Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999

Final #1: Questions by Mark Coen


1. He apparently spent 20 years on whaling ships after running away from a Framingham family in 1750 but before March 5, (*) 1770. On that day, he was killed by soldiers, but his body lay in state for three days before joining the common grave with the four other victims of the attack. For 10 points-name this first victim of the Boston Massacre.

answer: Crispus Attucks

2. This company lost $22.2 million in the fourth quarter of 1998. This represented a 14-cent loss per share. Its net loss was over $46 million, which included merger and acquisition costs. Most of the loss is attributed to its start-up of (*) music and video sales. Not to worry; sales quadrupled to $252 million, mostly holiday purchases. For 10 points-name this Seattle-based retailer, which focuses on book sales.

answer: Amazon.com

3. It is 410 by 260 by 200 kilometers in size. Its reflectance of 30 percent suggests the presence of water frost. Tidal friction had put its initial spin rate near that of synchronous rotation, but due to its shape and high orbital eccentricity, such rotation is unstable. That causes major changes in direction and spin in relation to its (*) 21-day orbital period. So describes-for 10 points-what moon of Saturn found between Iapetus and Titan?

answer: Hyperion

4. The only Alaskan in the National Football League, he has fought dyslexia and a 1992 bout of Guillain-Barre syndrome that left him without feeling in his hands and feet for 3 months. Kidney stones, a (*) herniated disk, elbow problems and knee problems have led to the 22 surgeries he has undergone. For 10 points-name this offensive lineman, number 69 for the Denver Broncos.

answer: Mark Schlereth

5. In the divinitory, calendars this Aztec was the eighth ruler of the days. Five of the 18 months in the ritual calendar were for him. During those months, children were sacrificed, priests bathed and shook (*) "fog rattles," and small idols of amaranth paste were killed and eaten. He wore a mask, had round eyes and long fangs, and resembled the Mayan god Chac. For 10 points-name this rain god.

answer: Tlaloc [tla-LOCK]

6. I see him there

Bringing a stone grasped firmly by the top

In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.

He moves in darkness as it seems to me,

Not of (*) woods only and the shade of trees.

He will not go behind his father's saying,

And he likes having thought of it so well

He says again, 'Good fences make good neighbors.'"

So ends-for 10 points-what poem by Robert Frost?

answer: Mending Wall

7. The man would use one hand to hold the woman by the busk, a supporting rod in the corsolet, while the other hand pressed her against him by her back. The man would then support the woman by placing one knee under her posterior. The woman would (*) jump to initiate the lift, and use one arm to support herself against her partner's shoulder. The other arm would keep her skirts down. For 10 points-what favorite dance of Queen Elizabeth shares its name with an African river?

answer: Volta

8. France received the Los Islands, had the Nigerian frontier defined in its favor, gained control of the upper Gambia valley, and gained a right to free action in Morocco. (*) Britain gained similar right to action in Egypt, and access to previously exclusive fishing zones around Newfoundland. For 10 points-what agreement between France and Britain led to their confirmation of solidarity in the face of the Germans at the Algeciras conference?

answer: Entente Cordiale

9. Upon opening at Covent Garden, it closed after two shows. Blame was put on John Lee's performance, but it was more likely his part had been badly written. A rewrite and recasting the part to Laurence Clinch solved the problem and it was a hit. It tells the tale of two men, Captain (*) Absolute and Bob Acres, who both vie for the hand of Lydia Languish. For 10 points-name this play by Richard Sheridan, best known for the character of Lydia's aunt, Mrs. Malaprop.

answer: The Rivals

10. Claimed in 1536 by Jacques Cartier, it has a total area of 93 square miles, most of which is bare rock. Its population is well under 10,000. Given its location, it's not surprising that its main industry is (*) fishing. Name-for 10 points-this overseas department of France located off the coast of Newfoundland.

answer: St. Pierre and Miquelon

11. Original producers Bobby Geisler and John Roberdeau were banned from the set. The credits include the director's girlfriend, two sons, and a daughter. Billy Bob Thornton's narration was recorded and then not used. Scenes with Bill (*) Pullman and Lucas Haas never made the film. Elias Koteas's character was changed from being Jewish to being Greek. For 10 points-name this film directed by Terence Malick and starring Sean Penn, Woody Harrleson and Nick Nolte.

