Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 7: Questions by University of Chicago.


1. This group emerged from discussions between Otto Neurath, a sociologist, Hans Hahn, a mathematician, and Philip Frank, a physicist. Most members of this group, including its (*) philosophers, had significant scientific and mathematical training. It existed from its inception in 1907 through the 1930's, when the pressures of Nazism forced almost all of its members abroad. For 10 points-name this "Circle", central to the development of logical positivism.

answer: Vienna Circle or Wiener Kreis

2. He once said, "Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant." His writings are full of bawdy humor, uninhibited fascination with sex, and rambling philosophical musings. His first major work was (*) censored in the U.S. for thirty years; it was not published there until 1961. For 10 points-name the Sage of Big Sur and you will name the author of the banned work, Tropic of Cancer.

answer: Henry Valentine Miller

3. This drug acts as an anesthetic because it interrupts the conduction of impulses in nerves. When ingested in small amounts, it produces feelings of (*) well being and euphoria, along with a decreased appetite, relief from fatigue, and increased mental alertness. However, it is highly addictive, and effects of its prolonged use include inability to sleep, loss of appetite, and disturbing tactile hallucinations. For 10 points-name this drug with chemical formula C17H21N04.

answer: Cocaine

4. "Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate." [pause] (*) "Everything Dies." [pause] "Believe The Lie." [pause] "Deny Everything," and "Trust No One." All of these have replaced-for 10 points-what tagline at the beginning of the X Files?

answer: The Truth is Out There (prompt on "The X-Files")

5. His mother was separated from his father when he was two by a permanent shift in the alliances of the (*) daimyos, and when he was seven he was sent as a hostage to the Imagawa family. Oh, but he got his revenge, on the Imagawas and many others as well on his path to become the founder of the last shogunate in Japan. For 10 points-name this Shogun who finally brought peace to a united Japan.

answer: Tokugawa Ieyasu


6. The National Medical Association has dropped plans to hold its 2001 convention in this city. Although a majority of the city's voters opposed Initiative 200, which rolls back (*) affirmative action, the initiative did pass statewide. For 10 points-what Pacific Northwest city may see other potential tourists washed away?

answer: Seattle

7. From the 1920s to the 1940s, this German-born Hollywood director created such films as So This is Paris, Design For Living, and the anti-Nazi To Be or Not to Be. Master of the romantic comedy, in the filmmaker's lingo, to say that a film has his touch is to say it has class. (*) For 10 points-name this man whose movie The Shop Around the Corner was remade into this year's You've Got Mail.

answer: Ernst Lubitsch


8. Pencil and paper ready; you'll have 10 seconds for calculation. Consider a regular polygon of N equal sides laying on a plane with polar coordinates r and theta. The first vertex is at (a,0), the second at (a, 2 pi divided by N) and the j-th at (a, (j-l) times two pi divided by N). Suppose there is a positive charge Q at each vertex. (*) For 10 points-what is the electric field at the origin?

answer: zero (0)


9. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Cleveland Indians after his time with the (*) New York Yankees. This Fargo, North Dakota native has the third highest single season home run total of all players not in the Hall of Fame. For 10 points-name this outfielder who achieved his greatest fame when he hit 61 home runs in 1961.

answer: Roger Maris


10. This Princeton grad and former ambassador, still alive at the age of 94, won Pulitzers for Russia Leaves the War and Memoirs 1925-1950. In the late 1950s, he disavowed many of the implications of his most famous essay, published under the pseudonym (*) "X" in July 1947 in Foreign Affairs magazine. For 10 points-name this man who argued that the US foreign policy towards the USSR should be one not of appeasement, but of containment.

answer: George Frost Kennan


11. Published in 1 BC, this book of didactic poetry is a manual of seduction and (*) intrigue for the man about town. The lover's quarry is to be sought in the demimonde, among women on the fringes of respectable society who are supported by wealthy lovers. The author explicitly disclaims the intention of teaching adultery, but all of his teaching could be applied to the seduction of married women. For 10 points-name this brilliant medley of social and personal satire by Ovid.

answer: The Art of Love or Arms Amatoria


12. This composer studied under Cowell and Schoenberg before striking out on his own. One of his inventions was the (*) "prepared piano," a grand piano with various objects stuck between the strings to produce a one man percussion orchestra. For 10 points-name this aleatory composer of 1952's 4'33" [Four Minutes, Thirty-three Seconds], a piece in which an individual sits in front of a piano for exactly that amount of time and plays nothing.

