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Chicago B Penn Bowl VIII:
Chicago B

1. Originally, the legend involved a badger, but there are no badgers in Appalachia. Moreover, if Germans had settled farther south, the annual ritual might have occurred earlier, given that the weather at lower latitudes is generally warmer. Besides, the whole thing's only 28% accurate anyway. FTP, name this tradition during which a member of Marmota monax exits a burrow in western Pennsylvania.
ANSWER: Groundhog Day

2. Take a small vessel containing some of the substance to be analyzed. Seal it and submerge in water inside of another closed container. A reaction inside the vessel will cause the water to raise in temperature; thus the total heat of the reaction can be measured. FTP, you have constructed what type of calorimeter?
ANSWER: bomb calorimeter [accept calorimeter before "Seal"]

3. Originally, it was named Rabbah and was capital of the descendants of Lot. It was renamed Philadelphia by Ptolemy II and became a cultural center of the Eastern Roman Empire. The Arabs conquered it in 635, after which it waned in importance until it became a major stop on the Hijaz Railway and later capital of the British mandate centered on it. FTP, name this city, now the capital of Jordan.
ANSWER: Amman , Jordan

4. The roots of this environmental problem date back to World War I, when high wheat prices and high demand by Allied troops encouraged farmers to extend wheat-growing to the prairies once given to ranching. When livestock returned, their hooves pulverized the unprotected soil. FTP, name the resulting devastation, most noticeable between December and May, which provided the theme for Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath .
ANSWER: the Dust Bowl

5. He spent the early part of his career studying economic history and jurisprudence, writing his doctoral dissertation on medieval trading laws. At the end of his life, he planned a series on the sociology of religion. Only one volume was completed, which contained a famous essay he wrote in 1904-5. FTP, name the author of The Protestant Work Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism .
ANSWER: Max Weber [VAY-buhr]

6. In December 1971, Frank Zappa and the Mothers held a concert at the Casino in Montreux, Switzerland, on the Lake Geneva shoreline. Halfway through this concert, some stupid person with a flaregun set the place on fire and the place burned to the ground. The fire was subsequently immortalized in a song by another band that was to play in Montreux later that week. FTP, name this song by Deep Purple.
ANSWER: "Smoke on the Water" [prompt on "Deep Purple" on early buzz]

7. Growing up in Charleville, this author hated both his mother and his hometown, so he ran away, ending up in Paris, where he may have joined the Commune. His early experiences are reflected in poems such as "Les Poètes de sept ans" [lay po-ET de set AN] and "Chant de guerre parisien" [chahn de gair pah-ri-si-EHN], but he's better known for longer works like Les Illuminations . FTP, name this author of A Season in Hell .
ANSWER: Arthur Rimbaud [ram-BO]

8. He studied with Niels Bohr in Copenhagen and was the first American to work on the theory of the atomic bomb. He was on faculty at Princeton for nearly 40 years before moving to the University of Texas at Austin in 1976. FTP, name this physicist, Richard Feynman's doctoral advisor, who coined the term "black hole."
ANSWER: John Wheeler

9. The word comes from the Turkish for "pavilion" and is, in Islamic architecture, a circular building consisting of a domed roof supported by pillars. The summer palaces of the Turkish sultans also bore this name, as did a variety of early Persian mosques. FTP, name this word, which in the West can apply to gazebos, bandstands, telephone booths, information desks, and, most commonly, newspaper stands.
ANSWER: kiosk

10. On January 3, 1999, Tamara Dudko, this country's upper parliament's deputy speaker, died in a car accident. In December, American and European envoys were barred access to their residences. These events exacerbate a tense situation where high inflation and pan-Slavic aspirations raise talk of reunification with Russia. FTP, name this former Soviet republic led by Alexander Lukashenko with capital at Minsk.
ANSWER: Belarus

11. This organization's founder claimed to be cured by Phineas Quimby in 1862, twenty years before the movement was founded in Boston. Led by a board of five directors, originally appointed by the founder, its monistic belief that "all is mind" entails the denial of evil and sickness. FTP, identify this religious group, which bases its teachings on a book published in 1875 by Mary Baker Eddy.
ANSWER: Christian Science Church

