Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 15: Questions by Caltech.


1. Name these amino acids for ten points each:

A. The simplest amino acid, it is an inhibitor released by interneurons

to suppress motoneuronal [MOW-tow-new-RON-all] activity.

answer: GLYCINE

B. This sulfur-containing essential amino acid found in egg albumen is

important in the methylation of compounds.


C. Synthesized from glutamic acid, it contains a secondary rather than

primary amino group and is found in collagen.

answer: PROLINE


2. Visual bonus! For ten points each, give the city in which each

of these buildings can be found. You have 15 seconds.


A. CHICAGO (John Hancock building),

B. KUALA LUMPUR (Petronas Towers),

C. SHANGHAI (Jin Mao Building)


3. It focuses on an act's consequences rather than its intrinsic nature.

A. For five points, name this ethical principle which promotes the greatest happiness for the greatest good.

answer: UTILITARIAN ism

B. For 10 points-in 1822, this philosopher established the Utilitarian Society. His 1861 essay, 'Utilitarianism,' incorporated democratic government into the utilitarian ideal.

answer: John Stuart MILL

C. Mill took the word 'utilitarian' from 'Annals of the Parish,' a

novel of Scottish country life by-for 15 points-what author, whose name shows up in a 1957 philosophical work promoting egoism?

answer: John GALT


4. For ten points each, given a description of a TV production closer,

name the production company for 10 points each. You'll get 5 points

if you cannot provide the name of the company, but can name any current

television show that ends with that closer.

A. The company name is projected in blurry black and white. Over the

sound of a projector running, a child's voice says, "I made this!"

answer: TEN THIRTEEN Productions

(5 points for The X-FILES or MILLENNIUM )

B. A granny in a rocking chair is watching TV. When she clicks the remote, the company name whooshes out of her TV, knocking her backward. As she falls over, she exclaims, "You stinker!"

answer: David E. KELLEY Productions


C. The company name appears as an animated cut-out zombie ambles across the screen saying, "Grrrr! Aaaargh!"

answer: MUTANT ENEMY Productions



5. Name these famous Cyrenians for ten points each.

A. When Jesus could no longer bear the burden of his cross, this man

was forced to carry it for him.

answer: SIMON

B. By looking into wells at Syene and Alexandria, he determined the

circumference of the earth in stadia.


C. This motto of this disciple of Socrates, who founded the Cyrenaic

school of hedonism, was 'I possess; I am not possessed.'



6. Thanksgiving is less than ten months away! Identify the following about

the Pilgrims for 10 per answer:

A. The settlers were known as the Old Comers or Forefathers before

the discovery of a manuscript referring to the 'saints' who had left Holland as 'pilgrimes.' For ten points each, name the book and its author, the first governor of the colony.



B. Name the town in Holland to which the settlers had originally fled to escape religious persecution in England.

answer: LEYDEN


7. Identify the following poetic references from 'A Streetcar Named Desire' for fifteen points each:

A. Mitch owns a silver cigarette case with the inscription 'And if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death." Blanche recalls that this quote comes from what poet's Sonnet 43?

answer: E lizabeth Barrett BROWNING

B. After asking Stella "What on earth are you doing in a place like this?" Blanche compares it to "the ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir," a reference to what poet's "Ulalume?"

answer: Edgar Allan POE


8. For ten points each, identify the following about graduate students who were far more brilliant and productive than we on the Caltech quiz bowl team could ever hope to be.

A. Samuel Goudsmit and George Uhlenbeck of the University of Leiden

came up with this concept to explain the magnetic moment measurements made

by Stern and Gerlach in 1922.

answer: Electron SPIN or SPIN angular momentum

B. With his advisor, Clinton Davisson, this Columbia grad student bombarded a single crystal of nickel with an electron beam to confirm the wave-particle duality of the electron.

answer: Lester Halbert GERMER

C. One day when he was riding the subway, he thought of a brilliant explanation for why metals lose electrical resistance at low temperatures, thus making him the S in the BCS theory.

answer: John Robert SCHRIEFFER


9. She wrote, 'He is a poet capable of lyricism, an artist full of spirit

and talent.' He wrote, 'I was twelve years old and I had never fucked

anyone...I wanted to see what it was like.' For fifteen points each, name

the thirty-six year old schoolteacher and her fifteen year old lover who

told their story in the 1998 book, 'Forbidden Love.'

answer: Mary Kay LETOURNEAU and Vili FUALAAU


10. 30-20-10. Name the location of these historic events.