answer: John Cage


13. It is the fourth longest river in Europe, and rises on the southern slopes of the Valdai Hills, west of (*) Moscow in Smolensk province. Major ports on this river are Dorogobuzh [do-ROH-go-BUSK] and Smolensk in Russia, Orsha in Belarus, and Kherson and Kiev in the Ukraine. For 10 points-name this river, which flows into the Black Sea.

answer: Dnieper


14. This reaction is carried out in a carbonating tower where brine is saturated with ammonia and carbon dioxide. The (*) sodium hydrogen carbonate that forms is removed by filtration and decomposed in a rotary drier. For 10 points-name this mid-19th century process for producing sodium carbonate, which originated in Belgium.

answer: the Solvay Process

15. This conflict began in 1865 when Marshal Francisco Solano Lòpez ordered an attack on neighboring Brazil that violated (*) Argentina's territory. Brazil proceeded to ally with Argentina and Uruguay to fight back Lòpez's army. For 10 points-name this war which resulted in the devastation of Paraguay, killing 50% of its population, including 80% of adult males and Lòpez himself.

answer: War of the Triple Alliance


16. Even after lecherous Captain Alving is in his grave, his (*) specter will not be laid to rest. After dying drunk and profligate, the memorial that his conventionally- minded widow has erected to his memory burns down even as his son goes insane from inherited syphilis and his illegitimate daughter advances inexorably toward her destiny in a brothel. For 10 points-identify this Henrik Ibsen play about congenital venereal disease.

answer: Ghosts or Gengangere


17. On April 29, 1979, at a party opening the Canal Zone, he identified himself as the artist behind the anonymous four letter signature "S" "A" "M" "O." Despite a middle class upbringing, he had taken to living on the streets and painting his work as (*) graffiti throughout New York. For 10 points-name this artist, once called Andy Warhol's "mascot," who died from a heroin overdose on August 12, 1988.

answer: Jean-Michel Basquiat


18. This small book was a rulebook for abbots on how to run a monastery. It may or may not have been derived from "Regula Magistri", but either way, it dominated cenobitic [si-no-BIT-ic] monasticism [mo-NAS-ti-si-sim] for over 1500 years. It is a strange mix of stringent (*) self-denial, moderation and a frank allowance for weakness and failure. For 10 points-name this work by St. Benedict that came to be the norm for monastic living in Europe.

answer: The Rule of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict or Regula


19. Since DNA replication always involves the addition of nucleotides to the three prime end, it was mysterious why DNA was (*) double stranded on the branch growing along the five prime end. This mystery was solved when it was shown that short pieces of DNA grew in the three prime direction and were later joined. For 10 points-name these fragments, which share the name of their discoverer.

answer: Okazaki fragments


20. According to legend, an ascetic named Kashyapa reclaimed this land from a vast lake. Since then, it has been under the rule of Hindu dynasties, the Sikh kingdom of the (*) Punjab, and then again under Hindu rule from 1846 to 1947. When Indian troops entered the region in 1947, the leaders acceded to union with India. That union has been opposed by Pakistan, who also claims the region. For 10 points-name this region, mainly known for the fine soft wool of its goats.

answer: Kashmir

21. In January 1997, this team lost the NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Thanks to the success of the (*) zone blitz, it had a perfect home record and astonishing success shutting down opponents in the second half. For 10 points-what NFL expansion team has since fallen on harder times?

answer: Carolina Panthers (accept either part)

22. An obsolete word, meaning disregard of the law, especially divine law, it was revived in the French by Emile (*) Durkheim in his book, Suicide. There is a characteristic of modern society where an absence of effective moral or cultural rules and restraint on individual wills leads to both social and individual breakdown. For 10 points-name this 'enemy' of any modern society.

answer: anomie or anomy


23. This play was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize and was recreated for the big screen by director James (*) Foley in 1992. This comedy is about a small-time real estate salesman trying to make a living by pushing plots of land on reluctant buyers. For ten points, name this 1984 David Mamet play.

answer: Glengarry Glen Ross


24. Start with Richard, Secretary of the Interior, and Gifford, chief of the (*) Forest Service in the Department of Agriculture. Gifford charges that Richard, an appointee of President Taft, is cooperating with private interests to plunder Alaskan coal reserves. Taft publicly fires Gifford. For 10 points-identify this 1910 political and environmental scandal which derives its name from, respectively, Richard and Gifford's surnames.

