Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 4: Questions by Minnesota.


1. Although bilateral symmetry was an important development in animal evolution, not all symmetric animals are very complex. These primitive animals are the (*) simplest in which organs occur but they lack circulatory systems, have a gut with one opening, and use flame cells for excretion. For 10 points-give the name of these animals which include flatworms and flukes and whose name means "possessing no body cavity."

answer: acoelomates (accept platyhelminthes if buzzed before


2. Born in Scranton, North Dakota in 1925, he clerked for Supreme Court Justice William Douglas. He gained national prominence as deputy secretary of state under (*) Jimmy Carter when he lobbied for the Panama Canal Treaty and negotiated the 1981 release of American hostages in Iran. For 10 points-name this man, who served as Secretary of State under Clinton.

answer: Warren Christopher

3. Broadcasting from The Bear in Jackson, Michigan, this right-wing talk show host advocates a strong anti-drug policy, the right to bear arms, and monogamy, despite admitting his addiction to (*) sex in the 1970s when he was one of the biggest live concert acts. A former guitarist for Damn Yankees and the Amboy Dukes, he ran around stage in a loin cloth and performed songs like "Wango Tango." For 10 points-what Motor City Madman probably never had "Cat Scratch Fever"?

answer: Ted Nugent

4. He tried his hand at lumberjacking, mining, cattle skinning, and elephant handling before briefly becoming a successful boxer and publishing a book of poems called Smoke From This Altar. While serving in the Tank Corps in World War II, his fellow soldiers encouraged him to write down his childhood stories of (*) pioneer ancestors and local Indians. For 10 points-name this prolific writer of Hondo, Hopalong Cassidy and over 100 other Western novels.

answer: Louis L'Amour

5. It is not 10 times the size of Minnesota, but it is known as the "Land of 100,000 Lakes." This Canadian province has its highest point at Mount Baldy. Its industries include fishing, timber, mining, and wheat farming, and it was the site of the 1869 (*) Red River Rebellion. For 10 points-what prairie province has its capital at Winnipeg?

answer: Manitoba

6. They were originally known as Russellites, (*) Millennial Dawnists, and International Bible Students. The first member of this denomination was claimed to have been Abel and current members include Venus and Serena Williams. They reject the trinity, believe that the world was ruled by Satan until 1914, and reject the idea of hell. For 10 points-name this Christian denomination whose members often refuse to salute flags.

answer: Jehovah's Witnesses

7. At the University of Minnesota, one of the annual extra-credit projects in this class is a poem lamenting the unfeasibility of comprehending the subject matter. "It's as if one could drink a pint of beer or no beer at all, but were barred by a law of nature from drinking any quantity of beer (*) between zero and one pint," said George Gamow (GAMM-ovv) of-for 10 points-what theory proposed by Max Planck?

answer: quantum physics

8. "Your beauty draws my sighs." "Once I lived on a lake." "All is warmed by the sun." "Hail, thou most beautiful." "In great anger and turmoil." "I bewail the wounds of fate." (*) "O Fortuna." For 10 points-these are some of the 25 individual movements in what famous work by Carl Orff?

answer: Carmina Burana

9. 101 crossword puzzles, Bartending, Cats, (*) Sex, Container Gardening, Wine, The Internet, and Windows 95 are all-for 10 points-titles in what popular series from IDG Books?

answer: For Dummies

10. .68 caliber is the most popular form, although .40 caliber versions

are available. Muzzle velocity is limited to a maximum of 300 feet per

second for (*) official competition, although many weapons can be adjusted

to throw projectiles at near-lethal speeds. The only required protection

is a shatterproof facemask, although two layers of medium-thickness

cloth is recommended to avoid nasty welts when playing-for 10 points-what sport that started as a non-lethal combat simulation for troops?

answer: paintball

11. As you drive from east to west, you increase in altitude so gradually you barely notice it, until you reach this point, a small hill over the (*) Ogallala formation. Located in Wallace County, this is the highest point in Kansas. For 10 points-what geographic feature shares its name with the state flower?