answer: The Thin Red Line

12. Postulated by Sheldon Glashow, Abdus Salam, and Steven Weinberg in the 1960s, it was proven renormalizable by Gerard't Hooft. It shows that two (*) forces, which act at very different distances, are related. Their interaction was said to be regulated by 4 "massless" particles, 2 charged and 2 neutral. Later discoveries included the weak messenger particles, the Z particle, and the W particles. For 10 points-what theory which shows the relationship between weak nuclear force and electromagnetic force?

answer: electroweak theory

13. She was involved in Pantarchy, a socialistic ideal that combined free love with communal management of property and children. Along

with her sister Tennessee, she published a weekly paper that advocated

(*) equal rights. She also espoused support for female suffrage, the Greenback Movement, and, later in life, eugenics. For 10 points-whom did the Equal Rights Party nominate as its 1872 Presidential candidate?

answer: Victoria Woodhull

14. This ten-letter word can describe a general grant of approval but has a more specific historical usage. A type of (*) license, it was once required in England, but is now seen only rarely in countries that censor the press. For 10 points-what word is literally the Latin for "let it be printed"?

answer: imprimatur

15. His lawyer, Michael Tigar, has challenged the decision to deny FBI whistleblower Frederick Whitehurst a chance to testify about fertilizer crystals. Tigar also contended that judge Richard (*) Matsch erred in giving him a life prison term. For 10 points-what Michigan farmer and gun dealer allegedly conspired with Timothy McVeigh on the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building?

answer: Terry Nichols

16. Its older part is the tegmentum, which contains the reticulate formation, which plays a major role in motor function. It is the terminus for several cranial (*) nerves, including both components of the vestibulocochlear nerve. Horseshoe in shape, it lies above the medulla oblongata and below the cerebellum and the cavity of the fourth ventricle. For 10 points-what part of the brain is this?

answer: pons varolli

17. He believed that a sinner, after death, had to roam the earth for 30,000 seasons, go through several people, and be thrown from one of the four elements to the other on the road to purification. He held that (*) love kept the elements together, while strife caused them to retreat into themselves. He saw the world as a place where neither force dominates. For 10 points-what ancient philosopher died by throwing himself into the volcanic crater of Mount Etna to prove his divinity?

answer: Empedocles of Acragus

18. It started as an idea published in The Science Teacher. In 1991, retired (*) chemistry teacher Maurice Oehler created its national foundation, which presents an award at the biennial ChemEd conference. Created with the idea of getting people, especially children, interested in chemistry, it is based on the most notable discovery of Amadeo Avogadro. For 10 points-name this "holiday" held every year, fittingly, on October 23.

answer: Mole Day

19. It has two parts, entitled The Garden of Forking Paths and Artifices. The first part contains fantastic stories such as "The Circular Ruins," where the main character tries to (*) dream a person into being. The second half contains less fantastic stories, such as "The Secret Miracle," about the last days of a writer imprisoned in Nazi Germany. First published as a whole in 1944-for 10 points-name this collection of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges.

answer: Ficciones

20. He played for Odessa Junior College for two years and Washington State for two years. A third-round draft choice of the Houston Rockets, he spent three years there, followed by a stint with the Mississippi Coast Jets of the CBA. From there it was to (*) Cleveland for seven seasons, Atlanta for three and Seattle for one. For 10 points-name this guard over whom Michael Jordan hit "The Shot" which knocked the Cavaliers from the 1989 NBA playoffs.

answer: Craig Ehlo

21. The smaller force deployed at Torwood and in a new park south of the enemy's objective. The larger force, stuck in a small area bordered by a stream, marshlands and the River (*) Forth, could not maneuver its cavalry properly. The smaller force used this confusion to attack, with the decisive blow coming from a charge of 2000 men from Gillies Hill. For 10 points-what 1314 battle prevented the English relief of Stirling Castle and put Robert the Bruce on the Scottish throne?

answer: Bannockburn

22. He attended Gregorian University in Rome and earned his doctorate in theology from the Catholic Institute at the Sorbonne. A priest starting in 1954, he was named a theological consultant for the Second (*) Council. His writings, which questioned the divinity of Christ and the dogma of the Virgin Mary, got him censured by the Vatican. For 10 points-name this Swiss theologian and author of works such as On Being a Christian and Does God Exist?

answer: Hans Kung

23. He joined the French army in 1939 and became captain. He returned to his homeland at the behest of president David (*) Dacko, but overthrew Dacko in 1966. Ousted by a French coup in 1979 and sentenced to death in absentia, he returned home in 1986. Found guilty for his part in a massacre of 100 schoolchildren, he was acquitted on cannibalism charges. For 10 points-what world leader spent over $200 million on his coronation and transformation of the Central African Republic into an empire?