12. His Pink Lotus was sold in 1997 for a record $2.8 million. He studied painting under George Inness and exhibited at the National Academy of Design in New York. However, his fame rests in a business he started in the 1880s. He decorated rooms at the White House and designed goblets, furniture and wallpaper as well as the favrile [fahv-RYLE] glass objects for which he was most famous. FTP, name this American lampmaker.
ANSWER: Louis Comfort Tiffany

13. The only extant large-scale poem written in dactylic hexameter from the Roman Republic, it is based on the philosophy of Democritus and Epicurus. Its purpose was to prove that all things operate according to their own laws and are not influenced by supernatural powers. Arranged in six books, it was unfinished when its author committed suicide. FTP, name this study of the universe written by Lucretius.
ANSWER: De rerum natura or On the Nature of Things

14. It restored Catholic worship in all areas where it had suffered interruption and made any extension of Protestantism legally impossible. Nevertheless, it aroused the wrath of Pope Clement VIII and its political clauses were later annulled by Richelieu. FTP, name this proclamation which established the Chambre de l'Édit [lay-DEE], permitted public worship, and granted civil and religious liberty to the Huguenots.
ANSWER: Edict of Nantes

15. January 25, Robert Burns's birthday, is still celebrated with this, to which Burns wrote an ode. Served with turnips, mashed potatoes, and whiskey, it's a mixture of oatmeal, onions, suet, cayenne pepper, and diced sheep's liver, heart, and lungs, boiled in a sheep's stomach. FTP, identify this Scottish sausage.
ANSWER: haggis [HN: Note that it is not called a "food." --STI ]
16. Once called Halcyon Island, it was renamed for a British mariner who landed there in 1796. A small atoll including Wilkes and Peale islets, it's 2300 miles west of Honolulu. An emergency stopover for commercial air flights and a refuge for Vietnamese refugees, it once was home to a half-completed air and submarine base. FTP, name this island occupied by the Japanese in 1941, located west of Midway Island.
ANSWER: Wake Island

17. Recent studies have shown that in people over the age of 65, ultrasound tests are a predictor of heart attacks and strokes than are cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These tests can discover thickening in the walls of a particular blood vessel caused by cumulative damage. FTP, identify this blood vessel, which leads from the arch of the aorta up both sides of the neck to the head.
ANSWER: carotid artery

18. As a young man, this Roman's career began under the patronage of Sulla, who gave him the command against the followers of Marius in North Africa. He subsequently suppressed the revolt of Sertorius in Spain, secured the Mediterranean from piracy, and defeated Mithridates. FTP, name this sometime son-in-law of Julius Caesar, the sole consul in 52 BC and loser of the battle of Pharsalus.
ANSWER: Pompey the Great or Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus

19. Extracts of it were printed by Wynkyn de Worde as A Short Treatise of Contemplation in 1501; the only complete manuscript of it was discovered in 1934. It describes how the title woman rejects her worldly life, abandoning her brewing business and sexual relations with her husband, and becomes a religious pilgrim. FTP, name this first known autobiography in English, the history of a woman's mystical experiences.
ANSWER: The Book of Margery Kempe [Original English title: A Short Treatyse of Contemplacyon .]

20. The last victim of this type of law was Lord Edward Fitzgerald, condemned to death by act of Parliament for leading the 1798 rebellion in Ireland. Historically, its most serious consequences were forfeiture of property and corruption of blood, which forbade the transmission of property and right to title. Possibly forbidding a fine on President Clinton, FTP, name this type of bill expressly forbidden by the Constitution.
ANSWER: bill of attainder

21. He was selected by the Nets in the 1991 NBA draft, and was traded to Charlotte for Kendall Gill and Khalid Reeves in 1996. After the '95-'96 season, he was signed by Portland, and led the team in scoring until he was traded to the Raptors. FTP, name this player, traded a week later from Toronto to the Celtics, who recently had to sell one of his cars.
ANSWER: K enny Anderson