A. (30) The historical King Gunther lead the Burgundians across the Rhine in the early 5th century, extablishing a kingdom here; this story is represented in the Nibelungenlied.

B. (20) Pope Calixtus II and Holy Roman Emperor Henry V settled the investiture controversy here in 1122.

C. (10) It was here that Martin Luther appeared before the Diet of the

Holy Roman Empire in 1521 to defend his beliefs, eventually being

denounced as a heretic.

answer: WORMS , Germany


11. Name either party of each of the following Supreme Court cases relating to an individual's right to privacy for ten points each.

A. In this 1965 case, the court ruled that a statute preventing the appellants from providing information about and means of contraception to married persons was unconstitutional.

answer: GRISWOLD v. Connecticut (accept either part)

B. When the respondent in this 1986 case challenged a Georgia law

criminalizing sodomy, the court ruled that the Constitution does not

confer a fundamental right to sodomy; thus the law was constitutional.

answer: BOWERS V. HARDWICK (accept either part)

C. Four physicians challenged their state's law against assisted

suicide in this 1997 case, but the Court ruled that the law did not

violate the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

answer: WASHINGTON V. GLUCKSBERG (accept either part)


12. Perhaps the most famous of all love triangles is the one in the movie

"Casablanca." Given an actor who played part of that triangle, you'll get

five points for giving the character's full name and another five points

for giving that character's birth nationality.

A. Humphrey Bogart

answer: RICHARD BLAINE (also accept: RICK BLAINE )

AMERICAN (also accept: DRUNKARD )

B. Ingrid Bergman

answer: ILSA LUND (also accept: ILSA LAZLO )


C. Paul Henreid


CZECH oslovakian


13. Mind your P's and Q's and name these mythological entities for ten

points each.

A. After this demon gave Tiamat the tablets of Destiny, Marduk killed him

and created mankind from his blood.

answer: QINGU

B. The flamines of Jupiter, Mars and this god, sometimes identified with

Romulus, constituted the three major priests at Rome.

answer: QUIRINUS

C. The name of this creator and trickster god of the Banks Islanders

is also a good way to use the Q in Scrabble if you don't have a U. In

that context, the word refers to an East African tree.

answer: QAT


14. She never had a brother who starved to death; she was educated at

prestigious Catholic boarding schools, and she owned quite a lot of land.

Still, the Nobel Committee won't take back her 1992 prize. For 15

points each, name:

A. This Quiche [kee-CHAY] Mayan from Guatemala who was exposed in 1998 by the New York Times as a Castroist agent despite billing herself as a long-suffering champion of indigenous peoples.

answer: Rigoberta MENCHU Tum

B. The French leftist political instigator who translated Menchu's

autobiography and whom Menchu now blames for the lies in it.

answer: Elisabeth Burgos- DEBRAY


15. Name these special determinants for fifteen points each.

A. Given a set of n equations in n variables, this is the determinant

of the matrix whose elements correspond to the derivative of each of the n

equations with respect to each of the n variables.

answer: JACOBIAN determinant

B. This determinant of the matrix formed by n solutions to a linear

differential equation and their first n-1 derivatives must be nonzero for

the solutions to be linearly independent.



16. They have a son named Junior, an obnoxious terrier named Asta and

a common passion for sleuthing. For ten points each, name this

hard-drinking literary couple played by William Powell and Myrna Loy on

screen, the novelist who created them, and the book in which they first


answers: NICK AND NORA CHARLES (accept either underlined part),

Dashiell HAMMETT ,



17. The third king of the 19th dynasty, his reign was the second

longest in Egyptian history. For 10 points each:

A. Name this pharaoh known for his extensive temple building and the many colossal statues of him in Egypt.


B. At this 1275 battle in Syria, Ramses suffered a humiliating loss at

the hands of the Hittite forces under Muwatallis.

answer: KADESH

C. The two most famous temples built by Ramses are located at this site.

Threatened by the Aswan High Dam's reservoir, they were disassembled and

reconstructed on higher ground in the 1960's.

answer: ABU SIMBEL


18. Identify the following contributors to Diderot's Encyclopedie for ten

points each.

