Yale B

Yale B Penn Bowl VIII:
Yale B

1. Associated with an echoing rock near Sankt Goarhausen [GORE-how-zin], Germany, according to legend, she was once a beautiful young maiden, who threw herself into the river in despair over a faithless lover. Upon her death she was transformed, and henceforth could be heard on a rock near St. Goar. FTP, name this siren whose hypnotic singing lured sailors to their death in the Rhine.
ANSWER: Lorelei

2. This pre-Columbian Mexican manuscript is now in the Apostolic Library of the Vatican. A painted screenfold book made of a long strip of animal skin, it dates to just prior to the Spanish Conquest. An Aztec religious document, with ritual calendars, astrological information, and the traits of a number of deities, FTP, name this codex named for the Italian cardinal who owned it after its 1805 discovery.
ANSWER: the Codex Borgia

3. Intermediate carrier molecules in this sequence include iron sulfide and various cytochromes. The overall process transfers hydrogens from NAD and FAD to oxygen, forming water and releasing energy. FTP, what is this major sequence of respiratory reactions, which provides enough energy to make 32 ATP molecules?
ANSWER: electron transport chain or ox idative phos phorylation

4. In 1910, this Republican ran unsuccessfully for governor of New York. Governor-general of the Philippines under Coolidge, he served as Taft's Secretary of War. As Secretary of War under FDR, he urged an economic boycott of Japan. FTP, name this man, who declared that the US would not recognize Japanese territorial gains made in the Manchurian invasion, Herbert Hoover's Secretary of State.
ANSWER: Henry Lewis Stimson

5. Because of her influence, France sided with its hereditary enemy, Austria, during the Seven Years' War. Known for her great patronage of art and literature, she influenced French politics for nearly 20 years, overseeing many political appointments during that time. FTP, name this powerful figure, once the mistress of King Louis XV, who shares her name with a famous hairstyle.
ANSWER: Jean-Antoine Poisson , or the Marquise de Pompadour

6. This quarterback still holds the record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass, at 47 in a row, throwing to receivers like Johnny Orr and Tom Matte. His crowning achievement was leading the overtime drive which beat the Giants in the 1958 NFL championship. FTP, name this legendary Colts quarterback.
ANSWER: Johnny Unitas

7. It was based on Arthur Schnitzler's 1900 play La Ronde , a turn-of-the-century tale about sex in Vienna. In the new adaptation and modernization, ten characters of different social classes and backgrounds become ensnared in a daisy chain of sexual relationships. FTP, name this current theater production based on David Hare's adaptation, whose ten characters are all played by Iain Glen and Nicole Kidman.
ANSWER: The Blue Room

8. A landlocked country with an extensive river system, three-quarters of its land is covered with chernozem , an exceptionally fertile soil ideal for agriculture. It was the second-smallest Soviet republic, after Armenia, and it is bordered on the north, east, and south by the Ukraine, and on the west by Romania. FTP, name this republic, with its capital at its largest city, Chisnau [CHIS-now].
ANSWER: Republic of Moldova

9. Born near Seville, Spain, he took an active part in campaigns during the reigns of Titus and Domitian. During his reign, the Appian Way was restored, and the empire reached its largest dimensions, including his additions of Armenia, Mesopotamia, and Dacia. FTP, name this Roman emperor who was adopted by Nerva as his colleague and successor in AD 97, and was succeeded in 117 by Hadrian.
ANSWER: Trajan or Marcus Ulpius Trajan us

10. This property of light is responsible for the Poisson [PWAH-sohn] spot, a point of light which appears in the center of the shadow of a solid disc. The Huygens [HOY-guhns] principle attempts to explain this property, whose name may be preceded by either Fresnel [fruh-NEHL] or Fraunhofer [FROWN-hof-fur]. FTP, identify this wave property, in which light bends around the edges of an obstacle.
ANSWER: diffraction [accept interference before "Huygens"]

