Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 14: Questions by Carleton College.


1. It isnt' The Tempest, but the daughter and the son of quarreling brothers marry. It isn't Othello, but a ruler is irrationally jealous of his wife. Instead of dying, the wife, (*) Hermione [Herm-EYE-oh-nee], remains frozen as a statue for sixteen years. For 10 points-identify the Shakespearean romance famous for the stage direction "Exit, pursued by a bear."

answer: The Winter's Tale

2. It failed in the House of Representatives in January 1861 and lost by one vote in the Senate two months later. Supported by the National Union party, it extended the (*) free-slave state boundary set by the Missouri Compromise to California, advocated slavery in Washington, D.C. and upheld the fugitive slave law with only minor modifications. For 10 points-identify this compromise named for a senator from Kentucky that tried to avert civil war.

answer: Crittenden Compromise

3. A 454-square-mile island, it was captured in a U.S. assault from April to June (*) 1945 and remained under American control until 1972, not including a brief reinvasion in 1986 for the filming of "The Karate Kid Part II." For 10 points-identify this island whose capital is at Naha, the largest in the Ryukyu archipelago.

answer: Okinawa

4. Called "le grande K" by the French, the official one and its six copies are stored under three bell jars in Sevres. Composed of a platinum-iridium alloy, this film-sized canister represents the only basic (*) unit not defined by a naturally-occurring phenomenon as well as the only basic unit with a prefix already attached. For 10 points-identify this unit of mass in the SI and m-k-s systems.

answer: kilogram

5. He upheld an electoral law that effectively dissolved his country's parliament on January 11. He faces yet another political standoff with parliament in trying to agree on a Prime Minister to follow (*) Rosny Smarth, which has delayed international aid to his country, the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. His opponents are accusing him of conspiring with Aristide to establish a dictatorship. For 10 points-identify this embattled president of Haiti.

answer: Rene Preval

6. His work is represented in the Met by the painting "Snake Charmer at Tangiers," and the Neustadt Museum in New York City is dedicated to his work. A student of Inness, one of his largest projects was a huge (*) glass curtain for the national theater in Mexico City, but he was more famous for smaller favrile glass work pieces. For 10 points-identify this art nouveau artist famous for his brightly-colored stained-glass lamps.

answer: Louis Comfort Tiffany

7. The general principle of a system, it can also be used as a slang term for (*) police. A 1920s comedy studio headed by Mack Sennett, it's also a brand of really bad beer and the nickname of the second state to ratify the Constitution. For 10 points-what term most commonly refers to the anchoring piece at the summit of an arch?

answer: keystone

8. In soccer, it is determined by the least-advanced defensive player beyond the goalie but not beyond midfield. In hockey, it is determined by the (*) blue line, which players cannot cross before the puck. In football, it is determined by the line of scrimmage and is a five-yard penalty for the offending team. For 10 points-what is it?

answer: offsides

9. The whole mess this item sparked started when, on the advice of his foreign secretary, Wilhelm II tried to demonstrate his neutrality to the British. On January 3, 1896, he congratulated the president of the (*) Transvaal for fending off an attack "without having to appeal to friendly powers for assistance." For 10 points-identify this letter that led to the Boer War.

answer: Kruger telegram

10. Boy meets girl while helping her have an abortion. Boy falls in love with girl after being taken in by her boyfriend. Boyfriend gets shot down while serving in World War II. Boy impregnates girl while boyfriend is missing and presumed dead. Boyfriend comes back (*) paralyzed and marries girl. Boy and girl have a sustained affair which lasts for fifteen years. This is the plot of-for 10 points- what novel of orchards, orphans and abortions, by John Irving?

answer: The Cider House Rules

11. Chapter 1 begins, "The former treatise have I made, O (*) Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach..." and it describes how lots were drawn between Justus and Matthias to determine who would take Judas Iscariot's place. Chapter 2 describes the initial baptism of the Holy Spirit. For 10 points-name

this book of the Bible, which details the exploits of a not-so-dirty dozen, the fifth book of the New Testament.

answer: Acts of the Apostles

12. Knut Vollebaek said it would be an "outrageous provocation" to eject this man by force. The recent controversy surrounding him follows the discovery of 45 bodies of ethnic (*) Albanians, whom he said were victims of a Serbian massacre. For 10 points-identify this OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission chief ordered to leave Serbia, who shares his name with an American adventurer and president of Nicaragua.

answer: William Walker


13. The initiation stage begins with the binding of charged f-met tRNA and a light ribosomal subunit. The (*) elongation stage follows the binding of the heavy ribosomal subunit and involves switiching tRNA molecules from the A to the P sites as the primary structure is extended. Termination of this process occurs when the stop codon in the mRNA is reached. For 10 points-identify the process of building a polypeptide from messenger RNA.

answer: translation (not transcription)

14. Milk Bone dog biscuits, Planters peanuts, A1 steak sauce, Bubble Yum bubble gum, Lifesavers, Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies, (*) Triscuit crackers and Ritz crackers are made-for 10 points-by what company that also sponsors the Dinah Shore LPGA Tournament and makes Oreo Cookies?

