Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999

Round 3: Questions by Dartmouth College


1. Give the nearest English-language equivalent of these first-order logic connectives for 10 points each:

A. Material Biconditional.

answer: if and only if

(DO NOT ACCEPT "if...then")

(DO NOT PROMPT on "if")

B. Scheffler's Arrow.

answer: not both or NAnd

C. Quine's Dagger

answer: neither... nor


2. Identify the following about the presidential election of 1912 for the stated number of points.

A. For 5 points-who came in third?

answer: William Howard Taft

B. Both Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson proposed plans containing the word "New." For 5 points each-name them. You must indicate which was whose.

answer: Wilson - New Freedom

Roosevelt - New Nationalism

C. On October 14, Roosevelt was shot in the chest before giving a speech in-for 15 points-what Midwestern city?

answer: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


3. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

A. If you needed to call the Ghostbusters, could you? For 10 points-give the telephone number from their commercials.

answer: JL5-2020

(accept: 555-2020)

B. "Yes it's true, this man has no dick." For 5 points each-name the character played by William Atherton and the government agency he works for.

answer: Richard Peck, Environmental Protection Agency


C. Gozer's coming depended on two humans-turned-demigods. For 5 points each-give their titles.

answer: Gatekeeper, Keymaster


4. A House special committee voted 9-0 to release information on Chinese attempts to steal U.S. defense technology. For 10 points each-name:

A. The California Republican who chairs this committee.

answer: Christopher Cox

B. Either of the two companies accused of transferring missile technology, the companies with whom the investigation began.

answer: Loral Space Systems or Hughes Electronics Corp.

C. The Loral President who was the largest campaign contributor to the Democrat Party in 1996.

answer: Bernard Schwartz


5. For the stated point values-answer the following about the William Faulkner novel Sanctuary.

A. Lawyer Horace Benbow leaves his wife because he cannot stand the smell of-for 10 points-what food product that she made him pick up at the train station every Friday?

answer: shrimp

B. Ironically-for 15 points-what is the first name of the woman whose body is violated?

answer: Temple (Temple Drake)

C. For 5 points-name the head of the moonshine operation. So far as we know, he does not like spinach.

answer: Popeye


6. Name these 20th century composers for 10 points each:

A. His Adagio for Strings was used in the movie Platoon. He was the first American composer whose works were performed at the Salzburg Music Festival.

answer: Samuel Barber

B. This Hungarian ethnomusicologist fled the Nazis and ended up New York. His Music for Strings, Celeste, and Percussion was in The Shining.

answer: Bela Bartok

C. Captured by the Nazis, this Avignon-born Frenchman wrote Quartet for the End of Time in a POW camp.

answer: Olivier Messien


7. Maybe it wasn't the dingo that ate your baby. For 10 points each-name these deadly critters found on or near Australia:

A. This is the largest poisonous snake in Australia and the second deadliest in the world.

answer: Taipan

B. In the wild, this Indian Ocean snail first shoots its prey with a weaker barb to avoid wasting stronger ones. Humans victims typically try to pick it up, then die from the ensuing assault.

answer: Geography Cone Snail

C. This spider is just like the black widow except that the hourglass is on its back. Apparently its ancestor was a black widow that got smashed and began walking upside down.

answer: redback spider


8. For 10 points each-name these Greek mythological muses or their relatives:

A. The muse of dance.

answer: Terpsichore

B. The muse of epic poetry.

answer: Calliope

C. The mother of the muses.

answer: Mnemosyne


9. Answer the following about the Irish Party, a political party of the 1880s, for 10 points each:

A. What man, called the "Uncrowned King of Ireland," was its leader?

answer: Charles Stewart Parnell

B. In the Election of 1885, with which British party did the Irish party form a coalition?

answer: Liberal Party

C. In 1886 some Liberals split from the party to defeat Gladstone's Home Rule Bill. What were they called?

answer: Liberal Unionists


10. Name these epochs, divisions, and periods for 10 points each:

A. The most recent epoch.

answer: Holocene

B. Either of the two divisions of the Carboniferous period named for U.S. states.

answer: Mississippian or Pennsylvanian

C. The period that succeeded the Carboniferous but preceded the Mesozoic era.

answer: Permian


11. Name these members of the LPGA hall of fame for 10 points each:

A. This founder of the LPGA won 17 amateur tournaments in a row. She became a charter member of the LPGA hall of fame in 1951.

answer: Babe Didrikson Zaharias (accept "Didrikson")

B. One of five hall-of-fame members still on the tour, she has 48 career victories.

answer: Nancy Lopez

C. Made an honorary member in 1994, this pop star has never played golf competitively.

answer: Dinah Shore


12. "The official who has come from Petersburg by imperial order demands your instant appearance before him. He is stopping at the inn." Stage directions then call for a cry of astonishment, "as if proceeding from a single bosom." For 10 points each-

A. This is the last line of what play?

answer: The Inspector General

B. Name the Russian author of The Inspector General.

answer: Nikolai Gogol

C. Ivan Kuzmich Shpekin is the first to discover that Khlestakov is an imposter. What is Shpekin's profession?

answer: Postmaster (accept equivalents)


13. In January 1999, a Mexican judge sentenced the brother of Mexico's former president to 50 years in prison for murder.