answer: Ballinger-Pinchot Affair


25. The first historical record of this phenomenon taking place is from 1567. Sir Gilbert Walker first suggested that patterns of (*) rainfall in South America were associated with changes in ocean temperatures, but it wasn't until the late 1960s, when Jacob Bjerknes connected unusually warm sea surface temperatures with Walker's Southern Oscillation, that a full understanding of this effect came about. For 10 points-name this media-hyped meteorological phenomenon.

answer: El Nino


26. The KLA has recently refused American and Russian overtures to declare this Paris-educated academic as their leader. As leader of the Democratic League of (*) Kosovo he played a major role in keeping Albanian Kosovars from revolting during the previous wars in Yugoslavia. For 10 points-name this professor of Albanian literature whose pacifist views have marginalized his influence during the current conflict

answer: Ibrahim Rugova


27. This 1976 film's tagline was "In Concert and Beyond," and the concert footage was shot at New York's Madison Square Garden. Four dream sequences, one for each (*) band member, are interwoven with the music. For 10 points-name this film which shares its name with the first track of Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy album.

answer: The Song Remains The Same_

28. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this organization was founded in 1996. It held its inaugural (*) championship in Philadelphia in January 1997; a year later, its championship took place in Nashville, Tennessee. For 10 points-what quiz organization supplied the rules and formats of this tournament?

answer: National Academic Quiz Tournaments

Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 7: Questions by University Chicago.


1. This bonus is about sex. For 10 points each-name these Republican Congressmen who have been practicing what they preach against.

A. Vanity Fair revealed that this Indiana congressman who called Clinton a "scumbag" has a propensity for hookers and an illegitimate child.

answer: Dan Burton

B. This Idaho Congresswoman said "personal conduct does count" before admitting to a six-year relationship with a married man in the 1970s.

answer: Helen Chenoweth

C. One of the 15 House managers of the impeachment, he has been accused by his ex-wife of carrying on adulterous affairs and pressuring her to get an abortion.

answer: Bob Barr


2. This mythology bonus is also about sex.

A. In Greek myth, this god of reproductive power and fertility was associated with the phallus carried in procession at the Bacchic festivals. For 10 points-name him.

answer: Priapus

B. These mythological beasties were at first represented as uncouth men, each with a horse's tail and ears and an erect phallus. They later came to be represented as men having a goat's legs and tail. For 10 points-name them.

answer: Satyr

C. In Homer's Odyssey, two gods are caught in flagrante delicto. Name them for 5 points each.

answer: Aphrodite or Cythereia and Ares


3. Tired of sex yet? The Chicago team that wrote this pack apparently never is. Identify these great works of erotic fiction for 15 points each:

A. This is the story of the willful debasement of a young Parisian fashion photographer who wants nothing more than to be a slave to her lover René. René later gives her to his stepbrother, Sir Stephen, an Englishman.

answer: The Story of O or Histoire d'O

B. This collection of commissioned erotic stories was published posthumously in 1977 and was written by Anais Nin, supposedly for a (dirty) old man who wanted "less poetry, more sex."

answer: Delta of Venus: Erotica


4. Identify these Athenian generals of the Peloponnesian War, 10 points each.

A. This general and politician was arrogant and ambitious, and spoke for the Athenian expedition against Sicily. Sent at the head of a large fleet, he was later recalled for a trial, although he escaped to Sparta.

answer: Alcibiades

B. This general spoke against the Athenian expedition into Sicily, but was eventually named head of the expedition after Alcibiades left. He was eventually captured and executed by the Syracusans.

answer: Nicias

C. This general, son of Alcisthenes, was sent with reinforcements to the Sicilian expedition. He was executed along with Nicias.

answer: Demosthenes


5. 30-20-10 Name the work.

A. (30 points) This 1976 opera is about four hours and forty minutes in length; the precise length is difficult to determine, however, because the audience is only let in once Knee Play One is already in progress.

B. (20 points) There are three primary visual sets: trains, a trial setting, and a spaceship. The title character appears midway between the orchestra and the stage as a violinist.

C. (10 points) This Philip Glass scored opera shares its name with a 1994 song by Counting Crows.

answer: Einstein on the Beach


6. Given their current team, position and jersey number, name these NHL


A. For 5 points-New York Rangers, center, number 99.

answer: Wayne Gretzky

B. For 10 points-Philadelphia Flyers, center, number 88.

answer: Eric Lindros

C. For 15 points-Detroit Red Wings, left wing, number 14.

answer: Brendan Shanahan


7. Identify the poem from lines for 15 points each:

A. by W.H. Auden:

He was my North, my South, my East and West.

