Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 11: Questions by BU (Sarah H., Matt H-N, Mike H-L)


1. Discovered in 1655, its thick orange atmosphere consists primarily of nitrogen, beneath which there is a cloud of condensed (*) methane gas, and there is evidence that methane and ethane covers the surface of this moon discovered by Christiaan Huygens. For 10 points-what second largest moon in our solar system is named for the children of Uranus and Gaea?

answer: Titan

2. Even though it reunified much of China, this dynasty was divided into the Northern and Southern periods. Founded by Chao Kuang-yin, it succeeded the Chou, the last in the Five Dynasty era. Leaders created an efficient civil service, concentrating power with the emperor, but the dynasty began to collapse in (*) 1276 when Mongols took over the capital of Lin-an. For 10 points-what dynasty ruled China from 960 to 1279?

answer: Sung

3. He eventually found success in 1904 with his third novel, Il fu Mattia Pascal, whose theme of the novel drifted away from his usual theories of the subconscious personality. His invention of the (*) "theatre within theatre" was best demonstrated in such plays as Enrico the Fourth and helped him win the 1934 Nobel Prize for Literature. For 10 points-name this Italian playwright of Six Characters in Search of an Author.

answer: Luigi Pirandello

4. When High Renaissance art had reached its peak, this movement sought to improve upon the work of the masters, especially that of Michelangelo, bringing (*) disorder, fantasy, and discord in place of harmony, balance and naturalism. It dominated Italy from 1520 to 1590. For 10 points-name this artistic style that helped usher in the Baroque.

answer: Mannerism

5. This city in Wiltshire began as a hill fort called Sorviodunum [ser-vee-AW-de-num] by the Romans, but its proximity to a far more ancient (*) landmark makes it a tourist destination. The fort became known as Old Sarum. The cathedral here boasts England's tallest spire and one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta. For 10 points-what city, two miles away from Stonehenge, shares its name with a type of steak?

answer: Salisbury

6. Her last U.S. top 40 hit came in August 1968 with "Don't Give Up." She began singing professionally at age nine, singing in both English and French. She starred alongside Peter (*) O'Toole in Goodbye Mr. Chips, but is better known for such hits as "It's A Sign of the Times," "I Know A Place," and "Downtown." For 10 points-name this First Lady of the British Invasion.

answer: Petula Clark

7. Born in Gaul, he studied law in his early years and in 370 was appointed governor of Aemilia-Liguria. Though he had never been baptized, he was elected a (*) bishop in 374. In 390 he imposed a public penance on Emperor Theodosius for a massacre in Thessalonica. For 10 points-name this bishop of Milan and father of Latin hymns.

answer: Saint Ambrose of Milan

8. John Shumate, Orlando Woolridge, David Greenwood, Adrian Dantley and Bill Laimbeer are among the basketball All-Americans this school has produced. However, it has not made the NCAA men's tournament since 1991 and has sent only four players to the NBA this decade: Elmer Bennett, Monty Williams, LaPhonso (*) Ellis and Pat Garrity. For 10 points-what Big East school, now coached by John MacLeod [mc-CLOUD], wants to recapture the success it had under Digger Phelps?

answer: The University of Notre Dame

9. He joined the Continental Army in 1775 and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Admitted to the New York bar in 1779, he became one of the city's most respected lawyers; but lost that respect when he tried to lead a (*) Spanish consquest of the Louisiana Territory. For 10 points-name this man, whose killing by Alexander Hamilton got him into a milk commercial.

answer: Aaron Burr

10. "I never let prejudice stop me from what I wanted to do in life," said this woman in 1993, the same year the first book she wrote with her sister was published. Raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, she and her sister moved to New York in their 20s and began successful careers as a high school teacher and dentist, respectively. After the death of her sister in 1995, she penned the book "On My Own at (*) 107: Reflections on a Life Without Bessie." For 10 points-name this woman, who died January 25 at the age of 109.

answer: Sarah (Sadie) Delany

11. It consists of 3,182 lines, each of which has four accents marked by alliteration and divided by a caesura. [say-SURE-a] Composed in the (*) 8th century, it fused pagan and Anglo-Saxon elements with later Christian themes. For 10 points-name this most important work of Old English literature, whose protagonist battles with Grendel.

