Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 5: Questions by Harvard the Duck and Harvard Johnson.


1. He wrote two series of short stories, including The Captured Shadow and Basil and Cleopatra, about the romantic adventures and frivolities of two adolescents, Basil Duke Lee and Josephine Perry. His other characters include Meyer (*) Wolfsheim, Daisy Buchanan, and the eponymous Last Tycoon. For 10 points-name him.

answer: F(rancis) Scott (Key) Fitzgerald

2. His love for a Regine Olsen is recounted in Diary of the Seducer, the final part of his first book, which was subtitled "A Fragment of Life." The work offers the (*) alternatives of an aesthetic or an ethico-religious view of life, and his belief in the necessity of an informed choice between them influenced the Existentialists. For 10 points-who is this author of Either/Or and Fear and Trembling?

answer: Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

3. It's currently facing a challenge from the Canadian operations of two upstart firms, Rio Tinto and BHP. To cope, it has ordered its marketing arm, the Central Selling Organization, to hold back its own sales to keep prices high. How high? They suggest (*) three months' salary in Japan, one in stingy Britain. For 10 points-what giant cartel wants you to "Tell her you'd marry her all over again" with a diamond anniversary band?

answer: De Beers

4. In the Sun, this process dominates the energy transport from about 70 percent of the solar radius out to the surface. Occurring wherever the (*) Schwarzschild criteria are satisfied, it dominates energy transport in low-mass stars and the cores of very high-mass stars. It relies on a temperature gradient and occurs as hot parcels of gas rise and expand, then cool and fall. For 10 points-name this process observed every day in boiling pots of water.

answer: convection

5. The first of them took place at Oak Grove, which was followed by Mechanicsburg, Gaines' Mill, Savage Station, Fraser's Farm, and Malvern Hill. Gaines' Mill was the only tactical loss for the (*) Union, but they marked the end of McClellan's Peninsular Campaign. Their name reflects the fact that they were fought from June 25 to July 1, 1862. For 10 points-name this series of battles.

answer: The Seven Days' Battles

6. Its successor was located on eight square miles on the Delaware River. Created on a 1500-acre potato field, it summoned over a thousand (*) couples, $7000 in hand, on opening day in March 1949. Trees were planted every 28 feet exactly; paint came in only two tones; picket fences were prohibited. Its creator lived in a stone Bucks County farmhouse but created-for 10 points-what prefabricated community on Long Island?

answer: Levittown


7. The Distaff, Classic, Sprint, Juvenile, and Mile partly comprise this annual sporting event. Juvenile winners rarely run well the next year, except for Timber Country, who won the (*) Preakness but never ran again. The Classic attracts the best of the best, and this year saw Silver Charm and Skip Away face off. For 10 points-what well-known thoroughbred race meeting is the only non-Triple Crown race on network TV?

answer: The Breeders' Cup

8. One story says that she fell asleep in the sanctuary of Apollo and her ears were cleaned by the sacred serpents; the other holds that Apollo himself gave her the power of (*) prophesy to win her love. The first to see Hector's body as it's brought back to Troy, she was killed with her captor Agamemnon by Clytemnestra. Perhaps her tragic fate could have been avoided had anyone believed her prophesies. For 10 points-name her.

answer: Cassandra

9. A hunter and his lady love sing "Fear no longer" with the man who will die so they can escape, as the natives rush off to quench the fire the doomed man set. The lovers are under a death sentence for profaning an ancient (*) blessing ritual. Nadir the hunter and Leila the priestess survive because Zurga, king of the people named in the opera's title, overcomes his jealousy. For 10 points-name this Bizet opera.

answer: The Pearl Fishers or Les Pecheurs de Perles

10. It shares its name with the Japanese name for the Pleiades [PLEE-ah-dees]. It's more than six meters wider than Japan's largest existing such device, and is administered by the National (*) Astronomical Observatory of Japan, though it's physically located in Hawaii. This most powerful ground-based optical telescope yet developed also shares its name with-for 10 points-what Japanese carmaker?