answer: Mt. Sunflower

12. He married Henrietta Maria six weeks after his father's death. Parliament called for impeachment of his chief minister, the Duke of (*) Buckingham. He imprisoned John Eliot and others, but while they were held, Parliament refused to do business. In April 1640 he called Parliament together for the first time in 11 years, but as the decade went on all hell broke loose. For 10 points-name this son of James the First.

answer: Charles the First


13. This religion was ahead of its time in its attitudes toward drugs and even tobacco smoking, habits which it has (*) banned for hundreds of years. With over 20 million followers, it ranks as the world's fifth-largest religion. For 10 points-name this religion whose members follow the teachings of the 10 gurus.

answer: Sikhism (Seekism) or Sikhs (Seeks);

(do not accept or prompt on Hinduism)

14. You may have seen him in a classic Star Trek episode as a shimmering leader of some evil children but that's not why he is famous. A celebrity (*) attorney before the likes of Johnnie Cochran and Marcia Clark, he claimed to have won 600 million dollars for his clients. His clients included Jack Ruby, Mae West and televangelist Jim Bakker. For 10 points-name the San Francisco attorney known as the King of Torts.

answer: Melvin Belli

15. Almost every member of the House Judiciary committee is a lawyer. One notable exception is a (*) Californian who questioned Clinton's defenders on how they would explain the President's behavior to their children. For 10 points-name this representative who has spoken candidly about her husband Sonny and his death.

answer: Mary Bono

16. His rival gets him drunk and starts a brawl, then convinces his boss that he's sleeping with the boss's wife. After the boss murders the wife in question, (*) Desdemona, the plot of his rival is discovered. For 10 points-name this handsome underling of Shakespeare's Othello.

answer: Michael Cassio


17. Using a combination of low taxes and economic liberalization, this country has become one of the stars of Europe. It has averaged 8 percent growth in annual GDP since 1991. When the European Commission ordered this nation to stop favoring (*) exporting industries with lower taxes, the country shocked its partners by bringing all corporate taxes in line with those given to exporters. For 10 points-name this nation that, for the first time in ages, has become a net immigrant country and where the common man, Joe Flynn, has it pretty good these days.

answer: Ireland

18. Of this choreographer's work, John Cage said, "As in abstract painting, it is assumed that an element is in and of itself expressive; what it communicates is in large part determined by the observer himself." His dance company was founded at Black Mountain College in 1953 after being a soloist for (*) Martha Graham. His studio is now based in New York City. For 10 points-name this award-winning choreographer who shares his last name with a 1950s TV family and a Minnesota quarterback.

answer: Merce Cunningham_

19. Joseph Stilwell called this president "the Peanut." His study of Marxism in Moscow influenced him to attempt to murder all the communists in (*) Nanking. Under Sun Yet Sen, he was the military leader of the Kuo Min Tong. For 10 points-name this Generalissimo of the Republic of China.

answer: Chiang Kai Shek

20. This is the general type of medical instrument used to examine the insides of (*) hollow organs or cavities. Fiber optics is the technology that makes this instrument possible. For 10 points-name this instrument with varieties that include the gastroscope, bronchioscope and the arthroscope.

answer: endoscope

21. He has the facial features and bone structure of a Caucasian man, but his 10,000-year-old skeleton was found in (*) Oregon. Archeologists want to study him, but Indians want to bury him. For 10 points-name this much fought-over man who might teach humankind startling truths about the origins of man in North America.

answer: Kennewick man

22. The plot of this, novel of which only a fraction is extant, revolves around the rivalry of two companions, (*) Enculpius and Ascyltus, over the affections of a beautiful teenage boy. Its most famous chapter is set at a grand banquet held by the fabulously rich freedman, Trimalchio. For 10 points-name this work of Petronius.

answer: "The Satyricon"