A. For 10 points-name the defendant.

answer: Raul Salinas de Gortari (prompt on partial answer)

B. For 15 points-name man whom Raul Salinas allegedly killed, supposedly because he posed a threat to the power of Carlos Salinas.

answer: José Francisco Ruiz Massieu (prompt on partial answer)

C. José Francisco Ruiz Massieu had been Secretary-General of-for 5 points-what ruling party of Mexico?

answer: PRI or Partido Revolucionario Institucional

(or Institution Revolutionary Party)


14. For 5 points per answer-given a country, name any two of the countries that border it.

A. Malawi.

answer: Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania

B. Kyrgyzstan. [KEER-gi-stan]

answer: China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

C. Moldova

answer: Romania, Ukraine


15. For 15 points each-name these art works from descriptions:

A. Painted by Pierre Auguste Renoir in 1881, it depicts a dozen men and women, most of them wearing hats. The table in the foreground has grapes and wine on it. A single vessel can be seen in the background.

answer: The Luncheon of the Boating Party

B. Painted by Thomas Eakins in 1875, it shows six men surrounding a cadaver. Audience members are barely visible in the background.

answer: The Gross Clinic


16. Given the definition, state the Fluid Mechanics term.

A. For 5 points--this describes the shear forces in a liquid.

answer: viscosity

B. For 10 points-this is the study of situations where current and magnetism help determine the behavior of a fluid.

answer: Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics (prompt on MHD)

C. For 15 points--this is the speed times the density times the diameter divided by the viscosity coefficient of the fluid.

answer: Reynolds Number


17. If you watch PBS then you have seen David McCullough. For 15 points each-

A. What PBS show does McCullough host?

answer: The American Experience

B. For what biography did McCullough win a Pulitzer prize?

answer: Truman


18. Name these ancient Egyptian texts for the stated number of points:

A. For 5 points-this most recent and best-known of funerary texts includes formulas, hymns and prayers to guide and protect the soul.

answer: The Book of the Dead

B. The Book of the Dead is derived from many other works, the earliest of which date to the Old Kingdom. For 10 points-name these hieroglyphs cut along the walls of kings' burial chambers.

answer: The Pyramid Texts (accept "Coffin Texts")

C. The latter two revisions of the Pyramid Texts are now called the Book of the Dead. For 15 points-what first version takes its name from the priests at the College of Anu who maintained it?

answer: Heliopolitan Rescension

[The College of Anu was located in Heliopolis.]


19. 30-20-10. Name the explorer:

A. He charted many of the South Atlantic currents on his journey to India. While in India he signed trade agreements, but most of his men were massacred before his departure.

B. On his way to India he was blown off course, only to find land that had been discovered three months earlier.

C. This Portuguese explorer is often credited with discovering Brazil, even though Pinzon [pen-ZONE] of Spain beat him to it.

answer: Pedro Alvarez Cabral


20. "Candles I shall give to thee, and a new altar; and thou, Saint Ben, shalt be writ in my psalter." For 10 points each-

A. What 17th century English poet wrote these lines?

answer: Robert Herrick

B. To what poet did Herrick address this prayer?

answer: Ben Jonson

C. What is the first line of the Robert Herrick poem, To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time?

answer: Gather ye rose-buds while ye may.


21. The S-E-C has approved a rule change extending the amount of time that market makers must offer pre-trade prices for I-P-O's made on NASDAQ.

A. For 5 points each-expand the abbreviations S-E-C and I-P-O.

answer: Securities and Exchange Commission, Initial Public Offering

B. For 15 points-expand the acronym NASDAQ.

answer: National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation

C. Previously, pre-trade prices had to go up at least 5 minutes before an I-P-O. Now-for 5 points-how much earlier must they go up?

answer: 15 minutes


22. For 10 points each-identify the following about the works of Nobel prize-winning chemists:

A. Walther Nernst won the 1920 prize for his work in this field of chemistry.

answer: thermodynamics

B. Kurt Alder and Otto Diels shared the 1950 prize for work related to conjugated electron systems with a focus on this type of structure.

answer: rings

C. William Lipscomb won the 1976 prize for his study of the physical structure of these chemicals, through x-ray crystallography among other techniques.

answer: boranes


23. For 10 points each-name these popular horror films from the young girls who deal with the supernatural:

A. Regan MacNeill

answer: The Exorcist

B. Carol Anne Freeling

answer: Poltergeist

C. Charlie McGee

answer: Firestarter


24. Identify the following about Norse Mythology for the given point value:

A. For 5 points-the deity of love.

answer: Freya

B. For 15 points-the type of tree from which woman was made.

answer: elm

C. For 10 points-the works, completed in the 13th century, that tell of the Norse gods.

answer: The Eddas


25. For 15 points each-given the battle of Greek antiquity, name the year in which it took place, within 25. Don't forget to add the "BC"!

A. Leuctra.

answer: _371 BC_ (accept: 396 BC - 346 BC)

B. Salamis.

answer: _480 BC_ (accept: 505 BC - 455 BC)