Carleton Penn Bowl VIII:
Carleton & Furman

1. It was first ascended by Major Stephen Harriman Long in 1820 after the original party had to turn back due to lack of supplies. One of the highest weather stations in the world is maintained at its 14,110-foot-high summit in the Front Range, six miles west of Colorado Springs. FTP, name this mountain discovered in 1806 and known for its spectacular view.
ANSWER: Pikes Peak

2. In the trilogy and epilogue that bear his name, this character tracked down his literary idol E.I. Lonoff before escaping to Prague to live with outcast artists. He made his first appearance in the 1974 My Life as a Man and appears as commentator and narrator in his creator's most recent work, I Married a Communist . FTP, identify the fictional alter ego of Philip Roth.
ANSWER: Nathan Zuckerman

3. He succeeded Balanchine as ballet master at the New York City Ballet, and from 1983 until 1990, he served as co-ballet master in chief. His dancing career began with the American Ballet Theater, but he became the associate artistic director of the City Ballet nine years later. FTP, identify the choreographer of Fancy Free and Dances at a Gathering as well as Fiddler on the Roof and West Side Story.
ANSWER: Jerome Robbins

4. This politician's trademarks are a flat leather cap and government corruption, as he openly feeds city-related work to his own business empire. He recently formed a new party called "Fatherland," possibly to sponsor an upcoming bid for the Presidency. FTP, name this mayor of Moscow since 1992.
ANSWER: Yuri Luzhkov

5. This artist's first exhibition was a 1959 group of drawings depicting his friend Pat Muschinski. Some of his early works include The Store , and, at his alma mater Yale, Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks . Other objects he turned into art include fur-covered Good Humor bars, binoculars, baseball bats, and clothespins. FTP, name this pop artist who made ordinary objects gigantic.
ANSWER: Claes Oldenburg [HN: Lipstick is a god-awful sculpture in the Morse College courtyard.--STI ]

6. Illnesses of this type are classified as organic, caused by toxins, senility, late-stage syphilis or epilepsy, or functional, which can stem from manic depression. Characterized by severe mood swings and inappropriate emotional responses, symptoms also include delusions and hallucinations. FTP, identify this type of psychological disorder in which the patient cannot act rationally.
ANSWER: psychosis [accept word forms]

7. According to Irish mythology, Cu Chulain and other legendary warriors excelled in this sport, whose rules weren't officially established until the 1884 founding of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Two 15-man teams try to catch a ball, or slitter , on a stick and carry or throw the slitter into the opponent's goal. FTP, name this field sport, whose All-Ireland championship competition has been held since 1887.
ANSWER: hurling

8. Her latest work is a biography of her brother who died of AIDS. Many of her other writings, including A Small Place and At the Bottom of the River , reflect her strained relationship with her mother and examine the traditions of Caribbean society. FTP, name this Antiguan-born author of Annie John .
ANSWER: Jamaica Kincaid or née Elaine Potter Richardson

9. In 1957 he set the transcontinental speed record aboard an F8U Crusader; he recently flew from Dayton to Washington, DC, in 96 min. He flew 90 combat missions in Korea and earned 6 Distinguished Flying Crosses, but he failed in his 1984 campaign for the presidency. FTP, name this recently retired Democrat on the Governmental Affairs Committee and member of the STS-95 crew, the world's oldest astronaut.
ANSWER: John H. Glenn

10. Famous for his showplace at Strawberry Hill, he produced the first history of English painting in 1762. He served in Parliament from 1741 to 1768, mainly through the influence of his father, who had acted as prime minister under William III. FTP, name the gentleman author best known for The Castle of Otranto.
ANSWER: Horace Walpole [prompt on "Walpole"]

11. Lesser known as the Marquesa d'Ossoli, she was born in Groton, Massachusetts in 1810 and died near Fire Island in 1850. In the meantime, she studied and published on Kantian epistemology, wrote literary criticism for the New York Tribune, and edited The Dial . FTP, name the Transcendentalist author of Woman in the Nineteenth Century .
ANSWER: Sarah Margaret Fuller