23. His paintings were more realistic than those of other Impressionists. His most intriguing paintings are those of the broad Parisian boulevards painted from high vantage points and populated with elegantly clad figures strolling with the expressionless intensity of (*) somnambulists. An engineer by profession, he helped organize the first Impressionist exhibition with Degas, Monet and Renoir. For 10 points-name this lesser-known Impressionist.

answer: Gustave Caillebot {kah-yuh-buht'}

24. Unsure of his talents as a dramatist, this German wrote histories, such as "The Revolt of Netherlands" and "The History of the Thirty Year's War." His relationship with (*) Goethe influenced him to write "Wallenstein", his greatest work. Other works include "The Maid of Orleans," "The Robbers," "Maria Stuart" and William Tell." For 10 points-name this Sturm und Drang playwright.

answer: J. C. Friedrich Schiller_

25. The most economically viable deposits of this metallic element can be found in South Africa, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India and China. Its most important mineral compound is called (*) pyrolusite. It is primarily used to alloy different grades of steel or cast iron, although beverage cans may contain up to 1 percent of it. For 10 points-name this element discovered by the Swedish chemist Johann Gahn with an atomic number of 25.

answer: manganese

26. Put the same guitar riff in every other measure and interject "Oh!" or "Yeah!" into the rests. Though you are a rich white rock star, sing self-pitying songs about poverty and blackness. Give your songs hip titles like "Heartspark Dollar Sign" or "Welfare Christmas." This is how to act like-for 10 points-what alternative band which shares its name with especially potent alcohol?

answer: Everclear

27. This country was an ally of the United Kingdom during World War I

but was not on as good of terms with the (*) Russians. It used the war to

add to its territorial influence, something that had been expanding since 1905. For 10 points-name this nation that grabbed two set of islands in 1905 following a military victory over Russia.

answer: Japan

28. Burning bright in the (*) forests of the night, what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry? For 10 points-name this William Blake poem about an intimidating feline.

answer: The Tyger

Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999.

Round 4: Questions by Minnesota.


1. Name these American Indian tribes for 10 points each:

A. This nation originally called western Georgia home but was forcibly

moved to Oklahoma in the late 1830s. One opponent of their removal was a wealthy Georgia land owner, John Ross.

answer: Cherokee

B. This tribe considers the Black Hills of South Dakota sacred and was

granted these lands, but gold discoveries in 1877 led to the confiscation of the land.

answer: Sioux

C. Between 1835 and 1842, the United States had to fight this Florida tribe in guerrilla conditions, the difficulty of which they would not see again until Vietnam.

answer: Seminole


2. 30-20-10. Name the philosopher.

A. (30 points) Born in 1889, he served in the Austrian army and was captured in Italy during World War One.

B. (20 points) One of his best known works had its greatest influence on logical positivism.

C. (10 points) That work is Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein


3. Name these economists for 15 points each:

A. Awarded the Nobel Prize because of his work in developing rational expectations theory and transforming macroeconomic analysis, he was forced to award half of his prize money to his ex-wife as the result of a divorce settlement.

answer: Robert Lucas

B. This former Chief Economic Advisor to President Clinton became Dean of the University of California's Haas School of Business.

answer: Laura D'Andrea Tyson


4. Name these right-of-center authors for 15 points each:

A. He wrote speeches for Bob Dole in 1996 but is also considered one of

America's best novelists. An expert mountain climber, some of his best known works are The Winter's Tale and Memoir from Antproof Case.

answer: Mark Helprin

B. Alice Walker probably isn't too happy that one of her heroes was a big fan of Robert Taft's bid for the 1952 Republican nomination. A resident of Eatonville, Florida, some of her best known works are Their Eyes Were Watching God and Mules and Men.

answer: Zora Neale Hurston


5. Along with her husband Henry, she attended a convention in London where she met Lucretia Mott.

A. For 5 points-name her.

answer: Elizabeth Cady Stanton

B. Mott and Stanton met at a convention concerning-for 10 points-what social issue?

answer: abolition of slavery (accept clear-knowledge equivalents)

