Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 15: Questions by Caltech.


1. He was always lugging home wild things: once a hawk with a hurt wing, another time a full-grown bobcat with a broken leg. But you can't give your heart to a wild thing, as this horse doctor from Tulip, Texas, found out when he married 14-year-old orphan Lulamae Barnes, who ran off to (*) New York and changed her name to Holly. For 10 points, identify this husband of the main character in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.'

answer: Doc Golightly

2. He will not be replacing Tom Foglietta any time soon, though the rumor on Capital Hill is that the White House asked him to convince moderate (*) Republicans not to vote for impeachment. In exchange for results, this lame-duck senator was to be named ambassador to Italy. For 10 points-what New Yorker was unsuccessful in his lobbying efforts?

answer: Alfonse D'Amato

3. Einstein first modeled this material property using quantum harmonic oscillators all vibrating at the same frequency. Debye's corrected model predicts the proper (*) low temperature behaviour by modeling the crystal elastically. At high temperatures, it approaches the Dulong and Petit value of 3R. For ten points, name this measure of the heat absorption of a material, usually designated capital C.

answer: HEAT CAPACITY at constant volume

[You may accept 'specific heat' before 'Dulong']

4. It's when Andy Williams will "be blue 'cause you don't want my love."

It's "nothin' but me and my crew havin' fun" according to C-block. It's

"time to (*) sit back and unwind", for Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and

it's time for "hot fun" for Sly and the Family Stone. For ten points name

this season when "the livin' is easy" according to George Gershwin.


5. In order to buy it, Nemorino enlists in Belcore's regiment, not

knowing that his rich uncle has died and left him a fortune with which to

woo (*) Adina, Belcore's bride-to-be. The village girls, however, have heard

the news and flirt with the lucky catch, leading him to believe in the effects of, for ten points, what bottle of port wine sold by Dulcamara in a Donizetti opera?



6. Ogden Nash wrote,

'I test my bath before I sit, And I'm always moved to wonderment That what chills the finger not a bit Is so frigid upon the fundament,'

in a poem of this title. Many years earlier (*) Milton wrote about a man who was "Eyeless, in Gaza, at the mill with slaves, himself in bonds under Philistian yoke" in a more famous work entitled, for ten points, what?



7. Kwame [KWAW-may] Lassiter had four interceptions in this team's final regular season game of 1998, but because Charger quarterback Craig Whelihan led a late game-tying touchdown drive, it needed a big kickoff return from Eric (*) Metcalf to set up the Chris Jacke field goal that put it into the playoffs. It upset the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, but lost in Minnesota the following week. For 10 points-what NFL franchise is now led by quarterback Jake Plummer?

answer: Arizona Cardinals


8. At the age of 19, this noblewoman is said to have appeared at Vezelay Cathedral dressed like an (*) Amazon and riding a white horse to offer Bernard of Clairvaux her services in the Second Crusade. She and her ladies wore armor and carried lances but never fought because her husband, Louis VII

of France, demanded she accompany him to Jerusalem. For ten points name

this eventual wife of Henry II of England.



9. Created on January 27, 1996, this eight-acre republic near the British

Virgin Islands petitioned the U.N. for a seat in the General Assembly but

was turned down despite the efforts of its first U.S. Ambassador, (*) MTV

sports guy Dan Cortese. For ten points, name this Nation of Untamed Spirits dedicated to the 'most prized tequila for the public good.'



10. While her 'smug married' friends have children "plop, plop, plop,

left, right, and centre," she obsesses over her "sell-by date" and careers

"rudderless and (*) boyfriendless through dysfunctional relationships and

professional stagnation." For ten points, name this "child of Cosmopolitan culture," whose fictional diary is an international best seller by Helen Fielding.

answer: BRIDGET JONES's Diary


11. Retired schoolteacher William Auld wrote fifty-two books in this

(*) language, making him the first nominee for the Nobel Prize for Literature

to use it, although over one hundred periodicals are published in it. For

ten points, name this language spoken by about 100,000 persons worldwide,

created in 1905 by L.L. Zamenhof.


12. He was cremated on his funeral boat, Hringhorni, after a giantess

named Thokk refused to weep for him, preventing him from returning to the

world of the living. Thokk was, of course, actually (*) Loki in disguise.

For ten points, name this god who died when Loki tricked the blind god

Hoder into throwing a dart of mistletoe at him.

answer: BALDER

13. The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well,

not entirely. One (*) small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out

against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionnaires who

garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and

Compendium. So begins, for ten points, each adventure of what tiny friend

of Dogmatix and Obelix?

answer: ASTERIX

14. A catcher's mitt and baseball bat, an umbrella, a book of matches, a

faucet, a flashlight, four badminton birdies and a (*) clothespin might not

have much in common, except when they range from 12 to 440 feet tall.

For ten points, these large objects are among the works of what Swedish-born sculptor?

answer: Claes [CLAUS] OLDENBURG

[This is NOT a repeat; read both questions carefully.]

