Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999 Round 8: Questions by Harvard Cossell and L. Ron Harvard TOSSUPS 1. The first one was given to Charles Lucas. Created in 1856, until 1942 it was made from the bronze of a cannon captured at (*) Sevastopol. [suh-VAHS-ti-pole] The ribbon was made red for all recipients by a royal warrant, signed by the then-Secretary of State for War Winston Churchill. For 10 points-name this medal consisting of a Maltese Cross with the words "For Valour" written on it. answer: Victoria Cross 2. When this movie's title character and his daughter Inez are the only survivors, he perversely suggests to her that together they can mate to create the strongest empire in the world. When all of his party has died, however, he is eerily left standing on a (*) raft, with only a boatload of monkeys under his domain. Of course, he never does find El Dorado. For 10 points-name this movie starring Klaus Kinski and directed by Werner Herzog [VAIR-ner HAIRT-zog]. answer: Aguirre, The Wrath of God (or Aguirre, Der Zorn Gottes) 3. She drives a huge mortar, using a pestle to steer and a broom to clear the path. Her hut stands on (*) chicken legs and only descends when she says a certain rhyme. On the perimeter of this hut stands a fence, on which she places the skulls of her victims. For 10 points-who is this grandmother of the devil, a man-eating witch of Russian myth? answer: Baba Yaga Kostianaya Noga (or "Jezi-Baba") 4. His son was killed by the notorious Daniel Sickles, the first man acquitted of a crime due to temporary insanity. When Dr. William Beanes was held captive on the (*) ship the Tonnant, he went aboard and argued for Beanes's release. Instead of complying, the British held him captive as they bombarded Baltimore. For 10 points-name this lawyer famous for his lyrical observations of Fort McHenry. answer: Francis Scott Key 5. He is fired from Liberty Paints after his negligence causes an explosion of white paint. Symbolically, this "optic white" paint is made brighter by adding (*) black stuff to it. Later, a man named Wrestrum [REST-room] denounces him, and he playfully "rapes" a white woman named Sybil at her request. By the end he is living underground in a manhole. For 10 points-name this eponymous character of Ellison's masterpiece. answer: Invisible Man 6. According to Jack Kemp, when this man's library burned down, both books were lost, including the one that had not been colored yet. He received two degrees from Washburn University after serving in the (*) military, and once lost a vice-presidential election. Of course, he did reverse his traditional cautionary tax policy when he advocated a 15% tax cut. For 10 points-name this man, Kemp's running mate in the 1996 presidential election. answer: Robert Joseph Dole 7. The oldest statistical inference test still used in its original form, it tests the (*) null hypothesis that in a two-way table, there is no relation between the row and column classifications by taking the difference of expected and observed count, squaring it, dividing by expected count, and summing the results for every position in the table. For 10 points-name this test developed by Karl Pearson. answer: Chi Square test 8. The Chinese patron saint of clockmakers, this Jesuit priest used his knowledge of astronomy and geography to gain a foothold in China, but while his science and intelligence was highly praised, his mission was less so. (*) For 10 points-name this priest who laid the foundations for the Jesuit movement in China and wrote the True Meaning of the Lord in Heaven in Chinese. answer: Matteo Ricci 9. "The 14th Amendment does not enact Mr. Herbert Spencer's Social Statics," wrote Justice Harlan in a dissent that eventually led to a philosophy of judicial (*) restraint. The Supreme Court employed judicial activism in this 1905 case, voting to invalidate a maximum hours labor law for bakers on the grounds that it violated freedom of contract. For 10 points-name this landmark case of dubious precedential value. answer: Lochner v. New York 10. This city was considered the western terminus of the Silk Road and was the favorite retreat of Roman Emperor (*) Hadrian, who built a magnificent palace here. A city, not so scenic but sharing the same name, is located on the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey. For 10 points-name this Syrian city whose most famous inhabitant was probably Queen Zenobia. answer: Palmyra 11. It is widely accepted that Spain had the first modern participants in this sport, but its origins date back to 1400 B.C. in (*) Egypt. In international competition, clothing must be entirely of solid white color. For 10 points-name this sport, where points are scored by touching. answer: fencing 12. It reduced overall duties on American imports to an average of 38%, down significantly from the Dingley Tariff, which this piece of legislation superseded. Although duties on most goods were reduced, those on (*) coal and iron-ore were increased. For 10 points-name this Tariff Act of 1909 which was sponsoerd by a Rhode Island Senator and New York Congressman. answer: Payne-Aldrich Act 13. English physician John Bowlby's studies of children sent into the countryside by the Battle of Britain convinced him that this drive was the primary force of childhood socialization. Directed towards (*) one person, it is characterized by regulation of proximity, oriented behavior, separation anxiety, and reunion joy. For 10 points-name this drive, ordinarily experienced by infants towards their mothers. answer: attachment 14. The creator's husband refused to participate in its making, but has not publicly criticized it. A number of other luminaries have not been so restrained, including Itzhak (*) Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman. But