answer: Beowulf

12. This cycle is divided into three sections: carbon fixation, sugar production, and ribulose biphosphate regeneration. First, 3-phospholglycerate [FOSS-full-GLISS-er-ate] or (*) PGA, is formed when ribulose biphosphate bonds with carbon dioxide. This is converted to glyceraldehyde [GLISS-er-AL-de-hide] 3 phosphate; one sixth of that goes on to form glucose while the rest reverts back. For 10 points-name this main cycle of the dark phase of photosynthesis.

answer: The Calvin-Benson Cycle

(prompt on "photosynthesis" but accept "dark phase" before last clue)

13. Located within the Ngorongoro [GO-ron-GO-ro] conservation area, its precise location is 2 minutes, 58 degrees South; 35 degrees, 22 minutes east. Evidence of a distinct progression of (*) tool-making industries stretching over the Pliocene and Pleistocene eras can be found at this site east of Lake Tanganyika. For 10 points-name this archaeological site within the Great Rift Valley.

answer: Olduvai Gorge

14. The Hindu feasts of Diwali and Taipongal. The Mithraist festival of Sol Invectus. The ancient Roman festival (*) Saturnalia. The Druidic mistletoe cutting ceremony. All of these are antecedents to the festival that now dominates their common season. For 10 points-name this Christian holiday celebrated on December 25.

answer: Christmas (prompt as appropriate)

15. It got its name in 1876 when Jack McCall shot William (*) Hickock. A pair of aces, a pair of eights, and one other card make up-for 10 points-what type of poker hand?

answer: dead man's hand

16. In 1931, he helped to found the Group Theatre in New York City, the company that was to produce such plays of his as (*) Awake and Sing and Waiting for Lefty. For 10 points-name this major writer in the genre of class conflict.

answer: Clifford Odets

17. Defying his Dutch allies, the Duke of Marlborough marched his 20,000 troops from Flanders into (*) Bavaria. In the ensuing battle, Marlborough defeated a numerically-equal French army and captured their commander, Marshall Tallard. This victory saved the Holy Roman Empire. For 10 points-name this 1704 battle that removed Bavaria from the War of Spanish


answer: Blenheim

18. TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. "I feel compelled to mention how overcome I was by the your genuineness. While some people wear their heart on their sleeve, you appear to wear it on your (*) soul. It made me happy to know that our friend has such a wonderful confidant in you." That friend, of course, is Bill Clinton. For 10 points-which impeachment witness wrote this November 1997 letter to which other impeachment witness?

answer: Monica Lewinsky to Vernon Jordan

19. He became a cadet in the imperial Russian navy at age 12. Though he knew nothing about instruments, he was appointed Inspector of Naval Bands. Though he knew nothing about (*) orchestration before he wrote his first symphony, he wrote a book on orchestration. For 10 points-name this composer of the Russian Easter Festival Overture, possibly Russia's most famous hyphenate.

answer: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

20. Rhombic crystals form below 100 degrees Celsius, while (*) monoclinc crystals form when the liquid is cooled slowly to 120 degrees Celsius. The element that forms them both is frequently used to clean up mercury spills, as it reacts to form a stable red powder. For 10 points-name this element, which has atomic number 16 and reeks.

answer: sulfur

21. He's been both a hero and goat on road games in Canada. In 1989, he struck out Mike Fitzgerald of the Expos to give the (*) Cubs a clinch of the National League East. Four years later in Toronto, however, as a Phillie he gave up a three-run, World Series-winning home run to Joe Carter. For 10 points-what lefthanded reliever was nicknamed "Wild Thing"?

answer: Mitch Williams

22. Educated at the Merton Priory in Surrey, he studied law in Paris. After a brief stint as a soldier, he became a civil and canon lawyer, eventually becoming (*) Chancellor to Henry the Second in 1161. Brito, de Moreville, FitzUrse and de Tracy killed him. For 10 points-name this Christian martyr.

answer: Thomas a Becket

23. In feudal law, this seven-letter word could refer to a tenure. More recently it can describe a ruling on evidence or a determination on a matter of law that is pivotal to the case, as distinguished from (*) obiter dicta. In football it is a ten-yard penalty against the offense. For 10 points-name it.

answer: holding

24. Scatter, as from an unextinguished hearth,

Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind!

