Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999

Round 8: Questions by Harvard Cossell and L. Ron Harvard


1. Note this constant: Two pi squared times the mass of an electron times e to the fourth, divided by Planck's constant cubed and the speed of light.

A. For 15 points-name it.

answer: Rydberg constant

B. The Rydberg constant is used to find the energy level spacing in atoms of-for 10 points-what element?

answer: Hydrogen

C. For 5 points-what Danish physicist derived the value of the Rydberg constant?

answer: Niels Bohr


2. Identify these B's of music; first and last names required.

A. He recorded the theme song to Ghostbusters II. For 5 points-name this man whose "prerogative" was apparently to beat his wife.

answer: Bobby Brown

B. For 10 points-this composer of Mikrokosmos and Duke Bluebeard's Castle arranged several Hungarian folk songs.

answer: Bela Bartok

C. Dorothy Baker's Young Man With A Horn is a biographical novel of his life. For 15 points-name this cornetist, who reached prominence in the 1920s but died in 1931 after battling alcoholism.

answer: Bix Beiderbecke [BYE-der-BECK]

3. This bonus is about everyone's favorite type of corporation-the HMO!

A. For 5 points-name America's largest HMO, which announced in June 1998 that it would not cover the costs of Viagra.

answer: Kaiser Permanente

B. For 10 points-in this practice HMOs provide doctors with a fixed amount of money per patient, rather than according to treatment costs. Doctors therefore have incentive to limit care.

answer: capitation

C. A PPO contracts with independent doctors and hospitals; by allowing contracted doctors access to its subscribers, it gets reduced prices. For 5 points per word-what does PPO stand for?

answer: Preferred Provider Organization


4. Name these blind men from clues for 10 points each:

A. He studied in Geneva before moving back to Buenos Aires in 1921. This great Argentine author also died in Geneva.

answer: Jorge Luis Borges

B. This astonishing piano virtuoso formed a trio in the 1940s with Slim Stewart and Tony Grimes.

answer: Art Tatum

C. This mythological figure predicted the manner in which Narcissus would die; and that the sacrifice of Creon's son would allow Eteocles to repulse the army of the Seven Against Thebes.

answer: Tiresias


5. For 15 points each-give the results of these economic operations:

A. Given someone's utility function, maximize the function subject to a budget constraint.

answer: Marshallian demand (or uncompensated demand) curve

(prompt on "demand")

B. Given an individual's expenditure function, take the partial derivative of it with respect to the price of good x.

answer: Hicksian demand (or compensated demand) for good x

(prompt on "demand")


6. Identify the following about the situation in Sierra Leone for 10 points each:

A. This primarily Nigerian military group is assisting the government of Sierra Leone in fighting off rebels in the capital.

answer: ECOMOG or Ecowas Monitoring Group

B. Rebels have demanded the release of this jailed leader before they will end the fighting.

answer: Foday Sankoh

C. Back in 1991, the NPSL assisted Foday Sankoh in his rebellion. The NPSL later turned out to be the victor in what country's civil war?

answer: Liberia

(The NPFL is the "National Patriotic Front of Liberia")


7. How much do you know about D-Day?

A. For 5 points each-give the code names for the two beaches that the American infantry invaded, and the two beaches that the British invaded. Be sure to specify which country invaded which beaches.

answer: (American) Utah, Omaha

(British) Gold, Sword

B. For 10 more points, name the stronghold that the U.S. Rangers had to capture on the western edge of Omaha Beach.

answer: Pointe du Hoc


8. 30-20-10. Identify the speaker from quotes.

A. "There are some things you never hear. Then there are some things you don't want to hear."

B. "Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that."

C. "That's quite a ratio: 399,993 to 7."

answer: George Carlin


9. Name these possibly related literary works for 10 points each:

A. This 1934 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel is about a psychiatrist who marries one of his patients and ends up worse off because of it. The plot is a thinly- disguised analysis of the author's own marriage.

answer: Tender is the Night

B. This 1914 collection of poems by Getrude Stein is subtitled "Objects, Food, Rooms" and was heavily influenced by Stein's relationships with cubist painters in Paris.

answer: Tender Buttons


10. For 10 points each-name the three friends of Job as given in Job 2:11.

answer: Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar


11. There's more to finding your ass than the gluteus maximus itself. For 10 points each:

A. This part of the gastrointestinal tract lies between the sigmoid colon and the anal canal.

answer: rectum

B. This largest nerve in the human body runs over the buttocks and down the back of the leg.

answer: sciatic nerve

C. Sometimes crudely referred to as the "crack," this two-word phrase describes the midline furrow between the gluteus maximus muscles.

answer: natal cleft


12. For 10 points each-give the ruling houses or dynasties of these monarchs and world leaders:

A. Caliph Harun al-Rashid.

answer: Abbasid

B. Clovis.

answer: Merovingian

C. Shah Jahan.

answer: Mogul


13. Name these places where graduate students face adversity:

A. For 10 points-graduate teaching assistants, readers, and tutors went on strike in this state in late 1998, seeking recognition by the state university system before a preliminary ruling by the state that they did have a right to unionize.

answer: University of California System

B. For 15 points-during the last half-hour of an exam, a graduate student here walked into a classroom and shot his adviser, Andrzej Olbrot.

answer: Wayne State University

C. For 5 points-a graduate student here committed a well-publicized suicide in which he implicated his research adviser and department, computer science, in his suicide note.

answer: Harvard University


14. Did you get stranded in the January blizzard? Given the airport code, name the destination city or airport for 10 points each:


answer: New Orleans International Airport (Moisant Field)


answer: Orlando International Airport


answer: Kansas City International Airport


15. 30-15-5. Name the writer.