22. She frequented Stéphane Mallarmé's salon, the Goncourt brothers admired her in their journal, and Débussy fell in love with her. A civil servant's daughter, as a young girl she studied under Boucher [boo-SHAY] and produced such works as The Chatterers and The Ripe Age . Committed to an asylum at 46, FTP, name this French sculptor, subject of a 1988 film, who spent decades in the shadow of lover Auguste Rodin.
ANSWER: Camille Claudel

23. It is the third all-time best selling board game in America, but the original playing board was the courtyard of Akbar the Great. The players would throw twenty-five cowrie shells, and would command the maidens located on the track to take one step for each shell that landed open-side up toward the emperor's throne. FTP, name this game in which each player tries to direct his four pawns to the central home square.
ANSWER: Parcheesi

24. Examples include sets of formal polynomials and integers modulo n . Those of n -by-n matrices are non- commutative, and those of continuous functions do not have unit. FTP, name these basic algebraic constructs in which addition is an Abelian group and multiplication distributes, the original example being the integers.
ANSWER: ring s

25. The title characters fall in love while sitting next to a well, into which fall the heroine's incredibly long hair and then her wedding ring. This makes her husband Golaud [go-LO], king of Allemonde, suspicious. His jealousy leads him to try to use their son Yniold [ee-nee-OL] as a spy and finally to kill his rival, his own half-brother. Naturally our heroine then goes mad and dies in, FTP, what only opera by Claude Débussy?
ANSWER: Pelleas and Melisande or Pelléas et Mélisande

26. The most famous founder of Duxbury, Massachusetts, he served as treasurer of Plymouth colony from 1644 to 1649. Earlier, he was sent to England to negotiate with the London merchants to whom the colony was in debt. Better known as a soldier, however, in 1623 he saved the settlement of Weymouth from attack by the Indians. FTP, name this military captain of Plymouth, whose courtship was completely fictional.
ANSWER: Miles Standish [accept "The Courtship of Miles Standish "]

27. First discovered in Japan in the 1940s, they are often used in genetic engineering, since genes to be cloned can be sliced directly into them, after which they reproduce normally in their home bacterial cells. FTP, name these small circular pieces of genetic material which can confer antibiotic resistance in bacteria.
ANSWER: plasmid s

28. It's the story of a solitary adventurer who lives in a glass house by the Arabian Sea. Because his family is too busy to pay him any attention, he gets up at 5am to jog along the shore, meeting his favorite neighbors and conniving his way to free meals and trips all over Bombay to see the Hindi films he adores. FTP, name this novel which describes Cyrus Readymoney's coming of age in 1970s India, written by Ardashir Vakil.
ANSWER: Beach Boy

29. In the gallery sit, among others, the artist and the subject's mother and sisters. Over half the canvas is filled with spectators; at the right, a woman kneels on velvet cushions, her head bowed. While the Pope looks on, the subject of the painting lifts a crown, ready to place it on his own head, though he already wears a laurel wreath. FTP, name this enormous David painting, depicting an event that took place on May 18, 1804.
ANSWER: The Coronation of Napoleon or Le Sacre de Napoleon Ier [Ier = preh-mee-AY]

30. Man at birth is thrown into existence, not apart from things, but standing out from them, as represented in the etymology of exist. When the human being becomes absorbed by things, his existence becomes inauthentic. Authentic existences are lived by those who experience angst in the face of nothingness and nowhere. All of these ideas appear in, FTP, what existentialist treatise of Martin Heidegger?
ANSWER: Being and Time or Sein und Zeit

Penn Bowl VIII:
Chicago B

1. Name these people important to Giuseppe Garibaldi, 10 points each.
a. Founder of the secret society Young Italy, Garibaldi was under his influence when he participated in an unsuccessful republican plot in 1835.
ANSWER: Giuseppe Mazzini
b. Fighting in defense of Mazzini's short-lived Roman republic in 1849, Garibaldi skillfully resisted the superior French forces intervening on behalf of this Pope.
ANSWER: Pope Pius IX
c. Garibaldi later became a supporter of a more conservative effort to unify Italy under this King of Piedmont.
ANSWER: King Victor Emmanuel II