11. Born in Brooklyn in 1928, he worked at FAO Schwarz during the day, and went to art school at night. His first assignments were illustrating the children's books Wonderful Farm and A Hole is to Dig . In 1956, he wrote and illustrated his first book, Kenny's Window . FTP, name this man, most famous for his trilogy which includes Outside Over There, In the Night Kitchen , and Where the Wild Things Are.
ANSWER: Maurice Bernard Sendak

12. A descendant of an old Tatar family, he was a favorite of Ivan the Terrible, and became czar upon the death of Ivan's son. He was the first Russian ruler to use Siberia as a place of banishment for political exiles, he issued an edict in 1587 that bound serfs to the land. FTP, name this powerful Russian ruler who was the subject of a tragedy by Pushkin, and subsequently an opera by Mussorgsky.
ANSWER: Boris Fyodorovich Godunov

13. Enthroned at age 7, he shrewdly deposed his regent, Oboi, six years later. He took much care to win the goodwill of the Chinese, who resented their Manchu conquerors. He made six grand tours to southern China, and sponsored the writing of a history of the Ming dynasty. FTP, name this Qing [ching] emperor who issued the Sacred Edict, a series of 16 moral maxims, in 1670, and ruled China from 1661 to 1723.
ANSWER: Kangxi or K'ang-hsi

14. From the Greek words meaning "single" and "purchase of food," this term refers to the exclusive control of the demand for a product by a single purchaser of that market, often referring to the labor market. FTP, name this economic term.
ANSWER: monopsony

15. His boss went blind from cataracts; his friends include pilot Jack Dalton. He found out he has a son who goes by "Sam," because his son hates his middle name, which is also his first name. FTP, name this character who refused to use a gun, was plagued by Murdoch, and is the most famous role of Richard Dean Anderson.
ANSWER: Angus MacGyver [I believe his son was named Sean Angus Malloy.--Ed. ]

16. While James Agee is well known for his poetry and novels, this 1941 study of Southern culture first made his name. He crossed racial boundaries to portray a way of life that he felt was neglected and rapidly fading. FTP, name this combination of reporting, prose, and the photography of Walker Evans, which endeavored to capture on the page the life and work of both black and white sharecroppers in the American South.
ANSWER: Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

17. Introduced to the US in the 20s, it enjoyed great popularity for a decade afterward. Rules for this game vary among countries and cultures, but the basic version of this tile game is designed for four players, each representing a different wind. A full set for this game consists of 152 tiles, divided into seven suits--jokers, flowers, dragons, winds, characters, circles, and bamboos. FTP, name this game from China.
ANSWER: mah jongg [do not accept "rhythm method"]

18. Born in 1890 to Polish parents and educated at the Imperial Dancing Academy in St. Petersburg, he later became a member of the original Ballets Russes. He attained the rank of premier danseur and created the leading roles in Petroushka , Shéhérazade , and Les Sylphides . FTP, name this unconventional Russian dancer who choreographed The Afternoon of a Faun whose career was ended in 1918 by schizophrenia.
ANSWER: Vaslav Nijinsky

19. In 1847, Louis Pasteur was sent a sample of this compound from factories in Alsace. While it had the same empirical formula and bond structure as tartaric acid, it had different physical properties. Through some experiments, Pasteur proved that this compound was a mixture of the two enantiomers [ee-NAN-tee-oh-murs] of tartaric acid. FTP, name this compound, whose name now denotes any mixture of enantiomers.
ANSWER: racemic acid [ruh-SEE-mik] or racemate [RAH-sih-mate; accept tartaric acid on early buzz]

20. In the 1600s, the French set up trading posts at the mouth of this river, and later journeyed upriver, conquering interior lands in the 1850s. Its two main sources, the Bafing and the Bakoye, meet at Bafoulabe [BAH-foo-lah-bay], Mali. From there, it arcs west for 990 miles before reaching the Atlantic. FTP, name this West African river forming the border between Mauritania and an eponymous country.
ANSWER: Sénégal River

21. At age 40, he gave up clock-making to become a professional magician. He revolutionized the art of magic with his ingenious stage mechanisms and effective presentations. His textbooks were the first to treat magic scientifically, and he was the first to use electricity in his tricks. FTP, name this French magician, about whom Ehrich Weiss wrote a biography, and from whose name Weiss took his famous pseudonym.
ANSWER: Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin [HOO-dahn; not "Houdini"]

