Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 14: Questions by Carleton College


1. For 10 points each-given rap lyrics, name either the song or the artist:

A. Everybody wanna do it like me.

I got it made.

Been makin' rap money since the tenth grade.

answer: Pushin' Weight or Ice Cube

B. In 1989, a number.

Another summer.

Sound of the funky drummer.

answer: Fight the Power or Public Enemy


C. Have you ever been over to a friend's house to eat

and the food just ain't no good?

I mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas all mushed

and the chicken tastes like wood?

answer: Rapper's Delight or The Sugarhill Gang


2. Given the author and clues-name these title characters from early 20th century American novels for 15 points each:

A. This Frank Norris character falls in love with his friend Marcus's girlfriend Trina when she comes to his dental parlors. He marries her, she wins the lottery, she becomes a miser and he kills her out of greed.

answer: McTeague

B. While in medical school, this Sinclair Lewis character begins to worship Gottlieb, Professor of Bacteriology, one of few professors devoted to pure science.

answer: Martin Arrowsmith


3. Given two British monarchs, identify the monarch who reigned between them for 10 points each:

A. Edward the 8th and Elizabeth the 2nd.

answer: George the 6th

B. Edward the 3rd and Henry the 4th.

answer: Richard the 2nd

C. William and Mary and George the 1st.

answer: Anne


4. Name these past and present Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball coaches for 10 points each:

A. This gifted North Carolina State coach moved from the sideline to the television lights of ESPN before cancer claimed his life.

answer: Jim Valvano

B. This successor to Valvano at N.C. State played in the ACC tournament's 8th- place-versus-9th-place game enough times that the game was colloquially named after him.

answer: Les Robinson

C. The wife of this Duke coach is still close to Jim Valvano's widow.

answer: Mike Krzyzewski [sha-SHEF-ski]


5. Name the painting from what it looks like for 15 points each:

A. The center figure of this Jacque-Louis David work wears a red cloak and holds several swords. Three arches are behind him; two men face him; and two figures kneel in the right of the painting.

answer: Oath of the Horatii

B. Several feminine figures in white flowing garb cavort under fruit trees. In this Sando Botticelli work, Venus stands in the middle while a tiny but chubby Cupid flies over her.

answer: Primavera


6. Identify these quintessential baddies from Greek myth for 15 points each:

A. Also known as "The Stretcher," this Attican robber was infamous for binding his victims to a bed; if they were too big, he cut off their limbs, and if they were too short, he stretched them to fit. He was eventually slain by Theseus.

answer: Procrustes

B. The son of Gaia and Poseidon, he forced all strangers to wrestle with him and was invincible as long as he remained in contact with the Earth which supplied him with strength. He was defeated by Heracles, who lifted him from the ground and strangled him.

answer: Antaeus


7. Given one half of a state's U.S. Senatorial team, identify the other member for 10 points each:

A. Susan Collins.

answer: Olympia Snowe

B. Herb Kohl.

answer: Russell Feingold

C. James Inhofe.

answer: Don Nickles


8. Identify these terms relating to stereochemistry for 10 points each:

A. This type of compound contains two or more stereocenters but is superimposable with its mirror image.

answer: meso compound

B. These are stereoisomers that are not related as object and mirror image.

answer: diastereomers

C. This is a one-to-one mixture of the plus and minus enantiomers of a compound and is therefore optically inactive.

answer: racemic mixture or racemate


9. Identify these poets of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood from lines for 10 points each:

A. Because the birthday of my life

Is come, my love is come to me.

answer: Christina Rosetti

B. There in the dark her white wing beckoned-

drop me a kiss-I'm the bird dead-struck!

answer: George Meredith

C. One thing then learnt remains to me,

The woodpsurge has a cup of thee.

answer: Dante Gabriel Rosetti


10. Identify the von Trapp child from The Sound of Music for 10 points each.

A. She's sixteen going on seventeen and claims she doesn't need a governess.

answer: _Liesl_ [LEE-suhl] von Trapp

B. She's seven and would like a pink parasol for her birthday.

answer: _Marta_ von Trapp

C. He's eleven and he's incorrigible, though Maria thinks he just wants to be treated like a boy. He impresses his father's party guests with an incredible falsetto high note in "So Long, Farewell."

answer: _Kurt_ von Trapp

11. Identify the following Congressmen and women from New York on a 5-10-15 basis:

A. For 5 points-she was the first black woman to be elected to Congress.

answer: Shirley _Chisholm_

B. For 10 points-this man served 11 terms in Congress, but the House refused to seat him in 1967 after charges of corruption and graft.

answer: Adam Clayton _Powell_, Jr.

C. For 15 points-this former lawyer was very vocal in demanding a withdrawal from Vietnam and on behalf of women's issues. She left politics after an unsuccessful 1976 Senate contest with Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

answer: Bella _Abzug_


12. Identify the major river on which each of these cities lies for 10 points each.

A. Peoria, Illinois

answer: _Illinois_ River

B. Tulsa, Oklahoma

answer: _Arkansas_ River

C. Austin, Texas

answer: _Colorado_ River


13. Identify these terms relating to early Hindu texts on a 5-10-15 basis:

A. For 5 points-also known as Samhitas, these texts include the Yajur, Sama, Atharva, and Rig.

answer: _Vedas

B. These texts are speculations concerned mainly with a mystical interpretation of Vedic ritual and its relation to man and the universe.