answer: Jean-Bedel Bokassa I

24. Founded by Carl Grünberg in 1923, Max Horkheimer took it over in 1930. During Hitler's reign it became affiliated with (*) Columbia, but returned to Germany in 1949. At that point its members diverged theoretically, no longer applying strict Marxist concepts and social science in what came to be known as "critical theory." Among its researchers were Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm. For 10 points-name this body, home of the Frankfurt School of researchers.

answer: Institute for Social Research


(prompt on Frankfurt School)

25. Among his works for the Guell family were a church at their textile plant in Santa Coloma de Cervello, the Bodegas in Garraf, and a park, a pavilion, and a mansion, all in (*) Barcelona. A native of that city, his best known work is also of that city, an 18-towered neo-Gothic cathedral on which he was working when he died in 1926. For 10 points-name this architect, the man behind El Templo Expiatori de la Família Sagrada.

answer: Antoni Gaudi y Cornet

26. They are any of a class of organic compounds of the heterocyclic

series characterized by a ring structure composed of four carbon atoms

and two (*) nitrogen atoms. Among its members are a number of sulfa drugs, thiamine, cytosine, and uracil. For 10 points-name this class of compounds which shares its name with its simplest member, C4 H4 N2.

answer: pyrimidine

27. They collaborated on an album whose tracks include "Hard to Be"; "White Boots"; "D/FW"; "Good (*) Texan"; "Hillbillies from Outer Space"; "Baboom/Mama Said" and "Brothers." Jimmie is the more obscure of the two but at least he's still alive, unlike Stevie Ray. For 10 points-what blues rockers joined forces for the 1990 CBS release Family Style?

answer: The Vaughan Brothers

28. Landings near Oran met resistance, specifically at the Arzew beachhead. The French signed an armistice with Americans landing at (*) Casablanca two days into the invasion, and a combined German-Italian invasion into Vichy France spurred Vichy leaders in French West Africa to assist the Allies. All of this took place in the first three days of-for 10 points-what Allied operation in North Africa?

answer: Operation Torch

Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999

Final #1: Questions by Mark Coen


1. Name the inherently interesting art term for 10 points each:

A. This term relates to something hammered or stamped onto metal, such as impression on a coin, medal, or similar object.

answer: incuse

B. This is a decoration made of pieces of wood inlaid as a mosaic in

wooden background.

answer: intarsia

C. An engraved design in stone, cut into the hollow below the plane

surface, which would give a relief image when pressed into wax.

answer: intaglio


2. In 1295, Pope Boniface VIII (8) named four saints as "Doctors of the Church" due to their outstanding teachings. For 5 points each for the first two-10 points each for the next two-name these four original


answer: Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine of Hippo, Gregory the Great


3. U.S.-Canada trade relations soured in January over a proposed bill to protect the Canadian magazine industry. For 10 points each:

A. The bill specifically targeted what practice, wherein American publishers sell Canadian versions of the same magazine, with little change in content but with all Canadian ads?

answer: split run

B. This magazine didn't help any when it published what it called a

"parody" of bill sponsor Shiela Copps involving female genitalia.

answer: Hustler

C. Copps is the Minister for what Canadian Cabinet post?

answer: Heritage


4. Identify the following about computer programming languages:

A. For 15 points-this class of languages incorporate high-level languages, but are generally programmed using phrases that are close to standard English. FOCUS, SQL, and QBE all belong to this family.

answer: fourth-generation languages

B. For 10 points-C++, Smalltalk, and Simula are all languages which use this concept, where programs are written using pre-defined, self-contained parts.

answer: object-oriented

C. For 5 points-first developed by Larry Wall, this scripting language gained widespread use on the Web because of its ability to parse text easily and its lax syntactical rules.

answer: perl

5. Given a list of number-one songs from the Billboard R&B chart, name the artist behind all of them for 10 points each:

A. Funky Worm, Sweet Sticky Thing, Who'd She Coo?

answer: The Ohio Players

B. In the Midnight Hour, Land of 1,000 Dances, Don't Knock My Love (Part I).

answer: Wilson Pickett

C. Serpentine Fire, Got To Get You Into My Life, Let's Groove.

answer: Earth, Wind and Fire

6. Name these European mountain range for 10 points each:

A. Located in northeast France, it rises from the plain of the Rhine and runs paralell with the Black Forest. Its highest peak is Ballon de Guebwiller.