22. Born February 24, 1685, the only formal musical instruction he ever had was from a local organist. His first opera, Almira , achieved great success, but other endeavors, like the Royal Academy of Music for performances of opera, did not fare as well. FTP, name this man, whom Beethoven called "the greatest composer who ever lived," composer of the oratorio Saul , Water Music , and the Messiah .
ANSWER: George Frideric Handel

23. He moved to Paris in 1702 at 18, painting cheap devotional pictures for a living. After placing second in the 1709 Prix de Rome, he received many commissions before dying of TB in 1721. His style was influenced by the Venetian school and Flemish painters like Rubens. FTP, name this Rococo painter, whose favorite subjects were fashionable outdoor gatherings, whose works include The Dance and Embarkment for Cythera .
ANSWER: (Jean-)Antoine Watteau [VAH-toh]

24. Born in 1364, this medieval French writer began her career in the court of Charles V. She later wrote his autobiography, but she was better known then for love poetry and prose. An early feminist, her Book of the City of Ladies tells about the heroic deeds of women, while Letters to the God of Love counters attitudes of courtly love portraying women as helpless, frail objects. FTP, name this author of the 1429 Song in Honor of Joan of Arc.
ANSWER: Christine de Pisan

25. Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar and his fiancée, an avid Pez dispenser collector, this online shopping site doesn't specialize in any one category. Instead, it's an online auction area where individual buyers and sellers trade anything and everything. FTP, name this Web site, which has a name similar to a sports catalog.
ANSWER: e-Bay [the company being "Eastbay"]

26. Like allopurinol, this drug is used in the treatment of gout. Derived from the autumn crocus, this alkaloid drug is useful in plant breeding because it can produce fertile, diploid plants from sterile monoploid plants. It does so, by causing all the chromosomes to be given to the same daughter cell in mitosis. FTP, name this drug which prevents formation of the mitotic spindle.
ANSWER: colchicine [KOHL-shuh-seen]

27. Born in Illinois, he went to the Julliard School of Music after graduating from high school to study classical music. There, he began playing with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie on his way to becoming one of the most innovative and influential figures in the jazz world. FTP, name this trumpet player and bandleader whose work includes "Bitches Brew," "The Birth of the Cool," and "Kind of Blue."
ANSWER: Miles Dewey Davis III

28. Born in Bavaria to a noble military family, he became a master of theology at the University of Paris in 1245. A key figure in the assimilation of Aristotelian philosophy into medieval Scholasticism he was noted for his introduction of Greek and Arabic sciences to the medieval world. FTP, name this patron saint of all who study the sciences, teacher of Thomas Aquinas, and the namesake for a college in New Haven, Connecticut.
ANSWER: St. Albertus Magnus or Fat Albert [glower at anyone who says "Yale"]

29. Though small in number, they hold strong influence in the predominantly Hindu community because of their wealth. Fundamental to its doctrine are two eternal coexisting, independent categories--the jiva , or enjoying, animate, living soul, and the ajiva , the enjoyed, inanimate, non-living object. FTP, name this religion whose members carry brooms to sweep the ground before them in order to avoid crushing insects.
ANSWER: Jain ism

30. He received his doctorate in psychology in 1931 from Columbia, and was already involved in work with abused children. Dissatisfied with available diagnostic and therapeutic methods, he created his own approach stressing the patient-therapist relationship. FTP, name this creator of "client-centered" therapy.
ANSWER: Carl Ransom Rogers Penn Bowl VIII:
Yale B

1. Identify these Biblical figures, for the stated number of points.
[2x5] Jacob worked in the house of his uncle, Laban, for many years, and married two of Laban's daughters. Five points each, name them.
ANSWER: Leah and Rachel
[2x10] Ten points each, name Leah and Rachel's handmaidens, who bore Jacob two sons each.
ANSWER: Zilpah and Bilhah