C. For 15 points-what declaration did 300 men make at Seneca Falls in 1848?

answer: Declaration of Sentiments


6. Given the subclass in a class of the phylum arthropoda-name the class for 10 points each:

A. Cephalocarida. [CEF-a-lo-CARE-eh-da]

answer: Crustacea

B. Insecta.

answer: Hexapoda

C. Branchiopoda. [bran-chi-AW-po-da]

answer: Crustacea


7. Given the African nation, name the capital:

A. For 10 points-Nigeria.

answer: Abuja

B. For 15 points-Gabon.

answer: Libreville

C. For 5 points-Sudan.

answer: Khartoum


8. Identify the following about pasta for the stated number of points:

A. For 5 points-a wide flat pasta, usually baked in a casserole with cheeses and either a meat sauce or selection of vegetables.

answer: lasagna

B. For 10 points-this is considered the proper state of doneness for pasta: cooked through, but still slightly firm to the bite.

answer: al dente

C. For 15 points-Cavatappi al nero is a spiral, ridged, tubular pasta colored black and flavored with this somewhat unusual additive.

answer: squid ink


9. For 10 points each-answer the following about Symphony #5 in D minor, opus 47, which premiered in 1937.

A. Who composed it?

answer: Dmitri Shostakovich

B. In what city did it premier?

answer: Leningrad or St. Petersburg

C. Shostakovich got in trouble for an opera he'd written that Stalin saw in 1936. Name either the opera or the Shakespeare play on which it was based.

answer: Lady Macbeth of Mtensk


10. Given an NFL or NCAA football record set this past season, name

the new record holder.

A. For 5 points-NFL career sacks,192.5.

answer: Reggie White

B. For 10 points-NFL single-season carries - 410.

answer: Jamal Anderson

C. For 15 points-NCAA career rushing for all divisions - 6,958 yds.

answer: Brian Shay


11. At the beginning of the recent impeachment trial, two senators were sworn in as jurors using their left hands because they lost their right arms while serving in the military.

A. For 10 points each-name them.

answer: Max Cleland, Daniel Inouye

B. For 5 points each-what states do Cleland and Inouye represent?

answer: Georgia, Hawaii


12. Name the questionable medical item, 30-20-10:

A. (30 points) It was the active ingredient in the "Cosmos Bag," a loose cotton sack applied to rheumatic or arthritic joints.

B. (20 points) Solutions of this element were marketed as a cure for the mentally ill and retarded, as well as a general health stimulant. Pittsburgh steel

tycoon Eben Byers drank 1400 bottles of solution in under 3 years, causing his jaw to fall off.

C. (10 points) You can make the solution at home with the Revigator, in which a low-grade ore of this radioactive metal is steeped in the water you provide, allowing you an endless supply of various oral cancers as well as glowing paint for watch faces.

answer: radium


13. Name these product spokesthings from their descriptions for 10 points each:

A. Carrying a cane and wearing a top hat, boots, gloves and monocle, this may be one of the most disturbing logo-creatures ever, as he seems to advocate the reckless consumption of his own species.

answer: Mr. Peanut

B. Wearing only a turtleneck sweater with vertical red and white stripes, this spokescuckoo hawks his particular brand of chocolaty goodness sans pants.

answer: Sonny

C. Riding a stylized steed and heralded by fanfare, this may be the best-protected warrior in the history of bellicosity.

answer: Trojan Man


14. Name the participant in the Anglican High Mass from a description of his duties for 10 points each:

A. Responsible for consecration of the Host and wine.

answer: celebrant

B. Responsible for assisting the celebrant in the Mass, this person's

duties include handing the unconsecrated Host and wine to the celebrant

and assisting in the ablutions before the consecration.

answer: acolyte

C. Responsible solely for distributing the smoke from incense used in

some rites, this person gets to walk around swinging burning stuff on a


answer: thurifer


15. For 10 points apiece-given a year and description, name the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

A. In 1962, this Caltech professor won for his fight against nuclear testing.

answer: Linus Pauling

B. 1912, this Secretary of State under William Howard Taft was recognized for his efforts in international peace, whatever that means.

answer: Elihu Root

C. 1957, this Canadian won for organizing a UN emergency force to patrol the Suez Canal after the second Arab-Israeli War.

answer: Lester Pearson


16. 30-20-10. Name the author:

A. (30 points) His works dealing with homosexual themes including "The Life to Come" were not published until after he died in 1970.