answer: Subaru Telescope

11. Six observatories monitoring global warming are located in

this tiny nation, for a one-meter rise in ocean levels would reduce it to a few sand bars. Formerly a sultanate under (*) British protection, it became an independent republic in 1968. The airport takes up an entire island; another is covered by the capital, Male (MOLL-ay). For 10 points-name the country.

answer: Republic of Maldives

12. Eight goes forward, but four backward. Ten can go either forward or backward. Seven and eleven can affect more than one location at a time. You can't do anything until (*) one, two, or the dreaded card which shares its name with the game appears. The object is to be the first to get all four pieces around the board and into Home. For 10 points-name Parker Brothers' "slide pursuit" board game.

answer: Sorry!

13. He sought to understand the mentality of Nazi concentration camp guards, specifically, their unquestioning (*) obedience to authority. A stunning two-thirds of his subject pool exhibited comparable obedience; when ordered by a researcher, the subjects were willing to deliver shocks of up to 350 volts to a patient, ignoring his screams. For 10 points-name this Yale psychologist and you name his famous experiment.

answer: Stanley Milgram

14. Commissioned by a Dutch insurance firm, they have staggered windows, and moldings wave wildly across the facade. One, constructed of masonry, is topped by a steel mesh dome; the other, (*) curvilinear and glassy, has a pinch in its side to frame the view of Prague Castle. The nickname by which they're best known comes from the fact that these twin towers, designed by Frank Gehry, seem almost to be dancing. for 10 points--name them.

answer: Fred and Ginger

(accept: The I.N.G. Towers in Prague)

15. This curve is also called a tautochrone, since if it were placed in a vertical gravitational field, a ball placed anywhere on it would take the same amount of time to reach the bottom. It is also known as a (*) brachistochrone [bra-KISS-toe-krone], since a ball placed at a point will take less time to reach the bottom than it would if any other curve were to connect the two points. for 10 points--what curve is the mirror image of the path a point on a rolling ball would take?

answer: inverted cycloid (prompt on "cycloid")

(accept "brachistochrone" before "brachistochrone" is read)

16. Ronny Heaslop is the city magistrate whose mother, Mrs. Moore, arrives with his fiancee-to-be, Adela. After encountering the young native Dr. (*) Aziz in a mosque, he, Mrs. Moore and Adela meet over tea with the school principal, Mr. Fielding. The resultant expedition to the Marabar caves ends with accusations of attempted rape, which lead to a high-profile trial which dominates the novel's conclusion. For 10 points-name this work by E.M. Forster.

answer: A Passage to India

17. While lawyers dream of fees, courtiers dream of straight curtsies under her influence. She blisters the lips of ladies on whose breath she smells sweetmeats. Her whip is of cricket's bone, and her driver is a gnat. She herself comes "in shape no bigger than an agate-stone," according to (*) Mercutio, who taunts lovelorn Romeo with a speech about, for 10 points-what "fairies' midwife?"

answer: Queen Mab

18. Forward Tom Gugliotta's move to Phoenix opened the door for this player to move to his third team in four years. He hadn't gotten much playing time in (*) Philadelphia, where he'd been dealt after he turned down $80 million from Golden State. Now he's signed a one-year deal with the Timberwolves. For 10 points-name this former Maryland Terrapin and top overall selection in the 1995 NBA draft.

answer: Joe Smith

19. After the protagonist's father and stepfather get into trouble with the law for stealing, his mother apprentices him to a blind beggar. When that doesn't work out, the boy tries working with a cleric, a squire, a friar, a seller of indulgences, a chaplain and finally a magistrate. Perhaps due to its caustic social critiques, the work's author has remained (*) unknown since it was published in 1554. For 10 points-name this first Spanish picaresque novel.

