UC-Irvine Open May 1999 Round 7 Tossups - Downey High School


1. Often confused with another manimal similar in appearance and feeding habits, name this animal that makes his presence known in the ever-compromising novel by Joseph Heller. FTP give the character's name.

Aardvark. (in Catch-22, Aarfy)


2. Known for its aid in simplifying complicated fractions, name the device that has integrated all real numbers into everyday life since ancient Roman times. For ten points, what is this?



3. Born in Budapest, Hungary, and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin, he began his eventual world reknown fame as a trapeze artist. Using physics to attest to his greatness, he denounced petty fraudulent spiritual mediums even after his death with a riddle that pended for years. FTP name this ever-emerging magician that left his secrets to t"he library of Congress.

Harry Houdini or Ehrich Weiss


4. Found in more concentrated forms in desert organisms, this substance is found in the blood, liver, lymph, and serous fluids of living animals. FTP name this substance that has the formula CO(NH2)2.



5. One of the earliest specimens found by man, this prehistoric being supports the that dinosaurs evolutionized into birds. FTP name this reptile no larger than a chicken, found in China.



6. Joining Sir Richard Burton on his expedition to explore Somaliland in 1854, he was also sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society in 1856 to search for the believed equatorial lakes in East Africa. FTP name this explorer of British decent that is responsible for discovering Lake Victoria, and believed it to be the Ésource of the Nile River.

John Hanning Speke


7. Often confused with a seemingly synonimous term, this device implies representation through a certain aspect of the concept or being in question. FTP identify this element of figurative language that often deals with more strucural representation.



8. Commonly juxtaposed with misfortune, this lapse of time falls before a celebration of Saturn. FTP name this most unfortunate, yet inevitable, period of sunshine.

Friday 13


9. Born near Zurich, Switzerland, this lad was educated at the universities of Zurich, Paris, London, and Berlin. At the age of twenty-six he settled in America and became a professor of psychiatry at Cornell. FTP name this Swiss-American physician known for his efforts to establish psychiatry as a recognized branch of medicine and is accredited with being the founder of the mental hygiene movement.

Adolf Meyer


10. Politician, soldier and author, he was the president of Argentina who was instrumental in uniting the war-torn nation and inaugurating an era of peace in the last half of the 19th century. FTP name this native Argentinan who edited the newspaper El Mercurio and was known for constantly writing against the Rosas regime.

Bartolome Mitre


11. One of the three city-states of Rhodes before their union in 408 B.C., this city was the site of Danish excavations that uncovered the Doric temple of Athena Lindia on the Acropolis, propylea (entrance gates), and a stoa (colonnade). FTP name this Modern Greek town on the east coast of Rhodes.



12. Built as a trading post in the late 17th century, this city became a fort against the Indians due to its natural defensive emplacement on the site of Kekionga where St. Mary's, St. Joseph, and Maumee Rivers divide the town into three parts. FTP name this fort in northeast Indiana where the lay the deceased body of Johnny Appleseed.

Fort Wayne


13. This "sweet" state had the first medical school, savings bank, television broadcast, and zoo in America. It has first oil well as well as the fifth biggest city in the U.S. It is the site of the World Championship Snow Shovel Riding Contest, Barkpeeler's Convention, and Little League Baseball World Series. The second state to enter the union, it is bordered by the Delaware River on the east. FTP name the state that is sometimes called the Quaker State after the religion of the founder and many of his first settlers.



14. Born in 1694, the height of Louis XIV's reign, this "honest" philosopher was imprisoned in the Bastille for eleven months for his sharp tongue and "subversive" poetry. He attended an upper-class Jesuit school in Paris and was a staunch deist. He cried, "Crush the infamous!", opposing organized religion and governmental abuse. He befriended Frederick the Great and visited England, admiring the country's open society and constitutional government. FTP name this author of Candide.

Voltaire or François-Marie Arouet


15. This author has been quite a "rainmaker" in the literary world. His popular books often take place in Louisiana and Tennessee. In 1993, three of his novels were in the top 5 best-selling paperback booklist. Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, and Chris O'Donnell are some of the actors who have starred in movies adapted from his works. FTP name this author whose books include The Chamber and The Partner.