2. 30-20-10. Name the school of psychology.
[30] The Association for this branch of psychology lists five postulates including "man, as man, supersedes the sum of his parts," "man is aware," and "man has choice."
[20] A reaction to behavioralism and psychoanalysis, it teaches that each man should be regarded as a thinking organism who can determine his life and actions.
[10] Abraham Maslow played a role the founding of this school heavily influenced by existentialism.
ANSWER: humanist ic psychology

3. Only two players in NHL history, both left wings, have ever scored 50 goals, 100 points, and 200 penalty minutes in one season. The first, #17 for Pittsburgh, did it in 1991-92. The other, #19 for St. Louis, did it in 1993-94. Fifteen points each, name them.
ANSWER: K evin Stevens and Brendan Shanahan

4. Answer these optics questions, for the stated number of points.
[10] This principle gives a method of constructing a wavefront by considering each point of the wavefront to be an independent point source for a new wave at any later time.
ANSWER: Huygens' principle
[15] This principle states that the interference pattern produced by light through any aperture on a flat screen is the same as the pattern produced by light through the aperture's complement.
ANSWER: Babinet 's principle

5. Name these characters from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice , for the stated number of points.
[2x5] For 5 points each, name the two main characters who personify pride and prejudice.
ANSWER: FitzWilliam Darcy , Elizabeth Bennet [prompt on "Bennet"]
[10] The Bennets' wealthy neighbor, he is at first discouraged by his sisters and Darcy from marrying Elizabeth's sister Jane.
ANSWER: Charles Bingley
[10] Darcy's snobbish aunt and patroness of Mr. Collins, her attempts at interfering finally push Elizabeth to recognize her true feelings.
ANSWER: Lady Catherine de Bourgh
6. 30-20-10. Name the painter.
[30] In 1884 he exhibited with les Vingt (van), but they rejected him and his most famous work in 1889. He was made a Baron in 1929.
[20] They Might Be Giants immortalized him in a song, inviting listeners to "meet" him, "Belgium's famous painter."
[10] His best-known work is Entry of Christ into Brussels in 1889 .
ANSWER: James Ensor

7. Answer these questions on MO theory, 10 points each.
a. This is the term for the strength of a bond, which can realistically range from zero to three.
ANSWER: bond order
b. This type of species results when a molecule has a fractional bond order.
ANSWER: radical
c. According to MO theory, diatomic oxygen has this many unpaired electrons.

8. Identify these Aaron Copland works, for the stated number of points.
[5] This ballet, composed for Martha Graham, takes place in the Pennsylvania hills.
ANSWER: Appalachian Spring
[10] The "Hoedown" from this ballet is featured in the "Beef: It's What's for Dinner" commercials.
ANSWER: Rodeo or Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo
[15] The man mentioned in the title of this work, commissioned by André Kostelanetz is described as a "melancholy man."
ANSWER: Lincoln Portrait

9. Answer these questions about Tantalus, 10 points each.
a. Tantalus served up this child, his son, at a banquet to the gods, but only his shoulder got eaten.
ANSWER: Pelops
b. After he stole the dog that had protected the infant Zeus, Zeus got pissed off and crushed Tantalus under this mountain in Lydia.
ANSWER: Sipylus
c. This son of Tantalus was so ugly he killed himself by throwing himself onto a fire.
ANSWER: Broteas

10. Identify these Latin American dances in 4/4 time, 10 points each.
a. This dance involves five steps. It emerged in the 1880s as an offshoot of the Argentinean milonga .
ANSWER: tango
b. This national dance of Brazil, with simple back and forth movements, is an offshoot of the maxixe [max-KSI-kse].
ANSWER: samba
c. Varieties of this Haitian and Dominican dance include jaleo and juangomero . Because weight is always kept on the same foot, the dancer appears to limp.
ANSWER: merengue [muh-RAN-gay]

11. Name these Caribbean authors from works, 10 points each.
a. Dream on Monkey Mountain and the libretto to Paul Simon's Capeman
ANSWER: Derek Walcott
b. Notebook of a Return to My Native Land , Discourse on Colonialism
ANSWER: Aimé Césaire [SAY-zair]
c. Wide Sargasso Sea
ANSWER: Jean Rhys [reese]

