Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 6: Questions by Penn


1. This composer's work is deeply influenced by both Hindu mysticism and English folklore. His subject matter ranged from common European themes, such as (*) St. Paul's Suite and Brook Green Suite, to more exotic pieces, such as Savitri. For 10 points-name the early 20th century composer more famous for The Planets.

answer: Gustav Holst

2. Founded in 1749 along the banks of the San Antonio river, its name is reputed to be an anagram of a Mexican patriot or a biblical reference. However, it received lasting fame from a confrontation on March 20, 1836, where Col. James (*) Fannin surrendered 330 American troops who were executed by soldiers of Santa Anna. For 10 points-name the site of the battle which, along with "remember the Alamo," became a rallying cry in the War for Texas Independence.

answer: The Goliad

3. With chemical formula C6H6O3, this acid is one of the simplest (*) aromatic acids and it is a common component in wart removing compounds and acne medication. For 10 points-identify this acid whose esterification leads to the active ingredient in aspirin.

answer: Salicylic acid

4. Born in 1922 in Azinhaga, he was forced to abandon school to earn a living between odd jobs. In 1969, he joined the Communist Party of (*) Portugal, and upon the death of Antonio Salazar in 1970 was one of many journalists and authors to enjoy newfound freedom from censorship. For 10 points-name this author, the 1998 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the first Portguese author to receive such an honor.

answer: Jose Saramago

5. This crescent-shaped lake is surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides, except where it is fed by the Anagar, Elenga, and Barguzin rivers. Geologists now believe it to be the source of a new (*) ocean in the future, as it is located atop a spreading center. For 10 points-identify this third largest Asian lake, believed to contain one-fifth of the world's fresh water due to its incredible depth.

answer: Lake Baikal

6. In this early example of French Realism, the main character's revelation of his Jacobin beliefs proves his undoing at his trial for attempted murder of Madame de Renal. Possessed by insatiable ambition, (*) Julien Sorel travels from place to place seducing noble wives, angering noblemen but getting by on his brilliance. For 10 points-identify this 1830 novel by Stendhal.

answer: The Red and the Black

(accept: Le Rouge et le Noir)

7. He wrote a multi-volume defensive history of England and other works, but he was best known for his (*) empiricist and immaterialist theories of epistemology, despite seeing himself primarily as a moralist. For 10 points-

identify this 18th century thinker, author of An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

answer: David Hume

8. Two answers required. These teams were both in tight 1948 pennant races. Managed by Billy Southworth and Joe McCarthy, their star players included Warren (*) Spahn and Ted Williams. Had the Cleveland Indians not won a one-game playoff, they would have played a Subway Series. For 10 points-name these teams, both of whose home games were a 15-minute walk from the site of this year's Terrier Tussle.

answer: Boston Red Sox, Boston Braves

(prompt on "Boston"; do not accept "Milwaukee" or "Atlanta")

9. The Sheldonian Theater, Kensington Palace, The Royal Hospital at (*) Chelsea, Hapton Court, Greenwich Hospital. For 10 points-which 17th and 18th century architect was responsible for all of these structures, in addition to St. Paul's Cathedral.

answer: Sir Christopher Wren

10. It isn't the photoelectric effect, but Albert Einstein explained it in 1905 as the result of irregular bombardment of the (*) suspended matter by molecules of the solution. For 10 points-name this erratic motion, discovered in 1827 by the British botanist for whom it is named.

answer: Brownian motion

11. The search continues for him. As the one-year anniversary of the nation's first fatal (*) bombing of an abortion clinic passed in January, the FBI kept up on its manhunt in the forested hills around the suspect's home in North Carolina. For 10 points-name this man, suspected in not only three clinic bombings but also the 1996 Olympic Park bombing.

answer: Eric Robert Rudolph

12. It includes "The Sisters," "An Encounter," (*) "Araby," "Eveline," "After the Race," "Two Gallants," "The Boarding House," "A Little Cloud," "Counterparts," "Clay," "A Painful Case," "Ivy Day in the Committee Room," "A Mother," "Grace," and "The Dead." For 10 points-what James Joyce anthology is named for the residents of the city where most of it takes place?