12. For the Ballets Russes, he wrote Mercure [MARE-cure], and collaborated with Cocteau and Picasso on Parade [puh-RAHD]. Critical of much of 19th-century music for its formality and snobbery, he distinguished his simple compositions, usually piano works, with odd titles, such as Limp Preludes for a Dog . FTP, name this mentor of Les Six [lay sees], famous for Vexations and Gymnopédies [gym-no-PAY-dee].
ANSWER: Erik(-Alfred-Leslie) Satie

13. His television career began in early 1989, when he appeared in several commercials. Since then, he has made appearances with Susan Lucci, B.B. King and Kristi Yamaguchi. He's also started an adoption foundation, which reflects his own childhood, and written books including Well Done. FTP, identify this down-home spokesman for Wendy's restaurants.
ANSWER: Dave Thomas

14. The first half of this virtually plotless musical is set in the 1880s, the second half a century later. The two are connected by an exploration of the joys, sacrifices and business of making art, and by the character Marie, supposedly the granddaughter of the artist mentioned in the musical's title. FTP, identify the Sondheim work based on a famous example of pointillism.
ANSWER: Sunday in the Park with George

15. It administers the P'eng-hu Islands, the small Chin-men Islands off the mainland city of Xiamen, and the Matsu group off Fuzhou. Its land area is about 13,900 square miles, on which its slightly over 21 million
people live. Its current president, Lee Teng-hui, has held that office since 1988. FTP, identify this island nation, bordered by the East and South China Seas and the Pacific Ocean, with capital at T'ai-pei.
ANSWER: Taiwan or the Republic of China
16. This man visited Alexandria to preach against Arianism, but the most memorable part of his life occurred while he was living alone at Pispir, near the Nile, according to the biography written by his disciple Saint Athanasius. His story has inspired Matthias Grunewald, Hieronymus Bosch, and Gustave Flaubert. FTP, identify this hermit saint known for his legendary tempting by the devil.
ANSWER: Saint Anthony

17. The Administration of Justice Act required that anyone accused of murder be sent to England for trial, and the Regulating Act essentially nullified the colonial charter. These laws, along with the Port Bill, the Quartering Act and the Quebec Act, prompted the meeting of the First Continental Congress. FTP, identify this set of laws, also called the Coercive Acts, that were designed as punishment for the Boston Tea Party.
ANSWER: Intolerable Acts [accept Coercive Acts on early buzz]

18. This firm spawned a Congressional inquiry that issued censures but no prosecutions. Established in 1867 by a shovelmaker from Massachusetts, it netted profits up to $23 million; its stock holders included Henry Wilson and Schuyler Colfax. To avoid regulations, some shares were sold to Congressmen so they'd overlook the company's relationship to Union Pacific. FTP, name this scandal of the 1872 presidential campaign.
ANSWER: Credit Mobilier of America

19. This reaction is named for the winners of the 1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. A reactant with a double or triple bond, called the dienophile, usually adds endo to certain molecules with two double bonds, known as 1,3-dienes. FTP, identify this type of organic reaction, which results in the formation of a six-membered ring.
ANSWER: Diels-Alder reaction or addition

20. Born in 1835, his début as a pianist came at age 10. In 1853, he composed his First Symphony, and from 1858 to 1877 he was organist at Paris's Church of the Madeleine. He spent the last part of his life touring widely in North Africa and the Americas. Known for works such as Africa, The Wedding Cake, and Omphale's Spinning Wheel and Danse Macabre , FTP, name this composer of Carnival of the Animals and Danse Macabre.
ANSWER: Charles Camille Saint-Saëns