Be through my lips to unawakened earth

The trumpet of a prophecy! O (*) wind,

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

For 10 points-name this poem by Percy Shelley.

answer: Ode to the West Wind (prompt on "Shelley")

25. Succumbing to old age, she recently was retired to Hawaii. Christened in January 1944 by Harry (*) Truman's daughter, she joined the Third Fleet in the Pacific and fought at Iwo Jima, Okinawa and Kyushu [Kee-YOU-shoo]. She is now docked next to the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor's Battleship Row, signifying the beginning and the end of World War II. For 10 points-name this ship, the site of the signing of the Japanese surrender.

answer: U.S.S. Missouri

26. It branches off of Interstate 40 just east of Knoxville, Tennessee, and continues northeast through a mountain path. On it, one can pass through (*) West Virginia and Maryland for roughly half an hour a piece en route from Virginia to Pennsylvania. For 10 points-identify this Interstate, whose number is a perfect square.

answer: Interstate 81

27. This painting was noted for its early use of balance and perspective. In the center lies a dead mother and child, half-clothed and gray skinned. Most of the figures are carting dead bodies around the city. Those that appear healthy are fixated in horror at the (*) Ark of the Covenant, which lies partially obscured at the right of the painting. For 10 points-name this 1630 work by Nicholas Poussin.

answer: The Plague at Ashdod (or The Miracle of the Ark)

28. While faking hypnosis, he breaks into a chorus of "Afternoon Delight." He is last seen on a cross-country journey inspired by the story of a love so great that it caused a man to miss Game 6 of the 1975 World Series. That man, a (*) psychotherapist played by Robin Williams, is friends with the MIT math professor who discovers his work. For 10 points-name this movie title character played by Matt Damon.

answer: Will Hunting (accept either part)

Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 11: Questions by BU (Sarah H., Matt H-N, Mike H-L)


1. Name these French Revolutionary entities for 15 points each:

A. Led by Danton, Marat and Robespierre, this group took its name from the Dominican convent where it met.

answer: Jacobins (from the Convent of Saint-Jacques)

B. This more moderate group took its name from the department that produced most of its members.

answer: Girondists


2. Tired of the Taco Bell dog? Name these other members of the dog family:

A. For 15 points-these dogs, which range from India to China to Tibet, travel in packs of 5 to 12 and hunt deer, wild goats and mountain sheep.

answer: dholes

B. For 10 points-this member of the dog family ranges everywhere but Antarctica. Varieties include the Chilla, the Fennec, and Reynard [ray-NARD].

answer: foxes

C. For 5 points-taking its name from the French word for "earth," this breed has such varieties as bull, karin, and Norwich.

answer: terrier

(ask anyone who misses, "What tournament are you at?")


3. Some great Chicago Bear running backs have endured tragic health problems.

A. For 5 points each-name the most recently stricken Bear Hall-of-Famer and the type of organ he needs.

answer: Walter Payton, liver

B. For 10 points-what rare liver disease does Payton have?

answer: primary sclerosing cholangitis [COE-lawn-JEYE-tis]

C. For 10 points-what Bear running back was forced to retire after the 1969 season because of cancer?

answer: Brian Piccolo


4. 30-20-10. Name the author.

A. (30 points) Born in 1728 in County Longford, Ireland, he graduated from Trinity College and got a medical degree from Louvain.

B. (20 points) His Citizen of the World describes England through the eyes of a Chinese visitor, while The Traveler attacks treatment of the poor.

C. (10 points) To prevent his arrest for debt, he sold his manuscript of The Vicar of Wakefield to Samuel Johnson.

answer: Oliver Goldsmith


5. Name these 19th century New York newspapers for 10 points each:

A. America's first successful penny paper, it was founded by Benjamin Day in 1833. By emphasizing crime stories, it gained the largest circulation of any daily in the world.

answer: The New York Sun

B. Founded in 1841 by Horace Greeley, it sought to educate its readers about temperance, socialism, and women's suffrage. Karl Marx worked as a foreign correspondent.

answer: The New York Tribune

C. Henry Raymond and George Jones founded this paper in 1850. Its stories were balanced, lacking the Sun's sensationalism or the preachiness of the Tribune.