answer: _Upanishads

C. These are expository ritual texts attached to the Vedas.

answer: _Brahmanas


14. Given the NFL team, name its head coach as of February 1, 1999 for 10 points each:

A. Green Bay Packers.

answer: Ray _Rhodes_

B. Baltimore Ravens.

answer: Brian _Billick_

C. Philadelphia Eagles

answer: Andy _Reid_


15. Its subtitle is A Comedy and a Philosophy. For 10 points each-name:

A. This George Bernard Shaw play.

answer: Man and Superman

B. The protagonist, lusted after by Ann Whitefield.

answer: John Tanner

C. The character John Tanner portrays while he dreams that he is in hell.

answer: Don Juan


16. Identify the type of glacier from a description for ten points each:

A. In the Alps, there are more than 1200 of this type of glacier sent out by mountain snowfields following valleys originally formed by streams.

answer: _valley_ or _mountain_ glaciers

B. These glaciers, which occur only in high latitudes, are formed by the spreading of valley glaciers where they emerge from their valleys or by the confluence of several valley glaciers.

answer: _Piedmont_ glaciers

C. The only existing glaciers of this type, whose margins may break off to form icebergs, are the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, but they were more widespread during glacial periods.

answer: _continental_ glaciers

17. Identify the presidents under which the following men served as second fiddle for 10 points each:

A. William Wheeler

answer: Rutherford B. _Hayes_

B. Levi P. Morton

answer: _B_enjamin _Harrison_

C. Charles Fairbanks

answer: _T_heodore _Roosevelt_

18. Identify the members of these celebrity pairings (or ex-pairings) for 5 points per answer:

A. This model for Cover Girl apparently no longer thinks her husband of eight years is sexy, but perhaps he just hasn't told her lately that he loves her.

answer: Rachel _Hunter_ and Rod _Stewart_

B. They separated in November over disputes about his rumored love child in Brazil and their daughter Elizabeth's possible modeling career.

answer: Mick _Jagger_ and Jerry _Hall_

C. But there can be happy endings, as this former lead singer for the Cars and model for Estee Lauder show.

answer: Ric _Ocasek_ and Paulina Porizkova (either part is acceptable)

19. Physical challenge! For 10 points each-demonstrate the proper foot placement for the following ballet positions:

A. first position

answer: Feet should be touching at the heels and turned out about 45 degrees.

B. second position

answer: Feet should be about shoulder width apart with feet turned out so they're pointing in opposite directions.

C. fifth position

answer: The heel of one foot should be touching the toes of the other, and the feet should form almost a right angle.

20. He finally won the Prix de Rome [PREE day ROME] in 1830, a prize that required him to spend a year in Italy. For 10 points per answer:

A. Name this French composer, whose works include the opera Benvenuto Cellini.

answer: Hector Berlioz

B. Name both of the works that grew out of his trip to Italy, each of whose title contains a geographic reference.

answer: Harold in Italy, Roman Carnival Overture


21. Given the brightest star it contains-for 10 points each-name the constellation.

A. Aldebaran

answer: _Taurus_

B Antares

answer: _Scorpio_ or _Scorpius_

C Regulus

answer: _Leo_

22. Let's play bartender school! Given a recipe for a mixed drink, identify the potent potable for 10 points each.

A. 2 ounces Gin, 1 ounce Lemon juice, 1 teaspoon Sugar (superfine), 3 ounces Club soda, 1 Maraschino cherry, and 1 Orange slice

answer: _Tom Collins_

B. 2 measures Tequila, Orange juice, 2 dashes Grenadine. Do not stir.

answer: _tequila sunrise_

C. 1 ounce Light rum, 1/2 ounce Orgeat syrup, 1/2 ounce Triple sec, 1 1/2 ounces Sweet and sour, 1 Cherry

answer: _mai tai_

23. 30-20-10. Identify the shared name.

A. Made governor of Transalpine Gaul by Caesar, he led the forces against Mark Antony but was captured and put to death.

B. According to legend, he founded the Roman republic after ousting Tarquinius Superbus.

C. He, along with Judas, is forever being devoured in the maw of Lucifer in the depths of Dante's Inferno.

answer: _Brutus_ (Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus, Lucius Junius Brutus, and Marcus Junius Brutus)

24. Identify the mountain range from its highest peak for 10 points each:

A. Mount Elbrus

answer: _Caucasus_ Mountains

B. Mount Tizi

answer: _Atlas_ Mountains

C. Ismail Samani Peak, formerly known as Communism Peak

answer: _Pamir_ Mountains

25. US vs. the Evil Empire, otherwise known as Microsoft. Identify these things associated with the ongoing legal battle on a 5-10-15 basis.

A. This company, one of Microsoft's key competitors, was purchased by America Online about a third of the way through the proceedings.

answer: _Netscape_

B. This CEO of AOL wrote a Washington Post editorial that was introduced as evidence in the trial.

answer: Steve _Case_

C. The press reports that this U.S. District Court judge has often appeared "baffled and bored" by the high-tech hijinks.

answer: Thomas Penfield _Jackson_

26. Identify these terms used in linguistics, for ten points each:

A. The word disagreement is composed of three of these, the smallest component of a word that contributes some sort of meaning or a grammatical function to the word to which it belongs

answer: _morpheme_s

B. This term is to nouns as conjugation is to verbs; it refers to inflecting nouns in order to show a change in case and number.

answer: _declension_ or _declining_

C. This term refers to the suppression of a letter or a syllable; the omitted part is marked by an apostrophe in many languages.

answer: _elision_ or _eliding_