2. Identify these geological terms, 10 points each.
a. The formation of sedimentary rocks from sediment.
ANSWER: diagenesis
b. This type of soil has been distinguished from the surrounding soil by human action (like farming).
ANSWER: anthropomorphic
c. Soil through which water is draining undergoes this process, thereby losing alkaline substances.
ANSWER: leach ing

3. Answer these questions on Maxwell's equations, for the stated number of points.
[10] This scientist's law of induction is one of Maxwell's equations.
ANSWER: Michael Faraday
[15] Maxwell's equation for a magnetic field caused by an electric current is more general than Ampère's Law, because Maxwell took into account this type of current, associated with capacitors.
ANSWER: displacement current

4. Name these Japanese shogunates, 10 points each.
a. This clan defeated the Taira family in 1185. In 1192, the emperor bestowed the title of shogun.
ANSWER: Minamoto
b. Minamoto rule was overthrown in 1336 when Takauji [tah-kah-OO-zhee], a samurai of this clan that ruled for over 200 years, gained control of Kyoto.
ANSWER: Ashikaga
c. Begun in 1603, this shogunate at Edo was ended by the Meiji Restoration.
ANSWER: Tokugawa

5. Answer these questions about insect physiology, 10 points each.
a. These are the excretory organs of insects.
ANSWER: Malpighi an tubules [mal-PEEZH-ee-uhn]
b. These tiny holes in the abdomen are used for breathing.
ANSWER: spiracle s [SPY-ruh-kihls]
c. Insects have green blood, because they have this copper-containing pigment in place of hemoglobin.
ANSWER: hemocyanin

6. Identify these successive Holy Roman Emperors, 10 points each.
a. Hapsburg Charles VI died in 1740. Since his daughter couldn't be elected Holy Roman Emperor, this man was elected Bavaria's only Holy Roman Emperor in 1742.
ANSWER: Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII or Charles Albert [HN: women were ineligible]
b. On Charles VII's death in 1745, he was replaced by this husband of Maria Theresa.
ANSWER: Holy Roman Emperor Francis I
c. Francis's son, he was elected Holy Roman Emperor, and began the Hapsburg-Lorraine line, in 1765.
ANSWER: Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II

7. Answer these questions on the Korean War, 10 points each.
a. President of the Korean government-in-exile in Hawaii, he became South Korea's president in 1948.
ANSWER: Syngman Rhee
b. UN forces captured P'yongyang in October 1950. Continuing to push the North Koreans back, they crossed this river, despite China's repeated warnings.
ANSWER: Yalu [YAH-loo] River
c. Truman relieved General MacArthur of command after MacArthur publicly spoke out against the President's policies. This man was MacArthur's successor.
ANSWER: Lt. Gen. Matthew Ridgway

8. Name these 1998 National Book Award winners, 15 points each.
a. This novel, by Alice McDermott, won the award for best fiction. It is the story of Irish Catholics in the Bronx and how death and alcoholism affect the family structure.
ANSWER: Charming Billy
b. Edward Ball's first book, it chronicles his Charleston, SC family and its slaveholding past.
ANSWER: Slaves in the Family

9. Ten points each, name these 19th century adventure novels.
a. This novel was originally titled The Shipwrecked Preacher and His Family: An Instructional Book for Children and Their Friends in City or Country .
ANSWER: The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss
b. This book is Jules Verne's 1865 story about space travel, written way before NASA.
ANSWER: From the Earth to the Moon or De la Terre à la lune
c. David Balfour searches for his stolen inheritance in this 1886 Robert Louis Stevenson novel. ANSWER: Kidnapped!