answer: Lazarillo de Tormes

20. This quantity in physics is named after an Italian-born French mathematician who, along with (*) Euler [OY-ler], used the calculus of variations to develop the equations necessary to make use of this quantity, which is equal to the kinetic energy minus the potential energy. For 10 points-name the quantity that is usually represented by the letter L.

answer: Lagrangian(LA GRAIN jee in)

21. He may run for his home state's lieutenant governorship, which is being vacated by Ronnie Musgrove. His political career had seemed dead, thanks to some Super Bowl tickets and a lawyer named Donald (*) Smaltz, but Smaltz failed to convict him on public-corruption charges. The first post-Reconstruction black congressman from Mississippi, he had to resign as President Clinton's first Agriculture Secretary. For 10 points-name him.

answer: Mike Espy

22. He operated his own computer business until one of his employees turned out to be insane. A Korean War veteran, he was a cook with the fighting 457th. The language skills he picked up once enabled him to converse with the Reverend (*) Sun Myung Moon. He has invented his own holiday, Festivus, and his own stress-reduction technique, Serenity Now. For 10 points-name Jerry Stiller's character on Seinfeld.

answer: Frank Costanza (accept "George Constanza's dad")

23. The family name's the same. One led the opposition to Tony Blair's plan to strip hereditary peers of their votes in the House of Lords. Known as Lord (*) Cranborne, he was sacked as Tory leader in the Lords after he made a secret deal with Blair. His ancestor, the first Baron Burghley, was responsible for the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. For 10 points-what family name do Robert and William share?

answer: Cecil

24. In property law, it's similar to an equitable servitude, but violation of it can bring money damages. Unlike an easement, it can require the burdened party to perform an affirmative duty. The Supreme Court declined to enforce the (*) restrictive variety in the famous case of Shelley v. Kraemer. President Clinton used to talk a lot about a New one in his first year in office. Indiana Jones encountered the Ark of the-for 10 points-what?

answer: Covenant

(accept "Real Covenant" until the words "a New one")

25. His first professional assignment was a photographic report of Thomas Mann accepting the Nobel Prize. A pioneer of available-light photography, he covered the Italian war in Ethiopia but emigrated to the U.S. in 1935. He took a job with (*) Life magazine the next year and worked on more than 2500 assignments, including his most famous picture, V-J Day, a snapshot of a sailor's passionate kiss. For 10 points-name this photojournalist.

answer: Alfred Eisenstaedt [EYES-in-stat]

26. This man's famous query came in defense of Fred Fisher, a young associate at Hale and Dorr who had briefly joined a Communist front group after law school. Representing Robert Stevens, the Secretary of the (*) Army, before a Senate subcommittee, he won a standing ovation by asking "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?" of the junior senator from Wisconsin. For 10 points-name this lawyer and McCarthy antagonist.

answer: Joseph Nye Welch

27. Along with tension, cohesion, and adhesion, this process helps to draw (*) water up through the xylem of vascular plants. Epidermal cells called guard cells create openings to allow for carbon dioxide intake. For 10 points-name this process which C-4 plants only perform at night in order to minimize water loss.

answer: transpiration

28. This book features a dinosaur throwing a snowball, a transmogrifier gun, a squadron of B-1s nuking New York, a ruined camping trip, and an unsuccessful journey to (*) northern Canada. Page one contains a song the two heroes sing as they march northward, in which they proclaim that they will "masticate using any fork we choose" and enjoy "no more parental rules." For 10 points-name this adventurous comic book by Bill Watterson.

answer: Yukon Ho!

Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 5: Questions by Harvard the Duck and Harvard Johnson.


