Terrier Tussle 8: February 6, 1999

Round 1: Questions by Bryce Avery.


1. Since 1960, four NBA players have led the league in scoring for each of three consecutive years. For 10 points each-name the three other men besides Michael Jordan to have done it.

answer: Wilt Chamberlain (1960-66)

Bob McAdoo [MACK-uh-doo] (1974-76)

George Gervin (1978-80)


2. In 480 BC the Persians lost a sea battle to the Greeks, but the Persian king left an army to deal with the Greeks the following spring. For 10 points each-name:

A. The sea battle in which the Greeks used a narrow channel to defeat the Persian ships.

answer: Salamis

B. The land battle that Greece won the following spring while led by the arrogant Spartan general Pausanias.

answer: Plataea [pla-TAY-ah]

C. The Persian king on the losing end of both Salamis and Plataea.

answer: Xerxes


3. Leonard Marcus wrote a 1998 book about literary prize-winners.

A. For 5 points-name the award-winning author of Where the Wild Things Are.

answer: Maurice Sendak

B. For 10 points each-name the authors of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble; and Jumanji.

answer: William Steig, Chris Van Allsburg

C. For the aforementioned books, Sendak, Steig, and Van Allsburg have all won-for 5 points-what prize for children's books?

answer: The Caldecott Medal


4. Speaking of prizes, Irene Joliot-Curie won a Nobel prize with her husband.

A. Irene created artificial radioactivity by bombarding boron with alpha particles and creating an isotope of-for 10 points-what element?

answer: nitrogen

B. Irene determined the mass of-for 5 points-what particle actually discovered by Sir James Chadwick?

answer: neutron (do NOT accept "neutrino")

C. For 15 points if exact-or 5 points if within five years-in what year did Chadwick and Curie win Nobel prizes for physics and chemistry, respectively?

answer: 1935 (5-point range: 1930-1940)


5. His sister Fanny once got an unusual birthday present: his Sonata in B-flat, Opus 106. For 15 points each-

A. Name this German composer.

answer: Felix Mendelssohn

B. Mendelssohn's sonata was written in the same key and given the same opus number as a sonata by which other German composer?

answer: Ludwig von Beethoven


6. This year's Advanced Placement exam in Latin will feature selected stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses. For 10 points per answer-

A. What plant did Daphne become to escape Apollo?

answer: laurel tree (prompt on "tree")

B. Name the old man and his wife whose meal for Jupiter and Mercury saved them from the destruction of their town and who were turned into trees together instead of dying.

answer: Baucis and Philemon


7. Before his movie career took off, Robin Williams starred in the TV sitcom Mork and Mindy. For 10 points each-

A. In what 1970s sitcom did the character of Mork first appear?

answer: Happy Days

B. In what city was Mork and Mindy set?

answer: Boulder, Colorado

C. Williams played Mork, obviously, but who played Mindy?

answer: Pam Dawber


8. In the 1990s, one oil company has had its problems trying to open another oil field. For 15 points each-

A. Name this firm once headed by Armand Hammer.

answer: Occidental Petroleum

B. Name the South American nation where the indigenous U'wa tribe has threatened to have all 5,000 members jump off a cliff to their deaths if Occidental does any drilling in its new oil field.

answer: Colombia


9. "Higgledy piggledy, First Lady Hillary, Walking by doorways in Neighborhoods near, Noted a curious Replicability: Plaques reading "President Clinton slept here."

A. This is an example of-for 15 points-what type of poem in which nearly every foot is of the form long-short-short?

answer: double dactylic (prompt on "dactyl")

B. For 5 points-what term describes a short-long foot often used in pentameter?

answer: iambic

C. For 10 points-what is the term for a long-short foot?

answer: trochee


10. For 10 points each-name these cities in which Mormon temples have recently been under construction:

A. Its temple was dedicated in January 1999, 28 years after Richard Nixon met Japan's Emperor Hirohito at its Elmendorf Air Force Base.

answer: Anchorage, Alaska

B. The Dixiecrat Party was founded here in 1948, 15 years before bombings here destroyed the house of Martin Luther King's brother.

answer: Birmingham, Alabama

C. This city's park near the crossings of Interstates 10 and 45 contains a house once owned by the founder of Rice University.

answer: Houston, Texas


11. When he became Secretary of the Navy in 1913, he replaced the normal wine aboard ship with a non-alcoholic drink that carries his nickname.