10. Answer these questions about classic video games for the stated number of points.
[10] This hero of The Legend of Zelda has recently made a triumphant début on N64.
[15] All or nothing, what is the famous Konami code , best known for giving 30 lives in Contra ?
ANSWER: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start

11. Answer these related questions, for the stated number of points.
[15] This sculptor, born near Bear Lake, Idaho, worked on Mount Rushmore until his death in 1941. It was completed by his son, Lincoln.
ANSWER: John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum
[10] In 1923, Borglum began work on a bas-relief Confederate memorial on the side of this rock.
ANSWER: Stone Mountain

12. 30-20-10. Name the American author.
[30] Born in 1899, he joined the staff of the newly-formed The New Yorker in 1926, remaining a frequent contributor throughout his life.
[20] From 1938-1943 he worked for Harper's magazine, writing the monthly column "One Man's Meat."
[10] His most famous work was as a children's writer. His stories often featured animal heroes overcoming great odds, like the brave mouse in Stuart Little.
ANSWER: E(lwyn) B(rooks) White

13. Answer these questions relating to Vincent van Gogh, 10 points each.
a. The National Gallery recently exhibited many works on loan from this city's Van Gogh Museum.
ANSWER: Amsterdam , the Netherlands
b. This art dealer, Vincent's younger brother, supported his artistic pursuits and died six months after Vincent's suicide.
ANSWER: Theo dore van Gogh
c. Van Gogh dreamed of starting an artists' colony in this city at his "Yellow House."
ANSWER: Arles , France

13. Identify these "A" terms from chemistry, 10 points each.
a. This term refers to any species which is both an acid and a base, like BH3 [boron trihydride].
ANSWER: amphoteric [ahm-FOH-teh-rik] or amphiprotic
b. Technically called 2-propanone, this is a useful solvent in organic chemistry.
ANSWER: acetone
c. This low-weight molecular compound is a frequent solvent in liquid chromatography.
ANSWER: acetonitrile [uh-SEE-toh-ny-trihl] or ACN

14. 30-20-10. Name the architect.
[30] Born in Aachen, Germany in 1886, he was trained by architect and furniture designer Bruno Paul.
[20] His buildings are characterized by severe simplicity and rigid geometry. His early commissions include the German Pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona Exhibition and the Tugendhat House.
[10] Director of the Bauhaus School of Design from 1930 until its demise in 1933, he collaborated with Philip Johnson on the Seagram Building in New York City.
ANSWER: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

15. Name these relatives of Dionysius [di-oh-NYE-SEE-us], 10 points each.
a. His mother, she asked to see Zeus as he was. His true glory incinerated her.
ANSWER: Semele [seh-MUH-lee]
b. His maternal grandfather, he was the founder of Thebes.
ANSWER: Cadmus
c. His cousin tried to stop a Bacchic festival, and was torn to pieces by his mother Agave [uh-GAH-vay].
ANSWER: Pentheus

16. Answer these questions on Prohibition, 10 points each.
a. Introduced by a representative from Minnesota, this bill's passage in 1919 over President Wilson's veto was designed to allow enforcement of the 18th Amendment.
ANSWER: Volstead Act or the National Prohibition Act
b. The Volstead Act defined intoxicating liquors as those with more than what percentage of alcohol by volume?
ANSWER: 0.5% [accept 1 proof ]
c. Prohibition was eventually repealed by the 21st Amendment, which was ratified in this year.?
ANSWER: 1933

17. Identify these American female space travelers, 10 points each.
a. She spent six days in June 1983 as the first American woman in space.
ANSWER: Sally Ride
b. The first woman to pilot a US space shuttle, in 1998 she became the first female shuttle commander.
ANSWER: Eileen Collins
c. This visitor to Mir now holds the American record for time spent in space.
ANSWER: Dr. Shannon Lucid

18. Given characters from an opera, name the composer for 15. If you need the opera, you'll get 5.
a. [15]Alfredo and Giorgio Germont
[5] La Traviata
ANSWER: Giuseppe Verdi
b. [15]Fiodiligi, Dorabella, Guglielmo, Ferrando, Despina, and Don Alfonso
[5] Cosi fan Tuttè [KOH-see fahn TOO-tee]
ANSWER: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

19. Answer these related questions, 10 points each.
a. When My Fair Lady was filmed, Audrey Hepburn replaced this original Broadway Eliza Doolittle.
ANSWER: Julie Andrews
b. That year, My Fair Lady won 8 Oscars--but Julie Andrews won the Best Actress Oscar for this movie.
ANSWER: Mary Poppins
c. She wrote the children's story Mary Poppins .
ANSWER: P(amela) L(ynden) Travers