answer: Dubliners

13. In Indian myth, it prowls the jungles of southern Asia hunting humans, which it kills with a volley of poisonous darts from its (*) tail. For 10 points-what is this creature with the face of a human, three rows of teeth, a scorpion's tail, and the body of a lion?

answer: Manticore

14. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, she went on to the Woods Hole Marine Biological Institute. Her interests led to a long career in the US Department of Fisheries, and she won the National (*) Book Award for her 1951 work The Sea Around Us. For 10 points-identify this biologist known for such consciousness-raising works as Silent Spring.

answer: Rachel Carson

15. As a youth, this scientist published several articles on the albino sparrow and on mollusks, but he is more famous for the concepts of procedural and operational (*) knowledge which he developed in such works as "The Language and Thought of a Child". For 10 points-name this psychologist known for his theories on genetic epistemology and child development.

answer: Jean Piaget

16. Its three central acts are conventionally referred to as "Olympia", "Giuletta", and "Antonia", in recognition of the three successive objects of the titular (*) hero's affection, and it's most famous element is the Barcarolle "Belle Nuit". For 10 points-identify the only grand opera of the popular French operettist Jacques Offenbach.

answer: The Tales of Hoffmann

(accept: Les Contes d'Hoffmann)

17. Green offensive linemen, white moped geeks and red sorority sisters tangle with each other for comic relief and end up in a (*) swimming pool together, but the real showdown is between the fair-playing yellow protagonists and the underhanded blue team. Alan Solomon plays Leon, who gives the competitors clues to get to the next site. For 10 points-what 1980 Michael J. Fox movie debut shares its name with the first practice of the season for many college basketball teams?

answer: Midnight Madness

18. Hired at the age of 20 to carry out experiments for the Pneumatic Institution of Clifton, his early work there resulted in a book on the physiological effects of inhaling gases. However, he is better known for the discovery of (*) sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and strontium, and for his 1815 invention of the miner's safety lamp. For 10 points--name this English chemist.

answer: Sir Humphrey Davy

19. In his day job, he was a judge, but he's best known as an 18th century English author. His satiric plays such as (*) "Tom Thumb" were popular, but he's better known as a novelist. For 10 points--name this author who penned such gems as Joseph Andrews, Shamela, and Tom Jones.

answer: Henry Fielding

20. This group of marine organisms is usually characterized by a peduncle or stalk attached to the substrate and a calyx of (*) feathery arms, but it also includes free-swimming feather stars. For 10 points--name this class of echinoderms prevalent in the fossil record of the earth, commonly known as sea lillies.

answer: Crinoids (accept: Crinoidea)

21. Niger, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Senegal, and Mauritania all (*) border-for 10 points-what landlocked African nation, home to the ancient city of Timbuktu, and whose modern capital is at Bamako.

answer: Mali

22. Peru agreed secretly with Bolivia to a mutual guarantee of their territories and independence. Chilean-Bolivian relations were then ameliorated by a (*) revised treaty under which Chile relinquished its share of export taxes on minerals from Bolivia. Amity was broken in 1878, and when Bolivia threatened to confiscate private property, Chilean troops occupied the port city of Antofagasta on Feb. 14, 1879. This-for 10 points-describes the outbreak of what conflict involving Chile, Bolivia and Peru for access to the sea?

answer: The War of the Pacific

(accept: La Guerra del Pacifico)

23. It always helps to have the Pope on your side. Citing "a deep and abiding respect for the pontiff and all he represents," Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan commuted the (*) sentence of this murderer from death to life without parole after the pope strongly condemned capital punishment. For 10 points-name this man, who confessed to killing Lloyd Lawrence, his wife and

their grandson with a 12-gauge shotgun in 1988.