B. (20 points) In 1951, he wrote the libretto for Benjamin Britten's opera "Billy


C. (10 points) His travel to places like India and Italy became the basis for such novels as A Room With a View.

answer: E.M. Forster


17. In 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the breakup of the Standard Oil Trust into 34 independent companies. For 10 points apiece-given the name or names of a 1911 Standard Oil company, give the name of the successor as of December 1998.

A. Anglo-American Oil Co., Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey.

answer: Exxon

B. National Transit Co., South-West Pennsylvania Pipe Lines.

answer: Pennzoil

C. Continental Oil Co.

answer: Conoco


18. For 10 points apiece-identify the European country that founded the following colonies.

A. Cape Town in present-day South Africa.

answer: Netherlands or Holland

B. Goa in present-day India.

answer: Portugal

C. Fort Christiana on the site of present-day Wilmington, Delaware.

answer: Sweden


19. For 15 points each-given the French financial adviser, name the king under whom he served.

A. Jean-Baptiste Colbert.

answer: Louis the Fourteenth

B. Jacques Necker.

answer: Louis the Sixteenth


20. Feel the love! For ten points apiece, given the croon from a song, identify the funk or soul artist or band who made the following pleas for love:

A. I know there is only one like you / There's no way they could have

made two. / You're all I'm living for / You're love I'll keep forevermore /

You're the first, the last, my everything.

answer: Barry White (from "You're the First, the Last, My Everything")

B. Baby, since we've been together / Loving you forever is what I need /

Let me be the one you come running to / I'll never be untrue / Baby,

let's stay together / Loving you whether times are good or bad,

happy or sad.

answer: Al Green (from "Let's Stay Together")

C. Move yourself and glide like a 747 / Lose yourself in the sky among

the clouds in the heavens / Let this groove, light up your fuse, all right /

Let this groove, set in your shoes / Stand up, all right

answer: Earth, Wind & Fire (from "Let's Groove")


21. 1856 was the first time a former U.S. president tried to run for his old office under a third party. For 10 points each-name.

A. This former president.

answer: Millard Fillmore

B. The largest party to back Fillmore.

answer: American or Know-Nothing

C. The only state Fillmore carried in 1856.

answer: Maryland


22. 30-20-10. Name the singer.

A. His "Time To Say Goodbye" with Sarah Brightman is an international hit.

B. His blindness came from a soccer accident at the age of 12.

C. At the end of February, he may become one of the few classical artists

to win the Best New Artist Grammy.

answer: Andrea Bocelli


23. 30-20-10. Name the painter

A. His nickname, La Douanier, is a misnomer because he never actually

served as a customs inspector.

B. He was entirely self-taught, hence he is a true primitive.

C. Famous works include "The Sleeping Gypsy", "Football Players" and "The Dream" all between 1900 and his death in 1910.

answer: Henri Rousseau


24. Finish each of the following analogies for 10 points each. For example, if the question was, "grapes are to raisins as plums are to these," you would answer prunes. Ready?

A. Bellerophon is to Pegasus as Stringfellow Hawke is to this.

answer: Airwolf

B. Noam Chomsky is to Massachussetts Institute of Technology as Michael

Baldwin and four guys named Bruce are to this.

answer: University of Wollamaloo

C. Sir Walter Raleigh is to the Tower of London as Mr. Freeze is to this.

answer: Arkham Asylum


25. Name the John Donne poem from lines for 15 points each:

A. One short sleep past, we wake eternally.

And death shall be no more: Death, thou shalt die.

answer: Death Be Not Proud

B. I have done a braver thing

Than all the worthies did.

And yet a brave thence doth spring,

Which is, to keep that hid.

answer: The Undertaking