12. Name these films, given the year of release and the role played by James Earl Jones, 10 points each.
a. 1964, Lieutenant Lothar Zogg ANSWER: Dr. Strangelove
b. 1981, Thulsa Doom ANSWER: Conan the Barbarian
c. 1995, Reverend Stephen Kumalo ANSWER: Cry, the Beloved Country

13. Identify these top selling automobiles of 1998, as based on US sales, for the stated number of points.
[2x5] Two companies placed two cars each in the top five. Five points each, name them.
ANSWER: Ford , Honda [in order, the Accord, Taurus, Civic, and Escort)
[10] Neither Ford nor Honda made 1998's best-selling car. All or nothing, identify the make and model, with almost 430,000 sold.
ANSWER: Toyota Camry

14. Answer these questions about Zoroastrianism, 10 points each.
[10] Written in Old Persian, these are the scriptures of Zoroastrianism.
ANSWER: Zend Avesta
[2x10] The war between these two groups of supernatural spirits--one good, the other evil--forms the subject matter for the cosmogony of Zoroastrianism. Name the two groups, 10 points each.
ANSWER: Ahura s and daeva

15. Name these Marcel Duchamp works from a brief description, for the stated number of points.
[10] This painting, which scandalized the American public at the Armory Show in 1913, depicts an abstract figure moving downward.
ANSWER: Nude Descending a Staircase
[15] This window-like, transparent structure incorporates elements of his earlier Chocolate Grinder and was described by André Breton as a mechanistic interpretation of love.
ANSWER: The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors , Even or The Large Glass

16. Answer these questions on mRNA processing, 10 points each.
a. Within genes that express proteins, these are segments of unused RNA that are spliced out of the mRNA before translation.
ANSWER: intron s
b. Also, before translation, about 200 copies of this base is added to the 3' end of the mRNA strand.
ANSWER: adenine [prompt on "A"]
c. These proteins protect the 5' region of an mRNA molecule, and are "stolen" by some viruses.
ANSWER: cap proteins
17. Answer these questions about a recent yacht race from Sydney to Hobart, 10 points each.
a. This man, founder and chief executive of Oracle, won the race for the second time.
ANSWER: Larry Ellison
b. Of the 115 boats that started the race, how many, within 5, finished the race?
ANSWER: 35 to 45 [40]

18. Identify these geographic features of Germany, for the stated number of points.
[5] Fed by the Neisse, this river forms much of the German-Polish border.
[10] This coastal historical region shared by Germany and the Netherlands is home to natives that speak the language most closely related to English.
ANSWER: Frisia
[15] This Bavarian Alp is the highest point in Germany at 9,718 feet.
ANSWER: Zugspitze [zug-SHPEE-tse]

19. Craig Marks has filed a lawsuit against a rock musician, claiming he was beaten on November 23, 1998 by the musician's guards. 10 points each.
a. Marks is a manager for this magazine.
b. This musician supposedly said he could kill Marks and all of his family.
ANSWER: Marilyn Manson
c. What is Marilyn Manson's birth name?
ANSWER: Brian Warner

20. Answer these questions on differential topology, 15 points each.
a. This qualitative-sounding term describes a function that is infinitely continuously differentiable, presumably because such a function has no irregular spikes or jumps.
ANSWER: smooth
c. This term, which applies to many objects in modern physics, refers to any shape locally diffeomorphic to Euclidean space.
ANSWER: manifold

21. Identify these Persian dynasties from clues, 10 points each.
a. This dynasty's first king was Cambyses II. Its last king, Darius III, was killed by Alexander the Great.
ANSWER: Achaemenid
b. Named for a general of Alexander, this family ruled the old Persian empire around 275 BC.
ANSWER: Seleucid
c. The Seleucids were conquered by this dynasty, which would rule Parthia until 226 AD.
ANSWER: Arsacid

22. Name the Pre-Raphaelite painters of the following works for 10 points each.
a. The Girlhood of Mary Virgin ANSWER: (Charles) Dante Gabriel Rossetti
b. The Light of the World; The Awakening Conscience ANSWER: William Holman Hunt
c. Christ in the House of His Parents and Ophelia ANSWER: Sir John Everett Millais