21. Glucose-1-phosphate is transported to this organelle for the final stage of gluconeogenesis. Shown to be continuous with the nuclear envelope, it is involved in protein processing, including glycosylation [GLY-koh-suh-LAY-shun], and disulfide bridge formation, as well as serving as a means for intracellular transport. FTP, identify this cellular network that comes in both rough and smooth varieties.
ANSWER: E ndoplasmic R eticulum

22. The Homeric hymn to this goddess tells how she took the shape of an old woman and tried to make the infant Demophoon [dem-AH-foe-on] immortal by placing him in the fireplace. Often portrayed wearing a wreath of braided corn, her sacred animals were the snake and the pig. Worshipped at the Thesmophoria and the Eleusinian Mysteries, FTP, name the Olympian associated with fertility and agriculture.
ANSWER: Demeter

23. Oliver Cowdery was this work's primary scribe. Translated with the assistance of the Urim and Thummim, it tells of the descendants of Lehi and includes the prophetic words of Benjamin, as quoted by his son Mosiah, Nephi, and Alma. FTP, name this book delivered by Moroni and translated by Joseph Smith.
ANSWER: The Book of Mormon
24. It comes in three flavors, each corresponding to one of the leptons. Formed in inverse beta decay, this particle was first detected by Raines and Cowan in 1956, though it was postulated as a result of the laws of conservation of energy and momentum 25 years earlier by Wolfgang Pauli. FTP, identify this elementary particle affected only by the weak force, which may indeed have mass.
ANSWER: neutrino

25. In Jane Eyre , it's both Mr. Rochester's middle name and the housekeeper's last name. In Emma it's the last name of Miss Bates' highly accomplished and endlessly talked-of cousin. It's also a city and county in northern Virginia, home to the CIA, the Pentagon, and both Washington, DC, airports. FTP, identify the common cognomen.
ANSWER: Fairfax

26. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist are statues, and the donors of this work are praying on either side. In addition to Mary as the Queen of Heaven seated next to Christ enthroned, it includes the Annunciation as well as Adam and Eve after the fall. But when it is completely open, it depicts a scene from Revelation of the Adoration of the Lamb. FTP, identify this triptych completed in 1432 by Jan van Eyck.
ANSWER: Ghent altarpiece

27. Chosen to end the discord between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, this ruler was forced to recognize the Lombard League and was excommunicated by Pope Alexander III. He placated his cousin Henry the Lion by restoring Bavaria to him, and in 1189 he joined the Third Crusade but drowned in Cilicia. FTP, identify this Hohenstaufen [HOH-hen-shtow-fen] Holy Roman Emperor nicknamed for his beard.
ANSWER: Frederick I or Frederick Barbarossa

28. Its modern borders were established by the Russo-Turkish Treaty, and though it became independent after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, it fell to the Communists shortly thereafter. The Akhuryan River forms much of its border with Turkey, but it is still negotiating for the territory of Nagorna-Karabakh in Azerbaijan. FTP, identify this former Soviet Republic in the Caucasus with its capital at Yerevan.
ANSWER: Republic of Armenia

29. Born on Long Island, New York in 1937, he studied engineering at Cornell and served in the United States Navy before returning to complete a degree in English in 1958. His novels include Vineland ; his first novel, published in 1963, was V . FTP, identify this author, known for experimental writing techniques, the author of The Crying of Lot 49 and the National Book Award winner Gravity's Rainbow .
ANSWER: Thomas Pynchon

30. The name comes from a barren plateau in Slovenia extending from the lower Isonzo Valley. Characterized by dissolution and collapse of carbonate rock, its presence in an area is often evidenced by deep gullies and underground streams and caverns. FTP, identify this term for an area of eroded limestone associated with sinkholes.
ANSWER: karst
Carleton & Furman

1. Ten points each, name these following garden and park designers.
a. He designed Brooklyn's Prospect Park and Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. He worked with Calvert Vaux.
ANSWER: Frederick Law Olmsted
b. The naturally crafted gardens of this "able" 18th-century Brit include those at Blenheim Palace.
ANSWER: Lancelot "Capability" Brown
c. This man is responsible for the Tuileries gardens and the Champs-Elysées in Paris. He designed 25 square miles of gardens for Versailles.
ANSWER: Andre Le Notre