A. The music articles were written by this opera composer, known

better today as a naturalistic philosopher.

answer: Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU

B. This political theorist refused to write on democracy and despotism, as he had already had his say on those themes, but did provide an Essay on Taste.

answer: Baron de MONTESQUIEU (Charles-Louis de SECONDAT )

C. The mathematics came from this man, who stated that Newton's Third

Law is true for moving bodies as well as fixed ones.

answer: Jean le Rond D'ALEMBERT


19. Identify the following about the earth's rotation for ten points each.

A. The oblate shape of the earth and the gravitational forces exerted on Earth by the sun and moon cause this cyclic movement of the earth's axis.

answer: PRECESSION (of the equinoxes)

B. This small irregularity in the precession of the equinoxes is caused by the tilt of the moon's orbit with respect to the Earth's orbit around the sun.

answer: NUTATION

C. Named for an American astronomer, this movement of the earth's axis of rotation around the pole causes latitude to vary with a period of 14 months.



20. In 1998 Miramax brought us two movies featuring Queen Elizabeth I: the

movie Elizabeth, and the movie Shakespeare in Love.

A. For 5 points each--name the two actresses who play Queen Elizabeth I in the two movies.

answer: Cate BLANCHETT and Judi DENCH

B. For another 5 points each--name the two actors who appear in both


answer: Geoffrey RUSH and J oseph FIENNES

C. For a final 10 points--in 1997 Judi Dench appeared as a British monarch in what other Miramax movie, also directed by John Madden, who directed Shakespeare in Love?

answer: MRS. BROWN (also accept: HER MAJESTY, MRS. BROWN )


21. A certain type of minor scale features an augmented second between the sixth and seventh notes. For 10 points per answer-

A. What is this type of minor scale called?

answer: harmonic minor

B. There are two harmonic minor scales that, thanks to the augmented second, contain a note that's flatted and a note that's sharped. What are the root notes of these scale?

answer: G, D

(G harmonic minor has E-flat and F-sharp; D harmonic minor B-flat and C-sharp)


22. Given the name of a sword, identify its owner for ten points each.

A. Crocea Mors, meaning "Yellow Death"


B. Joyeuse

answer: CHARLEMAGNE (also owned a sword called Flamberge)

C. Balmung, or Gram

answer: SIEGFRIED (also accept: SIGURD )


23. 30-20-10 name the city from attractions:

A. The Private John Allen National Fish Hatchery and the Oren Dunn Museum, which houses one of only two stamped envelopes to be canceled on the moon.

B. A statue commemmorating an engagement there on July 14-15, 1864, in which General A.J. Smith prevented Nathan Bedford Forrest from interfering with Sherman's supply lines.

C. The two-room house in which, on January 8, 1935, the King was born.

answer: TUPELO , Mississippi


24. Lying on the Kuckukmenederes [if you're reading fast enough to get to bonus 24 you don't need a damned pronunciation guide like I know how it's pronounced anyway -The Bruce] River near the mouth of the Dardanelles, it had long been known to be the site of the ancient city of Ilion.

A. For ten points, name this archaeological mound in Turkey.

answer: HISARLIK

B. In 1822, Charles Maclaren hypothesized that Hisarlik was the site

of what Homeric city?

answer: TROY

C. Name the man who demonstrated that Maclaren's hypothesis was

correct in excavations made between 1870 and 1890.

answer: Heinrich SCHLIEMANN


25. The McGwire-Sosa home run battle eclipsed some other interesting

1998 records. For ten points each-name:

A. The Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher who was the first in fifty-four

years to intentionally walk a batter with the bases loaded.

answer: Gregg OLSON

B. The Tiger outfielder who went 0 for 13 in a doubleheader, setting

a record for the most at-bats without a hit in a single day.

answer: Brian HUNTER

C. The shortstop for the Blue Jays who struck out six times in one

day, tying the major league record.

answer: Alex GONZALEZ