answer: The New York Times


6. Name these musical Bachs for 10 points each:

A. He served as harpsichordist to Frederick the Great and wrote the Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments.

answer: Carl Philip Emanuel Bach (or "CPE Bach")

B. He developed the modern method of tuning keyboard instruments and composed the Mass in B Minor.

answer: Johann Sebastian Bach (prompt on "Johann")

C. He became music master to George the Third in 1762. His operas and church music greatly influenced a young Mozart.

answer: Johann Christian Bach (prompt on "Johann")


7. Beginning in October 1990, Danielle Steele had a one-year reign of the airwaves when no less than five of her novels were adapted for television. For 10 points each-name any three of them.

answer: Fine Things (October 1990)

Kaleidoscope (October 1990)

Changes (April 1991)

Palomino (October 1991)

Daddy (October 1991)


8. Name these works of August Strindberg for the stated point values:

A. For 15 points-this 1887 play is a naturalistic depiction of the inherent cruelty of marriage.

answer: The Father

B. For 10 points-in this 1889 play, a footman tries to romance his mistress.

answer: Miss Julie

C. In this 1897 autobiography-for 5 points-Strindberg compares his descent into temporary insanity with Dante's descent into hell.

answer: The Inferno


9. Earlier this week, three current inspectors and one former inspector were indicted for bribery. For 10 points each-

A. For what federal agency did Rafael Landa and two others work?

answer: Immigration and Naturalization Service

B. The indicted INS inspectors had been stationed at the Nogales point of entry in what U.S. state?

answer: Arizona

C. They had allegedly accepted bribes for allowing what product to be smuggled into the U.S.?

answer: cocaine


10. I'm afraid we've come to this: A question about phobias. For 10 points each-given the phobia and the clue, name the thing feared.

A. Gephyrophobia [ge-FI-ro-FO-be-a], an especially devastating fear to have in Konigsberg.

answer: crossing bridges

B. Clinophobia [CLYE-no-fo-be-a], fear of something the pack editor wants to do as he transcribes this but can't.

answer: going to bed (accept equivalents)

C. Brontophobia; sorry, no clue.

answer: thunder


11. Istanbul was Constantinople now it's Istanbul et cetera. For 10 points each:

A. What was it called before it was known as Constantinople?

answer: Byzantium

B. Name the domed church built by Justinian between 532 and 537, whose name means Church of the Holy Wisdom.

answer: Hagia Sophia

C. Name the Muslim temple built in 1550 by the architect Sinan, whose design was based on the Hagia Sophia.

answer: Sulemaniye Mosque


12. Name these rebellions from American history for 10 points each:

A. It took place in 1786 when the poor and middle classes of Massachusetts discovered that they would be taxed without being allowed to vote.

answer: Benjamin Lincoln Shays's Rebellion

B. It began in 1794 in western Pennsylvania in objection to an excise tax.

answer: Whiskey Rebellion

C. It was conducted in 1842 in protest of Rhode Island's outdated constitution.

answer: Thomas Dorr's Rebellion


13. Are you maxed out yet? For 10 points each:

A. This first universally-accepted credit card was established in 1950, thoguh its popularity has dwindled since the introductions of Visa and MasterCard.

answer: Diner's Club

B. This company still issues fewer credit cards than Citibank, but in January 1999 it entered into long-term agreements with PNC bank and AAA to market their credit card products.

answer: MBNA America

C. Also known as Regulation Z, it was passed in 1968, requiring credit card companies to provide written disclosures for all rates, terms, and agreements.

answer: Truth in Lending Act


14. The turning force required to make an object turn faster is related to the distribution of its mass about the axis of rotation. For 15 points each:

A. What phrase describes this physical quantity?

answer: moment of inertia

B. A uniform disc has a 3 meter radius and a mass of 100 kilograms. What is its moment of inertia? You have 10 seconds to compute.

answer: 450 kg*m2 (I = mr2/2)


15. It is a Local Area Network commercialized by IBM and standardized as I-E-E-E 802.5. For 10 points each:

A. What two-word phrase names it?

answer: token ring

B. This Swede conceived and patented the token ring.

answer: Olof Söderblom

C. A token ring is better suited for larger amounts of data than this LAN standard, which once ran through a thick yellow co-axial cable.

answer: Ethernet


16. Dante called him "the master of those who know." For 10 points each:

A. Name this Greek philosopher.

answer: Aristotle

B. At what school did Aristotle teach?

answer: Lyceum

C. This word, which translates as "instrument," refers to Aristotle's logical works.

answer: Organon


17. For 10 points each-name the Spice Girl from what she's been up to lately. Unfortunately, the moderator won't tell you whether you're correct or give answers until the end.