My working week and my Sunday rest,

My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;

I thought that love would last forever; I was wrong.

answer: Funeral Blues

B. by John Keats:

"I met a Lady in the Meads,"

Full beautiful, a faery's child,

Her hair was long, her foot was light

And her eyes were wild.

answer: La Belle Dame Sans Merci


8. Name these architects for 10 points each:

A. He was born in Finland, but attended public schools in Michigan. Together with his father, he formed an architectural firm. His first independent work was the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

answer: Eero Saarinen

B. His major work is the dome of the Florence Cathedral, which was built with the help of machines that he invented expressly for that purpose.

answer: Filippo Brunelleschi

C. Dominique Francon has a huge crush on this fictional protagonist of The Fountainhead.

answer: Howard Roark

(do not accept "Peter Keating": Even though she marries him, she dislikes him.)


9. The 1948 Presidential election saw two splinter parties attempt to steal the Democrats' thunder.

A. For 5 points each-name these parties, one ultraliberal, the other Southern in composition.

answer: Progressive and State's Rights (accept "Dixiecrats')

B. For 5 points each-name the presidential candidates for both of those tickets, one a former vice president, the other the governor of South Carolina.

answer: Henry Wallace and Strom Thurmond

C. For 10 points-name either man's vice presidential candidate.

answer: Glenn H. Taylor, Fielding L. Wright


10. For 10 points each, answer these questions on branches of linguistics.

A. It is the study of the internal structure of words in terms of segments called 'morphemes.'.

answer: morphology

B. Little used in linguistics today, this term was equivalent to comparative and historical linguistics, and was used by some of its pioneers.

answer: philology

C. It is the study of the communicatively significant patterns of language, as opposed to the 'raw' sounds of speech.

answer: phonology (do NOT accept "phonetics"!)



11. Answer these questions about the life and works of Yukio Mishima for 10 points each:

A. What semi-autobiographical novel describes a homosexual who must mask his sexual preferences from the society around him?

answer: Confessions of a Mask or Kamen no kokuhaku

B. Of this tetralogy, Mishima said, "The title... is intended to suggest the arid sea of the moon that belies its name. Or I might say that it superimposes the image of cosmic nihilism on that of the fertile sea.

answer: Sea of Fertility or Hojo no umi

C. How did Mishima die?

answer: seppuku or hara kiri or self-disembowelment (prompt on suicide)


12. Name these laws in physics for 15 points each:

A. The flux of the electric field, E through any closed surface equals 4 pi times the total charge enclosed by the surface.

answer: Gauss's Law

B. The divergence of the gradient of the electric potential of any area is equal to 4 pi times the charge density in the area.

answer: Poisson's Equation

(prompt on "Laplace's Equation" which is a special case)


13. After the death of Alexander the Great, his empire was carved into kingdoms by his generals. For 10 points each-name the general who took each of the following lands.

A. Egypt

answer: Ptolemy [TOL-emy]

B. Persia

answer: Seleucus [Sell-OO-kus]

C. Macedonia

answer: Antigonus


14. 30-20-10. Name the painter.

A. (30 points) His dad was a barber. His mother died insane in 1804. He himself died alone in a filthy apartment after a mental breakdown.

B. (20 points) Detractors of this 19th-century British landscape painter depicted him painting with a mop because his paintings were so moody and dense.

C. (10 points) His works include Sun Rising Through Vapor; The Fighting Temeraire; and Rain, Steam and Speed-The Great Western Railway.

answer: Jospeh Mallord William Turner


15. Identify the following about cytoskeletal [sigh-tow-SKEL-a-tal] components:

A. The largest of the structural elements in the cytoskeleton, these are involved in motility and chromosome movement and are straight, hollow cylinders.

answer: microtubules

B. These elements are right-handed double helices of the protein actin and produce the cleavage furrows that divide the cytoplasm of animal cells in cell division.

answer: microfilaments

C. This is the most stable structural element in the cytoskeleton, and is composed of tetrameric protofilaments. [te-tra-MAIR-ic PRO-to-fill-a-ments]

answer: intermediate filaments


16. Name the Oasis song from lyrics:

A. For 5 points-Slowly walkin' down the hall faster than a cannonball

Where were you while we were gettin' high?

answer: Champagne Supernova

B. For 10 points-Stand up beside the fireplace, take that look from off your

face Cause you ain't never gonna burn my heart out.