John Grisham


16. This "nutty" Greek mythological character has a namesake in a popular comic strip. He was a musician like his brother, specializing in composing songs of lament for dead heroes. In one story, he had to teach Hercules to play the lyre but was killed by the strongman after reprimanding him. His brother Orpheus sang at his funeral pyre. FTP name this blanket-toting comic strip character.



17. Fortune rained upon this movie, which won Oscars for best picture, best actor, and best director in 1988. The leader actor's character enjoys Judge Wapner from The People's Court and watches it daily on the portable television that his brother buys him. The odd pair travels to Las Vegas, where the younger brother hopes that his not-quite-there older brother can wim him some money with his remarkable memory. This ability is demonstrated when the brothers go to a restaurant where the waitress drops a box of toothpicks and the older brother is able to count the number of toothpicks on the ground in less than 5 seconds. FTP name this movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise.

Rain Man


18. This not-so-elementary author volunteered his medical services in the Boer War and helped solve the case of George Edalji in one of his many public crusades. His influence in creating his famous character came from Dr. Joseph Bell, whose observational skills where extraordinary. Some of his stories included The Red-Headed League and The Blue Carbuncle. FTP name the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Arthur Conan Doyle


19. This shining Russian composer born in 1873 left Russia in 1918 because of his dislike of the Soviet regime. Living mostly in Switzerland and the US, this composer, conductor, and pianist wrote powerful and passionate music. His third piano concerto was made famous by a 1996 movie staring Geoffery Bush. FTP name this composer of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and Prelude in C# Minor.

Sergei Rachmaninoff


20. America the Beautiful; God Save the Queen; and The Czar's Hymn are all nationalistic songs, meant to inspire pride in one's nation and designed to be performed openly and patriotically. An 1899 symphonic poem was banned from performance because it was deemed too nationalistic, and Russian rules feared the tune who arouse revolution. FTP name this song named after the composer's home country, the composer being Jean Sibelius.



21. Submarines have played a great part in America's war history: WWI, WWII, the Revolutionary War. Well, actually the submarine did not play a great part in the Revolutionary War, it was sunk before it could do any damage. FTP name this submarine, the first submersible to be used as a weapon, invented by David Bushnell.



22. Egads! It's economics! Natural and classic monopolists are very similar, but there is a small difference in their graphs. FTP name this difference.

classical has demand intersect right of the average cost's minimum, natural to the left (accept equivalents)


23. Despite both being from the South and having been friends for some time, this man's friendship with Andrew Jackson shattered soon after Jackson's first electoral victory. Jackson's nationalist attitude clashed with this state's rightser. FTP name this man who wrote the South Carolina Exposition and Protest and resigned his Vice-Presidency out of anger with Jackson.

John C. Calhoun


24. This rock 'n' roll star of the eighties is as famous as Madonna for changing his each new album. Initially receiving little or no recognition, he made a name for hinself starting with his hit album Ziggy Stardust. FTP name the "Androgynous Alien" whose hits include Spaceoddity and Suffragettecity.

David Bowie


25. Frequently movies are loosely based on novels, but not all are adaptations of those novels. In the early 1990s, the film Demolition Man was made and contained several parallels to a certain British novel. The movie contained character's by the names of "Lenina," "John the Savage," and "Huxley." FTP name the novel this movie alludes to, particularly through it's use of the novel's title during dialogue to describe the future.

Brave New World (prompt on "Huxley" only before its appearence in the question)


26. This is material that is believed to make up more than 90% of the mass of the universe but is not readily visible because it neither emits nor reflects electromagnetic radiation, such as light or radio signals. Its existence would explain gravitational anomalies seen in the motion and distribution of galaxies. FTP what is this black stuff?

dark matter


27. In chemistry, one of two or more compounds having the same molecular formula, but different strucutres. They have the same number of atoms of each element in them and the same atomic weight, but differ in arrangement and structure. FTP what are these?



28. This is one of the Family Testudinidae. They inhabit warm regions worldwide, except in Australia, and swim only infrequently. FAQTP what are these?



29. This chemical compound is used as an indicator for acidity or alkalinity. It is prepared by reacting phenyl alcohol with the anhydride of 1,2-benzenedioic acid. FTP capture this "Pink Panther", no longer available in its most well known form, chocolate Ex-Lax.