answer: Vosges ["VOZH"]

B. This range runs through northeast Greece and into southern Albania. Its highest peak is over 8600 feet.

answer: Pindus

C. Part of the Grampian Range, these mountains border Banff, Inverness, and Aberdeen, Scotland. They are highly glaciated. Their highest point is the 4296 foot Ben Macdhui.

answer: Cairngorm


7. 1999 marks the first year where the obverse of the quarter will depict a scene for a given state. Given one of those scenes, name the state for 15 points each:

A. Caesar Rodney on horseback, riding to break the tie among fellow delegates from his state regarding ratification of the Constitution.

answer: Delaware

B. The Charter Oak.

answer: Connecticut

8. For 10 points each-name the Confederate States of America cabinet member from a description.

A. Hailing from Georgia, he served as Jefferson Davis's vice president for the duration.

answer: Alexander Stephens

B. Originally from St. Croix, he served the CSA as Attorney General and Secretary of War. Before the war, he became the first Jewish person

elected to the US Senate.

answer: Judah Benjamin

C. From North Carolina by way of Germany, he served as the secretary of the treasury. He resigned the post in 1864, after his fiscal policies precipitated the CSA's loss of credit with other nations.

answer: Chris Menninger


9. Name the play by Aristophanes from a description for 10 points each:

A. Chremylus cures a god of blindness, and in return he enriches the poor. This puts several people out of work, including Hermes, who sees a marked drop in offerings in his role as god of thieves.

answer: Plutus

B. Women, disguised as men, vote to give women absolute power. They then create a communistic society. At a lavish banquet, held to allay fears of the change, it is announced that the banquet will require everyone to bring their own measure of soup.

answer: Ecclesiazusae or The Assembly of Women

C. Dionysus, disguised as Heracles, tries to being Euripides back from the underworld. When he arrives, Euripides and Aeschylus are in argument over who deserves the throne of tragedy.

answer: The Frogs

10. 30-20-10. Name the religious person.

A. (30 points) He engaged in a struggle with Marvin Gorman, who won a $10 million defamation suit against him in 1991.

B. (20 points) At the zenith of his power, he had 500 missionaries, 2000 employees, a Bible college just off of Interstate 10 and the Family Worship Center, which held thousands of parishioners.

C. (10 points) After Gorman exposed his prediliction for watching prostitutes pose while he'd masturbate, this Louisiana-based televangelist never recovered.

answer: Jimmy Swaggart


11. Name these extinct animals.

A. For 5 points-there were once billions of these migratory birds in North America, but the last one died in a Cincinnati zoo in 1914.

answer: passenger pigeon

B. For 10 points-these relatives of the elephant had grinding teeth with 4 ridges to make their diet of leaves easier to digest. They had parallel, upwardly- curved tusks and were covered by a coat of reddish-brown hair.

answer: mastodon

C. For 15 points-related to the zebra, this animal had the typical stripes on its head, neck, and forequarters, with the back a solid brown.

answer: quagga


12. Given islands from an island group, name the group for 10 points each:

A. Itu Aba, Pagasa, West York, Thitu

answer: Spratly

B. Alderney, Les Minquiners, Jethou, Sark

answer: Channel

C. Gomera, Ferro, Lanzerote, La Palma

answer: Canary


13. Mayor Francesco Rutelli is not pleased. Due to the recent bribery scandal, he wants a recount of the vote which saw his city passed over for the 2004 Summer Games.

A. For 5 points each-name the city that won the Games and the city that Rutelli governs, which came in second in that 1997 vote.

answer: Athens, Rome

B. Italy may get its crack at the Olympics thanks to a bid by-for 10 points-what city for the 2006 Winter Games?

answer: Turin

C. Turin may suffer Rome's fate if-for 10 points-what city, located in the same country as the IOC, benefits from proximity in the wake of bans on site visits?

answer: Sion


14. Anthony Trollope's Barchester novels follow the ecclesiastical goings-on in a cathedral city in the county of Barchester. For 10 points each-name any three of the six novels in that series.

answer: The Warden

Barchester Towers

Doctor Thorne

Framley Parsonage

The Small House at Allington

The Last Chronicle at Barset


15. Name the virus or group of virii for 10 points each:

A. Discovered by three British researchers and named for two of

them, it is the major cause of acute infectious mononucleosis.

answer: Epstein-Barr

B. This group of viruses, over 50 currently known, cause benign warts

or tumors in humans. Polygonal in shape, they cause a number of different warts, including plantar warts and genital warts. They are also often found in women who have cervical cancer.