answer: Don't Look Back In Anger

C. For 15 points-She done it with a doctor

On a helicopter.

answer: Supersonic


17. Name these Canadian geographical features for 10 points each:

A. This is the largest mass of exposed Precambrian rock on the face of the Earth.

answer: Canadian Shield

B. This river issues from Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada and flows generally northward to the Beaufort Sea of the Arctic Ocean.

answer: Mackenzie

C. This mountain range forms the northern edge of the Canadian shield and is named for an indigenous people of Canada.

answer: Innuitian Mountains


18. Identify the following about Islam.

A. For 5 points-this is the orthodox branch of Islam, which identifies itself as the consolidated majority of the community.

answer: Sunnah or Sunni

B. For 10 points-this more passionate branch of Islam is the only important surviving sect. It originated from a political battle between Ali, the fourth caliph, and the Umayyad dynasty.

answer: Shi'ah or Shi'ite

C. For 15 points-Shi'ite Muslims identify 12 exemplary 'leaders' known by this name; the last of them was Muhammed.

answer: imam


19. Name these 1998 auto racing champs:

A. For 5 points-the NASCAR Winston Cup champion.

answer: Jeff Gordon

B. For 10 points-the Indy 500 winner.

answer: Eddie Cheever

C. For 15 points-the Indy Racing League champion.

answer: Kenny Brack


20. Name these types of defamation:

A. For 10 points-a form of defamation in a transitory medium.

answer: slander

B. For 5 points-a form of defamation in a permanent medium.

answer: libel

C. For 15 points-this archaic 7-letter word refers to the maliciously false representation of another person's words or actions for the purpose of injuring that person's reputation.

answer: calumny


21. For 10 points each-name these rivers:

A. Its name is Iroquois for "crooked snake," and it flows through Cleveland into Lake Erie, but it's probably most famous for having caught on fire once.

answer: Cuyahoga

B. Together with the Allegheny and Monongahela [ma-NON-ga-HEE-la] rivers, it forms the "Three Rivers" confluence where the Pittsburgh stadium is located.

answer: Ohio

C. It flows south-southwest past Dayton, Middletown, and Hamilton, Ohio to enter the Ohio River west of Cincinnati after a course of 160 miles.

answer: Miami or Great Miami


22. Name these actors from roles for 10 points each:

A. The voice of King Arthur in "Quest for Camelot," Donald Kessler in "Mars Attacks!", Harry Dalton in "Dante's Peak"

answer: Pierce Brosnan

B. Charles Ryder in "Brideshead Revisited," Claus von Bulow in "Reversal of Fortune."

answer: Jeremy _Irons_

C. Narrator of the IMAX hit "Everest," the title character in "Ethan Frome."

answer: Liam Neeson


23. For 15 points each-given a description of a Canterbury tale, name the character who told it:

A. Alison begins an affair with the scholar Nicholas, while mocking another potential suitor, Absalom. Nicholas and Alison then plan to trick her husband John; what results includes a singed backside for Nicholas, a ruined reputation for John and a broken kneading-tub.

answer: the Miller

B. On their way to kill Death, three men encounter a large amount of money. Through their distrust of each other, they all die.

answer: the Pardoner

C. A young knight must discover the thing that women most desire. After an old woman tells him the answer and thus saves his life, he must marry her. After debating the merits of marrying an old, poor woman, the knight's wife magically changes into a beautiful young woman.

answer: the Wife of Bath (also: Worthy Woman of Bath )


24. Answer these science questions for 10 points each:

A. This is a compound in which metal atoms or ions are bonded to anions or neutral molecules that supply electron pairs.

answer: Coordination Compound

B. The proper term for the anion or neutral molecule that supplies the lone pair in the coordinate covalent bond

answer: ligand

C. There are two prevailing models for coordination complexes, one of which the central metal is treated as being ionically bonded to surrounding ligands, the other using concepts of molecular orbitals to describe bonding. Name either.

answer: crystal-field theory or ligand-field theory


25. 30-20-10. Name the actress:

A. (30 points) Her high school classmates voted her Class Clown, Most Bizarre Girl, and Most Likely to Go Bald, and she was arrested the day before her graduation when she was caught trying to glue the school's doors shut.

B. (20 points) She has a degree in fine arts from DePaul University's School of Drama, but her best-known character went to Maryland.

C. She got her big break when she was chosen to play a skeptical scientist and FBI agent on what was then a new Fox show.

answer: Gillian Anderson

(Dana Scully on "The X-Files")