answer: Darrell Mease

24. Through February 1, he had nine wins in 15 appearances between the pipes, while the man he backs up had 18 wins in 36 games. His team had lost just once in 23 games, which should make his (*) new second-string role more palatable. For 10 points-name this longtime Philadelphia Flyer.

answer: Ron Hextall

25. Agrippa began it in 27 B.C. and (*) Hadrian rebuilt from 100 to 125. Its name can now refer to any place of burial or fame. For 10 points-name this temple in Rome dedicated to all the gods.

answer: Pantheon

26. Also known as a graben, it is a region of tension in the Earth's crust arising from plates moving apart. This type of elongated (*) trough is bounded by normal faults. For 10 points-name this geological feature, whose Great example is in east Africa.

answer: rift valley

27. In 1835 he took out his first patent for a (*) revolver, which the U.S. army adopted after the Mexican war. For 10 points-name this Hartford, Connecticut, inventor.

answer: Samuel Colt

28. Andre Breton described him as "A black man who embodies not simply the black race but all mankind, who will remain a prototype for human dignity." After World War II, he became mayor of (*) Fort-de-France, and later the representative to the French National Assembly from his native Martinique. For 10 points--name this author of La Tragedie du Roi, Une Saison au Congo, and founder of the anti-colonial movement, La Negritude.

answer: Aimé Césaire

Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 6: Questions by Penn


1. Name these events of the 1840s, 10 points each.

A. The U.S. and Britain signed this treaty, which set a land boundary at 49 degrees north latitude.

answer: Oregon Treaty

B. Spain had vacated its claims on the Northwest Pacific in this 1790 convention signed with Great Britain.

answer: Nootka Sound Convention

C. The Oregon Question was an issue in the presidential campaign that saw this Whig lose.

answer: Henry Clay


2. Answer these questions about a Shakespearean play:

A. For 5 points-in which play will you find Iris, Ceres, and Ariel?

answer: The Tempest

B. For 15 points-Ariel tells what character that his father's remains lie "Full fathom five"?

answer: Ferdinand

C. Complete this quote: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with."

answer: a sleep


3. Identify these black hole terms for 10 points each:

A. A region of spacetime where spacetime curvature becomes so strong that the general relativistic laws break down and laws of quantum gravity take over.

answer: Singularity

B. Material that has a negative average energy density, as measured by someone moving through it at nearly the speed of light.

answer: Exotic Material

C. A "handle" in the topology of space, connecting two widely separated locations in our universe.

answer: Wormhole


4. 30-20-10. Name the composition from clues.

A. Completed August 7, 1888, this piece opens with a stately motive in the brass, almost interrupted by a passionate violin solo.

B. Its Russian composer finished it after completing his friend's opera Prince Igor.

C. The aforementioned motives of this Rimsky-Korsakov work represent the angry sultan and the title character.

answer: Scheherazade


5. Answer these questions about area codes for 10 points each:

A. Within 10, how many area codes were in use in the 50 United States as of October 1998?

answer: 228 (accept 218-238)

B. Name either the state with the lowest area code or the highest area code.

answer: New Jersey (201) or Massachusetts (978)

C. As of January 1998, this company now assigns all new area codes.

answer: Lockheed Martin


6. For 10 points each-given the title, name the Egyptian deity:

A. God of the desert.

answer: Set

B. God of the dead.

answer: Osiris

C. Goddess of rain.

answer: Tefnut


7. If you're a sports fan in Salt Lake City, you probably care less about the Olympic scandal than about the Jazz and the Utes. For 10 points each:

A. Name the coach of Utah's NCAA men's basketball team.

answer: Rick Majerus

B. Name the longtime coach of the Utah Jazz.

answer: Jerry Sloan

C. In January, the Utes went to the Pit and held a division rival to 39 points. What school plays its home games in the Pit?