UC-Irvine Open May 1999 Round 7 Bonuses - Downey High School


1. Story characters have their unique characteristics, which remain implanted in our minds as we grow older. Their unusuËal mannerisms and wild imaginations often relate to us in different ways. Identify these characters from clues FTPE.

a. This clumsy character created by Peggy Parish interprets her household duties literally. When she is asked to dust the furniture, she brushes it with talcum powder; she thinks that changing the towels means to cut holes in them!

Amelia Bedelia

b. Recently played by Mara Wilson on the big screen, this Roald Dahl character put superglue in her father's hat, watched Bruce Bogtrotter wolf down an 8-inch chocolate cake, and humiliated Miss Trunchbull with her psychokinetic abilities.


c. This inquisitive girl conceived by Beverly Cleary adored Scotch tape and liked to annoy her older sister Beezus. Her crazy, inventive ideas often misfired, but her parents and the novels' readers found her adorable anyway.

Ramona Quimby


2. In the modern era, television has provided us with a trapdoor from the real world. Various actors have made sitcoms and dramas enjoyabõle for people of all ages. Identify these actors for 15 points each.

a. This comedian/actor's show is leaving the air after the Spring 1999 season and, fortunately, he isn't accident-prone like his character. He has written several books, one of which is title Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man.

Tim Allen

b. This platinum-haired actor starred in a show long ago with his name in its title and currently plays the role of Ben Matlock, a stubborn but perceptive lawyer.

Andy Griffith


3. Although it seems as though mathematicians had far too much time on their hands, they have made some important discoveries, formulating theorems and creating formulas that make our lives much easier. Identify these mathematicians FTPE.

a. This mathematician developed calculus with Newton and invented a calculating machine.

Gottfiied Wilhelm Leibniz

b. He created the Cartesian system, helping us visualize algebraic functions as geometric graphs on the coordinate plane.

Rene Descartes

c. This mathematician published his work on logarithms in 1614 and claimed in another work that the pope was the Antichrist, predicting that the world would end between 1688 and 1700.

John Napier


4. Actresses have played comedic and dramatic roles in movies and television, some have gone from television to the big screen. Identify these actresses FTPE.

a. This actress has played outspoken women in Late Shift; Titanic; and Primary Colors.

Kathy Bates

b. This actress plays Jill Taylor on television and had a small role in Ulee's Gold with Peter Fonda last summe�r.

Patricia Richardson

c. This actress recently won an Oscar for best actress; her television show is leaving the air after this season.

Helen Hunt


5. FTPE answer the following question about Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the world's greatest conquerors, ruler France from 1799 to 1815.

a. The name of the British general who defeated Napoleon in the Battle of Trafalgar.

Horatio Kitchener

b. This was the term for Napoleon's practice of placing relatives on the thrones of conquered nations, which made him very unpopular in those nations.


c. In 1815, Napoleon was exiled to this Mediterranean island.



6. FTPE these questions should be music to your ears.

a. This sixteenth- to seventeenth-century type of contrapuntal composition for several voices originated in Italy. Two or more voices sing separate melodies to a literary text without accompaniment and are often classified as vocal chamber music, wit�h one voice to a part. Some of the composers who used this song form include Philippe de Monte of Italy and William Byre of England.


b. This old instrument is comprised of strings stretched over a board, producing sound with the striking of hammers. The Hungarian type is known as the cimbalom, and the American kind is played with its strings plucked by the musician's right hand.


c. This is the name given to the earliest form of jazz; it features syncopated rhythms against a regular rhythmic background of 2/4 or 4/4. It was popularized by Scott Joplin.



7. Identify the psychological terms FTPE.

a. This disorder is characterized by recurrent and persistent thoughts and repetitive behaviors. Last year, Jack Nicholson played an author with this disorder in a hit movie.

obsessive-compulsive disorder (prompt on OCD)

b. This slang term is especially used in reference to nicotine addiction. It refers to the process by which a person tries to quit using a particular type of drug by suddenly ceasing to take it without the support of any other drugs.

cold turkey

c. This term means, in its most basic sense, an exaggerated self-love. It can be carried out to the extent so that its victim has so much love for himself that no longer able to love others.



8. It's not Lawrence Welk, but a "Lawrence" bonus. Identify the following FTPE.

a. During the WWI, this British soldier and scholar was involved with the British intelligence in Egypt and helped lead a revolt against the Turks. FTP name this man who joined the Royal Air Force under a false name and wrote of his adventures in the Middle East in works such as The Seven Pillars of Wisdom and Revolt in the Desert.