a Golden Globe nomination has been given to actress Emily Watson. For 10 points-name this current movie, written by the angry sister of cellist Jacqueline Du Pre. answer: Hilary and Jackie 15. Kenneth Miller has proposed that these features of the visual cortex's V1 area arise because neural projections are locally excitatory, but inhibitory over longer distances. Because input from a single eye is more correlated than input between two eyes, different (*) stripes of cortex become responsive to different eyes, producing-for 10 points-what type of column? answer: Ocular Dominance Columns 16. Recently chosen as the "novel of the milennium" by a panel of (*) British writers selected by the bookstore Waterstone's, this work also topped Random House's "Top 100 English-Language books of the Century" list. For 10 points-what is this story about June 16, 1904, written by James Joyce? answer: Ulysses 17. In this mathematical problem which can be reduced to the network maximum flow problem, given a group of men and a group of (*) women and their rankings of each other, we can compute an arrangement of couples such that no two members of different couples prefer each other to their spouse. For 10 points-what is this problem, the name of which reflects the absence of potential divorces? answer: stable marriage problem 18. This American composer was best known for his short pieces, in the style defined as "A musical rhythm characterized by a syncopated melodic line and (*) regularly-accented accompaniment." Wanting to extend his style to other musical forms he wrote two operas: the no longer extant The Guest of Honor and Treemonisha, as well as a folk-ballet, the Ragtime Dance. For 10 points-name this composer, whose music experienced a revival because of the movie The Sting. answer: Scott Joplin 19. The main character of this novel spends two years as a graduate student at Harvard before returning home to witness the death of his father. He then teaches literature at the School for (*) Utility Cultures, a fictional university modeled on NYU. Eventually, he tours France. For 10 points-name this 1935 novel subtitled "A Legend of Man's Hunger in his Youth," written by Thomas Wolfe. answer: Of Time and the River 20. Children's toys, towels, hand lotion, cutting boards and soaps are just a few of places you'll find this chemical. Although some regard it as a boon to (*) disease prevention, others worry that it will lead to an outbreak of resistant bacteria. For 10 points, name this active antibacterial product. answer: Triclosan 21. In a recent 60 Minutes interview, this CEO pointed out that while both he and (*) Bill Gates had gone to Harvard, only he graduated. A proponent of the dumb terminal computer-for 10 points-name this Bill Gates foe whose company, Sun Microsystems, has been credited as a major force behind the government's recent litigation against Microsoft. answer: Scott McNealy 22. Geographically, it is a mountainous area of land in Palestine east of the Jordan River famous for its vineyards and olive groves. Biographically, this name refers to the great-great grandson of (*) Jacob, and in the book of Judges, this name refers to a tribe with close ties to the tribes of Reuben and Dan. FTP, give this name, which is the name of the fictitious nation which is the setting for Margret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. answer: Gilead 23. Roy Blount, Jr., Margot Kaufman, Charlie Pierce and Roxanne Roberts are some of the regular contestants. Peter (*) Sagal [SAY-gul] is the host. Carl Kasell is the official judge and scorekeeper and will record the outgoing message on the home answering machines of listeners who win. For 10 points-name this quiz program on National Public Radio. answer: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me 24. The focus of this city was on a large ritual square called the Grand Plaza, which was dominated by a large earthen temple called the (*) Monk's Mound, the largest structure in pre-Columbian North America with a base greater than that of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. For 10 points-name this site in southwestern Illinois, the largest city in Pre-Columbian North America. answer: Cahokia 25. Hugo Van Der Goes' "Portinari Altarpiece," Parmigianino's "Madonna with the Long Neck," Caravaggio's "Medusa," Titian's (*) "Venus of Urbino," Verocchio's "Baptism of Christ," Piero della Francesca's "Portrait of Federigo da Montefeltro" and Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" are all in-for 10 points-what museum whose name in Italian means, "the offices"? answer: Uffizi 26. This early R & B musician died from Russian Roulette on Christmas Eve 1954, just before a concert. He had recently recorded "Pledging My Love," which became a posthumous hit. (*) For 10 points-name the artist whose unusual success earned him the title, the "late great." answer: Johnny Ace 27. When vote of no-confidence against him failed by just nine votes, he resigned before another vote could be taken. He briefly shared the prime ministry with Charles James (*) Fox, but after the coalition fell, King George the Third replaced both him and Fox with William Pitt the Younger. For 10 points-who was Britian's prime minister during the U.S. Revolutionary War? answer: Frederick, Lord North 28. The documentary This is not an Exit explored the work of this author, whose first book was published in 1985 when he was only (*) 21. The movie version of his debut novel starred Robert Downey Jr. as a rich, drug-addict L.A. teenager. Plans are in the works for an Oliver Stone-directed movie of his third novel. Leonardo DiCaprio will play the main character, a Wall Street trader and psychopathic killer. For 10 points-name the author of Less than Zero and American Psycho. answer: Bret Easton Ellis