. No way could be found, and it soon became more valuable than gold. Napoleon III had a set of cutlery made from it he used for his most honored guests. A cheaper way was found in 1886 by dissolving the metal in mineral cryolite and passing an electric current through the electrolyte. This was called the Hall-Heroult process and is used today. FTP name this metal with an atomic mass of 26.982 and an atomic number of 13 that entered everyone's kitchen thanks to a man named Reynolds.

Aluminum or Aluminium


25. The modern one was developed by Fred Morrison. The first was originally made of butyl stearate and was soon changed to polyethylene. In 1951 it was redesigned and sold in county fairs. He sold the ideal to a company in San GaÆbriel, California. The name we know it by came from Richard Kerr, who on a trip to the East Coast with the product encountered some students who were familiar with the idea, only they used its current name. In 1957 the name was trademarked and millions were sold. The name came from this former manager of Olds Baking Company in CT, who soon founded a bakery of his own in 1871. Passed down the family from W.R. to Joesph P. to Marian Rose, the company was producing 80,000 pies by 1956. You might remember the brand name from Back to the Future III. FTP name the pie company or its mispelling stamped on these flying discs.




UC Irvine Open - May 1999

Round 9 Bonuses - Palos Verdes Peninsula A


1. For ten points each identify the following terms from chess.

a. The term for the advantage a player has one he is up a rook for a knight or bishop.


b. The position occurring when a knight threatens both the king and queen.

royal fork

c. The adjective describing a bishop that is on the same color square as the opponent's king.



2. 30-20-10, name the band.

(30) Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this band's music is described as "punk rock for sissies." Often compared to Elton John and Billy Joel, they were commemorated in a Counting Crows song when lead singer Adam Duritz sang, "Got (band name) on my radio."

(20) The title of their latest album is often mistaken as a tribute to the first man to ever climb Mount Everest without the aid of an oxygen tank. However, the band actually named their album "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner" because they used the name on their fake ID's as a way to get into bars.

(10) Although their name would lead one to believe that there are more members there are only three. This band is most well known for their single "Brick," a song about abÜortion.

Ben Fold's Five


3. Obviously a certain member of PVP A was writing her questions while studying for AP's. FTPE given the definition, provide the biology term described.

a. RNA virus containing the enzyme reverse transcriptase that carries out RNA/DNA transcription; for example, viruses that carry cancer-causing oncogenes and the AIDS virus.


b. A hollow, fluid-filled ball of cells prior to gastrula formation of the early embryo.


c. A condition in which a an organism has more than 2 sets of chromosomes

polyploid y


4. FTPE answer these questions about tennis stars from Palos Verdes.

a. This tennis player left high school before graduating to turn pro. Even without a high school diploma, he has fared extremely well. In 1998, he was the first player in ATP Rankings history to finish No. 1 in six consecutive years. Throughout his career, this playeÃr has won 5 Wimbledon titles and has won at least one Grand Slam title in six consecutive years. Name this tennis player who is in May 1999 was ranked 2nd in the world to Yevgeny Kafelnikov of Russia by a mere 54 points.

Pete Sampras

b. She was a prodigy whose career ended prematurely, probably because she undertook a grueling schedule at an early age. Her most enduring accomplishment was winning the U.S. Open at the age of 16 - yet another "youngest ever" record. But her physical problems began that year with back pain caused by sciatic nerve damage. FTP name this tennis player whose accumulating injuries forced her to announce retirement in June of 1983.

Tracy Austin

c. On October 12, 1998, she became the third American-bom player to be ranked No. 1 and the first one since Chris Evert in November 1985. Her 12 consecutive straight-set wins in Grand Slam matches made her the most dominant player since Steffi Graf's 20 straight-set Grand Slam wins inü 1988. As of May 1999, she was ranked 2nd to Martina Hingis among the WTA Tour top 100 ranked singles players. Who is this tennis player who lives in Newport Beach?

Lindsey Davenport


5. Given are the names of artists, name the movement FTPE.

a. William Holman Hunt, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones Pre-Raphaelite

b. Yoko Ono, Al Hansen Fluxus

c. Rosa Bonheur, Jean-François Millet, Théodore Rosseau Barbizon


6. "All the states, all the dominions under whose authority men have lived in the past and live now have been and are either republics or principalities." FTPE answer the following questions.

a. What work begins with this sentence?

The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli

b. What type of troops did Machiavelli wam against in The Prince?


c. What term for the devil is sometimes thought to be derived from Machiavelli's name?

Old Nick


7. Name the country's fundamental unáit of currency for five points each.

a. Netherlands Guilder

b. Iraq Dinar

c. Brazil Real

d. Morocco Dirham

e. Portugal Escudo

f. Sweden Krona


8. Scientist and artists disagree on the color wheel.

a. (15) For 5 points each, give the three colors physicists consider to be primary.

Red Green Blue

b. (15) For another five points each, give the inverses of the three primary colors.

Yellow Magenta Cyan


9. Name the fashion designers for ten points each.

a. His shoes are legendary for their transforming power - they are said to lengthen the leg from the hip all the way down to the toe cleavage.

Manolo Blahnik

b. She is credited with having started the "Punk" movement with the help of Sex Pistols member Johnny Rotten.

Vivienne Westwood

c. His "New Look" was created in 1945 and was a direct contradiction to the fabric rat}ioning that went on during World War II.