answer: University of New Mexico


8. Given a historical figure, identify the city where he or she was assassinated, ten points each.

A. William McKinley

answer: Buffalo, New York

B. Rajiv Gandhi

answer: Tamil Nadu, India

C. Yitzhak Rabin

answer: Tel-Aviv


9. Answer the following questions about Isabel Allende for 10 points each:

A. Isabel was of what relation to former President of Chile Salvador Allende?

answer: his niece (accept: he was her uncle)

B. In what novel did she dramatize the 1972 overthrow of Uncle Salvador?

answer: The House of the Spirits

(accept: La Casa de los Espiritus)

C. Name her most recent work, part memoir, part autobiography, written for and named after her comatose daughter.

answer: Paula


10. Answer these questions about the controversial 1998 Tour de France for 10 points each:

A. Name either the Italian who won the Tour, or the American who finished third.

answer: Marco Pantani or Bobby Julich

B. This team, including four-time King of the Mountain, Richard Virenque, was summarily disqualified on the third day for systematic drug use.

answer: Festina

C. Festina was expelled for use of this substance that enhances oxygen use.

answer: ErythroPOietin


11. Identify the following painters of Russian descent for 15 points each.

A. Born Vosdanik Adoian, he is best known paintings done later in life while he lived in New York. His abstract biomorphic forms are present in such works as "The Liver Is the Cock's Comb" and "How My Mother's Embroidered Apron Unfolds In My Life."

answer: Arshille Gorky

B. This Russian Jack of Diamonds member and Cubist extraordinaire is best known for "Black Square" and a series entitled "White on White"

answer: Kasimir Severinovich Malevich


12. DNA can be transmitted between bacteria in several ways. Given a description of a method, give its name for ten points each.

A. A bacteriophage injects DNA into a bacterial cell.

answer: Transduction

B. Foreign DNA is taken up by bacterial cells. Sometimes the cells are known as "super-competent".

answer: Transformation

C. A cytoplasmic bridge forms between two bacterial cells and a copy of some DNA from one is transmitted to the other.

answer: bacterial Conjugation


13. Identify these related musical terms.

A. For 5 points-Wagner's term for a theme linked to a particular character, such as the "Tristan" theme.

answer: leitmotif

B. For 10 points-Berlioz's term for a series of notes that appears repeatedly in various forms.

answer: idée fixe or "fixed idea"

C. For 15 points-from the Italian for "stubborn," a musical term for a series of notes repeated incessantly, as in the Pachelbel Kanon.

answer: ostinato


14. Answer the following questions about African geography for 10 points each:

A. Most of the Kalahari Desert lies within what country?

answer: Botswana

B. What country contains Jebel Toukbal, the highest peak in the Atlas mountain range.

answer: Morocco

C. What river forms a large portion of the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia?

answer: Zambezi


15. Given a brief description of the following World War II miliatry operations, provide the code name for 10 points each:

A. Heinz Guderian organized this German invasion of the Soviet Union., ending the non-aggression pact between the two nations.

answer: Operation Barbarossa

B. It was the subject of Directive #16 signed by Adolph Hitler, which called for a landing operation against England.

answer: Operation Sea Lion

C. This proposed military invasion of the Japanese home islands was rendered unnecessary because of the Japanese surrender.

answer: Operation Olympic


16. Answer these questions about the psalm "Lord, thou hast been our refuge," for 10 points each:

A. What is the number of this psalm in the King James Bible?

answer: 90

B. What is the first line of the hymn tune version of Psalm 90?

answer: "O God, our help in ages past"

C. Which British poet penned "O God, our help in ages past?"

answer: Isaac Watts


17. February 3 marked the 40th anniversary of "the day the music died," when Buddy Holly and two other great musicians died in a plane crash on their way to Minnesota.