2. Identify these terms related to enzyme kinetics, for the stated number of points.
[10] This constant, K M [K sub m], relates rate constants for the enzyme-substrate reactions and is equal to the concentration of substrate that gives one-half maximal enzymatic velocity.
ANSWER: Michaelis -Menten constant
[15] This type of plot can be used to determine the Michaelis constant from kinetics data. It plots 1 over the rate versus one over the corresponding substrate concentration at a given enzyme concentration.
ANSWER: Lineweaver-Burk or double-reciprocal plot

3. Answer these questions on the WNBA, 10 points each.
a. Name the league's champions in both of its two seasons.
ANSWER: Houston Comets (prompt on Houston)
b. Name the Comets' star player and two-time league MVP.
ANSWER: Cynthia Cooper
c. Lastly, name any one of the four expansion teams since the league's 1996 inception.
ANSWER: Washington Mystics , Detroit Shock , Minnesota Lynx , Orlando

4. 30-20-10. Name the composer from works.
[30] The Voyage , and La Belle et la Bête
[20] Satyagraha and Akhnaten
[10] Einstein on the Beach
ANSWER: Philip Glass

5. Identify these related things, 10 points each.
a. The subtitle of her latest book is "Eve Wasn't a Six 6 and Neither am I." This Designing Women actress is now a clothing designer.
ANSWER: Delta Burke
b. This Eudora Welty novel tells the story of a nine-year-old girl's visit to her mother's family in the Deep South.
ANSWER: Delta Wedding
c. Elizabeth Dole is a member of this sorority often spoofed by Saturday Night Live .
ANSWER: Delta Delta Delta or Tri-Delt s
6. Identify these Nobel Prize winning-economists, 10 points each.
a. 1972, for theories that help assess business risks and government economic policies and is known for his eponymous impossibility theorem.
ANSWER: Kenneth Arrow
b. 1981, for his analyses of financial markets and their influence on the finances of families and businesses.
ANSWER: James Tobin
c. 1987, for economic models which feature technological progress as a major factor in long-term growth.
ANSWER: Robert Solow

7. 30-20-10. Name the philosopher.
[30] This Frenchman's works include Glas and Marges de la philosophie .
[20] He wrote La Carte Postale --The Postcard-- in 1980.
[10] He outlined his philosophy of deconstruction in De la Grammatologie or On Grammatology .
ANSWER: Jacques Derrida

8. Name these Leonard Bernstein works, 10 points each.
a. This, Bernstein's third symphony, takes its name from a Jewish prayer for the dead.
ANSWER: Kaddish Symphony
b. This work takes its name from the original name of a common piece of office equipment.
ANSWER: Facsimiles
c. A discarded song from West Side Story made its way to this three-movement setting of Hebrew texts from the Bible.
ANSWER: Chichester Psalms

9. Identify these ranges of the Rocky Mountains, for the stated number of points.
[15] At 11,393 feet, Scott Peak is the highest point in this range along the Idaho-Montana border.
ANSWER: Bitterroot Range
[10] Jackson Hole, Wyoming, lies within the national park named for the highest peak in this glaciated Middle Rockies range.
ANSWER: Teton Range [accept Tetons , do not accept "Grand Tetons"]

10. Identify these people associated with another NBA--the National Book Award--for 10 points each.
a. Simone de Beauvoir's lover, he won the first fiction prize, in 1950, for The Man with the Golden Arm .
ANSWER: Nelson Algren
b. This now-discredited psychiatrist won the 1977 contemporary thought prize for The Uses of Enchantment .
ANSWER: Bruno Bettelheim

11. O, the woeful women of Poe's poems! For the stated number of points.
[5] Poe may have used this name in allusion to a romantic ballad of the same title, or it may just have rhymed with "Nevermore."
ANSWER: Lenore
[10] "Annabel Lee" is believed to have been written in honor of this woman, his 13-year-old child bride.
ANSWER: Virginia Clemm
[15] A Mrs. Jane Stith Stanard, kind to Poe when he was young, was immortalized in poetry as this among "the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome."