A. Her duet with Bryan Adams, When You're Gone, has hit the Top 10 in Australia and across Europe.

answer: Mel C or Melanie Chisholm or Sporty Spice

(Moderator do not read the answer yet.)

B. She has been tapped to star in a BBC musical version of "Sleeping Beauty."

answer: Emma or Bunton or Baby Spice

(Moderator do not read the answer yet.)

C. She is UN Goodwill Ambassador, promoting women's health issues.

answer: Geri or Halliwell or Ginger Spice

(prompt on "Sexy" Spice)


18. Name these royal Henrys:

A. For 5 points-England's "Good King Hal," the first to be styled as "His Majesty."

answer: Henry the Eighth

B. For 10 points-this founder of France's Bourbon dynasty married into two of Europe's royal houses, the Valois and the Medici.

answer: Henry the Fourth (or Henry of Navarre)

C. For 15 points-his second son, Edmund Crouchback, founded the House of Lancaster.

answer: Henry the Third


19. Answer these related questions:

A. For 10 points-what association of artists was formed in Munich in 1911?

answer: Der Blaue Reiter

B. For 5 points-what school of architects was founded by Walter Gropius?

answer: Bauhaus

C. Der Blaue Reiter and Bauhaus had a lot of overlap, including the Swiss painter of "Aged Phoenix" and "Hero Mother"; and the Russian painter who published Point and Line to Plane. For 5 points for one-15 for both-name them.

answer: Paul Klee [CLAY], Vassily Kandinsky


20. Name these tubes of the human body:

A. For 5 points-they transport sperm to the egg, provide a site for fertilization, and transport the egg from the ovary to the uterus.

answer: fallopian or uterine

B. For 10 points-it extends from the middle ear to the pharynx.

answer: eustachian tube

C. For 15 points-abnormal development of this tube during embryonic development can cause spina bifida.

answer: neural tube


21. For 10 points each-name the NBA team that acquired these sets of players after the lockout:

A. Tony Dumas, Kevin Ollie, Jon Barry, Vernon Maxwell, Oliver Miller and Vlade Divac.

answer: Sacramento Kings (accept either part)

B. Doug Smith, Mark Macon, Steve Henson, Jud Buechler [BUSH-ler], Loy Vaught and Christian Laettner.

answer: Detroit Pistons

C. Chris Mills, Terry Cummings, John Starks.

answer: Golden State Warriors


22. Name these works of William Blake.

A. For 10 points-his first book of poetry, printed in 1783 when he was 12.

answer: Poetical Sketches

B. For 5 points each-his two most famous collections, written in 1789 and 1794.

answer: Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience

C. What is less known about Blake is his proclivity towards art. His best-known work is an illustration for his poem Europe, a Prophecy. For 10 points-name it.

answer: The Ancient of Days


23. Two pharmaceutical companies are close to a merger, which is predicted to be one of the largest deals in European history. For 15 points each-name the British maker of Zestril and the Swedish maker of Losec.

answer: Zenaca Group, Astra Group


24. Name the cities in which you'd find the main campuses of these universities:

A. For 5 points-The Ohio State University.

answer: Columbus, Ohio

B. For 10 points-Oklahoma State University.

answer: Stillwater, Oklahoma

C. For 15 points-Oregon State University.

answer: Corvallis, Oregon


25. Name these newfangled Doritos for 15 points each:

A. "Your life will not be complete until you've tasted the huge mega-decibel blast of BBQ" of this flavor, which comes in magenta bags.

answer: Smokey Red BBQ

B. "A rich blend of tomato, cilantro and garlic flavors" make this chip, which comes in a green bag, "simply irresistable. So authentic in flavor, your taste buds will think they're at a fiesta."

answer: Salsa Verde