20. Identify these countries at extremes of defense spending, five points per country.
a. According to Newsweek , these three Asian nations spent over one-eighth of their GDP on the military.
ANSWER: North Korea , Oman , Kuwait
b. The three countries with the smallest expenditures are all in the Western Hemisphere. Name them.
ANSWER: Bahamas , Jamaica , Costa Rica

21. 30-20-10. Name the place.
[30] Its most important industry is raising livestock, and its aboriginal peoples are the Ona in the west and the Yahgan in the south.
[20] Islands in this archipelago include Isla de los Estadas, and one once called King Charles South Land.
[10] It was named by Magellan, when he sighted large fires blazing on the shore.
ANSWER: Tierra del Fuego

22. Name these mountains named for American notables, 10 points each.
a. This peak, named for a famed photographer who died in 1984, is on Yosemite's southeast boundary.
ANSWER: Mount Ansel Adams
b. At 6288 feet, this peak is the highest in the Presidential Range.
ANSWER: Mount Washington

23. Answer these questions on people who broke ranks in the House impeachment vote, 10 points each.
a. Republicans Amo Houghton and Peter King, from this state, voted against impeachment.
ANSWER: New York
b. Democrats Charles Stenholm and Ralph Hall, from this state, voted for impeachment.
c. This Connecticut Republican held an eight-hour town meeting to hear public opinion, then voted against impeachment.
ANSWER: Rep. Christopher Shays

24. Identify these past or present NBA players from their nicknames for the stated number of points.
[5] The Human Highlight FilmANSWER: Dominique Wilkins
[10] The GloveANSWER: Gary Payton
[15] Jungle JimANSWER: Jim Loscutoff [LOSS-kyoo-toff]

25. Answer these questions about Taco Bell's Chihuahua commercials, for the stated number of points.
[5] Spell Chihuahua.
[10] Translate Yo Quiero [KAY-roh] Taco Bell into English.
ANSWER: "I want Taco Bell." [not "I want some Taco Bell."]
[15] Name either of the two Chihuahuas who starred in the original Taco Bell commercial.
ANSWER: Dinky or Gidget

26. Identify these key players in baseball trades, 10 points each.
a. In 1964, the Cubs acquired pitcher Ernie Broglio [BROH-lee-oh] from the Cardinals for this outfielder, who became one of baseball's great base-stealers.
ANSWER: Lou Brock
b. In 1971, the Cardinals sent this future Hall-of-Fame pitcher to Philadelphia for mediocre catcher Rick Wise.
ANSWER: Steve Carlton
c. Closing the circle, in 1981, the Phillies gave Larry Bowa and this future All-Star second baseman to the Cubs for Ivan DeJesus [de HAY-zoos].
ANSWER: Ryne Sandberg

27. Identify the birthstone, given a month and its meaning as specified by the Jewelry Industry Council, 10 points each.
a. February--Sincerity ANSWER: amethyst
b. May--Love, Success ANSWER: emerald
c. August--Married happiness ANSWER: peridot or sardonyx

28. 30-20-10. Name the saint.
[30] Rare for a Pope of the Middle Ages, this successor to Alexander II was a spiritual leader rather than a political one.
[20] He tried to organize a crusade over 20 years before Pope Urban II succeeded.
[10] This reformer spent most of his reign fighting against lay investiture. He excommunicated Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV twice, in 1076 and 1080.
ANSWER: Pope Gregory VII or Gregory Hildebrand

29. Given the songs, name the Elton John album, for the stated number of points.
[5] "Circle of Life," "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"
ANSWER: The Lion King soundtrack
[10] "Believe," "Blessed"
ANSWER: Made in England
[10] "Daniel," "Crocodile Rock"
ANSWER: Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player

30. 30-15-5. Give the common name.
[30] Branches of this institution of higher learning, which may or may not be the third oldest, are found in Maryland and New Mexico.
[15] This Big East basketball team is known as the Red Storm.
[5] This wort is currently a popular herbal supplement.
ANSWER: St. John's