T. E. Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia

b. This British turn-of-the-century author, suspected of German espionage during WWI, is known for writing, among other controversial works, Lady Chatterley's Lover.

D. H. Lawrence

c. St. Lawrence, one of the seven deacons of the Roman Church under Pope St. Sixtus, was known for supposedly being roasted to death on one of these.



9. Identify these answers dealing with classical music FTPE.

a. At the time of the release of Disney's movie Fantasia, this was the only composer of its music who was still living.

Igor Stravinsky

b. Stravinsky was known for composing this earthy ballet that caused scandals and riots in the streets upon its release.

The Rite of Spring

c. This Stravinsky work dealt with rebirth and a legendary heroic bird.

The Firebird Suite


10. And now for something completely different and unrealted. Answer the following FTPE.

a. Her real name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, and she was born to in Skopje, which at the time was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. At the age of 18, she entered the Order of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto in Ireland. She is best known for founding the Missionaries of Charity. For her humanitarian work she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Mother Teresa

b. A leading figure in the pop art movement he is known for multi-image silk screen paintings that make use of monotony and repetition. His imagery often comes from commonplace objects such as dollar bills and soup cans.

Andy Warhol

c. This university was established in 1879 by the Methodist Episcopal Church and was opened for instruction in 1880; it became a nonsectarian institution in 1928. The university confers bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and professional degrees in a wide range of fields. Name tdhe alma mater of the man responsible for The Phantom Menace, and make a Bruin angry.

University of Southern California


11. 30-20-10. Name the place.

(30) This Ecuadorian province was created in 1975.

(20) The capital is Puerto Baquerizo de Moreno.

(10) Formerly the island territory was known as the Archipielago de Colon.

Galapagos Islands


12. 30, 20, 10. Identify the pact.

(30) Religious-political solution adopted by seventeenth century New England Puritans.

(20) Allowed children of baptized but unconverted members to become baptized and enjoy political rights.

(10) Was accepted by a synod of the churches in 1662.

Half-Way Covenant


13. FTPE, identify the type of carbon described.

a. Hard and can only be cut by itself Diamond b. Solid yet soft and used as lubricant Graphite c. Used in steelmills as a source of combustion. Coke


14. Ten points for every three you name, identify the cities containing the nine campuses of the University of California.

UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Francisco, UC Riverside


15. 30-20-10, identify this British economist.

(30) Educated at Eton and Cambridge, worked at India office until he returned to Cambridge as a lecturer in economics.

(20) He was regarded as an orthodox economist during depression of 1930s.

(10) He departed from classical theory and argued that an economy might find equilibrium at a high level of unemployment.

John Maynard Keynes


16. Answer the following about microscopic organisms for a non-microscopic ten points each.

a. This kingdom of organisms is divided into two subkingdom classifications whose prefixes literally mean "true" and "ancient." Name this kingdom involved in the endosymbiotic theory of organelle evolution andi the "nutrient soup" origin of life.

Kingdom Monera

b. Some motile bacteria use these structures for movement, though they are analogous, not homologous, to similar ones found in protists and other eukaryotes and are not mounted on basal bodies.


c. Bacteria contain cell walls though they are made of the different macromolecules than those of plants and fungi. Identify the monomer unit of bacterial cell walls, detectable by the Gram Stain.



17. Identify this things associated with British history for ten points each.

a. This English wall, built near the beginning of the first millennium, is one of the northernmost marks of the Roman Empire.

Hadrian's Wall

b. This 1066 battle won by William the Conqueror signaled the beginning of an English dynasty of Norman rule.

The Battle of Hastings

c. This 1688 British event placed a member of the Dutch ruling family onto the throne, displacing the disliked Stuart monarch who fled to France.

The Glorious Revolution


18. Identify the operation, 30-20-10.

(30) Hidden operation carried out in New York, New Mexico, and Oakridge involving international warfare.

(20) Implemented one of the ideas of the greatest physicists of all time, Einstein.

(10) J. Robert Oppenheimer was directed this operation.

The Manhattan Project


19. Rewarded for his loyalty through the transcourse of several years of harsh testing of his faith, Job was rewarded with several times the riches and fame he had originally enjoyed. Included in the reward package was the blessing of having the most beautiful children on earth. FTPE name the three daughters of Job as mentioned by the Bible in Job 42:14.

Jemima Kezia Keren-happuch