A. For 5 points each-name the other two musicians.

answer: Ritchie Valens, J. P, Richardson (or The Big Bopper)

B. A legendary crooner got his start because of that crash, filling in at

the Minnesota concert at the age of 15. For 10 points-name the man whose hits include "Take Good Care of My Baby."

answer: Bobby Vee

C. For 10 points-name the Iowa town where the three last performed, at the Surf Ballroom.

answer: Clear Lake

18. Name the philosophers from quotes, 5-10-15.

A. For 5 points-"Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God, if he even had a chosen people."

answer: Thomas Jefferson

B. For 10 points-"Human reason has this peculiar fate that in one species of its knowledge it is burdened by questions which it is not also able to answer."

answer: Immanuel Kant

C. For 15 points-"The prudent man is always sincere, and feels horror at the very thought of exposing himself to the disgrace which attends upon the detection of falsehood."

answer: Adam Smith


19. 30-20-10. Identify the poet from quotes.

A. (30 points) "Every man is a part of the Continent . . . if a Clod be washed away by the Sea, Europe is the less."

B. (20 points) "If any who deciphers best, what we know not, ourselves, can know, let him teach me that nothing!"

C. (10 points) "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

answer: John Donne


20. Identify the following items related to radioactivity for ten points each.

A. Equivalent to 100 ergs per gram, this unit measures the absorbed dose of radiation for a target.

answer: Rad

B. This effect occurs when the incident photon from a radioactive source collides with an electron present in target material. The photon is deflected and collides with other electrons, losing energy in the process.

answer: Compton Effect

C. To reduce the production of penetrating X-rays caused by this process, shield a beta-emitting substance with low-atomic number materials like plastic rather than high-atomic number materials like lead.

answer: Bremsstrahlung Process


21. NASA's New Millenium project has opened a "high risk, high payoff" attitude toward unmanned space travel. For 10 points each:

A. Launched in October of 1998, this probe will intercept asteroid 1992 KD in July of 1999. Name this probe that had a cost of $152 million that was launched on a Boeing Delta II rocket.

answer: Deep Space 1

B. This craft is the first deep space probe to use a relatively new type of propulsion. What is this propulsion, formerly found only within the realm of science fiction stories?

answer: Ion propulsion (accept: Ion drive)

C. Deep Space II is set to launch in January 1999, and may in fact already be en route to its destination even as this question is being read. For 10 points, which heavenly body is the destination of the probe?

answer: Mars


22. Name these social scientists, 5-10-15.

A. For 5 points-this German claimed that capitalists controlled all social institutions and used them to impress their values upon the proletariat class.

answer: Karl Marx

B. For 10 points-this German combined sociology with economics to explain capitalism in "The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism."

answer: Max Weber

C. For 15 points-a disciple of Talcott parsons, this 20th century Columbia University sociologist is best known for his theories on deviance and the work, "Social Theory and Structure."

answer: Robert Merton

23. Given the name of a warrior who died in the Trojan War, identify the Greek or Trojan who slew him, for 10 points each.

A. Patroclus

answer: Hector

B. Penthesilia

answer: Achilles

C. Paris

answer: Philoctetes


24. Name these Renaissance paintings from descriptions:

A. For 5 points-a beautiful, but melancholy goddess is blown onto the dark shores by the winds, and she waits to cover up her body.

answer: The Birth Of Venus (by Botticelli)

B. For 10 points-besides many objects in the room, a man raises his hand for a betrothal, and a woman holds his hand at an arm's distance, and they are reflected in the mirror behind them.

answer: The Arnolfini Marriage (or Wedding)

(accept: The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cenami by van Eyck)

C. For 15 points-the Virgin Mary embraces the body of Jesus, which is surrounded by doleful peasants. Angels fly in the background, and St. John, with his hands extended, stands behind the body.

answer: The Mourning of Christ (by Giotto)


25. Identify the following Gothic novels, for ten points each:

A. This Horace Walpole novel was the first Gothic novel published in England.

answer: The Castle of Otranto

B. In this Charles Robert Maturin novel, a man who sells his soul to the Devil attempts unsuccessfully to barter the pact onto someone else.

answer: Melmoth the Wanderer

C. This Anne Radcliffe novel was also an early Gothic classic, dealing with Emily de St. Aubert and her upbringing in a melancholy French castle.

answer: The Mysteries of Udolpho