1. Uproar over TV shows is nothing new, although animated ones are usually less controversial. For 10 points each:

A. What new animated Fox series has been attacked for racial insensitivity, along with creator Eddie Murphy?

answer: The PJs

B. The PJ's is being compared unfavorably to what CBS cartoon series whose episodes included "Everybody's Different and That's OK!"?

answer: Fat Albert

C. What now-defunct UPN sitcom, whose main character purported to be Abraham Lincoln's butler, also drew controversy?

answer: The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer


2. Name the following women associated with the surrealist movement for 10 points each:

A. Her works Luncheon in Fur and Cannibal Feast caused an uproar. This Swiss woman is also the subject of Man Ray's Veiled Erotic.

answer: Meret Oppenheim

B. Her self-portraits often depict her in traditional Mexican garb, carrying the brace she wore as a result of a spinal injury sustained in a car accident.

answer: Frida Kahlo

C. Originally the wife of poet Paul Eluard, she had affairs with Max Ernst and other Surrealists before settling down with Salvador Dali.

answer: Gala Eluard (prompt on "Eluard," exasperatedly)


3. Identify the following about the sacred geography of India for 10 points each:

A. This Hindu "city of the dead" is located at the confluence of the Ganges and Jamuna rivers.

answer: Banaras or Benares or Varanasi

B. A conflict between Hindu nationalists and Moslems at this supposed site of Rama's birth led to the razing of a centuries-old mosque.

answer: Ayodhya

C. A large Buddhist complex has been built in this town at the location of Buddha's enlightenment.

answer: Bodh-Gaya


4. Given several of a state's daily newspapers, name the state for 10 points each. For example, given "Globe, Herald, Telegram and Gazette," you'd say "Massachusetts."

A. Rocky Mountain News, Daily Camera, Chieftain.

answer: Colorado

(Denver, Boulder, Pueblo)

B. Post-Intelligencer, Spokesman-Review, Columbian.

answer: Washington State

(Seattle, Spokane, Vancouver)

C. Observer; News and Observer; Observer-Times

answer: North Carolina

(Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville)


5. Identify these American poems, 5-10-15:

A. For 5-Stephen Vincent Benet's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1929 narrative poem about the Civil War.

answer: John Brown's Body

B. For 10-written in dactylic hexameter, this 1858 Longfellow poem capitalized on the success "The Song of Hiawatha" had enjoyed.

answer: The Courtship of Miles Standish

C. For 15-this 1953 narrative poem by Robert Penn Warren tells the story of Thomas Jefferson's family.

answer: Brother to Dragons


6. Pencil and paper ready; the moderator will not tell you whether you're correct until the end of the bonus. Consider a solution containing the following cations [CAT-eye-ons]: zinc plus-2, silver plus-1, barium plus-2, and tin-plus-4. For 10 points each:

A. Which ion precipitates when you add 6-molar hydrochloric acid to the solution?

answer: silver plus-1 (moderator do not read aloud until the end)

B. Now adjust the pH of the solution to 0.5 and saturate the solution with hydrogen sulfide. Which ion precipitates out?

answer: tin plus-4 (moderator do not read aloud until the end)

C. Finally, adjust the pH of the solution to 9 and saturate again with hydrogen sulfide. Which ion is the last to precipitate?

answer: zinc plus-2


7. Identify these English kings named Ethel-something for 10 points each:

A. The first of the Ethel kings was this son of Egbert and king of Wessex, Sussex, Kent and Essex. His four sons included Alfred the Great.

answer: Ethelwulf

B. This Ethel, Ethelwulf's oldest son, displaced his father in Wessex.

answer: Ethelbald

C. This son of King Edgar married Emma of Normandy and fathered both Edmund the Second Ironside and Edward the Confessor.

answer: Ethelred the Second or, yes, Ethelred the Unready

(prompt on "Ethelred")


8. Identify these symphonic composers, 5-10-15.

A. For 5-two of the nine symphonies attributed to him were never completed: An 1821 work in E major was never published; and an 1822 work in B minor was published with only two complete movements.

answer: Franz Schubert

B. For 10-a 1783 work of his was meant as an introduction to a Haydn symphony, but the Kochel catalog numbers that work as his 37th symphony.