12. Identify these terms related to the sun for 10 points each.
a. The innermost layer of the sun's atmosphere, this is the apparent surface from which sunlight appears to come.
ANSWER: photosphere
b. During the 70-year Maunder minimum, this 11-year cycle essentially stopped.
ANSWER: sunspot cycle
c. This type of sun activity is caused by gas trapped in solar magnetic fields and is seen in emission at the solar limb.
ANSWER: solar prominence

13. Identify the painters of these mountainous works, for the stated number of points.
[10] View of Mount Fuji seriesANSWER: Katsushika Hokusai
[15] Napoleon Crossing the Alps / Saint Bernard Pass ANSWER: Jacques-Louis David

14. Name the following from the Teutonic creation myth, 10 points each.
a. According to the Eddas, two places existed before the creation of life. Separated by Gin-nun-ga-gap, name either the land of fire, or the land of ice and mist.
ANSWER: Muspellsheim or Niflheim
b. Out of the great emptiness of Gin-nun-ga-gap where heat and ice meet was born this giant.
c. Ymir was nursed on the milk of this cow, who also licked away the ice from the giant Buri.
ANSWER: Audhumla

15. Answering the following about Alcoholics Anonymous.
a. In which city, the Rubber Capital of the World, was AA founded?
ANSWER: Akron , Ohio
b. Name either of the two founders of AA
ANSWER: Dr. Bob S. or Bill W.
c. Through what program can alcoholics in remote regions without access to AA groups seek help?
ANSWER: the Loners program

16. Identify these things Cheryl saw while dodging nuns at the Sistine Chapel, 10 points each.
a. On the ceiling, these figures from Persia, Eritrea, and Delphi alternate with Old Testament prophets like Joel, Zechariah and Isaiah.
ANSWER: sibyl s
b. The largest single fresco of the sixteenth century hangs over the Chapel's altar; clothes were painted on its naked figures the decade after its artist's decease.
ANSWER: The Last Judgment
c. This Roman triumphal construction can be seen in the background of The Punishment of the Sons of Korah , by Sandro Botticelli.
ANSWER: Constantine Arch or Arch of Constantine

17. A politician has an affair with an employee: the latest evidence is a semen stain. Identify the following about political scandal in Malaysia.
[15] Five for one or 15 for both, identify the former deputy prime minister under fire and his former boss, the prime minister.
ANSWER: Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad
[15] For 15 points, name Anwar's driver who claims that he was turned into a sex slave.
ANSWER: Azizan Abu Bakar

18. The Napoleonic Wars: one general, six countries, 12 years of fun! Name these battles, 10 points each.
a. Napoleon suffered this first defeat in 1809, when his attempt to cross the Danube River was met with resistance by the Austrians.
ANSWER: Battle of Aspern-Essling
b. A mere month and a half later, the little guy broke the Austrian resistance at this battle near Vienna. ANSWER: Battle of Wagram
c. Napoleon suffered his first seizure in the midst of this 1812 defeat, in which Russian general Mikhail Kutuzov successfully defended Moscow.
ANSWER: Battle of Borodino

19. Given a film festival, identify its "golden" award for best film, 10 points each
a. Cannes Film Festival
ANSWER: Le Palme d'Or or the Golden Palm
b. Berlin International Film Festival
ANSWER: the Golden Bear
c. Venice Biennial International Film Festival
ANSWER: the Golden Lion

20. Answer these questions about a metric system unrelated to decimals, for 10 points each.
a. What kind of foot features two light syllables followed by a stressed syllable?
ANSWER: anapest ic
b. A line of iambic hexameter is also known by what other name?
ANSWER: an alexandrine
c. What variant of strong-stress meter is used in these lines: "I saw this morning morning's minion, king- / Dom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn falcon..."
ANSWER: sprung rhythm [The poem is Gerard Manley Hopkins's "The Windhover".]