answer: papilloma viruses

C. This is the name of the virus that causes German measles. It is a

member of the togavirus family.

answer: rubivirus


16. The gap between the rich and poor keeps growing, yet when American Heritage compiled its October 1998 list of the wealthiest Americans of all time, only three were living. Bill Gates came in fifth on the American Heritage list. For 5 points each for the first two and 10 each for the next two-name the men who topped him on the list, in any order.

answer: John D. Rockefeller

Andrew Carnegie

Cornelius Vanderbilt

John Jacob Astor


17. Name the painting by Pieter Breugel the Elder from a description for 15 points each:

A. Men reap hay on a hillside overlooking a village. To the left in the foreground are men with scythes. Another man comes up the middle through a gap cut in the hay. To the right, a few other men nap under a tree.

answer: The Harvesters

B. Soliders dominate the background to the left. In the center, two men on bended knee offer gifts to a mother and child. A third gift-bearer is barely visible along the right side, standing. In the right background, a younger man whispers to an older man, both standing inside a wood-beamed structure.

answer: The Adoration of the Kings

18. 1999 saw three men get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on their first try, the largest first-time election since the very first.

A. For 10 points all or nothing-name the three players so elected.

answer: Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Robin Yount

B. The last time a first-timer was elected to the Hall was in 1995. For 10 points-name this third baseman.

answer: Mike Schmidt

C. 1990 was the last time two first-timers got in. For 5 points each-name them, one Oriole and one Red.

answer: Jim Palmer, Joe Morgan


19. Name these Henry James novels for 10 points each:

A. An unsophisticated Schenectady girl shocks the well-mannered on her trip to Europe.

answer: Daisy Miller

B. Isabel Archer inherits a fortune, then marries Gilbert Osmond.

answer: Portrait of a Lady

C. The demonic Peter Quint and Miss Jessel may or may not possess Miles and Flora.

answer: The Turn of the Screw


20. On Monday, a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing enforcement of a federal law aimed at shielding children from obscene Internet material. For 10 points each:

A. Name this U.S. District judge.

answer: Lowell Reed

B. Name the law that Clinton signed into law in October.

answer: Children's On-Line Protection Act

C. In a hearing before judge Reed last month, what three-word phrase did the Justice department frequently use to describe the intended effect of the COP act?

answer: brown paper wrapper


21. For the stated point values-name the pairs of elements with these properties:

A. For 5 points each-atomic numbers that are perfect numbers.

answer: carbon, nickel

B. For 10 points each-synthetically-derived elements that are not trans-uranic.

answer: technetium, promethium


22. Rule 56 of the FRCP provides for it when there is no genuine dispute of material facts and the evidence, even when viewed in the light most favorable to the other side, compels a certain legal decision.

A. For 10 points-what is it?

answer: summary judgment

B. For 5 points each-expand the abbreviation FRCP.

answer: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure


23. Name these food items you might find in Ned Flanders' Dill-iddilly-icious Cookbook for 10 points per answer:

A. Nachos Flanders Style is slices of what vegetable topped with what

dairy product?

answer: cucumber, cottage cheese

B. One of Steady Neddie's favorite snacks is plain white bread. What does he have on the side for dipping?

answer: a glass of water


24. Answer the following about the reign of Phillip II of Spain for 15 points each:

A. In 1571, Phillip enforced assimilation of these people by transplanting them from Grenada and the surrounding area into norhtern

Spain. Nominally Christian, these people were born Muslims and in many

cases still practiced Islam.

answer: Moriscos

B. This French cardinal was the only non-Castillan minister to serve Phillip. He helped Phillip recognize the international nature of his domain, and convinced Phillip to make William of Orange the viceroy of Sicily. He was frozen out of favor by Castillan members of court in the years before his death in 1586.

answer: Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle


25. Given a definition of a rhetorical or literary device, spell its name for 10 points each:

A. Writing successive independent clauses with coordinating conjunctions or no conjunctions, such as "We walked to the top of the hill, and we sat down."

answer: P-A-R-A-T-A-X-I-S

B. An extravagant, implied metaphor using words in an alien or unusual way, such as "I will speak daggers to her" from Hamlet.

answer: C-A-T-A-C-H-R-E-S-I-S

C. A moral fable, usually featuring animals or inanimate objects which act like human beings in order to shed light on the human condition. Aesop's Fables and Orwell's Animal Farm are examples.

answer: A-P-O-L-O-G-U-E