answer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

C. For 15 points-this composer gave up on his E-flat symphony, but reshaped the first movement into his 3rd Piano Concerto.

answer: Pyotr Ilytch Tchaikovsky


9. The euro is being adopted even outside Europe-in some overseas French possessions, for example. For 15 points each-name:

A. This volcanic island east of Madagascar, France's only Indian Ocean possession with the status of a full department. Its capital is Saint-Denis.

answer: La Reunion

C. The French territory east of Australia and south of Vanuatu that gets to keep its own franc even though the French franc will die out.

answer: New Caledonia


10. The 1998 movie Ronin featured three former James Bond arch-villains. For 10 points each:

A. Seamus was played by Jonathan Pryce, who was Bond nemesis Elliot Carver in what film?

answer: Tomorrow Never Dies

B. Spence was played by Sean Bean, who was Bond nemesis Alec Trevelyan in what film?

answer: GoldenEye

C. Jean-Pierre was played by Michael Lonsdale, who was Bond nemesis Hugo Drax in what awful film?

answer: Moonraker


11. Name these psychological terms from definitions for 10 points each:

A. According to Freud and Lacan, this is what occurs when the male associates excessively with an object in an attempt to ignore the "castration" of the mother.

answer: fetish

B. Freud's use of this term for the combination of two or more disparate images into one is rooted in his "botanical monograph dream."

answer: condensation

C. This is what occurs when an individual redirects his impulses or energies, often sexual, into tasks seen as more socially acceptable.

answer: sublimation


12. Name these civil rights heroes for 10 points each:

A. What recently elected NAACP chairman delivered a stinging rebuke to conservatives in his Martin Luther King day lecture at Duke?

answer: Julian Bond

B. What prominent civil rights figure preceded Bond as chairman?

answer: Myrlie Evers-Williams

C. Bond once lost a race for Congress to this recent author of Walking With the Wind.

answer: John Lewis


13. Name these Saul Bellow works for 10 points each:

A. The title character spends the title time period in wintry Bucharest, helping his astronomer wife care for her ailing mother.

answer: The Dean's December

B. The title character, who tells his daughter Shula that he's working on a book about H.G. Wells, encounters a pickpocket who shows him his penis to intimidate him.

answer: Mr. Sammler's Planet

C. In this novella, Bellow's most recent, Harry Trellman is helped by his multimillionaire employer to rekindle his old romance with a friend's widow, Amy Wustrin.

answer: The Actual


14. Identify the following about spectroscopy for 10 points per answer:

A. What law says that the absorbance of a sample is directly proportional to the sample's concentration and the path length of light through the sample?

answer: Beer's Law

B. Two types of spectroscopy have lower energy than electronic spectroscopy. One requires that the molecule have a permanent dipole; the other requires an induced dipole.

answer: rotational spectroscopy

vibrational spectroscopy


15. Conjoin these politicians and musicians or groups for 10 points each. You must include the pol's first name. For example, if I said, "A senator from Nevada and the guy who sang Summer of '69," you'd say, "Richard Bryan Adams."

A. The governor of Arkansas and the Gibb brothers' group that sang "One."

answer: Michael Huckabee Gees (or "Mike...")

B. The junior senator from Virginia and the guy who sang "Addicted To Love."

answer: Charles Robb-ert Palmer (or "Chuck...")

C. The senior senator from Georgia and the group that scored a hit with "Roll to Me."

answer: Paul Coverdell Amitri


16. The Union of South Africa was formed after the Boer War from two British colonies and two former Dutch colonies.

A. For 5 points each-name these four colonies.

answer: The Cape


Orange Free State (or "Orange River Colony" or "Oranje Freie Stat")


B. The colonies were united under a constitution largely written by the colonial secretary of the Transvaal, who would twice become prime minister of South Africa. For 10 more points-name him.