Christian Dior


10. Answer the following questions about sauces for ten points each.

a. A1 Steak Sauce is a brand name of this type of sauce. Worchester

b. Grand Mariner sauce has the flavor of this fruit. Orange

c. This condiment's name is from Latin for salted, it comes by way of Spanish. Salsa


11. Identify the following places on Mars for the stated number of points.

a. (5) The tallest mountain in the solar system Olympus Mons

b. (10) This basin contains the lowest point on Mars. Hellas

c. (15) This is the name of the large flatland in the northern hemisphere of Mars. It is also the name of the shipyard where Starfleet's most famous ships are built.

Utopia Planitia


12. FTPE identify the utopias or dystopias from descriptions.

a. It is the massive state that is the setting of 1984.



b. This island maintains isolation from the rest of the world but sends spies to learn of new innovations. It is the creation of Sir Francis Bacon.

New Atlanticum

c. It is described as having three classes, each perfecting one aspect of humanity. The philosopher class perfects reason. The noble lie is used to keep the masses happy with their status.

Plato's Republic


13. Give the name of each abstract data type for the stated number of points.

a. (5) It consists of an ordered list of ASCII characters. Usually, it has an associated function, length, that returns the number of characters in it.


b. (10) It's two basic operations are pop and push, and follows a "first in, last out" protocol. It can be implemented using either an array or a linked list.


c. (15) Similar to a stock, it follows a "first in, first out" protocol. It can be implemented with the same fundamental structures as a stack.



14. For the stated number of points each given the name of a space probe or probes give the name of the planet or celestial object being explored.

a. (10) Cassini Saturn

b. (15) Ulysses the Sun

c. (5) Venera 4 - 14 Venus


15. We all know about the Great Gatsby and how "rich girls don't marry poor boys", but how much do you know about the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald himself? Let's find out for the given number of points:

a. (5) What was his full name?

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

b. (10) Give the name of his wife, the rich southern belle who later had to be institutionalized, but did write several short stories nonetheless.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald (do not accept "Mrs. Fitzgerald")

c. (15) Give the name of Fitzgeraid's first novel, published in 1920, about a rich Princeton student named Amory Blaine.

This Side of Paradise


16. It's not a blustery day in Pooh Comer but let's see how much you know about woodwind instruments anyway. Answer the following for the stated number of points.

a. (5) These wind instruments include soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone varieties. Played with a single reed and neckstrap in most cases, they are most commonly made of brass although they can be silver plated and even lacquered.


b. (10) This type of wind instrument is usually made of either plastic or Grenadilla wood. It comes in the keys of B-flat, A, E-flat, or C. Name this single-reed, typically black colored instrument of Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman.


c. (15) On single reed wind instruments this device is used to apply pressure to the reed changing the tone and offering easier blowing in some models. It is traditionally made of metal and has two screws, however new ones may also be made from cloth or plastic and have only one screw or none at all.



17. For 5 points each and a bonus 5 if all are correct, given the name of an element give the color that a compound containing that element would yield in a f�lame test:

a. Sodium yellow

b. Barium green

c. Calcium red

d. Potassium violet or purple

e. Cesium blue


18. Hope one of you doesn't have a tin ear. Answer these music theory questions for the stated number of points

a. (5) What concert key is the standard piano? C major

b. (10) What is the relative minor of A flat major? F minor

c. (15) What is the secondary dominant key of E flat major? F major


19. Given several composers name the historical period to which they belong for the stated number of points.

a. (5) Dello Joio, Tcherepnin, Prokofiev contemporary

b. (10) Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Saens, Grieg, Borodin romantic

c. (15) Telemann, Correlli, Pachabel, Monteverdi baroque


20. Answer these questions about camels for the stated number of points.

a. (10) For 5 points for each, identify the two types of camels, identifiable by their humps.

bactrain dromedary

b. (10) For 5 points each, identify the two domestic species bred from a Guanaco of South America?

alpaca llama

c. (10) They produce the world's softest wool and were rounded up every 4 years by the Incas.



21. Identify the crime from the common law definition FTPE.

a. Unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman by a man without her consent.


b. Trespassory breaking and entering of the dwelling house of another with intent to commit a felony.


c. The taking of another's personal property from the victim or his presence by force or threat of immediate force to victim, a member of his/her family, or to some person in the victim's presence.



22. Name the current (May 11, 1999) Prime Minister for the stated number of points.

a. (5) United Kingdom Tony Blair

b. (10) Israel Ehud Barak

c. (15) Russia Yevgeny Primakov


23. Ain't we got fun? Well you will if you can correctly answer these questions about the 1920s for the stated number of points:

a. (5) Name the author who first coined the term "The Jazz Age".

F. Scott Fitzgerald

b. (10) Many rebellious young women of this era were collectively known by this term which referred either to the motions made by their arms when dancing or to a drawing by magazine illustrator John Held Jr. of a young girl dressed in the latest fashion but with her rubber boots open.


c. (15) It may have been around since 1866, but only became widely popular in this era. It was introduced to the public by stage performances such Ziegfield's Follies, Liza, and Runnin' Wild, which had a song with the same name as this popular '20s dance of the flappers.



24. For five points each name any six moons of Uranus.

Ariel Umbriel Titania Oberon Miranda Cordelia Ophelia Bianca Cressida Desdemona Juliet/ Portia Rosalind Belinda Puck Caliban Sycorax


25. I give the distance and record holder from The Aerobie Book and you name the object FTPE.

a. 1,046 ft by Scott Zimmerman an Aerobie (of course)

b. 445 feet, 10 inches by Glenn Gorbous a baseball

c. 54 feet by George Clark a tree