23. Identify these terms from political economy, 10 points each.
a. This major theory states that actors are able to rate their goals in order of preference and will act to maximize their satisfaction.
ANSWER: rational choice
b. In this situation, the outcome of rational choice is inconsistent with the hierarchy of preferences on which action is based, because of imperfect information.
ANSWER: substantive rationality or posited preference
c. In this situation, the preferred goal is passed over in favor of a lesser, but more likely achievable goal.
ANSWER: procedural rationality or revealed preference

24. Jerry Geisler defended two actors in similar cases. Answer these questions, 10 points each.
a. This actor was accused of having a child with Joan Barry during, not after, his divorce from Paulette Goddard.
ANSWER: Charlie Chaplin
b. Geisler's other famous defendant, he was tried for statutory rape in 1942.
ANSWER: Errol Flynn
c. Apart from palimony for Chaplain and rape for Flynn, both actors were tried in violation of this 1910 law designed to counter prostitution rings.
ANSWER: The Mann Act

25. Identify the following cities of Brazil, 10 points each.
a. Located on the edge of the Great Escarpment, this city is Latin America's foremost industrial center.
ANSWER: Sao Paolo
b. Northwest of Sao Paolo, ex-Confederacy members founded this city after the US Civil War.
ANSWER: Americana
c. Capital of Pernambuco, this city at the junction of the Capibaribe and Beberibe rivers, is known as the Venice of Brazil.
ANSWER: Recife

26. Identify the philosopher from a description, ten points each.
a. He predicted the hypocrisy of traditional European morality would lead to the decline of western civilization in The Will to Power and The Geneaology of Morals .
ANSWER: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
b. This English Bishop defended Christian faith against Deism and rationalism in The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature .
ANSWER: Joseph Butler
c. His Ethics, Demonstrated in Geometrical Form supports his belief that all things are in God and come to pass through God and is presented in definitions, axioms, and proofs.
ANSWER: Benedict (Baruch) de Spinoza
27. Answer these questions on Israel's arrest of eight Americans earlier this month. 10 points each.
a. What cult did the eight belong to?
ANSWER: Concerned Christians
b. The cult planned to provoke a shootout near this landmark, where according to tradition, Jesus is buried.
ANSWER: Church of the Holy Sepulchre
c. Name their leader, a former Proctor & Gamble executive who was not captured.
ANSWER: Monte (or Kim) Miller

28. Identify the colonial assembly from a brief description, 10 points each.
a. This meeting was called to appoint commissioners to treat with the Iroquois in preparation for the coming war with France. It was also notable for Benjamin Franklin's rejected Plan of Union.
ANSWER: Albany Congress
b. This 1765 New York City meeting produced the Declaration of Rights and Grievances and the principle of no taxation without representation.
ANSWER: Stamp Act Congress
c. This fall 1774 assembly meeting saw the rejection of Joseph Galloway's plan for reconciliation with England through the creation of a new imperial scheme.
ANSWER: First Continental Congress

29. For the stated number of points, given the group, album, and misheard song lyric, name the song.
[10] The Rolling Stones, Rewind , I'll never leave your pizza burnin'
ANSWER: "Beast of Burden"
[10] Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine , I look like a muppet
ANSWER: "Down in It"
[5] Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bayou Country, Bowling on a liver
ANSWER: "Proud Mary"

30. Identify these French works from a plot description and the author, 10 points each.
a. She falls in love with the handsome and courtly Duc de Nemours (nuh-MOOR). When jealousy kills her husband, she renounces that love and retires to a convent. Madame de Lafayette.
ANSWER: The Princess of Cleves or La Princesse de Clèves
b. This story about the torrid sexual relationship between a rich young Chinese man and a 15-year-old French colonist in Indo-China won the 1984 Goncourt Prize. Marguerite Duras.
ANSWER: The Lover or L'Amant
c. In this short novel, teenage heroine Cécile plots with her lover Cyril to prevent her father's remarriage to the beautiful Anne, with tragic results. Françoise Sagan.
ANSWER: Hello, Sadness or Bonjour Tristesse