15. Chef Louis Diat created it for the 1917 opening of the roof-garden

restaurant at New York's Ritz-Carlton, naming it for a town famous for

cold alkaline (*) springs. In 1941, patriotic chefs angered by France's

pro-Nazi government voted to rename it "creme gauloise," but that name

never stuck to, for ten points, what cold, creamy, hard-to-spell leek and

potato soup?

answer: VICHYSSOISE (the last 's' IS pronounced, but don't sweat it!)

16. Her new ideas on spore cultivation were deemed worthless by the Royal Society, so she threw herself into painting and prolific correspondence, unwittingly composing a masterpiece. (*) For ten points, who, in 1893, began a letter to a sick child, 'I don't know what to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits whose names were Flopsy, Mopsy,

Cottontail and Peter'?

answer: Beatrix POTTER

17. Hermite applied elliptic functions to solve the general case in an

1858 paper. In 1799, Ruffini's proof of the problem's insolubility fell

short, and in 1824 Abel had correctly proven that the solution could not

be found by the (*) extraction of roots. For ten points, give the general

term for these equations of degree five.

answer: QUINTIC equation

18. In Jose Saramago's "The Stone Raft," this landmass breaks away from its position, moving toward the (*) Azores at 750 meters per hour. Named by the Greeks after its second longest river, the longest being the Tagus,

for ten points, name this peninsula separated from Europe by the Pyrenees

and occupied by the countries of Spain and Portugal.

answer: IBERIAn peninsula

19. Because of the great confusion due to a fog of smoke from the stacks and guns of 250 ships as well as the sloppy work of the scouting forces, Reinhard Scheer twice had his T capped for lack of visibility, and for the same reason, this ideal tactical position was unable to be exploited by John (*) Jellicoe. For ten points, name this 1916 naval engagement which both sides claimed as a victory.

answer: Battle of JUTLAND

20. When its beneficiary suffered financially due to a bad legal judgment,

his neighbors proved you can't hold good (*) love gravy down by organizing

this October 7 benefit concert featuring Prodigy, Primus, and Crystal

Method. For ten points name this music event of the decade at which Master

P performed 'Kenny's Dead' to help out the sultan of soul food.

answer: CHEF AID

21. The shite [SH'TAY] often appears in the first half as a peasant,

departs, then appears in the second half in his true form as the ghost of

a long-dead famous person. The (*) waki appears as a travelling priest who

questions the shite, and the kyogen actors supply humorous interludes

between the acts of, for ten points, what traditional Japanese theatrical


answer: NOH theatre

22. Only five feet, three inches tall due to a mysterious childhood

illness, he was blocked from the drug testing room after the (*) 1984 Winter

Olympics because "he didn't have the right credentials," despite the gold

medal around his neck. For ten points name this figure skater known for

his recent battle with testicular cancer and his trademark backflip.

answer: Scott HAMILTON

23. After receiving a degree in international relations from the

University of Toronto, he married Arsinee Khanjian, who first appeared in

his work (*) 'Next of Kin.' Born in Cairo to Armenian parents, he was named

after Egypt's first nuclear reactor. For ten points, name this Canadian

director of 'The Sweet Hereafter' and 'Exotica.'

answer: Atom EGOYAN

24. "I have lived as a philosopher, and I want to die as a philosopher,"

he said on his deathbed, seemingly contradicting his earlier statement

'God has in grace received me and allowed me to die.' For ten points,

name this former mathematician who built this sort of religious conversion

into his concepts of the life-world and phenomenology.

answer: Edmund HUSSERL

25. If one particle of a newly created pair is moving outwards from a

black hole while the other moves inwards, the black hole can (*) capture the

inward-moving particle while missing the outward-moving one, making the

black hole appear to emit radiation. For ten points, give the term for

this radiation process, named for the author of 'A Brief History of Time.'

answer: HAWKING radiation

26. On his deathbed in a dingy room at the Maison Vauquer, he speaks

lovingly to Rastignac and Bianchon of his abusive daughters, who, although they received lavish (*) dowries from the sale of his vermicelli business, have driven him to desperation with their selfish demands for money. For ten points, name this Balzac title character.

answer: Pere (Old, Father, equivalents) GORIOT

27. Arising after the empire of Tamerlane, it preceded the rise of the (*) Mahr Attas. Before falling apart under the reign of Aurangzeb, it was led by

rulers such as Jahangir and Baber, who began the empire in 1526. For ten

points name this Muslim-Tartar empire in India, also ruled by Akbar and

his grandson, Shah Jahan.

answer: MOGHUL empire

28. Because exposure to infrared light causes it to emit photons at the

telecommunications wavelength of 1.5 microns, it is an important dopant

constituent of signal repeaters and amplifiers in (*) fiberoptic cables. For

ten points, name this element which, because of their similar properties,

in 1860 accidentally had its name switched with terbium.

answer: ERBIUM