A. (30 points) Among his famous short stories are one in which four men escape a sinking ship; after a night at sea, they reach shore, but one of them dies. In another, a violent Swede comes to Nebraska and tries to provoke bloodshed, getting himself killed in the process.

B. (15 points) Those stories are called The Open Boat and The Blue Hotel.

C. (5 points) He is better known for the Civil War novel The Red Badge of Courage.

answer: Stephen Crane


16. Through February 1, 1999, center Doug Gilmour had 1,215 career points in the National Hockey league. For 10 points each-name any three of the five NHL teams for whom Gilmour has played.

answer: (accept either part on each)

St. Louis Blues

Calgary Flames

Toronto Maple Leafs

New Jersey Devils

Chicago Black Hawks


17. Identify these sites in the city of Florence for the stated number of points:

A. For 15 points-this building, built in 1421, was the first commission of Filippo Brunelleschi and served as an orphanage.

answer: Hospital of the Innocents

B. For 10 points-this is the medieval bridge that spans the Arno River. Despite a tactical interest in destroying it during WWII, the Germans refrained from harming it under direct orders from Hitler.

answer: The Ponte Vecchio

C. For 5 points-this is the name for the Florentine City Hall, designed by the artist, architect, and writer, Giorgio Vasari.

answer: The Palazzo Vecchio


18. Answer the following about U.S. historical events of the year 1849 for 10 points each:

A. This woman began publishing The Lily, a journal supporting temperance and women's rights.

answer: Amelia Bloomer

B. Congress established the Home Department, which would eventually become this cabinet department.

answer: Department of the Interior

C. Henry David Thoreau published this essay, which grew out of his failure to pay taxes during the Mexican war.

answer: Civil Disobedience


19. Identify the following terms from Buddhism for 10 points each:

A. This is the relentless cycle of existence in which a soul is reincarnated again and again. Release from it is called Nirvana.

answer: Samsara

B. This is a sacred circle or picture chart, frequently made from colored sands, that is used for meditation in Tantric Buddhism.

answer: Mandala

C. A word used for dialogue format training in many Zen sects, this word can mean either "question" or "answer" or both "question and answer" at the same time.

answer: Mondo


20. I'll announce some chess moves, and for 10 points each-you tell me the opening that's being played; don't worry about variations.

A. e2-e4, c7-c5 (Read as e2 to e4, c7 to c5).

answer: Sicilian Defense

B. e2-e4, e7-e6, d2-d4, d7-d5

answer: French Defense

C. e2-e4, Knight to f6

answer: Alekhine's Defense


21. There are only two statues of a character from Dante in the Musee

d'Orsay in Paris. Answer these questions about them for 10 points each:

A. First, supply the common name.

answer: Ugolin

B. Now, give the name of each sculptor.

answer: Auguste Rodin, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux


22. Identify the following questions about the Salt Lake City Olympics bribery scandal for 10 points each:

A. Pirjo Haggman, a track champion and one of the first women to become an International Olympic Committee member, was the first IOC member to resign over the scandal. Name her nationality.

answer: Finnish

B. This Salt Lake Olympic Committee President was another casuality of the scandal and was also forced to resign.

answer: Frank Joklik

C. This Montreal-based lawyer and IOC vice president is leading the

inquiry into the influence-peddling scandal.

answer: (Richard) Dick Pound


23. Identify the following characters from the Chinese classic,

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, for 10 points each:

A. Sometimes referred to as the "Sleeping Dragon," he was the most brilliant strategist of his time. Perhaps he is most famous for "borrowing the wind" during the battle of Red Cliff.

answer: Chuko Liang or Kungming

B. Later venerated as a god of war, this follower of Liu Pei was renowned for his loyalty and for his long beard.

answer: Kuan Yu Yin-chang

C. Mastermind of Tsao-Tsao's defeat at Red Cliff, he died lamenting that Heaven had created both him and Chuko Liang.

answer: Chou Yu Kung-chin


24. For 15 points each-name these German song cycles from plot synopses:

A. A young miller's boy sets off on his travels, and finds a mill and a job. He falls in love with the miller's daughter and seems to win her, only to be spurned for a huntsman. This causes him to drown himself in a brook.

answer: Die Schone Mullerin

(accept "The Fair Maid of the Mill" or equivalents)

B. A lovesick man strikes out into the winter cold and begins to hallucinate. He finds a village, but is so alienated from its inhabitants that he considers joining up with a hurdy-gurdy playing beggar.

answer: Die Winterreise

(accept "Winter's Journey")


25. After hearing a list of songs from a classic rock album of the

1970s, name the album for 15 points. If you need the name of the artist, you'll get 5 points.

A. (15 points) "Down by the Seaside," "The Rover" and "Kashmir."

(5 points) Led Zeppelin.

answer: Physical Graffiti

B. (15 points) "Roundabout" and "Heart of the Sunrise."

(5 points) Yes.

answer: Fragile