answer: Jan Christiaan Smuts


17. Name these political scientists for 10 points each:

A. This Yale professor is the author of such works as Polyarchy, Dilemmas of Pluralist Democracy, and Controlling Nuclear Weapons: Democracy Versus Guardianship.

answer: Robert A. Dahl

B. This Harvard professor's book on civil-military relations, The Soldier and the State, is the preeminent work in the field.

answer: Samuel P. Huntington

C. The most recent book by this former member of the Carter administration is The Grand Chessboard.

answer: Zbigniew Brzezinski (bruh-ZINN-ski)


18. Give the real names of these Mark Twain title characters:

A. For 5 points each-The Prince and the Pauper

answer: Edward the Sixth (or "Edward Tudor" or "Prince Edward")

Tom Canty (prompt on "Tom")

B. For 10 points-The Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

answer: Hank Morgan (either name acceptable)

C. For 10 points-The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

answer: Dan'l Webster


19. 30-20-10. Name the baseball franchise.

A. (30 points) In spring training 1977, second baseman Lenny Randle punched out manager Frank Lucchesi but did not try to choke him.

B. (20 points) Five years earlier, owner Bob Short had relocated this team from Washington, D.C.

C. (10 points) Nolan Ryan threw his seventh no-hitter with this team, whose current stars include catcher Ivan Rodriguez.

answer: Texas Rangers (either part acceptable)


20. Hun Sen has coopted a former rival into supporting his government by making him speaker of parliament, but he's creating a second legislative chamber dominated by his cronies to counterbalance it.

A. For 5 points-of what country is Hun Sen prime minister?

answer: Cambodia

B. For 10 points-name the royal former first prime minister Hun Sen has coopted.

answer: Prince Norodom Ranariddh (either part acceptable)

C. For 15 points-what former finance minister and Hun Sen enemy led a self-titled party in last year's elections?

answer: Sam Rainsy


21. One toke over the line, sweet botany? For 15 points each:

A. Zoogeographers disagree on where the boundary lies between the Asian and Australasian faunal regions. One hypothetical boundary runs between the islands of Borneo and the Celebes, and between Bali and Lombok. Name this line and you name the 19th century naturalist and collaborator of Charles Darwin who proposed it.

answer: (Alfred Russel) Wallace's line

B. In 1902, this line was proposed as a replacement for Wallace's line; it is further east, on the other side of the Celebes and Timor.

answer: Weber's line


22. 30-20-10. Identify the Broadway musical:

A. (30 points) It is based on the Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnar's play "Liliom."

B. (20 points) One of the main characters is fired from Mr. Bascombe's cotton mill in an early scene of this musical, set on the New England coast.

C. (10 points) Though Gordon McRae played Billy Bigelow in the movie, John Raitt virtually defined the role, especially the songs "Soliloquy" and "If I Loved You."

answer: Carousel


23. Name these ancient plays for 10 points each:

A. This play by Aeschylus opens at Agamemnon's grave, seven years after his murder. It closes with Agamemnon's son realizing the Furies are near and running from the scene with a howl of terror.


B. This Sophocles play ends with the title character cursing his sons as they go off to war with each other, and then making his way into the grove of the Furies.

answer: Oedipus at Colonus

C. In this tragedy by Euripedes, the Queen Mother Agave kills her son, Pentheus, king of Thebes in a madness induced by Dionysus.

answer: The Bacchae


24. Given a U.S. city, name the county in which it's located for 10 points each:

A. Detroit

answer: Wayne

B. Seattle

answer: King

C. San Antonio

answer: Bexar (BAY-har)


25. Identify these ballet movements for 10 points each:

A. A jump beginning and ending in the fifth position, during which the feet are rapidly crossed.

answer: Entrechat (prompt on PAS D'ELEVATION)

B. A knee bend, either shallow or deep, that may be performed in any of the five basic foot positions.

answer: Plie (plee-AY)

C. A complete single, double, or triple rotation while off the ground, usually beginning and ending in the fifty position.

answer: Tour En L'air (tore awh lair)