21. Identify the following about the anatomy of the human eye for 10 points each.
a. This dark-brown layer of the eyeball between the sclera and the retina is highly vascularized.
ANSWER: choroid or chorioid
b. Containing mostly cone cells, this is the small depression near the center of the retina which is the center for acute vision.
ANSWER: fovea centralis
c. This is the clear gelatinous substance that fills the eyeball between the retina and the lens.
ANSWER: vitreous humor [not aqueous humor]

22. Identify the European waterway from cities through which it flows for 10 points each.
a. Wittenberg [VIH-tuhn-berg], Magdeburg and HamburgANSWER: Elbe River
b. Florence and PisaANSWER: Arno River
c. Valence, Avignon, and LyonANSWER: Rhône River

23. Given a president, name the undergraduate college or university which he attended, 10 points each.
a. John AdamsANSWER: Harvard University
b. William H. HarrisonANSWER: Hampden-Sydney College
c. William McKinleyANSWER: Allegheny College

24. Answer these either/or questions on similarities between As You Like It and Twelfth Night , 10 points each.
a. Name the cross-dressing heroine of either play.
ANSWER: Viola [Twelfth Night ] or Rosalind [As You Like It ]
b. Name either the woman who falls in love with Viola in Twelfth Night or the woman who worships Rosalind in As You Like It.
ANSWER: Olivia or Phebe
c. Name either the man who marries Olivia in Twelfth Night or the man who marries Phebe in As You Like It.
ANSWER: Sebastian or Silvius

25. Answer the following concerning a 1962 Supreme Court decision for 10 points each.
a. What case concerned reapportionment of electoral districts based on population changes in order to maintain fair representation?
ANSWER: Baker v. Carr
b. The controversy sparking Baker v. Carr occurred in which Southern state?
ANSWER: Tennessee
c. The plaintiffs claimed that the people were suffering from "debasement of their votes" and were being denied protection of laws guaranteed them by what Constitutional Amendment?
ANSWER: Amendment 14

26. Answer the following about the Jesuit order for the stated number of points:
[5] Jesuits commonly write the letters SJ following their names, which correspond to this proper name of their order.
ANSWER: Society of Jesus
[10] Which original member of the Society of Jesus was a missionary known as the Apostle to the Indies?
ANSWER: Saint Francis Xavier
[15] Which pope accepted the order into the Catholic Church in 1545?

27. Ten points each, given the footballer, name the club he plays for.
a. David BeckhamANSWER: Man chester U nited
b. Zinedine ZidaneANSWER: Juventus FC
c. Cobi JonesANSWER: Los Angeles or Galaxy [accept either]

28. 30-20-10. Name the songwriter from songs.
[30] "It's All Right with Me" and "All Through the Night"
[20] "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" and "Begin the Beguine"
[10] "Anything Goes" and "I've Got You Under My Skin"
ANSWER: Cole Porter

29. Answer these questions about a Vietnam War event, for the stated number of points.
[5] This village in Quang Ngai province was known to the GIs of Charlie Company as Pinkville.
[3x5] Five points each--give the month, day and year of the massacre at My Lai.
ANSWER: March 16, 1968
[10] This commander of Charlie Company was found guilty of war crimes in connection with the brutal massacre.
ANSWER: Lieutenant William L. Calley

30. Identify the authors of these works on a 15-5 basis.
a. [15]The Master of Go
[5] Snow Country
ANSWER: Kawabata Yasunari
b. [15]An Artist of the Floating World
[5] The Remains of the Day
ANSWER: Kazuo Ishiguro