A. For 15 points-name him.

answer: Josephus [jo-SEE-fuss] Daniels

B. For 10 points-name the U.S. President who appointed Josephus Daniels.

answer: Woodrow Wilson

C. For 5 points-what caffeinated beverage did Josephus Daniels put on U.S. naval vessels instead of wine?

answer: coffee

(accept: "a cup of Joe")


12. Classic childhood diseases that cause a rash include roseola, Dukes' disease, and "fifth disease." Depending on whose definition you use, chicken pox may or may not be a "classic childhood disease." For 10 points each-name the other three classic childhood diseases that cause a rash.

answer: measles, scarlet fever, rubella (accept German measles)


13. In 1965, the Gallup organization asked Americans under 30 whether they read a daily newspaper. In 1995, it asked Americans under 30 the same question. For 15 points if within 5 percentage points-5 points if within 15 percentage points:

A. What percent of young Americans polled in 1965 said they read a daily newspaper?

answer: 67%

(15-point range: 62-72)

(5-point range: 52-82)

B. What percent of young Americans polled in 1995 said they read a daily newspaper?

answer: 29%

(15-point range: 24-34)

(5-point range: 14-44)


14. Grant Wood's most famous painting, American Gothic, depicts a man with a pitchfork standing next to a woman. For 10 points each-

A. Within five, in what year was it painted?

answer: 1930 (accept: 1925-1935)

B. What is the actual relation between the two people who posed for American Gothic?

answer: father-daughter (accept equivalents)

C. What was the real-life profession of the man who posed for American Gothic?

answer: dentistry


15. Correspondence Chess in America is a forthcoming book by the author of this pack, Bryce Avery. Answer these questions about its contents for the stated point value:

A. For 5 points-what actor played chess with the Belgian champion on the set of The African Queen?

answer: Humphrey Bogart

B. For 15 points-in what state is Lone Pine, a small town along U.S. Highway 395 that hosted an annual international chess tournament during the 1970s?

answer: California

C. For 10 points-what invention of New Jersey Congressman John Hill greatly improved the logistics of correspondence chess?

answer: the penny postcard


16. For 15 points each-name these types of thermodynamic functions:

A. This term describes functions such as temperature, whose changes are independent of the route taken between the first state and the last.

answer: state function

B. Now give the term describing functions whose changes do depend on the route between the first state and the last.

answer: path function


17. In 1998, Random House published its list of the top 100 English-language novels of the 20th century. So did its readers.

A. For 5 points each-name the two William Faulkner works that made both lists.

answer: The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dying

B. For 15 points-besides Lolita, what other Vladimir Nabokov work made the Random House list?

answer: Pale Fire

C. For 5 points-what Joseph Conrad work made both lists?

answer: Heart of Darkness


18. All of these men have held the world record for the mile run. Name their home countries for 10 points each:

A. Jim Ryun.

answer: United States (accept equivalents)

B. Filbert Bayi. [BY-ee]

answer: Tanzania

C. Nourredine Morceli. [nor-a-DEEN mor-sa-LEE]

answer: Algeria


19. For 10 points each-identify the following about ten statues of 20th century Christian martyrs that were unveiled in 1998.

A. Name the Polish priest who volunteered to die at Auschwitz in 1943, saving another prisoner from death.

answer: Father Maximilian Kolbe

B. Name the archbishop killed in 1980 for speaking out against civil rights abuses in his native El Salvador.

answer: Oscar Romero

C. What British landmark houses the statues?

answer: Westminster Abbey


20. What would a Boston tournament be without something about the history of Boston? For 10 points each:

A. What anesthetic was first used at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1846?

answer: ether

B. January 15, 1919 saw Boston's Great Flood of what sweetener?

answer: molasses

C. What 1836 Ralph Waldo Emerson poem uses the phrase "the shot heard 'round the world"?

answer: Concord Hymn


21. Fans of NPR know that "the longer you listen, the later it gets."

A. For 5 points-who is credited with saying, "Ninety percent of baseball is half-mental"?

answer: Lawrence "Yogi" Berra

(prompt on "Berra" to avoid confusion with his son Dale)

B. For 15 points-what Tom Selleck movie features the line, "The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient"?

answer: High Road to China

C. For 10 points-what 1980s movie title character said, "Always remember: Wherever you go-there you are"?

answer: (The Adventures of) Buckaroo Bonzai


22. Tom Wolfe's novel 1998 novel A Man in Full was his first since his depiction of life in 1980s New York.

A. For 5 points-name that predecessor novel.

answer: The Bonfire of the Vanities

B. For 10 points-in what city does A Man in Full take place?

answer: Atlanta, Georgia

C. For 15 points-what protagonist of A Man in Full was known as the "Sixty-Minute Man" when he played football at Georgia Tech?

answer: Charlie Croker


23. A 1998 survey by Germany's Der Spiegel [dare SHPEE-gul] magazine ranked Britain's universities as the best in Europe. For 5 points each-30 for the correct order-name the nations whose universities ranked second through sixth.

answers: The Netherlands (accept Holland or equivalents)






24. For 10 points each-identify these terms used in Gothic cathedrals:

A. It describes the set of rooms designated as burial chambers.

answer: crypt

B. This garden within a cloister shares its name with Wayne Campbell's best friend.

answer: garth

[Mike Myers plays Wayne Campbell in Wayne's World.]

C. In this small chapel set aside for individual prayer, one might hear Handel's Messiah.

answer: oratory

(DO NOT ACCEPT "oratorio")


25. For 5 points per answer-given information about an Akira Kurosawa film, name both the film and the Shakespeare play on which it was based:

A. Chieko Naniwa stars as one of the witches.

answer: Throne of Blood, Macbeth

B. A young man tries to expose the people who killed his father.

answer: The Bad Sleep Well, Hamlet

C. An aging warlord divides his kingdom among his three sons.

answer: Ran, King Lear