answer: National Biscuit Company

15. As an author, he wrote the introductory sonnet to The Faerie Queene and, while imprisoned in the Tower of London, the "History of the World." As a politician conspirator, he was (*) executed by James I, and as an explorer, he introduced tobacco and potatoes to England. For 10 points-name the Renaissance man who founded the colony at Roanoke.

answer: Sir Walter Raleigh

16. The "Precepts of Chiron," the "Astronomy," the "Ornithomanteia," [or-NITH-ow-man-TAY-a] the "Melampodeia," and the "Aigimios" have all falsely been attributed to this poet, of whom we know little more than that he was a native of (*) Boeotia [bee-OH-shuh]. For 10 points-who was called by the muses to "sing of the race of the blessed gods immortal" in the Theogony and to tell of farm life in "Works and Days?"

answer: Hesiod

17. From 1947 to 1957, he was executive secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Concerned with class relations, he wrote "Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the (*) Poverty of Nations," and this winner of the 1974 Nobel Prize taught at Stockholm University. For 10 points-identify this economist whose major work was "An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy."

answer: Gunnar Myrdal

(accept "Mr. Mydral" - anything to distinguish him from wife Alda)

18. After studying with Gabriel Faure at the Conservatoire and losing the Prix de Rome five times, this composer collaborated with (*) Stravinsky on "Khovanshchina," [COE-von-SHE-na] with Colette on the opera "The Child and the Enchantments" and Diaghilev [dee-OG-ee-lev] on Daphnis et Chloi. For 10 points-name this composer best known for Bolero.

answer: Maurice Ravel

19. In an ideal solution, the solute as well as the solvent obeys this law. It reflects the fact that the presence of a second component reduces the rate at which molecules leave the (*) surface of the liquid but doesn't inhibit the rate at which they return. For 10 points-identify this eponymous law that states that the ratio of the partial vapor pressure of each compnent to its vapor pressure as a pure liquid is approximately equal to the mole fraction of A in the mixture.

answer: Raoult 's Law

20. He founded Les Temps modernes in 1945, and it was during this time that his interest in Marxism became apparent. Influenced by the ideas of (*) Heidegger, his essays include On Genocide, The Ghost of Stalin and What is Literature?. In addition to studies of Flaubert and Baudelaire, he also published Critique of Dialectical Reason. For 10 points-identify the existential author of Being and Nothingness.

answer: Jean-Paul Sartre

21. In his nine-year career, he compiled a 50-34 won-lost record and a 3.75 earned-run average. His stats were frontloaded, however, as he won 38 games in his first two seasons, a feat overshadowed by a (*) teammate who won 58 games in the same two-year span. For 10 points-name this player who teamed with his brother, Dizzy, to win 49 games for the 1934 Cardinals.

answer: Paul Dean (Accept Daffy Dean)

22. When he tried to run away in 1730 with his best friend Lieutenant von Katte, they were promptly caught, and he had to watch as his friend was executed. When he succeeded to the throne, he abolished torture, censorship, and religious discrimination. However, he is mostly remembered for his (*) military prowess. For 10 points-identify this Prussian monarch who fought Austria in the Seven Years War.

answer: Frederick II or Frederick the Great

23. Major geographical features of this country are the Banfora Escarpment in the southwest and three tributaries of the (*) Volta River, which go on to converge in Ghana. The major ethnic group is the Mossi, and major cities include Bobo Dioulass and Koudougou. For 10 points-identify this nation whose capital is Ouagadougou.

answer: Burkina Faso

24. Expatriated from his native Romania by the Nazis, he lived in Poland, France and (*) Israel before becoming a U.S. citizen in 1963. He models his style equally on the Old Testament and on the works of Malraux and Camus, as can be seen in his works The Town Beyond the Wall and A Beggar in Jerusalem. For 10 points-name this 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the author of Night and Souls on Fire.

answer: Elie Wiesel

25. Planck explained its radiation by assuming quantization of energy. A good approximation for one is a (*) pinhole in an empty container maintained at a constant temperature. For 10 points-identify this theoretical object that is capable of uniformly emitting and absorbing all frequencies of radiation.

answer: black body

26. A martial artist is recruited to infiltrate a drug ring by participating in a (*) tournament. He reluctantly agrees, and not only breaks up the drug ring, but he avenges his sister's death in the process. For 10 points-name this 1973 film, the first Hollywood-produced feature film and last complete film of Bruce Lee.

answer: Enter the Dragon

27. The great-great-granddaughter of Ulysses S. Grant, Lyssa Dent Hughes seems to have it all: husband, kids, respect, and a nomination for U.S. Surgeon General. Lynne Thigpen won a (*) Tony Award for her work in-for 10 points-what play, the latest work of Wendy Wasserstein?

answer: An American Daughter

28. Previously, WQEW had been "The Home of American Popular Standards," a radio station owned by the New York (*) Times that played the music of Frank Sinatra and Benny Goodman. At the stroke of midnight on December 27, the same company took it over that had already taken over much of Times Square. For 10 points-what does WQEW now broadcast?

answer: Radio Disney